i think i did it because of her

I was gonna say ‘That was an amazing finale, even if you don’t consider Bellarke’ but then I realized that literally CAN’T be said.

Because they were the heart of this episode, like they are for the entire show.

The last scene, Clarke saying Bellamy’s name and not anyone else’s, not even Raven’s, into the radio proves it. That girl is in love and Bellamy, he might think she’s dead, but he’s living for her and her sacrifice and what she did to help them survive. He’s not letting her go in vain.

Shit, I’m sobbing. This is going to end up being the best love story ever told.

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Prompt: Alex being embarrassed about asking for something in bed. Maggie being the soft reassuring girlfriend she is

She told Kara she’s been… thinking… about Maggie.

A lot.

And she has been.

Thinking about her smile and the way she tries to look cocky when she’s shooting pool; the way she’s tough – so damn tough – but she never seems to mind losing to Alex.

Thinking about how quickly she gets leads, how brilliantly she deduces means, motive, and method.

Thinking about her lips, how those jeans fit her as she bent over to line up a shot at the pool table last night, how close they had been when they clinked beer bottles in salute to them, to life, to being alive one more day.

Thinking about what Maggie might look like with her clothes off, thinking about how those lips might taste, thinking about what it would be like to touch her hair, to undress her, to be skin to skin with her, to make her scream.

And now? Now that she’s kissed her, been rejected, been sought out, been kissed… now that she has a girlfriend – she still can’t believe she has a girlfriend – Alex keeps thinking.

Keeps thinking, and sometimes, amazingly – doing.

Because kissing has turned to making out, and making out has brought hands under shirts and mouths to exposed throats and desperate, breathy gasps of the other’s name out of panting, parted lips.

She and Maggie agreed early on – at Maggie’s soft but firm urging – to take things slowly, and they have been, they have been – it’s been hard, it’s almost been impossible, but they have been – but god, that doesn’t stop Alex from thinking.

Thinking about sex, and eventually, experiencing it. 

Soft and slow and something akin to reverent, eyes locked into eyes and fingers interlaced and soft moans of the other’s name instead of sharp screams of curses.

And god, Alex Danvers loves having sex with Maggie Sawyer. Letting Maggie make love to her. Making love to Maggie. With her.

But still, she thinks.

And, more often than not, she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Maggie tells her she shouldn’t be. They talk about everything before they do it – Maggie is never anything if not careful with Alex – and Maggie has those soft, penetrating eyes that Alex is pretty certain would never judge her, would never laugh at her in a mean way.

But still.

Sometimes she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Because she’s new to the whole experience of enjoying intimacy, and the things they’re already doing are so powerfully intimate; so too are the things Alex wants to do. The things Alex is afraid to ask for.

Because Alex thinks about Maggie holding her down. Maggie tying her down. Maggie leaving marks all across her chest with her lips, her tongue, her teeth. Maggie blindfolding her and gagging her and fucking her hard and silent until the only sound is the connection of their bodies and Maggie’s ragged breath.

She thinks about it, but even though Maggie tells her she can ask anything, ask for anything, she doesn’t quite know how to.

So the next time Maggie’s on top of her, panting and eager and wanting her – Alex still can’t quite believe that this woman wants her, or hell, that she wants Maggie back – she thinks her thoughts and her thoughts turn her on so hard that she freezes.

“Al, you good? Did I hurt you?” Maggie stops immediately, hoisting herself up on her hands so she’s not keeping her weight on Alex, her eyes scanning Alex’s face, Alex’s body, for signs of pain or fear.

“No, no, I just um… You know what, never mind, can you um… can you go back to kissing me? The kissing was good.”

Maggie smiles irrepressibly, because god is her nerd perfect.

“Mmmm, I agree, Danvers,” she murmurs before lowering herself carefully back down on Alex’s body, but when their lips connect, when the weight of Maggie’s body covers her own, Alex thinks again, and Alex hisses.

And Maggie stops.


Alex heaves a frustrated sigh and Maggie fights down a panic attack. “It’s nothing, Maggie, I told you, we can keep going – “

“Alex, I don’t want to keep going if you’re only doing this for me – “

“I’m not, I don’t want to stop, I just… I want… I want something… more.” She doesn’t look up at her and she chews on her bottom lip and she fights to keep down tears, because she’s not used to asking for something she wants. And she’s certainly not used to asking for something this… intimate.

But Maggie’s eyes immediately soften, all her defensiveness, all her fear, evaporated with Alex’s admission. She shifts her weight onto one hand and strokes Alex’s cheek with the other.

“It’s okay to want something more, Danvers. You can ask me for anything, I’ve told you. If I don’t like what you’re suggesting, or I’m not in the mood for it right now, I’ll let you know. But nothing you want is bad, Alex. You’re not bad for wanting anything that you want, and I like that you’re asking, it’s hot, I – “

“I want you to tie me down, or cuff me down, whatever, and I want you to blindfold me and I want you to gag me and I want you to fuck me really, really hard while… all the… all that… is happening.” 

She runs out of gas, out of courage, halfway through her blurted question, and she lowers her chin to her chest so she can’t see Maggie’s face, and she wishes, she wishes, she wishes she hadn’t said anything.

But then Maggie’s gentle finger is under her chin. “Alex, look at me. Please?”

Alex lets Maggie tilt her face back up, her eyes wide and scared and full of tears, but Maggie? Maggie’s smile is soft and understanding, with just the right dash of wrecked.

“Thank you for telling me what you want, Alex.”

Alex fights to hold Maggie’s eyes, to not look away.

“And what do you want?”

“About what you just said?”

