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Tyrelliot Appreciation Week -  Favorite Alternate Universe Scenario

God of war Tyrell who fell in love with powerful yet lonely god Elliot

This is AU I would like to do more justice for than just this rushed up picture. But anyway I love idea about gods au because Elliot name means Jehovah is God and Tyrell’s god of war/justice. I want to brainstorm more on this au in the future but I think only important thing for now is that Tyr, god of war was missing one hand and I wanted to show Tyrell like that too.

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(He literally looks so good here!!!!) anyways babe I hope you love it!!! 

44: “I thought you were innocent… I was wrong.”

 Dean let out a small huff as he fell back onto the bed. He gave you a quick smirk as he saw you standing at the foot of the bed, wearing only one of his big t-shirts, “God, that shirt looks so damn good on you.”

 “You think?” You raised an eyebrow before slowly crawling onto the bed, “Lay down.” You said as you placed your hand on his chest and gently pushed.

Dean quirked his head to the side as he had a feeling were this was going, “Yes ma’am.” You smiled at him before straddling his hips.

You slowly rolled your hips, hissing at the feeling of Dean’s jeans rubbing against your center, “Oh-h.” You threw your head back again as you repeated the action.

 “Yeah there you go baby. Get yourself off.” Dean’s words of encouragement making you smile before looking back down at him, “It would feel better if these jeans were off.” Dean suggestion made you roll your eyes.

 “But they feel so-o good.” You let out a breathy moan as Dean bucked up towards you and brought his hands to your hips, “Again.” You groaned out as Dean chuckled and rolled his hips towards you.

 “Darlin, you look so good right now.” Dean moaned out and tightened his hands around your hips. 

You stopped for a second as a thought ran through your head. You grabbed Dean’s wrists and pinned them above his head, the stretch making your shirt rise over your ass, “Keep them there.” You whispered to Dean as you start to place kisses along his jaw.

 Dean sucked in a breath before speaking, “I thought you were innocent…I was wrong.” Dean let out a moan as your mouth found his collarbone.

 “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, daddy.” You smiled as Dean let out a growl before grabbing your hips and flipping you onto your back.

 “Well let me find them all out.” Dean said as he pushed the shirt over your head.

My Baby - Han Jisung Requested Scenario

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Requested?: yes (anon)

Phrase(s): 3; “and muscles on muscles, yay!”, 18; “don’t call me baby unless you mean it” & 22; “we were just kids when we fell in love”

Message?: if someone could bottle han jisung’s smile i think it would cure cancer


“Jisung what the fuck,” I said, climbing out of bed and walking over to the front door, swinging it open to see the boy I expected to be there: my best friend, Han Jisung.

“It’s cold,” he said, shivering as he wrapped his coat further around his body.

I shook my head, “I’m not surprised, come on Jisung.”

I stood back and he walked in, sighing contently as he felt the heating in my tiny apartment.

“What do I owe the pleasure?” I asked, crossing my arms as I watched him stand in the middle of my living room.

“My bed was cold,” Jisung said, “and I thought yours might be warmer.”

“What the fuck Jisung! You live with nine other people! Aren’t their beds warm?!” I exclaimed, sighing as I walked to my bedroom, “come on.”

Jisung smiled cheekily, following me as I climbed into bed and held open the duvet for him to climb in next to me which he did with a grin on his face.

“I also needed to talk to you,” Jisung said.

I hummed in response, staring at his wind swepped face, “what about?”

“About feelings,” Jisung said, a sense of nervousness in his voice.

“Feelings?” I repeated, scared about what he meant.

“Yes,” he said, nodding slightly, “the feelings I caught when I was young.”

“What feelings?” I asked, my heart rate going up with every word he said.

“Feelings… of… I don’t know. Of love?” Jisung said, questioning himself, “for– for you.”

I took a deep breath, nodding, “I caught those feelings too.”

Jisung looked at me with shock, before smiling, “so you’re my baby like I always said!”

“Wait Jisung,” I said, making his face drop in disappointment, “don’t call me baby unless you mean it.”

“I do mean it Y/N,” he said, confusion all over his face.

“Jisung, are you sure? We were just kids when we fell in love, those– those feelings can’t be the same now,” I said, the bed suddenly getting smaller and smaller as if I was trapped against him.

“But you said it,” he said, standing his ground, “you just said it there ‘when we fell in love’. Y/N love doesn’t fade. Not in my heart at least.”

“I need time Jisung,” I said, thoughts rushing through my head.

“You’ve had 10 years Y/N,” Jisung said, “please just tell me how you feel about me.”

“I love you Jisung, I always have,” I breathed, “but you’re my best friend so I—“

“So you ignored those feelings?” Jisung asked, “me too. So why is there even a problem?”

“Because I’m scared,” I whispered.

“Of what?” Jisung asked, drawing a pattern on my exposed arm.

“Of relationships Jisung! You’ve been there for every single one I’ve had and you’ve seen how they’ve ended and– and I’m just sick of getting hurt,” I sighed, staring at him as he stared at my arm.

“You think I’d hurt you?” he asked, suddenly looking straight into my eyes, “Y/N I wouldn’t let anyone come in a mile radius of you if they even thought about hurting you!”

I looked at him and for one of the first times in my life I saw sincerity in his eyes.

