i think i dont ship them but whatever

other than each other, i can think of exactly One miles ship and One phoenix ship that arent Creepy so when someone says they dont ship wright//worth i dont trust them bc either they don’t ship either w anyone (which is fine) or there’s like a 90% chance they ship something Bad

God why is it so hard to get a read on what Keith and Coran think of each other

I mean Im kinda getting the impression that there is some hostility the more I try and get a read on them from whatever BREATH moments they share air space- and i mean this literally like they dont talk to each other- they did it once and it was to argue

Im getting this feeling that it’s some sort of morality difference between them, they tend to end up on the opposite side’s of allura a lot for some reason or not near each other at all

Honestly im curios on seeing how these guys interact in season 2, if we get the chance to see interactions between them at all. I mean of course there’s going to at least be a mild hostility from coran due to the whole Allura discourse that went on at the end of the season but it will be interesting, thats for certain


As a proud jojian shipper, personally I believe it’s fine if you think two (or more) people would be great for eachother.


Express it in art, writing, playlists, & whatever else. But
DONT 👏🏻 PUSH 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 IN 👏🏻 THEIR 👏🏻 FACES 👏🏻

Shipping real people is a very controversial subject in every show/yt/movie/etc. fandom and I realize that I might get a lot of hate but


Thank you for your time 🌹
- Cameron

guys lemme ask those of you in the buffyverse/ats fandom something real quick if yall dont mind

why don’t you ship Angel & Fred?? Do you only ship them with a few specific characters? did you just never really give it too much thought? do you not care about one or the two of them? is it just not your cup of tea? do you actively anti-ship it? why? is there something on their canon interactions that keep you from shipping it? 

contrary to what people might think, i dont hate starco. like, whatever, its a ship im not into, who cares. nothin wrong with it, just a ship. what bothers me is the way everyone insists its going to be canon/its destiny/them ending up together is inevitable etc and i barely see anything else from the fandom other than people trying to prove it. like, this show has more depth than people give it credit for, we could be talking about theories, doing character analysis that doesnt involve romance, having fun with the side characters, making up headcanons….. also it would be so, so nice to have a cartoon with a boy/girl friendship that doesnt end in romance between the two, that whole trope just stinks of heteronormativity. THAT’S what bugs me.

Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

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for me it's just mostly the age difference i dislike (for shalladin ships, same with allura/palladin) but that tends to be one of the reasons to dislike most ships in general? and i think that's what putting others off as well maybe? but like ship whatever you like as long as it's not pedofilic or abusive or clearly unhealthy?

I don’t have any shaladin ships and the age difference makes me :/ too (oh my god dont get me started on allura/paladin I hate them all) I’m not saying people shouldn’t dislike ships. I have ships that i DESPISE but I am NOT going to yell at shippers, send them hate, make them feel terrible, and especially not be fucking rude to not only people in the fandom but also the voice actor. and uh addressing your last part, I also dont support pedophilic, abusive, or unhealthy relationships, but people should be able to ship whatever and not get treated like shit. :/ just wish people knew how to chill and respect others and just bond with what we all like instead of hurting those who we dont agree with.

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i'm not trying be rude, i'm just confused.... because you talk about vmin and other ships and stuff and are posting about vmin at the museum like a lot of ppl but also you made a post upset about people doing those things?? sorry english isn't my first language so maybe i'm confused but i don't understand what you meant to say or why you are angry

nonono lmao im saying that i dont get the ‘shipping’ part of vmin. like shipping means u dont think theyre actually in a relationship together its just fun to imagine them dating or read fic about them or whatever. what IM doing is thinking theyre actually together. the post was me being like…. ‘why are u all just pushing them together without actually thinking theyre together’ like it annoys me bc people will freak about this and then be like oh i ship them wow! but then be like ‘oh i dont ACTUALLY think theyre together theres just NO WAY they could be in a relationship and also gay silly stupid gays for thinking that!!!’ and its like…………annoying

Honestly, I think a lot about Rock Lee and Kakashi interacting. Like, a lot. Even if you dont ship Gai and Kakashi in a romantic manner, (which would make their interactions more frequent as a result of Lee more or less being Gais adoptive son),  Lee and Kakashi have been seen interacting as a result of the Eternal Rivalry and from what I’v seen they have been v sweet and respectful to one another?  I am relatively new to the manga, so their interactions have been somewhat limited for me. But I just wanna refer too a lil panel I screenshotted:

Kakashi is shown showing genuine concern for Lee because he knows how destructive Gais methods can be? and Im just really invested in Kakashi becoming fond of Lee whom has an enormous amount of respect for his senseis rival already??? weird uncle Kakashi is my favorite trope so might just be looking for other kids he can bother with his odd sense of humor (puns), but Im also very invested in healthy interactions between parental figures and kids soooo  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i dont know i think the thing about me with stevebucky isnt about the shipping or just wanting to see them together, its about love, whatever love that may be in whatever context you see it. because whatever you say you cannot deny that steve has a yearning love for bucky because they grew up together and bucky was there when nobody else was and bucky has a heartfelt love for steve because of steves ambitions and values and if you cant see that then youre just not looking or youre in denial and i could go on about what they see in each other but for now its about love and the need to protect that

this idea has been mulling around in my brain for a while (since inuvember) but what do you guys think about a week for GAY INUYASHA SHIPS!!! or unpopular ships. whichever people wojld prefer. (just as long as i get to do something for kagkik then i dont mind)
just because i feel like inukag and mirsan and kogkag and whatever get so much attention and love but we need some gays in here my guys. if you think this is a good idea please reblog n spread the WORD and if you have any dates in mind throw them my way
also ships
im thinking a week so 7 ships ? but still this is all very speculative
anyway! let me know what everyone thinks!!

