i think i found you

Title: Killer thighs
Word Count: 1,600+
Summary: Jeon Jeongguk was a cop, one of the best. Then he met with Park Jimin, and a dangerous game began.
Author’s Note: I saw Jimin’s tight and shiny leather pants in the Not Today MV & live broadcasts, and my Jiminandhisstrongthighsareperfect!!!4!!4!-feels came back with full force….. so this silly fic was born~ Watch out for swearing and some sexual tension, aaaand— yeah, I think, that’s all. Enjoy! ^.^

“Finally. I found you, Park Jimin,” Jeongguk’s voice is relieved and nervous at the same time, and Jimin’s heart throbs at the familiarity.

It’s been a while, a few months since he has seen the man who has those dark, round eyes with endless determination flaming in them what never fails to make Jimin’s breath stutter. He turns around on his heels, and feels with a spark of twisted satisfaction jolting down his spine that the man’s eyes are glued to his bottom. Seriously, stealing these skin-tight, shiny leather pants was a glorious idea, they hug his lower body perfectly, emphasizing his thick thighs and round ass.

“Ah, Jeongguk-ssi, what a nice surprise to see you again! How are you doing? I heard the news,” Jimin smiles sweetly at the man, voice carefree and melodic, warm brown eyes sparkling with some emotion close to pity. He takes a few steps towards Jeongguk, not even a bit hesitant, and Jeongguk glares at him threateningly, however, he stays still. “I heard you had lost your job. You’re no longer working as a cop.” The emotion in Jimin’s gaze is different now, it’s clear amusement, they are standing toe-to-toe, and Jeongguk wants to punch his pretty face hard.

“It’s your fault,” he spits instead, pouting his bottom lip out stubbornly, and crosses his arms, veins bulging under his smooth skin. He wasn’t able to catch Park Jimin, the infamous thief who prefers to rob the elites of Seoul, and after one too many fails, after one too big mistake, Jeongguk had got kicked out of the police station.

“Is it?” Jimin’s smile turns into a smirk and his long eyelashes flutter while reaching one hand out and running ticklish fingers up the ex-cop’s arm. The man shivers but doesn’t pull away. It’s always difficult when he sees Jimin after a long time, because the beauty overwhelms him, again and again and again, and suddenly it’s complicated to remember how to function properly.

“Well, I’m not sorry at all, Jeonggukie. I always had thought that that job is too stressful and strict, it was not good for your health. Now you can finally relax and enjoy your freedom, am I right? Also, you shouldn’t frown this much, you’ll have wrinkles,” Jimin giggles, his short thumb is drawing slow, soft circles on the man’s cheek. It’s teasing, Jeongguk knows, and even though the tiny hairs on his nape are standing and Jimin’s touch wakes fire and goosebumps in its way, he doesn’t slap the caressing hand away. It would be equal to admit defeat, and Jeongguk would rather die than to do that.

“I can’t relax and enjoy anything till I put you in jail,” he grunts through gritted teeth, his jaw tightens, and his sentence makes Jimin’s eyes glow.

“Hmmm~ Someone’s obsessed with me, it seems,” his lips stretch into an even wider grin, and he wets them, licking the plump flesh lazily. Jeongguk follows the motion of the pink little tip of tongue with darkening eyes. “Y'know, we know each other for so long, and I still can’t decide if you want to capture me or fuck me, though,” Jimin continues, watching the ex-cop’s expression intently.

“Preferably both,” Jeongguk croaks, his mouth feels dry and throat too narrow, and as soon as he realizes what just escaped his lips, he feels his cheeks heating up. His palm is clammy with sweat and his stomach is churning when Jimin starts laughing, voice loud and sugary.

“Woah! How greedy.” Once he calms down, Jimin bites in his bottom lip with a smug smirk playing on it. “I’m truly sorry, Jeonggukie, but I have no intentions to go in jail. Not today.”

“It’s not your choice, Jimin. If you don’t collaborate, then I’m going to use force,” Jeongguk snorts, knitting his eyebrows together while pulling out his revolver with his right hand.

“Oh no~ I’m shitting myself, baby,” Jimin chuckles, and Jeongguk’s sweaty left hand balls into fist. “Also, I’m ‘hyung’ to you, call me with respect.”

“Respect?!” Jeongguk echoes disbelieving, the revolver pokes Jimin right in the heart. “It’s a game to you; you think it’s all just a game, isn’t?” He hisses, and Jimin takes a step back because of the intensity in his eyes.

