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Title: The Other Sister

@lennonrose3​ requested: Hey !!! Hope you’re better thanks to the hiatus :) Could I request a Jason Crouse x Reader in which she’s Alicia’s younger sister and she finds him in Alicia’s apartment almost naked and weeks after weeks they start developing feelings (never had sex) and there’s a lot of angst between Jason and Alicia ? The reader kinda senses that Jason and Alicia have a thing so she doesn’t want to act on it because of her morals. Jason realises that he is falling in love with the reader and starts to resent Alicia who become more and more jealous and insufferable even though he didn’t cheat on her. Thanks xoxo 

Character(s): Jason Crouse, Alicia Florrick, and Reader
Summary: You accidentally walk in your older sister, Alicia’s, apartment to find her newest affair naked on her bed. 
Word Count: 3,690
Warning: Angst!!! 
Author’s Note: Thank you @lennonrose3​ for this wonderful request! The moment you sent it in, I was so excited to write it! I love writing Jason Crouse and any sort of drama that will put a strain on his and Alicia’s relationship excites me for some reason lol. Anyway, I hope this was okay and that you enjoyed it nonetheless! Thank you again!!! :-)

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Imagine having to choose between Jared and your fiancé

I finish sending the last email, almost throwing my laptop across the room so I wouldn’t have to answer any more questions about Jared’s schedule. It’s almost 6 in the afternoon and I should have been at home at five. Jared still hasn’t appeared and his inbox fills way too fast for me to handle it.

When I hear the front door shut, I sigh in relief, one more minute and I would have gone crazy.

“What are you doing here? People are going to think I exploit you!” Jared laughs, entering the room with bags from Whole Foods, “You look really tired”

I am. But I just forget about everything the minute his eyes lay on mine. I start playing with the ring on my hand, remembering why I can’t allow myself to get consumed by his gaze and the way his body reacts to my intent of distraction.

“Well, you look even prettier when you are tired” He says, leaving his bags on his desk, I can feel all the air in my body stopping, not being able to continue its course, “How is that even possible?”

You can’t, I start saying to myself, stop it.

“Sometimes, when you find something that lightens your day, even the most tired people can… Glow”

Oh no, you did not just say that. So silly.

I can notice a small change on the way his jaw tightens, I know I’m saying this words because of him, but he doesn’t seem to get it. His head points to my hands, and a forced smile appears on his lips.

“You going out with… What’s his name?”

“Kevin” I answer, even though I’m sure he knows my fiancé’s name.

“Right” He sighs, still on his feet by his desk, “What time? Because it’s already 6 o'clock”

I check the clock on my wrist, I have an hour and a half to go home and get ready. Enough time to be able to stay for an extra couple of minutes in here.

“7:30” I say getting on my feet.

We share another look before changing our gaze completely. I save my laptop on my bag, check my phone, put my jacket on, but I’m still not ready to go. Everyday was the same. I would be happy at home, spending the night with Kevin, waking up in the morning to have breakfast together. But then, I would have to come here, hating myself half of the day, not believing the way my heart would race whenever my boss was near me. And by the time I had to go home, go back to my fiancé, to my reality, I just wouldn’t want to leave.

“I’ll see you monday morning“ I mutter, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

Jared is now sitting on his desk, displaying all his food. His head raises to look me in the eyes, a small smile appearing on his lips. I know I’m smiling too, and it makes me feel like an idiot.

You’re engaged, you’re engaged…

“Have fun tonight“ He says, but I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t really mean it.

I nod, spending at least a whole more minute just staring at him. I have to stop, this is becoming really creepy.

By the time I decide I really need to leave, my phone starts buzzing. Kevin’s name appears on the screen, and I ignore the phone call till I’m inside my car. He sounds so happy, as always, and I try to imitate his tone as best as I can.

Once I get home I start getting ready for my date. A quick shower, dry my hair, pick my outfit and finally make up. My mind should be busy with the task at hand, but I can’t keep Jared’s smile off my head. I start wondering about him. Is he eating alone or did he invite someone else? A friend? A… lover?

The thought makes me uneasy, and I try to find an excuse to just give him a call, something that I forgot to tell him, or something that I may have left on my desk. Anything. By the time I dial his number I still don’t have an excuse, but I’m doing it anyway.

“It’s almost 7:30” He says from the other side of the line.

“I know” I mutter, giving another look at my ring, “I’m ready”

“Loverboy hasn’t appeared yet?”

I stay quiet for a couple of seconds, processing his almost angry tone of voice and the fact that he just called Kevin “Loverboy”.

