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i posted a picture of my dog earlier and about how much i love her and it got flagged as NFSW so i sort of understand what you mean. the new tumblr flagging system is dumb as hell.

It is, and that is ridiculous. 

I get that there are bugs in the system, but:

  1. tumblr should have done better testing to make sure its algorithm wasn’t so messed up before they did site-wide rollouts.
  2. I don’t believe that youtube and tumblr both “accidentally” included lgbtqia+ stuff in their sensitive-content blocker. I think they backpedaled once they got called on it.
  3. There’s so much gray area in what one might deem “sensitive content.” That needs to be the parentals’ responsibility, not some glitchy, arbitrary algorithm trying to babysit everyone under eighteen to keep the corporations happy.

I am a 911 dispatcher and i just took a call of a trans girl who was extremely upset to the point where I thought she was going to take her life because her mom kicked her out due to “who she is” etc. We stayed on the phone for almost an hour and I got her to calm down. I think this is against my work policy but I gave her my personal phone number and said to call if she ever needed anything. This is why I love my job. This is my purpose in life.

If anyone ever needs anything do not be afraid to call for help. That’s what we are here for. Not everyone is going to be as understanding as me but we are out here. We see you. I see you.

I love thinking of Yondu doing stupid stuff during pre-battle negotiations, or smth.

They’re trying to talk business, and Yondu’s got a fidget spinner.

Everyone’s trying to arrange a hostage negotiation, Yondu keeps falling asleep.

A rival ship starts shouting threats, and Yondu pops out an earbud, “wad’yah say?”

The Ravager Council is having a serious meeting or smth, and he suddenly holds up a hand-doodled Ravager Council Meting Bingo sheet and yells “BINGO!!!”
Or a he throws a Rubix cube up triumphantly, “SOLVED IT!!!”

A client’s meeting with him, and he whips out this coloring book, and waves a hand, “Keep talkin’ I’m listening, i swear.”

All I Ask

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hello! May I request a Bucky x Reader, in which they break up and it is based on the song All I Ask by Adele? You can choose in which era and all, I love your writing anyway! Have a lovely day and good luck with all the requests :) x


Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! Could you do an imagine where the reader dated Bucky for a year before he was frozen in wakanda and they broke up the day he will be frozen and everyone in the avengers team got sad, reader and bucky cried too cause they all thought they’d stay forever together. But years later, when the reader thought she forgot about Bucky, Bucky was now unfrozen and they reunited in a restaurant with the rest of the avengers team?

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heathers: the musical starters

i think i’m a good person. you know, i think there’s good in everyone.
college will be paradise if i’m not dead by june.
what did you just say to me, skank? ”
we still on for movie night? ”
i would fight for you if you would fight for me.
that’s not pate. that’s liverwurst. ”
” if you’re nice, i’ll let buy me a big gulp.
that’s like going to mickey d’s to order a salad. ”
” i don’t really like my friends. ”
” everyone’s lives have got static. ”
” does your mommy know you eat all that crap? ”
” the sky’s gonna hurt when it falls. ”
” the parents are gone ; and i got my party slippers on! ”
” okay, so it’s salt, then lime, and thennnn… shot. ”
” there’s no alcohol in here! are you trying to kill me? ”
” hope you brought kneepads, bitch! ”
” let’s get to it. beg. ”
” i just killed my best friend! “
” jesus, you’re making me sound like air supply! ”
” i need help. i’m at the cemetery. ”
” look! booze! drink! ”
” i’m really looking forward to your apology for being such a stone-cold bitch last night! ”
” you are the only thing that’s right about this broken world. ”
” god have mercy on my soul. ”
” any war has it’s causalities. doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting. ”
” we don’t choose who lives or dies. ”
” well, FUCK me gently with a chainsaw! ”
” do you have the guts? ”
” did you have a brain tumour for breakfast? ”
” are you gonna kill yourself on stage? ”
” its as good a time as any to say that i faked it, every single time. ”
” if you were happy all the time, you wouldn’t be human. you’d be a game show host. ”
” thanks for coming after me. ”
” don’t call me. don’t… talk to me. we are over. ”
” i was avoiding you. ”
” why are you pulling my dick? ”
” your problems seem like life and death– i promise, they’re not. ”
” sorry to come through the window ; dreadful etiquette, i know. ”
” get out of my house. ”
” hiding in the closet? c’mon, unlock the door. ”
” was that good for you? cuz it kinda sucked for me. ”
” the irony here is that i never got to write a suicide note. ”
” i destroy things. never occurred to me to try building anything. ”
” our love is god. ”
” say hi to god. ”
” you look like hell. ”
” the war is over. ”
” i’d be honoured if you’d let me be your friend. ”

