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Voltron Season 3 Idea

A couple of Season 2 spoilers ahead!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people who are shipping Lance and Lotor and power to you guys, but it’s honestly got me thinking. I know what I really want to happen in season 3 BESIDES SHIRO COMING BACK. I want Lotor to find Lance and just know how insecure he is. I mean, Shiro was the only one who called him the team’s sharpshooter, and that was once. Now he’s gone and I want someone to snap and tell Lance he’s useless or he can’t do anything right. 

Here’s why.

In the original Shiro dies for Lance, and as much as I want Shiro to live, if he does die saving Lance I want everyone to be pissed about it. Even Hunk! I want everyone to look at Lance like Allura looked at Keith when she found out he was Galra. Why? Because I want Lotor to see that, to manipulate what Lance sees in himself. I want Lance to be so desperate for validation and acceptance he actually listens to Lotor and what he has to say. That he kind of turns into a pet almost, one that’ll do anything for the praise a master might give. And this is all if Shiro dies while trying to save Lance mind you, not even if he lives. 

If Shiro lives I want it to be after Lotor gets a hold of Lance. They can’t form Voltron right then anyways, not without Shiro. Although Keith might take over the black lion no one would be able to replace his spot in Red. So imagine, Shiro getting back from God knows where and finding that Lance is gone. That Lance is now working with the enemy because no one on the team saw him as an equal like they should have. 

I’m not pushing Shance by any means. But Shiro was the only one who noticed Lance being upset. I want him to try and get Lance back, brainwashed or not. I want Lance to admit and just pour his feelings out, messily crying and saying things about how no one cared about him on the team. I want everyone to feel so guilty they acted like that to Lance. I want all of this. I want everyone to apologize and say what they like about Lance, different things, things to reassure Lance that he is needed and absolutely loved by everyone there. 

I love the studyblr community so much…Like I swear I am in love with them…

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So Does Q's Ability affect everyone differently? If I remember right we only got to see it in depth with Atsushi, and it made him think that the girls had been affected and that he needed to attack them. But everything else is kinda vague- Kunikida was affected but Dazai only said they had to put up with his babbling (tho he appears to be tied up in that panel). If Yokohama was reduced to flames when half the city was affected I feel like it would have to be a different illusion for everyone

Not everyone has the same hallucination. We do get to see what Kunikida saw in chapter 28.

I’d say each person’s hallucination is tailored by their own fears, regrets, etc. Also, what Brynna said seems pretty accurate…

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Okay so I've been thinking about how everyone's saying how little of Lance we got in s2 beyond that one moment involving his insecurities and I just realized Lance... hasn't really had any Big Defining Hero Moments compared to the others. Even in s1, he AT MOST remembers saving Coran, and remains doubtful that the Bonding Moment ever happened. I think that the writers are clearly building up to a Major Hero Moment with him, either as a Big Sacrifice or as the True Black Paladin.



I got!!! Buns!!! I don’t have any good pictures of the second one rn but! This ones name is mocha and she’s v sweet

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OMG Your FloristAU is just one of the most beautiful things I've seen! The idea of Yuuri having a crush on the gorgeous Wedding Planner he's working with but also hating him for all the work he has thanks to say man it's just so good! and I totally see Viktor taking any chance he has to go to the shop if they need anything and everyone just has to endure his endless rambling of Yuuri Katsuki and his great hand with flowers (and beautiful eyes) when he is actually at work

Yes!!! Victor totally being like “hey we need to think about floral arrangements” whenever he’s got a new client and happily making the trip down to Katsuki Flowers with them because it means he gets to see his favorite person ever


It’s not a drawing, but I hope you still like them! ;)

Also, I have some small headcanons for the design choice:

- When Viktor first got his wand, everyone around him was so surprised: Viktor was such an elegant child, how could he get such a messy wand? It was white and silver as expected, but why those blue spots? And the handle was thin and shapeless!
But Viktor was so happy: he had a wand all for himself! And it wasn’t only a boring silver like everyone said it would be, it had colours! White and blue, reminding him of the ice he loved so much.

