i think i got em all



i got 50 ml of fireball Whisky in tHe bottom of my bag whEre you asked me to keep it

i’ve beeN doing Some thinking bOut this past weekend and the 730 drive from where i left you sleeping baby

how you took My hand and said hEy i need someOnE will you be my Someone tonigHt

held me tight, said this feels right, sOmetimes things just do, you said “hey, one day i could marry you”

american spirits and the fathers Who leave ‘em, Spend their lives looking for all the missing pieces catching, girls like me.. theY think they’ve fOUnd it, in the morning they’re gone cause you’re not What tHey needed and we’ll never be, Oh oh we’ll never be, oh i’ll never be… but i’m sTill falling

i’m flashing back to mEeting Your mother, you we’re so hurt And she couldn’t make it betteR,

you scrEamed and she yelled till it all came out.. so much love no ones figured out… so i held you… so someBody had you.. and i still got you

amErican spirits and the fathers who LeavE them, spend their liVEs looking for all THE Missing pieces caTcHing girls like mE they think they’ve Found It in the moRning they’re gone cauSe we’re noT whaT they needed and we’ll never be oh oh we’ll never be, oh I’ll never be.. but i’M still falling

you got the naME of a girl, tattooed on your NEck, i wonder what she’s like does she loVE you well?

i was thinking bout youR funeralL and how wE’ll all have one, would iT be stranGe if I came… since nOne of yOur frienDs know my name

american spirits and tHe fAthers who leave em, spend theIR lives looking for all tHe mIssing pieces catching girls like me, they think they’ve founDD it in thE morNing they’re goNe cause we’re nOT what thEy needed and we’ll never be oh oh we’ll never be, oh i’ll never be

but i’m Still falling


you got hunched shoulders like A teeNageD boy outside my hotel, you’re waiting for me.. can’t believe you’re waiting for me

and i’m still not happy with the t-shirt i Picked it was the 5th i tRied on should’vE Tried a sixTh You’re still waiting for mE, can’t believe You’re waiting for mE

and we don’t have a thing to do and all the barS are closed, we’re walking so fast boy you keep Me on my toes, you give me A little something, you’re hands on my lower bacK.. you give mE just enoUgh to know i’m never going back

oh oh oh oh oh i’m gonna love you

oh oh oh oh oh i’m gonna love you

i don’t think you saw me when i first saw you gate 23 united fifteen fifty two, you were the last to board i would have held that Plane FOR you

and i thought of you that whole damn flight i said dear god if i’Ve done ANythIng right let my reward be thiS boys sIght agaiN

and so it Goes i sAw your faCe Taking Shelter at A bar iN the pouring rain i ordereD tequiLa, you ordered the same

It was my hat that caught your Eye, you Said you’d steal it by the end of the night, i sAid well boy… you can sure try..

oh oh oh oh oh i’m goNna love you

oh oh oh oh oh i’m gonna love you

well it’s 3 AM in a hotel lobby, that’s when you first kisseD me

you said you’ve been waiting all night, babe, and i thought…

i’ve been waiting my whole liFe

oh oh oh oh oh I’m goNna love you


you are an artist with your worDs
they cover Me And all mY scars
you are a trouBadour, you arE wild
you cOUld leave me, please stay a while

i am Reckless with my heart
this time I swore that I would be smart
i am hopinG I’m scaRed
aLl i knows i miss you when you’re not here

take my body take my soul
take my mind take control
take my heart like you did From the staRt
take me anywhere you go
with you I’ll call it homE

you are trouble in a suit aNd tie
you are the DevilS crooked smile
we ARE standing in the middle Of the street
the cars are coming bUt weRe floating high up off our feet

take my body take my SOUL
take my Mind tAke conTrol
takE my heart like you did From the Start
tAke me aNywhere you go
with you i’ll call it home

if i show you that sometimes i’m not strong
if you finD that sometimes i am wronG
if i shUt the door and lock it and shoot curses out like rockets will You find a SpARE key
will you find a way to still love me

take my body take my soul
take my mind take control
take my heart like you did from the start
take me anywhere you go
with you i’ll call it home

just people to have fun with <3


Hi everyone! 

First of all, I just wanted to thank y'all for all the love on the last tutorial I posted -I’m glad people found it worthy of sharing and reading. I wanted to make this one more in-depth. I don’t think I would call this a “tutorial” to achieve something specific, but a look into the thought process that goes on regarding environments, storytelling and execution. Hopefully you can relate it to your own thought processes you currently have.

Have a good one, guys! If you got questions, do ask ‘em. :)

(Also. I know I’ve been quiet in posting new art lately. A lot of the art I can’t show yet but there is cool stuff on the way.) 