“He’s on his way” I mutter.

The silence that comes after my answer is awkward, and I just want to punch myself in the face for calling Jared before my date.

“So, why did you call?”

“I think I forgot my… my…” I stutter, trying to think of something, when the thought of actually forgetting something at his house takes over my mind, “My glasses, I think they are in the kitchen”

“Oh, let me see”

I hear how he stands from whenever he’s sitting; his steps, the sound of a door, more steps. My doorbell rings right at the moment I hear the sound of the phone being put back on his ear.

“They are here”

“Good, can I go pick them up?” I ask, starting to walk towards the door.

“Now?” He asks laughing, and the sound of the ring makes him shut, “I think loverboy arrived”

“I have to go, thanks, Jared”

I hang, avoiding hear him say goodbye. I sigh deeply before having the guts to open the door, and change my expression of disappointment to complete happiness.

I’m engaged, I repeat myself.

Kevin doesn’t notice how distracted I am during our way to the restaurant, or how I avoid looking him in the eyes. I feel guilty for having another man in my mind, for wishing it was Jared who was in the car with me. But the night goes on, and I hear him talk about work, and how Jay, his best friend, almost broke a leg trying to get a date with one of their co-workers.

In the middle of dinner, the topic of our marriage starts coming out. Kevin has found a venue and wants me to see it, he thinks that it would be a bit small for all the people we want to invite, but he thinks we can handle it.

I nod, feeling a strange pinch on my chest. Kevin starts to notice how distant I’m being, and I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is not empty, and the eyes of a girl go straight to my face. I don’t know her, but a smile appear on her lips.

“You escaped too?”

I nod, taking my phone out of purse, I have a text from Jared and I’m too on edge to read it right this second.

“I think my boyfriend is going to propose” The girl says, and the black mane falls covering her eyes when she lowers her head, “I’m not ready”

“Why not?” I ask her, leaning on one of the sinks.

“I’m not sure I love him enough to spend the rest of my life by his side” The girl confesses, and the familiarity of the situation makes me gasp, “I love him, I know I do. But what if I say yes and I end up finding the right one when it’s already too late?”

Why know? Right when my mind is already too busy with my own situation.

“If you say yes, and you find the one, what would you do?” I ask her, and I can feel the trembling on my voice.

“I don’t know, what else could I do but make the right decision for my heart?”

I nod, changing my gaze from the girl to my phone, deciding to read Jared’s message.

“Tell loverboy that if he doesn’t buy you champagne and strawberries, tells you how much he loves you, and ends the night with the best sex someone could ever offer, I’m taking you away from him”

“You’re crying” I hear the girl whisper.

I nod, “I think I have to make the right decision for my heart”

“Me too” She says, walking towards me to hold my hand, “Wish me luck”

“Break a leg” I mutter, squeezing her hand for a second.

The nameless girl leaves the bathroom, leaving me alone with my tears. I let them free for a few seconds, finally deciding it’s time to make the right decision.

I don’t even dry the tears, or reapply my make, before I get out of the bathroom. Kevin is finishing his glass of wine when his eyes lay on the state of my face.

“Oh my, did something happened in the bathroom? Are you alright?”

I shake my head, taking my seat in front of him.

I’m engaged, I tell myself, but I just don’t want to be.

“Please, tell me what’s going on, you’re scaring me”

I stay in silent, but my eyes fall to my hands. I play one last time with my ring, taking it off to place it in front of him. Kevin’s eyes dance from my face to the ring, and a nervous laugh escapes his lips.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t do it” I whisper, “I’m so sorry, Kevin, I can’t”

I stand from my seat, leaving a quick kiss on his forehead before walking outside the restaurant. I’m shaking, my whole body is trembling and I just want to run away from there. I catch the cab I get a glimpse of, almost shouting the address to the driver.

I read Jared’s message another time, thinking of a way to answer it, but there are no words for this. So I just wait.

The driver announces that we have reached destination a few minutes after my almost breakdown. I thank him, giving him a generous tip for having to deal with me in this situation. I stand in front of the door, thinking of ways to explain what I’m doing there when I was supposed to be having dinner with my fiancé. Well, ex fiancé.

I decide that if I don’t right that doorbell right this second, I may end up taking another cab home. I can hear the footsteps on the other side of the door, and Jared’s image appears in front me. He’s shirtless, only wearing pajama pants, and I can feel my soul falling to the ground.

“Hey” I mumble, folding my arms over my belly.

