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Why Cars 3 is Good

- Lightning being an old man
- Lightning being a father figure
- Lightning having racing friends
- Animation
- Cruz Ramirez is great and she’s so cute I love her
- I cried
- Shit ton of flashbacks
- Shit ton of Lightning McQueen fans, they’re all great
- Natalie Certain is gay for Cruz
- Cruz Ramirez
- C. Ramirez
- Did I mention Ms Ramirez?

@jayjayqwerty and I watched Moana and I couldn’t help doodling something for the fandom. I know i’m late but blame Netflix!!!!

Co Workers (Part Two)

Chapter Summary: You an Andrew get into a disagreement about you moving to Vancouver, you leave anyway.

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Warnings: None for now

Pairing: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.3k

Read Part One HERE

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The few weeks that you had spent on set were the best weeks of your life. You had been back home with Andrew for a couple of weeks. It was almost Christmas time. You had been hoping and praying since you got home that you would get to go back on the show. You loved everything about it. Besides the fact that you were a guest star on your favorite tv show, you loved Vancouver, it was a wonderful city. You also loved everyone that you had the pleasure of working with while filming, especially Misha. You and Misha became friends quickly. He was kind, and helped you a lot with your acting skills, he even helped you practice scenes that you were unsure of.

The mid-season finale was tonight, and you were excited to watch it, yet slightly nervous. Your character, Blair, kissed Castiel in this episode, and you hadn’t warned Andrew. He had been seemingly standoffish since you got home, you didn’t really understand why, but it wasn’t like you to push the issue, you thought maybe the fact that you were gone for a month was a little bit hard on him, he had more of a dependant personality than you did.

Just before Andrew was due to be home from work, you got the phone call you had been longing for. The producers wanted you to come back. Not only did they want you to come back, they wanted you to sign a contract with them. You would be living in Canada during filming season. Without a second thought you said yes. You thought of course that Andrew would come with you. He would love it in Vancouver and he could finish his schooling there as well.

You ordered pizza for dinner, and Andrew got home right after the pizza arrived. You had a few minutes before the show started, so you decided to tell Andrew the good news. You both got settled on the couch with your food and some wine.

“So,” you began, turning to Andrew. “The producers from the show called me today,”

“And?” Andrew answered

“They want me to come back.”

“For how many episodes?” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“They uh, they actually want me to sign a contract with them, which means they want to keep me.” You couldn’t contain the excitement in your voice. This was everything you never knew you wanted.

“I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t go back.” This came as a slight shock to you. You noticing that Andrew was slightly distant, but you really didn’t think he would have a problem with you going back, considering he would be able to come with you.

“I never agreed to that babe, I said I wouldn’t go back without you, and with a contract, you’d be able to move up there with me, finish school there, even.” He just looked at you, almost as if you had just broken his heart. You didn’t know why, your relationship was and always had been stronger than this.

“Look, Y/N, I love you. I always have. But I want to finish school here in LA.”

“What’s the big deal about finishing school here? I’ve heard that they have good schools there too”

“No, I-it’s not just that Y/N.”

“Well then what is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s just too far away from home I guess.” He sounded unsure of himself.

“You know we could come home whenever we want. It’s not like we wouldn’t have the money, the show pays well..” You were trying to make your case as best as you could, but you could sense that this wasn’t going to have the outcome that you wanted.

“Can you turn down the contract?” He seemed confident in asking you this. Like he had been practicing it if it were to happen.

“Andrew I…I already said yes. I’m going.”

He just looked at you and shook his head. As if he were disappointed.  

You mumbled a, ‘whatever’ and turned the tv, THE argument causing you to miss the first couple of minutes of the show, which meant the first thing you saw was the kiss that you had been so nervous about Andrew seeing. Honestly, you shouldn’t have been nervous. It was just acting.

“Is this why you want to go back so bad? Finally get to make out with your celebrity crush?” Andrew snapped.

“Seriously? You do know that it’s just acting right?”

“Yeah, I get it.” What? You thought. He really wasn’t making much sense. As you just sat there sort of dumbfounded, he got up and went to your guys’ bedroom. You heard the door lock. This was not your Andrew. You didn’t even want to try to talk to him. So you decided to just enjoy the rest of your wine, and watch the show that you were incredibly proud of.