{  Finished piece -original post: Bright Autumn  }


ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


Part of Your World (Prince Ariel's Song)
  • Part of Your World (Prince Ariel's Song)
  • NRH (thunderingstars)

Prince Ariel, as the only son of King Triton, is constantly pushed to find a bride and have children, but he couldn’t be less interested in the female form.  He dreams of finding a place where he’ll be accepted for who he is.  (Art by thecrownedheart – let me know if you don’t like it being used.)


Look at this place?
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think that my life is complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the boy, the boy who has everything?
Family and friends,
A palace of gold…
Just how much privilege can one boy’s life hold?
Looking around here you think
“Sure, he’s got everything.”
I’ve a father and sisters who love me,
I’ve got ladies who faun and adore.
I guess some of their fins are quite lovely…
But who cares?
No big deal…
I want more….

I wanna be where the people are.
I wanna see all the pretty young men
walking around on those –
what do you call ‘em? Oh, feet.
Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far,
Legs are required for jumpin’, dancin’
strollin’ along down a –
what’s that word again?  –Street!
Up where they walk,
up where they run,
up where they stay all day in the sun!
Happy and free,
wish I could be
part of that world.

What would I give
if I could live
out of this ocean?
What would I pay
to spend a day warm on the sand?
Betcha on land
they accept and
bet they will understand the notion:
don’t want women!
Sick of swimmin’!
Ready to stand!

And ready to know what the people know,
ask 'em my questions and get some answers…
What’s a rainbow? And why is it –
what’s the word?  –Queer?
Get me out of here!
Wouldn’t I love,
love to explore that shore up above!
Out of the sea…
Wish I could be
part of that world.


Time for a DoodleOrDie spam! The ’MSPA Draws’ room moves so slowly though, ya’ll should join and remedy that!

Whatever, I'm A Basic Bitch

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m a basic bitch.

So what if I like the feel of hot, pumpkin spice coffee wrapped around my hands. Yeah, you like my nail polish? It’s Essie in “Take it Outside.” That’s taupe with pink undertones, motherfucker. I got bottles of em in 30 shades of gray, cranberry, wine, merlot, a different kind of cranberry. They are all puns. What of it? Don’t you like the beautiful nuances of the English language? The word trickery that this celestial landscape can paint?

Hold on, I’m going to Instagram my coffee. So what? I have great boots on. You can see the coffee cup and the boots at the same time. I think it’s an aesthetically pleasing picture and I want the people in my life to see it. Why do you fucking care? Why do you care that I like my coffee like I like Idris Elba: covered in artificial pumpkin and in my mouth?

And yeah, it’s fall and I’m happy about it. Fall is great. I like leaves and a slight chill. I happen to really enjoy jacket weather. I have a lot of great jackets. Sorrrrrrry I’m not sitting in a puddle of my own tears crying because summer is over and I can’t go eat a tomato corn dog or whatever.

Also sooo sorry I’m taking my hard-earned cash to go and buy a candle that smells like a MARSHMALLOW so I can have a MARSHMALLOW HOUSE and watch HOCUS POCUS IN IT. Oh! Sorry NOT SORRY. I thoroughly enjoy my marsh house and my tea with lemon and my comfy sweatshirts from V Secret.

Okay, you’re really gonna come at me because I like yoga pants? Do you know–do you know how COMFORTABLE yoga pants are? Putting them on is like being swaddled like a little baby, except as a baby you never noticed how good my ass looks in yoga pants. My ass looks absolutely incredible in yoga pants. And don’t get me started on my tummy fat–it’s like it’s not even there.

What’s it to you that I’m going to brunch? I happen to really enjoy eggs. I don’t care what you do with them. Put some goat cheese on that bitch if you nasty. Put some hollandaise sauce on there, too. Funnel me a mouthful of bloody mary’s and a spin class. It’s Sunday and I’m alive.

Yes, that’s almost a Lena Dunham quote.

Yes, I drink red wine. It has heart healthy benefits, you uncultured toad.

Yes, I listen to pop music and I’ve liked a few old pics of Marilyn Monroe because I respected her as a comedienne. Yes, I like truffles. Leave me alone! All kinds of truffles! Ground ones and Godiva ones! Leave me alone! I want to enjoy my shows and things without you hassling me! I’m not basic! I’m a real human being with varied emotions and complicated energy and all kinds of hobbies!

So come on, call me a basic bitch. Come at me, bro. I’ll be over here, enjoying my blowdried hair and puttin blueberry muffin recipes on pinterest.

You blueberryless motherfucker.

