i think i finally found my otp

I have become Undertale trash…OH WELL! Finals can wait for an hour to do this right? ;w;

Anyway, I think I found this to be a good ship~ Not enough love for good ol Asriel.

Anyway, I think they are a cute ship so why not? Seems the most legit with them being the same age (supposedly). And I honestly cannot decide how I wanted Frisk to look like…SO I WAS LIKE WHY NOT BOTH??? Imagine how cute that would be?? A kid that can change his gender at will? *shot down for weird ideas help*

So yeah, not my OTP (that is reserved for SansxToriel~) and just thought this would be a nice breaker into the fandom…with a BOOM! *flees from the scene*

10 things about me

I nearly typed 19 because I had a cold shiver. Someone walked on my grave 😂😂😂.

10 things eh? Okay.

1. I have never dated anyone and I’m still in school. I’m happy and don’t need no boyfriend at this time in my life.

2. I’ve been playing video games since I was four, starting with Final Fantasy and moving on to Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Uncharted.

3. Me and my brother are currently going through the Uncharted serves again and we are currently on the fourth game. If any of you have played it, don’t spoil it. I like mentally preparing myself for any feels.

4. I have found my otp in Nathan Drake and Elenar Fisher. They’re canon but jesus me they be too good for my soul.

5. I think my first video game character crush was Nathan Drake when I was, like, nine or ten. Forgot about it until the ending of the third game and niw I don’t know if I’m jealous or just trying to keep my emotions at bay.

6. My art protect is about video games and history within them (Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Uncharted. Probably SLBP too) and my teachers are fascinated like crazy.

7. I think my brother knows I like Nate from Uncharted… SAVE MEH


9. I have Nate’s theme stuck in my head…
(links are at the end)

10. I’m only doing the full A-level for Government&Politics, Art and Drama.

Here are the links:
1st game: https://youtu.be/9KJbBvMR5bo

2nd game: https://youtu.be/nkPF5UiDi4g

3rd game: https://youtu.be/CeUYzDgs498

  • Hux: *thinking about Matt the Radar Technician*
  • Kylo: *reading Hux's mind* So, General, are you seeing anyone lately?
  • Hux: Not that it's any of your business, but yes, actually.
  • Kylo: Oh really? Who?
  • Hux: *annoyed* I'm not going to tell you his name, but just so you know, he's a marvelous person and actually the complete opposite of you.
  • Kylo: *gets jelous of himself*

Gaaaaah I am just exploding with Puzzleshipping feels tonight! I just- I think I finally found the words to say why it’s my OTP. Why I can go ‘Yeah, peachshipping is cute and wishshipping has some awesome feels behind it and liberashipping is such an intriguing dynamic with great growth potential but PUZZLESHIPPING’

It’s because of who Yuugi becomes in that dynamic.

I shipped it since the Otogi/Dice/Fire arc.

It breaks my heart how much Atem clearly cares and how HE acts with Yuugi.

But Yuugi-

He becomes so flipping STRONG and VIBRANT and AMAZING because of Atem!

Not in imitation, not in measuring up to him, not in contrast- Just BECAUSE OF HIM.

Just, the whole Millennium World arc- Yuugi’s inner monologues and demeanor as he wanders through the Puzzle labyrinth and the memory city and dueling Bakura- He is just so ALIVE in a way I don’t recall anywhere else in the series, all because he wants to find Atem. Help Atem. Get back to Atem.

That’s not just some simple need to get back a protector or prove himself to his other self- That’s just what Atem as a pure motivation DOES for him!

And that’s why I will die with this ship. Because their dynamic is amazing, and the story is heart wrenching, and Atem becomes as warm as a fresh brownie from the oven- But what it does for YUUGI.

Yuugi is amazing with Atem.

The Royals Season  2 Finale

The Royals has blown me away with all of the character development this season especially for our favorite dysfunctional Royal family. I almost cried at how far the four of them have come as characters and how they have grown this season. I honestly think King Simon!rip would be very proud of them. Shoutout to Jasper “007” Frost who wins for most character development for the season and poor Liam for not killing Ted. Ted is likely dead and if not prison or worst, Cyrus you suck ha sorry never sorry tbh, Robert is alive(i think) aka holy shit what a twist, Simon is avenged, and Jeleanor is officially back on. I am ALIVE from the hand holding to her little smile at the end. BLESS, they have finally found themselves on the SAME PAGE. My OTP has risen from the ashes like the phoenix. Can you tell I am happy? Like plz don’t ruin it next season! It has been a hell of a ride. See you all next season!!! 