“Of course it is. It never was more, the only one who takes it way too seriously is you,” Jimin replies, and grabs the weapon with both hands. His hands are small and soft, barely wrapping around the revolver. “C'mon, Jeonggukie, put this thing away. We both know that you can’t do it. You can’t shoot me, because you have a big, big, big weakness.” The cop’s eyes widen and Jimin lowers his voice till it’s barely above a whisper, ”Me.”

He pries off Jeongguk’s frozen fingers of the metal, takes the gun away and empties it, bullets falling on the ground with a loud clinking sound. Jimin throws the revolver away with an elegant flick of his wrist, the glint in his eyes tells Jeongguk that he is enjoying the situation. Jimin always enjoys toying with him – because he knows that he can do it. Fury wakes in Jeongguk’s belly at the thought and he fishes his butterfly-knife out of his pocket. Today is the day when he’s going to march in the police station with a passed-out Park Jimin in his arms, and he’s going to get his job back. Today is the day when he’s going to wipe that cocky and confident smile off of Jimin’s face. Today is the day when he’s going to finally win.

“Alright then,” Jimin sighs and grabs his butterfly-knife as well. “I can see that you aren’t gonna let me leave this place without a little exercise— so, let’s dance then!”

They know each other’s moves too well. It indeed looks like a well-practiced dance, throwing punches, swirling around and stabbing the air with the knives – but always missing the target. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. Their knives are clashing, the echoes ring out as they try to kick and cut the other. Jimin is smaller than him, lighter and thinner, but he is quick and surprisingly strong, and when after ten minutes of fighting full with fruitless attempts at hurting each other, he slams Jeongguk down the cold floor, the ex-cop’s breath runs out of his lungs from the power. Jimin sits on Jeongguk’s chest, seemingly comfortable in his position, his thighs which are covered with shiny and tight leather are on each side of the man’s head, and grins down at the panting Jeongguk triumphantly.

“You know that I could choke you with my thighs right now, if I wanted to? Or crush your handsome little skull?” He smiles so bright, his eyes turn into tiny crescents, and he can feel under his butt that Jeongguk’s heart speeds up in his chest at the sight.

“That would be an honor,” Jeongguk forces a smirk onto his lips. Jimin’s grip is painful on his wrists, the knives are out of reach, the weight of the older man is pining him to the ground and the muscly thighs are holding his head in a vice. “I’ve always wanted to die between your legs, Jimin hyung.” The honorific sounds like mocking, and Jimin laughs wholeheartedly.

“You could do so many better things between my legs, baby.”

“Please share your ideas with me,” Jeongguk smiles back a bit flustered, Jimin’s laughter never fails to entertain him. He wants to keep the thief distracted until he can make a plan and find a way to either grab one of the knives or take the handcuffs out of his pocket, to finally put an end to this 'game’ with Jimin.

Jimin shifts his position and leans closer. His body is warm and heavy against Jeongguk’s, his plush lips are only millimeters away from Jeongguk’s chapped ones, and the younger man can feel the blood rushing to his cheeks even faster as the other’s minty, hot breath is fanning over his flushed skin.

“Instead sharing, what about showing you those ideas, hmm?” Jimin’s voice is dripping honey and Jeongguk can’t breathe. “I picked a really cute little handcuff from your pocket a few minutes ago, while you were too immersed in our 'dance battle'… So why don’t we put it into good use? I’m not going to jail today, but at least the other one of your wishes could come true, Jeonggukie,” Jimin winks, shamelessly licking his lips again, the handcuff is swirling around one short, chubby finger of his.

Jeongguk swallows so hard, it kind of hurts. His whole body kind of hurts. He looks into Jimin’s eyes and his heated gaze tells the other what he thinks about the offer.

Jimin closes his eyes and lets out a trembling exhale. Jeongguk is 99,99% sure that he really is going to die between these gorgeous legs someday. But until then, with a sudden flex of muscles he shoves Jimin away harshly, giving in all his gathered strength, and reaches for the handcuffs fast and desperate. They are struggling on the floor, pushing and striking every part of the other’s body while trying to acquire the handcuffs. Jimin uses his flexibility to bend his body into impossible positions as the combat continues (which might or might not makes Jeongguk salivate, but only just a little bit), and Jeongguk uses his physical superiority to overcome the thief. Jimin’s breathing is heavy, silky pink hair is a mess, there is a thin layer of sweat gleaming on his flawless tan skin, and his cheeks are rosy red when the ex-cop finally pins him to the ground. Jeongguk feels the tingles of sick pride running down his spine at the thought that he caused Jimin to look like this.