Alex nods, tearful and afraid and on just this side of mortified.

Maggie bites her lip and shifts her hips slightly and takes a long, slow breath. “I would absolutely love to share all that with you, Alex. To do all that with you.”

“Now?” Alex rasps, almost timid, waves of embarrassment fading out as waves of arousal crash back in.

“Can we build up to it? I don’t wanna move too fast.”

Alex nods immediately, reaching up to stroke Maggie’s hair, to kiss her lips soft and chaste and grateful.

“But I uh… I don’t want you to stop telling me fantasies. If you have more, I mean.”

“I’ll tell you more of mine if you tell me some of yours, Sawyer.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she wonders for a moment how a woman with this kind of darkness, this kind of light, in her eyes could ever possibly want her, care for her, be laying underneath her, so open and so vulnerable and so trusting.

“Deal,” she whispers, grateful the night is only just beginning.

Endless High Pitched Shrieking about 413

First of all: Jroth, TELL ONE STORY.  YOU ARE GOOD AT TELLING ONE STORY.  We went seamlessly from the Blake siblings moment to Octavia’s doubts and then back to the lab and that’s where we stayed the whole time, and it worked.  TELL ONE STORY.

Sidenote: Okay, so that Blake siblings moment was ADORABLE but Octavia is NOTHING like Prometheus?  If anything she’s Aeneus, fleeing the fall of Troy to found Rome.  If you’re gonna nerd, NERD RIGHT.

THAT HUG WAS A LOT.  There was so much that came after that was EVEN MORE, but that alone was like…heartstopping.  Clarke crumpling into him, Bellamy holding her fiercely, her holding him even tighter…GOD.

Also a lot?  Clarke’s “I’m definitely not gonna live through this” speech to Bellamy, and the fact that he literally did not give up on her literally EVER.  He chose to leave her behind to save everyone else but he still believed she’d save them and she DID and then he had to save everyone but wait I’m getting ahead of myself.

That Monty and Murphy moment was great, and I love that Murphy is the world’s unlikeliest yet most competent nurse.

Raven was a BAMF in all possible ways this episode, and none moreso than interrupting Echo’s ritual suicide like “ya done in here?”

Bellamy’s speech to Echo is going to be (rightly, I think) overlooked but I liked that he got to admit his vulnerability and use his heart– as Clarke mentioned– to convince Echo to survive.  He did it for Raven, he did it for Echo, and in the end, he did it for Clarke.

Okay now I’m gonna give up all pretense of this being an actual recap and I’m just gonna scream:





Okay so I’m already seeing people worried about Bellamy being with Raven or echo, but like honestly I don’t think so? Now I could be wrong but echo literally almost killed his sister TWICE like if the writers put him with her I’d riot bc no. And Bellamy and Raven have barely had any screen time and no development so if they were together when season 5 started then the relationship will be doomed from the start because relationships with no development are not something people can relate to and get attached to it’s a fact. Also they already did the love triangle thing with Clarke, Finn, and Raven so I just don’t think they’ll go that route again.


Original pictures are not mine.

So, I’ve seen quite a few people deny that the new gem could be a moonstone because her color palette is too dark.

The reason her color palette appears dark is entirely due to the lighting of the scene. I adjusted the lighting using a photo editing program on my phone, and made so that Steven’s color palette is closer to his day palette.

So, this new gem is not as dark as some of you may think. Her true colors don’t look EXACTLY like this, but I did my best using only my phone.

the progression (and regression) of first names

hurt/comfort, mini casefile, msr ust

first in a series of fics accompanying my x files rewatch this summer. (technically this is cheating since i’m already on season 2, but whatever, i wanted to do this.) spoilers for beyond the sea, lazarus, young at heart, darkness falls, and tooms. some of these sequences are partially borrowed from chapters 4 and 5 of half-light, but i liked them so i kept them. (it is not necessary to read half-light to understand this fic.) also dedicated to my recent trip to dc; you haven’t lived til you’ve hobbled around museums and memorials on aching feet from walking too much.

warning for passing mentions of murders/death

Scully spends New Year’s Eve in a hospital room: “Because my life isn’t depressing enough,” she laments to Melissa on the phone, and Missy tries to laugh like it’s funny but it’s not. They are in mourning; their father is dead, their mother is all to pieces, and Charlie didn’t come to the funeral. Bill and Melissa are staying with their mother in Baltimore. They wanted Dana to come too, but Dana has never been one to show emotions around other people. “I need to work,” she’d told Mulder, and it was the truth. The sad thing is that Mulder getting shot has given her the perfect excuse to hide, here in North Carolina where she thought everything would matter less. 

(It doesn’t. Boggs yanked her out of hiding by her ankle, wouldn’t let her rest. She doesn’t go to Boggs’ execution because she’s afraid to believe. She’s afraid of what he’ll tell her. She hides in Mulder’s hospital room because it’s easier, but he won’t let her hide, either. He calls her Dana and touches her shoulder and she shrinks into herself like a crumpled piece of paper. He knows her too well; she is the pathologist, but he would be just as good with a scalpel. He has a way of bringing hidden things to the surface.)

There’s a pathetic TV in Mulder’s room and they watch the ball drop in Times Square on it. Mulder’s on pain medications, which make him goofier; he counts along with the spectators in Times Square with a glazed-over look in his eyes. Scully watches in silence, hands knotting in her lap. She’s had plenty of good New Year’s Eve memories to stock up over the year - she spent the last one with Ethan, tipsy from champagne and giggling hysterically when he kissed her, teeth bumping together - but the only one she can think of now is the first year she was allowed to stay up til midnight, at nine. (She and Missy had snuck out on the back porch minutes away from midnight and sat on the step, watching the stars. She’d tipped her head up to the sky, mittened hands pressing into her knees when she felt the pressure of her father’s hand on her head and turned to look at him. “It’s a new year now, Starbuck,” he’d told her seriously. “It’s your chance to start over, to make your life whatever you want it to be.”) Scully blinks hard to stop the onslaught of tears and reaches for the tissues she’d crumpled in her pocket. 

