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Clifford is his most likely, Danielle was in cheeklane story and they only had max (watch him post a picture with the dog and Freddie now that will be the cherry on top of this extraness)

Oh I agree that Clifford is most likely his. I’m just amused that the “proof” keeps building! 

You would think by now I would be less surprised when anything ‘extra’ happens lol.

If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.

Client: The in-progress illustration looks beauti- wait. You mispelled a word.

Me: I’ll fix that up in a second. What do you think of the colors and layout?

Client: How can you not catch a typo?

Me: There are still rounds of revisions - it’ll be fixed by the time it goes to print. For now I need your feedback on the design.

Client: (continues ranting about the importance of spelling and grammar for fifteen minutes).

Skam season 2 soundtrack

After I posted this post with music from season 3, it was anonymously requested that I do one for season 2 as well. Again, there might be something wrong so you can message me to fix anything if you think something’s wrong and I’m sorry about typos, because there sure have to be some hah. Hope you find it useful!


  • Turbonegro - City Of Satan (the beginning - showing the city, photos from parties and the girls watching Isak making out with the girl)
  • Amy Winehouse - The Girl From Ipanema (Noora is making food)
  • Elton John - Circle Of Life (playing in Eskild’s room)
  • Carl Louis + Pav - Apogee / Carl Louis + Ary - Human Again (both play in the kitchen while the girls are talking)
  • Britney Spears - Gimme More (the girls and Eskild dancing in the kitchen)
  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (they start dancing again, William texts Noora he’ll pick her up next Friday + credits)


  • New Order - Blue Monday (the girls are looking at Jonas and talking about him before he comes up to them)
  • Joy Division - New Dawn Fades (the girls are watching the girl who’s engaged to Sana’s brother walk by)
  • The Weeknd - The Hills (Noora and William driving to the date)
  • Tami Tamaki - I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before (credits)


  • Jay-Z & Kanye West - Illest MotherFucker Alive (William and co are arriving to school)
  • Hanzee - Penetrators 2016 (plays at the party)
  • ZL-Project - Galleriet 2015 (Noora is looking for William at the party to ask about what happened with Vilde)
  • Lil Wayne & Drake & Future - Love Me (Noora watches Chris making out with two girls)
  • the songs that Noora sings: Love Is All Around, When You Say Nothing At All, More Than Words
  • Extreme - More Than Words (credits)


  • Massive Attack & Young Fathers - Voodoo In My Blood (showing the forest)
  • Watkin Tudor Jones - Super Evil (credits)


  • M.I.A. - Borders (the city, the girls looking at the help the penetrators and Syria signs)
  • Robyn - Dancing On My Own (the girls dancing at the party and Eva looking at Jonas and Noora looking at William)
  • Bek & Wallin Feat. Benjamin Beats - Woops 2016 (Noora tries to look for William at the party, drunk Eva comes up to Jonas and his gf, tries to make out with Isak etc.)
  • TIX & The Pøssy Project - East High 2016 (Noora and William are talking and Eva makes out with Vilde)
  • Tame Impala - Let It Happen (William tells Noora to tell him she doesn’t like him)
  • Childish Gambino - II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) (William leaves after Noora tells him)
  • Coldplay - Paradise (Noora and William kiss)
  • Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me (credits)


  • Forsvarets Stabmusikkorps - Bojarenes Indtogsmarsch (William’s brother cooking in the kitchen)
  • Egil Ellevill & Jack Dee - Bromance (credits)  


  • Air - Sexy Boy (Noora and William making out)
  • Fergie - Clumsy (Noora and William making out in Noora’s room)
  • Våren - Bodø Domkor (the girls coming to the party)
  • Axwell - Barricade (everyone dancing at the party)
  • ZL-Project -  Overdoze 2016 (also at the party)
  • David Guetta + Showtek - Bad (Noora and William looking at each other, Chris tells William something, they go outside etc.)  
  • Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (the fight with the yakuza guys)
  • Forsvarets Stabmusikkorps -  Sønner av Norge (credits)


  • Susanne Sundfør - Darlings (Noora waiting for William)
  • Uranienborg Skolekorps - Gammel Jegermarsj (William and Noora are arguing and the band passes by)
  • Smerz - Because, Beglomeg - Vota Ferriomi, Bloksberg - Gamlebyen (in the flat when Noora talks to Nikolai etc.)
  • Oslo Filarmoniske Orkester Mariss Jason - Morgenstemning (credits)


