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SASO - BR2: Fill #3

prompt: hot personal trainer au

you read right baby.

Long story short I see nsfw stuff everyday and Ive wanted to try it out…like officially. its always piqued  my interest but i feel i never tackled it because of a fear of getting caught and more or less feeling embarrassed. 

Also i dont just mean doodle a titty here and there. i mean showing intimate moments between characters whether on the vanilla or kinkier side. 

ive got a new found motivation for art now that ive recently picked up drawing and id like to keep this ball rolling. Plus i wanna see some waifus getting it on. 

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Can you recommend me some nice louies that love all the boys? My dash is dead lol

*cracks knuckles* here we GO

here are the ppl that bless my dash with Good Louie Content

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im pretty sure there are more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, im sorry if i missed someone pls drag me down (i miss ot4 😭) to the ninth circle of hell if i did

you know that one video,,, is Michael’s Squip

                      so first, let’s all agree to ignore this super lame edit. 

a little over a year ago i decided to start watching this show. there were two seasons on netflix, and the third had already aired two episodes. i fell in love so quickly ??? i stayed up so late and ended up watching, i believe, the first six episodes. and, i’ve made it so clear before that i hated bellamy with a deep passion. i had my own personal blog and had followed so many t1OO blogs. i didn’t understand how so many people loved his character? he was selfish and didn’t actually care about any of those kids. he only wanted to save his own ass. but then, i watched ‘ my sister’s keeper ’ and was all like ; “okay. maybe he’s not so bad. he definitely cares about his bby sister and that’s pretty adorable.” but, what really did it in for me was that scene with fox in the mountain. i fell so hard. and, here we are !!!  

anyways, thank you all so much for following me and writing with me. it’s been my favorite thing. and to all of you who stuck with me when i disappeared for a few months, and then through the url change ( because that took a long ass time to figure out ) i just want you to know how much i appreciate you and how much i adore every single one of you. somehow, this has been one muse who has always stuck with me. even when i’ve lost my motivation or confidence, somehow i still wanted to be here.

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pros and cons of Oda only wanting to write girls fighting other girls


-Based on sexist ideologies and is ultimately harmful to the young audience it is targeted for in which a man cannot hit a woman no matter what circumstances 

-greatly limits potential character interactions and hinders/fucks up the pacing of the story to meet to this need

-female characters arent given the chance to develop through combat abilities and are often left in the dust