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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 1671
Rating: T 

Summary: You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them… 

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You knew when your friends all started calling you. That morning, you woke to your phone bursting with notifications – your twitter, tumblr, texts, everything. You picked up your friend Jia’s next call, your groggy hello met with the sound of her excited screaming. “Y/N! You’re famous! You’re all over the internet today?”

Groaning, you rolled over and checked the time. 8:37, too early for anything. “What?”

“I said, you’re internet famous,” she said. “Strawberry Shortcake just hit it big.”

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Essays in Existentialism: Arkers

modern clexa au: clarke griffin is the famous singer in the band “The Arkers” and lexa woods is a top model everybody adores. words gets out that they’re dating and the two have stated on multiple times that they’rejust friends. (spoiler alert: they’re totally not.)

The house was silent, was quiet, was void of all sounds and because of that it was a glorious slice of heaven in the middle of a maddening city. With no effort left, Clarke tossed the mail on the counter to be checked later, dropped her bag in the middle of the floor, opened her empty cabinets only to close it against disinterestedly before trudging down the hall and flopping face first and star-fished straight into her big, fluffy, wondrously perfect bed.

She wasn’t sure what time it was, and for a bit, without at least a little effort, she wasn’t positive which time zone she even inhabited at the moment, but none of that mattered. She had time, she had the day to herself, and she had glorious plans to suffocate in sheets and never move.

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This Was a Bad Idea

This Was a Bad Idea by evansrogerskitten

Inspired by this tweet. Shit, I’m sorry Jeff. This just happened and I blame my art and even I’m ashamed LOL Also @jml509 because you’re also to blame! 

Warnings: omg its JDM masturbation and again, oops. But it was needed after this tweet and I needed this meta shit. WC: 700-somethin’

Oh, and in no way is this beta-ed. I just wrote it and also, I’ve had the margaritas. 

Jeff snapped the screen shot as he stared down at his phone.

 “Huh.” he muttered, the small screen with Tumblr on the main page. He’d accidentally come across it, and following the link wasn’t a good idea. The house was quiet, yet he listened for a moment to make sure everything was still. He reclined back on his couch, peering at the website through his black-framed glasses.

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anonymous asked:

What if Gladnis did, the chapstick challenge? (If u don't know what that is there are tons of videos of it on Youtube)

I did have to check it out on YT because I had no idea what it was, and kept mentally picturing the Gladnis and DUDE, YES. (ノ*°▽°*)

I’m in for this!

[Adding a Keep Reading at some point]

Gladnis did the chapstick challenge and had a darn good time with it.

Did you know that they did it on a video, too, not just alone?

The video is up on Eostube, as well! It’s got over four million views already, and it’s in Prompto’s channel! That’s right, Prompto’s a vlogger. 

Since he doesn’t talk much with his parents and he has no other friends to share what he does with his friends, but wants so much to talk about it, then why the hell not talk to the camera?

And so he started vlogging! It wasn’t in his intention to grow famous, he only wanted someone to share his experiences and feelings with, and as he had no one in particular, then why not whoever wanted to listen? So of course he tossed all his videos onto Eostube.

He had no thematic at first, since he just shared random stuff and events.

People started liking and suscribing and asking him things, so he started making it much more formal and putting more of editing hours into it, and his suscriptions grew and grew and never stopped!

He films and takes photos of the places he goes and the things he does (without exposing his adress or anything too personal). As the channel grew, he started making some thematics into it: he has Q&A Fridays, ‘Chocobo Hunt’ (he’s just filming places where he spots a chocobo, whether real animal or not), ‘Dead or Alive’ (he goes to taste test to different stalls or restaurants and marks ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ according to whether he liked it or not), and, among some others, he has the space ‘Princefriending - A Common Friend.’

He’s gotten so used to Noctis as his friend that he just filmed the two of them doing things without giving weight or particular highlight that this is the prince, until the people in the comments recognized him. And ofc the Q&A went on and on until Prompto had to open that space just for things regarding his adventures with Noct and company!

At first it was only Noct, but Prom introduced Gladio & Ignis at some point.

Prompto has an adorable video of him ranting and reacting to the news that Gladio and Ignis are a couple (only released on his channel after Gladio and Ignis confirmed it was okay to make it public).

