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Omg! Did you see the jikook fansign video? That was so just eeeeeek! Did you see Kooks face? When Jimin touched that spot on his neck he reacted instantly. That looked like Kooks turned on face. I am guessing that's his spot because when Jimin touched him there his whole body moved Your thoughts?


For real though. That shit was INTIMATE. Jimin slid his thumb over Kook’s ear and presses firmly on his neck and grabbed his jaw and moved his hand back and forth. And Jungkook just…. god…. he looked….. idk how to even describe it. He sat up straighter, moved his head so so willingly, closed his eyes and leaned into Jimin’s touch.
I’m not saying nothing, but Jungkook was most likely turned on. Like I wouldn’t doubt if that was his spot.
Not only that but when Jimin leaned his head down, I think he whispered something (I don’t think he’d kiss him in public like that). Jungkook got up with lightning speed after that as if Jimin had just whispered something scandalous.

I think my favorite part though was Jin’s face. Seokjin looked so shocked by what he saw, his eyes were wide and his mouth was gaping, as if he was thinking, “guys, wtf, we’re in public!!!”

Like not gonna say it but Jikook are gay and in love and married with 3 kids and a dog.


Draco x Reader Imagine

Requested: No

Words: 1,930

Summary: You and Draco have been best friends for as long as you could remember. After the traumatic years of Voldemort in power, you both begin to find comfort in each other; but the accompanying feelings are starting to get confusing. Angst, comfort, fluff :)

Warnings: Angst and nightmares, hints at past traumas.

It was the middle of the night when it happened again.

It was always this way. This was nothing new, the way you startled suddenly out of sleep because of a nightmare, gasping for air and shaking with sobs as panic threatened to clog your chest.

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I still get Jealous

I don’t like the way he’s looking at you
I’m starting to think you want him too… 
It’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous ~Jealous Nick Jonas

A/N: A WWE Fanfic of Shane being mad at Roxy for liking AJ Styles. Daddy Dom smut ensues. This takes place BEFORE AJ put Shane’s head through that car window…before there little feud. 

Warnings:Smut,Daddy Dom Kink,D/S Play,Age Gap.

Shane notices me and AJ smirking at each other and puts a possessive arm around my shoulder. “Hey AJ don’t you have a match to get ready for?” Shane asks frowning. 

AJ flips his hair and smiles at Roxy who blushes. “Yeah but I thought Roxy could accompany me to the ring.” 

Shane’s eyes lower as he looks at both AJ then myself and raises his head. 

“I don’t think she will be tonight. I have some…work for her.” He purses his lips. 

“Alright well I shall see you later than Foxy Roxy.” AJ winks suggestively at me and sashays away. While I duck my head,trying not to smile. 

I glance over at Shane then. He is looking down at me with a serious expression on his face,clasping his hands in front of him. 

*Oh crap he’s mad. No hint of a smirk,no silly expression. He’s got his business man face one.* I think to myself,cringing. *Crap why did I have to flirt with AJ IN FRONT of Shane.* I mentally kick myself. *I know how territorial he can get.* Though nothing like Triple H…

I feel my heart speed up and other things…as Shane places a hand on the back of my neck and says in my ear. “My office.Now.” I lower my head and follow him knowing where this is headed. Both scared and turned on all at the same time…

When we reach his office,he locks the door behind him. Shane had finally raised his head and looked at me,his eyebrows raised in a ‘I can’t believe you’ expression. “AJ really?” 

I let out a breath and say,without much confidence. “You’re fine with Baron Corbin though…” 

Shane puts his hands on his hips. “Because Baron Corbin isn’t one for PDA,he may not listen most of the time but at least he’s discreet with you,around me. AJ on the other hand…” He doesn’t finish his sentence,clearly exasperated,he runs a hand  through his short spiked silver hair and shakes his head. 

Feeling bad,I place a hand on Shane’s shoulder. “I’m sorry,I know how jealous you AND Hunter get. I shouldn’t have done that,in front of you,I just get so flustered around him-”My explanation dies on my lips as Shane turns around and kisses me hard on the lips.  Taken aback I can only look up at him as he releases me and smirks. 

I had not expected that,I was expecting a punishment or two,Shane loved to dole those out almost as much as well…I didn’t need to bring up Hunter again. 

I will admit I was a tad disappointed when without another word,Shane walked over to his desk,sat down and opened up his laptop.  I took it as my cue to leave,turned and then remembered he had locked the door. 

“I didn’t say you could leave yet.” Shane’s commanding Daddy voice came on and I froze turning around. Shane was sitting in his office chair,legs wide as he gestured to me. “Come here little girl.” Shane’s expression going from serious to lustful and lascivious in an instant. I felt myself heat up,hey I was 20 years younger then him,though at 29 it was a lot more accepted now then it had been. Though at times I was still….

“Are you the boss’s little slut?” Shane asked as I went down on my knees in front of him and he ran a hand through my long hair grinning. “Yes Sir I am.” “Good.”

I looked up to see lust burning in his eyes and wicked smile on his face as he slowly unbuckled his belt,undid his pants and pulled down his zipper. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as he took his thick hard cock out,rubbing it,never taking his eyes off me. “You know what to do.”

Indeed I did,I licked my lips and opened my mouth as he guided it to his cock. I felt that burning need and anticipation in my lower abdomen as he pushed my head down. Shane stopped and said. “You know after what you did I think I’m being to gentle.” With that Shane thrust his cock into my mouth as far as it could go,my eyes widened but I didn’t protest as he grabbed my hair,groaning and forced dick down my throat,moving his hips,I almost gagged a couple times but was proud of myself for not. 

