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Please post the thing. I'm begging you. Blame me, but please post the thing.

Let it be known that I’m posting this only because @uncensoredsideblog​ thought the general public might enjoy it too, and she’s terribly persistent.

(This happened some days ago over whatsapp, hence the lack of proper ficlet format or decent English or anything)

Imagine Elaine asking over dinner if he’s enjoying his stay, and T’Challa smiling and saying that he sadly hasn’t had much time to go sightseeing or anything, and wondering whether TJ can maybe show him around.

TJ looking bewildered because does he not know who he is? Is he not aware of what people are going to say? But Elaine–and everyone else as well, really–is agreeing and saying that that’s a wonderful idea before TJ can even manage to remember words.

And later, when T’Challa is about to leave, TJ excuses himself and goes after him, politely declines, and then hastily has to explain why when T’Challa’s face falls slightly, has to tell him that it’s not because he doesn’t enjoy T'Challa’s company, but that ‘you really don’t want to be seen with me…’

And then he thinks he’s feeling a bit dizzy, because oh god, T’Challa’s face did fall a bit, thinking TJ didn’t want to spend time with him, and no, come on, that has got to just be him being nice, right? It can’t possibly mean T’Challa is remotely interested in someone like him. It can’t.

But T’Challa’s smile is gentle and understanding, and his eyes are warm as he says that he doesn’t care about what people might say or think, that he thinks he’s a fascinating person and he very much enjoys being around TJ.

And he sounds so honest and it’s so new and unexpected that TJ has to take a step back, trips over nothing because his brain has short-circuited, but then there are strong, gentle hands on his shoulder and waist, steadying him, and dark eyes staring right into his, smiling at him as T’Challa tells him that he’s really looking forward to their date.

TJ has to bury his face into the pillow to stiffle the half-disbelieving, delighted giggles that night.


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¤ nickname: gabby

¤ zodiac sign: capricorn

¤ height: like 4′11″ ??

¤ orientation:  bi

¤ favorite fruit:  cherries

¤ favorite season: fall

¤ favorite book: journey to the center of the earth, jules verne

¤ favorite flower: roses

¤ favorite scent: vanilla

¤ favorite animal: horse 

¤ favorite color: blue

¤ coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee

¤ average sleep hours: idek man

¤ cat or dogs: [insert el dorado gif: both is good]

¤ n° of blankets: 1-2

¤ dream trip: alaska or australia 

¤ blog created: i think like 2014 ?? i think that seems right

¤ favorite song: half light, banners

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“i think you were right. she isn’t going to get us there,” perry stated, eyes glancing nervously at the warning lights beginning to flicker on the dashboard. road tripping had been a fantastic idea, although most likely with a more modern car. as sensible as he was, his tastes were in two areas of his life - shoes and cars - were fairly eccentric and had left them in this situation. his old vintage car was slowing down despite his foot being firmly pressed to the floor, eyes glancing over at elijah worriedly. perry had insisted that the car would make it. she was like his child - the only car he had ever owned right from the day he passed his test. he made sure that everything was running smoothly, spent far too much money patching her up. and now she was failing on him. it would have been fine - heartbreaking, but fine - if they were near some town, but truthfully perry had a) never had the patience to learn map reading and b) no clue where they actually were in the grand scheme of things despite his meticulous planning. as the car rolled to a stop, slightly off of the road side, perry sat in silence staring out ahead of them. “guess this means i owe you that five course dinner?” he piped up eventually, forehead falling forward against the steering wheel.


High School Girls Love-AU ♡

“They said some nasty things to me,” She cried. “Again.”

“Don’t listen to them,” I said quietly, wiping tears off her rosy cheeks. “They’re just a bunch of idiots.”

She nodded along to my words, though I knew, deep inside, she still had difficulty convincing herself. Hurtful words doesn’t just disappear. They stay to haunt you, stripping you of every layer of confidence.

“You’ve got me and the other girls, right? So, if there’s anything –at all– don’t be afraid to talk to us. We’re here for you,” I assured her of. A moment passed by, before I courageously said: “I think you’re pretty cute, by the way. Remember that, Darling.”

A small smile appeared on her tearstained face. With a sniffle, she grabbed onto my outstretched hand.

… in which Regina is jealous of Hook and all the time he’s spent with Henry lately (“but Mom, Killian is so cool, he’s a real pirate and he’s teaching me - no I don’t want to learn magic, that’s lame”) so she’s decided that she can be a pirate too. This is what pirates do, right? Lick their swords to threaten people? Or was it carrying daggers between their teeth? Eh. Close enough. Mhmm. Metal.

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Oh god i just... there are so many gifs of vision on my dash and all i can think about is how tony lost his best friend and i am a WRECK like how the fuck could they not include anything about how tony felt about jarvis and the vision and i am literally just word vomitting right now idek what i'm saying I'M JUST V UPSET OKAY?

and because i am shipper trash i’m just gonna go ahead and say that i wanna write a fic that takes place like right before tony drives off into the sunset where steve seeks tony out one night who is sitting on the roof of the new avengers facility and just quietly mourning the loss of his friend, because tony created jarvis after the real jarvis died and that helped him cope, right? but now that jarvis is gone, what’s supposed to help him now? 

and steve obviously knows a lot about loss too, and i just want them talking… like, REALLY talking things out and wearing their hearts on their sleeves because they weren’t very good at communicating to begin with, and now this is a good way to start over and to really try to understand one another, and they spend the entire night just sitting outside under the stars talking about anything and everything

and then the next morning when tony goes back into the city, he obvs pulls steve in for a kiss and makes steve promise to keep in touch and visit as soon as steve can get a few days off, and steve does, and now the two of them have something to look forward to in the future :D 

omg yes……melissa……are u gonna write this…..pls…..do it….

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don’t be fooled by this cute face

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