i think i fell in love

I don’t know why I let myself believe we would be in each other’s lives forever… in retrospect it was such a childish notion. I don’t know how I ever thought it would work… I just did. I simply believed that somehow everything would work itself out and we’d be in each other’s lives forever. I suppose it was because you were such a unique and irreplaceable person. I knew I would never stop loving you and would certainly never want you out of my life, and being the person that I am I couldn’t imagine ever hurting you or doing anything to make you want to leave. In my mind it seemed reasonable to think something so amazing could last indefinitely… so I let myself hope… I allowed myself to dream. I gave myself permission to believe in something that felt certain but in reality could never have worked and was doomed to fail from the start. So when the reality of the situation finally tripped me up and I fell down, I had only myself to blame because I should have known better. Life is not a fairy tale with happily ever after’s. And as simple as love can be – and it really was so easy with you – life is what’s complicated, and I think perhaps it was more convenient to forget that for a while. To pretend things could have been different… that this was that one special time when all my bad luck would finally balance out and everything would go right for me. I made a decision with my heart, and the heart loves to ignore facts it doesn’t want to acknowledge because they ruin the dream. And the sad fact is that the dream is now gone and I have no one to blame for this emptiness but myself.

In regards of my artwork Black & Gold:

#wait HOLY SHIT#IS THIS JUST COINCIDENCE OR IN REFERENCE TO THE SONG BY SAM SPARRO#because this song gets a whole new level in connection with Solas#like… religion in general in that universe#I think my mind is being blown right now

@medeadea No, it’s actually not hahah

But! You did piqued my interest in the said song so I searched for it on Youtube and instantly fell in love! I love the whole black tie costume used for the music video so I drew Solas in it.

I hope it’s an appropriate appreciation to Black & Gold by Sam Sparro!

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What was Jefferson's relationship with his wife like?

Thomas Jefferson in his own thoughts and words, did not believe his life had started until he met his wife. In Martha “Patty” Wayles Skelton, Thomas Jefferson found a woman who spoke his language. She was five and half years younger than her new husband and she was beautiful, musically inclined, well-read–he adored her. Patty and Thomas both shared tastes in literature and wife-ranging conversation. One described the Jeffersons “A couple… well calculated and disposed to communicate knowledge and pleasure.” Their nights were filled with music, wine and talk–they talked of everything. He confided in her about politics. A granddaughter recalled of Patty’s “passionate attachment” to Jefferson and her “exalted opinion of him.”Jefferson’s “conduct as a husband had been admirable in its ensemble, charming in its detail.” 

“But it was always so with him,” Mrs. Jefferson is said to have remarked, “he is so good himself, that he cannot understand how bad other people may be.” Mr. Jefferson once gently rebuked her for reminding eldest daughter, Patsy, of an old childhood crime. “My dear, a fault in so young a child once punished should be forgotten.” Patty had a temper but in her relationship with her husband, was “completely subdued by her exceeding affection for him.” Patty could reassure and clam her husband, who was given to worry and restlessness. Easing Thomas Jefferson’s emotional tension was a difficult task, one that she was fluent in. 

Jefferson undertook legal work for John Wayles (father of Patty) beginning in 1768. The widow immediately was appealing to Jefferson. At first it was a pursuit in which he worked for and by 1771, he was in full press. He wrote a romantic and poetical description of her to a correspondent. A pair of competing suitors once arrived at the Forest (the Wayles’s plantation), where they heard Patty and Thomas playing and singing beautifully together. Looking at one another, the two callers were said to have recognized the inevitable and departed without announcing themselves (Meacham 56). Jefferson was determined to to have her and to five her the best of everything. 

Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton on New Year’s day 1772. He was twenty-eight; she was twenty-three. The Anglican ceremony was held at her father’s house and the celebrations ran for several days. On their marriage license, dated December 20, 1771, Jefferson mistakenly referred to her as a “spinster” and crossed it out and inserted “widow”. Their first child, Martha, nicknamed Patsy, was born at one in the morning of Sunday, September 27th, 1772. The Jeffersons remained at the Forest for some day before setting out for Monticello through ever-worsening snowy weather. As they approached for Monticello through worsening snowy weather. As they approached Shadwell (Jefferson’s childhood home) and Monticello, the snow had grown too deep for their phaeton to continue. He and Patty then got on horseback and pressed on through the forest, wind, ice, snow and gathering darkness (Meacham 58). A sunset, they began their ascent, slowly and miserably taking the mountain’s 867 feet. When the arrived, they were found unexpected and the fires were out. Their was a bottle of wine left out. 

After a week or so they moved on to Elk Hill which belonged to Patty. Patty Jefferson was a careful housekeeper. She saw to fresh supplies of meat, eggs, butter and fruit; while also supervising the making of beer and soap. She personally directed the work of the kitchen on more sophisticated foods. “Mrs. Jefferson would come out there with a cookery book in her hand and read out of it to Isaac’s mother how to make cakes, tarts and so on,” recalled Isaac Granger Jefferson, a slave of Monticello. A German officer, founding the Jeffersons charming and engaging. Patty Jefferson gave birth to a second daughter on Sunday, April 3rd, 1774. She was named Jane Jefferson. Jefferson proved an attentive husband and father. His book notes that purchase of “breast pipes” glass devices that were used in the breastfeeding of infants. Martha’s account book tracks her daily work, including supervising the slaughter of ducks, turkeys, hogs, sheep and lambs. She also managed the slaves in the household.

After taking leave of his duties, Thomas spent much of September 1775 at Monticello with his family. Tragically, their daughter Jane at only a year and a half, died. After her loss, his letters home were marked with an almost obsessive concern for Patty and little Patsy (Meacham 93). Arriving back in Philadelphia, Jefferson returned to his work, but his mind was still on Patty. It was during this time that he confided with her on political matters. Patty fell ill and all he got in return was silence with no word from her. Tuesday, October 31st, 1775, he was even more worried: “I have set apart nearly one day in every week since I came here to write letters”. Eight day later he was desperate: “I have never received the scrip of a pen from any moral in Virginia since I left it, nor been able by any enquirers I could make to hear of my family”. Topped with the overwhelming anxiety of a possible British invasion of Virginia; he was beset from each side. Jefferson made plans for Patty and his family to escape in the event of violence, plans that included his joining them in presumably safe territory. He began to think of inoculating his family against smallpox. 

Patty stayed in Virginia and due to her health, she was unable to travel. “I am here in the same uneasy anxious state in which I was the last fall without Mrs. Jefferson who would not come with me.” In 1776, with Jefferson at work in the Continental Congress, Patty suffered a miscarriage. Thomas was unable to rest easy about his wife, desperately watching out for letters from her hand. Jefferson hated not hearing, and he feared the worst. Patty Jefferson was a good and loving wife. Jefferson’s own sisters fells for Patty as well, “she commanded his respect by her good sense and domestic virtue, and his admiration and love by her wit, her vivacity, and her agreeable person and manners. Drawn to public life, he still longed to be home with her family. His wife’s health remained such a concern that Jefferson sought to leave Philadelphia to return to Patty in Virginia: “I receive by every post such accounts of the state of Mrs. Jefferson’s health, that it will be impossible for me to disappoint her expectation of seeing me and the time I have promised, which supposed my leaving this place on the 11th of next month.” Jefferson wrote Richard Henry Lee, begging him to relieve him of his duty. 

Finally, Jefferson was relieved and rode from Philadelphia to Monticello in early autumn of 1776. He was relived to be with his wife and with Patsy. He spent his non-working hours with his family. Though, Jefferson faced another decision, the congress requested reliable men to represent America’s interests in France and elected a delegation to go to Paris to make an alliance between the France and the Americans. One was Thomas Jefferson and he asked his messenger to await his reply. Given to Patty’s health, she could not go to France. Thomas gave his choice–he would not go. May 28th, 1777, Patty gave birth to a son. The little boy only lived seventeen days. If they gave him a name, it is not recorded. Patty was soon pregnant again. August 1st, 1778, she gave birth to a daughter, Mary “Polly” Jefferson. 