And so, while most of the videos focus on all 4 or Prom and each bro individually or etc., Prom has Gladio’s and Ignis’ Chapstick Challenge on his channel (ages; Prom - 19, Ignis - 21, Gladio - 22).

Coon has a special net that connects to Eostube, so I’m gonna describe it to you:

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A Misunderstanding

Word count:1249

Warnings: Swearing, misunderstanding, fluff, and cheesiness

Summary: Reader is a freshman at an art college and she works together with Conner Murphy on animation projects. She develops a friendship with Conner and slowly begins crushing, which leads her to saying something that leads to her space out quite a bit around the male, which leads to confrontation

A/N: Here we are! I thought this up by myself, haha, I don’t really know what to say..? Enjoy!

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Corey finally takes a normal selfie for ig in the mirror And THERE IS A BRA IN THE BACKGROUND AND LITERALLY EVERYONE FLIPS CUZ BAILEY DOESN'T WEAR BRAS AND WHY WOULD COREY'S MOM'S BRA BE THERE SO IT HAS TO BE LIKE A GO'S BUT OML IS THAT ROWAN'S "abuse of power comes as no surprise" SHIRT ON THE GROUND??? Basically he dun screwed up and goes down the whole "brOTP sleepover, we're real comfy with each other etc." And nobody is buying it lol

 This is dedicated to the actual Cowan Team™ on insta. I love you guys sm!!!!

Words: 1,138

Rating: some swearing but that’s it

Title: ur a Bad liar Farlek

groupchat: Cowan Team™

time: 2am

members: 15

riarklemedia to Cowan Team™ : GUYS HAVE YOU SEEN IT

rowslittlefairy to Cowan Team™: YES IM FREAKING OUT

rowenblacherd to Cowan Team™:  What? What’s happened?

rowslittlefairy to Cowan Team™: COREYS NEW POST

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Attractions of Yesterworld, Where do I even begin with Snow White’s Adventures/Scary Adventures. Well I guess lets start at the beginning shall we? The year is 1971 and the Magic Kingdom has freshly just opened, plus with an attraction based off of Snow White in the Fantasyland area how sweet. The entrance looks comforting and inviting and we hear Snow White’s beautiful singing all along the entrance, must be a fun ride for the kiddie’s. Wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong god so wrong.

For many of us Snow White’s Adventure’s (As it used to be named) was the first time many of us as children experienced real fear. Some parents unknowingly took their child upon this journey. While other parents (My father) knew very well what lied ahead and wanted to pass the tradition down of being scared out of your wits by a witch while you were still a child to his sons. Thanks dad. In case you all didn’t know this attraction had about 2 incarnations, the original one which ran from about 1971-1994, to the final one which ran from 1994-2012. While many on here experienced the later version (I experienced both but only remember the later version) it’s important to note that the first version of this ride was far more fearsome. 

There was no happy ending, there was no snow white, and every sharp corner you took sure enough there was an old hag waiting to make sure you knew the meaning of fear. For those curious of the original ride layout look above as its the first picture in this post. The difference’s between the old version and the new one were numerous. For example many noted that for an attraction based on “Snow White” she was nowhere to be found. This was intentional as the Imagineers wanted the ride to be from the perspective of Snow White, meaning the rider was in fact snow herself.

But many didn’t get this and complained and yearned to see her in the attraction. Another notable difference was the lack of a happy ending, instead this ride ended with something a bit more gruesome, the Witch killing you by pushing a Diamond to fall over your head. As if that wasn’t enough all the affects in the ride were way more intense. For example the forest scene featured trees much like the one pictured above, that would fall towards the ride vehicle’s. Fall. Towards the ride vehicle. Just take that in. Also consider how close you are to the physical sets in this ride due to the proximity and boom fear factor status. None of the happy tunes of the film were found anywhere on this attraction either, instead you heard shrieks of ghouls, and the far off distance cackle of the Evil Queen.

Even after the Dark Forest when you think you are safe by seeing the first sight of something happy the Dwarfs cottage, you are all too soon let down. Inside you see nothing but emptiness and creepy furniture pieces which seem to glare at you in fear. As you escaped that you would see vultures glaring at you as you headed for your untimely end. Side note those vultures were salvaged and shall be used in the new Mine Train ride to see that follow this link (x). 

