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Yacht Party- PART 2 (Omaha Squad Imagine)

A/N: Here’s the highly requested part two! I really enjoyed writing this, all of the feels hitting me. I hope you all enjoy, and as always feedback is much appreciated xxx

Part One

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“What’s on the agenda today?” Sam asked while munching on his scrambled eggs. He had to tilt his head back so he didn’t spit it out all over us.

“I don’t know, Emily is the coordinator of this trip. What you got Em?” I giggle at Sam, before glancing to his blonde sister.

Her eyes sparkled before she spoke, excited to tell us what she had in mind.

“Well, it’s a gorgeous day so I was thinking we go and rent canoes and explore those sea caves!” she chirped, grinning widely.

“Oh hell yes!” Johnson exclaimed. He was always up for an adventure. I looked over at Nate who was sitting beside me, crunching on a slice of toast. I smiled at him and brushed some crumbs from the corner of his mouth. His curly mop of hair still on end from waking up just an hour ago.

“Thanks lil mama” he smirked, before placing a kiss under my ear.

“Hey y/n, will you pass me a muffin, pretty please?” Sammy asked batting his eyelashes dramatically.

“Yes, Samuel which one do you want?” I chuckle.

“Hmm, blueberry” he smiled. I reached across Nate to dig through the wicker basket filled with muffins and pastries.

“Here sweetheart,” I placed it on his napkin. I always liked to take care of the boys, they needed a strong female influence in their lives. If not, they would just run reckless.

A childlike grin spread across Sammy’s face, one of my favorite looks on him. He lost all of that fuckboy sex appeal, and took on a precious innocence.

“Thanks babe” he nudged me with his arm.

“So, are we more or less ready to go?” John asked standing up and placing his napkin on his plate.

“Yeah, we’re going to have to take the waverunners over to that pier” Gilinsky said pointing way off into the distance. Our yacht was anchored in the middle of the body of water, so we had to take waverunners everywhere if we needed to get to land.

“Yeah, I think we’re all ready” I stand, using Nate’s shoulder for support.

“What about my muffin?!” Sam whined.

“Take it on the road hot shot” Dillon yelled smacking his back, making Sam lunge forward slightly.

We all moved to the side of the yacht and placed our life vests on before climbing the slim ladder into the water. Nate got on our waverunner first, as John helped me climb behind him.

“Thanks Swazz” I smiled.

“No problem darlin’” he smiled back. I wrapped my arms around Nate’s waist just to hug him while we waited for the rest to get ready.

“You ready to see what I got babe?” he said gripping the handles like a child with a toy.

“No tricks Nathan,” I warned him.

“I know baby, I got precious cargo back there” he grinned poking his head behind to look at me. I leaned up and kissed his dimple.

“Alright, is that everyone?” Dillon called. He was driving one runner with Emily behind him, Jack and Jack took another one, while Sam and Swazz got the last one.

“Let’s do this shit!” Nate yelled revving up the engine. He swiftly pulled away from the yacht, causing a large backsplash of water to hit the Jacks right in the face.

“Asshole!” Johnson yelled.

Soon we were all cruising in tandem, John and Sam right next to us. I started to giggle uncontrollably to see Sammy riding behind John like his side bitch.

“Comfy Samuel?” I hollered over the engines. He just glared at me with his large life jacket on, still munching that damn blueberry muffin. He was impossible, but a shit ton of fun.

We finally approached the docks and Nate cut the engine. He got off first, keeping one leg on the runner so it wouldn’t float off while I was climbing off of it.

“Here baby, grab my hand” he said lifting me up delicately and placing me on the warm wooden pier.

We all walked side by side, chatting away about how excited we were to be on vacation. Nate began talking to Dillon about a new sound he wanted to go for, so I took the opportunity to hang with the Jacks.

“Hey boys” I smile striding in between them, linking my arms through both of theirs.

“Hey baby” J laughed, wrapping his hand around my waist.

