i think i find this funnier than it really is

  • [After Camila finds out Dinah hung out with Lucy]
  • Dinah: Look, when it started I was just trying to be nice to her.
  • Dinah: and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were..shopping.
  • Camila, while gasping: Oh my god..
  • Dinah: wait, we only did it once.
  • Camila: I can't believe you..
  • Dinah: It didn't mean anything to me!
  • Camila, sarcastically: Yeah right, sure..
  • Dinah: I was thinking about you the whole time, Walz!!
  • Camila: That doesn't make me feel any better!!
  • Dinah: Look, I'm sorry, I never meant for you to find out.
  • Camila: Okay Dinah, I just have to know one thing..
  • Camila: Were her jokes funnier than mine?
  • Dinah: ...
  • Camila, voice cracking: Okay..um..I just really need to not be with you right now.

“Inuyasha, you want to stay with me, don’t you?”


Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi would be down for directing a light-hearted Black Widow solo film.

In all honesty, I reckon I could probably bring something pretty unique to any of the franchises. So I’d love to see Black Widow; Black Widow as something crazy and a bit funnier than we expect it to be. Because we know her story and it’s very sullen and very dark and her history is very dark. But! What’s the funny version of that? What’s the more entertaining version of that? I really go for the underdog. I think there’s a way in with any of the characters. You just have to find it and find what honors what’s already there with the source material but also brings it into a more entertaining form for the audience.

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How would the paladins react to their s/o being drunk and when they try to take them home they say "sorry I'm taken" and procedes to gush about how much they love their paladin

A/N: I’m super sorry this took so long! Honestly, I’ve been working on it for the past week, and it’s been super fun! I love you guys! 

Warnings: Alcohol usage


Lance knew that you had never had alcohol before, and that you were dying to try, so he promised them that he wouldn’t drink anything so that he would be able to help you. 

Little did he know that you were insane when you were drunk. 

You were dancing next to Hunk amid a small crowd of tiny locals, who laughed when you fell over and began laughing as well. 

Lance beckoned for Hunk to drag you over. Hunk did as he asked, and soon, you were panting and laughing, and standing in front of Lance. 

“C’mon, babe, we should get you to bed before you drink more and die,” Lance said. He reached out to grab you by the elbow, but you jumped back and screamed. 

“NO!” you shouted. “I’m not going anywhere with you, sir! I have a boyfriend, and he is the blue paladin, so he can-can…” You took a deep breath, closing your eyes for a brief second, before continuing. “He can beat you into the ground! And I wouldn’t even th-think of cheating on him, bed-because I love him more than anything! So I’m take-taken!” 

Even though you was acting ridiculous, his heart swelled with warmth. “It’s me, [name], Lancey Lance.” Your face lit up with a smile. “Let’s go to bed.” 


Keith was really surprised to find out how low your alcohol tolerance was. Watching you struggle to interact with people was funnier than watching Lance drunkenly flirt with everybody (male and female alike). 

The party that the paladins were invited to was coming to an end, and they were all beginning to come together to prepare to leave. The only one who wasn’t successfully found was you. 

Pidge stood on a nearby stool and looked around, placing her hands on her hips. “They couldn’t have gone far,” she said to herself, “they were so drunk I’m surprised they even made it halfway through without passing out.” She sighed and turned around, and saw you slumped against a counter on the other side of the room, hiding in the shadows. 

Keith rushed to help you. He shook your shoulder and watched your bleary eyes open a little. 

“Go away,” you mumbled, swatting his shoulder. “I have a boyfriend, and he’s-um… he’s the most handsomest person in the universe.” You cleared your throat and sat up straight, glaring at him through half-lidded eyes. “I love him, and he-he loves me, I think… we haven’t actually said that to each other yet, but that doesn’t matter wh-when it comes to love, and I’m in love with him.” 

That… makes no sense, Keith thought. “I’ve told you I love you,” he said. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.” 

“Is that you, Keithey?” 

Keith chuckled and put an arm around your waist, helping you up. “Yeah, it’s me,” he grunted. “Can you walk?”

“I had too many of those glowing green drinks,” you stated. “They were really good. They tasted like ruffles chips from home.” 

