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“Do you understand now” prompt

Kat has had boyfriends before.  She has had sex with men before.  She had experienced every single heterosexual experience she could and was totally fine with all of that.  Were they the greatest moments in her life? No.  Did she enjoy herself? Sure. Most of the time.  In fact the brief relationships she had with men were nothing short of pleasant.  Were they the things that movies and epic romance novels were made out of? No.  But maybe that wasn’t for her. Maybe those moments and experiences were for other people.

Kat was totally fine with that.

She would just have her flings, and go from dude to dude and that would be enough for her.  

Love and commitment was terrifying to her, so it really didn’t matter if she would never experience that.

Really, it was all good.

But when a mysterious, confident, beautiful, and female artist walked into her life one day…suddenly she was not fine, and nothing was “all good”.  

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Since ur telling all ur stories.. tell the one about ur first kiss

This is all I’m gonna say. I was 21, just about to move to Nashville and losing my mind. He was 27. I started on a strange path in December 2014 and just continued it until August 2015, I kept sinking lower. I felt utterly worthless. I didn’t care about myself and I didn’t care about anyone else. Nothing mattered. I started thinking, why am I saving my first kiss for marriage? I was hanging out with this bad boy who actually didn’t ask me to do anything, never even tried to kiss me. But being around him and his lifestyle made me feel like I belonged because he also acted like nothing mattered and everyone was worthless, including himself. So I got a really warped view of myself and the world and he lead me to a strange place and then after I ended things with him for a bit, I hung out with a REALLY bad guy who was not so sweet like the first one. He was a user in every sense of the word. He was known for just disappearing in the middle of the night after taking whatever he could from people and never repaying them. One of the sketchiest people I’ve ever met. I’m not going into any personal details about what happened I just wanted to paint the picture of what I was going through that lead me to such a strange dark place where I’d actually give up something so beautiful and precious for the price of dirt. I only hung out with this guy a few times and it was all bad. I wouldn’t go NEAR him nowadays, anyone would be like Lisa what the heck why are you even speaking to him. Like it’s reeeeeal obvious what a creep he is but I was so low I liked it, like I was justifying my low self esteem or trying to confirm it, idk. Like see! I am worthless! I’m just like him! Not saying he’s worthless, just that he acts that way.
But yeah now that I have standards and self respect I look back and see I was acting like an actual piece of trash. Like literally you could push me around, stomp on me, throw me away, it didn’t matter.
It’s scary how much you can believe these lies and how horribly you can see yourself, how seemingly innocent choices can shape your whole life and lead you down a crazy path that ends up being so dark. It starts SMALL, the way you dress, the way you speak, the things you let people do to you or around you. You don’t have to be a snob and judge people, absolutely not, but you don’t have to let everything slide just because you don’t wanna seem above anyone. You’re not above other people but you are above garbage on the side of the road. You’re not trash. You’re not worthless. You’re not a dirty napkin that belongs in a dumpster. Look at the choices you’re making and be real with yourself because these things can become dangerous and trust me, you may think it doesn’t matter and you don’t care anyway but one day you will.
And btw just wanna be really clear that I’m using the word “trash” in a literal sense of the word. Not like I’m condemning people who live a certain way, I mean people who actually act like they have the value of a rotten banana peel. There are people in every social class who do this. Just wanna make that clear tho haha cuz it might sound bad if you don’t understand what I’m saying. Okay that’s all lol

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I saw Thor again last night and it just struck me as really weird that when Odin died he just turned into light and floated away. Nobody else does that. And he said Hela was on her way, not that she broke free and came all the way there in five seconds. I'm now conspiracy theorizing that Odin's not even dead, he just really didn't want to help (he couldn't be bothered to come back once he got his memory back anyway) so he noped out of there and left everyone else to fix it.

HA, this makes the Convenient Odindeath even more major, like. I don’t think it’s what actually happened but the idea is hilarious, like, HEY I’M DONE PEACE OUT HAVE FUN, which…he did kind of do that in comics after Cul (his evil brother) was defeated in Fear Itself. 

