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Baaaack in the day i had a colleague who was in a closeted relationship. His boyfriend and he moved into a two bedroom apartment. His mom came to visit from overseas and the entire office had to back him up with putting up a straight facade. One of our female co-workers even posed as his girlfriend and they had a impromptu cuddly photoshoot to create "evidence". Pulled it off. Whenever I read asks of "why would they lie?" i think "why wouldn't they?"

Yeah, exactly. And Dan and Phil didn’t even go that far. They never tried to imply they were dating people. Phil’s random ‘maybe this girl flirted with me’ was about the extent either of them went with involving other people in eight years - and even that was five years ago. 

You’ll go to a lot of lengths when you’re afraid of losing people in your life because of your sexuality. I can only imagine how that would feel if it’s an audience of millions amplifying that fear. 

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LOL so now we know about Bakugou’s parents and a couple things about them make me laugh


suddenly my Bakugou Hairstylist/Makeup Artist AU doesn’t seem so far fetched ajk;lsahkg;a

(tho i’m assuming they mean hero clothes designer rather than regular fashion?? it’s not very clear idk EITHER WAY IT TAKES A LOT OF CREATIVITY)

and TWO: BAKUGOU’S MOM FIERCELY WENT AFTER HIS DAD.  this makes me laugh b/c i imagine the way Bakugou approaches romance is similar to both his parents

i think Bakugou would get a crush and end up FEELING REALLY FIERCE ABOUT IT, like his mom. HOWEVER. i think he would also refuse to talk about or act on it, like his dad, unless otherwise approached or provoked 

With Hunk being hawaiian, I like the idea that he knows pidgin. He doesn’t use it, either to fit in/not be rude, or because he picked it up from family even though he grew up on the mainland. (Did he grow up in Hawaii? It works either way.)
Maybe if he’s really tired or distracted a word might slip in, but the only other time he’d use it is if someone finally went too far, and he just snaps and goes off on a tirade at them. (Before awkwardly trailing off and apologizing when he sees everyone staring at him. “Ah, shoots brah… I mean, uh, sorry?”)
Cue Lance leaning over to Keith, “I think that might’ve been english, but I have no idea what he just said. You?”
“No clue.”
That would probably start up a conversation explaining different languages they all speak to Allura and Coran.


could you do a soulmate au?? preferably either you know when you first touch them or you have matching Marks like a tattoo or smth that represents ur soulmate?? thank you so much, I love your fics!!!!

I’ve been wanting to play with something like this. Thank you, you darling cinnamon roll!

* * *

There was an ancient magic in the world that went far deeper than differences between incantations and educational styles. It had been hypothesized by some that it had been the downfall of the Dark Lord that night in Godric’s Hollow.

Centuries before, some wizards had studied it, learned from it. And as they did, they started to learn how to harness that power.

Over time, that harness saw multiple forms - charms, pendants, coins. But in the end, wizards realized that if they were harnessing the ability to identify a soulmate, it shouldn’t be a decision that would be made too lightly, or be an object that would be easily misplaced or transferred.

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Does anyone have any advice on getting a client to pay for things when he’s not around?

That guy I went to New York with keeps texting me (even going so far as to send sad face emojis like a freaking child when I don’t reply the same day) so I want him to start paying for my time. I was thinking something simple but still pretty expensive, like either new brakes for my car or a meal delivery service. Either would cost about 500 bucks. I thought about the “stressed” method that I’ve seen sugar babies mention–he asks how I am, I say stressed, he asks why and I explain. The idea is that if he’s generous he’ll volunteer to pay for whatever I need.

The problem is that I’ve tried that with another guy and he either didn’t understand that he should help, or he understood but wasn’t generous. So basically, since this guy hasn’t really proven to me he’s generous, I think a more direct approach would work better but I’m not sure.