“But if they did come in a mile radius of you, I’d fight them!” Jisung exclaimed, “muscles on muscles, yay!

I chuckled at Jisung’s inability to keep a situation serious as his face straightened again, “I’m serious Y/N. I won’t hurt you. I’ve seen the hurt you’ve been through and that hurts me. It– it’s like I can feel your pain.”

I stared at him, my heart screaming as I saw the sincerity coming back into his eyes.

I nodded, “Han Jisung?”

He hummed, continuing to draw on my arm with his finger.

“I love you,” I whispered, moving closer to him.

Jisung smiled, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks as he moved his hand from my arm to interlock his fingers with mine.

“Finally,” he sighed, chuckling slightly, “I love you too Y/N, I always have.”

I nodded, “I know Jisung. I’ve loved you for the same amount of time.”

Jisung smiled, pressing a kiss to my forehead, “now you’re my baby.”


vampire richie (im cry)
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QUICK AU(i had to i love vampires!!)
“eds this wasn’t how you were supposed to find out” richie explains to a very confused and shocked eddie.

“what exactly did i just witness?” eddie asks looking at the bleeding corpse on the ground.

“um well, i think you know what you witnessed eddie,”


“I SAW A GIRL WHO FELL AND I WENT TO HELP HER UP AND SAW THAT SHE WAS BLEEDING,” richie inhales at the sound of that word, bleeding,


“eds i’m a vampire,”

“vampires aren’t real richie,” eddie stutters out.

“WAS THAT NOT REAL ENOUGH FOR YOU EDDIE BECAUSE IT WAS REAL ENOUGH FOR HER,” richie screams pointing at the lifeless girl on the ground.

“rich, do you know how many diseases you could get from that,” eddie scoffs.

“eddie honestly what the fuck”

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"He chose career over truth" yeah he did that years ago tbh. Which is why I stopped being a fan years ago. I'm sorry it took this happening for y'all to realise what kinda guy he is. Enjoy having him out your life, it's for the best.

See, this is where we differ, anon. I choose to believe that deep inside, he’s still the same Darren we all fell in love with. I believe his parents raised him well. I met his parents and they’re wonderful people. I just think there are things that people have on him, in addition to contracts, and a shitty team/mgmt that are forcing him to make all the wrong choices. He’s terrified and he’s become someone that he probably doesn’t even like. However, I believe that in time, the truth will win out and he’ll be out and free. It may be years, who knows, but it will happen. I just can’t watch the shit show in the meantime which is why I’m temporarily tuning him out.

I always thought that being in Love was crazy. That is was a myth and people who fell in love after a month were too risky, too calculated, too much of everything. How could someone POSSIBLY know someone in such a short amount of time to say “Hey! I’m so in love and it’s only been a month!”

But, I get it now. I get the whole”soulmate” concept. I get the whole “the one” concept too. It’s like you’ve been waiting your whole life for that one person to walk through that door where you just think to yourself “Oh, there you are. I’ve been waiting for you this entire time.”

So, here I am, having waited my 31 years to find someone whose soul would fit perfectly with mine. Who would love me without hesitation or questions. Who would never make me think twice about it not being right.

I always told myself the reason I hadn’t met anyone yet was because the universe was just waiting for the right person to come along at the right time, and he did.

Every time I’m around him I just melt into myself and this calming sensation takes over and I could never imagine myself anywhere else.

We talk about everything; our future, moving in together, babies (I know, I know) and it’s just all feels right and unforced.

It’s nice knowing I have someone who looks at me like I’m everything they’ve ever wanted and I will always be enough.

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My beautiful husband who I love isn’t there anymore

r u tryna stab me in the heart with feels!!

M Y aaron is his and he is still stunned by that, this man is his.

he called Aaron, a hypermasculine scruffy greasemonkey, BEAUTIFUL, he thinks his man is 


and he just has to clarify WHO I LOVE just because he’s that extra, like you’ve got to realize he wasn’t just mine, I was his too, okay!! I love him completely and unconditionally, a selfless love, and its somehow intimately tied with the word husband.

and he isn’t there anymore, there’s a complete absence, his whole life was empty because he couldn’t see the man he loved, his eyes fell vacant like he was the one on drugs, I cant handle it.

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I'm not the greek mythology anon b u t I honestly think Narcissus is gay!! In the story it says that he's used to women falling in love with him and it doesn't say anything about him being with any of them. And when he sees his reflection, he "had never seen a face so beautiful, and he instantly fell in love" and it's also said that he tries to kiss the reflection!!

This is amazing!! I’m so glad y’all have decided to send us random gay mythology facts!

~ Chris


Apparently no one in the Navy was actually called “Maverick” or “Iceman” — real call signs were embarrassing, ridiculous, or patently disgusting. “Stewbeef,” “Big Bird,” “Purge.” Logan’s was simply “Mouth” for reasons Veronica took to be obvious.

seeing you kiss her like that made all the music in me go silent. i’ve never had a moment like that. one that just sucked all the air out of me. once when i was little i fell out a tree and it kind of hurt the same way, but something about this pain was lasting. i went home and i couldn’t breathe. i lie there in bed and i couldn’t breathe. i spent days in this airless haze, seeing the same scene play over and over in front of my eyes, thinking: you don’t love me. you don’t love me.