Despite her illness and pregnancies, Patty Jefferson reminded resilient and recorded the domestic details of life at Monticello in an account book. When governor of Virginia in 1781, the British troops began moving towards Richmond on Friday, January 5th. Robert Hemings and James Hemings drove Patty and the rest of the Jefferson family to safety at a piece of property Jefferson owned on Fine Creek, west of the capital. Lucy Elizabeth, born six months prior, died at about ten in the morning in April 1781. Jefferson chose to stay with Patty the next week after the death, declining to attend a meeting of the state council (Meacham 137). When the British marched on Monticello he summoned a carriage for his family and sent them to a nearby plantation for safety. Jefferson caught up with the family much later and they sought refuge at Polar Forest. Patty soon added a new member to the family; Lucy Elizabeth, after the sister who had recently died. Her condition was terrible, but it only worsened. 

Martha “Patty” Jefferson was dying. By early summer 1782, she was confined to her bed. Days passed to months and Jefferson “was never out.” He was either at her bed or in a small room nearby that opened onto hers. “Her eyes ever rested on him, ever followed him.” According to family, “When he spoke, no other sound could reach her ear of attract her attention. When she waked from slumber she looked momentarily alarmed and distressed, and even appeared to be frightened, if the customary form was not bending over her, the customary look upon her.” She had the strength enough to begin writing some lines from Sterne–they were from Tristram Shady–on a small piece of paper. 

Time wastes too fast: every letter

I trace tells me with what rapidity

Life follows my pen. The days and hours

Of it are flying over our heads like

Clouds of windy day never return–

More every thing presses on–

She faded at this point and Thomas finished the passage for her:

And ever

Time I kiss thy hand to bid adieu, every absence which

Follow it, are preludes to that eternal separation

Which we are shortly to make!

Sterne’s message here is tragic, unrelenting so, for even moments of human communion and love are seen not as fulfilling in themselves but ephemeral: a stark yet realistic vision of life. Nearly noon on Friday, September 6th, 1782, when the end arrived. “When she came to the children, she wept and could not speak for some time. Finally she held up her hand, and… told him she could not die happy if she thought her… children were ever to have a stepmother brought in over them.” Patty was only thinking of her children and their happiness. At a quarter to twelve on that Friday, Patty Jefferson died. In the final moments, Thomas’s sister Martha Carr had to help the grieving husband from his wife’s bedside. He was “in a state of insensibility”, when she got him out of the room and to the library, where he fainted. Thomas stayed unconscious for such an extended period of time that they all feared he would not wake. 

When he did some to, he was incoherent and surrendered to grief and possibly–rage. The is a hint that he lost all control in the calamity of Patty’s death. According to Patsy, “The scene that followed I did not witness… but the violence of his emotion, when, almost by stealth, I entered his room by night, to this day I dare not describe to myself.” He kept in his room for three weeks and “walked incessantly night and day, only laying down occasionally, when nature was completely exhausted, on a pallet that had been brought in during his long fainting fits.” The Jefferson sisters even came. He could not remain still and would ride out on horseback, “rambling” and venturing on the least worn paths. “In those melancholy rambled I was his constant companion–a solitary witness to many a burst of grief, the remembrance of which had consecrated particular scenes of that lost home beyond the power of time to obliterate.” 

There were rumors that he was nearing madness. “Martha Jefferson… intermarried with Thomas Jefferson January 1st, 1772; torn from him by death September 6th, 1782″ was a part of what was written on her grave stone. A month later, he alluded that he was suicidal: “This miserable existence is really too burdensome to be borne,” he wrote, “and were it not for the infidelity of deserting the sacred charge left me, I could not wish its continuance a moment.” His world seemed to have died with Patty, “All my plans of comfort and happiness revered by a single event and nothing answering in prospect before me but a gloom unbrightened with one cheerful expectation,” he wrote his sister-in-law Elizabeth Eppes. He would endure life for Patsy, Polly and Lucy. “I will endeavor to… keep what I feel to myself that I may not dispirit you from a communication with us,” he told. “I say nothing of coming to Eppington because I promised you this should not be till I could support such a countenance as might not cast a damp on the cheerfulness of others.”