To see a ride through of the original Ride with a light on the camera follow this link, (x) to see one without the light fixture follow this link (x).

Then in 1994 due to massive complaints about no warning that the ride was scary, or that Snow white was anywhere to be found the ride was shut for a refurb. In the refurb many of the show scenes were changed and toned down, the ride even got a new name Snow White’s Scary Adventures. In this version Snow White and the Gang were found in all parts of the ride, and this time The Witch was the one who kicked the bucket, the ride even ended with a happy ending of Snow and her prince riding away. Click on each picture for captions explaining a bit more. 

End of a Classic. With the New Fantasyland Project evolving decisions were made, decisions that still don’t sit well with me. Since Cinderella and Aurora’s meet and greet’s were shelved in favor of the Mine Train TDO still decided there needed to be a place the princesses could meet. Instead of converting a store or building a new area to house the Royals they decided that one Snow White themed ride was enough for the Magic Kingdom. Thus Snow’s Scary Adventures was given an expiration date in May of 2012 to make way for Princess Fairy Tale Hall. So this attraction that we all got to pass on in tradition which had been a staple for the Kingdom since opening day sadly we had to say goodbye to it. 

Many came out in droves to say goodbye to this attraction, but none were as notable as Ben. For those that don’t know Ben is a young man with autism who is a sort of celebrity among the cast members at WDW! Why you ask? Because his favorite ride in the entire world was Snow white’s Scary Adventures, he has ridden the ride itself exactly 3,500 times. So on the last day of Operations of course Ben was there, he even got a surprise visit and got to ride with a very special princess to view that click here (which had never happened before) (x). Cast Members came to say goodbye too, and as the night wore on people realized this ride was really going away. So it was fitting that the last person to ever ride this attraction before it’s closure was Ben, to view that click here (x).  Hopefully Ben will love the Mine Train just as much. 

For any of you who never got to ride it, or for those wanting to remember, make sure to put on some headphones and follow this link for a Binaural Ride through Snow White’s Scary Adventures. (x)

Well I hope you all remember this lovely attraction with the same amount of fear and nostalgia that I do. Hopefully the Mine Train can bring in even more elements from this beloved attraction. 

Until then, “Apple Dearie?" 

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Don't You Ever Fear, I'm Always Near (Chapter 1/5)

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Pairing: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Words: 2.953

Summary: “You would deny the father of your child some innocent hand holding?” Michael asked, faux shocked, as he laced his fingers through Jeremy’s. “You’re a cruel person, Jeremy Heere.”

(Michael and Jeremy spend a week taking care of an electronic baby doll for their Home Economics class)

Read on AO3 or under the cut

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5SOS Preference #42 :: He Sees You Cry


 You just felt like the whole world was against you. You were tired of people making fun of you, and for people not supporting you in what you wanted to do. Of course, you had always felt this way, so you couldn’t blame it on your relationship with Michael, although that had taken some of its toll on your self esteem, too. It seemed as if all of the fans Michael had been meeting lately just got prettier and prettier. You felt as if one of these days he’d realize that what he had wasn’t good enough for him and he’d find someone better looking. You were sitting on your laptop at home when Michael came through the doors, plopping down on the couch next to you. He slung an arm around you, asking what you were looking at. You opened your moth to speak, but shut it, thinking that if you spoke you would surely cry. You kept your mouth in a thin line, your lips quivering, your throat tightening, and your vision blurring from tears forming. “(Y/n)? What’s wrong? Was it something I said?” Michael asked worriedly. You shook your head “no”, leaving Michael to wonder what was going on with you. “(Y/n), why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” He asked quietly, toying with a strand on your hair. It was meant to be a comforting gesture, but it only caused you to break down. You shut your laptop and shoved it off your lap onto the cushion next to you, collapsing into Michael’s chest in a heap of sobs. Michael wasn’t sure what to do, but he tentatively wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back. You were hyperventilating, your shoulders heaving, and you were surely leaving stains on Michael’s shirt from your tears and running mascara. You sniffed, still breathing heavy and pulled back. “Sorry… I just… I’m probably… bothering… you…” you said, breathing between each word. Michael just shook his head, drawing you close to him. “(Y/n), I never want to see you like this… what happened?” He asked, smoothing down your hair. You explained how you thought he was going to leave you, and his expression quickly turned to one of confusion. “(Y/n), that’s completely crazy! How could you think, for one second, that I would want anyone else but you? I mean, I’m sitting here and letting you ruin my white shirt, for God’s sake!” He said incredulously. “I love you, and only you. And it’s going to stay that way. I promise.”  