The handcuffs close around a wrist with a metallic sound, and the bare walls around the two men are echoing it, Jimin’s breathless giggles mix in.

“So, now what?”

'Well…’ Jeongguk thinks while slowly but steadily getting lost in deep, warm brown eyes glistening with excitement, '…fuck.’

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When did you start loving hedgehogs?

I’ve always liked hedgehogs but they weren’t my favourite animal or something. I loved the ones in our garden, though. I didn’t know you could keep hedgehogs as pets here (it’s illegal to keep wild ones), I’d seen APH, but I thought they were only bred in the US. I think it was back in 2009 when I found out you could actually buy them here too & I started gathering info to see if a hog would be a good pet for me and eventually, I bought one. The one who truly stole my heart though was my second hedgehog, Loki <3

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Did you know you know you or Drake is my favorite Jewish Canadian? The Ryans, either Gosling or Reynolds, are the hottest but you're cool in Will Arnett's voice sort of way since you both show your individuality. My question is what day is your wedding? I'd like to light a candle or burn some incense on your first marriage and maybe eat some poke for Mitchell. How much of your brand or social media be part of your ceremony? What can your audience do to participate in your wedding? Suggestions!

why do you guys send me questions like this!!!!!!!! “my first marriage” i think you mean my one and only marriage because i found the best person for me in the whole world.

anyway not everything is for the internet and i don’t believe our wedding should or will be any different but maybe if we have a wedding registry we would discuss sharing it lol except we already have everything we need so idk if we are even going to make that, asking people for shit seems uncomfortable.


  • Feels comfortable mouthing off to a heavily-armed employer in his very first scene
  • Seems to have better cardio than Bart
  • Seems to have better music taste than Bart
  • Asks a strange biker to call him a cab
  • Drives a motorbike literally one episode later
  • Seems to have a shady criminal past
  • “I knew I’d die in some weird way eventually”
  • Attempts to fight Farah despite having no combat experience at all
  • Hits Bart up for money for lunch
  • Can see Bart in her underwear and doesn’t make it weird
  • Sits protectively outside Bart’s shower and doesn’t make it weird
  • Will sing Backstreeet Boys on command
  • Figures out that “the universe is broken” because, for the first time, Bart misread what the universe was telling her regarding Dirk Gently
  • He and Bart are wearing matching colours in the last episode
  • Shrugs at Todd in quiet Normal Dude™ understanding
  • Played by actual cinnamon roll Mpho Koaho
  • He and Bart stole a corgi from the body-swapping cultists
  • Fixes the time machine/soul swapper/unlimited energy device that closes the time loop once and for all
  • It takes him literally less than a week to go from she’s going to kill me and I’m petrified to she’s going to kill everyone else and I’m fully supportive of her life choices

Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer

Every day I’m thinking to myself: How could I have found you of all the 7 billion people in the world? Is it a coincidence or was I supposed to find you?
—  Poets Love Her

I’m into solving a murder. Good point. Can we just focus?

i’m rereading philosopher’s stone and chamber of secrets and i’m more and more convinced that lupin was, if not the first character jo came up with (i’m pretty sure she came up with harry first), definitely an integral part of the narrative from the beginning. maybe remus as a character was an idea she had floating around even before she came up with harry, which she then decided to stick in harry’s universe because she was so fond of him. i know i’ve mentioned the wonderful irony of a dark creature teaching defense against the dark arts before, and jo said she wrote prisoner of azkaban in a huge rush, she just went tearing through it and it was fantastically easy to write because all the plot elements were there and it was just a matter of piecing it together.

but yeah, i think that lupin was one of the earliest characters jo made up. just look at the way she’s built up the concept of werewolves in the potter universe (and even the idea of interchangeable DADA professors) before lupin’s official introduction:

philosopher’s stone:

  • at one point, harry and ron look up ways of treating werewolf bites in quirrel’s defense class. this is just a passing mention, no details in the text itself, though they must have learned how painful the bites are, how hard they are to cure, how you have to apply silver and dittany to the wound and how most bitten wizards literally beg for death. (also, slightly related: harry is writing down the definition for dittany a few chapters later, while studying for his exams.)
  • malfoy straight up refuses to go into the forbidden forest during detention for fear of werewolves. harry hangs onto draco’s words (but doesn’t he always??), and once they find the dead unicorn, his mind jumps to a potential werewolf attack. THEN, when they first hear quirrel skulking around, harry asks hagrid if this new, unknown thing is a werewolf. the boy is plainly petrified.
  • another tiny mention: hermione mentions the werewolf code of conduct not coming up on their exams, which means that they definitely learned about the whole issue of werewolves not wanting to be documented for fear of admitting their lycanthropy on record. i’m sad.