“Yes Princess  that’s it,suck me like the dirty little girl you are.” Shane moaned out between thrusts. My tongue and cheek worked all that length until my head started hurting. He lifted my head back and away from his cock then. “Alright that’s enough Daddy doesn’t want to cum quite yet. I have more in store for you.” 

With a grunt Shane pulled me to my feet and pushed me forcefully onto his desk,palms flat in front,waist bent over the desk,My legs spread,Ala The Secretary style. I knew where this was going and I knew I deserved it. 

Shane pushes up my white miniskirt and lets out a low whistle as he see’s my white lace thong. “Damn girl,these had better been just for me.” “Of course Daddy.” I breath out.

Shane grips my ass tightly and leans over me,”I didn’t say you could talk. Get ready,” He says,his voice low in my ear. “This isn’t going to be fun for you.” 

I squeeze my eyes shut and bite my lip as he places a warm hand across my ass,hard and quick. Then starts smacking my ass harder palm up and also backhand in quick succession. Only until my ass was a bright,burning red and tears threatened my eyes,did he stop. Shane purses his lips and looks at his literal,handiwork. “That might bruise a bit. I’ll be right back. Stay here.”

I stayed where I was,yes My ass hurt but I felt completely aroused and couldn’t resist a small moan as the heat of the slaps settled into my skin. It was indescribable how good it felt,which I wouldn’t admit NOW as it was supposed to be a punishment. I clenched my teeth together and tried not get more wet,lest I get even more punished. Shane wasn’t averse to using a paddle. I stilled hoping THAT wasn’t what he was getting,Paddles were NOT fun in my opinion. 

I heard Shane return and the clink of metal. Ah I knew what those were,I liked them. “Put your hands behind you.” I did what Shane commanded. Lifting my chin so my face didn’t hit the desk, only my C cup breasts in their push up bra kept me up off the desk really. I felt the coolness of the gold chained cuffs as Shane locked them in place. 

“You’re not going anywhere now.” Shane strips of his sweater then looks down at my feet,thinking. “Actually…” He leaves which feels like forever then comes back and fastens leather cuffs to my ankles with an attached bar between them. My legs spread and unable to move,Shane grins and places one gentle hand on my ass. “That’s better.”

I bite my lip and savor every touch as he glides his hands down my inner thighs. Knowing this will be the only gentle moment tonight. Shane proves my point by snapping my head back by my hair and pulling roughly,his hot breath on my face. “Now you’ll know who owns you little girl.”

“You do Daddy!” I cry out. “I will by tonight.” He growls. As if he hadn’t established that already. I whimper as he pulls my now soaked panties down to my knees. Shane runs a finger through my wet pussy,then pushes a finger in. “You enjoyed those spankings.” 

It wasn’t a question so I didn’t answer. “My dirty little slut. what about this.” With that Shane thrust his cock into my pussy,making me cry out in pain and pleasure. Still tangling one hand around my hair. He places the other on my back and finds his rhythm,pounding faster and harder with each thrust. 

“Damn baby girl you are so wet yet so tight.” He groans. “You feel so good Daddy please don’t stop.” I cry out. Shane stops then,my eyes widen in protest and I let out a small noise I can’t help. But then Shane slowly moves his cock out of my pussy,grips my waist and thrusts back in hard. Unable to contain myself,I cum right then with a small moan,my eyes rolling back. Shane grips me by the chin,forcing my head back. “I didn’t say you could cum.” 

“I’m sorry Boss I couldn’t help it.” I whimper,hoping the authoritative pet name will give me some reprieve. It does. Shane smirks. “Don’t let it happen again.” He pounds my pussy until my mouth goes slack and I feel that high only sex and sub space can provide. 

Shane pulls out awhile later not having cum yet. “I’m not giving you the satisfaction of cumming with me inside you.” He undoes my restraints and flips me over onto my back,he holds both my wrists to the desk,his stiff glistening cock hovering over me. 

“Open.” Shane Commands. I do as he says as he mouth fucks me,then without warning,spills his warm seed down my throat. I try not to cough and close my mouth. Shane raises his eyebrows,”Good girls swallow.” 

When I did,he then kissed me softly on the lips and stroked my hair. I smiled as he said,”Good girls also get treats.” “I love you Daddy.” “I love you too little one.” Shane whispers. “Forever.”  

And I knew he meant it as he picked me up and carried me over to the couch,no matter who came into our lives,no matter what happened,Shane and Roxy would always be forever. 

Princess Of The Sea - i

Summary: After a mission went wrong, Bucky has fallen from an aircraft straight into the sea, he was sure that right there it was his end, but it didn’t happen. How?

Warnings: Bucky falling from an aircraft, drowning.

A/N: I have no slight idea of where this came from on my mind, but I decided to wrote it down for once.

“Y/N? You okay, daughter?”

    My dad’s voice startles me as I get out of trance. I was too deep in thoughts to realize what was happening around me. I was in a fair near the shore with my dad. He was a distributor of marine animals, which was what Amnesty Bay lived for. Most of the international money that got in here was because of it. And my dad was very famous for his work in the small city. Everyone knew his name. Which happened to everyone know mine too.

“Uhm- Y-Yeah… I’m fine, papa, I just zoned out for a bit”

“Did you got into another argument with your mom?”