- In Yuuri’s case,  he was the one surprised: his wand was so beautiful! It was black and gold, he felt like he didn’t deserve it at all. Small and chubby Yuuri, how could he be the owner of such an elegant wand? There had to be a mistake: he probably was the owner of a plain brown wand, one of those you see older people use, from the times before coloured wands started to be made.
Years later, after his first Eros performance, he suddently realizes that no, he really had the right wand.

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I just finished watching season 2 and hOLY FUDGE COW. THERE WERE SO MANY MOMENTS BETWEEN KEITH AND SHIRO AND AHHHHHHHHHHHH MY LIL SHIPPER HEART CAN'T TAKE IT. THE CREATORS HAVE BLESSED US WITH SUCH BEAUTY. SO EXCITED FOR SEASON 3 BUT LIKE WHERE IS SHIRO (tbh I think they should name one ep "finding shiro" whoops). NOW WE MUST WAIT (btw I really love your art, it's just so beautiful ahhh =^▪w▪^=)

SEASON TWO WAS BASICALLY SHEITH ALL OVER THE PLACE. Did we expect it? NO. Did we hope? Yeah, like one episode. BUT WE GOT THEM IN EVERY EP AND I AM DECEASED. (this is me writing from hell lmao) BLESS THE CREATORS BLESS CHRIS PALMER FOR THE SHEITH HUG IN EP 09. BLESS EVERYONE IN THE VOLTRON CREW. and ikr. Stayin’ Alive and Finding Shiro HAHAHHAHAHA (omg thank you <333 I’m glad you love my art =^▪w▪^=)

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The hypocrisy of the anti-starcos is incredible because if star and marco were both boys or both girls they would be all over them getting together. They need to just admit it because we can all see it. How about we ship based on chemistry rather than gender? Cuz no two people on this show have better chemistry than star and marco. Platonic or otherwise. Period.

While the first part of your ask might be a little… ehr… confrontational (please don’t think that I want to censor what you think, just trying not to point fingers just to make a point about something I enjoy!), I think everyone can agree on the chemistry thing. If anything because of the sheer amount of screentime they got, compared to any other combination of characters! 
(but it’s obviously not a matter of quantity only, there’s a lot of quality going on as well, but that might be more subjective).


The next day…

Jaeda: Ah, big brother! I missed you so much, let me squeeze your cheeks!

Jared: I’ll never understand why you always call me “big brother” when I’m only ten minutes older, but yeah. If everyone’s family can live here, why can’t mine? How was the road?

Jaeda: Generally the plane journey was alright, but when I went to the estate agency and met Laurie… Ew.

Jared: Ew? What is this supposed to mean?

Jaeda: That Laurie is such a bitch. Her attitude basically screams “I’m a bitch”. We even had a fight over pricing and stuff, because she thinks it’s okay to let out her bad mood at others.

Jared: Weird. She can be tough of course, but once we got to know her better we liked her. Especially Sam, hehe. I thought I heard him screaming her name in his sleep last night.

Jaeda: Is Sam your roommate?

Jared: Yeah… we’re besties. Oh, here he comes. God, he’s actually dressed! He usually walks around the house almost naked. Thankfully “almost”.

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I don't know if it counts as a Pidgance headcanon but here: Lance, despite being super lanky and looking like a soft breeze could blow him over, is way stronger than anyone thinks/expects. So they're trying to boost Pidge into a vent where she can get through while trapped Lance is like "Oh I got this" and everyone's like "Lance no wait" but instead he just grabs Pidge by the waist and straight up deadlifts her onto his shoulders without any effort. Meanwhile everyone else is like "?!?!HOW?!?"

Headcanon accepted!! I mean come on based on the statistics I did for Lance, he is actually quite strong and super durable, so he could totally pick Pidge up like it was nothing! Everyone (including Pidge) would be so astonished. “Ok Pidge hurry up…I don’t want my arms cramping. What is the hold up?” Pidge replies while climbing into vent “Lance…How?”….But from what we saw in the healing, the boy does have nicely toned shoulders….So anyway thanks for the headcanon anon!!!