When the show was over you just decided to shut the tv off and lay on the couch so that you could enjoy your buzz. You finishing off the last of your wine when your phone dinged. You got a text from Misha.

Misha: You did a great job on that tonight’s episode. I hope you get to come back!

Y/N: Thanks Mish, I think I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back tho :)

Misha: What makes you say that?

Y/N: I got a call today offering me a contract.

Misha: That’s awesome! I wonder what this means for Cas and Blair ;)

That last text was a bit of a surprise. That was definitely a flirty text. He had a girlfriend. Either way, you were buzzed and not on good terms with Andrew, and a little flirting never hurt anyone. Besides, you were both in relationships. Where could it possibly go?

Y/N: I hope it means something good :)

Maybe that wasn’t the best response, but hey, you were pretty buzzed.

Misha: What kind of good?

Y/N: I’m not sure lol

You just laid there as you waited for him to text you back. You then made the decision to go back to Vancouver in the morning. You didn’t care if you didn’t need to be back on set for a few weeks. You could just enjoy the city and find an apartment. If Andrew wasn’t willing to accept your decision to go back, then maybe the two of you should rethink your relationship.

You fell asleep before you got the chance to read Misha’s last text.

When you woke up the next morning Andrew had already left for his morning class. It was his last day of classes before Christmas. So you took this time to book a plane ticket and pack your bags. You took one last look around your small apartment. You left a note for Andrew explaining that being on the show was what made you happy, and that you weren’t leaving him. On the note you encouraged to him to call you later and told him that you loved him.

It was after the new year now, and you were settled into your new one bedroom apartment. Most of the cast was back in Vancouver now as well, and filming was beginning next week. You and Andrew had worked through what problems you had from before. You got to know as much of the city as you could, and were now working on filling your apartment with paintings, pictures of your family, candles, nic nacs, whatever you could find. It already felt like home.

It was early evening and you were getting ready to make dinner for yourself when you heard at at knock at the door. Which was weird, you hadn’t told anyone where you lived yet. You set down the hammer and nail you were using to hang one last painting before you cooked and opened the door.

“Hey Y/N, looks like we’re neighbors.”

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About your post, I don't think you are blind at all. It is just that, from a person's perspective with a specific ship, almost anything is a big deal plus at least this confirms that Touka has some feelings for Kaneki. I do not believe she loves him tho. As Kaneki realized, the offering was just to try to take off his mind from dying. Ishida did a very good job at masking the depressive side in this conversation.

Yeah I understand, and I want to try to look at it from an objective viewpoint so here’s mostly what I’m thinking about this whole situation (trying to be objective here but there will probably be some inevitable bias.)

It’s pretty clear at this point that Touka has feelings for Kaneki and I’m not disputing that, however, I don’t think those same feelings are coming from his side. He’s clearly lonely and depressed and the last thing on his mind is getting into a relationship; it would be too much for him to handle on top of everything else apart from anything, and with the mental and emotional state he’s in, I can see it being damaging to Touka as well (Touka would be the one doing all of the giving and not getting very much in return because Kaneki is too preoccupied with himself and what he wants.)

Kaneki’s back in :re with most of the people he cared for and is trying to protect, but like he told Akira just last chapter, he still feels lonely. There’s something in him that has to be fixed which I don’t think can be done through something as simple as any sort of relationship right now.

It’s like someone else said; he was pretty much just being polite to her (what else would you expect from Kaneki?) and it didn’t seem to me like he had much interest in pursuing anything with her. Though I believe the conversation this chapter between the two of them did bring them closer together and probably helped them form a better understanding of eachother, I still think Kaneki just views her as someone very important to him, just not in a romantic sense.

I really hope that Touka becomes a little more aware of what he’s really coping with though because, honestly, this is one major major reason I don’t like this ship and think it would be unhealthy; out of all the people Kaneki cares for now, I’m pretty sure Touka is the one who has hit him the most. As a survivor of abuse from those closest to him, his perception of what a healthy relationship is like must be distorted because of the way he was treated by his parental figures. He believed that his mother loved him and he loved her too but she beat him and perhaps he subconsciously (or consciously?) just assumes that’s just part of being loved. If he gets into a relationship with Touka, I feel like that only reinforces his belief that being hurt by the people you love is normal, and maybe even an expression of affection. Needless to say, that’s incredibly unhealthy and damaging, especially to someone with his mental and emotional state.