“Hey, Scully,” Mulder says, touching her wrist. “Scully. Are you okay? Are you sad again?”

He’s high as a kite, Scully thinks wryly. “I’m fine,” she says, scraping her fingertips under her eyes. Maybe she should take some time off with Mulder after this case, give herself some time to recover so she won’t be crying all over the place every case. “I just… memories. You know how it is.” And with his sister, he must know. 

Mulder rests his head against her shoulder. “It’s 1994,” he slurs into her jacket. “Anything can happen now, Scully; make a wish.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong holiday,” she tells him. 

He points to the TV where a couple is kissing, confetti falling down on them like rain. “We should do that,” he says, raising his head to look at her. “In honor of the New Year.” 

For a half-second, she considers it. He’s been more affectionate with her over time; something shifted with them, in Alaska. Something had made them stronger. He’s called her Dana three times now. He tried to comfort her. She remembers him kissing that ex-girlfriend, Phoebe. She’s wondered how he kisses before. 

Then she reconsiders. Considers the consequences. She’s broken enough Bureau policy this year, she thinks. She is grieving, not in her right mind, and he’s on pain meds, he might not remember a thing tomorrow. She rolls her eyes and says, “Go find a nurse, Mulder.”

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sam & season 12

I keep going on about how much I loved season 12 for Sam, and I was talking to @bluestar86 last night (Or, hyperactively talking AT :P) and they were saying how narratively neat it was to end with Sam at the beginning (facing down a 1x01 parallel scene) again just like Dean ended last season back at the beginning, getting Mary back. Anyway several of the conversations I’ve seen or had about Sam are about how some people feel this season really wasn’t very good for him and he didn’t have anything happen to him… I think I kind of veered onto that for a moment after 12x21 because there was a lot of negativity around especially after we were all excited that the “someone in the life” thing he’d been about in season 11 and Eileen seemed to clearly be a part of had obviously taken such a blow, and the BMoL thing was now also obviously a total failure for him.

I think 12x22 did a pretty good job wrapping that up for Sam, since Berens did all the legwork in the first place for setting Sam up with the BMoL and then answering how that made feel and giving Sam a clear win with it in The Raid pt.2 so I don’t think I need to talk about that too much and also it only represents a fraction of his character stuff, something that was just sort of happening to him this season and actively for only an even smaller part of it, while obviously there had to be a much more real deal to it all.

I don’t know if maybe it’s too obvious or the problem seems to be that people think that he didn’t engage with the story enough for it to seem like it was happening TO him despite what I felt was a clear thing all through the season, but the Sam and Mary stuff was absolutely brilliant this year to me, and I think 12x22 and 12x23 spelled out a lot of stuff about how Sam was interacting with his arc and how the show was telling it, giving me some really clear examples to use. As I was accidentally talking Bluestar’s ear off (oh god I’m scrolling back through this conversation to scavenge my points and I am so sorry about how much of this chat is me… :P) Sam’s always had his shit dealt with largely in an external way, with things often being quite allegorical while Dean has an internal approach (the season 1 queer subtext for Sam vs Dean’s where Sam’s powers are queercoded but Dean just *is* is my favourite example :P). The 22/23 use of putting Dean IN Mary’s head to talk through everything while she didn’t say a word and he stood on the spot and vocalised everything, and then putting Sam in a different reality to passively view and have AU!Bobby explain to him all the relevant exposition to why this was the mirror of the previous episode doing the same thing for Sam is a very very neat back to back image of how their stories get told.

So back to the start:

Obviously Dean and Mary are more emotionally connected anyway because Dean was alive longer at the same time as her previously; in 1x01 he’s defensive of her memory and Sam doesn’t know her so can say something objectively ridiculous like she’s never coming back and Dean can get all angry about him DARING to suggest that. So when Mary comes back, Sam takes 1 and ¾ episodes to find out while Dean starts a much more complicated emotional arc with her dealing with her sacred memory and other personal crap he’s accumulated with her.

Mom. For me… just, um… having you here… fills in the biggest blank.

Sam doesn’t have a history with her, but he does have a massive emotional investment, so in a way their story can only start when they start actually DOING stuff together. But 12x02 also lays out the problem, that Mary is going to want to run away and not face her past because she DOES have massive personal crap accumulated about Sam, because her presence brings back the original balance where the emotional story was with Dean and the mytharc crap was with Sam, but now it’s about her - she could have had this exact same arc in season 1 if she’d been alive, say taking Jess’s death as the point to leg it and not bear to face Sam, as she feels responsible.

Mom, look, I am… thrilled that you’re back. I mean, I’m so damn happy, I-I-I can’t even stand it.
I just… it’s just gonna take me a second to catch up, you know?
Yeah, no, no. Look, take – take all the time you need, all right? It’s – it is what it is.
And when we do find Sam… how am I gonna face him?
What do you mean?
That yellow-eyed thing would never have come for him that night if I… I started all of this.

This all spells out nice and simply the entire sum of what’s going to be their problem this year and what they need to overcome at least in the sense of coming to peace with it. Sam just wants Mary around, Mary can’t be around Sam.