“You came for your glasses?” He asks, and I can see the glimpse of a smile.

“Maybe” I answer.

Jared moves from the door to let me in. When the door shuts behind me, it’s just a matter of seconds before my back is leaning against it. Jared’s body is pressed against mine, his nose caressing my temples.

“Your hand is lacking something” He mutters, and automatically, both of my hands reach for his neck, “I like it”

I use both of my hands to make his lips crash with my own. The kiss is desperate, his thigh getting position between my legs. I can’t even control my body, letting it do whatever it wants, following his movements.

“So…” He whispers out of breath, breaking our kiss to grab my hips, making me fold my legs on his hips, “Loverboy didn’t have champagne?”

“No, he didn’t” I laugh, reaching for his lips again.

“Then, I’m allowed to take you away from him?” He asks, cupping my face with one hand.

“I think you did that a long time ago” I mutter, before receiving another one of his deep kisses.

The kiss rapidly transforms into something else, and right there on the door, his pajama pants falls to the floor, and my dress and panties follow them. We can’t stop kissing, we have a magnet on our mouths that makes them play with each other, even when it gets harder. A moan makes me part from him when he starts filling me. I can feel the growing sensation of completeness in my chest, his body feeling as the missing piece of the puzzle that is my life.

My hands take hold of his arms, finding a way to make me follow his rhythm. His eyes hold my gaze, biting my lips, his hands clenching on my hips. This is everything I wanted, everything I needed, and he knows it.

I can hear myself screaming his name, but at the same time thinking that this is nothing but a dream. But this is real. I know it. I can feel his orgasm and mine crushing in one single moment.

From the moment our lips touched I knew I had make the right decision. But now, looking at his eyes shine, his lips forming a smile just for me, I am completely sure I made the right decision for my heart.

TITLE: Little Black Book

IMAGINE: Bruce finding out that you found his little black book from his past.

[gif is not mine] requests are open! 

Bruce walked to his room and was surprised when he found his girlfriend sitting on his bed reading a book. Not just any book, his black book. “(Y/N)…”

“What is this?”

He shifted his eyes and looked at everything but her, “It’s my little black book.” He finally mumbled, ashamed of it. He was never ashamed of it before, but this, her finding it, it made him sick.

She made an awing noise, “Right. Your infamous little black book. Clark told me all about it.”

Heat flushed to Bruce’s cheeks, he wanted to kill Clark, then he wanted to kill his past self for keeping such a book like that. “What amazes me is you say you love me, yet you still have this.” Was she really doubting his love for her? She was the only thing that was stable in his life, the first woman he really, truly loved. If he lost her, he wouldn’t know what to do.

“I forgot about it.” It was a pathetic excuse, it really was but that was the truth. He was so caught up trying to be the perfect man for her, to make sure that she never left him, that she knew just how much she meant to him, that he forgot about that stupid book.

“Right.” She rolled her eyes and then got off the bed. (Y/N) marched into the living room where she poured herself a glass of whatever was laying in front of her. Bruce followed her quickly, snatching the book from the bed.

“I did. I really did forget about it, because you make me forget about my past, my stupid, idiotic mistakes.” He embraced her from behind. “Please don’t leave me because of this.”

She turned around in his embrace, “Do you really think that I would leave you over something so trivial?” She looked at him in confusion. “I’m just annoyed at the fact that you still have this, that’s all. I would never leave you because of such a small thing.”

Bruce was amazed to say the least. He half expected her to be packing her bags and yelling at him. He smiled and kissed her. Bruce stormed to the fire that was burning in the fireplace and tightened his grip on the book. Without hesitation he threw it and watched as it burned.

“Why did you just do that?”

“I don’t need it now. I have everything that I could ever want and need.”

“You clichéd bastard.” She spoke with a grin on her face and walked over to him. “Thank you.” She knew how much that book meant to him, well the past him.

“Now, I would love to stay here and show you how much I love you, but I have a certain person to beat up.” They both knew that he meant Clark and (Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh.

“Good luck!”

~warning: smut~

“Hey lovey, it’s almost time for your stream!" 

You reminded Jordan from across the apartment. You had been staying with him while you were in LA and the two of you had been spending almost all your time together. You walked over into his office where he was sat reading emails and put a glass of juice next to his computer. 

"Jordan?” You asked laughing quietly at his level of concentration.

 "Yeah sorry. What did you say, Y/N?“ He asked looking up at you and smiling apologetically. 

"I was just telling you that you need to stream!” You remind him again laughing. 