Kingsman is harder work (to prepare for) but far more rewarding. When I played Eddie, I didn’t do any training and went a bit wild with food. Now I’m back to fish and chicken breasts and spinach and protein shakes and am in the gym every day. I really, really love food, so I have to go all or nothing. I’m either a glutton or a Buddhist monk.

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10 & 54? 'v'

10: Favourite TV show? (And favourite character? Favourite season? Favourite episode?)
My favourite show is Black Mirror. It’s honestly the best show I think I’ve ever seen. I don’t really have a favourite character since there’s a new cast every episode. I can’t choose a favourite season/series they’re all just too good. And my favourite episode would be either ‘White Christmas’, ‘Playtest’, or ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ (but they’re all so good it’s hard to choose) ^^

54: Biggest fear?
Heights. I have a huge phobia of heights. When I went to Warwick Castle with my family I went too far up one of the towers and was so scared I had a panic attack. It took my mum about five minutes to get me down 😂 

Ask me anything!

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Comment that Dolores (CR7's mother) likes Gio, but i've never seen her demonstrate it. The day they went to Bernabeu with Cris, I saw a friendly greeting, but now Dolores is less and less seen the stadium, since now Gio goes to almost every game. Do you think somenthing happened between them?

I don’t really think so. if there actually was a problem Dolores could still go to the matches Gio doesn’t go to, but as far as we know she doesn’t attend these matches either so I wouldn’t take her absence as an indicator for her having a problem with Gio. + not even a month ago they made a trip to Segovia together with Cris, Junior etc.! so I hope it’s all good but obviously I can’t know for sure! [tbh in general I think it’s too early to say that they have a problem or that she loves her because we simply don’t have enough content for that? I’m just opting for neutral]

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How do I start making a theory and headcanon centered blog as well? I fear that when I start writing, no one will care and my askbox will stay empty.

Okay, story time: the first theory post I made, I put a lot of thought and work into. I spent weeks thinking about it. It went through about three different drafts and multiple versions as I tried to get everything straight in my head. And it has like… 100 notes? If that? People either (a) didn’t believe it or (b) weren’t interested in it. For whatever reason, no one really responded to it.

By far my most popular theory post is Druid Shiro. Hands down, no question. That one has like… 3,500 notes. And it came in response to an anon ask from someone who noticed something I mentioned in another post about Shiro maybe being a Druid. I honestly don’t remember in what context I first brought up that passing thought that Shiro can do magic, but I did, and some anon hopped in my ask box and said “Tell me these Druid Shiro theories please??” and the rest is history.

That answer I wrote up didn’t take me nearly as long and I didn’t put nearly so much work into it. I just marshalled my thoughts, wrote some bullet points, got the ideas out on the page and published it. And it EXPLODED. For whatever reason, people seemed way more interested and invested in it. People believed it could be true. Maybe because Shiro is a fan fave; maybe because it opens up lots more interesting possibilities for how the show could go. For whatever reason, Druid Shiro is the theory that fandom latched onto.

When I look back at that original Druid Shiro post, I can spot all sorts of mistakes and clunky sentences and parts I’d want to rewrite to make it flow better. But none of that seems to matter, because the central idea is interesting enough for people to respond to it anyway.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: sometimes, you will come up with a cool idea that makes sense to you and just… no one else will believe it or care about it. They just won’t be interested in it. Sometimes you’ll post something and fandom will go ‘oh, interesting’ but they won’t be that excited about it. It happens. Scroll through my theories tag sometime: you’ll find plenty of posts with a handful of notes, and plenty of topics that I brought up that no one ever asks me about. 

You can’t ever guarantee that people will respond with interest and excitement, or that you will get loads of asks in your box from people who are deeply interested in your meta/analysis/take on the characters. When I first started writing meta/analysis/fics, I went weeks without getting any asks. If you look at my meta tag, you’ll also notice that my “You Saved Me” Black Lion/Shiro meta proved way more popular than the “I want you to lead Voltron” one. It just depends on what people find interesting, or what they respond to emotionally. 

