i think i got sweat on me as well

So I come home and my mum’s quietly standing there look through letters? Anyway, I waltz through and she’s like “come here” and I’m thinking oh sh..ugar what I do??? I got you roses mama don’t do this to me. But then I see she’s wearing all black so now I’m thinking someone’s passed away??? Maybe that’s why she looks so serious. So I reach her after a minor sweat and she says with the most tragic and grievous face you can imagine “I can’t find your birth certificate..” and now I’m dead and dying because I’m ALIVE and well but she be looking through me like I’m the dodo bird smh mother

Namjin rehearsing for blood sweat & tears probably
  • Jin: *pondering on how to kiss a statue*
  • Namjoon: *sees jin* hey you know what can help you prepare for your kiss
  • Jin: what
  • Namjoon: *smirks* kissing an actual person
  • Jin: well who should I practice on
  • Namjoon: *clears throat* how about...me
  • Jin: ...okay *reaches out for Namjoons cheek puckering his lips*
  • Namjoon: *blushes and breaths heavily*
  • Jin: *kisses namjoons cheek*
  • Namjoon: ...that not wha-
  • Jin: wah thanks man I think I got it *walks away*
  • Namjoon: *falls on the ground* why must he be this way

anonymous asked:

Yes, he had lot's of lines, but RM and SG had 3 intros each, lots of lines in the past albums, and never got removed of a title track... that just doesn't make sense to me.

it’s only been this one comeback, im sure hope will still get more intros as well

also remember that rm got like a total of 2 lines for blood sweat n tears 

we dont know why they decided to arrange it this way, maybe he was heavily involved in composition of the album/choreography. with like seokjin i just expect him to be ignored with no good reason but with hope i feel like theres something that we just dont know. i think it’s still spectacularly shitty but maybe theres something were just not seeing at this moment


((All drawings from the streams I had yesterday and today…..hope you like it, I drew a little to much…well I hope you all like >w<))

Fresh!Sans and Error!Sans by: @loverofpiggies
Ink!Sans by: @comyet
Mr. Fresh Wolf by: @blogthegreatrouge
FluffBerry by: @lonely-void-flower
MonoFell!Sans by: @pc-doodle/ @monofell-au
PaperJam by: @7goodangel
Asylum!Sans by: @furgemancs
Underverse!Sans/Cross by: @jakei95/ @underversesans
Underswap Papyrus and Sans by: @underswapped (I think x.x)
Aura!Sans is by: @ryuutsukino (Me)
Sugar!Sans by: @sugartalesans
Gaster!Frisk by: @n0nlee
GemStone Sans by: @aneminemegumi
(*double checks to see if I missed anyone*…..okay I think i got everyone x.x….*collapses* now time for the tags….*sweats*) 

006: He helps another boy win your attention (his pov)

I didn’t put Zayn in this preference, because I don’t know whether to still include him in these anymore… Someone help me decide?!
Edit: Zayn’s preference is here

There is a swear (curse) word in Louis’s preference.

Niall (Louis)
“Right boys you can take ten!” Our tour manager shouts out, giving us a short relief from the gruelling rehearsal schedule. I bend down to grab a towel and wipe the sweat off my face. When I move the towel away and open my eyes I jump as Louis is standing right in front of me.
“Niall!” He smiles cheerily, pulling me into a hug.
“Whoa, what’s all this about?” I chuckle a little and Louis continues to grin.
“Well, now we’ve got five minutes. There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about…” He says, leaving a pause. I nod encouragingly. “Okay, erm, it’s Y/N, Ni. I can’t stop thinking about her.” He admits and the smile still doesn’t leave his face.
“Y/N?” I question, feeling a little surprised, she doesn’t seem like his type. Y/N was a friend of the band ever since she started working with us. It hadn’t taken long before I had feelings for her, she was truly beautiful.
“Yeah, Y/N.” Louis says her name again. “She’s so sexy, isn’t she?” He remarked quietly, and I follow his gaze to just off stage where she was standing, clipboard in hand. ‘Sexy’ didn’t do her justice, she was a masterpiece. I couldn’t bring myself to drag my eyes away as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear in the most extraordinary way anybody could do such a simple thing. “Earth to Niall?” I hear Louis call.
“What?” I say snapping my head to look back at Louis.
“So, I thought that you probably know her best, right? How do you think I could win her over?” He questions me and before I’m able to stop myself the thing I’d been planning to do for her for weeks comes tumbling from my mouth.
“You could wait behind after a show, until pretty much everyone has left and you have the arena to yourself. And then you bring her out on stage and sing a song to her. A beautiful song.” The words flood out of my mouth as I look back over to where she is standing, and I can feel myself smiling at the thought.
“Niall, I could kiss you! That’s amazing.” Louis cheers with glee and he pulls me into another big hug. “Since when did you get so romantic?” He adds chuckling, I just shrug, cursing myself for giving away my plan. “Will you play the guitar for me?” He asks and suddenly my chest feels tight, I don’t want to have to witness him winning the heart of my perfect girl. But I couldn’t let him know how I felt about her.
“Sure.” I sigh, and Louis slaps me on the back cheerily just as we have to get back to rehearsals. That night as the show finishes I want to just leave but Louis pulls me aside.
“So can you play One Thing for me?” He whispers and I just nod resignedly. Nearly an hour later and I’m waiting at the side of the stage.
“Louis.” I hear her beautiful voice practically giggle. “Why are we still even hear?”
“Just stand here.” He says leading her out and getting her to stand in the middle of the stage. He nods towards me to start playing and I do, forced to watch as his singing, but my idea, steals the heart of the only girl I’ve ever really wanted.

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Hey, there.
Hey, yourself.
I heard you gave the politicians both barrels earlier.
When it comes to politicians, my only regret is only having the two to give them.
You were right, though. We’ve got nothing to reproach ourselves for.
Yeah, we do. The bastards got one past us. Ever since I was a girl, I’ve been annoyingly competitive and a perfectionist, and that really annoys me.
I bet that annoys your friends as well.
What did you say to Marlin about friends? Overrated I think it was. Not a big one for dinner parties myself.
Colleagues, then?
Yeah. Lovers leave, friends annoy you, families mess with your head. Colleagues are OK.
Ah, but are they to be trusted?
Yes, they are.
All of them?
All of them.
Even the most senior?
Particularly him. Harry sweated blood to get you back. He’d rather die than let anything ever happen to you.
Yeah. Colleagues are OK.

Advice: Friend Has Similar Story Idea

Anonymous asked:

I have a major problem, well I think it is anyway. A friend and I are budding writers and recently (over the last few months) I have been sharing a story idea with them and we have both equally been excited about it. However I just got a message from them saying they have found a story idea with a very similar theme to mine, they are asking me if they can continue it, they claim to have written the idea a year before. This makes me uncomfortable, what should I do?

First and foremost, don’t sweat this.

I know that sounds easier said than done, but here’s a little secret: there are thousands of stories out there already with a similar theme to yours. There are stories with similar plots, similar characters, similar conflicts, similar settings… there is just no way to avoid it. And while that might seem very demotivating:

Don’t forget–no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.” (Charles de Lint)

True story. Even if you and your friend started out with the exact same premise, the exact same setting, and the exact same characters, there’s no way that you both would write the exact same story. So, if all they’re doing is starting out with a similar theme, you have nothing to worry about.

Having said that, I would avoid sharing any further details about the story with the friend, just in case they’re tempted to co-opt any more ideas from your story. :)