“You know us too well”

    As I could get along just fine with my dad, it meant I’d have constants fights with my mom. Today, she argued about how reckless I was, how I should start to be more responsible, and that I’d soon have to deal with their business. Everything just felt so heavy on my shoulder, I was in my early 20s, I only wanted to live a little. But she didn’t think so.

“I’ll talk to her”

“It’s okay, pa, it’s just… I don’t feel like I’ve lived enough to run your business yet and-”

“Our, our business, daughter” He corrects me.

“Yeah… I just, I don’t know…”

“It’s okay, I see it, you have a lot of things to experience first, for example, we have yet to meet your boyfriend”

“You know I don’t have one…”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I wasn’t looking for one?” My dad chuckles with my answer.

“Go to the sea, kid, you know it’ll help” I hesitated as I didn’t want to leave him alone “Girl, I can handle this, now go”

    I smile. I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before running away to a isolated part of the shore. It wasn’t a sunny day, the sky was cloudy but no rain, day like these felt just right. I took off my clothes, staying only with my bra and underwear. I ran into the water and just jumped on it. The feeling of refreshment was immediate. I love the water, I think I got it from my dad. I swim until I reach a rock to sit. I push my hair behind and take a deep breath. Everything felt in peace for a moment.

    Not long enough. I had laid down in the rock, my head resting on my arms, when I heard it. It was a loud ‘boom’. It sounded like it came from the sky. I looked up, and even though I couldn’t see much because of the clouds, I saw something falling not too far from where I was. It was a man. And with the speed he was falling he could hit is head in one of the near coral reefs. I jumped in the water once again, this time swimming to where it was most likely he’d hit the sea. 

    When he hit the water I swam deeper so I could reach him. I wasn’t fast enough. He hit his head in one of the coral reefs. When I managed to get closer I saw a cut on his forehead. His long dark locks kept getting in the way of his face. I put one of his arms around my shoulder and started swimming back up. I noticed his other arm was made of metal, and I wondered if it would rotten in contact with the salty water of the sea. I took a deep breath when I reach the surface. He was unconscious. I swam us back to the rock I previously was and managed to put his body on top of it.

    I placed my ear on his chest and panicked when I didn’t get his beating heart. What was I supposed to do? I brush some hair out of his face and take a closer look to his injury, it was pretty bad.

“God, my mom will kill me if she finds out” I mumble to myself.

    I get my face closer to his forehead. Soon enough, a tear is running down my cheek. It drops on his forehead, right in his cut. I watch closely as the wound was slowly healing, luckly he’d wake up soon. I could tell that he still had water in his lungs so I started making CPR. I did a few compressions before he started reacting. He moved aside and coughed some water. He was still weak.

“Hey… It’s okay, soldier… You okay…” I say taking his hair out of his face once again.

    He looked at me dazily. His soft blue eyes were dilated. He looked frightned. His breath was fast and almost seemed like he was having a panic attack. I soothed him until he settle down in a normal breathing pace. He moved his mouth once or twice, trying to say something more likely. I assured him he was okay and safe. My hand kept a steady caress on his scalp. His plump lips were trembling.

    I looked up to the sky, wondering from what he had fallen. And I soon see an Avengers quinjet approaching. 

“Your friends are here… You’re safe now, okay?” I tell him, he had a sleepy look on his face. He was fighting to keep his eyes open.

    I saw a small bird-alike android approaching. I knew that if it recognized me I would get in trouble. I jumped off of the rock and hid myself lower and near the algae. I still observed as the android found his body. I saw the quinjet approaching and a man yelling his name that I couldn’t quite get. By his uniform I could tell that he was Captain America. He kneeled down close to his friends body and seemed relieved when checked his pulse. Another man showed up and helped put him back on the quinjet. Even when they drift off, I stayed still a few more minutes, just to make sure there wasn’t no danger. It wasn’t like my lungs were aching for air anyway. I swam back to surface and looked up. Catching a final look to the flying aircraft before it camouflaged itself with the dark clouds.

    Now that was a story I couldn’t tell my mom.

    Maybe my dad.

    I got back to the shore. And dressed up. My clothes getting wet and clinging to my body. I push some hair out of my face and behind my ear while still looking up to the sky. Weirdly wanting something to happen. But nothing ever did. I started walking back to find my dad, hugging myself as the wind hit my wet body making me a little cold.

    When I found him. He quickly put a towel around my shoulders, rubbing my arms and smiling tightly at me. He loved to know how connected to the sea I was. Somehow it made him proud.

“How was the sea today?” 

    There were a few people around us. So I knew that if I wanted to tell him the truth I’d have to wait. It had to be somewhere private. And luckly somewhere my mom wouldn’t heard of it. So I decided to give him a vague answer.

“A little agitated”

Imagine - Being caught with Bard.

His lips attacked yours with a ferocity that had you groaning and your hips grinding against his as he cupped your rear and lifted you up in one quick movement.

You immediately wrapped your legs around his waist as he then placed you on the table, his hand shooting out to push everything out of the way. Objects clattered to the ground but you didn’t care; you were too lost in the feel of having Bard so close. Your lips moved with such fervor it made your heart pound and your head spin, your hands running up his chest before reaching up to tangle in the strands of his hair.

One of his hands trailed down your body until they nestled at the apex of your thighs, a finger stroking your skin teasingly. The heat was rising with you, the lust sending you into a frenzy as you hurried to rid him of his clothes. They were only getting in the way and it seemed he had the same thoughts because he quickly stripped you of yours, discarding of them with rapid speed.