“That’s… disgusting.”

“Never let me have one again.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” 


You were slumped over next to Hunk, cradling an empty glass in your hand, swirling the bits of ice and its melted water. The energy you’d previously felt had slowly ebbed away, so you stumbled to the bar and sat by Hunk, whom you didn’t recognize. 

Hunk stared at his significant other, wondering how much effort it would require to get you back to the castle. He hoped Allura and Coran hadn’t had too much to drink. 

“Wanna get back to the castle?” Hunk suggested, turning his head to gaze at you. 

You snorted into your drink. “Heck no,” you said. “You aren’t my boyfriend. There’s no way I’m cheating on the love of my life. And I know he isn’t you because you’re not as tall as him, so back off, mister. I don’t like your petty height. My boyfriend is very tall, and he’s warm, and I love his tallness and warm…ness.” 

Hunk laughed softly and stood up. “Come on, let’s get you back to your room.” 

You smiled brightly at him. “Babe! Where have you been? I’ve been sitting here next to this… weirdo… for the past five minutes waiting for you!” 

“I’ve been trying to find you!” Hunk replied, playing along. “Come on, let’s get back to the castle.” 


Being very much underage and wanting to hold to her moral standards, Pidge did not want to drink. Also, Shiro kept a close eye on her the entire night. 

There wasn’t as much of a watch on you, however, and you’d soon drunk half of the alcohol at the party you and the Paladins attended. Well, maybe not that much, but it was a lot. 

“They’re going to have a pretty big hangover tomorrow morning,” Shiro muttered sometimes to Pidge. 

After saying this three times, Pidge decided that you’d had enough and needed to get back to the castle, have a big drink of water, and get you to bed. She needed to prepare herself mentally for the grouch that you were bound to be tomorrow. 

Pidge informed Shiro of her plan, and walked to the center of the room where you danced, crazily flailing your arms everywhere and jumping everywhere. 

Pidge took you by the arm and began to pull you away. You allowed yourself to be led until you were almost to the door. 

“I am not going anywhere with you,” you declared, ripping your arm out of Pidge’s hand. “I love my girlfriend more than anything in the world, and I’m not going to go anywhere with you. I love how short she is, and she probably has a really big brain, and-”

“Y/N, it’s me, Pidge. Some on, let’s get you to bed.” 

“No way. Katie, is that really you?”

Pidge laughed and nodded. “Yes, it’s me. Now come on, it’s time to go to sleep.” 


“Hey hey.” You tapped Shiro on the shoulder with wide eyes and a concerned expression on your face. “Have you seen my boyfriend?”

Shiro gave you a confused look. You were is significant other. Had you really had that much alcohol?

“He’s really tall, and he’s muscular, and he has a super cool metal arm. And he has a scar on his nose that he hates, but I think it’s really cute? Oh, when he’s asleep, I like to kiss him there. He has a white tuft of hair, and it’s really fluffy, and it’s fun to mess with when he’s asleep. And he’s really nice, and makes me feel like a princess–no, a queen! He makes me feel like a queen all the time, and I really like it when he kisses my jaw and my forehead, and he’s a really good kisser in general, and he likes to help people, and I really really love him more than anything else in the world, and did I mention he’s cute? Yeah, that’s wrong. He’s not cute, he’s super hot, and handsome, and very gentlemanly, and-”

Shiro, who had been standing there stunned while listening to you, surged forward and kissed you on the lips. “Sweetheart, you know I love you, right?”

“You’re my boyfriend,” you giggled. 

“Yeah I am. I am. And you know what? When you’re sober, I’m going to tell you all the things that I love about you, okay? Now let’s get you to bed.” He led you carefully back to the ship and made sure that you got to bed safely before going to his own room. He couldn’t believe how much you liked about him. 

