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i think we all are in finals week with a lot of hand ins and essays and we actually hope we ascended to the sun (at least me tbh, stress is killing my soul)

okay yes, I totally forgot… people in america have their finals… wow… now everything makes sense… I am very impressed on how well people focus on learning

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I wish Disney Publishing would give us an Art Of…

they’ll give us one and it will just be 25 pages of explaining the barf gnome and all of the merchandise surrounding it

Heck ur right, it’ll just be this copied through the whole book.

one (1) stinkie on the house

One of my greatest joys tbh is thinking about how the only reason Lance prob told Keith he forgot about the Bonding Moment™ is because Lance was still high key salty about Keith forgetting his name/being rivals and my boi Lance, King of Petty, saw an opportunity for revenge and took it immediately lmao

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I've been meaning to tell you I found a really great new article about Krem. It's called: how trans consultants saved dragon age inquisition by Laura Kate Buzz. It's really interesting and shows some of the stuff they got to change to avoid harmful stereotypes and in my opinion really saved his relationship with Bull and aspects of Bulls character. (Apparently in the original script Bull outed Krem as part of a joke but the consultants got that changed. ) I think you'd really like the article

Oh crap!! I forgot to mention there’s mention of rape in the Krem article. It’s in the part explaining what they took out of his backstory but I realized I should have still sent a heads up.

1. here’s a link to the article, which i highly recommend reading

2. the title is not an exaggeration at all, holy shit. those consultants saved Krem’s character (and Bull’s, and like….. the whole game)

tbh the article uses really kind language to describe how Krem’s early draft hit basically every button you can think of for “tragic trans backstory written by and for cis people.” i hadn’t realized how awful it had been. and it’s so frustrating (more like infuriating) that he’s so explicitly written for cis consumption, even after massive overhauls in story and dialogue that make him a wonderful character

”we got Krem to a point where that sexual assault was not the defining point of Krem’s existence.”

good fucking job guys that must have been real tough. big difficult change to the story there. cookies for everyone

oh wait. no cookies. not even sarcastic cookies. 

“A major focus of the consultant’s revisions was to take Krem from a character who was not out about their transition and got outed against his will, to a character who was willing to talk about his trans status, but only with people he trusted.” 

The idea that our trans character shouldn’t be outed by anyone but that trans person was something that I was completely blind to”.

reading this article and learning what Krem’s presence in the game could have looked like was like hiking up a mountain in the dark, and then you go back down during the day and realize you were right next to a fucking cliff the whole time

but anyways here’s another gem: 

“great lengths were taken in order to ensure accuracy in Krem’s answers to those invasive questions that would be informative and beneficial to non-trans players.”

like wow that’s super neato for you bud, but is that what you were doing with any of the other characters? making them “informative”? “beneficial”??? wtf

they did succeed in that at least. i’ve seen some very sweet posts about cis dudes loving Krem and using that to help them be better friends/allies to real trans people. but they could have done so much more. maybe if they didn’t write their trans characters explicitly for the education and consumption of cis people. (maybe if trans writers were on the writing team at the earliest levels and not only brought in as consultants later on?)

maybe one of the lessons they could have included in their Teachable Moment is “don’t ask people you don’t know very well about their genitals” or perhaps “we expect trans people to play our game. here’s a dialogue option that shows that”

but yes this is an excellent article and i love Krem and i’m so so grateful to the consultants who saved him


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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I want a psychologist or someone who specialises in body language to look at Taekook and give us some answers because every day, I am plagued with the same question: is it real or am I being played?

If you want them to be real they’re real.

And personally, I don’t think we need a psychologist to see just how close Jeongguk and Tae are tbh. We know for a fact that whatever they do isn’t fanservice because they’re so subtle and cautious about everything and their surroundings, they rarely have public skinship because most Taekook moments are behind the scenes (Bon voyage sleeping scene that was low-key edited to seem less gay *cough*) and majority of the taekook moments we have they either because they forgot that they had an audience or they accidentally slip up (mostly Tae). Bighit being blatantly obvious about cutting taekook interactions from Bangtan bombs etc…Idk they aren’t obvious enough to be playing us lmao but they’re still there.