Though I realistically would much rather see Kaneki and Touka stay very close friends rather than lovers (mostly because I think their relationship would hold so much more value this way), if Ishida does decide to get them together in the future, I think they both still need to undergo some drastic development. As the relationship stands now, it would be unhealthy for them both, especially with how one sided Touka’s attention to him is, and I would much prefer that they come to understand eachother and love and value eachother as very close friends, partly for Touka’s sake as well since I think her character has really been devolving since this whole thing started.

If anyone has anything to add, please do; I’d love to have a discussion about this.

We have a Lord John photo!!!

So I’m back in cell service after my vacation and can now put my thoughts down. Finally we have a photo of Lord John! I think we can all guess the context so I’ll skip that, and do a rundown of thoughts on the image. My first thought was he looks great! They did a good job matching his hair with season 2’s young John. His uniform is clearly freshly washed as he is not as dirty as he tends to be. He is tall but it’s hard to compare heights with David being so much closer to the camera then Sam. All in all I love the photo. I do find it frustrating that it’s pretty much the same angle as the leaked set photo tho. Almost feels like they did that on purpose the teases! Also we learned that Jamie is still wearing that coat! Poor Jamie…

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about ur episode prompto thoughts. yeah it would have been nice if they made the game like this. but i think a lot of the problem with the game was its kinda an unfinished mess held together with string and a prayer. they didn't do a very good job on the main game and all the dlc stuff feels like it shoulda been in to begin with

how did I miss this omg what’s with tumblr lately, sorry anon.

But yeah, this DLC felt pretty good. I’m not really sure about the Gladio one tho, cuz poor guy but he keeps getting the short end of the stick. The prompto dlc tho, was pretty good. I really enjoyed it and the music was freaking amazing. I can’t wait to get it.

But yeah, I agree, it was seriously held together by a prayer and that was the bros relationship. It was the glue that kept the game from falling apart. 

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So far I've only read the first 11 volumes of Ao no Excorcist, but I really like the manga (PUMPED FOR THE NEW ANIME!!!). One question: please teach me how to like Yukio ;; I just love every character of the manga (they feel so natural and realistic!), but... I just somehow cant connect to Yukio??? I don't know what it is , so... I'm asking a fan of him!

Hello! wahh glad you’re giving this manga a chance! it’s one of my faves <3 I hope the new anime doesn’t change the characters nor the plot like the 2011 did. As for Yukio, I don’t think I can teach you how to love him… after all it’s all about tastes, maybe he’s just not the type of character you enjoy ^^ I can explain why I love him tho c: I’ll stick to the first 11 volumes ofc but still this will be pretty long:

For me, Yukio is the most interesting Ao no Exorcist character (besides Shima) because he’s just so imperfect, I love that aspect of this character!.

We start with a character who seems perfect, the perfect younger brother, a genious exorcist -the youngest ever to get a license- good at his job, has to uphold Father Shiro’s wishes of protecting Rin and even his spot as a teacher in the academy, it’s easy to think that he’s just too good, but the actual character has so many flaws the contrast is just great.

From the start, we saw some hints of Yukio’s actual personality, like when he blamed Rin for Father’s death and pointed his gun at him…now do I think Yukio meant it? the narrative makes you believe he probably doesn’t and yes I say probably because that’s the thing with Yukio, for a character deemed to be the serious and analytical one, he’s very vague, you can never be sure if he’s either pretending or means what he says, it’s almost like he’s always doing both. (The only person we’ve seen him opening up and being himself with is Shura, and dang do I thank he’s got her).

Up to that point, Yukio didn’t seem to have much concerns, at least to me his major ones were knowing if Mephisto was on their side or not and that his brother had to take the Exorcist exam in 6 months…but boy was I wrong…

Saburota Todou enters and fucks up with his mind like no one else could

(Chapter 16 I’m putting a photo of my volume because the scanlation has these panels different, the translation is: “come on, calm down…Why did it affect me this much?” refering to Todou’s words on how Yukio and him are so alike)

and yes, why did his words affect him so much? well he knows there’s some truth behind them, he’s a genious, he’s a good exorcist…yet he still wants more, he’s unsatisfied with how his life is right now and is longing for a greater power.