But we know that Frigga did the same thing in The Dark World during the funeral (so not immediately when she dies like Odin does, but shortly after), so Odin’s not the only one to do that when he dies. It also does make sense to me that Hela’s arrival immediately followed his death, because I figure that as Odin was weakening she was growing stronger and breaking free of her prison, so his death broke the last things holding her back, and if she was in an alternate dimension of some kind then she could possibly emerge wherever she wanted - maybe her prison was directly tied to Odin in some way so that’s why she escaped at the site of his death?

@thorkizilla wrote some meta about this that I’m too lazy to track down right now that it’s about the way Odin is connected to the Odinforce, which is never really explained but could be some kind of direct link between the ruler of Asgard and Asgard itself - which would also explain the whole “Hela draws her strength from Asgard itself” plot point, if that connection passes directly to the eldest child in the royal line. So when Odin dies (or maybe Frigga, for that matter), whatever’s left of him (his soul or whatever) returns to Asgard somehow, becoming part of it. 

I like this idea because it means that possibly with the destruction of Asgard-the-place that link is broken, which means that that power is no longer automatic. Asgard’s ruler can’t be ruler just by right of overwhelming power - they have to draw their strength from something else. 

The will of the people, maybe?

I don’t think I could describe the way I’m feeling right now. I am still in denial that he is gone. My heart is broken and I feel like I’ve lost a piece of me. My heart goes out to peeps closest friends and family, along with the fans. It’s crazy to think that I just saw you a month ago today, bouncing around on stage, screaming every lyric. Hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, everyone in the crowd was singing along word for word, it was an amazing experience. Your songs got me through hard times and you made me feel less alone. Your legacy will never be forgotten, you were a fucking legend. I love you I love you I love you forever and always, rest easy crybaby 💖.

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John did you seriously name your turtle after your boyfriend

He named that turtle way before he and Alex got together.

Laurens iz not so secret wiz ‘iz feelings.

Yeah, everyone knew he crushed hard on Alex, Peggy rolled her eyes so hard when she found out he named the turtle Hammy I swore she pulled a muscle.

I wasn’t THAT obvious!! Hammy’s a cute name!

Yeah, for a HAMSTER maybe. Wtf does a turtle have to do with “Hammy” if it wasn’t connected to “Hamilton”?

I…I just…it was…it just popped into my head.

Oui, zat ‘appens when you are always thinking about a person.

I wasn’t ALWAYS thinking about Alex.

Of course not. You had to sleep sometime.

Although you were dreaming about ‘im too. Remember zat time you came to my apartment in ze middle of ze night becauze you dreamed Alex got girlfriend and zis made you cry?

I wasn’t CRYING.

Riiiiight…allergies or…something, right?

*Grumble* Yeah…allergies…

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Hi,Not sure if you'll see this but i just wanted to thank u bc i recently fell in love with Princess Tutu after seeing ur kacchako crossover and watching the anime.I'm curious,what are your thoughts on the ending?I have a feeling Fakir will write Ahiru into a human again.Also,i'm totally inspired to do a bnhaxprincess tutu crossover now!!(i'll make sure to tag ya!)

[in reference to this post]

aahhh thank you!!! i’m glad you enjoyed the series and it’s nice to hear you got inspired to watch it b/c of my art!!

and well. lmao

from a story telling perspective, i think the ending is perfect, because Duck is returned back to her true self and was able to help everyone just as the bird she was instead of pretending to be something she’s not


DID YOU KNOW HE’S CANONICALLY IN LOVE WITH HER BY THE END OF THE SERIES???? (tho her feelings are still platonic, but)

thankfully there are dozens of fics where this happens so i am satisfied lmao

as for the MHA/PT au idea, haha, i was just talking about this the other day actually

my idea for that was that Todo would be Mytho (both are kinda emotionless at first and have to slowly remember their true selves and goals and such. plus, both are princely-types, at least in the Fantasy AU for Todo, and girls are always crushing on them both), and Momo for Rue (both girls with low self-esteem who want love/recognition and are desperate to prove themselves, etc. specifically wants love/recognition from Mytho/Todo respectively)

idk who anyone else would be tho, haha. but i always thought Todo and Momo would fit the roles of Mytho and Rue fairly well

and thanks!! can’t wait to see what you do with that crossover idea!!!!