This is probably the most important book I’ve ever read. It’s what opened my eyes and helped me make the choice to become vegan, and I think everyone needs to read it. It’s so, so important to know what food your putting in your body and how it got to your plate. I highly encourage everyone to give this book a try.

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To the Horsemen; Everyone accidentally slips a swear word out right? What was it that made you swear for the first (if not only) time? I mean genuine swear words, none of that "damnit" or "damn" or "crap" stuff.

Death: Do you even have to guess? *Looks pointedly down at Strife*

Strife: *Looking up at Death* It was this mother f*cker right here. Coincidentally, that was the first swear word I called him. He just got back from visiting Lilith.

War: I once called an angel a bastard? Because he was being one.Does that count?

Fury: I think the first time was when I was trying to break my horse. It kicked me, hard. I believe the swear went something like “B*ggerSh!tF*ckT!tW@nk”

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I liked season two and while they didn't spend a lot of time on hunk or Lance ( my two favorite characters TBH ) I think the moments they did have were really good and I liked everyone else's development. And since everyone but those two had development in season 2 that means the creators are probably going to make up for it in season 3!!

agree !! im glad hunk got more love this season than s1, thats for sure. and hell yeah i cant wait for s3

we poppin the BIGGEST bottles when hance character development happens next season

send me unpopular opinions and ill agree/disagree

I had a brief moment tonight where I started crying. I wasn’t really crying for any reason except that I really wish I got more GX in Yugioh.

I wish there was a movie or even an OVA that shows everyone and where they’ve gone after Duel Academy.

We all know about Judai, he’s most likely traveling the world and going where the wind takes him

But what about Manjoume? Shou? Asuka? Kenzan? Rei? What about everyone else?

I’m starting to cry again as I type this because GX means so much to me and I just want something more for the series. Anything.

I want more Judai. I want more school duels. I want to see the gang again and see how they’re doing but I know I’ll never get that and it makes my heart ache

Ah, remembered where I’d put these. So, on the right is a freeform peyote bracelet, and on the left a peyote stitch bracelet that’s…more of a sampler sort of thing than freeform. I know it was for a Theresa Sullivan class, and it will have been a building block for whatever the complicated project was that year, but I’m blanking. I think this was the freeform netting year, with the bracelet in the last post? Which means it was meant to be playing with 3drop peyote, which was what Theresa suggested we use to bezel things for adding to the netting (in my case, this will have been that big white plastic sparkly thing. Not everyone chose to bezel anything, though.)

You’ll have probably noticed that both of these things, and the big unfinished necklace, are done in the same colors. As soon as I got my book cover, I took it to the bead store and asked Kristin (who is in charge of the seed beads and fabulous with colors) to do me up a palette matching it. I made several pins using it, and then when I heard about the award noms I decided to make a necklace. Yes, that still unfinished necklace was meant to be worn the the Nebs and the Hugos. I realized the folly of that project eventually and made an entirely different piece for that. But I love this selection of colors and still work with it.

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What seemed normal in your family when you were growing up, but seems weird now?

This is an old anon that I’ve been sitting on because it is such a good question but I don’t have a good answer. I think everyone has something weird about their family that you realized when, for example, having a sleepover at a friend’s house.

To avoid being too personal, however, I’d say Mardi Gras. I grew up in an area that celebrated Mardi Gras, and it was a magical, otherworldly experience. Parades in other places for other holidays simply don’t compare–not even in New York. We even got a holiday from school to attend the festivities. It is so odd to me to live in a city that barely even knows that Mardi Gras exists.

I’d love it if other people re-blog with their own examples of “weird” family stuff.

The call

Yesterday around five o'clock in the evening we got the call. The big call. The call that said they found a match for my dad. A heart and kidney match, and it was time for the transplant.

(Long personal post ahead. I’m on my phone and can’t do that Keep Reading thing.)