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I'm so bitter about how they played with our emotions like that when it comes to Stiles. The writing was never up to par with Dylan's acting that character could've been (arguably) one of the best characters in television history had they actually thought about it and explore every possibility with it, but this is what we got instead.

i think the potential for the show in general still haunts me. not just stiles, but everyone, and everything. so much there, so much promise, and no follow through. 

what’s cool now is how fandom took up the helm and we’ve mostly just ignored canon and done our own thing. it’s so much more ours, and so much better, than the show ever managed to live up to. no episode will ever be as good (for me) as some of the fanfiction i’ve read, like honestly, we’ve been so blessed with the amazing work and friendships the show sort of… gave us/pushed us into lol.

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In Undertale, who's your favorite monster npc, fallen human (other than Frisk/Chara), and minor battle monster?

hmm….I do like Grillby as an NPC, Nabstablook, and as for humans..I’m torn between my deigns for Patience and Kindness

for me, Patience stayed with Toriel until the royal guard managed to get word of the human and forced their way into the ruins (this is before Toriel completely sealed them off since the monsters got the soul)

and Kindness, I think he was the closest to befriending everyone, and he gave his soul to Asgore willingly after seeing all the hardships the monsters were going through  

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Still fuming after that clip. People on tumblr saying "you're still complaining" and "I'm glad Yousef didn't come back because not everything is a happy ending." Ummmm so it looks like POC never get a happy ending? Just cause Evak got the ending they hoped for and so did Jonas x Eva shippers doesn't mean that everyone else did. Chriseva and Yousana, the highlights of this season for me were completely destroyed, and for what reason? And I really thought that there would be a happy ending :(

honestly, i always try to be positive and look at the good stuff and i think for the most part, the complaining about skam is too much. but this episode,,,,,,,was shocking. literally, shocking. i still cant believe julie did that. i dont even care that yousef didnt come back, thats not it at all. i ahd prepared myself for him not coming back BUT i hadnt prepared myself for sana not FREAKING BEING IN THE CLIP 99% OF THE TIME 

sidelining poc in shows needs to be spoken about and show writers NEED to know that its not ok, nothing is going to change if we’re silent about it. bc it does affect poc. that anon i just got saying “i should have known, that as a poc i have to take what i can get and be grateful for it” ???? NO AS A POC YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO TAKE WAHT YOU CAN GET AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT 

anyways. poc deserve more. that’ll be all

I’m calling it. Marlene is ending this show the way Desperate Housewives ended.

Everyone got their happy-ish ending, and then the very last scene shows another person having a secret. Or in this case, getting a message from an anonymous stalker. Just to show it never ends, another person or maybe another group of girls, another dark secret. Rosewood is still Rosewood after all.

I think that’s the full circle moment in the last scene they keep referring to.

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Do you believe that it was really just harry that wanted the hiatus? Like maybe he just actually did want to be solo like everyone has said. It's one thing for the fandom to blame harry but everyone else in the band has said that they weren't sure about the hiatus, except for harry. I'm not saying I don't think he loves/loved 1d, I think he loves them very much, but maybe he just knew his potential on his own and was done? This is all going to come out so wrong, I'm sure.