Calum had never seen you cry, and you’d intended to keep it that way. You hated when people saw you crying. You felt completely vulnerable, and it drew so much attention to you it made you uncomfortable. It wasn’t helping any that you and Calum had been fighting a lot lately. You’d been dating for seven months, and suddenly everything that was wrong in your relationship was making itself clear. After every argument, you would either storm up to your room or he would storm out of the house. Either way, you were left alone, and it was just you and your tears. You preferred it that way, and Calum never had to know the effect your fights had on you. You always thought you had to be strong for your relationship. You were awake at four in the morning, waiting for Calum. He usually didn’t stay out late, especially without calling to reassure you that he was working late or out celebrating with the boys. You were pacing the front door when he finally walked through. “Where have you been?” You turned on him. “I’ve been worried sick!” You cried. “Calm down,” he rolled his eyes, pushing past you. You caugh a whiff of him as he passed, and he smelled strongly of alcohol. “Calum… what have you been drinking?” “Nothing,” He yelled. “God, get off my back!” You backed off. “S-sorry,” You muttered, turning to go upstairs. “Oh my God, there you go again!” He shouted at you. “Sorry?” You asked, whitrling around. “You’re always running away! You don’t even put up a fight!” He slammed a fist on the table. “Because I’m tired of fighting!” You shouted back, crossing your arms. “Because I’m tired of this,” You said quietly, tears pricking your eyes. “Well then maybe we should just stop whatever this is!” Calum yelled in frustrating. “I mean, I don’t even see you anymore, so maybe we should call off this whole relationship.” Calum said. You were tired of holding in your tears. Slowly you sunk down to the ground, running your hands through your hair and letting out muffled sobs. “(Y/n)?” Calum asked, turning to see you with your head in your hands. “Oh, God, (y/n), I’m sorry. I-I didn’t… I’m sorry… I love you… I love you… I love you so, so, so much.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around you. “I’m not leaving. I love you…”


You had always been pretty insecure, and dating Ashton hadn’t helped any. Ashton always looked perfect, even when he wasn’t trying. His golden curls were almost always perfectly tousled, and on the rare occasion when they weren’t, they were tucked away under a hat or a bandana, making him look like a model. The fans were always supportive of your relationship, but you would get a lot of random hate from girls who claimed to be in love with your boyfriend. You tried to ignore it, but you couldn’t deny that some of the things they were saying were completely true. At least, to you they were. Not only were you insecure, but you were expected to be near perfect, and not to mention you felt the pressure to be a role model for Ashton’s younger siblings and cousins, and so the stress just kind of piled up. You were in Australia, visiting Ashton’s family, and after a few days of hanging out with his family, you were utterly exhausted. You finally had some alone time to yourself as you snuck away to Ashton’s room, but as soon as you got on social media, you were bombarded with messages from “fans”, sending you a picture message of some fan kissing Ashton’s cheek, with captions such as, “she’s so much prettier than (y/n)!” and “she look so much better with Ashton!”, and basically you caved. You clutched Ashton’s pillow to your chest as you slowly closed the laptop. The first tear fell, and you couldn’t stop the rest. You were sprawled out on the bed, face down in the pillows, shoulders shaking, when Ashton walked in. “(Y/n)?” He asked you quietly. The bed dipped as he sat down next to you, slowly rubbing your back. “I’m not good enough for you,” You cried, rolling over and wiping the tears away. “What? (Y/n), that’s stupid!” Ashton said, helping you sit upright. “No it’s not, Ashton. You’re so perfect. You’re always looking good, and I feel like I’m not… pretty enough to be with you.” “(Y/n), if you think for one second that you’re ugly, you’re completely delusional. You’re absolutely gorgeous! I ask myself every sing day how I got someone as stunning as you. I mean, it absolutely blows my mind that you can be that gorgeous and be so talented and have such an amazing personality. My family loves you to death, my siblings even more. I can’t imagine not having you by my side. I love you, so much.” Ashton whispered, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear. “I really do,”  