chamber of secrets:

  • gilderoy lockhart’s wandering with werewolves continually comes up, from justin finch-fletchley recounting how lockhart supposedly survived getting trapped in a telephone booth with a werewolf (?) to lockhart actually making harry act out the part of the werewolf in front of the whole class, which is interesting because
  • lockhart obviously wants to play himself and so the part of the werewolf goes to harry, but it’s notable that of all the reenactments lockhart had harry do, the one that gets its own scene with dialogue and all (lockhart making harry howl, oh man) is the werewolf one.
  • “Nice loud howl, Harry—exactly—and then, if you’ll believe it, I pounced—like this—slammed him to the floor—thus—with one hand, I managed to hold him down—with my other, I put my wand to his throat—I then screwed up my remaining strength and performed the immensely complex Homorphus Charm—he let out a piteous moan—go on, Harry—higher than that—good—the fur vanished—the fangs shrank—and he turned back into a man. Simple, yet effective—and another village will remember me forever as the hero who delivered them from the monthly terror of werewolf attacks.” 
  • i mean, just look at lockhart’s dialogue here. he makes harry howl (which is, admittedly, hilarious), then has him make this inhuman, wailing moan while he’s got his wand to harry’s throat. lockhart’s body language, his words, his obvious display of power all indicate his, and all of wizarding society’s, prejudice against werewolves. he sees them as creatures to be overpowered and subdued, even though they are in effect humans 97% of the time. lockhart has a whole book on this, and he’s so popular and influential at this point that anybody who’s anybody is adopting his viewpoints.
  • (please imagine remus lupin standing in flourish and blotts, reading wandering with werewolves with mingled curiosity and disgust.)
  • another aside: “No one wants to read about some ugly old Armenian warlock, even if he did save a village from werewolves. He’d look dreadful on the front cover. No dress sense at all.” how the fuck did the original guy do it??? is the homorphus charm actually real????!!! i doubt it, i bet this guy actually straight up killed a werewolf, saved the village, and then gilderoy adapted his story to make it a little more reader-friendly. there’s no way that charm exists, full stop.

and then, finally, in prisoner of azkaban, we meet a real werewolf, but we don’t know this (or at least, we’re not supposed to know) until the climax. remus is level-headed, articulate, dependable, funny, and a bit mischievous–I think about dumbledore’s comment at the end of CoS, “And I must draft an advertisement for the Daily Prophet, too…we’ll be needing a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher…Dear me, we do seem to run through them, don’t we?” imagine harry and co.’s sense of immense relief when they finally, finally get a decent DADA professor. i mean, they had a stuttering wreck who turned out to have voldemort growing out of his skull, and then a self-absorbed fraud who tried to memory-wipe two of his students and then abandon another student to a literal basilisk. remus not only knows his shit but he’s so decent, so endearing. and he’s a werewolf. 

i really love how jo built it up, and then people’s subsequent reactions. hermione jumping to conclusions about remus and sirius working together, and immediately going, “it’s because he’s a werewolf; he can’t be trusted,” and then immediately outing him; ron’s “get away from me, werewolf!” comment; snape’s extremely prejudiced jabs at remus when he shows up– “don’t ask me to fathom the way a werewolf’s mind works,” “i’ll drag the werewolf”…while, throughout poa, we are shown that remus is everything but the savage, inhuman, animalistic image of the werewolf which jo subtly introduces throughout the early books. 

Inktober 009: Princess Allura, ink splotches and all

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board


There’s a lot of pressure, as anyone has pressure in their life, but it’s a bit different. You’ve got more judgments, more opinions, when you’re in something successful and you’re on that pedestal. You’ve got to continue to be really strong and march to the beat of your own drum, and not look at yourself on the Internet or look at an article and go, “Ugh, I didn’t mean that!” or look at a piece of work you did and wonder why they used that take. You’ve just got to live your life and not live it as if it were too different from anyone else’s.

Guess who is not over it… Guess

Augie’s Lair

5:24 p.m.

    After-school on a Friday meant the weekend had finally came. In other words: complete freedom. With that, Augie and Seychelle got Tobias to come over to hang out at Augie’s crib to “chill” and chat.