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Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

nope, I do too.. a lot of people are just really upset rn (myself included) but I think we as a fandom are stronger than the cast’s ugly behaviour 

I’m never gonna watch supergirl again because the show isn’t about the strong supergirl I fell in love with anymore, I won’t support a cast who makes fun of their fans and I’m done with the show’s shitty pro sexism, it’s been going downhill during season 2 and with all that’s happened now, I’ve had enough..

that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shipping supercorp, kara and lena are perfect for each other and the cast won’t ruin this for me!! I understand when people can’t really look at it the same way now after what happened, I’m still kinda struggling a little bit too.. but are we really gonna let them “destroy” us? I don’t think so!!

so let’s create our own supergirl universe where kara and lena can actually be together, our fandom is so talented, there’s so much fanart and fanfiction, let’s have our own safe space where noone makes fun of us and thinks we’re a joke, we don’t need the show or any of them!! 

..and tbh katie mcgrath would support this and that’s really all I care about

I hope my words reach you one day. I hope a sense of nostalgia washes over you as my poetry resonates within your heart. I hope they make you wish things had turned out differently. And I hope you fall in love with them the way you never fell in love with me.



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Thoughts on the rest of the MHA girls, individually?

I’ve already established Tsuyu as my absolute fave, so I‘ll be brief here. But I’ve often had the suspicion that the cutest and most endearing girls are not the flawless ones as you would expect, but the ones with a handful of just slightly imperfect physical traits. I’d go into this theory more, but suffice to say that Tsuyu’s slightly goofy frog face is the perfect expression of that idea, and the fact that she’s a contender for most popular character I think proves or at least supports my theory.

I also just love her personality so much. One couldn’t tell because she seems to have difficulty forming physical expressions on her face, but she’s actually extremely confident, pragmatic, and not above snarking like a boss. When she first told off Bakugo for being an ass, that’s exactly when I fell in love with her.

Ochaco might be my second fave. She’s the personification of sunshine and rainbows and puppies and all that warms the cold cynical corners of my heart. But I’m glad that that’s not the end of her characterization and in Season 2 we’re starting to see her character get rounded out and developed and I love what I see so far.

Also she looks great in a tanktop. She should do that more often. Or maybe I just have a weakness for tank tops.

Momo is generally fits the baddass archetype girl that I’m usually drawn to. She definitely delivers on that that end, while still being relatable and likable. But between her underwhelming hero costume and a Quirk that doesn’t particularly interest me, she doesn’t really grab my interest quite as much as the above two. I really respect her determination though, and I’m eager to see more of her.

Mina ties with Momo in terms of my faves, I think. She’s got a more compelling design in general, but with the less screen time I don’t know enough about her to really get an impression stronger than “Genki-Girl” archetype. She super cute tho. Would hug 10/10.

Kyoka’s Quirk is just too wierd for me to really swallow. The whole USB ear plugs thing sounds like something out of a surreal dream, and that hurts my interest in her as a character. But in spite of that, the rest of her punk-rock design is rad as hell, and her personality manages to remain cool and engaging and unique from the rest. She’s just too cool to not like.

Toru is… kind of a joke right? She’s part of the A-1 class, but she’s never really done anything. And her Invisibility quirk seems more like a mildly pervy joke than anything else (since she can’t wear clothes if she wants to be completely invisible) This also makes her design inherently boring since…she doesn’t have one. At all. Or much personality either, other than being kinda earnest and clueless, but eh.

Mei gets a special mention, despite not being part of the main cast/group. She’s actually up there with my faves Tsuyu and Ochaco, but we’ve seen very little of her. She is cray, but in the best possible way. I love her too, and I will be crushed if we never see more of her.

And as for these girls, Ibara and… [checks notes] Itsuka; we know next to nothing of them, but I love them purely for their designs. I really hope to see more of them!

But honestly yes, with the possible exception of Toru, all of these girls are Best Girl worthy. None of them are just the “Girl” archetype, and though some have elements of it (especially Ochaco), they always round it out in their characters so that it’s merely an aspect of their personality, not the entirety of it.

All the girls feel like unique and real people, even if we haven’t seen their personalities fully developed yet; And that’s part of why I love this show so much.