“Such beauty…” He pulled away from you long enough to gaze at your bare body but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel insecure. With the way Bard was staring at you, you knew he liked what he saw.

“Please,” You begged, causing his eyes to flash to yours. “I need you.”

Those seemed to be the magic words because the second you’d finished speaking, his lips were back on yours and he was guiding his thick cock to your entrance.

Gripping your hips and pulling you closer, you placed one hand on the table and the other around his neck to steady yourself. He leaned down to press his lips to your neck and when he started licking, nipping and sucking at the skin there, you knew you were bound to end up with a mark. Usually, you didn’t like to be marked but with Bard, it was different; you didn’t care. He could mark you anywhere he wanted and you’d willingly let him.

In one long fluid thrust, he was sheathed inside you, making the both of you groan loudly. He filled you completely and when he started to move, slowly at first and then gradually picking up the pace, there was no controlling the moans that escaped you. The pleasure you were feeling was far too good and far too intense and all you could focus on was Bard and the way he was making you feel.

Somehow, the danger of being caught at any moment only added to it all. You knew that the company could be back at any moment and knowing that only made things so much more exciting and thrilling.

Suddenly, Bard hit a certain spot that had your eyes rolling to the back of your head in ecstasy.

“Oh god!” You moaned, one of his hands reaching up to fondle your breast, tugging at your nipple and causing sensations to shoot through you.

He continued to thrust into you, though harder and faster than before. With only one clutching your hip, he reached up to grip a fistful of your hair, tugging on it.

A hiss escaped you but he silenced you with his lips, moving them in sync with yours.

It wasn’t long until you could feel your release approaching, your moans turning to whimpers the closer you became.

Bard, sensing this, reaching down to rub small circles on your clit. The second he did that, you wondered whether it was possible to pass from overwhelming pleasure because your legs tightened around his waist and he started thrusting harder.

“Oh, oh god, Bard!” You moaned, one last thrust sending you over the edge. Your orgasm hit you hard, your entire body quivering as your nails dug into the skin of his shoulder.

Bard’s orgasm hit him just seconds after yours, groaning your name as he buried his head in the crook of your neck. Both of you were breathing heavily as you came down from your high.

“That was…” You spoke through your pants. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Not that you’d had much to compare it with but still, you weren’t going to tell him that.

Bard chuckled. “You are incredible.”

You opened your mouth to speak but suddenly, the door opened and in walked Bofur.

Of all the dwarves that could have chosen to walk in at that moment, when you were caught up in post coital bliss with Bard, it just had to be the dwarf that really wouldn’t let it go.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Bofur taunted, a grin full of mischief on his face.

“Erm… I… we- yeah, I got nothing.” You admitted, glancing up at Bard. Thankfully Bard had had the sense to pull you in his arms so that Bofur couldn’t see anything other than your bare back and your legs. Your breasts were pressed against Bard’s chest and you ducked your head in embarrassment.

“Give us a minute.” Bard told him, not seeming the least bit embarrassed to have been caught in such a compromising position.

Bofur’s grin widened and he bowed quickly before rushing back out, no doubt to tell everybody else what he had just witnessed.

“He’s never going to let me forget this.” You whined.

“I hope you wouldn’t forget this anyway.” Bard spoke softly, his fingers trailing up and down your spine soothingly.

“I couldn’t.” You replied honestly.

“We better get dressed before the others burst in. Or my children.” He then said and you sighed, reality like a slap in the face as he stepped away from you to gather your clothes.

You both got dressed in record speed, though you wondered whether you would ever see Bard again.

You hoped so because you sure as hell wouldn’t mind a repeat of what just happened.


AN: Let me know what you think of this, it’s been a while since I’ve written a sex scene. 

Well, I was wrong - gankutsuou comprehensively failed to go off the rails.  The persistent feeling that it was speeding toward some kind of narrative disaster added savor to the viewing experience, though, and I can’t help but feel a little let down that the thing managed to wrap itself up relatively neatly and keep its viewpoint consistent.   I think it’s possible that this was a good anime, you guys. 

Three or so spoilery thoughts underneath the cut:

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Troublemaker (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Epilogue

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jungkook is trouble, the kind of boy your mother warned you to stay away from, the kind of boy that would leave you heartbroken and alone without a second thought. You know he’s only going to hurt you, but you can’t stay away.

Originally posted by jengkook

Chapter 2: Summer

It wasn’t until early summer that you saw Jungkook again.

It was in the midst of a particularly violent summer storm, he was sheltering underneath a bus stop just outside your school as you were walking home.

Your encounters with him always seemed to be in the rain, you noted.

 He had a cigarette in his hand and you watched as he took a drag, breathing in deeply and then releasing the smoke from his lips, it curled away from his mouth and disappeared into the air. It was a strangely beautiful sight.

He’d been gone from school for more than two months, at first the teachers had furiously looked for him, ringing his home and questioning where he was. But now they never even spoke his name, like he’d never even existed at all and you’d figured he must have transferred schools or something. You’d hated that you were slightly disappointing at the idea of never seeing him again.

Yet more importantly, it had been more than two months since you’d felt Jungkook’s soft lips on yours, more than two months since he’d touched you and told you you were pretty. You craved it, now even more strongly than ever, you craved his hands on your body.

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Short fic on Strip teaching Cal how to race for the first time :')

Cal felt the pavement under his tires. The same pavement the pros had been on mere days ago. It still smelled of hot tires and good times. He was giddy with excitement.