L U K E Y 

You were just completely worried. You had always been a worrier, thinking too much about what was to happen in the future. What if people didn’t like you? What if something you did could affect something so much your entire life had changed? You were sat on the couch, curled up in your sweats and holding a bowl of ice cream, when something came to your attention. What if, in a few years, Luke stopped loving you? You looked down at your rather extravagantly big engagement ring, shining diamond and all, and twisted it around your finger, deep in thought. You didn’t want a divorce. You were so in love with Luke. You’d never find another like him. You, on the other hand, were easily replaceable. You were sobbing and heaving by the time Luke walked downstairs from his shower. “Oh my God, (y/n), what happened?” Luke asked you, rushing over to the couch to hold you against him. You tried to form coherent words, but they were distorted by your sobs. “Woah, woah, calm down…” He said, rubbing both your arms. “Slow down… breathe…” He said calmly. Luke had seen you cry before, of course. After a few years of dating, it was basically inevitable. “Luke…” you breathed when you had finally been able to stop your embarrassing waterworks. You had rested your head against his shoulder, and you were curled up on his lap. He was stroking your hair softly as you spoke. “I don’t want a divorce.” You said sadly, playing with his tank top. He shifted so he was facing you. “(Y/n), we aren’t even married yet. What makes you think we’re going to get a divorce?” He asked in complete shock. “Well, I’m very replaceable, and I was thinking, what if you got tired of me? I mean-“ “(Y/n), you think you’re easily replaceable?” Luke asked, his voice incredulous. “Well… yeah…” You trailed off quietly. “Listen to me,” He said slowly. “Do not think, for one second, that I would leave you for anyone. As if I could find someone more perfect for me than you. (Y/n), no one can make me laugh like you. No one can make me cry like you. No one can love me just like you. If you think that I could find someone to replace you, I have to question your sanity. And if you think that I’d ever even consider leaving you…” He stopped to brush your hair out of your face. “You’re absolutely mental. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I love you, and… here I am. (Y/n), I’m so in love with you….” He laughed. “I love you!” He pressed a kiss to your lips. “I want us to be together for as long as we live.”  

A/N :: I was a little short on inspiration for this one, but I loved the idea a lot, and I’m trying out a slightly different writing style. And also, requests are open, so just drop by my ask! xxx

One year anniversary - Dylan Sprayberry

I sighed, Dylan was officially 20 minutes late. I understood, that of course his career was time consuming, I mean acting is a huge commitment. But something’s were crossing the line. Dylan had missed dates before but one year of being together was something else.
“Dylan this is like my third message. It’s less than 30 degrees out here and I’m absolutely freezing, so call me if we’re still on for tonight?” I frowned and crossed my arms. I so should have brought a thicker jacket. After an hour of waiting had gone by, I decided to head back. Tears pricked my eyes as I sit in the car and suddenly I felt like Lydia when she was crying in her car in season one. I sniffled and headed over to (y/BFF/n)’s house. It was late, but it was also a Friday. Meaning she was catching up on whichever new TV show she had started watching on Netflix.

“Dude, it’s like 12. I’ve got Netflix running, what’s up?” (Y/bff/n) asked me.
“Dylan was a no show. Can I come in?” I wiped a tear away.
“Yeah, yeah come in. I just started a show called Psych, if you want to watch it. It’s pretty funny” (y/bff/n) and I went to the kitchen where she made more popcorn.
“Did you see ANY social media tonight?” (Y/bff/n) asked.
“No, why?” I asked pulling out my phone.
“You might want to check it” (y/bff/n) cringed. I first checked snapchat. Dylan had a story. He was out partying, at a club, which he obviously wasn’t old enough to go into. On Instagram, there was a post, him surrounded by girls. The caption was “girls x booze = party ”. I didn’t even want to check anything else.
“I’m so sorry” (y/bff/n) frowned and handed me a tub of my favorite ice cream, and a spoon. I gratefully took it and sat down to watch psych. Around 1:30 AM, my phone was buzzing.