Later when they fight

The truth is you hate your brother right?

Kato sensei has showed us that Yukio is very jealous of Rin, but I don’t think many understand the grasp of it. Yukio’s life has been shaped around his brother: being able to see demons from the day he was born, he grew up as a “weak” child who cried at everything, who was bullied, who couldn’t say his dreams out loud until his brother told him it was ok to do so, he depended on Rin for everything…but that was not all, and I think the main difference Yukio sees between him and Rin is very well portrayed in these panels:

Again Yukio may be a good student, a good athlete, good exorcist and teacher but he doesn’t think he’s a good person…unlike Rin (look at his face when he sees how Rin doesn’t care if he gets the credit).

This is a kid who fears to show his insecurities to the rest, includying his brother, a kid who thinks his crush won’t like him anymore if he shows his true self, Rin may be half demon but he sure has an easier/better time enjoying his human emotions, while Yukio feels guilty for having them (jealousy, wrath, etc. this is why Shura tells him he’s dangerous) and of course, he can’t help  comparing himself to his brother “nii-san always does what I cannot” truth is Yukio, you also do a lot of stuff Rin can’t…

Rin’s life wasn’t any better than Yukios, we know he had gone through hardships as well and gave up on being a “good kid” because no one understood him but the thing with Rin is… he doesn’t harbor any hatred towards people nor himself, he’s basically a good selfless kid… and Yukio?

“I both hate and love my brother, but even even more than that… the one I really hate most of all is myself!!

He rationalized his feelings towards his brother and himself so sharply and it’s so sad, it’s true that he loves Rin dearly and is doing everything in his power to protect him, but Rin is oblivious to most of what Yukio knows and while this could all be solved by having Yukio opening up…how could he? remember how Rin lost all of his confidence after he lost control of himself? Yukio must believe he wouldn’t be able to deal with all the crap he does, specially the fact that now he probably has powers too.

It definitely wasn’t Shiro’s intention but in raising Rin oblivious to their world, he left Yukio alone.

Yukio doesn’t think he is a good person, even if everyone /includying us readers/ know he is, this is why he’s so good at lying and concealing his emotions, he doesn’t want people to see how actually “awful” he is, and dang is it taking a toll on him.

Anyone having to deal with this much crap would go insane, so I can’t help but admire Yukio for standing up and still doing his best to protect his brother, he’s just so human and imperfect.

(and I love how he doesn’t back up when he has to call Rin on his shit)

Really, could you blame the guy?

For me he’s just a fascinating and complex character… and well, despite it all Yukio is still a sweatheart and a doof

And I love him for that (but omg pls Kato sensei send this child help)

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Random ficblogging question for you but... do you have headcanons about lex luthor? Or have I just missed them? Love all your work and headcanons! Never stop!

tbh I feel like American Alien douchebag randian libertarian lex is pretty much perfect. but i know in a lot of incarnations lex is a Super Genius and i’m not as into that. i like him better as an opportunistic regular genius. he’s not necessarily the smartest guy in the room but he’s good at making people think that he is (because he believes it). more jobs than wozniak, or an evil bill gates. which might just be a young bill gates. DID U KNO: microsoft used to pretty regularly make plans to buy companies, and they’d be like “okay u gotta show us what u got tho” and they’d do it and microsoft would go “nah now that we’ve seen it we don’t want it” and then they’d go make their own based on what they’d seen. just. straight up stealing shit. that’s the kind of corporate bullshit i wanna see from lexcorp. or like. he has no fucking patience. that’s his ultimate downfall (also all the hubris). he’ll build a huge badass mechsuit and it’s amazing but he cut a bunch of corners to save time and money and whoops it has a bunch of weaknesses because of it who could ever have predicted this unfortunate circumstance. the answer is everyone.

cocotingo‘s Heryn came to the party!!! (which I am seriously fangirling over, because she does the most awesome art, and i’ve been following Heryn pretty much ever since I started playing DA:I..)  SO here we go..

I don’t know if coco’s game for this.. but I thought it would be fun to play this game with Heryn. :)