Although, I would love to get a professional to back me up just cause lmao 

(IDK if this makes sense I’m about to take a nap so I’m really loopy ;-;)

Watching SU for the first time: Room for Ruby

Steven Universe season 4 episode 20, Room for Ruby.

If you haven’t watched it yet, be careful.

Spoilers ahead!

—Turn back before you get spoiled—

-Yes! They’re gonna retrieve the Rubies from space!

-That being said, this is already the 20th episode of Season 4, which is supposed to have 26 episodes. The season’s drawing to a close, guys. I wonder what will happen in the finale. I hope no one dies.

-(I am secretly wondering who the storyboard artists were for the intro animation.)




-dun dun DDUUUN

-okay, I am suddenly getting very bad feelings about this. is she bipolar? Double personality? Or is she a ball of lies? has she been sarcastic this whole time?

-Is she actually just super sarcastic?


-Are giving her.

-To Lapis.

-And Peridot.

-”Finally, there’s a star to wish on.”
 …That’s the sun.

Not a shipper but this is really cute tbh. They’re a little family now.

They went from this

To this

-And I think that’s really sweet. Also, imagine if you watched this or something like Gem Harvest right after watching Jailbreak. You’d be like ‘wtf happened?’

-Looks like Pumpkin dog forgot about the trauma Steven inflicted on him.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’…


-For a moment I thought Lapis was just gonna dump the water on them
 Thank goodness she didn’t

Because wet Peridot

-Good to see she’s working on those metal powers.

-”That’s a hammock. It’s a bed you fall out of.”


-How tf does Lapis snore if she doesn’t have a respitory system (I’m assuming gems don’t breathe since they can stay underwater)?


Featuring: mouthstache.

-”I love plants!” *throws carrots on the ground*

Aaaaand here we see members of the shorty squad in their natural habitat.


-Currently screencapping all the Lapis faces and giggling like crazy.

-Metal power elevator, yeah!!

-”Why is it so easy for her when it was so hard for me?”
 Because you have PTSD and the trauma of several thousand years.

What the everloving fuck

-I am getting a bit scared.

-Especially when the top comment on its Kisscartoon page is ‘Top 10 Anime Betrayals’

-Two minutes of runtime left and I feel more uncomfortable by the second


-But seriously guys I feel like she’s being super duper sarcastic or something

-Or just lying through her teeth in general

-I have a gut feeling and it’s bad

-I have been deceived by cute innocent things one too many times

-Steven don’t hit the button

Does this look like the face of friendship












-Player Steven Achievement Unlocked: “Betrayed”
 +10 Mistrust
 +10 Doubt

“You dirty little-”

-Also, Steven’s arm.

-Yes Lapis, you were the smartest character in this episode.

-Garnet: “Yep it was the blue balloon I’d need after all”


-I mean seriously she was one of the bad guys but all she did in her previous episodes was just act a bit derpy, I had no idea she was THAT evil

-Or just super vengeful

-holy fuck

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-”Room for Ruby” more like “Room for Betrayal”

Face compilation.
Her hair got really big.

i’ve been reading all these intense fantasy books (all victoria schwab’s tbh) and they were so good but it’s been so long since i read anything soft and gay tbh. i just read this really short book called nick and charlie and i think it’s the 1.5 to another series but i didnt care i just read it and it was so Soft and really Gay and just so realistic and cute… this is where i say it /warmed my heart/

I’m finally done!! I think shading and his hair was the hardest part but here he is! My favorite character in all of Nanbaka: Squad 5′s Supervisor Samon Gokuu!

I’m really happy with how this turned out actually so I’m glad I finished it (after watching @sugar–trash art stream). She gave me the motivation to finally finish this piece! I probably am going to clean it up a bit further tbh but for now I’m done!

edit: forgot to post this one thing!

Reblogging is okay but I worked hard on this so please don’t just repost it on like twitter or something…thanks!