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Hey, I wrote a story about two best friends who fell in love with each other. I think I wrote the part from friendship to romantic relationship quite well, however do you have tips for that? Also I want them to break up soon, because they just have the feeling that they just don't really work as a pair. I want to make it believable, because it's supposed to be a Queer love story that tells that the first love doesn't have to be THE love of your life (I hate that in books so much). Any tips? 😭

Hello!  Wonderful question, and it sounds as though this story could be extremely good and thought-provoking.

I too agree that in real life, relationships are more often than not, finite;  and that’s how it should be.  We come together with someone (pardon the suggestive phrasing), we learn from it, we move on, and that can be beautiful in its own right.  Not every love is eternal.  

In fiction, due to the existence of Happily Ever After, I’m generally pleased to see the couple (provided it’s a well-written one) immerse themselves in everlasting love, but the expectations that builds are not always realistic, and can lead to unhappy relationships in real life.  I think a well-written counterpoint is long overdue. 

If I were the writer in this case (which I’m not), my primary concern with this story would be to demonstrate what each character “gains” from the relationship;  whether it’s understand, experience, respect, or what have you, they should leave the story a bigger, brighter, and more experienced person from this relationship, as should your reader.  This, in my opinion, is the hallmark of a successful “failed” relationship.

Maybe the duo learn that life isn’t like love songs and romantic movies, and that sometimes two people who love each other just don’t work together.  Maybe one of them learns to happy on their own and comfortable in their own company, and the other learns to put themselves out there and seek happiness with someone else.  

Either way, show the reader what each learned from the relationship, and how it will help them as they move on in life.  And also, don’t be afraid to make the transition from lovers back to friends, as this can be beautiful in its own right, and can demonstrate that love based on friendship is not “cheaper” than love based on romance.

I hope this input helps, and happy writing! <3

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I've always wanted a Cassian fic where he's taken by the reader so much he feels out of control. I don't think he'd do well in that situation. I love the idea of him not being able to keep it together. :)

Cassian didn’t realise the extent of his feelings until he saw you fall in the middle of a fight.

“(Y/N)!” he screamed, killing the two Imperial goons in front of him without a second glance and taking off at a sprint to reach your side.

“Oh Maker, (Y/N),” he muttered, cursing under his breath as he fell to his knees beside you.

“Hey Cass,” you managed to say, breathing heavily through the pain in your side, where you’d been shot with a blaster.

“You’re okay, we’re gonna get you back to the ship, you’re gonna be fine,” he chanted, more to reassure himself than you, as he scooped you up in his arms and jogged back to the ship.

“Kay, get us in the air and set coordinates for Yavin,” Cassian ordered as soon as the ramp was up behind him. The droid neglected to make a sarcastic comment for once, noticing your wounded state as Cassian set you down on the bench.

“Keep your eyes open, (Y/N).”

You forced yourself to focus on Cassian’s words as he babbled away whilst tending to your wound, occasionally going silent when you hissed in pain.

Eventually, Cassian was content that he had done all he could for you. Rather than going to take K-2SO’s place in the cockpit, he sat back against the bench, opposite to where you were now sleeping soundly.

He dragged the back of his hand across his face as he felt salty tears streaming down his cheeks, as it began to sink in how close he’d come to losing you. He drew his knees in to his chest, taking deep breaths to calm himself as he told himself over and over again that you were going to be fine.

“Cassian, I thought you’d like to know that your heartbeat is dangerously fast,” came K-2’s monotonous voice from the cockpit.

Cassian chuckled humourlessly, his eyes returning to your unconscious body.

“Yeah I knew that, thanks Kay.”

He had never felt like this before. He had seen almost every rebel on Yavin being injured, and yet when it was you he felt completely lost and helpless. If he’d seen another rebel run across a battlefield with no cover like he had, he would have given them hell for it.

“We are now approaching Yavin.”

Cassian nodded to himself, standing up and stretching his sore limbs before looking at you once again. He bent down and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, before shoving all thoughts of feelings aside and climbing into the cockpit.

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Okay but did you see how when Mal and everyone was leaving Jane was like wait look???? Because I rewatched and realized that Jane told Lumiere to show the surprise early to convince Mal to stay. Without her doing this the barrier around the Isle would be gone. Jane was like a fairy godmother. She WAS a fairy godmother but in human form. She didn't need to actually turn into a fairy and that'd the best part. But no one really acknowledges this important fact. This is why I love Jane.

i mean if you wanna see it that way be my guest. i just think it was because she was the only one who knew about it? at least she got something else to do other than being an obligatory love interest.

by the way i didn’t really understand why the stained glass picture was what convinced Mal to stay. i mean Ben made it before he met Uma, right? like, he made the picture because he loved Mal, then he fell in love with Uma (even tho it was a spell), making the picture redundant, so why would it still count?
idk if this is understandable idk how to explain it better.