“Hey (y/n) its Posey, so we went out for a little and Sprayberry came with us, he’s way out of control, can you come get him?” Tyler shouted. I thought for a second, I could go get him. But did I really want too?

“No, tell one of those girls to drive him. He’s having the time of his life with them, and I’m having the time of my life watching TV with my best friend” I hung up. “ (y/bff/n)’s jaw dropped.
"That was cold” I shrugged and took another spoonful of ice cream. I ended up staying the night, as we kept hitting the “next episode” button. We saw the sun rising, but there were eight seasons of the damn show. At some point both of us fell asleep to Shawn and gus solving cases, we hadn’t even made it halfway through season one.

“(y/n)? I think there’s someone at the door for you” (y/bff/n)’s mom shook me awake. I glanced at a clock. It was four PM, on a Saturday.

“Yeah well, I don’t think she wants to see you right now” I could hear my best friend talking to someone at the front door.
“Come on, all I did was have fun last night. You’re being an ass right now. Besides, she’s Been here all night, she has to shower and stuff” it was Dylan. At the front door.
“Well gee! What a fuckin idiot you are! I bet you don’t even remember. I freaking remember why what you did is so bad. Check your schedule sometime. And look! (Y/n) has a car. She can drive herself.”
“You’re being difficult. At least let me talk to her, she is my girl friend.” Dylan pleaded.
(Y/bff/n) turned around and saw me. “Do you want to talk to him?” She asked.
“Nah” I grinned.
“You hear that? Nah’s a no. Sciddadle now” she closed the door.
“He’s persistent” she shook her head. I laughed and went to the kitchen, I was starving.


“I should get back to the apartment” I forced a smile. (Y/bff/n) nodded and I went out to my car. I unlocked the door and to my surprise, Dylan wasn’t at the studio.

“(y/n) listen I didn’t mean it” he immediately begun trailing me around.
“Dylan do you even know what you missed?” I sighed.
“Our year anniversary” he cringed.
“Yeah, which YOU even made the reservation for, and you promised me you’d save that night. Guess I thought wrong on who you were saving that night for”
“I’m sorry, let’s go out for dinner tonight” he pleaded.
“No, I’m going to my moms tonight. You missed it Dylan.”
“(Y/n) stop being stubborn for a minute, please?” He groaned.
“Are you kidding me? I have every right to act how I am now. I let go of the other dinners but a year, that’s a lot. Or it was a lot to me, clearly not to you”
“It is a lot to me too!” He exclaimed.
“Dylan as of this moment, we’re on an undetermined break. Get out of the damn apartment.” I slammed my room door in his face, and cried quietly.

Part 2 soon? Maybe?

redsector-a  asked:

Idol/Fan C/C with bonus points for Nick being totally done with listening to Coulson if he is the fan.

They’re sitting at a sticky, uneven table at the Burger King near campus, and Phil’s so zeroed in on the young man wearing thick black frames waiting in line that he hasn’t heard a word Nick’s said. It’s only when Nick smacks his head, clipping his ear, that Phil pulls his focus back, frowning at his friend.

“Creep-stare all you want, it’s not gonna get the guy’s attention in any way that’s good,” Nick grumbles, stuffing a handful of fries in his mouth.

With a huff, Phil goes back to picking the onions and tomato off his burger. “He just looks familiar, jeez.”

“Familiar how?” The corner of Nick’s mouth, smeared with a smudge of honey mustard, ticks up in a teasing grin. “Familiar like you vaguely remember his mug through the haze of too much cheap tequila?”

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“I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” lirry pls!! :)))

It’s been about four hours since Harry walked into the most amazing, luxurious hotel room he’s ever seen. He owes Gemma a thank you text since she’s the one who paid for it – even if she had a whole different scenario in mind for him when she bought it. But Harry’s not thinking about his ex anymore, not when he’s in a bath full of fancy-smelling bubbles, candles lit and a glass of some fancy white wine placed precariously on the bathtub rim.

It’s the first time he’s been genuinely relaxed in months.

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