  • Susanne Sundfør - Kamikaze (Noora waiting for William and them kissing in the classroom)
  • Beyoncé - Pray You Catch Me (credits)


  • Rockettothesky - Grizzly Man (William tells Noora she doesn’t have to do anything and she relaxes and falls asleep)
  • Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan - Ja, Vi Elsker (Eva reads the article)
  • Schola Cantorum & Forsvarets Stabmusikkorps - Fargert Er Landet (the girls go to the ER with Noora)
  • Mats Eilertsen - Memento (Noora is waiting for Nikolai at the café)
  • Fergie - Here I Come (Noora ending her speech and leaving the café)
  • Feit’n Fra Kolbotn - Noe Bedre (Noora tells William she doesn’t know whether she slept with Nikolai, runs after him when he leaves + credits)


  • Missy Elliott ft. Ludacris - One Minute Man (Noora tells William that if he really wants to get rid of her he’s got to meet her for a talk first)
  • Passion Pit - Tonight, Tonight (Noora talking on the phone to Eva and William coming back)
  • Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. (credits)


  • Highasakite - God Don’t Leave Me (Noora and William sleeping and kissing)
  • Kamel - Si Ingenting (starts playing after William says there’s a video of him smashing the bottle on the guy’s head + the girls stop talking when Noora comes + starts playing when the girls agree on remaining silent + Noora waiting for William when he’s being questioned)
  • The Black Eyes Peas - I Gotta Feeling (showing some places with no people around - classroom and Noora’s flat etc.)
  • David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling (everyone dancing at the party)
  • Astrid S - 2am (Matoma Remix) (Noora and William looking at each other at the party and texting each other)
  • Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You (William texts Noora asking what does she want to do)
  • Ketil Scheie + Audun Andre Sandvik - Somewhere Only We Know (the scene between Noora and William, Kasper comes to the party and makes out with Chris)
  • Sony Alven - Our Youth, Robin og Bugge - Best når jeg er full (play at the party)
  • Aphaville - Forever Young (Isak says the belt Jonas is wearing - the one that Noora found - is his)
  • Jay Z - Young Forever (credits)

i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

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if you're into pokemon at all, which one do you think the GOM + kagami + furihata (or whichever other characters u might have a hc for lmao) would have as their pokemon? not necessarily one of the starters, just whichever one you think would "match" with them best. Idk if I'm explaining it right, but tbh I'll take any pokemon headcanons bc I'm a nerd

coughs hello as usual I am a million billion years late but here is what Doc (the pokemon expert) has told me about the GoM + pokemon (the words are his, I have fixed some typos)

So it’s an interesting question because there are the pokemon they’re each most like, and the pokemon they’re most likely to train, and all of them could be different. 

A perfect example is Murasakibara; obviously the pokemon he’s most like is Snorlax. They’re huge, powerful, but normally slow, with their strengths being defense with high offensive potential, and of course a love of eating. BUT Snorlax require a lot of food that Murasakibara might want instead, they’re hard to train because they’re inherently lazy, and they’re super rare. It’s unlikely Murasakibara would go to the effort to catch, feed, and train this beast. But an Absol is a pokemon that’s independent, doesn’t require much feeding, doesn’t have an evolution that would need a lot of work to maintain, is super loyal, and has a decent mega evolution (zone anyone?), making it PERFECT for a lazy high school student athlete with an edgy boyfriend.

It’s a similar situation for every member. Take Kise - the obvious choice for him is Ditto. It literally copies the moves and stats of any pokemon, much like Kise’s playing style. But would fashion hoe extraordinaire choose a pokemon with such a plain design? No! Kise is going to pick a pokemon that can match both his beauty and power. A hard worker like Kise won’t mind putting work in to evolve a pokemon. He’d totally train a Milotic; he’s just extra enough to try to make some evolution story about personal development after he evolved the Feebas. Plus he’s rich from his modeling career, so he could have the resources to actually get a Feebas.

Akashi’s playing style would suggest a Jolteon. He’s small and fast, with the ability to paralyze his opponents and use powerful attacks from long range, all while having access to Evee’s pool of assisting moves like helping hand. But Akashi was raised to seek power, to dominate in everything he does, and to be above his peers. It’s more likely he’d raise a strong-willed dragon type like a Salamence.

Midorima’s playing style is like Reuniclus. It’s psychic, meaning it uses special type moves from a distance, with great hp and defensive stats to boot, mirroring Midorima’s long distance 3’s and on-ball defense. Plus it’s green. I can actually see Midorima raising this one, since it’s not super rare, and it’s friendly enough to put up with his asshole nature.