  • [After Nick finds out Judy hung out with Jack]
  • Judy: Look, when it started I was just trying to be nice to him.
  • Judy: and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were..shopping.
  • Nick, while gasping: Oh my god..
  • Judy: wait, we only did it once,and we went to the worst stores I swear!
  • Nick: I can't believe you..
  • Judy: It didn't mean anything to me!
  • Nick, sarcastically: Yeah right, sure..
  • Judy: I was thinking about you the whole time, Nick!
  • Nick: That doesn't make me feel any better!!
  • Judy: Look, I'm sorry, I never meant for you to find out.
  • Nick: Okay Judy,I just have to know one thing..
  • Nick: Were his jokes funnier than mine?
  • Judy: ...
  • Nick, voice cracking: Okay..um..I just really need to not be with you right now.

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Hi! Who's content do you prefer Dan or Phil and do you think you'd be as invested in each of them if they never met but still did YouTube. Really think about this cause often people say they couldn't pick or they like Dan and Phil the same to not offend others

to your first question, i genuinely don’t find either of their solo content all that entertaining. if i had to pick, i’d say dan’s videos tend to be a bit more interesting and funnier, but i watch phil’s channel more because i find his demeanor more soothing and his channel has more dnp collabs. i look to their videos as a source of calm more than i look to it for entertainment, if that makes sense. to that end, i prefer dapg more than their individual channels for sure or even their live shows, because i think those platforms lead to their being more relaxed, natural, and, for my own preferences, more enjoyable to watch. which i suppose feeds into your second question–would i be as invested in them if they never met? almost certainly not. i’ve made no secret of the fact that my interest in them is a lot more to do with their dynamic and their relationship and the complexities of their career and their roles as public figures than it has to do with the actual content they make, so i def couldn’t see myself caring much about their content if there wasn’t all of this other stuff about them as a unit to think about alongside it and if it didn’t have their amazing chemistry and banter. i recognize that’s probs not the polite and courteous answer but i’m jst being honest hahaha

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What do you think is funnier, Flex Tape or Rat Chef?

Definitely flex tape. JonTron has a far more dynamic voice than Filthy Frank, so I find the delivery much more funny.

There was more absurdism over just gross out, too, and while people digging up rat corpses and attempting to feed them to a midget is inherently funny, I think JonTron gets more mileage out of his material.

Both are really good, but Flex Tape is just in a league of its own.

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I'm trying to write a character that's got the gift of the gab- He's quick tongued, very witty, a little self centered but ultimately knows how to get what he wants by talking rings around people. Obviously doesn't work on absolutely everyone, even getting him into trouble on occasion with it. Think along the lines of Yakko Warner or Groucho Marx. Unfortunately I'm not as eloquent as he will be, can you give any advice on how to write him or his dialogue?

Writing a Witty, Talkative Character

Well, while we may not speak a certain way, we can still be familiar with different patterns of speaking by observing. You have 2 great sources of inspiration, so I think the more exposure you give yourself to their style, the more natural you’ll be able to write it.

I recently did a marathon where I and a friend watched all 8 Harry Potter movies back-to-back-to-back (intense 20 hours, I can tell you), and I swear for the longest time afterwards, every thought that came in my head was in a British accent, and I live in Chicago so that’s not normal for me. I’ve even noticed that when I watch sitcoms or witty TV shows for a long time, I’ll start speaking in similar rhythms and patterns for a short time afterwards. So one thing you can do is increase your exposure to it. Find even more examples of characters you’re trying to model this character after and just binge watch it. It’ll help you adapt to it more naturally.

It also helps to break down exactly what it is that makes them so eloquent and/or witty.


Consider using puns if the opportunity arises. Sure, not everyone can come up with a great pun on command, but as a writer, you get to take a lot of time to think about it. When you’re writing your dialogue, think about the words he says and think of other meanings. “Comic strip” is a noun, but in this example it’s broken down into a noun + verb to create an unexpected twist of humor. 

You may also Google “great puns” or “punny jokes” and see if you can get inspired. Copyright with jokes is an iffy topic, because they are technically protected by copyright, but because they’re retold and distributed so heavily, it’s often difficult to find the original author. Regardless, I recommend you arrive at your own puns anyway - they’ll be more surprising and funnier that way.

So try to think outside the box when it comes to word definitions. 

Condescension and Confusion

Or as I like to call it, “Let me explain you a thing.” A character like this might make a show of explaining something, but it’s something completely non-serious, unimportant, and really far simpler than they make it sound. They don’t do it to be mean, but to be funny and perhaps create confusion. 