“You excited for the sea caves?” G asked me.

“Beyond excited G, do you think you can handle it?” I tease. He clutched his heart like he was offended.

“Can I handle it?! Baby, I’m the master” he laughed loudly, his signature laugh when he was really amused. I could always tell because his eyes crinkled, and all of his teeth were on display.

“Hi can we rent four canoes please” Emily spoke to the islander that worked the shop. He was the nicest guy, just really cool about everything. He told us which way to go to find the best, and most remote caves.

“Come on ma, let me help you in” Nate said once again helping me down into the narrow boat.

We took turns rowing, but he did most of it because my arms got tired quickly.

“Guys look at the fish!” G called, astounded. We took in the pure beauty around us, before rowing ourselves into the deep caves.

The rock formations were open enough to where sunlight could filter through, and it was like we were in our own cerulean Jacuzzis. It was breathtaking.

“Wow,” I breathe and all the guys hummed in agreement.

“Good one Em” Johnson said, in complete awe.

Nate rested the oar across the canoe and leaned back, hands behind his head to relax for a few. I reclined against him, staring up at the arching rocks. His large hands rested on my thighs, squeezing contently.

“Hey check this out” Dillon said pulling out his phone. He immediately started his playlist which echoed and reverberated off of the walls. Our little oasis was suddenly our own private concert hall. Smooth, relaxing sounds filled our heads with thoughts of bliss.

5 hours later…

We all had returned to the boat a couple hours ago to enjoy a tasty dinner, and cap it off with evening drinks. The air was warm, but comfortable. Tiny paper lanterns decorated the outer deck of the ship, giving it a warm amber glow, contrasting the dusky sky.

We all pulled out the reclining portions to the loungers, and had cozy blankets to cover our lower limbs. I was currently curled up against Nate’s chest, Sam and John laying in spots beside us. They had their forearms behind their heads, just staring up at the night sky.

I crossed my legs through Nate’s, my smooth skin pressed to his. Both of our bodies were giving off a slight warmth from the sun exposure we had today, and I could see the slight pink to his cheeks. I breathed deeply, completely relaxed from the alcohol and sunshine therapy.

“These stars are incredible” Johnson called from the other couch. He was right, they were shining brightly and appeared to be right above us.

“I’m glad to be here with my best friends” Sam stated honestly.

“Aww, Sammy boy is getting sentimental over there” Gilinsky chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s this stargazing man, got me all romantic and shit” he blushed before laughing.

I giggled at him before turning my head to look at Nate.

“What you thinking baby?” I asked smoothing the skin over his temples. He let out a loving sound at my touch, before kissing the palm of my hand.

“Just that I love you” he smiled.

“I love you too Nate” I reply, pulling him in closer.

“And I love you too Nate” Sammy whispered a little too close to Nate’s ear.

“Get outta here man” Nate roared with laughter, causing all of us to join in.

That’s how we spent our night, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I knew there was no place I’d rather be than with these fools. They each completed me in a unique way, all of us vibing together in harmony. Falling for Nate was the best thing that ever happened to me, I not only won a perfect boyfriend, I gained a loving family.

Here’s some feelsy Elvish for your evening...

A bit from what I’m writing:

“Nuvenan elas sila em. Ir’tel’unsilaiman na. Untelan ama na. Unvaran na, unha’lam’shiran na, i ra de ga sul banal. Undinas i ir’tel’unlanastan ara’len.”

I wish you could remember me. I never forgot you. I could not keep you. I left you, abandoned you, and it was all for nothing. You died and I never forgave myself.

*cracks knuckles* I’m aiming to hit the trinity of fluff, angst and lust with this thing. I think I’ve got my angst covered.

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Minions are actually hell spawn

Why? Everyone on here loved em in 1 and 2 and the minute they got their own movie and became to popular is the minute everyone started hating em. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think they deserved a movie of their own. But are the hell trash garbage that everyone is saying while they all jump onto this huge bandwagon? Naw. 