Aomine is such a hard player to find a proper pokemon for, since he doesn’t have any real weaknesses in his offensive game. He and Kagami reminds of glass cannon pokemon like Alakazam: they hit hard as hell, but have low endurance. The one I think that fits him best is Zoroark. He’s a dark and deceptive player with an overwhelming speed and power, but he can be worn out easily if he doesn’t put his opponent to bed soon. I think the type of pokemon Aomine would like to train, however, would be a fierce fighting type like Lucario, one that would play with him and challenge him, and one that’s powerful and might understand the burden of his overwhelming strength.

Kagami, like I said earlier, plays like a glass cannon: he hits hard and strong, so ferociously he often takes care of the game in a few minutes, but can’t be relied on for an entire battle like a tank. He reminds me of a Talonflame: a fierce, fiery pokemon with a huge attack power, that uses his speciality attacks from the sky, but his most powerful attacks all hurt him and wear him down, making it impossible to fight for very long. I think Kagami would most likely enjoy raising a pokemon that’s not too difficult to train, and can keep him company when he’s home alone, but still has a good attack power when need be. I think something like a Staraptor would be perfect for him.

Finally, Kuroko’s playing style obviously suggests a support pokemon that’s able to heal and power up teammates, like Audino. I’d be tempted to put a ghost type pokemon for obivious reasons, but most of them are based around serious offensive firepower instead of bringing out the best in their teammates like Kuroko does. But I think Kuroko would be happy to raise a ghost type pokemon, and I can easily see him capturing and raising a powerful Dusknoir, much to his teammates’ surprise.

things chris has done for me:

- napped w me on a stranger’s couch when I got blackout drunk at a halloween party

- said “you’re right I should think about you and your feelings more” after I exploded at him and basically said fuck you to him over a small thing

- buys me tea all the time

- tells me I’m beautiful all the time

- let me eat the rest of his spicy cheeto covered pizza (which is rly good btw)

- literally never gets mad at me and my mood swings

- is the best big spoon I’ve ever dealt w

- once serenaded me w the metal gear rising ost on guitar

typhoidmeri replied to your post “I’m making a post later”

It’s fine if say they catch a typo or something and say ‘four paragraphs down you have waste instead of waist’, but it’s not okay to nitpick a story and word vomit at the author about it. No. that is not how things work at all. *hugs* don’t let the fucktrucks get you down.

Right?  It’s this.  It’s exactly this.  

It’s like my mom always said.  “Never criticize someone for a fault they can’t change in 3 seconds.”  (i.e, spinach in teeth, mayo in the corner of mouth, etc) 

I think this rule should apply to fic as well!  If it’s an embarrassing typo?  Please.  Tell me.  I want to know if I used the wrong form of rein, or waist, or something like that.  I can go, fix the thing, and there we go.  

Criticizing someone for like…characterization you don’t like?  Or like…chapter length? Scene development?  Or like, idk.  If the entire fic is something that you perceive as subpar?  

No.  just no.  Don’t do this.  

1.  Characterization is relative
2.  Muses are fickle.  And sometimes they pull us in another direction.  Or won’t talk to us at all.  So chapter length and scene development will take a hit.  Don’t criticize someone for that.  
3.  Subpar fic?  Just back click and move on.  Something that looks like ‘My Immortal’ to you, might be the very best that author has ever produced and they’re proud of it.  Maybe they’re young?  Maybe they’re ESL.  Maybe someone’s douchey comment keeps them from ever trying and therefore, ever getting any better.  

Ugh.  Sorry for the rant.  But fandom is seriously wearing me out lately.  :/  


when you’re in the darkness, only the blind can see
Summary: Sometimes you need to redo history to change who you will become. Sometimes history is the present.
Notes:  I think I finally figured out how many chapters this will have (12).  So we’re almost halfway through. PHEW. It feels nice to have the whole timeline outlined instead of just reaching into my brain as I go. TBH I feel kind of sad already knowing how long this will be and knowing the end is more tangible now. Boo.Anyway this chapter is a little longer than most, whoohoo. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all the comments, kudos e bookmarks <3

ETA: Apparently there are some typos that AO3 won’t let me edit and fix them!!! :((((( 

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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Request: Smut. RamiXreader. You can choose the situation, or use the suggestion: You're a journalist working an event with Rami. He's goofy and charming, and he invites you back to his hotel room. He becomes very dom and controls the situation. Hair pulling, ass slapping, all the good stuff. Afterwards he's kind and caring.