In 12x03 Mary begins the process of running away. Cutting her hair is symbolic of shedding her past image and is important and a step forward in mending with Dean and shedding saint!Mary and the dreaded nightgown image, but regressive in dealing with Sam, because they have such opposite demands on her emotionally. She needs to face the past with Sam, but to move forwards with Dean - which is also too much work for her because she’s being given the huge task of accepting messed up adult Dean because his need for her is so vast so of course it’s daunting (and I’m assuming there’s at least some postnatal depression kind of metaphor going on with all this ESPECIALLY with Sam - of course all mixed up in mytharc but 12x06 gives us that she would rather go hunting than stay and do childcare with Dean). Sam loses out harder because his need is so simple and Mary being flawed and hurting Dean is ultimately for the best - after 12x02 we wrote meta about his drinking alone scene as representing exactly this, and 12x22 and “I hate you” was the point he had to be brought to. But Sam makes no mytharc emotional progress with Mary if they’d spend the entire season joined at the hip catching up and doing generic mother - son activities, because it wasn’t addressing their problems.

12x03 also showed us Mary’s trauma she needed to address, visually, with the John, Dean and Sam parallels in the haunted house. Sam wasn’t even a real baby - he was the broken, burned hollow doll. He was an object of absolute, triggering horror for Mary after she was trapped in the nursery with the doll by the ghosts, a reminder of her death, and the state of the doll very suggestive of what happened to Sam because of her deal - and basically visually displays everything Dean eventually told her what happened to Sam in his speech in 12x22.

Moving on to actually looking at how Sam feels about the mytharc, 12x04 and 12x05 featured Magda and Ellie as blatant Sam mirrors. With Magda, Sam gets to look back at his powers arc and say stuff that indicates how he feels about it now, especially when it comes to self-blame and his feeling of being unclean caused by Mary’s deal. (In the long run, Ketch killing her was for our shock value, Sam never learned on screen, and it wasn’t a part of his arc that she died, just something for us :P yay) With Ellie, he has an almost identical conversation about her horror about discovering her family history and that the blood running in her veins has this connection and that she was a fated vessel, if technically only because she was geographically nearby. Both of these mirrors make the episodes for Sam’s part focussed on how he feels about himself and what Mary’s deal did to him, and show he’s actually already, through all his previous trials and tribulations, made some peace with himself.

I mean… “trials” is deliberate word choice, since 8x21 he got to address how he felt unclean, then did the trials and I think even if he didn’t finish them again once he’s had time to process he’s already in a better place than before about it before season 12. I also feel season 5 resolved his original character arc and his actions in Swan Song completely redeemed him and eased his conscience and he literally was a blank slate after that, and also has a demonstrable sense of peace all through Gamble era - even in the middle of season 7 Bobby calls him out about it but ends up agreeing he’s just somehow ended up really zen :P… The problem here is that because Mary coming back was not really on the books back in season 5 Sam’s arc got resolved on a LOT of major points relating to the mytharc and he was really only left with Lucifer and Hell trauma which all dates from AFTER this resolution though as a direct result of it. So these two episodes explain how he’s feeling and that it actually isn’t something Mary should be afraid of because Sam’s in a good place with his past and so on, as he eventually manages to tell her in 12x22.

12x06 has their shared moment of trauma/horrible flashbacks when the 1x01 parallel happens where Sam and Mary get to relive it all with Bucky being tied to the ceiling and dripping blood (On Asa’s face, a sort of child figure to Mary as well) as the warning he’s there. The demon’s MO on killing like that was blatantly only so that we’d get them having this moment.

12x12 is where it really kicks off again, and after a lull on this while they dealed with other branches of the story, including the start of the nephilim arc, which with the Lucifer connection was already at least tenuously like Sam just for shared backstory - there was some speculation that the nephilim would be a good vessel for Lucifer and he only wanted it for that, which would have made Jack a direct Sam parallel… We didn’t see that although it was obvious Lucifer only wanted to use him to take over the universe and having a loyal son to do it is much easier than relying on his supposed perfect destined vessel, who was a bit harder to control than Lucifer had reckoned on :P Lesson learned since 5x22. Point is it was a sped up version of the process of milennia of figuring out how to get a Perfect Fated Vessel to empower Lucifer for the big take over.


I screamed and knocked my table with my knee so hard I still have a dent in it when Ramiel flashed yellow eyes at Mary along with the old season 1 remember-when-demons-were-scary sound effect. I’m honestly still kind of stunned and impressed that they brought back literal yellow eyed demons to act as a visual aid here. It forced a moment for Mary to tell Sam what she saw and for it to immediately become a Mary and Sam moment sharing this very specific trauma of what a YED meant to them, with Sam asking Mary what she’d gotten them into as if she even knew. Bringing in these princes of hell was again just a sort of visual thing to put on screen to put season 1 and Azazel’s original work with Sam back on the table, again making it clear the mytharc is connected to Sam. Dagon does for Jack what Azazel did for Sam, and even though Dean killed Azazel before his plans could come true he died convinced Sam was ready and going to be everything he was supposed to, leaving a thought for Dean for season 3 that Sam hadn’t been brought back right that segued into him going genuiely dark even if nothing was actually wrong with him like Azazel insinuated; I’m pretty sure Dagon died thinking that this changed nothing too, because Kelly saying Jack was good because he saved her just made Dagon laugh.

