i think i did a pretty good job tho

cocotingo‘s Heryn came to the party!!! (which I am seriously fangirling over, because she does the most awesome art, and i’ve been following Heryn pretty much ever since I started playing DA:I..)  SO here we go..

I don’t know if coco’s game for this.. but I thought it would be fun to play this game with Heryn. :)

I’m pretty sure that sex scene involving Clarke is gonna be at the beginning of the season. She still feels this terrible hate for herself for what she did at Mount Weather, so it would make sense if she just wants to feel something other than that hatred and the hurt of Lexa betraying her.

I believe Clarke will do a pretty good job of masking the fact that she’s also hurt besides hating herself for killing the whole mountain though.

I think all that hurt will finally come back as soon as she sees Lexa again, so I’m really excited to see that scene where she puts a knife to her throat, because it’s gonna unravel so many feelings inside of her.

But then again, I might be 100% off :-)