I like the way you think! Probably some typos in here but I’ll fix them soon enough! Here’s hoping it lives up to any and all expectations!

Word Count: 3,080

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Season 7 Theory Masterlist

Warning! There are major SPOILERS for Season 6 under the read more. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!! This is your ONLY warning!

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

This is also a very, very long post. I go very in depth and explain everything I think about something and why. I absolutely encourage you to discuss with me what you think, and whether you disagree or agree. My askbox is always open:) 

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Practice Challenge 1: Aubrey Graham

Hey! As you all may come to realize, this fic rhymes. You should come to expect a lot of that for future prompts by me. I have no doubt that there are a crazy amount of typos in this. I’m simply too lazy to go back and fix them at the moment. Anywayyyyyyy I hope you enjoy! (I also think I’m going to start putting a special quote from Drake simply because I think it’s funny :) Oh and another thing, there are Drake quotes scattered all through this fic. Keep an eye out!

*Special Quote*

“I’m living life right now man and this what I'mma do ‘til it’s over”


Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on, that’s how I started my day. That ain’t no con.

It was like any other St. George morning, but there was a strange sort of excitement in the air. Whatever it was, I felt like I should care.

I turned on the television to find out about the commotion but figuring I’d only see the top companies latest promotion.

The Royal Family flashed across the screen, much to my surprise. But I must admit I was quite flustered as something interesting caught my eyes.

Talk of a new Selection was all over the news calling eights, sixes, fours, and twos.

My mouth fell agape as I stared at the words. My face reddened as the excitement came in herds.

If I entered I had a chance at something great- a love destined to be by fate.

“I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known,” I exclaimed with a rightfully amazed tone.

My mother then opened my door and leaned against my vanity. I had no doubt she was beginning to question my vanity.

“I want to enter, Mother! I need to,“ I yelled.

“What is this nonsense that is spoken by you?”

Realizing I gave no prior explanation to my mom, I took a deep breath hoping to easily drop the bomb. “There is a new Selection. I’d like to enter my name and pray for detection.”

My mother smiled and sighed. “I don’t see why not.” In that moment, I swear I could’ve cried.

She’s always been protective and selective of what I do. So to me, this was extremely new.

“I’m way up, I feel blessed! Oh Mom, I swear you’re the best!”


I stared down at the paper filled with questions wishing I could have some exemptions.

-“What is your family like,” it read.

Dropping my pencil to the paper, I sighed. Oh what a dread!

My family is cool but we ain’t that close. Always in my room, they think I’m comatose. I ain’t around, don’t make a sound, I hardly ever speak. The only noise the resounds is the stairwell creak.

My father always works to bring in the money, dropping in once or twice to make time for his honey. My parents are very happy. They play a game to see who can be more sappy.

But due to their absence, I feel neglected. Now all I hope is that I can become apart of the Selected.

-“What is it like living in your province,” it wrote.

Well, I can’t complain. But I always need a coat.

I’ve never enjoyed the cold but with all this scenery I know mom and dad were sold. The trees are full and the snow is white; no parrot or gull ever in sight.

My fans swarm my home 24/7, but I don’t blame them. I know my voice is heaven.

I can’t help but be adored. With my rhymes and looks, my fame soared. I rap for the ecstatic, I rap for the depressed. I rap for the free, I rap for the oppressed.

Words have meaning, and I tell a story. I sing of past times when I played in the town quarry.

-“Why did you decide to enter your name?”

Let’s clear this up, it ain’t about the fame.

I already know I’m fresher than a pillow with a mint on it. But I’m tired of being alone. I think Haiden and I could be great while we hold hands atop our throne.

I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget. I could have that life with the prince, it’s safe to bet.

We could be the one for each other. Riding off into the sunset as we hold one another. Yeah… that’d be bliss. Maybe he’d be the man to have my last kiss.

I hope this competition doesn’t accept anyone plastic. A power hungry girl could turn crazy, drastic. Pray the real live forever man, pray the fakes get exposed. Pray they never become queen and have that special question proposed.

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Your'e butthurt bc it is CNFIRMED that johnlock WILL happen :D the problem with "tumblr queer girls" like u is that they are only not straight on a site the glorifies it :) but in reality are straight. i can always pick them out bc of where they stand on Johnlock. Mayb if your weren't homophobic and CRAP at writing, u'd see the truth. When it is CANON i hope you get RUN of this SITE!!!