Dagon’s time on the show carries this part for Sam even though he had almost no interaction with her, just by visual association of yellow eyes and what she’s doing. 12x17 parallels her directly to Azazel in the staging of the action to 1x21, for example, and she already has her special child in hand unlike Azazel who was having a lot of fun with an ant farm with the entire special children project. (This also escalates into the main problem after the midseason in general making the second half of the show about a mytharc connected to Sam metaphorically in the same way Amara was connected to Dean metaphorically - I suppose 12x08 would be the 9x11 step of all that. Cas was already connected to the nephilim arc in 12x08 when he was the one who broke the news to them, 12x10 making it very clear he felt it was his problem. 12x19 MAKES it his problem. And in general now we know for sure it was used as the end of season episode thing that escalated everything into season 13 and was the final shot of the season.)

So I think when it comes to Sam stuff that gets us back to 12x22 & 23 - with Dean making clear Mary’s deal was the biggest hurt in his speech to her and listing what it did to him with her death and to Sam with the mytharc smacking him in the face because of it. When Mary is back, she repeats the thought from 12x02 that she’s scared of Sam, and Sam appears out of the woodwork to hug her and reassure her with the same message but this time it’s post-communication so they actually all have a real understanding, and don’t have this catastrophic void. Mary’s still fucked up but at least she isn’t ready to flee from Sam in horror, and I think it was that far more than anything about dealing with Dean that made her run in the start of the season, because she could have worked things out awkwardly with him because she had no underlying fear of him in the same way.

And then to 12x23 where the AU is caused by Mary NOT making the deal, and I think it’s important to bear in mind everything about Sam and this so far this season because it’s all been dredged back up again, but in 12x22 he got to make a peace with Mary that they could actually deal with this. It’s not a manipulative, wow the world would suck worse if it DIDN’T happen, be thankful it did. It’s something Sam can see, sure, but we benefit the most in a meta way to know that the message of the show is that Mary’s deal is now all good, at least for how Sam can feel about it. The fact he sees the world as better because of it, and that he’s at peace with what it did to him, is written into the fact this world is showing US that things would be so much more worse without it, and I guess this is the representation of how he feels shown to us in an actual example of a tangible world that expresses this feeling.

And of course as I said the season ends with Sam running off to investigate what happened with Jack, and being the one to follow his scorched footprints into the room with the crib that such a big fuss was made of earlier like he would get a chance to USE it but now is acting like set dressing:

Again one episode after Sam was represented as a crib all through a long speech (because babies suck at acting :P)

and a reminder that everything for him began with that moment in 1x01. Even though the thought Mary was in was more like 5x16’s memory than 1x01, Sam was brought down from the nursery and his crib was there, and the way Dean woke up in the chair directly paralleled 1x01’s opening with John waking up there. So the two blurred, and the conversation happening over the crib was about Mary’s deal which resulted in Azazel standing over the crib. In the show’s language, nurseries are Sam. And he ends the season in one, looking at a yellow-eyed thing that that crib technically belonged to even if he’s massively over sized for it (lol, even Sam wasn’t that tall a baby)… And whatever happens to Jack, now reflects on Sam, and his original feelings and choices about the demon blood arc and being Lucifer’s vessel. If Jack is pure evil he’s just a dark mirror for Sam to work through some shit. It’s more likely he’ll at least start neutral or as a uncomfortably powerful and volatile blank slate, but like how Mary isn’t exactly fixed, Sam now has a stage set to work through his own stuff that he might not have wanted to touch to blame Mary in the same way Dean had to get to an “I hate you” stage.

(And I wonder about Mary in this because one thing that wasn’t revisited except a brief mention she didn’t remember, was 1x09 and Mary apologising to Sam there as a ghost, right as things were kicking off with his psychic crap. I think also once he knew all the truth later in season 4 & 5, he could also feel that Mary had already apologised and so again he’s in a different place from Mary where he’s ahead of her since she doesn’t remember… I still feel like season 13 will probably be tackling Sam and Mary more directly than this year where it was more Dean and Mary, and Jack for good bad or neutral will offer a way to put a LOT of stuff on screen that we can see through him as Amara was to Dean a representation of his issues made manifest… He doesn’t even have to have a ton of contact with Sam although I am perversely hoping he duckling-imprints on Sam since he was the one who walked in on him freshly born :P But ech, speculation. Who knows how this will go, I can’t really do more than wonder about the longer character arcs and what I’d find funniest to do in the first minute of the next episode :P)

Anyway, this is all for me why season 12 was an incredible Sam season, and I’d been yelling loudly about each and every one of these developments as they happened. Long story short, I’m now an enthusiastic Sam girl because of Dabb and Berens’s combined efforts, and I genuinely feel like this season did him a great service in the story.

Not My Season

Spencer Reid x Reader - Friendship/comfort. Kind of?

“You want me…. to come….” Spencer’s words trailed off, unsure he’d heard his best correctly the first time around.

“To the abortion clinic. Tomorrow.” Y/N was sullen, seeing the shock on his face had made it all seem real. The judgement she was so scared of facing briefly crossing his face before he managed to check it. She’d been planning on going alone until an hour ago when she’d been reading support forums. They all said the same thing, the same thing the nurse and the counsellor had told her at her first appointment. To bring someone for support if she could. So she’d turned to her best friend, turned up on his doorstep with a request, blurting it out before she lost the nerve.

“Who’s…. Who’s….” again his words trailed off, making her completely regret this.

“Forrester’s,” she replied naming an agent from the New York office that up until recently she’d been seeing. She expected the next question before it even left his mouth.

“Does he know?”

“No,” Y/N shook her head, watching Spencer’s expression change again. “And even if he did, it wouldn’t change my decision.”

“Y/N, that’s someone else’s child inside your body. You can’t just….” he stopped, suddenly seeming to realise how he sounded. And she got it, she understood. She knew Spencer wanted children of his own but didn’t think he’d ever be in a position to be able to have them. She knew what he was thinking right now but she’d hoped that he’d have been able to push that aside to be able to support her.