It was surreal. It still is surreal. I made the calls immediately while my dad got ready and my mom helped him. First call was to Grandma, dad’s mom (always funny to go into my dad’s phone and call “mom” we have done it a few times thinking we were calling my mom because, everyone has “mom” in their phone). Then I called all my sisters while helping my dad get dressed and stay calm. Then I called my dad’s second in command at work to tell him he was now first in command. Then my parents left for the hospital in an uber black (because this was a very special trip) and I thought it was fabulous that it was a Mercedes that arrived because my dad has always dreamed of owning his own Mercedes.

Then I did the dishes. And cleaned up because I didn’t know how long we would be gone. And then I made the rounds around San Francisco to pick up the sisters and to the hospital we went.

It all happened very quickly. By nine o'clock they took him down to surgery. And by ten thirty, they called us in the waiting room to say the organs passed inspection and they were making the first incision. And just like that it was actually happening. We went home to sleep a little because he would be in surgery through night and into the morning.

My dad has had heart failure for 30 years. Before I was born, when he was 24, he had his first minor heart attack. The doctors didn’t believe he really had one, he was so young! But his body didn’t make HDL, aka the “good” cholesterol. Oh, and he had kidney disease too.

At 33, when I was seven years old, he had his first major heart attack. He had it in the car. Driving home from his job, an hour commute. He pulled into the parking lot at Short Hills Mall to wait it out. When he got home, my mother, who was nine months pregnant with my second sister, was waiting for him with dinner made to celebrate their wedding anniversary, which was a month late because, well, they were a little busy with the two kids they already had and you know, life. My dad said he didn’t feel well and went to lay down, which was a huge sign to my mom that something was up. An hour later he told her he thinks he had a heart attack and what should they do?! Off to the ER, where everyone thought my mom was about to pop and tried to whisk her away in a wheelchair. (Side note: my mom had also just been diagnosed with melanoma but the surgery could hurt the baby so she opted to wait. She had the cancerous mole removed the month after my sister was born, and has only had it once more after that. But this post isn’t about her).

Doctors told my dad that he needed bypass but bypass surgery wasn’t very advanced back then in the nineties so the doctors advised him to wait. My parents tried lots of things in the meantime.

At 47, he had his second major heart attack, just as he was looking into care at the Cleveland Clinic to consider that bypass surgery, which was much more advanced now. He had the heart attack on a business trip in Texas. We live in NJ. They flew him in a medical helicopter to Cleveland, while I put my mom on a plane and took control of things at home. He had a quintuple bypass surgery. And got a defibrillator/pacemaker combo at some point, which he refers to as “Junior.”

He’s had 33 surgeries in his life. His device has shocked him 37 times. Last year his job relocated him to California. His health got worse (there was no chance of it getting better on its own).

This summer he got an LVAD, which is a device that acts as your heart and swooshes blood through you. It’s a device that acts a bridge to a heart transplant. It involves a cord that internally goes from the pump implanted in his heart, around his stomach and comes out of his body, out from below his left rib, and connects to a device that has to be plugged in to two sources of power, often two large battery packs. The device and the batteries are worn in a custom made vest.

He’s now 62. And now he has a new heart. We are waiting until this afternoon to find out if they can do the kidney transplant too (it’s looking good. You can only do the transplant within 48 hours of receiving the donor’s organs. If he can’t do it by midnight tonight, I’m not sure he can get a kidney transplant).

It’s weird. When I got my license at 17, I checked off the donor box thinking it would be amazing if someone could use my organs to continue their life if I died. I never imagined I would be on the other side of that. Watching my dad in the ICU, with a new heart beating in his chest. With the possibility of new kidneys too. With a whole new world of possibilities in front of him.

It’s crazy. It’s happening.

k like out of curiosity i asked one of my pretty religious high school friends that im still in contact w/ how they felt abt gay ppl and i got the whole “i do believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, so i think homosexuality is a sin … but i dont hate gay ppl or just tolerate them b/c jesus says we have to love everyone despite their sin” and i honestly want to stab my eyes out