They had the track to themselves. Tex owned it, so he let Strip come in whenever he wanted to use it as a training facility. Today, he’d brought Cal. He saw something special in this kid the day he first met him. It was time to turn that potential into a reality. This was his legacy, and more importantly, Cal’s dream.

“The track looks so much bigger down here than it does in the stands.” Cal said with a big smile, wiggling in anticipation.

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I'm trying to find a fic that I didn't finish it's the one where Kara travels around the world, helps around learns new languages and writes series of books with Kryptonian stories. She even translates them herself. I think she eventually gers to writing few books per month using the super speed? Cat wants to meet her because Carter loves these stories, but that is as far as I got...

I know I’ve read it but the name is escaping me at the moment. I’m posting though in case anyone knows it off the top of their head while I’m hunting it down.

Gone {Closed}

Continued From: |X|

[슈가] He knew that leaving Hope wasn’t a good idea, but he’d thought they would be back in time before he’d even woken up. He had been very wrong, obviously and he felt nothing but guilt as he saw how panicked his boyfriend was. Not to mention, there hadn’t even been anyone there for him to let him know where he’d gone, which only made it worse.

When Hoseok pulled away, Yoongi’s brow furrowed, watching him back against the wall. The mere movement of him separating himself from him had his heart breaking into a million pieces. He spoke of trying to call him, his phone not working and he had to stop himself from running at him and grabbing him to pull into a hug again. Realization hit him as to what he meant when he said his phone didn’t work, looking down at his new phone in his hand.

He knew how upset he was, and being gentle would be better than forcing any sort of affection on him. “Hope, I got a new number, remember?” He reminded him as he slowly approached, his voice gentle and calm. “I had to after I got my memory back. You forgot to change your speed dial, didn’t you?” He was hoping to at least calm him enough that he would see sense. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think I would be gone long. I wouldn’t leave you forever, though. You know I’d always come back for you, right? Jimin would have made sure of it. No one’s leaving you. You needed your rest, and you looked like you’d be out of it for awhile. I didn’t want to wake you, so I let you sleep. If I’d have texted you your phone buzzing would have woken you up, I’m sure.” 

His slow steps eventually brought him face to face with his boyfriend, reaching a hand out as a gesture to show if he wanted, he could hug him. “You’re okay, you’re not alone. I’ll change the speed dial on your phone, so this never happens again, alright?”

Fell in love with this new Blake Steven photo he posted on his Instagram and had to Drabble it so behold an Auror partner Drabble featuring muggle clothes and a decidedly in denial but smitten Draco.

Tagging @sprout2012 who helped me come up with the idea and a few people who I think might like it. @julietsemophase @justanotherdrarryblog @the-green-quaffle, @gloster, @drarrysgirl, @shewhomustnotbenamed, @grossnerdsinlove, @pasttarc

Draco had just known today could not possibly be a good day.

It wasn’t even being partnered up with Potter for this ridiculous mission, though truth be told he’d had quite enough of this small tourist town and the nosy residents and shop owners they’d met over the last few days.

And it wasn’t even the fact that they were expected to wear muggle clothing for this, because if he were being honest, Draco was finding his jeans and t-shirts far more comfortable than he would ever admit to anyone.

No the real problem was Potter.

Always Potter.

It was the way Potter had somehow managed to make his hair look slightly less ridiculous lately, and the way he ate his morning apple turnover with little crumbs falling onto his jumper and sticky sweet apple filling always sticking to his fingers and then the way he would sheepishly look at Draco before shrugging and licking them clean, or even the way his hands look wrapped around a cheap takeaway cup of tea as they walked the streets when all Draco could wonder was what those hands would look like wrapped around something else.

And yet despite all that the biggest problem, at least as far as Draco was concerned, was the way Potter looked in muggle clothing.

Draco remembered him from school, with his muggle clothes far too big and his plain school robes so simple and unassuming. And while Potter had certainly been attractive enough then his clothing had definitely not done anything to help.

Which is why Draco found, several years later out of school and suddenly paired with Potter in the Auror program, that it was a damn good thing they wore robes all the time.

Potter had aged well, the youthful look still on his face, but his features more defined, and the few times Draco had seen him out of his Auror robes he’d found it hard not to be fixated on the way Potter had grown into his body with a sort of confidence and power that nearly made him weak in the knees.

Which is exactly why the moment Draco had read the bottom of the memo that read ‘uncover assignment - muggle clothing necessary’ he’d known he was a goner.

The last few days had been bad enough with Potter’s well fitting jeans and his soft looking assortment of thickly knit jumpers he wore each day, but the cold weather had meant he’d been at least covered up enough each day that Draco could pretend not to notice certain things like the curve in his spine, or the long line of his neck when he threw his head back to stretch.

But today had been unseasonably warm, with the sun shining the moment they awoke. Which meant Potter was dressed in nothing more than a well fitting, worn pair of jeans and a soft looking grey shirt that was thin enough and tight enough to cling to the flat lines of his stomach and the ripple of muscles in his broad shoulders.

Potter had already caught him staring several times, blinking in confusion the first time and then blushing and tugging on his shirt awkwardly the next few times.

Draco had sworn he wouldn’t do it again, until he looked up and saw Potter walking toward him. He was looking at something in the distance, smiling in a way that made him look even younger and he hadn’t seemed to have noticed that his shirt had ridden up just enough to reveal just the smallest sliver of skin above the waistband of his jeans, but that was all it took for Draco to need to lean back against the wall, his heart racing, his pants suddenly too tight, and Merlin did it feel far too hot all the sudden to be a Spring day in England.