“Spencer I can. And I’m going to. Not because I hate Forrester for breaking up with me or anything like that. This isn’t to spite him. I just can’t do this right now.”

“I could help you!” He looked at her with a gleam of hope in his eyes, almost pleading with her to change her mind. “I could support you. We spend enough time together and I know we’d make great….”

“No!” Y/N interrupted his desperate flow of words. “I know that I’d have all the support in the world but I just don’t want this. The timing isn’t right for me. I don’t want to take a break from my career, I don’t want to give up everything I’ve been working towards. This is isn’t a snap decision for the me. I’ve thought long and hard and considered all my options. This is my body, it’s my life and it’s my choice. I want kids Spencer, some day. But not now. It’s not what I want.”

“But… ”

“If I had a child right now, I’d love it yes. I’d take care of it and I’m sure I’d be a great mom. But there would always be that part of me that resented it. Because this isn’t right for me now. I don’t want to bring a child into this world that isn’t 100 percent wanted. So please don’t make me feel guilty about my decision. I came over tonight because I was hoping for support tomorrow. Not judgement, not you trying to change my mind. Because it can’t be changed. You’re my best friend and I need you right now. Will you come with me?”

She looked at him, her resolve set. And then in the tiniest flicker of his eyes she saw that his was too.

“Y/N… I can’t. I don’t think you should do this.”

With a sad expression on her face she nodded, turning on her heels and leaving his apartment.

She hated this. From the moment she’d walked through the door she just wanted to leave.

Not because she was changing her mind or regretting her decision, but because of the almost accusing looks she received from the other women in the waiting room. So much for sisterhood.

She couldn’t understand it at first, they were all here for the same reason. And then when the next woman entered the room, giving her name at the desk, Y/N suddenly did understand it completely. Because she stared too. It was inane curiosity, simply wondering what had bought them to this room. What had made someone consider this option?

Y/N knew her own reasons, her own story. But she knew that like every other woman in this room she was questioning what the others story was too. Was it something horrifically tragic? Were they just not ready? Were they going to be one of the percentage of people that climbed up onto the bed, and then ran kicking and screaming from the room, being unable to go to through with it and resigning themselves to a different fate.

The door opened again and everyone looked to see who the new arrival was, perhaps to start mentally making up a back story for this new person, to maybe try to make themselves feel better about their predicament. Or maybe to just distract themselves.

It wasn’t a woman this time, it was a man. An extremely tired looking man with ridiculously messy hair. He scanned the waiting room spotting her immediately and making his way over, and despite herself, Y/N smiled.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Spencer said as he reached her. She patted the plastic chair next to her and he slid into it.

“It’s okay,” she told him.

“I was stupid, and judgemental. And literally the worst friend ever. Everything you said was right and I was so very….. ”

“Spencer, it’s okay.” Because it was, it really was. He was here now and that was what mattered. He had come through for her.

Make sense now I’m glad it’s not bakugan

Also anyone would think if a child unlocked their clans bloodline would be happy but not naruto nor hinata and at first I was upset wondering why they didn’t believe him but it’s not that they didn’t believe, it’s that they didn’t want to believe 

Im glad he’s doting grandparent he Now but

His clan and the way they operate is terrible I think that’s why his reaction around them was so happy. I don’t think hinata nor naruto brings them around a lot and do you blame her? Remember what they did to neji

Messed up his childhood and hinata in a in a way too

I feel sorry for him because he probably doesn’t get to see the grandkids too much and he must feel sorry and regret everything his clan has done to branch members

Also I think they still have the cage bird seal because if their was a possibility for boruto to have the bakugan why would hinata and naruto reaction be like this

This is not omg oh proud of my son those I said more of any oh my gosh what a man I going to do my gosh what am i going to do

Technically hinata is not one of the main family since she married someone out of her family’s clan so her children might be in between the main and branch members and maybe when they visited them in the past it didn’t go so well because borutos reaction to going there

Also what bothered me was that himawari doesn’t/didn’t look like she had much training she looked like she helps her mom and training is put on hold 

I mean she’s wasn’t showed much in the movie so I wouldn’t know but I don’t think hinata wants to train her I mean look at How she’s was trained

Sister vs sister and cousin vs cousin for a higher position and power

This is a proud clan and I think hinata trains her own kids so they wouldn’t end up like her nor neji

alright here we go:

okay so first things first where did that kid come from? well they look too old to be clarkes kid, so heres what im thinking. clarke called her a little natblida (or did i imagine it?) right? so just like clarke survived bc of nightblood i think she found this kid and raised her as her own.
as for that ship at the end, could it be one of the other ark stations? that had somehow survived? because we know the ark station and farm station survived soooo

Ryan:  “Dani, you said you like me and that you’re not scared of going insane anymore.”

Dani:  “I do and I’m not.”

Ryan:  “So, I was wondering if you’d be willing to take another risk and consider being my girl?”

Dani:  “Yes.”

Because really, what more did she need to say at this point?  He was the one boy who had managed to catch her attention.  The one who made her think she was willing to take a risk on him, to risk that she would start acting as if she’d lost her mind just because she liked a boy.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

hey, when did they post that instagram clip or w/e with zach, michaela and shelby where shelby was coached on how to sound choked up and emotional?

because what if WHAT IF that was for one of the episodes after Wanted, when steven is reunited with the gems again

this is dumb but i can’t stop thinking about it. peridot worrying her heart out over steven is my lifeblood

anonymous asked:

Amon might have stolen Ukina book, and maybe as you said pissed her off in the wrong way, but what I think is interesting at the moment is not Amon himself, but the body he carries. The abnormal rc cells, and his Kakuhou. I feel something is unique in him that even V talked about him (the parting gift of Kuzen). What do you think about that ?