“Oh! Of course!” He explains jumping up from his desk. 

“Where are you going?” You ask curiosity appearing on your face. 

“What? I can’t give my beautiful girlfriend a kiss?” he asks sliding his hand behind your back and using it as leverage to pull you closer to him. 

You giggled as his fingers brushed against your side and you leaned your forehead against his only just pecking his lips with yours. 

“Thats all I get?” He asks with a smirk across his face. 

You lift your hand up cupping his checking and pulling him in for a more passionate kiss. 

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Soul Mate 23

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Alright, kids, yet another filler…but I promise shits about to get good in the next few chapters as we are sadly reaching the end of the story. It’s been great and i’ve honestly appreciated every single one of you who’ve supported me + the fic! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.6K+

Warning: Slight mentions of blood, nothing major.


There wasn’t enough force in the universe to keep Kylo asleep, his nightmares attacking him on repeat, it was almost like all the ones he prevented before came crashing down all at once. Sitting with his back hunched forward, the heel of his palms rubbed against his eyes as he had hopped that would stop the crying. It wasn’t even midnight, and yet, for the past few hours he could have sworn he had over a dozen nightmares. Throwing his head back as he stared up at the dull ceiling, a huff left his lips as his heaving chest slowly subsided. He couldn’t help but think of the past he had with you, it was wonderful, it was everything he ever wanted–minus the sneaking around, but that made the experience more exhilarating–and he only regretted the turn he took.

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Request – Damon Salvatore “Comfortable”

You sighed. It had been a long day at work and now you were back home –well… back in the Salvatore mansion-… you only wanted to flop on the couch, put on your pyjamas, eat ice cream and watch some stupid movies. This time of the month was always the worst, and you knew you weren’t the best company then.
“I’m home!”, you yelled to whoever was there. Usually Damon. Stefan sometimes as well, but he had been spending a lot of time over at Caroline’s place lately. Which… wasn’t that bad, actually. You didn’t think you’d tolerate him tonight. Damon on the other hand… spoken of the devil. He suddenly appeared, leaning against the door frame.
“You already consider this your home, don’t you?” You shrugged.
“I practically moved in, didn’t I? And don’t play cocky ok? I might bite your head off at the moment, and I’m not even a vampire.” He started chuckling when he walked over to you, pressing a kiss on your forehead.
“Oh, I knew that the moment you walked into this house. It’s that time again, isn’t it?” You cocked your head.
“Really? Am I that obvious.” He shrugged.
“Nah… you just keep forgetting I’m a vampire.” You wrinkled your nose.
“Ew…” That made sure he started laughing.
“I can’t help it, Y/N. I just have a nose for blood. Sit. I’ll be right there, ok?” You pushed the thought of Damon smelling blood, even that kind of blood out of your head. That was… no, just no… Better just to do what you were planning to do. You kicked out your shoes and flopped on the couch, burying your feet underneath you, pulling a blanket that was still there over you. It didn’t take long before Damon joined you there, crouching next to you, and you gratefully rested your head on his shoulder.
“I could get used to this, you know…” You could almost feel him smirking next to you.
“Don’t get used to it, it’s temporary, ok?” You turned around, smiling.
“Afraid of a woman on hormones?” He pulled you a bit tighter towards him, and you let him. You had cramps, and it was a long time ago someone had taken care of you like this. You weren’t going to object if Damon was the one doing that. He softly stroked your arm.  
“Terrified…” His hand disappeared for a moment. “So terrified in fact that I brought a peace offering. Is this enough to keep the raging hormones in check?” A huge bar of chocolate came in sight, and for one moment you forgot how terrible you felt. You turned around.
“Really? You brought that for me?” He shrugged.
“Did some digging on the internet today on how to treat someone on a period, and chocolate was on about every website, so…” You started laughing. He had actually looked up what he had to do to make you happy right now? That was… unexpected, but incredibly sweet.
“I never expected that from you…” He smirked.
“Well, I do love a good surprise…” You broke of a piece of chocolate, moaning at the taste.
“You managed… I think I’m gonna keep you around.”, you said when you nestled yourself against him again. You’d survive this month.

Requests for one shots/longer imagines are currently CLOSED

Car Accident; Jack J Imagine

Jack’s POV

I get off the plane in Omaha. Me and Jack have been on tour for months, so my girlfriend told me she’d pick me up.