“Look I know it’s too small,” Potter tells him helplessly as he tugs on the hem as if that will help. “Hermione bought it for me, she insisted I bring it.”

It occurs to Draco quite suddenly that Potter has been looking awkwardly at Draco not because he realizes he is checking him out, but because he is unsure of the way he looks. It makes a knot form in the pit of his stomach as he thinks of Potter, so handsome and powerful, still so easily assuming he is unworthy of being looked at.

“Listen,” Draco says with a smirk, walking towards Potter until they’re just a few inches apart. “I think I have an idea that will remedy both of our problems with your muggle clothing.”

“Both our-” he starts, but stops, swallowing loudly and looking at Draco with wide eyes as Draco places one hand on the small of his back and the other on his hip, sliding his thumb just underneath the soft shirt to rub small circles along the warm skin at his hipbone.

“Yes, you see I’m having this horrible time concentrating while you wear this, and you seem to be under some strange delusion that half this barmy town has been staring at you because your clothes are too small when in fact I’m quite positive every single one of them has simply wanted to, how shall I say - get you out of these clothes.”

“And what’s your solution?” Potter asks, his breath speeding up rapidly.

“We go back to our hotel room and you let me get you out of these clothes.”

“And how does help me?”

At this Draco smiles, though he thinks it must look decidedly wicked if the way Potter’s eyes flutter shut are any indication.

“Well I was going to help you with this,” Draco whispers, sliding his hand down until he’s got Potter’s hard cock cupped firmly through his jeans. “Unless you don’t want my help.”

“Oh no,” Potter groans, clearly trying not to press himself into Draco’s hand but failing. “I want help. Loads of help. Might need help all night.”

“Excellent,” Draco whispers, pulling Potter closer and apparating them straight into their hotel room.

It isn’t long before Potter’s clothes hit the floor with a dull thud, as Draco crawls across the bed, dragging his hands across Potter’s warm skin delighting in the way he arches and whimpers, and he thinks that perhaps today hasn’t turned out so horribly after all.

But it’s definitely still Potter’s fault.

Always Potter.

Richmond Recap!

I’m on mobile so SORRY no read more!!

First, I want to say a huge thank you for all the good luck’s and congratulations’ you all sent. I really don’t know that I could have accomplished this without the help of tumblr and that means so much to me! (And quite literally, too, as Mallory took care of booking our Airbnb).

So, Saturday the stars aligned and the race went so, so well. I am still amazed I did basically exactly what I hoped and planned to do and I am really proud of myself for it J Friday night my stomach was feeling really crappy, but I was pretty sure that was all nerves. I slept really well and woke up Saturday at 5:30 and just sipped on water until my alarm went off at 6. I got ready and we headed to the race!

This is the first time I’ve ever actually thrown away “throw away” clothes. Honestly it probably wasn’t necessary-I could have taken them off ahead of time and been chilly for a while, but I’m still glad I did and didn’t have to worry about being cold. I was in wave 3, but we all went basically at the same time and I crossed the start line about 2 minutes after the race officially started. My plan from the beginning was stay with the 4 hour pace group as long as I could hold on (hopefully the whole time). My running buddy was also shooting for 4 hours, but he wanted to go out faster. So, we ran the first mile together and he took off. I was happy to see my garmin said we ran that in exactly 9 minutes. A 4 hour marathon is a pace of 9:09 per mile, but my plan was to try to run 9:00 per mile according to my watch. I knew I would end up running more than 26.2 because of not hitting tangents and weaving a bit and stuff, so I wanted to account for that. I was able to keep weaving to a minimum which was nice, though. I think sticking with the pace group helped that, since everyone was running the same pace.

The first few miles felt very easy and I was feeling good. I ditched my sweatshirt and headband at mile 1, then gloves at mile 4, and finally arm sleeves at mile 10. I felt comfortable temperature-wise the entire race, so that was perfect! Honestly by this point, even with over 20 miles left, I was pretty sure I was going to hit my goal. That’s how good I felt. I didn’t let myself believe it for a long time, but I felt it deep down and that was a big motivator.

At ~5.5 I ate gummy bears for the first time. I didn’t feel like I needed them at all but I knew I would regret it later if I didn’t have them. I got water at mile 6 to wash them down.

Mile 7 was the first challenge. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been having foot pain lately. So far it had been painful, but not alarmingly so (it did hurt the entire freaking race. Thankfully only at a level of “this hurts”, not “this hurts and I must do something about it”). This mile was basically all downhill. I am not so great at downhills to begin with, but since my pain is concentrated in my heel, it made these worse. This really did hurt my foot and I worried it would continue to worsen the whole race, but thankfully it lessoned once we were on mostly flat ground again. The pace group took this mile FAST so I let them pull ahead a bit-even so, this was my fastest mile at 8:35. I caught back up soon though and even passed them going up a small hill. This part was funny, because the race had felt crowded still to me at this point, but when I passed them for a few minutes I realized it had spread out a ton and only felt that way since I was with the group! I didn’t mind though, it wasn’t annoyingly crowded. Here we were also in the woods running along the river, which was beautiful!