I highly doubt he did anything like in that first part because that requires him like doing things. 

The second part might be plausible of Amon’s character though. Of the conversation we overhear with V, they predict he had towards the lab but debate for a moment what Kaneki could be targeting. First they think it’s RIze, but then believe that information didn’t leak. 

It’s possible them saying “that bloody parting gift of Kuzen’s” could be in reference that they thought his next most likely target was Amon in order to try and recruit him, especially since Amon was erased physically by V and his connection to the eyepatch case after Kaneki was taken into the CCG. 

I think Amon’s connection to Kuzen (especially with Eto’s unknown aminosity towards him) and the several parallels the two share are interesting. 

Consider also, Kuzen was somebody with a great amount of promise and power that he could have used to fight the world with but chose to stay inactive in most circumstances except when it benefitted himself and his own little sheltered world he created at Anteiku. Who continued that attitude until the very end, and only turned around and sacrificed himself when it was far too late to do so. 

We see Amon with an intense amount of promise that he’s naturally born with. He’s of .1% of humanity with strength matching a ghoul, he has the admiration of all of his peers. When he becomes a ghoul, not only does he suddenly have the highest RC cell count in the series after a week he is able to develop a kakuja in three years that probably took Eto a lifetime in order to cultivate. 

He’s also spared most of the torture that Takizawa endured, so on top of that gets to keep his stability, and sanity for the most part. Yet, when it comes to his abilities as a ghoul Amon is far less in control than Takizawa. He has every natural advantage, but has lost to Takizawa in a fight twice. 

Amon is naturally a gifted individual with an interesting body that provokes the attention of others, but he fails to make use of that promise. So Amon having a super special awesome body and kagune control to the point where he can recreate his broken Quinques is interesting to me on that level. One where he can’t properly make use of it because he has yet to confront his inner demons and still continues to be regarded as an object the same way V treated him when he was harvested by them as an experiment. 

As long as Amon refuses to be a person with agency, the plot will continue to treat him that way. It’s an interesting consequence and similiar to the one Kuzen faced. Compare him also to Bujin right now, who has the same amount of natural promise that Amon does, but not only manages to rise through the ranks easily enough without experiencing the same amount of loss, but also is currently getting married. 

The main difference between the two of them rather than attitude is their backstories, Bujin grew up with a stable homelife and Amon did not. Bujin at least in that case has that to guide him, where Amon falters. You could take that as a good example of how much Amon’s childhood trauma still profoundly affects him and sabotages his actions. 

When he wakes up as a ghoul, the first thing he thinks of after all after smelling human meat is Donato’s orphanage and his role in the events there. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm looking for a Boku no hero academia fic and I was wondering if you or any of your followers could help me find it? Basically Izuku's classmates notice him constantly taking notes and writing really nice things about everyone so they decide to return the favor and compile a notebook on him instead. Thank you!

uuuUUUHHH @sevi007 isn’t this one of your fics? Because some intrinsic metaphysical existence in my soul is telling me it is and I am 95% certain you did write this

Anyway anon I think it was one of her fics on tumblr (iirc it’s a post that someone did a fanart of Izuku hugging a notebook?) but in the event it isn’t I’m not the best to ask, sadly.

There are little things I like to entertain sometimes that I think are really quite possible.

Like the part in 7x10 where Daryl jokes, “We gonna eat, or I gotta be a king or something to get food around here?” And then Carol laughs. 

Because how much do you wanna bet that somewhere between her tears and that radiant smile, one potential thought crossing her mind in that moment was that he already is to her and he doesn’t know it?

I can’t help but think that the irony of his joke due to the place he already holds in her heart did not escape her.

Note: This was originally a post I replied with to another post, but I decided to just leave it on its own. This is an argument against people who claim that Nathan is innocent and didn’t deserve punishment for what he did. I really hate people who think he’s this innocent little boy who did nothing wrong. 

People seem to forget that Chloe has mental problems too, but fuck her. Nathan has issues too, but he did murder Rachel and help kidnap girls for Jefferson. Not only that but he also attempted to photograph Chloe outside of Jefferson’s orders. He has issues, and as a result he died. Chloe and Kate both had mental problems, because knock knock depression and BPD are both mental disorders that can cause severe issues in people.

Yes, Nathan is mentally ill, but those do not excuse what he did. Yes, Jefferson did lead him down a path, but that is no excuse for what he did. Would you excuse the followers of a cult who were brainwashed into someone’s ideas and they never lost them? No you wouldn’t. Nathan’s mental issues explain why he is the way he is and how that allowed Jefferson to use him, but they do not excuse Nathan for the bullshit he did.

It’s less about the fact that he’s mentally ill, and more about the fact that he’s still a murderer and a kidnapper. Why? Because he didn’t take her to the dark room. He took her to his room and attempted to go Jefferson on her. That’s a huge difference because Chloe is someone without innocence, which goes completely against everything that Jefferson was trying to do with his bullshit art. Nathan is mentally ill. Did he deserve to die? No. But he deserved to atone for what he did. And in this case, he was killed as a result. He chose everything he did, and being mentally ill does not excuse something like what he did. There will always be a difference between being explained and being excused.