#35: Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.

Thanks to my lovely bestie @monsteramongmen-tamer for requesting this one I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to make it perfect for you! I hope you like it!

TAGGING: My tags aren’t working, so I’m going to skip them for right now.

“Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?” Braun asked before a deep laugh erupted from his chest. “Did you really use that to get your wife?” He asked one of the producers who was sitting at the bar with you guys.

“Yeah, and it worked. Laugh all you want but chicks think it’s cute.” The guy said.

“Let’s get a second opinion. Y/n, do pick up lines work on you?” Braun asked as he looked over at you.

“Yeah, I mean sometimes. Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk, though.”

“Wait…you mean you would actually fall for that crap?”

“If I had a few drinks, yeah. I think that kind of stuff is cute.” You said.

“Does that mean it’d work on you now?” He asked with a serious face before he couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing, clearly mocking the fact that you were kind of into pick up lines. You were not finding the situation nearly as funny as he was.

“I am not drunk!” You said. You swallowed the last of your drink before sliding it across the bar towards the bartender.

“Need a refill, beautiful?” The bartender asked.

“No. She’s good.” Braun said as he glanced over at the bartender and shot him a glare.

“No, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are,” Braun said as he reached out and took the empty glass out of your hand.

“Hey! Give that back!” You said as you reached for the glass only to have Braun raise it higher out of your reach.

“No. Now back to this pickup line thing. If a guy were to use a pickup line right now, you’d fall for it?” He asked.

“Depending on who the guy was, yeah. And it’s not like it’s gonna make me fall in love with him! It would just be an ice breaker.” You said with a shrug.

“What about Ambrose?”

“He’s married. So no.” You said.


“Eh, probably not.” You said.

“What about…me?”

You nearly choked on air at his words. Did you hear him right? Did he really say what you thought he just said?

“Now you’re just making fun of me.” You said as you rolled your eyes and turned your back to him.

“I’m not making fun. I was asking a question.” He said.

You sighed and could feel the blush creeping to your cheeks.

“Fine. Yeah. I’d probably fall for it.” You admitted. “It doesn’t matter. Not like you’re going to use a pickup line.”

“Are you a parking ticket? Cause you are fine!” He said before shooting you a wink, causing a blush to creep to your cheeks.

“So why’d you do that? Just to make fun of me?” You asked.

“Maybe it was my way of saying I think you’re cute and I’d like to take you on a date sometime…”

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So I can't remember the name of this fic, but I fell in love with it. It's a new one, and it's a wolfau fic. Baekhyun is a shy ADORABLEEEE omega and chanyeol is an alpha celebrity, and it's realistic, modern, and rly clever. The last time I read it the author had five chapters? I dont think it's been recced here before, but if I could remember the title I would submit it for sure!! It might be by the same author of Bittersweet Baby? Maybe not? But I cant remember the author either. Thanks!!<3

this is milk and cookies!!

- admin paws

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Ok ok story time fam,, so I had a crush on one of my best friends and he likes NCT just like me so we bond over that a lot. I was finally gonna confess my feelings to him, and I was thinking, how should I confess? So I went to school the next day and went up to him at lunch. I said, "Are you Johnny? Because oh daddy!" I thought it was clever but he just laughed so hard he fell to the floor. I don't think he saw it as me confessing😂 I got to nervous to actually confess so I never confessed😂

Okay that is a hilarious way to confess but he did probably just think it was a joke. If you like him then ask him out, you won’t always have that option. Ask him on a date or buy him flowers first so he sees how much you actually like him and just treat him like a prince. Everybody deserves to feel loved, even guys. He sounds like a keeper if he enjoys nct so give it a shot 💕🌹

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Okay so funny story I was actually thinking about Benji earlier today, and then I come home and I find my dash to be blessed with his name?? And a Protection Squad??? What sort of sweet happenstance is this :') :') I love my son so much oml 💕

I love him sooo much!!! Even before I knew who Ben Platt was, I fell in love with Benji the minute we met his character 💛


new look? 