Sometimes I come up with a meta or analysis or headcanon or theory and think “everyone’s gonna love this!” and it only gets a few notes. Sometimes I just quickly scribble something and get it out there, only to see it take off. You can’t really predict this stuff. You just have to roll with it.

If you want to make a theory/analysis/meta-heavy blog, by all means go for it. But my advice would be: write it for you. I write this stuff because I love writing, and I love analysing things and coming up with meta about it, and I love concocting wild conspiracy theories. Everything I write is for my own sake. I’m overjoyed and overwhelmed when other people like it too, but ultimately I’m just churning out metas and theories because it’s a hobby. I love doing it. I’d still love doing it even if no one ever read any of it, because I’m a huge nerd and this is my jam.

If you want some more concrete tips on getting started, here’s a list:

  • Don’t get too fixated on trying to write The Perfect Meta. Perfectionism will kill your writing. Just get your thoughts on the page and share it with the world
  • Be prepared for ideas/writing to flop. Don’t take it personally. Probably people just didn’t connect with it for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter. The exercise of writing it was still worthwhile
  • One day that obscure theory you wrote that no one paid attention to may become canon. On that day, you will rule the fandom
  • Engage with other people who write theories/meta. Reblog other theory posts (even if you don’t 100% believe they’re true) and other meta (even if you don’t fully agree with it). Just float the ideas out there. Something might click for you or a follower
  • If you borrow ideas from another theory/meta, always link the original post and tag the author. It’s polite to give credit and cite your sources, but you also might end up starting an interesting conversation that they want to weigh in on as well
  • Use pictures and screencaps in your posts. Seriously. People sometimes blank on a wall of text and ignore it. Not only do pictures help break up the flow, they also help illustrate your points
  • I try to always reblog other stuff as well - mostly pics, gifsets, fanarts and stuff like that. It’s harder to get followers if all you post is text posts. Plus your blog will look prettier
  • Don’t be tempted to use popular (but unrelated) tags just to get attention. It tends to just annoy people, who then won’t reblog out of spite. Tag everything appropriately and accurately

Above all: remember that fandom should be fun. We’re here to enjoy ourselves. If it starts to feel stressful or upsetting (because no one’s paying attention to you) then take a break and do something else. Don’t put pressure on yourself to produce perfect stuff all the time. Write as much as you want, whenever you want. Even as I write this, I have three unanswered asks in my box from people that wanted drabbles. They’ve been there for weeks. I just haven’t been in the mood to write drabbles, so I didn’t do them yet. Ultimately, write for yourself not for others, and you’ll do just great :)

However, Amon can’t understand why he thinks like that when he clearly lost someone important to him. Still, he doesn’t think Morimine’s way of living is wrong either. He wants to hear what Eyepatch would say. The thought swells in his head. Perhaps, when that time comes, he’ll see something he so far hasn’t found.

Since I went and dug up this quote from the TG novels I really want somebody to make an Amoneki fic out of it. Like one of those ‘5 Times’ fics where it’s just Amon thinking about Kaneki and making a list of things he wants to ask him.

Going Public.

My phone had been seemingly buzzing non-stop for the past hour and all I could do was groan and grab for it as I had been doing every time it went off. I was thinking that maybe there was a chance the notifications were important but so far I was seeing that that wasn’t the case.

Instead, I was being hit with retweet after retweet, mention after mention on Twitter and now even Instagram as his fans cyber stalked me until they could find my Instagram name and either follow me or leave disrespectful comments under my pictures.

Ugh, his fans.

I was trying not to be upset with Calum for his little mistake but I was definitely a bit pissed off that my relationship was now out in the open for all to know about. Up until this point, I was happy living in my quiet little apartment with my few hundred followers on social media that were actual or mutual friends, and sliding under the radar but of course that changed.

Of course Calum ‘accidentally’ posted on his Twitter a tweet that was actually meant to be a DM to me instead.

Of course he had said in that message ‘I love you’.