At mile 11, I ate another round of gummy bears. This meant at mile 12 I had to get water (I only drink after eating, something I need to work on). This water stop was kind of a cluster and I was forced to walk to get a cup, which I actually had to go over to the table to get because there weren’t enough people handing them out. I drank quick and started running again, but the pace group had already pulled ahead quite a bit. I thought at first I was okay, and that I had 14+ miles to catch back up so I shouldn’t take it hard. But, then I realized that could easily lead to me letting them slip further and further away, so I expanded some extra energy to catch them within a half mile. I do think that was the right choice, since staying with them was a huge help.

At 13.1, there was a timing mat, and I checked my split. On my watch I was at 1:59 exactly, so I knew I was on track for 4:00 with a tiny cushion.

Mile 15 was the bridge (why is there always a bridge?!). I knew this part could be hard, thanks to the wind, so I tucked right into the pace group. Honestly I didn’t really notice the wind being worse at all. I also put my headphones on for the first time, and listened to some music. I listened to music sporadically from here to the end. At the very end of the bridge I saw my friend’s parents cheering me on, which put a huge smile on my face! That was a big boost. At 16.5 I ate more gummy bears.

Mile 17 was kind of rough, a lot of it was flat and straight with no turns and nothing to break it up. This is where I started to pull ahead of the pace group, as it felt like they were slowing down. I don’t know that they were, and they were in my sights behind me for most of the time, but it felt good to have more open area to run and not be as crowded.

At mile 20 there was another timing mat. At this point I had been doing lots of mental math to figure out what pace I had to keep up to hit my goal. I realized I had 59 minutes to run the last 10k, which I KNEW I could do. Right after the 20 mile marker, though, I passed my running buddy walking. I walked with him for about 15 seconds to see how he was, but he sent me on my way, for which I am grateful. Here though, I realized I couldn’t see the pace group behind me anymore. I freaked out a bit that they somehow passed me, but checking my watch I knew that couldn’t happen unless they were going way too fast. It was probably due to turns, but from there until the end I didn’t see them again.

At mile 21 I ate more gummy bears and dropped one L RIP little guy. At 22 I needed water again, and this is the first time I chose to walk. For under 10 seconds total, but I just wanted to be able to drink without pouring it all over myself. I am really proud though that I basically did not walk the entire race. Just two water stops, and briefly to check in with my friend. Either right before or right after this (I forget which but I think before), there were wet wash cloths, which I took to cool myself off. I wasn’t actually hot but somehow I knew it would feel good and it did.

Here is where I started to feel tired, but I never hit the wall!! More just “oh I have run over 20 miles, it would be nice to stop now” tired but not “I can’t go on” tired. I was feeling more and more confident that I would hit my goal. I was still doing lots of math and realizing I was at the point where I could almost slow down to 10 minute miles and still hit my goal. I had earlier had the thought that I could do that and still have a big PR but now to be so close to the goal time felt really good. I decided that if I hit the 25 mile marker with 12 minutes to go, only then would I be allowed to ‘know’ I would hit my goal.

At 24.5ish I saw Carlos and his friend taking pictures and they gave me some nice encouragement.

At 25, I saw I had 13 minutes left to hit my goal, so I knew I would do it. I also saw my friend’s parents again which was great. This would be the point to speed up, BUT I was definitely tired then so I slowed down a little! I think 25 was my slowest mile at 9:22, and my only mile above 9:09. Oops J

At 26, the crowds got big, and the finish was SO steep downhill. I saw the clock and realized there was a chance I could have a clock time under 4 hours too so I enjoyed the downhill big time and sped my way in! Ended up with a clock time of 4:00:03 though! Oh well. I stopped my watch and saw I totally beat my goal and honestly I was so happy. I saw Mallory right after and we high fived through the fence and really I was just elated. Everything came together so well and couldn’t have gone any better. And, my plan totally worked-my watch showed I ran 26.44 miles in exactly 9:00 per mile. EXACTLY what I intended!! I also wanted to run the whole race relatively evenly, and did that too. They had timing mats at 10k, 13.1, 20 miles, and the end. My pace for each of those seconds was, respectively, 9:03, 9:04, 9:04, 9:05. My first half was 1:58:56, and the second half 1:59:03, for a 7 second positive split-I’d call that pretty even! My official time was 3:57:59, 9:04 per mile, which is a 23 minute 24 second PR!

As soon as I stopped running I realized I had some major chafing. I am so glad I didn’t notice that during the run!! Not sure how but whatever. I got my medal, some water, a finisher’s hat, and a blanket!! Definitely the best finisher’s swag. Mallory found me and we went and got my bag, then wandered and found some food and eventually various running and spectating friends. We only hung around for a little bit and then headed back to the Airbnb to head out.

Really you guys, this was such a wonderful day and experience. I am so so happy for Mallory crushing her time goal and PR, for myself, for my friends who ran, and just in general! We got basically perfect conditions and fueling went well and just everything.

Some of my favorite signs included “Make America Chafe Again” and “If you were running on Tuesday I would have voted for you!”

As for what’s next for my running goals, I’m not sure. A four hour marathon was a goal for so long now that I have accomplished it, I’m not sure what to do. I feel like I either need to go BIG (BQ?? If I worked SO hard I think I could do it) or go home, aka take a big running break. For a number of reasons, I essentially didn’t run at all from October 2014-March 2015. Then I started the run streak in May 2015 and have been going strong since. So maybe it’s time for another big break?? I don’t know… for now the streak is still alive though, FYI.

We’ll see, we’ll see. Right now I am just still riding the high from Saturday!!

Happy running, friends!