‘Hey babe where are you?’
I get my luggage. No reply.
'Babe? Where you at?’
I text again.
I sit down, maybe traffic is bad.
A half hour rolls on by.
I text hoping she’d answer then.
Nope. An hour past.
'Babe where the fuck are you!?’
I’m starting to get worried.
“Hey J you need a ride?” Gilinsky asks while leaving with his family. “Yeah I think Y/N forgot.” I get mad.
'I can’t believe you forgot! You’re such a bitch!’ I don’t regret sending that, I’m pissed she forgot about picking me up.

I’m laying in bed. Still nothing from her. We’re done. I’ll text her in the morning telling her that. We’ve been dating for 2 years, how could she forget about picking me up at the airport especially since she’s been talking about wanting me home since the tour started.

'Hey Jack this is her mom, she was in an accident.’ I read. I re-read so I could make sure my sleepy eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. The love of my life was in an accident.

'What happened?’ I asked afraid to know.
'She was coming to get you from the airport and she lost control of her car, and hit a guardrail and went off an embankment.’
I started crying.
'Is she okay?’ I ask hoping to God she was.
'We don’t know yet they’re still doing tests.’ I quickly got dressed. 'Can I come see her?’ I ask hoping her mom would let me since she knows I love her daughter to death. 'Yeah.’ Was all she said.

I grabbed my keys and walked out to my car.

“Where transferring her.” The doctors came out to us. “The tests look good here but to get a second look we’re transferring her.” He continued.

My eyes look from the doctor to her mom.
“Jack I’ll drive us.” She said.

They loaded her up in the ambulance. Tubs and IVs coming out of her body. The tears couldn’t help but spill over. “Jack they said the test looked good.” “I know but what if something happens?” I ask her mom looking out the car window. “She’s strong, she’s a survivor. She’ll pull through.” She touched my shoulder.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I’m in love with her. She’s the love of my life. She’s my future.


“She had 2 seizures.” The doctors said. “It’s probably because of the stress of the whole situation.” He explained.

“Will she be okay?” Her mom asks. “Yeah, you guys can go see her.” He told us. We walked back to her room. The tubs no longer in her mouth helping her breath, but IVs still in her. “She’s not in pain.” Her mom explained. “Good because she can’t handle pain at all.” I crack a smile. I lay next to her on the bed. I whisper to her. “Hey babe I don’t know if you can hear me but if you can I just want to tell you I love you. You’re so important to me.” I kiss her forehead.

Her eyes flutter open. She smiles. “Do you know where you are?” Her mom looks up to see her. “The hospital.” She looks around. “Do you know what happened?” She pressed again. “I wrecked going to get Jack.” she looks to me. “I’m so sorry Jack.” She let’s her tears fall. “Babe, don’t be, you’re okay that’s what matters.” I kissed her forehead.

“She’s free to leave.” Her doctor comes in. “Okay thank you.” Her father chimes in. “Okay, let’s get dressed.” The nurse comes in with a gown since her clothes are all cut up.

She’s been in and out all day. She’s fine though. Thank god. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Can we talk for a second about how tall and sexy Chris Hemsworth looks here with this pose?


corrin always makes puns and every time jakob swears on his life that he must protect his smol master


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.


What is it you wish to ask the gods? Will I ever bear another child, o wise one? I cannot see another child. No matter how far I look. Then what do you see?


nobody wants to hear you sing about t r a g e d y 

inspired by this

Hello friends! 2015 is coming to its end and I kind of wanted to thank you all for this year. It’s been a mess and we’ve been through a lot as a fandom, but there were good moments too and I am glad I could share the good and the bad things both with all of you. I had so much fun and felt so much love and support and it never failed to surprise me what we, as a fandom, are capable of. 

I follow a lot of people and I most like forgot someone, so please if you think you belong to this little list, let me know. <3  I love you all very much, thank you for making my dash a beautiful, safe place. 

Special thanks goes to my amazing followers and anons, because for the past few months you guys have been absolutely incredible??? I’ve mentioned few times that I have some health issues and I keep getting messages full of love and positivity, telling me to get better and such daily, and I have no idea how I deserved that, but I don’t always get to answer them all, so please know that I appreciate it and love you guys so much. 

@bringitin Julie I just want to thank you here, because you are the absolute sweetest person ever and you are also the funniest and wow I love you so much :( you are always there for me and asdfgh you are one of the best things that ever happened to me and I just love you , I hope you know that <3 
@orchidkisses Chlo, I know i’m shit when it comes to answering, but you have noidea how thankful I am for having found you on this site, you are so sweet and fnny and supportive and I wish life was way much kinder to you, you deserve all the best.

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