If your character is trying to get something, they might talk long-winded about an unrelated topic to distract the person from what they initially wanted. If they’re charming enough, they might convince the person to give in, or else get what they want without the person even knowing. 

A character like this might use way more words than they need to, or even obscure words, hoping the person might get confused trying to follow what they’re saying, and their confusion might work towards the character’s advantage. 

For now, I would do your best to just write lots and lots of words. Don’t worry if what the character is saying is particularly eloquent or funny at this point. If he uses his words to get what he wants, then experiment with just using words, any words. As you get practice and more exposure to characters like this, it’ll start to come a lot easier. 

INTP & Humor

eilamona (the original post - most posts below are replies directly to this):

I don’t think it’s very important to INTP that others see us as funny. I mean, we would rather take the label of smart, witty, creative, innovative, any day.

INTP jokes are usually witty comments, sarcasms, or puns. But I think a lot of INTPs realize that most people don’t understand our jokes, since we tend to comment on things people don’t really think about. They either stare at us weirdly, missed the joke completely, or actually think we’re not joking. So, we somewhat give up on being seen as the funny person early on.

A lot of INTPs find themselves funny in their head, though. And I’m sure any INTP would admit laughing out loud at their own thoughts at some point.


lebanesefeelings :

I often make very flat, literal puns. I just can’t waste when those opportunities arise in conversations (personally i’d say their witty..). It’s probably more annoying than funny though. Also I do laugh at my own thoughts and I use a lot of sarcasm.


This is exactly describe my relationship with being funny. Other things that’s funny or make me laugh are irony and tragedy hence most of people around me just tell me i’m weird or psychotic. Well that’s not a new information:))

giantsteppes :

Pretty true. My jokes are “subtweets”, deadpan comments full of elliptical references to things (characters, situations, stories, etc.) that illustrate the irony of the thing I am commenting on.


This it true, I am the funniest person I know but the majority of my jokes stay in my head

drakeignis7 :

Pretty much yeah… (=゚ω゚)ノ

sol4rplexus :

Ah… bull’s eye.

gas-on-my-handss :

Oh my goodness I do these things all the time

lylias :

This is absolutely & completely true. I gave up a loooong time ago to try and be funny in family gatherings cause they have 0 sense of humor or mine is too strong. I also personally love funny people & generally get crushes on smart but funny people.

eyebrowsraised :

I’m attracted to people who share my sense of humor and I can deliberately use humor as a means of getting closer to people sometimes.


I am an intp and it’s important for me to be thought of as funny or at least witty. I find it comforting in social situations if I think people find me funny, it makes me feel like I am doing something right.

asyrill :

Having a sense of humor is definitely important; it helps me get through the day and fuels the content for my comic strips. (also, my infj sister calls me goofy, and I am okay with that :))

thedubiousintp :

Sometimes I say things that I don’t think/realize is funny, but then everyone else is laughing. Usually happens when I make observations about something.

dewdrop156 :

(intp here) I love being funny and making people laugh with my weird witty outlandish jokes, I was actually just talking about this with a friend and I just really don’t like being super serious and making people laugh makes me happy


I’m an INTP and I do like telling jokes. But I can’t tell them very well and they’re definitely “off-color”. I find “off-color” jokes to be much funnier, in general, than SFW jokes.

fueledbyc8h10n4o2 :

I’m very deadpan and sarcastic, and definitely utilize alot of puns. I wouldn’t say it matters if *other people* think I’m funny because at least I amuse myself. I keep most comments to myself because they’re usually off colour and not well received


As an INTP I can confirm that my sense of humor is definitely NSFW. Gilbert Gottfried definitely has the best version of The Aristocrats joke.


Holy shit the joke thing is too real. I’ll say something, obviously as a joke, then receive a blank stare followed by a “what!?” in return. Otherwise everything else is very deadpan or timely.


My mom and dad playing a game with friends - “What kinda pie do you call your wife?” Friend 1: Sweetie pie Friend 2: Honey pie Friend 3: Cherry pie INTP dad: Magpie Hilarity ensues

Jealous of Caspar (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

You were sat laughing on Joe’s sofa at your laptop screen when he arrived back at the flat.