i went out to the shops today since coming back home from my trips and for some reason i came home with nothing but a bag of crisps, some food for Mizu (i missed my baby sl much), and about 7 different wigs. i tried on this one when i got in and fell in love. I’ve never had another hair color other than my natural black hair and I haven’t had hair this short since highschool, but the minute i put it on, i was rather feeling myself. im might have to start investing in more wigs, i think i look mad peng, i got a little selfie happy today. Mizu didnt recognize me 😂

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Hey, Ivy!! Are going to continue the fell comic because if you do I want ari be there to because I already make the fell fersion of her (if you don't mind(-_-)

Ah yes I would love to continue oh and I would love to see fell!ari too! ^^ but I think I can continue that in a while cuz I’m so sowwy is just I’m a bit busy on working on my noble AU and I need to think so much design for them like ahhhhhgghigidjxjxuj…. I’m so sowwy ;w;

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I saw Dunkirk today and besides literally dying I fell in love with that one pilot (Jack Lowden I think??) and now I see you blogging about him and I feel so blessed to see content because he is so beautiful

I’m trying to post as much as I can, he’s amazing. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Hope to spread the Lowden-Love :))

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heyyo I'm from your Patreon 👋🏿 I've been watching tng and I fell hard for Qcard. I'd love art of them or just of Q bc I love him in some month soon if you're inclined!!

Hello there, love!! I started thinking about this when you sent it in a few days ago and I’ve decided to draw Q, who is my fave guest character from TNG, with my fave guest character from DS9 and I’ve gone overboard! I’m having so much fun! It’s turning into a little bit of an alien redesign cos I always thought they should do more with Q than they did. But it’s still him, the ridiculous little creature. He’s such fun. 

There’s a wip for you!!

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thinking abt that anon who asked if u regretted stanning namjoon.. i tried unstanning him so many times cuz of all the hate he got it made me feel too sad and pitying so i thought if i just stanned another member it would hurt less and make me happier but i couldn't. i would distract myself trying to stan yoongi as he seemed to get the least hate but i ended up being attracted to joon like i loved everything abt him. i felt lonely in stanning joon but i fell in love with him despite his hate.

oh boo that’s so sad. I don’t blame u. fandom really treats our baby like shit it’s really difficult… esp if u have no namjoon stan pals. but hopefully things have gotten better for u ! this fandom is improving daily thank god so while it probs won’t ever be perfect, it’s getting much better in regards to namjoon

okay look. i get a few asks every now and again about age gaps in relationships and i know that there are exceptions to every rule but.

i know three girls my age, twenty four, who are stuck in relationships that they shouldn’t be in because an older guy groomed them when they were young teens.

one was thirteen when a seventeen year old boy started flirting with her. she was flattered. she started lying to her parents and sneaking around with him. she fell in love with him. he says he loves her back, and maybe he thinks he does, but he doesn’t act like it. he quit his job without telling her when she was pregnant with their second child, almost singlehandedly raising their first, because he just felt like it. no regard for the family. and she laughed about it when she told me, like it was the funniest thing, like he hadn’t endangered all of them on a whim. because he’s done so much little shit over the years that she’s accustomed to it. he always gets his way and she cleans up his mess because she loves him.

another girl works a full time job and then comes home to cook and clean because her unemployed boyfriend refuses to. she was fourteen and he was eighteen when they started dating and she is still convinced he’s going to change. he quit smoking when she threatened to leave but literally weeks later, as soon as he’d cowed her back into submission, he took it up again, and then tried to paint her as a villain for ‘trying to take away his joy’.

all three girls become completely different people when their partners are around. quieter, smaller.

when it’s just us they laugh as they tell me about the men losing their tempers over something small, like knocking over chairs is a rational response to her asking if she can go away with her friends for a weekend.

they’ve been with these men since they were so young they cannot imagine their lives without them. their entire identities are forged around these uneven relationships.

and that’s the key - they’re uneven. i don’t doubt that two fifteen year olds can get together and stay together happily, because they both had the opportunity to grow up within the relationship, at the same pace. if it’s a fifteen year old and a nineteen year old, though, one has already done so much more growing than the other. they’re at completely different stages of development, they’re psychologically unable to have an equal balance of power in the relationship.

basically, please don’t be flattered by older people showing an interest in you. instead, consider why they don’t want to date someone their own age, who is far more likely to stand up to them when they get controlling. all relationships should have equal shares, but age gaps between early and late teens, or teens and adults, don’t allow that. please don’t take a chance on you being the exception to the rule.