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the game kind of died out at some point in highschool because everyone got bored with it. its a fad like the cake is a lie.

yeah it really felt more like a fad but EVERY TIME i think im over it and everyones forgotten someone’d lose again and we’d all go back on our bullshit immediately so i dont know when ill ever be free like one sometime in the far future im just gonna be chillin and this alone is gonna punt me straight into a midlife crisis

I Had a Dream About BTS

I had a dream where I was at some sort of meeting in LA and I remember BTS surprising everyone in the audience and I was somewhere up at the front and I got to shake all their hands and just they were so nice to everyone.

I remember waking up thinking “wow their hands were so soft” and I honestly teared up because a.) that was the first time I’ve ever had a dream about the boys and b.) I️ realized that’s the closest I’ll ever be to them 😭

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So, just a bit of randomness... But, if everyone in the gang had a YouTube channel, what kind of content would they post? I think Snow would have an advice/cooking channel... David would probs do pranks... What do you think?

haha i think someone did this?? like an edit or fic or something? anyone got the link to that?


  • emma would teach self-defense (more often than not with killian as her partner, who takes it like a champ)
  • killian would run something along the lines of My Drunk Kitchen and it would be amazing
  • snow would make educational videos, focusing on badass ladies you never learn about in the history books
  • david would, yes, so do prank videos. but the pranks would be terrible. and he would be the only one laughing.
  • david and killian together would go the route of the Try Guys, and every other week or so would make idiots of themselves attempting to do things they definitely cannot do
  • zelena covers how to stay a fit and fashion-savvy mother
  • regina would be wholly uninterested. she’s got enough on her plate as mayor, mother, and magic instructor, thank you very much.
  • henry would do video game walkthroughs, and on a different channel make rants about disney vs original stories, the watering down of dark fairy tales, and the lack of classic fairy tale elements in fantasy fiction (”Whatever happened to true love’s kiss?! Why does no one do that anymore?! Do people just think it’s an old, outdated trope? Ridiculous!! Bring it back!!!”)
  • belle would definitely do a “book club” type vlog, and maybe a travel one as well

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do I think dean bean got a boner when cas said im your huckleberry??? I need to know for science

dean had a boner from the second he put that stupid hat on cas’ head and everyone knew it but politely pretended not to notice.


Access Hollywood Interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere - part 8

JDM (on Negan possibly not making it through season 8): But I could be, you know, we got still episodes to shoot this year, you know. That’d be a great season finale if Negan got his!

Interviewer: With a bat…

JDM: With a bat…come on! Everyone seems to forget that Negan, like only killed two people and these guys have killed like sixty of my people, so…let’s calm it down, folks!

Interviewer: Maybe you’re not the bad guy everyone thinks you are…

JDM: Maybe I’m not the bad guy! That’s on the nose, my dear!

Someone said “my Hope” and he got the warmest smile on his face and said “I’m your hope”. :’) I almost started crying. I have so many emotions rn. I’m so happy. I’m so happy. My hope. My angel. I didn’t miss it.

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(the coolest) fan has seen your post and is so pleased that you got that ghost you were looking for. he's nearly as lovely as you are <3

You are the sweetest little cookie in existence and I don’t think you properly comprehend just how angry (in a good way, I cannot feel hurtful feelings towards you) and confused it makes that you did something this *kind* to me without revealing yourself.

Angry (in a good way), because dammit I want to shower you with love and affection and tell everyone I know about you.

Confusion, because people nice? To Pop?? Without expecting anything in return??? It’s a foreign concept to me, dude. Like, you probably thought I was hyperbolizing when I said I cried for 30 days straight. That’s true. I didn’t cry for 30 *days* straight, but after having a really awful time of it when you did that, well, let’s just say I was definitely crying happy tears long enough for RL people around me to take notice.