In this period of blinding grief, he burnt everything and anything that reminded him of his late wife. Almost every letter ever written, every portrait and most everything in her hand was tossed to the flames as if an effort to erase the fact she was ever event there–this erasing gesture did not prevail. Later offered again the position as Ambassador to France, he quickly excepted–wishing to get away from Monticello and out of the shadow of a woman. During the 1790s, he would rebuild Monticello and the place where they used to live together. Thomas Jefferson kept his promise to his wife and he never married.

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Are there any "geek retro" things that you think are dangerously close to be forgotten by time, even with the internet?

Too many to even begin to answer. I guess my entire blog could be the answer to this question! 

Off the top of my head,it is strange that it fell into the memory hole that part of the reason Tiny Toon Adventures closed down production was because of a furry stalker who sent death threats to the cast. That could have been a film.

What surprises me isn’t what’s forgotten (because forgetting is natural and inevitable with the passage of time), but what’s remembered. I love H.P. Lovecraft to death but I find it surprising that he is the Weird Tales guy that thundered into pop culture, simply because, as good as he was, he wasn’t super-prolific; his correspondence is enormous, but his body of work is smaller. You could read everything Lovecraft wrote in his life in one summer. Also, his work is so context dependent, “inside baseball,” with a billion little shout-outs to all his buddies like Clark Ashton Smith, that I wonder how possible it is to dive in deep and get it. Lovecraft is so big now, that he isn’t even a man anymore, he’s a word: Lovecraftian. 

Part of it is that Lovecraft (like Lord of the Rings) was rediscovered by the 1960s counterculture. Lovecraft was frequently mentioned and influential in one of the most important books of the 20th Century, “The Morning of the Magicians,” which is easily the beginning of the New Age movement. 

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Hello, I was looking at your Hetalia Cardverse posts and noticed the one about the Baltics and then I got a bit curious... Does Ivan still have a crush on Toris? How did he react when he stopped traveling? What about the death rumors? How did he react to that? Details, please..? I'm curious... (Not sure if you still do Cardverse stuff, but it's absolutely awsome!)

So no I haven’t worked on my card verse Au in years but I’ll just give you a quick rundown what happens with Toris.

 If I remember correctly Ivan and Toris were in a secret relationship so Ivan does not have a crush he’s in love with Toris and vice versa. Mainly wanting to stay close to Ivan Toris stops traveling around and hibernates in the Club’s palace. It’s the general public/leaders of other nations of the world that think he’s dead because Toris never told anyone he was living in the palace it was kinda like he just fell off the planet. 

Sometime later Mattew tricks Ivan to overuse his power and turn himself into a Joker. Jokers are carriers of an illness called the black crawl and both knowing little about it (because there is not alot know about Jokers) don’t realize by having their skin touch is how black crawl is passed on. So in short Toris gets infected. 

To find the cure Toris goes to Spades to find some lost documents of the Card Empire. (Spades has most information about the old empire)  Where he meets Alfred. Alfred develops a crush on Toris during his stay. Toris learns about Black Birches fruit the only know cure for the Black Crawl. (which requires a Jokers dead heart to grow)  Which he relays to Alfred who sends out a manhunt for Gilbert the only Joker he knows at this point. (Which starts this whole big fight between his brother and Alfred but I’m not going to get into that) 

During all the time that Toris was in Spades learning all of this  Ivan is guilt-stricken, he was the one that poisoned Toris and angry at Mattew and in association Spades for making him this way. That soon turns to fury when he finds out that Toris is in Spades. Which results in war with Spades. 

Anyways during the campaign, Toris grows weaker and weaker he;s basically on death’s door on the eve of a major batter between Spades and Club Toris asks one of the soldiers to take him to a meetup spot that he and Ivan agreed to months ago in some letters. The soldier refuses Toris becomes loud and unruly catching Alfred’s attention and he says he will take Toris to the meeting point with his lover.