Hello lovelies! I wrote this little shamy oneshot based on this picture. I saw it on my dash and someone had asked to fanfic this, so a tried. Let me know what you think of it. :)

It’s been a rough day for Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He spent all day in his office trying to figure out a way to finally resolve the problem which has been on his white board for over a month now. After he returned from lunch, he found Leslie Winkle in his office.

“What are you doing in my office?”
“Hello to you too, dumbass!”

He was too tired to fight, he shot her a death glare and went to sit behind his desk. He was in no mood for a childish fight, even against one of his mortal enemies. He was about to sit on his chair when he let out a gasp. He looked at Leslie with wide eyes and rushed to his white board.

“How..how..dare you touch my work?!” He was furious.
“Calm down dumbass, I just resolved your problem, you should thank me.” Leslie said with a smirk, her absolute satisfaction was to see Sheldon like this.
“You don’t have the right!” he shouted at her. He was really angry.
“You’re welcome, I just saved your research.” She said while turning to reach the door.
“YOU HAVE TWO STRIKES WINKLE!” He was red with anger. She left with a proud smile which made him even more furious.
He slammed his fist on the desk, but he regretted it right after as he let out a moan of pain. He gathered his things and went straight to Leonard’s lab.

“Leonard! I need you to take me home!”
“Buddy I can’t I am in the middle of an experiment, sorry you will have to take the bus.”

Sheldon was angry, sad, betrayed. He left his roommate’s lab, not without slamming the door, and went to the bus station near Cal-Tech.
He wanted to go to his girlfriend’s lab but he remembered that she was working on a very important research, and she was running out of time so he didn’t want to disturb her.
The only thing that made him happy, was the fact that tonight was date night, so she will spend the evening with him.

He finally arrived at his apartment and went straight to bed. He was so angry, and tired, he fell asleep a few minutes later.
He woke up in a jump. He felt someone stroking his cheek.

“Sorry Sheldon I didn’t meant to scare you.” Amy said, with a smile, quickly removing her hand.
“No, it’s okay. What are you doing here?”
“Well, it’s date night, remember? I knocked on the door, called you, but you didn’t answer. I was worried so I asked Leonard to open the door for me. And I found you asleep.” She was calm, but she knew that something was wrong with her boyfriend.
“Alright. Sorry, my nap took way longer than expected. I had a rough day.”
She knew he may want to talk about it, but didn’t want to rush him.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She said, slowly putting her hand on his shoulder.
He softened at her touch and sat properly on his bed. He cleared his throat and looked directly in her emerald eyes. She shot him a reassuring smile and turned to face him.
“Remove your coat and shoes and sit with me.” He said, removing the blankets to show her where she was supposed to be.
She was chocked, but didn’t wanted to show it, too afraid he might take back his offer. She quickly removed her shoes, folded her coat and put it on the chair next to the bed and gently climbed on the bed, next to him. She shifted under the covers and gave Sheldon a warm smile. She sat properly and was ready to listen.
“Okay, I am listening.”

He began talking, about his research, on how he was stuck, and when he reached the Leslie Winkle part, his voice was rising and his face was red with anger.
Amy listened carefully, but when she saw how upset and hurt her boyfriend was, she didn’t controlled herself and took his hand in hers. He stopped talking and looked at their interlaced fingers.

He looked at her and saw a beautiful and loving woman, listening to her man without complaining. He felt grateful, to have a woman so beautiful, smart, caring and all his. He gently placed his strong arms around her and laid them both on the bed. Her face was on his chest, his arms around her body, and they stayed here cuddling without a word. Simply savoring the moment together.

MCU Ladies Week: Day 3 - Favorite Scene


“Jewel is a great superhero name!”

“It’s a stripper’s name.”

Oh wow, where do I start with this scene. As soon as I saw it while binge watching Jessica Jones during finals week (not my smartest move), it stayed in my thoughts and I found it to be such a substantial part of the show as well as both Jessica’s and Trish’s characters. I think it’s an adorable scene and it shows their relationship extremely well, as well as showcasing the Jewel costume which was very exciting for me.