I think Harry knew how much they needed that hiatus. I think yes, Harry probably was more secure than the others already, but he couldn’t have forced them. I think that after talking, they all realized how good a break would be, maybe they haven’t considered before out of fear or simply didn’t crossed their mind. But it was clear how much all of them needed the hiatus, how good it’s being for them. I don’t think Harry thought he was better than the others, but I think he thought he could’ve a chance doing his own stuff, not only music, but Dunkirk for example. I don’t think that’s something he’d have been able to work while on 1D schedule. Also, the fact that Harry first suggested the hiatus was like opening to the idea, he didn’t say “folks I’m going solo so yeah we’re going on hiatus”. He gave the idea, they talked about it, discussed, as a band, as friends, as a family and decided that yes, maybe a hiatus would be a good idea after all. I think that for Louis and Niall in particular was harder because they were always put in the shadows while on 1D, that’s a fact, they were the ones with less solos for years, so I think they were just scared at first that they wouldn’t be able to do what the other’s would (but look at them now!!). And yk, I think that’s why the hiatus is so good, is giving this boys the confidence they need, the freedom, the space to work with themselves and only their ideas for once. Being in a band for so many years non stop can’t be something good. I think that even if Harry hadn’t first pushed, eventually one or the other would because they /needed/ that

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If NEVER seen a fandom of any show this on board with one theory before. If Twincer isn't AD...I dunno, they've got a lot of explaining to do bc based on clues alone, idk who else it could be

Same. I know some people don’t LIKE the theory, but I think almost everyone has accepted it’s a possibility. Almost everyone can separate what they like from what has a valid and very real chance of happening. Which is good. At least everyone is prepared, especially those that say they don’t like it! I’ll definitely be more shocked if Twincer isn’t AD.


GUUUYS!!! Everyone thinks Maxwell gave those photos to the press but I think Bertrand is the real traitor. He only cares about money, excludes Maxwell from House Beaumont stuff. His reaction when we said the prince wasn’t expecting the announcement was weird and then we caught him talking to Ana. I mean, c'mon, that’s really suspicious, isn’t it? He’s got too many secrets. I DON’T TRUST HIM. I guess Drake or the prince or even MC will accuse Maxwell of betraying them while he’s just our poor, innocent cinnamon roll 💘


Kwon Hyun Bin Talks About Support He Received From Other Trainees On “Produce 101 Season 2”

Kwon Hyun Bin, the model-turned-“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant from YGKPlus, talked about his experience on “Produce 101 Season 2” in a recent interview with News1.

During the interview, he was asked about his mindset while on the show. When asked if he had ever wanted to give up on the show, he said, “I didn’t ever want to give up, per se, but I did feel like I wanted to avoid the elimination rounds because I was scared. In the end, I think it’s a good thing that I was able to beat it.”

Kwon Hyun Bin, having been a model and not having received any formal training to become an idol, got a lot of help from the other contestants to pull him through. He said, “I can’t pick out just one person to thank; everyone supported me so much. I thought everyone would distance themselves from me when I was struggling, but I was thankful that they tried to make me laugh.”

The atmosphere on set, he explained, was always warm. “Although it is a competition, we didn’t think of it as one,” he said.

He also talked about the reason why he decided to go on the show despite already being a model. He said, “I love rapping so I hoped that I would have an opportunity. When ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ came along, I felt like I would never have an opportunity like that again. I was in the dance club briefly in high school, and I had a strong desire to sing and dance at the time. A great opportunity came along, so I wanted to take it.”

He exceeded his own expectations. Kwon Hyun Bin said, “I wrote that I thought I could place third on the show [at the beginning of the broadcast,] but that makes no sense. I hoped that I would get into the top half. But [while on the show,] I promised myself that I would dream big and worked hard thinking that I wanted to make the final 11.”

Unfortunately, he was eliminated when he came in 22nd place. He said, “I’m more than grateful for having come even this far. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it, but I felt more like a weight had been lifted.”

Although he didn’t make it into the boy group Wanna One, he certainly made a lasting impression on viewers. Although he started as a model, he now has a diverse number of dreams. He is hoping to be perfect at both walking down the runway and also communicating with fans through music on stage.

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I can't believe harry fell for the azzoff bullshit. After that interview I'm on a level were I hate harry because he did this to this band. They didn't want this fucking hiatus but king harry did and look. Everyone is in deep shit. I hope karma gets harry, god, i hope.