Of course he had managed to put my name in that message along with a winking emoji.

It didn’t take long for his followers to put two and two together as I assumed they searched through his followers list to find my Twitter. With the name, all they needed was a face to connect to it and they now had that as well.

It seemed now they were all busy rummaging through my old posts and retweeting things they liked, mentioning me in those they felt were subliminal messages about their beloved Chambers, and some leaving sweet comments on my pictures of how ‘beautiful’ I was and how ‘Calum definitely deserved a woman that looked like me’.

It was definitely flattering but a bit much to be taking in. I would be a liar if I said I wanted to be that WAG everyone knew. I didn’t want everyone watching my every move with an eyeglass to catch my mistakes and I knew this discovery meant I would be watched like a hawk from now on by those that cared for Calum beyond his football skills.

“Are you still reading those comments?” He questioned as he re-entered the living room, laying on the couch where I sat and lowering his head into my lap.

As I normally did, I took his hair in between my fingers as I massaged through the strands and against his scalp. “I stopped reading them after someone asked me how good in bed you were.”

Calum simply chuckled and looked up at me from where he lay in my lap. “What did you say? I’m hoping you told them I was excellent.” I playfully scoffed and waved him off with my hand. “Oh please. You’re barely an eight on a good day.”

But I knew that was a lie just as well as he did. Calum had absolutely no problems pleasing in the bedroom. Trust me, I had the bite marks to prove it.

“Whatever. Maybe this is a good thing. We don’t have to do some cheesy sort of coming out. People just…know.” He took his hand into mine, stroking my skin with one of his fingers softly under his touch. From the beginning Calum liked the idea of people knowing who I was to him. He didn’t see it the same as I did largely because he wouldn’t have to see or read the comments I would have to.

“I guess. I just would have preferred it happened when I was ready but I see things don’t always go according to plan.”

“They don’t but good things usually come out of foiled plans.”

I gave a small smile to his positive words which widened when he took my hand to his lips and kissed it gently. “I guess this means holding hands in public,” I teased. My eyebrows playfully bounced while Calum rolled his eyes. I knew how much he hated PDA. Sure, maybe a kiss or two but holding hands? It definitely wasn’t something he encouraged.

“No. We’re never doing that.”

gif credit to fuckingibbo.

Lazy Mornings - Baekhyun

Title: Lazy Mornings (scenario)

Requested by anonymous

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

A/N: The characters were half asleep and so am I. Lazy mornings are the best though. Sorry for not updating much this week! I’m trying to write things more but I just never seem to have the energy! I’m trying! Please be patient. Also, this is the first I’ve written for Baekhyun. I don’t think I have anything for Tao either. I’ll have to work on that soon too. Enjoy~

Masterlist (mobile)

It was rare that your days off coincided with his. This morning wasn’t one of those lucky days. You had to be at work at nine but when your alarm went off at seven, you groaned as you rolled over, swiping away the alarm on your phone. A whining noise came from blanket next to you and a hand reached out for you as you laid on the far edge of the bed. You wiggled back over, letting the hand find your back and slide over your stomach to pull you even closer. Turning to lay on your back, you rolled your head over to look at your dozing boyfriend, who shifted his face to rest against your shoulder.
“I have to go to work.” You said quietly and his hand reached further around your torso.
“No.” He whined quietly. “I never get to see you.”
“I know.” You rubbed his hand with yours, squeezing it a little. “I should go to work though.” You wanted to stay in this bed as much as he did. The cozy blankets and pillows as well as the warm body next to you, made you want to call in ‘sick’ today, each of them weighing down your eyelids. As you mulled it over, enjoying what you anticipated as your last few moments of coziness before getting up to get ready for work, Baekhyun made his move, shifting up even further to rest his face against your neck, lazily kissing your warm skin. Eyes finally closing, you leaned into him, exposing more of your neck and bare shoulders, a deep sigh escaping you. The feeling of his lips brought back memories of the night before and a sense of comfort, something that you didn’t want to leave and he knew it. “I should go to work, Baek.” You repeated trying to keep your eyes open as he gradually moved up your neck, reaching your jaw, your cheek, and finally your lips. Once he got that far it was game over, any will to leave bed that day, flew right out the window. You’d have to text your boss later because while Baek’s lips moved north, his hands had moved south and the two of you became a little too busy to think about things like work or text messages. 