Edit: I will clarify a few things and admit I’m wrong in a few places. My memory misserved and I thought Chloe was naked. I apologize and I’ll strike that from my argument. But it still stands that Nathan is not innocent in all of this. Was he used by Jefferson? Yes. But there’s a huge difference from manipulating someone and having someone spend a million dollars plus more on your little art project while also going with said art project. It’s not like Jefferson was subtley manipulating Nathan. If he was, you could argue there was manipulation and Nathan was equally a victim. But it’s not like Jefferson is holding a gun to his head this entire time. No, Nathan revels and helps Jefferson out. Hell, he wants to be just like Jefferson. Nathan is not innocent nor is he a victim. He is just as bad as Jefferson, because Nathan doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. He still drugged Chloe. He still killed Rachel. You can’t excuse murder, especially when it’s “I overdosed her on medicine so I could kidnap her and photograph her for my own sexual pleasures.”

What about Chloe? Chloe also suffers from extreme depression and BPD. She’s angry and vents out at the world and is a parallel to Nathan. Whereas Nathan is rich and has bad relations with a living father. Chloe is a poor girl who had a good relationship with her deceased father. Both suffer from mental disorders, but they go about them different ways. Nathan does hard drugs and helps kidnap people for Jefferson’s porn collection, while Chloe only smokes weed and lashes out at people verbally. Also we care to forget that part where Nathan drove Kate to suicide by drugging her and taking her to the dark room? Yes, Jefferson did the deed of photographing her, but Nathan is the one who drugged her, kidnapped her, and then dropped her off. Hell, it’s highly likely he watched Jefferson do it. Nathan is mentally ill, but mental illness is never an excuse when it goes THIS FAR. When Chloe lashes out at Max in Episode 3, we see that by the next day she is super fucking sorry for lashing out. Under her own merits, she realizes her mistakes and owns up to it. Nathan only “owns” up to it after he realizes Jefferson is going to kill him. The words out of his mouth in episode 5, are those of desperation. He’s not sorry. Was he used? Yes. But he allowed himself to be used. He still killed Rachel. He still did horrible things. And he only apologized when his life was over. Chloe apologized for the things she did nearly right after she was in a good state of mind. 

Also remember how he kills Chloe? Yeah he killed Chloe. Nathan is a fuck and is just as bad as Jefferson.

fluidpuck  asked:

Just to ask, (your criticisms are very well put thank you for putting them out there), do you still generally enjoy reading SJM's books?

so i know i’ve taken a hot sec to answer this but it’s because it’s actually a bit of a tricky question for me?? 

the first time i read sjm’s books, i absolutely adored them. i was of the mindset that she could do no wrong and that everything she did was her prerogative and everything was perfect. once i reread them (some more than once), i started noticing the stark lack of diversity in the books, not only in race and sexuality but also in content. 

the more i think about the lack of diversity, the angrier i get about the books and it makes them harder to read. (also with acowar, i read so much fanfiction in between that was absolutely stellar so the book was a bit of a let down in a lot of areas, which i can talk about later if anyone cares). 

so, my answer to your questions is yes and no. i think her books have a ton of potential to be fantastic, but i definitely don’t love them the way i used to. 

anonymous asked:

Hey do you think Katie's dynamics are going to change because of what they did to her brother?

idk i don’t think like so tbh she’s already very very private like she only shows up for 1. work 2. events to promote her work i don’t see how this would change cause one stalker tried to catfish her brother so i hope not but who knows she’s just out there doin her thing i support her no matter what 😘

anonymous asked:

Well Kevin had a cameo appearance in S11. But I feel like Bob Singer had a personal vendetta against Charlie. I love Charlie so much I get angry that all these other characters get to stay. That's crazy I know. Plus the writer that created her is no longer with the show. So even though the cast wants her back as much as we do I know there's a chance that we'll never see her again.

True Osric did appear in s11. *breathes* boi bob singer i swear

Ummm I don’t think not being able to bring Charlie back because Robbie is no longer is with the show is the reason. Look at Eileen, Robbie introduced her in S11 then they brought her back in S12 and killed her. 

anonymous asked:

I'm kind of not surprised that Jughead's dominant. Not only did he make the first move, but have you noticed how much he likes control? Growing up as he did and being bullied, Jughead probably learned at an early age how to steer things the direction that he wanted them to. Look how in control he was when interrogating Dilton Dooley and then his cadet. Jughead's the best type of dominant because he's not about taking away Betty's agency nor does he resist following her lead.

You actually make some VERRRYYY good points….I also think he’s only dominant when he feels A) confident and B) works for the situation. TBH, it’s been pointed out that Betty knows what SHE wants and is very determined, something that’s only now really coming out and she clearly feels better for no longer suppressing….but it also appears she kinda likes giving over control sexually to some degree.

Which, since I’m pretty similar—-flexible if I don’t care about something, rigid if I do—and generally more comfortable being slightly more submissive romantically, I get that.—-and I’m generally a pretty assertive person as a whole.

His dad is also, by nature, a pretty effortless leader (when he isn’t drinking, that is), who has several times demonstrated pure velvet hammer action, as well as being a surprisingly effective and creative problem solver. It’s fairly apparent Jughead’s proving to have a lot more of his daddy’s qualities (thus far the better ones) than he realized.

Likewise, they both seem to ascribe to this weird (but actually works and is all kinds of hot) combo of this very macho, but gentlemanly guy who isn’t one bit misogynistic—or a silent: “yes, I’m fully aware that you can do all these things for yourself, I admire and respect you—but it really turns me on to open the door for you and take care of you”. I mean FP’s “man up” was actually, “put HER first, because you two love each other and you need to do this”

Interestingly, I think we’ll see Juggie use these same leadership skills with the Serpents going forward, as well as probably looking to bring about social change.