Just night thoughts

Don’t mind me, I just wanted to write it.

You know that the real problem with SS (and so much other het ships) is not that it’s unhealthy (well it is a problem, but not the main one, that’s just not the point of my post tonight), but that there’s no development, or only a bad one.

I just want to compare SS with the het ships that I ship. Because YES, I ship unhealthy ships, as well as healthy ones and I fucking know it, but the main difference is that there is love in both parts, and that there is development through the series/show.

So, we’ll make it with examples. (It’s gonna be a pretty long post, so I excuse myself right now…)

Zero/Yûki (Vampire Knight)

So, by the end of the manga, they end up with each other, have children, and all… but not so long before, Yûki tried to erase Zero”s memories of her, against his will. And I was SO mad at her, don’t get me wrong, I hate the IDEA of erasing anyone’s memories.

But they do love each other, and I KNOW it. How do I know ?

Because she tries to help him while he was starving blood by giving him hers. Because he entlisted her the task to kill him if he gone mad, because he protected her from harm, because he was so hurt when he thought she had betrayed him, because …. BECAUSE THE WHOLE MANGA.

They’re not always good for each other, but they love each other.

Ren/Nana (… Nana)

Easy to find the unhealthy part right there…

Yeah, Nana asked him to die with her, yeah, Ren did say he almost wanted to really kill her to keep her with him, yeah, they always end up doing sex while they should have been dicussing their issues.

But the first one to say to me they don’t love each other… I kill him.

They love each other WAY too much. That’s kinda the problem.

Shin/Layla (Nana)

Hm… SO we begin with an underaged prostitute and a woman who is seven years older than him. (So healthy)

But in the end, he knows her secrets and almost chuckles during her interviews, he doesn’t want money anymore, he learns a song for her, they have matching rings, and IF someone hadn’t say “Stop” to them, because if they were discovered, it would have been dangerous for her carrier, they would be still together.

But they had so much good development, fuck.

And, yeah, while I’m at it, I also ship het pairings that I find healthy, like… Kirito/Asuna (SAO)(Ya may find this anime shitty, but their couple is fucking well handled), Lucie/Rephaïm (The house of the night), Bellamy/Clarke (The 100, I only read the books though)

But in SS, there is NO positive development, we start at “I’m a shitty block-head girl, who fantasize on you because you’re hot, even if I don’t know you, that talk to you about how being orphan is such a bad thing, without knowing you’re an orphan too” to “I’m still a shitty block-head girl that don’t know you and want you back as the mysterious bad boy as still you hadn’t evolved as well.”

I don’t even CARE about the fact that this isn’t really healthy, Sasuke never loved her, he cared about her as a comrade for a while, but that’s all. He said so SEVEN chapters before the end, that she was daydreaming. He hasn’t change his mind because of a FIGHT. (Or he hits his head or something)

And Sakura loved him for the wrong reasons, she loved him because he was HOT. AND THAT’S ALL. And no, I won’t ship something like that, who is one-sided and only based on physical appearances.

I don’t mind angst. What I mind is fake love. 

You want me to talk to you about angsty love ? Ren/Nana is just what you searched for. So much love that they hurt each other in the process. And I really know how it can be entertaining and pleasing to watch. (SNS and IS are that as well, tbh)(Especially IS)

But SasuSaku isn’t that. SasuSaku is a one-sided relationship which happened to be unhealthy. And sometimes, out of the blue, there will be a fanservice scene, which is not included in any kind of loving relationship.

Don’t tell me SNS is unhealthy, because I fucking know, but it’s at least reciprocal, and they love each other for what they are, not for what the other looks like.

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how many DEH AUs are a thing o m g (i love them all ok)

Lemmy think
Theres a few that I have just on my blog

-Party Overdose (Ghost au hehe)
-With Mr.Hansen
-Froest AU
-Flipped AU

And the au a friend of mine came up with where it was Zoe who died rather than Connor. I’m not sure what that ones called.

So to put it simply: There are a lot.