‘What’s so funny?’ He asked leaning over the back of the sofa and giving you a kiss on the cheek.

‘I’m just catching up on Caspar’s videos’ you told him as he kicked off his shoes.

'Oh ok what one are you watching?’

'He’s telling stories to the people in the Hyde park, he’s so funny!’

'Yeah, he’s a pretty funny guy’ Joe agreed with you as Caspar walked through the front door joining you both.

'Caspar this video is hilarious!’ you told him and Caspar came to sit beside you so he could see what it was you were watching.

'Yeah I got a lot of strange looks that day’

'Nothing new there then’ you joked and Caspar elbowed you playfully. 'Aren’t you guys back early anyway?’ you asked thinking you’d only been sat there for a few minutes.

'No it’s 3 o'clock, that’s when we said we’d be back’ Joe commented.

'What? That means I’ve been sat watching these videos for an hour, Caspar you’re so funny I got carried away with watching you’ you remarked not noticing as Joe walked off downstairs.

'Thanks Y/N I knew I always liked you, did you see the one from last month when I played twister with Tyler?’

'Yes! I was dying at the noises you guys were making’

'I know, Tyler’s great isn’t he Joe?’ Caspar looked up to realise Joe had disappeared.

'Where’d he go?’ You asked standing up, it was unlike Joe to walk away from a conversation. You walked downstairs and found Joe sat on his bed scrolling through his phone.

'What happened?’ You questions him sitting down at his side 'How come you’re down here on your own’

'You and Caspar were getting on so well that I didn’t want to third wheel’ Joe replied sarcastically.

'What?’ Your face screwed up in annoyance.

'Caspar so funny, Caspar’s great, look at Caspar’s videos’ Joe mocked making you angry.

'Caspar’s my friend’ you defended. 'He’s our friend, where’s this all coming from Joe?’

'I don’t know’ he shook his head 'it just annoys me’

'Joe Sugg don’t tell me you’re jealous’ you raised a teasing brow at him with a smirk on your face.

'I can’t help it’ he shrugged 'I feel like you think his videos are funnier than mine’

'Does it really matter? Yes I find Caspar funny, but you’re the one that I love’

'I love you too’ Joe smiled feeling better about your relationship.

'Good because I was really hoping we could do something that I can’t do with Caspar’ you whispered leaning in closer to him. Joe’s actions mirrored yours. You felt him smile against your lips as he leaned back allowing you to straddle yourself on top of him.

Joe never questioned your friendship with Caspar again after that afternoon.

'Scream Queens' Finale Killer Speaks: Lea Michele Interview
The star also gives hints about what a possible second season of the horror series might look like.

When were you told the truth about Hester?

I was literally told when the script came out. And actually, I was in New York with Emma [Roberts] and Keke [Palmer] doing a press event for the show and I was at this event and I hadn’t gotten the script yet because I wasn’t in New Orleans. And Keke had just gotten to New York from New Orleans and she had gotten the script, so I was like, “Oh, did you guys get the final script?” And Keke was like, “Yes, did you not read it?” And I said, “No. Who is it?” And she said, “It’s you!” I was like, “You’re lying.” “No, it’s really you and you get away with it.” Are you kidding me? And then I had to ask Ryan, obviously, and he was like, “Are you happy?” I said, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” He approached me with this role a year ago now, and he said, “Yeah, I think this will be good for you. And I think it will give people a chance to see you in a different light. You’ll get to be really funny.” And he didn’t give me a clue about what would happen. Not a clue.

So you were genuinely surprised by the reveal?

Yes. I had a feeling that I was in some way involved but not that it was all me. I really thought it was all Oliver [Hudson]. I thought it was Oliver the whole time.

Was that your theory the whole time?

Him or Skyler [Samuels].

Keep reading

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I usually don’t talk about Doge but it’s really a necessary conversation to have when talking about meme culture. I think it’s a prime example of some areas of memes that I think about the most; template humor, meme hypocrisy, comic sans, meme capitalism, etc. 