@valiantarcher​ replied to your text post: Rereading the Thief…

:D Nice! I should probably do a reread before Thick as Thieves comes out. Unfortunately, though, my to-read list is huge and my to-re-read list is massive too, so…

I hear you. I have a seriously intimidating non-fic recommendations list that I am blithely ignoring in favor of reading other things… XD (I mean, they all sound so interesting; but also the more interesting ones are not available as library e-books and the most interesting ones would have to be interlibrary loans.) 

Basically, I think I went, “I CAN READ WHATEVER I WANT!”

@thetreasurechest replied to your text post: rereading the Thief…

The thief is the best book so far!

If someone were to ask me what my favorite book in the series is, I would dither between Thief and King of Attolia. However, last time I checked, I’d read Queen of Attolia more than either of them. 

“I think I lived a tough life so far. I went through that sociophobia in high school, and things aren’t all that great at home either. Although I’ve been through lots of hardship, I want to achieve my dreams and show people the beautiful side of me. Like a beautiful lotus flower sprouting up from the mud.”

“지금까지 힘들게 살아왔다고 생각해요. 고등학교 때 겪었던 대인 기피증도 그렇고, 저희 집안 사정도 그리 좋지만은 않거든요. 비록 힘들게 지금까지 왔지만 제 꿈을 이뤄서 사람들에게 제 아름다운 모습을 보여주고 싶어요. 진흙에서 폈지만 정말 예쁜 연꽃처럼요.”

Another gun-jumping manip! In case some of you don’t know this, I have a habit of photoshopping what I envision Colin should look like in his upcoming roles (when there’s been no reveal of his appearance). All we’ve heard so far is that the Duke of Blackwood is Freya’s lover, and that Freya is the villainous Snow Queen! Which, in my head, makes me think of Colin as the Snow “King”… I was gonna make him Jack Frost-ish but I thought a darker look on Colin would contrast nicely with his lover. Well I wonder if his character is being manipulated or if he’s also a baddie… Either way, I look forward to some costume porn! ;)

I was planning to link to all my resources but I sorta went overboard… I’ve mashed at least ten different images into this! But please ask if you’re curious about an element and I’ll let you know what I used. Please don’t post elsewhere without my permission. At least credit the source and explain that it’s fan-made. I was going to watermark this with “manip” and my url but it looked too crowded, ahh…


So I am finally playing Far Harbor and I got so excited when I found a functioning cinema (shh, it is not on loop, they both work to the fullest lol) I immidiately went on headcanon spree that Kevin sat down with Mac to watch  Night of the Fish Man’s Revenge, since both are huge nerds lol Kevin is a spoiled pre-war ‘brat’ so he just ‘omg this movie so goddamn cheesy and fake’ I imagine MacCready who has never seen a movie in his entire life probably thinks everything is real and great, so a bit of a clash there, but they both had fun anyways lol (i think I am sometimes both of them when it comes to horror movies lmao) I have no idea what the heck movie’d be about so I tried to make it sound as generic, retro and awful as I could.


You bet he couldn’t sleep that night all the cuddles lol

Okay. I’m a bad buddy and a subpar detective. 

but, with the power of maths, and guess work, i’m at least as far from the start of the month as the end, and not more than like two weeks off either direction.

so happy early/belated/maybe right on time birthday @yyeann

(it’s not the tenth is it. cause i thought it was the tenth but then that turned out to be someone else birthday so i was like it’s not the tenth but i realize now that people can have the same birthday as other people.)

also i can never tag marsh for some reason but dang did she teach me some things about commas when betaing this i mean i knew i was an idiot but i didn’t know i was stupid.