I’m just not used to people being *NICE* to me. I’m the one that’s nice to people, that’s just how it it’s always been. I can dish it out all I want, but to expect it in return? Aw. Pshh. Expecting kindness makes you an asshole, apparently. *rolls eyes*

I’m glad to say, though, I’m starting to think a little differently. There are nice people out there, and it’s not wrong to expect kindness. (Though there is a difference between respecting yourself enough to know you deserve basic human decency, and having a head full of hot air and becoming a raging cuntmuffin when people don’t lick the ground you walk on because AH you TOUCHED IT, but I digress. This is a happy thankful post, not a salty post).

And you know what? It is possible for lil ole grumpy Pop to feel important. To feel wanted, needed, all those fun words. It’s possible for people to like me.

*tackle hugs you*

Thank you, friend.

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How do you feel about Neji? I recently found out that Trashimoto used him as a way to bring Naruto and Hinata together and that made me upset, almost to the point where I want to stop watching the series (I’m not even close to that episode)??? The only good thing I can think of is how Neji isn’t in the shitty ending where everyone got in a relationship/have kids to make everything “better.” I hate people who only care about ships. Anyway, Neji’s death was completely unnecessary and fucked up.

Actually a lot of neji fans were already pissed when it’s revealed Naruto was the child of prophecy. It’s huge dump on Neji’s character. He actually changed his whole belief about fate and destiny because Naruto lectured him. Imagine to be lectured and converted about how destiny doesn’t exist by someone who had a prophecy told about him before he’s even born, and someone who’s the designated heir and second coming of the original creator and god of the ninjaverse. That’s just insulting.

When neji died, a lot of his fans left the fandom, and many of them suspected the reason Kishimoto killed him was he’s the living reminder that Naruto’s character is massive hypocrisy and contradiction. But it turn out to be even worse, Kishimoto admitted in interview he killed neji to create a moment for Naruto and Hinata to get closer, he killed a character so that he could create a context to write a dumb shipping bait. Neji died so that Kishi could make Naruto pay attention to Hinata for 2 mins. 

I agree you should stop watching, Kishimoto had no respect for his own characters. He gave a character a shitty death because he thought it’s time to throw a bone at shippers.

OC Dance Meme

How does your OC dance? Let’s find out!

I was tagged by @gugle1980, @princessvicky01, @jirelle, & @missragdoll84 to do this fun meme. Thank you for tagging me! Now, let’s see my idiotic girl Artemis Trevelyan various dancing styles, yeah?

When she’s goofing off dancing with her companions/ friends:

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Dancing with Cullen privately?:

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“Trying to piss off Orlesians” dance:

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This is quite hard for me to do exactly XD but it’s fun, nonetheless! 

I think almost everyone has done this dance dance revolution meme, so for anyone who wants to do it, I tag ya’!

Imagine telling your boyfriend Sam that you're an angel

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Characters: Sam x Angel!Reader, Dean, Cas, Jack

Warnings: angst, canon typical violence, fluff, very mild implications of smut

Word count: 2k

Description: Ever since they met, Sam has been under the impression that Y/N is just a regular hunter. A very beautiful one, true, but a human none the less. That is until the angels hunting the nephilim Jack reveal who she really is. How could she have lied to him, everyone, for so long?

A/N: I found this imagine a while ago and I absolutely love writing angel reader stories and I thought this idea for pretty well with what’s currently going on in s13 so SPOILERS AHEAD!!! This has taken me ages to write because I just couldn’t get the ending right but I got there in the end I think. Hope you like it xx Masterlist


Fear. Pit-of-your-gut, stomach churning fear. That’s what Y/N felt at the news that Lucifer’s son was born. She’d been with the Winchesters for just over three years now, completely undetected. Undetected except for Castiel of course. He had seen that she was an angel from the moment his eyes laid on her true form and her tawny wings. She would have been outed if it weren’t for the glare she gave him and a heated discussion once the boys were asleep.

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