BTS Reacting to their S/O Getting Into a Semi-serious Car Accident

To the anon who requested this! I hope this is what you were looking for and that you like it! Sorry I couldn’t upload last night! I had a ton of homework to do and it was about midnight before I was done with it. Well! Onto the boys!

Jin: He would immediately drop whatever he was doing before and rush to wherever you were, probably not bothering to tell the others where he went, only calling them once he knew you were okay and not too hurt. “Ahh, Jagi! Where are you? Are you okay? Is everything alright? I’m coming there now….. No! I don’t care, give me 3 minutes, I’m just getting my jacket, I’ll tell them later, you are my number one priority right now.” To say the least, he wouldn’t care about anything else in that moment.

Yoongi: I feel like he would be silently worried. He would tell Jin what happened and Jin said he would cover for him while he came and visited you, but he probably wouldn’t tell anyone else. Once he got to you he would a once-over of you to make sure that you weren’t too seriously injured and then proceed to play you music or do anything to make you feel better. “Jagiya, you really freaked me out there, I’m so happy that you are okay. Just take it easy and don’t hurt yourself more…”

Namjoon: He would probably be surprisingly calm. Thinking that the fact that you were able to call him, means that you weren’t too seriously injured, but that fact that you were in the hospital alerted him that something definitely did happen. Once you assured him that you were okay, and that you didn’t need him there at the moment, he would make sure to show up after practice with flowers and your favorite book so you wouldn’t be too bored while healing. “Y/N…. I was worried when you called me, but knowing that you are okay eases my heart now, just rest and get better, and don’t turn into me!”

Hoseok: He would be seriously worried, telling everyone what happened, and instantly they would say that it was okay for him to go and visit you, even if it meant blowing off that day’s schedule. He would probably do something sweet and cheesy like pick up your favorite food and movie and buy you a teddy bear, claiming he didn’t want you to feel lonely in the hospital room when he couldn’t visit you. “Jagi! Look what I brought! Now you have someone to watch and protect over you while I’m not here! Nothing can hurt you now!”

(please ignore Taehyung! haha)

Jimin: He would probably start freaking out the moment that you called him, telling him what happened. He would ask you so many questions and would be over the as soon as he could. Once he got there he would pull you into a tight hug and whisper how happy he is that you were okay. “You’re okay, you’re okay. I’m so happy, I don’t know what I would have done if something happened, I’m so happy something didn’t happen…”

Taehyung: He would worry over you and when he got to the hospital he would make sure he could cheer you up as much as possible, pulling funny faces, playing games, telling you stories, watching movies, you name it, he would do it. He would go out a buy you a movie and you two would watch it together until he eventually fell asleep in the chair with your hand in his, head resting on your leg. “You’re okay, so now you need to be happy too! So I’m going to continue doing aegyo until you laugh and I get to see your beautiful smile!”

Jungkook: I know how everyone describes him a this young, naive boy in these, but I seriously that he would be like that in a situation similar to this. As soon as he got the news, most likely receiving it from his manager, he wouldn’t know what to do. Immediately he would go to his hyungs and ask them, probably tearing up in the process, thinking and wondering if you were okay. Once they told him that he had every right to go and visit you he would be there as fast as the speed limit could take him. Once he saw you though, he would probably calm down slightly, now knowing that you were okay. “Oh, you’re okay, you’re okay. You’re okay, I was so worried, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know, I-I-I- I’m happy that you’re fine.”

Parachutes - loosening the strings

‘Good night Sassenach’.   This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

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My thanks to @bonnie-wee-swordsman for her excellent beta work and @mybeautifuldecay for the collab.

All I can hear are the gunshots as they come past me. Smoke from bombs filling my nose, acrid and pungent.  Something has gone really wrong.  I canna hear them, and the more I look around, I feel as if I am in a dream.  Or a nightmare.  People run past me and I canna hear them, only see their lips move as if they are shouting at me.  I try to join them but my body is rooted in the field.  I try to grasp at them, but I find no purchase.  I hear her before I even see her.

‘Go!’ she says, her hair whipping her face as the force of the nearby explosion makes its impact felt.  

‘No! I willna leave you here!’ I push my body towards her, willing it to protect and while I can’t see her face properly, I feel that if I just move slightly, all will become clear.

‘It’s lost, Jamie. We’ve lost it.’

Gaston bellowed, ‘Get him to des Anges, now!’

The team moved as fast as we could through the blank darkness of the night; the undergrowth undulating, making it hard to grab purchase.  Murtagh and Gaston were carrying Jamie awkwardly and I had staunched the bleeding as best as I could.  Time and luck would see that Jamie would not bleed out before we got to our destination.  I followed behind, murmuring silent prayers that we had a clean exit wound and that wherever we were going would enable me get him through this shooting.  

Despite the late hour, the coldness that enveloped me kept me as sharp as I could hope.  The branches of trees acting as a silent blanket to allow us to go through undetected but also as hindrance to passing through quickly.  In what I assumed was around two miles–maybe three–we finally stopped by a vast stone building, imposing and not to be trifled with.  I took a deep breath and hoped that Gaston knew what he was doing.  

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The hatch in the large wooden door opened.

‘It is late, state your business here.’ I thought I heard a yawn being stifled through the grill.

In a commanding voice, Gaston answered, ‘Bach has completed Goldberg, he asks for some help with the notation.’

The door slammed with a deafening bang and I glanced around to see if there was anyone it might have alerted.

We had been taken to a convent.

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