Why SQ is based on facts (meta)

Some time ago, I noticed a parallel between two scenes where Rumple/Emma are tempted by darkness and pulled out of it by Belle/Regina. I made a post about it, and it also gave me the idea to study more closely this trope all through the series. I was hoping it would give me some solid ground to defend my position about SQ being my OTP, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I found.  
I rewatched the whole series and listed all of the scenes where a character wants to give in to darkness (or at least is tempted to make a selfish/cowardly decision) and finally chooses not to, because someone else convinces them to change their mind. I think it’s particularly relevant, in terms of character development, to know who is the person who brings out the best in a character when he or she is at its lowest point. So here are some facts. I will keep Emma and Regina for the end, because I have to prove my point first, but if you’re patient enough to bear with me and read all of this long stuff, I promise it all leads to SwanQueen.  


There are two moments when Snow  is helped into choosing goodness over darkness.  
In episode 1x16 (FTL), she has drunk a potion to forget everything about Charming, and she goes on a revenge trip. She wants to kill the Evil Queen with an enchanted arrow, but Charming convinces her not to by taking the arrow and explaining to her that he’s ready to die if it means keeping the darkness out of her heart.  She kisses him right after that, and her memory is returned.
In episode 3x02, Regina makes an offer to Snow : she can have peace in exile if she doesn’t fight for the kingdom, which might be considered selfish. The whole episode shows us that Charming does whatever he can to convince her that she can’t give up, that she has to fight for her people instead of choosing the easy way out. And eventually she agrees with him.


Agreed, in episode 2x07, when David almost shoots Albert Spencer after he framed him, Ruby is here and she says : « don’t ». But she doesn’t insist, so it seems to me that he makes the decision to spare him mostly by himself. And also, we have to notice that at this time, Mary Margaret and Emma are still in FTL. So, Ruby is the closest person to David actually present in Storybrooke.
In episode 4x17, Mary Margaret is the one who convinces David not to destroy the page of the storybook in which the author is trapped, and to tell Emma the truth, even if it means she’s going to hate them.


In episode 2x11, when Gold has the possibility of killing Hook on the deck of his ship, Belle persuades him to spare his arch nemesis. This scene is, in my opinion, quite symbolic of their relationship : Belle always tries to lead him towards light and goodness. Baelfire tries that too. He’s not really successful in the short term, so there’s no precise scene to analyse, but all his efforts lead to his father sacrificing his life to save him from Pan.


The only moment when we can see Cora giving up on one of her schemes is in episode 2x09. She has planned to pretend she’s dead in order to kill Regina by surprise, but when she hears her daughter tell her that she’s her weakness because she loves her, Cora changes her plans.


In episode 4x11, the words and memories of her sister Gerda, written in a letter and transmitted by Anna (who looks a lot like her mother), convince Ingrid to let go of her desire to destroy everyone. She sacrifices herself because she’s overwhelmed by the love and acceptance of the family she so much desired. Her sisters are clearly shown to be the most important persons for her, and she has no love interest or child that we know of.


Ok I know everyone won’t agree with me here, but what I see going on with Hook in this kind of scenes actually comes out of favour to SwanQueen.
It seems to me that generally speaking, Hook tries to do his best, because he wants to be worthy of Emma or at least to be loved by her. Although, there’s only one precise scene where he’s comfronted to the tempation to make a selfish choice and is talked out of it by someone.
In episode 2x22, when he has the last magical bean, Emma gives him this big speech about him being part of the team, asking him to help them. At first, he sails away, but eventually, he comes back to help.  
I think we can all agree on the fact that she’s the most important person in his life, even if he’s not as important to her.

PARTIAL CONCLUSION : In EVERY CASE, the person who leads a character towards the light, when they are tempted to give in to their inner darkness, is the most important person in their life (Snow for Charming and vice versa, Regina for Cora, Emma for Hook, her sisters for Ingrid, Belle and Bae for Gold). Now, let’s see what happens when it’s about Regina or Emma.