I’ve had this ask in my box for two weeks now, mostly because I’ve been procrastinating tumblr stuff in favour of “real life.” I thought about fixing your typos and other errors and resending it, but it was too much effort for someone who is clearly a dick.

It is not for you to decide my sexuality, first of all, especially because I don’t ship two white British men on a TV show. Somewhere along the way some Johnlock shippers became so entitled that they think a fictional pairing is more important than reality, and real people’s sexuality. Tbh, you’re doing a disservice to my Johnlock friends. Surprise, I am not petty like you. I have friends who ship things I don’t, and don’t ship things I do. I am bi/pan, and I am active in the community outside of tumblr. Even if I weren’t, that isn’t your business, nor would it affect my sexuality. 

Also, I’m going to be honest here: I tried to ship it. I really, truly did. When I went into the show when it first started, I fully expected to ship it, because I ship other versions of Holmes/Watson. For awhile, I read meta and I looked at fanart. However when I tried to read fanfic, I got an icky feeling and had to stop. I couldn’t figure out why, until I just became aware suddenly that I simply didn’t ship it.

Watching the show, actually watching it objectively, I sort of realized that it was entirely platonic. The writing, the acting, the directing … it was painfully platonic. Even if one of them were a woman, I would see it as platonic. A deep friendship, and nothing more. You can say I’m crap at writing, but the harsh truth is you’re overreacting over fake people to insult a real person and I’m not going to really think too hard about your opinion on my writing when you base someone’s sexuality on what they ship. Is there a list somewhere? “In order for you to be queer, you must ship these ships, and cannot ship these ones, otherwise you are straight.” Sorry, but no.

If Johnlock were to happen, I’d be happy for the representation purposes and what it might mean for the media in terms of more queer characters. However, I would be disappointed in the /writing/ sense because they failed at making it seem romantic. I know some of you will say that the romance was numbed down for a more “shock plot twist” but honestly, a plot twist has to make sense. If someone literally lies and misleads and pulls a plot twist out of nowhere for “shock” value, it’s poorly done. (Moffat is a terrible writer, so lol it wouldn’t change my opinion on him anyway.)

But honestly? There is no deeper reason for me NOT shipping Johnlock than that. It’s not because I am secretly straight, it’s not that I hate GAY PPL OMGGGG. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear. I don’t ship it because it’s written and acted platonically, and even still if I were wrong, I’d be happy for you guys and still love and watch the show. Hell, if it did happen, I’d rewatch it with that in mind, but always wish they’d transcribed their romance better.

The reason why people hate Johnlockers, though? That’s because of assholes like you, and tbh, it’s upsetting because my friends who ship it aren’t assholes.

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hiya! I uh noticed that on some of your posts there's the name asha there instead of y/n or s/o and I was just kinda wondering if those were a typo or something


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One man's trash is another man's treasure. I know eighth house is the sign you attract but i think sixth house is the sign you attract because I like the people in the 8th house. Cancers like Aquarian but Aquarius likes Virgo. Cardinal signs like fixed signs..

Wait, I have a feeling you have at typo somewhere… If you do, I’m absolutely shit at reading. However, if I wanna be ~technical~ with you, I don’t see where the 6th House could show attraction… Romantic attraction at least. The 6th House usually covers your pets and coworkers, which are probably two things people don’t have romantic feelings over unless it’s a secret. In Vedic astrology, it’s actually considered a house of enemies.

Maybe you have a connection to Venus somehow in the 6th House?

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TALK ABOUT GRYFFINDOR EVEN it makes me emo!! a lot of ppl say he's a hufflepuff but nahhhhh BOY IS A GRYFFINDOR! What do u think isak is i personally believe is his a ravenclaw

isak is SUCHHH!!! A RAVENCLAW. i think @ravenclawisak made a better post about it that i may or may not have reblogged but im too out of it to find it rn

(i can also see him as a slytherin but i don’t see him as particularly ambitious?? and that’s the trait i latch onto the most when i try to justify that i’m more slytherin than gryffindor, so i just don’t…see it in him)

i think even definitely just goes for things without thinking through the consequences? i mean look at isak he knows nothing about this boy but he goes after him anyway, even though he already has a girlfriend. and the shit with the pool, like that’s so reckless? but so gryffindor? even is drawn to “epic” moments, whether that’s romantic, or more morbid, like death, and that’s also a very gryffindor trait. i can definitely see him as a hufflepuff, but like tbh the only loyal relationship we see with him is with isak, and idk. it’s not enough to sell it for me.