Kids love the little yellow tic tacs and that’s more than okay we don’t need a bunch of teens and adults bashing it for the sake of being “above” mainstream culture. It’s one thing to not like the series that much (which I don’t) it’s another thing to just hop on the bandwagon of hating it for the sake of hating it. 

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Dude Nick and Harry headcanons? Where they at??

i knew this was coming i knew before i even clicked on my inbox RIGHT now i have to fight through the angst 

  • ok to start i want you to know i cant fight through the angst these are all painful as shit 
  • harry being the one that got away and nick knowing that and it hurting… 
  • …but nick also being the one that got away for harry and harry not knowing, not until its too late. thats worse, harry thinks, years down the track, because how can you fix something when you didnt even know what was wrong with it 
  • harry being young and not wanting to settle down and floating and happy with having lots of sex with lots of people, nick obviously being part of that. everyones happy and having fun 
  • until nicks not having fun, but he doesnt begrudge harry’s freedom at all. he calls it quits and that hits harry hard because.. now what? nick was the constant, the one harry could laugh and joke with and then blow before bed and now? ‘we’re still friends, popstar’ nick tells him with a half smile, and harry tries to return it but suddenly what was fun before isnt as quite fulfilling as harry had thought 
  • harry getting in his head and turning into a somewhat dramatic baby, psyching himself out that nick was the one. he calls nick and tells him this, and hes met with a bit of a choked breath and an eventual ‘dont be silly, haz. on top of the world, you are. theres lots of ones’
  • nick hanging up after telling that lie to harry and pretending he doesnt feel like hes just been shot 
  • harry pretending hes super happy when he notices nick’s hanging out with a new guy, even happier when nick tells him he thinks hes gonna give this one a go. hes so happy he stops by the bottleshop on the way home and buys 3 casks of cheap wine like hes not harry styles and goes back to his empty house 
  • nick pretending hes super happy with this new guy, that he doesnt close his eyes and think of harry sometimes, that he doesnt wake up with a warm body in his arms and start to smile before hes opened his eyes because he knows harry’s going to be looking up at him. pretends the smile on his face is real when his eyes do slide open and the eyes peering back definitely arent the green he dreams about 
  • harry waiting for the call to be invited to nick’s parents place for christmas. it never comes but he sends a happy holidays! text just past midnight christmas morning anyway. nick replies straight away with a ‘you too x’ and they both pretend theyre not awake for the same reasons 
  • harry being introduced to nicks new guy, stomaching his way through the meal with semi awkward laughs and trying not to glance at nick or their hands on the table. leaving and flying straight to la
  • calling nick after the periscope debacle. first time theyve spoken in months and talking for over 4 hours, hearing nick is single again and pretending his heart doesnt race a little at that. not hanging up until hes begged nick to come out to la next time he has a break and nicks said yes 
  • staying up the first night nick’s in la and talking like they havent in months, years if theyre honest. they dont get to bed until dawn and sleep until theyve both come twice
  • harry taking nick to the studio the next morning, a shy smile as he slides the demo hes only let jeff listen to once out of its slip. biting his thumbnail while he watches nick listen and predictably tear up. nick looking up with a question when it peters out and harry nodding, because they both know 
  • harry dropping nick off at the airport, sitting with him in the back of a blacked out suv. not saying anything but kind of saying everything they needed to, too. ‘just not now’ harry says, and nick nods. another thing they both know, but it kinda hurts less after talking about it. kinda 
  • harry flying back to london later in the year, meeting nick’s latest guy. smiling at nick over his wine later that night, a sincere smile on his face. nick returning it. theyre good. kinda 

I think I got tagged to do selfie challenges multiple times so i’m just gonna knock em’ all out right here right now ok. It takes me so long to do these because I barely wear makeup anymore, because Texas weather + makeup = ENDLESS SUFFERING!