Now during all of their time together Alfred never knew the name of Toris lover and when he finds out it’s Ivan shit goes down. Ivan and Alfred fight during which Ivan in infects Alfred with black crawl  After a fierce battle Ivan wins knocking Alfred out. He’s only spared because Toris begs him (I want to make it clear that Toris never loved Alfred its was all one sided on Alfred’s part) Ivan carries off Toris who later in the night dies in Ivan’s arms it’s super sad sorry :( 


It’s a Blog-iversary!

A year ago today, I started this blog; so I thought I’d mark the occasion with a story about how I got into Gravity Falls (since I failed to do it for that anniversary), which led me to fall for the show so hard that I lurked on the fringes for a little while and then decided I wanted to participate. (But, didn’t want to do that on my main blog, because by this date I had started making all my friends watch the show, and they all follow my main, and I didn’t want to spoil them.)

I don’t know, I think it says something about the strength of the show and its characters (and the unique way they all hit me) that even though I got spoiled for like all of the twists and secrets and the whole big ending  before I even started Season 2, I still fell so powerfully in love with it.

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Do you have any headcannons about Riley and Lucas shopping together?

I just had a little rucas shopping montage flash through my head and let me tell you - it.was.ADORABLE.

Grocery Shopping

  • I think it’s so interesting to think about how different their grocery shopping habits are like just imagining the contrast
  • We know Lucas’ mom is a health nut and I can see her passing that down to him so while Lucas is reaching for the veggies + fruit Riley is sneaking cookies and ingredients for baking into the cart
  • When they get home Lucas is like “how did these oreos get in here?” and Riley’s like “idunno mustve fell in but dont worry ill take care of em”
  • Lucas will absentmindedly put things in the cart that he knows Riley loves and she’ll just watch him and smile because he knows her so well
  • They’re that annoyingly cute couple at the supermarket that are in their own little world the whole time, holding hands and sharing looks and jokes 

Miscellaneous Shopping

  • Lucas HATES the mall, he hates how crowded it is and that everything seems overpriced but if Riley wants to go browse he happily tags along because usually she does her clothes shopping with maya + smackle so when she does ask him to come w/ her he’s like WHAT YES OF COURSE ILL COME
  • They do that really cute but cliche thing where she tries on outfits and comes out to show him and he jokingly will give a thumbs up or down even tho he loves her in anything she wears and couldnt care less about her clothes
  • Riley is the only one who knows how insecure Lucas can be and she encourages him to step out of his comfort zone by making him try on things he normally never would and model for her which usually results in awkward poses and uncontrollable giggles
  • One of his favorite things is seeing the way her face lights up when she sees something she likes or wants to buy so you’ll never see him waiting outside of a store for her, he always goes inside.
  • Riley never asks but Lucas always insists on carrying her bags you know that southern gentlemen thing he has going on 
  • On the off chance that Lucas sees something he really likes Riley will make a mental note of it and go back to buy it for him because she knows he doesnt like spending money on himself 
  • Riley suggests going into the game stores and Lucas tries to brush it off like it doesnt interest him but then they go in and hes like !!RILEY LOOK WHAT GAME THEY HAVE!!  and she gets to see his face light up 
  • She takes him inside of Victoria Secret when she’s looking to splurge on a nice bra and his face gets all hot when she playfully wiggles her eyebrows at him while showing him sexy lingerie 
  • Before they leave the mall they hit up the foodcourt and people watch together and play that game where they ad-lib conversations other people are having often using their bad british accents + its hilarous
  • When they first move in together they practically live at Target
  • Riley can’t stop buying decorative pillows and Lucas eventually has to be like ummm I think that may be enough now honey but Rileys like JUST ONE MORE
  • After they’re settled into their place and Riley starts hinting at wanting to get a pet and Lucas pretends that hes not entertaining the idea even though he’s secretly already looking into it
  • One day after grocery shopping he takes a different route and Rileys like where are we going home is that way but then he pulls into the animal shelter and her eyes gloss over because shes so happy & thought that he didnt want a pet but really he just wanted to surprise her
  • once they get their pet the online shopping for beds & toys is never ending 

i don’t know if it’s obvious for others or am I so obvilious

so it seems to be common that people like s1 and s2 noora better than the s3 and s4 noora. and when i was thinking about that, it hit me!