Exactly what I was thinking… Harry was the only one who wanted to go solo… I hope harries who want the band back see that it was their fave that broke them up for hiatus and who knows it might be forever.


It kinda confirms what I thought, and that Harry got caught up in all the people saying he’s got Sun shining out of his ass and started believing it himself. And he maybe said, I want a hiatus and wasn’t honest about why, and Zayn was in favor, Liam was neutral and Louis and Niall were against. But you can’t really form a band if half wants out so they agreed on an indefinite hiatus. And that also probably impacted H+L facing such different odds and having very different ideas on the future.


I think a lot of Harries don’t give a shit about the band. And I think Harry blindsided the band with his plans.

What I’m really interested in is how Larries who think they’re together negotiate the way Louis speaks about Harry. I’m also interested to see how they spin us (Larries) being called his fiercest corps of fans while also being called fanatical (by him), and the bit that makes it seem like he’s sick of being seen as only half of a gay ship.

(I also think underdog Louis is part of the marketing and it’s been working.)

And I’m still looking for strong evidence that these two are together and Harry isn’t just using Louis to bait fans.

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I really dislike pink... or at least a lot of people think I do. Ive been very vocal about it in the past to ease my dysphoria a bit, but it's just a colour and I want to be able to acknowledge that. The problem is, I feel like if I say it's not a bad colour, everyone else will take that as an admittance that Im not trans? Which I 100% am. Pink got a bad rep from me in the past but it's genuinely not bad but if I say that everyone else won't take my identity seriously :(

I know exactly how you feel, but this is toxic masculinity making you believe you can’t like pink.
Lots of cis het guys I know wear pink shirts and stuff and nobody questions their masculinity, so believe me, people won’t question yours just for liking the colour - Matthew

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Jean does have a muscular build, tho, so he's got that going for him at least lol

Well, so does everyone in the military, including Armin!

Look at those abs!

But yes, Jean is tall and well built, which are considered conventionally attractive traits lol. I should clarify that I don’t think he’s supposed to be ugly, or anything like that, just not someone who attracts a lot of notice for his looks … and when he does it’s usually because of his expression!

Thanks for the note, anon! :)

Like I believe it’s the fans that can make or break a ship for me like Steggy, Stucky and Clintasha were all good ships until their fans got borderline vile and rude and entitled and they get angry at fans of lesser liked ships or go after characters that stepped in between what was supposed to be their OTP 4ever. Like I can like those ships again if people could control themselves and not ruin things for others because Marvel didn’t like your OTP. If the good shippers would call out the ones who step out of line then we can start to establish some peace.

But ultimately I hope the ships I mentioned above never happen now because they don’t deserved to be loved by rabid fans who think they’re superior over everyone else. you bitter haters deserve it lmao.

~“You do realise this is probably illegal right?” I asked, but Liz looked up at me and smiled as if I were the most naïve girl in the world.
“It can’t be illegal, Cam. It’s research.”
So that was it. Our teacher’s fate, my safety, and Liz’s GPA all hinged on what we were about to do.~
Only the good spy young, Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

Not quite sure about this new filter/colour scheme thingy I’ve got going on, what does everyone else think?

I had a mini tantrum last night. I’m tired of scraping pennies together to pay for things when I see others buy houses, cars, trips, etc. We aren’t poor but we aren’t swimming in funds either. We rarely go on vacation (maybe once a year to a timeshare John’s parents have that we don’t have to pay for to use). We watch every cent we have and I save like a church mouse.

And now as we pull the trigger on buying the home I grew up in (and have been renting for 7 years), I’ve got anxiety that we can’t afford it. I look at the neighbors and think that they can’t be making a lot more money than we are yet they bought their homes. But when I run the numbers, I’m not seeing how we can pull it off.

Either I’m stupid when it comes to buying a home or everyone else has maxed out credit cards (we are debt free). I just emailed our credit union to find out what we would be pre-approved for so I’ll either be pleasantly amazed or crying in my vodka this week.

Adulting fucking sucks sometimes.