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Idk I always thought Opal's four arms served a purpose and that that was sorta symbolic of even Pearl/Amethyst's bickering and differences with each other. Like Garnet's third eye serves a purpose, it lets her gaze into the future, it doesn't mean she's an imperfect fusion by any means, so I guess I just assumed the same for opal. I mean, an archer with four arms is kinda ridiculously OP, especially when you got a bow that big and can fire a buncha arrows at once and fuse em all into 1 big arrow

yeah i DO think it symbolizes a rift between them, for sure. like at the very least we know the more “monstrous” a fusion is, the more… negative it is? im not sure how to say it. like jail break established a “good” fusion in garnet and established a “bad” fusion in malachite. so that’s the metric i use… closer to garnet is good, closer to malachite is bad.

and youre right, technically they’d assist in pulling the bowstring. but if the arms DO represent amethyst and pearl arguing with each other like you say… then, logically, if they stopped fighting, theoretically… opal could have two arms.

and garnet’s eyes are weird! her components dont have matching numbers of eyes, so i dont know what the analogue for two eyes would be for garnet. for all we know she’s a full fusion like stevonnie already!

Proof that I’m not being a lazy ass on my day off. I’ve got almost all the pictures I need for a LJ chapter and a SOLV2 marathon haha. I just gotta get a few more pics meant to take place at the start of gen one and then we can get on with it for a couple of weeks. I think I’m going to make my queue every second day, or take more breaks or something. I’m spending all my time on sims atm haha. 

This little beauty is from generation seven of SOL. She’s almost a clone of her mother but easily one of the prettiest sims born in my game. 

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Thank you for supporting the inkbrushers in this world. I really don't get why people hate on a weapon cause they THINK it's weak. Obviously they didn't invest the time in it to see it be good. Its a tough weapon of choice and I will respect you for sticking with it! ^^b. The top tier seat in the results is ours. >:)

yanno it also feels good to do well with the inkbrush bc you can just tell that some of the people who come up against you in battle think you have no idea what you’re doing bc so few ppl take the brush seriously, and so its even more satisfying to sneak or swat ‘em back to hell >:]

tbh i got into using it bc one day i saw some people doing well with it and i was like dang. i wanna be like that, so even though i sucked at the beginning i was so determined to be good with it for like no reason at all and so here i am, with it being my strongest weapon, haha! it’s also my strongest bc u don’t have to aim as precisely when taking someone out and i’m not too hot on aiming (i’m workin on it…) and now its my fave… SO YEAH!!! INKBRUUUUSHHHH!!!!

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In a recent interview, Jesy: We’re women now, we’ve got boobs. Perrie: (pointing at Jade) Not all of us. Will: (Nervously) You–you’re all–you’re all very much women. I'm like... Bruh what Perrie said was so rude. This bitch doesn't even have big boobs herself. They're all about feminism yet she's making fun of jades boobs and the other girls keeping forcing this relationship idea onto Jade. Who cares if someone doesn't have a BF or gf, or big boobs. I'm a mixer I think I'm going to leave em'

LM have always had a knack for making themselves sound bitchy in interviews. Perrie’s not got much of a womanly figure herself so I wonder what she’s going on about? Little Mix are not feminists and they are clearly uneducated for acting as if all a girl wants is a boyfriend and boobs. How superficial can they get? 

I bet Nicki, Rihanna, and Beyoncé have already recorded like 5 songs together and they’re just waiting for the right time to drop em. Like, they know we’re not ready for them yet.. They know we still need to grow a little and mentally and physically prepare.. But they got them sitting on like a usb probably, each of them have the songs on a usb in a locked room in their houses. All queued up, ready to go, when they think the world will be ready for them. And when that day comes, the world will start on fire and the messiah will come to judge us all.

okay sO quick update on things rico and i have moved away from our mom, bc she’s gonna illegally stay in the house for as long as she can and we needed smth more reliable. i’ve moved in with my best irl friend and her dad, and we took rico down to my hometown to live w our grandma. i have even less internet access than before but otherwise things are good so far

Tips on being a polite guest.