it depends on the person, whose season it is!!

so in season 1, eva’s season, noora is so nice and I fell in love with her character right away. eva likes noora, she finds her awesome and wants to get to know her, eva even looks up to her! we are seeing her as she is to eva! (no shit sherlock) that means she is likeable to us. 

and in season 2, we see world from noora’s point of view, and we get to see her for who she is. and for most of us, even tho she has flaws, we still embrace her.

but! in season 3, isak doesn’t really know her, and she just flies back in to the apartment, and for isak she seems a tad annoying, doesn’t she? he has so much in his mind and noora just making a fuss in his home he doesn’t really enjoy her there. altho it’s not like he hates her! that’s why noora’s so different to us in the 3rd season, because she is being shown in a totally different angle.

and in season 4, the reason noora’s character/actions still aren’t that appealing is because sana is jealous of her! 

so this may be so logical that it’s pointless to write out, but for me it’s the solution why noora isn’t my fave atm, we just see her from different POVs, from the ones that doesn’t show her good sides as well as in s1 and s2.

I think Emma’s wedding dress is perfect. To be honest, it’s not what I would have chosen, and that’s really the point–it’s not my wedding. All this talk of weddings and dresses has gotten me thinking. I’m almost 40, I’m not married, I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never be married; but I realized this week that if I found a guy, fell in love, and walked down the aisle, I have a definite idea of what I’d be wearing. It’s not stylish, it’s entirely old fashioned, and I’m sure that many people would say that it’s a stupid choice; but that’s ok because it’s my dream and therefore my choice. It’s Emma Swan’s wedding, and the people who created her character–who know her best–have chosen what she would want to wear…if she was real. Emma can’t tell us what dress she would choose so we have to listen to the people who’ve brought her to life–they’re the only voice she has–and if they say that this is Emma’s dream and the dress that Emma would choose, then I for one am going to believe them.

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For the fandom ask, homestuck? Or voltron (I think you like that, correct me if I'm wrong)

Already did hs so ill just do voltron

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…

  • the first character i ever fell in love with:

Hunk i love him sm

  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not:

No one so far

  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not:

N/A, the shows probs too new      

  • my ultimate favorite character™:


  • prettiest character:

Allura by far omg

  • my most hated character:

I dont think i rly hate anyone 

  • my OTP:

gonna have to go w klance

  • my NOTP:

Anything shiro/paladin

  • favorite episode:

The mall one omg

  • saddest death:

No one is dead

  • favorite season:


  • least favorite season:

well that only leaves 1

  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate:

like i said i dont rly hate anyone

  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave

probably lotor even tho we havent met him

  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave:


  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship

if you feel that way about a ship and you still ship it you are Very Gross

  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship:


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Out of curiosity, are there any stats on INFPs that identify as demisexual?

Hello Fellow INFP, 

Hmm, ya know Anon I only wonder if there is. I came across an article about INFJs being able to identify with Demisexuality but to be completely honest I was looking into it and I honestly can really really relate with Demisexuality too. I really have never had it where I was in love with someone that I didn’t know from head to toe. There was one that I fell for and I knew him for literally years and that’s what made me even know what it was. But that is an interesting aspect to think of. I am not really one that has put a name to what my sexuality or romantic  views are simply because I just haven’t looked into it and I can’t even begin to pretend to know everything  lol, but I do fully understand after reading it why our type and INFJs would both identify with it. I will have to do some research :) 

-Best Love <3

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Fave wren scene was like season 1 epi 2... when he let spence have a sip of his vodka soda. SO DAMN HOT. I FELL IN LOVE AT THAT MOMENT. What's your fave wren scene??

The entire episode 4x10. So many ICONIC scenes which completely validate why so many people suspect him. Those scenes are the reason he is involved somehow and has a major role in this. Out of all of them I think my favourite is his phone call after he talks with Hanna. It’s so mysterious and is for me the first time we see a threatening side to his character.

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I was seeing a girl for 9 months told me that she loves me and wants to be with me. I fell in love with her, and then last night she told my bestfriends girlfriend she doesnt think she can be with a girl?