It’s late, and she is, to be honest, a little tipsy.

Pleasantly buzzed, if anyone asked. There’s only one other person on the subway, so she’s not sure if she cares enough to lie. He’s not paying attention anyway; he’s too busy nodding off over his hard guitar case. It’s covered in faded and peeling stickers (the guitar case, not the man), from back when clutter was in. Minimalism’s the thing now, Maka knows. Not that she goes in for it really. Too… minimal.

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AOS (fitzsimmons) rant.

Okay, so I used to ship fitzsimmons, now I’m a skimmons shipper. But I love both fitz and Simmons as individual characters. So this won’t be a hate on either. Here’s my thoughts.

As the seasons went on with fitzsimmons I realized that their friendship was far more powerful than any romance could be. And honestly I don’t think their romance would be good for either of them,especially Fitz.

Time and time again we see not just an emotional vulnerability in fitz towards Simmons. But an emotional dependency. He literally goes mad, when she’s not around and that isn’t good. It’s border-line obsessive and is not good for his character or Jemmas.

Now for Jemma, despite the fact that yes, her and Fitz have chemistry, I have seen more romantic chemistry with her towards like every other girl on the show.

Her love for Peggy Carter.
Her mouth drop for Bobbi kicking ass.
Her heart-eyes for Daisy.
& don’t get me started on her nervousness towards daisy when giving her the hula girl.

Now, I know they will probably make Fitzsimmons canon, but to be honest I personally think it’s a mistake for both characters.
Fitz needs to be alone, he needs to be less dependent on Simmons, because she makes him worse. Mack was right when he said that.
And Simmons needs to come out.

People can disagree on Simmons romantic tendencies towards women, but based on observation, I think it’s the most probable thing.

We can simply say she admires strong women, but I think this is hurtful for queer viewers. So many times growing up I thought I just admired the girls I had crushes on because that’s what society told me. I was constantly confused on my feelings towards girls and I thought I have to like my best guy friend, I have to like the nicest guy here, the one who would give up everything for me. But you dont.

I think Agents of SHIELD has the perfect opportunity to tell boys, ‘hey don’t depend on the girl you love, and just because you’re nice to her, that doesn’t mean she has to love you back’.

& it tells girls ‘hey you don’t have to like the boy who is nice to you, boy-girl friendships are possible, and if you like that girl, like her. It’s okay’

But I honestly have little faith on this. Since marvel loves their heterosexual relationships.

Every queer character on AOS has been a side character and killed off.

I’m tired of it.


Herrre….Is my crystal Gem! Their here to save the day. And if you think they can’t, they’ll, cut you either way!

Once again, i am exceptionally late to the party, but i had some free time in an otherwise quite bad week to get this done. This is Chrysoberyl. As i am obviously a dude, but the Gems thus far have all been female as a rule, i went for a more androgynous feel to the one in my style, and  more gender neutral terms etc etc.

Chryso wields a Palm Glaive. Its a cross between a flamberge and a glaive, inspired by Shen of kung fu panda (damn i want one so much)

But yes! here they are, hope you like them! I half assed the SU style one, forgive me!

(also, yes, yellow and dark greens/greys and my theme now, haha!)

Khushbu, 21

“The earliest memory I have was of war. I remember the sound of a rocket coming closer to our house and then the windows all breaking.”

I went to school until I was 18 and my happiest memory was when I graduated and was holding my certificate in my hand. I wanted to go to university, but there are no universities here and Kabul is too far to go every day. My brother can’t afford my fees either. And anyway, if I were to go to Kabul every day on my own, the neighbors would think I was immoral.

I want to work, I really do, and my family lets me, so I help other women in our village become literate. I really want to be a midwife, but I know it will never happen as I can’t continue my higher education. My mother suffered so much in the past so of course I am afraid of those days returning. I don’t want it to happen to me.