To all my Disney knowledge peeps going about their day’s at the parks I wanna say props for knowing your stuff and what not and that is super cool. But I wanna make a big distinction that I think isn’t made often enough. When you are with your friends (as I am often) it’s more than acceptable to talk about what you know in the parks or Disney in general and show em cool stuff! Assuming you friends don’t mind hearing that and they say it’s fine! 

HERE is where it isn’t totally cool. When you hear a conversation about some Disney fact halfway across the room or queue and completely interject yourself into a random strangers convo so you can give a lesson they never asked for just to show how much you know about X fact. Please don’t continue to follow them and give them more facts, especially if they never asked for it! If you want to start a convo walk up politely and introduce yourself and ask if it’s alright and if they want to know more then that’s dandy! But you shouldn’t trailblaze across a room with the phrase “actually” as your starting point. 


Look at all the awesome merch I got at Minicomi! Man trading is the way to go I could never have afforded all this great stuff normally ;v; k i’m gonna try and credit everyone cause they’re all super cool & nice as hell and everyone should check em out

Nishiki & Kinu print and Kamui print by counterorbit (FE14 stuff yessss)

Death Parade print by anhedoniia (… my favourite part is the butt lmao B) plus a super cute death parade charm which I gave to a friend ;v;)

Modern Lon’qu print by tsuyuus (I love this one <3)

sick af Gaius print and Steven Stone charm by bakugoon​ (whose art is rad I spent the whole con staring at it across the aisle I wanted it all tbh)

Lucina bookmark by jotheturtle and Persona 4 bookmark by dodaitos​ (these prism bookmarks are soo pretty I need to get some printed!)

Shiny Gardevoir print by shoedrawers​ (so pretty… you should do a Santa print I love the way you draw him :>c)

P3 print by kageyamaritsu (I love seeing P3 stuff A+++) 

GSNK charm by 6016 (such a cute charm!)

I’m gonna need to find some more wallspace for sure. I hope all of you like the stuff I traded you as much as I like all of this! B>

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Hey! Thank you for the question ~

👍 :how did you get into DW?

My mum gave me The Bromeliad when I think I was around 8? Which I loved and have been meaning to reread ever since because it was just so wonderful and I don’t remember much but I loved the 2 main characters and there was a talking cube? And it was wonderful so then I read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents - so that was my first DW - and then I read Wee Free Men and completely and utterly feel in love.

I think this was partly because Tiffany was me? And I sort of grew up with her? And then I started on all the DW books, and then I got to the Vimes… and well, here we are. So, my mum! And Amazing Maurice, and then Tiffany. Start ‘em young, huh.

“Fuck em if they can’t take a joke”  not sure where I got that from-some movie I think (editor’s note-see postscript below)

“the joke was on me-there wasn’t even anybody there to bluff” “ life is but a joke”-B Dylan

“what have we learned? it’s all BS-yes that’s it” merseawaves

“Girls just wanna have fun”  C Lauper (guys 2)


“Don’t be cruel”  E Presley

on the other hand

“it’s cruel to be kind” N Lowe

confused yet?

“I used to be disgusted/but now/I try to be amused” “what’s so funny bout/peace love and understanding?” E Costello

the point?

there is none-hah!

just a recovering existentialist (parents-don’t let your 14 year old read “Nausea” -Sartre without telling them 1st that it is a metaphor for hell-not someplace 2 aspire to travel or emigrate 2) trying to amuse myself on a Saturday morning.

“I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time/I’ll give it right back to you/one of these days” J Hendrix

but don’t hold your breath waiting…ajttk

postscript-my outside editor-(conscripted since they didn’t officially accept the position) commented on the “fuck em if they can’t take a joke “Jeepers”. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO EXCUSE OR PROMOTE IGNORANT CRUELTY, however thinly disguised as “humor”.