Ask her about it. That’s the only way to find out. The truth can hurt but it might help you.

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is "Sweet Little Lies" names after the Fleetwood Mac song? I think of it whenever your lovely fic crosses my dash :)

It is! ^_^ When I was trying to think of a title for it, I was tossing up between Little Lies and Tell Me Lies because I wanted to reference the Fleetwood Mac song - it just seems so perfect for them and for the white lies he tells her in my story. 

A bunch of the lovely writers from the MEFFW Group on FB were helping me choose a title. In the end though @tlcinbflo suggested Sweet Little Lies and I fell in love with it - I think because having the word sweet in there works really well for them and their relationship.

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I wonder if yumes read Hino's comment on the trios, the one where she regrets for failing Kaname and Yuuki.

Hi anon. Yes I believe that most of them have read Hino’s comments on her regret in her characterization of mostly Kaname and a bit of Yuuki. I think that when an author openly admits that she failed one or more of her characters, it truly means that she knows she went wrong and is living with the regret of her choices. She herself believes she confused the readers and basically left Kaname’s character hang out to dry. He was someone that I couldn’t get a feel for. He just brought nothing solid to the table.

I have loved to hate villains and yet with Kaname I just despise his character. But he was never a solid villain, or solid anti-hero. He just fell flat for me. I wanted and expected so much more from this supposed master chess player and by the end I just was left fully confused about what his real motivations were. There didn’t seem to be any real driving forces to explain his despair. 

At least with Shizuka I was allowed to see that this poor woman, who was a perfect villain to me, was kept in a cage from the moment she was born, betrothed to someone she didn’t love, had the only one she ever loved killed by hunters because the one she was betrothed to set it up, went on the run, and never truly found any happiness in her never ending life. It was explained to me perfectly so that I could empathize with this villain that I also hated for what she had done to Zero and his family.

The look into Kaname’s past never really explained to me what would turn him into an accomplice to murder, then an actual murderer, manipulator, and overall antagonistic ass. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and I think for a lot of readers it is a similar feeling of not understanding what the heck drove him. I think that is truly why Hino feels she screwed him up.

But I really can’t speak for how the yumes feel about what Hino said. All I can do is understand her feelings on failing one or more of her characters. After all everyone of a writer’s characters is like their children and they want the best for them.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Ask Meme

Got taged by @very-distressed-dolphin Thank you so much!! I’m honored!!!! I’m glad you taged me 💖💖💖
Anyway let’s do this

Last thing I googled: Billie Holiday. For research purposes

Favorite music artist: Don’t really have one I’m all over ze place

Last movie you watched: Celestine and Ernest. It’s a French flim that I LOVE!! Me and my brother love watching foreign films and I found this one day I fell in love with it. Watch this movie If you got the chance.💚💚💚

What are you wearing right now: A Bucces t-shirt and green shorts

Why did you choose you URL: Acutally I made the url by accident and I didn’t feel like changing it sooooooo ye🤗🤗

Do you have any other blogs: No but I’m thinking of making another one.

What did your last relationship teach you: Make sure you really want to be with the person romantically. This guy asked me out in school and I said yeah cause he was cute and was cool. But then after 1 day I decided to end it. That was my first relationship btw (and probably my last). I realized he didn’t have the things I was looking for in a relationship sooooooo ye😅😅😅😅

Religious or Spiritual: Idk I’m kinda both? Can you be both idk

Favorite color: Blue/Grayish blue

Average hours of sleep: 6 to 8 hours hehehehhe

Favorite character: Ijuuin kyo I don’t care what people say he’s my favorite!! Misaki (of course), Haruhiko, Veronica from Heathers cause she reminds me of myself in a lot of ways

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two gotta keep myself warm in these cold, lonely nights….

yesterday I found this care bear on sale and I fell in love, but I didn’t get it. and I texted my girlfriend that I was thinking of going back for it. and later she was like “let’s play a game. it’s called where in the world am I?” and she sent me famous landmarks and I answered where they were. and then she sent me that photo on the bottom left, which is my front step. she went back and got me the bear because she’s the sweetest. so everyone meet cheer gay bear.