“She’s lived here for five years, but she’s moving back to Japan tomorrow. So we’re spending one last night together.”
“What’s the best time you guys spent together?”
“Probably that night in Antigua.”
“What happened in Antigua?”
“We were the only young people at the hotel. So we just got really drunk, and ended up with a lot of funny iPhone pictures the next morning.”
“Let’s see the iPhone pictures.”
“I’m pretty sure I deleted them.”
“You didn’t delete them.”
“I think I did.”
“We all know you didn’t. Let’s see em’.”


I should be over all the butterflies

But I’m into you (I’m into you)

And baby even on our worst nights

I’m into you (I’m into you)

Let ‘em wonder how we got this far

'Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all

Yeah, after all this time I’m still into you


Product info, more details, and more cute looks are over at www.HisBlackDress.com, so check that out please!

Yesterday I had my annual work meeting, and this is what I wore. I got a lot of compliments from coworkers, and even a few from people I didn’t know while walking to my car afterwards. As you may recall from my OOTD post about last year’s meeting, I did have a negative reaction directed at me that time, so it was nice to not have that happen this year. I think it was the big Darth Vader ring that scared ‘em off this year, y'all. Who doesn’t love a Sith Lord?

A young Godric Gryffindor for Wizarding Wednesday! I like to think he slowly grew into greater, wider concepts of bravery as he grew older.

so HERE’S how it goes, once we win (and we will be winning), make no mistake- we’ll be what- we’re ALREADY winning- right- and we’ll tell em straight out they let crutchie go or they keEEP getting pOUNDED- dave what the hell did they bust up ya brains or somethin as i RECALL dave we all got our asses kicked. they WON- won the bATTLE- cmon- jackie think about it! we gOT THEM SURRounded- here’s what i think joes a jerk he’s a rattlesnake- you’re right! and you know why a snake starts t’ rattle- (no. why.) - cuz he’s scared!- (sure.) - go and look it up the poor G U Y S head is spinning!!!! why would he send for the goons an entire army dozens a’ goons an’ the cops and- you know you might be RIGHT- THANK YOU GOD

new single 2015

See.. here’s the thing… we have to take our clothes off. (just kidding, and thank you to those of you who got that ;)

Anyways.. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight premiers on Friday! Super stoked! And I know it was leaked a while ago, however that was not the final version of the song. We still had somethings to finish and make better on it. So with that being said, I hope you love it!

Now it premieres THIS Friday, so next Monday, let’s all just go absolutely crazy and request Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight to all your local radio stations. I mean just go insane! Tweet, text, call, email, whatever it is let’s just drive these radio stations mad haha. I think we can really do this and take it over the top :D So I look to you, my fellow family members, lets ROCK THIS! We may be the underdogs a bit but let’s show em what we got!

The album is getting closer each day and I cannot wait to see everyone on tour this year!!!


i have a new oc! they’re a fishing robot, and their legs are all rusted cos they like to paddle their feet in the water

Look at this site
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my spam blog’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everymeme?

Look at this thread
Messages unread
How many replies can one person send?
Lookin’ around here you’d think
She’s got everymeme

I’ve got Shrek and Bee Movie a plenty
I’ve got text posts and anons galore
You want Kardashian reaction gifs? I got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal
want more

I wanna be where the good posts are
I wanna see, wanna see ‘em bloggin’
Typin’ around on those—what do ya’ call 'em?—oh, phones.

Shitposting you don’t get too far
Notes are required for going viral
Scrollin’ along down a—what’s that word again?–feed.

Up where they get
Notes on selfies
Up where shop all their own memes
Bloggin’ so free
Wish I could be
Part of those posts

What would I give
If I my reblog
Actually mattered?
What would I pay
To spend a day
Feeling relevant?
Bet ya up there
They don’t even care
Bet they don’t mind not using a queue
Pics of puppies
Liberal yuppies
Ready to stand

And I’m ready to ask what those people know
Submit 'em my cat pics
And get some followers
What’s a relatable post and how does it—what’s the word?— notes?

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love
Love to explore that world up above?
Up in your feed
Wish I could be
One of those blogs

Up in your feed
Wish I could be
One of those blogs

Friendly reminder of some messed up stuff here

Let’s remember what this “ghost” said to Ashley Marin.

1- I called my mother, she answered the phone, but when I asked her to come and get me, she got really upset and start to cry. Why is she mad at me? 

2- I bet my sister told her I ran away. My sister is always telling lies and getting me in trouble. 

3- We are sisters, but we fight all the time, over everything, even our dolls.

Now let’s remember things that Sara Harvey said…

1-(About her mother) .. we talked on the phone, she cried.

2-(Em asking what happened) … I ran away. 

And we also know that this girl have some issues with her mother. I have no theory, I just think there is some serious shit going on here…