I could honestly write an essay on doge and how it represents memes as a whole but for now I will say that I feel quite detached from it as a whole. Judging the meme in a vacuum I’d say it’s alright. It’s cute, it’s innocent. Dogs making funny faces is always a good time. I find the posts that inspired Doge funnier than Doge itself but you’ll have to talk to Matt about those

But what really fascinates me about Doge is the public response to it and how it took off on a consumer level. I wish I could say more but I literally do not have the time to right now. I could go on for hours

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I've seen comments fans have made about how jared (and sometimes jensen) kind of prank (or: bully and sabotage) misha on set, which he seems to take in stride, but fans have pointed out the power disparity since he can't retaliate much; and sometimes it seems to me that he kind of truly isn't ok with it but can't really say anything about it publicly. I was just curious if you had any info on his feelings there? Or if there were interviews I'd missed? I've only seen a handful of videos on it.

Well, sure, he’s talked about it .. it’s pretty easy to find by searching for “pranks” and Misha’s name on Youtube. But you’re right about the disparity of power thing. Misha mentioned it once, though I don’t know exactly when, but he says that Jared likes to point out that his name is first on the call sheet* and he also tells the crew not to help Misha deal with the pranks. From the tone of the story, I could tell he meant it as a joke, but it’s still true.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure that someone would talk about a prank as a joke in public (especially in front of cameras) even if it really did bother them because that’s just what you do. It’s polite, right? So though I can point you to Misha talking about it, I can’t tell you how he really feels about it. I’m not a mind-reader.

The latest thing that got fans upset (that I’m aware of) was a story from Alaina Huffman’s Q&A that Jared tried to take a picture of Misha peeing and Misha threw Jared’s phone into the toilet.

When this story was repeated, an anon sent a message to the person who originally posted it and said, “I did a [meet and greet] with Misha, and he was talking about something Jared did and his voice/face changed and I was suddenly aware that what Jared had done was 100 percent not cool with Misha, that it had hurt him and bothered him. It is something I never talked about because it came up during J2s panel and is laughed about as a "aw Jared” thing. […] it makes me wonder, if THAT thing wasn’t cool (and it wasn’t even close to ‘filming in the bathroom’) what else isn’t cool?“

I’m sure what Jared did would make a lot of people uncomfortable if it happened to them. But we don’t know if it made Misha uncomfortable - or if it even happened. It’s very easy for things to get exaggerated in retelling. And the anon’s story depends on how they interpreted Misha’s tone of voice and facial expression. It’s possible that someone else at that same meet and greet got a different impression from what he said. It’s all speculation.

And it’s worth pointing out that Misha’s prank against Jared (sending him a dildo) seems to involve credit card fraud. Jared didn’t seem to really mind it, though.

Honestly, I think part of this might be a gender difference. When we don’t know how someone feels, we tend to put ourselves in their place and try to imagine how we would feel. And I know I would feel uncomfortable with some of Jared’s pranks if I were in Misha’s position. However, guys seem to find pranks funnier than girls do, and I don’t know why. Maybe they don’t, maybe they just pretend to find it funny. I don’t think I’d feel okay with a male coworker sending me a dildo in the mail, but I might feel differently about it if I were a guy and the coworker was someone I knew really well.

In the reverse, I don’t think that the cast is aware that any of the fans might feel uncomfortable hearing stories about their pranks because it reminds them of their experience being harassed or bullied. Other fans ask for funny stories about pranks, and that encourages the pranking itself and spreads the mentality that this kind of behavior is condoned. I can see why that makes some fans upset. I’ve been sexually harassed at work myself, but I’ve also had the kind of relationships with coworkers where we could joke around and it didn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. I don’t think jokes are the problem; the problem is people who assume that you are comfortable with something without asking you if you are okay with it first.

And that’s why I’m answering this question, even though it involves a lot of speculation. I don’t think it’s our place to try to figure out what someone else feels about something. That’s none of our business. However, I do think it’s worth pointing out that some fans have legitimate reasons to be upset when they hear these stories. I think it’s important that we talk about this!

THE SHORT VERSION: Only Misha gets to say what he’s okay with and what he’s not okay with, and I don’t know what that is.

*In other words, Jared has top billing.