When it comes to Regina, Henry is (almost) always the one to keep her from going dark :
- in 2x01, when she pins David to a wall and is about to kill him, after Emma and MM have been sucked into the hat.
- in 2x02, when she kind of kidnaps Henry, but in the end lets him go live with David.
- in 2x09, when she stops the curse on the portal, which would have killed Emma and MM. Actually, I don’t know if this one counts, because she doesn’t want to kill them, she’s just afraid of her mother and trying to do the best thing to protect Henry. Anyway.
- in 2x17, when she’s about to cast a love curse on him/kill MM.
But in one scene, it’s actually Emma who talks Regina out of doing something too evil. In Neverland (episode 3x09), Regina is ready to torture the Lost Boys in order to have some informations on Henry’s whereabouts. Emma asks her not to, and Regina agrees. It’s a small scene, but I think it’s important because it shows trust, a trust related to the fact – in my opinion – that earlier in the season Emma has stood against MM when Regina wanted to use a Lost Boy’s heart to talk to Henry. Emma has shown that she’s able to make difficult decisions in desperate situations, and Regina values that.


In episode 1x21, Emma tries to run away with Henry. She feels really lost, she doesn’t know what’s best for her son, so as her mother states, she reverts to her old ways. Henry takes drastic measures to keep her from living Storybrooke, and Mary Margaret literally scolds her about it, saying she’s being selfish. The purpose of this scene is to help shifting their relationship from friendly to filial, just before the finale. MM is the most important person in her life at this point, besides Henry. His desperate attempt to talk Emma out of living town with him, along with the accident he provokes, plays a huge part in her final decision, and so does her conversation with MM.  
I haven’t found any other scene in which Emma is tempted to make the wrong choice and talked out of it by someone else, except in episode 4x20… Do I have to talk about episode 4x20 ? Ok if you really insist.
During season 4B, Regina states several times that she intents to protect Emma’s heart from darkness, and it becomes a reality in « Lily », first when she keeps her from punching the guy in the hallway, and mostly when she talks her out of killing Lily in cold blood. It’s possible that Hook also plays a small part in Emma’s decision : before she lives Storybrooke, he asks her to resist the darkness, to think about her life and family. But the writers chose to make Regina the one who is actually here when Emma is on the verge of giving in to her dark impulses.
In my opinion, she’s been protecting Emma’s light for a long time. In Neverland (episode 3x05), when MM is concerned after Emma decided to take the Lost Boy’s heart, Regina explains : « She didn’t, I did, that’s what I’m here for. One happy family. » (actually, she looks directly at Emma while saying the last part).
So, who can keep Emma away from darkness ? Her mother and her son, at first, and then Regina. 

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that any of this make their relationship a romantic one (even if personnally, I think it is). But I see a pattern here. Why would Emma or Regina be treated differently than any other character ? Like I said, there are only one or two persons able to bring out the best out of every character at defining moments. And it’s always the most important person in their life at said point of the show. I don’t see why the same logic wouldn’t apply when it comes to the two ladies. So what I’m saying is, the most important persons in Regina’s life are Henry, and Emma. And the most important persons in Emma’s life are her mother, her son, and Regina. Hook would like to be the one who protects Emma’s light (« I hope I am », he says in episode 4x21), but I don’t think he is, not as much as Regina, anyway. Or that’s not what the writers have chosen to show us so far.

NB : I didn’t take into account some scenes including secondary characters, because they are linked to the story only by their relationship with one of the main characters. But to be exhaustive, here is the list:
- Emma plays a great part in convincing Sean to be a father for Ashley’s baby, in episode 1x04. She also convinces Michael Tillman to take care of his two kids, in episode 1x09. She thus proves herself as the savior.
-Henry, in the mines (episode 1x05) gives Archie the courage to stand up against Regina. He thus proves himself as the truest believer. 

Feel free to tell me if I have forgotten any, or if you disagree on anything !

‘Those are Oliver’s things’- Olicity Fluff
  • Words: 939, 
  • Chapters: 1/1, 
  • Language: English
  • Fandoms: Arrow (TV 2012)
  • Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak,

A/N: This is my first ever Olicity story so please be nice I’m so scared to share this omg. I just had so many feels and I needed a place to write them

Imagine your OTP doesn’t say, “I love you” they say, “I can’t lose you” and “I believe in you” instead.

She’s never really said them, the three words that Oliver uses so often to her now. She has always found them so final. Of course she loved him. Did she really have to say that to him for him to understand? Does he think she does all of this for fun?
“You don’t love Ray…”
Her mother’s words rang around in her head like church bells for the millionth time just this morning. She was right. No matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise and as much as she hated to admit it, she doesn’t love Ray. She cares for him a lot and she couldn’t thank him enough for all he has done for her. He’s a nice man, a kind man, a very very rich man… but he isn’t Oliver. 

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