How to make SQ canon (or: How to convince my mother)

Okay this will probably get long, but whatever…

I know that we all know why we love SQ. We all see the chemistry, we all see their big and meaningful love gestures… but we have to keep in mind that, obviously, a lot of people don’t. I know that many many hetero people ship SQ (because they’re smart!) but I think a lot of hetero people dont see the gay unless its thrown right into their faces (and even then some of them don’t).

Let’s take my mom for example. She’s a passionate OUAT fan and she has a gay daughter (right, thats me) who she really loves and fully accepts. She supports me and my gf and shes all for gay rights and what not… My mom, however, did not even *get* the Mulan scene. She thought the person Mulan was talking about was Phillip… because to her, even though she is confronted with lesbians every day, just doesnt have it in her system, you know? 

My mom doesnt even like Hook or Robin. She constantly says stuff like “Hook is such an idiot, he’s not good enough for Emma. Look at that, Regina has to do all the work again. Leave it to her to save Emma and the rest of the town” aso aso… Would my mother EVER get the idea that Emma and Regina could make a perfect couple? NOPE. Never. Maybe if they suddenly made out in front of her screen, but even then shed be like “OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”… so yes, in order to make SQ canon, they will have to adress the “general audience” (i.e. my mom) and make it absolutely clear that they are falling in love with each other. So unless they do that (which I hope they will), I dont have much hope that it actually happens.

I was thinking about what would have to happen in order for me to flip out and realize that it IS going to happen. Like, you know, when you come up with scenarios in your head and imagine they are actually happening on your screen… I am of course thankful for any SQ moment, and any SQ moment gives me SOME hope, but in order to make the majority “buy” this ship, they have to make it more clear…

Imagine them spending lots of lots of time together on screen… Like, Emma is sitting outside of Camelot, sad, lost in thought, the Dark One whispering things to her that are so hard to ignore.. she’s had an argument with Hook because he was too pushy again or whatever and she just needs some quiet… and then Regina comes by and they talk and Emma is like “I think youre the only one who understands me… thank you… for being here… for everything… please promise me youll always take good care of Henry, no matter what happens”… and Regina will be like “Of course I will… but I will also make sure that he has his two mothers by his side forever”… and then Emma, like, leans on Reginas shoulder and shes kissing her hair…. and sure, 20% of the audience (including my mom) might still be like “aww look at them, they are such cute besties”, but the other 80% will be like “holy shit are they really going there? fuck yes they are” (which can obvsly be said in a very happy or very desperate way, depending on what you ship ;)).

They will keep having meaningful moments and then, at some point, there will be a moment in which we all KNOW thats its going to happen… sth like Emma talking about her sexuality… because as we already established, some people need this shit to be rubbed into their faces u know? Because many people (like, again, my mom) think theres straight and theres gay and nothing in between. My mom, for instance, would never even consider that a character (or real person for that matter) could be bisexual. She probably knows it exists, but its nothing shes ever been in touch with, so yes, this would need some explanation, if you know what im saying. A moment, for example, in which Emma is, for instance, interacting with another LGBT character that they have introduced and tells him or her that she is bi herself… or a moment in which she talks about a former gf… and seriously, folks. Just imagine it. Imagine youre sitting in front of your tv or laptop or wherever the fuck you watch this goddamn show, IMAGINE that there will be actual PROOF that Emma was bi. (it could also be Regina of course, but Im kinda seeing it with Emma)… if that moment was EVER about to happen, we all would know exactly that it would mean that Swan Queen was on its way. Seriously, if I think of this moment I almost have a heart attack. Because obvsly there would be no other reason to include such an info if not to mentally prepare the audience for whats about to come. Seriously I need a cig just thinking about it.

After that, we could all together focus on Emmas feelings for Regina. Obvious lingering looks and what not. They could just keep doing what theyve been doing since season 1, the only difference would be that the entire audience (and not only Swen) would finally be able to see what it means…

Then, in some heartbreaking moment, Regina will push Emma away because shes scared of true love or whatever, and Emma will go completely dark. And we’ll all be like “OMG THE NEXT HALF OF THE SEASON WILL BE ABOUT THEM GETTING TOGETHER AND REGINA SAVING HER WITH TRUE LOVES KISS” and the entire fucking media will be FULL of it and this show will be the main focus of attention and Lana and Jen will be EVERYWHERE and interviewers will be like “omg we finally get a modern family - will Regina go after Emma in the second part of the season and admit her feelings while freeing her from the dark one’s curse?” and Lana and Jen will be like “hahaha well you will have to find out for yourself, we know nothing yet” but in fact they WILL know, and they will promote the shit out of SQ because they finally can. there will be selfies on twitter and god knows what else and we’ll all be in fucking SQ heaven.

All they have to do is convince my mom. 

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Mmhm okay guys lemme give you a few tips here about them LL ships aight okay

1.) Pls for the love Godoka and Idol Goddesses, don’t tag your ship hate with the ship name.
2.) LITERALLY no ship is actually canon. Not even Nozoeli, despite the heavy implications. Unless it’s specifically said two or more girls are in a romantic relationship, Everyone. Is. Just. Friends.
3.) THIS IS WHERE WE SHIPPERS HERE COME INTO PLAY MMKAY so we, as the idol trash we are, having nothing better to accomplish in our lives other than fawn over fictional high school idols, decide to interpret whatever material the writers feed us as whatever we want to interpret as! Some may interpret it one way, some may interpret it another way. And that’s fine! It’s all good in the neighborhood. When it’s not all good in the neighborhood is when ya don’t have a clue how to respect other people’s ships. ALMIGHTY idol heavens just don’t tag your ship hate with the ship name jfc guys.