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Sheith Pirates of the Caribbean AU Part 2 (Part 1)

  • After the Brethren Court, Shiro hasn’t seen Keith ever since. But he can’t stop thinking about him. He’s never been this taken with someone else before. His night escapades just can’t compare.
  • He’s so smitten. It’s ridiculous.
  • He tends to stare into the horizon and just keeps sighing.
  • “Captain, you’re like a widower,” Lance says. “Get it?” Lance nudges his elbow. “Widower. The Widow’s Death?”
  • Lance just snickers. “Man, you got it so bad, huh? You don’t even join us anymore when we hunt for chicks in Tortuga. And that’s saying a lot because you usually get the most. And yesterday you didn’t even bother leaving the ship. C’mon. Is he really all that?”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Lance rolls his eyes. “Captain Keith Kogane. I don’t get it though. The guy has horrible hair. The guy’s a murderer. I mean, not saying we aren’t but he’s like—”
  • “Don’t you have something to attend to, Master Lance?” Shiro raises an eyebrow. After that no one dares talking to him about it.
  • He has no idea that he brings his ship to the Red Sea. Even Shiro is shock at this.  
  • “Oh boy. Did not expect this at all,” Hunk whispers to Pidge and Lance.
  • Pidge is the first one to ask, “Captain, why are we here?”
  • “I… I don’t know, Pidge. I honestly don’t know.” Shiro answers breathlessly. However, his eyes roams around the place. Looking for something. For someone.
  • “I don’t think he’ll appear,” Pidge says softly. “No one has seen him.”
  • Despite everything, they stay. Shiro will do anything just to look at those dark purple eyes once again. He leaves the ship and goes to shore hours after midnight. He just stares at the sea. “Keith, where are you?”
  • “Looking for me?” Someone whispers in his ear.
  • Shiro jumps in his place and looks around. No one is there. Just him.
  • He hears someone laughing softly. “Why are you here, great ol young Pirate Lord of the Black Sea?” the voice asks.
  • “I… I can’t stop thinking about you,” Shiro admits.
  • The laughing stops and Shiro could feel it’s speaking in front of him. “I told you. I’m cursed.”
  • “I already know that, but is there a way to break the curse?”
  • “You don’t know anything about my curse,” Keith sneers.
  • “What do you mean?” Shiro asks, looking straight at nothing.
  • “Has it ever occurred to you how the hell am I able to defend my ship if I have no crew? How no ship ever makes it out of my territory?”
  • “No. Keith, show yourself,” Shiro requests. “Please.”
  • “If I do that you will definitely stop thinking about me. And you’ll sail away from this place forever.”
  • What is he talking about? “I’m sure I can handle it.” Shiro just really wants to look at those beautiful eyes once again.
  • “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Keith sighs.
  • A few moments later, right in front of Shiro is a rotten corpse wearing clothes full of blood. Shiro swallows the lump in his throat. He looks up and sees that Keith’s face has empty eye sockets. He takes a step back. It’s too much to take in one go. It’s not the Keith he saw months ago. This one looks very disturbing.
  • “I told you,” Keith disappears again instantly but Shiro was quick enough to grab his face and suddenly, Keith’s human face starts to form around where Shiro’s touching him. Shiro’s eyes widens in surprise as Keith’s dark eyes mirrors his expression.
  • Shiro smiles softly at Keith and places both of his hands on the younger pirate’s face. The second eye forms and then the rest of his whole face is visible. “You’ve got the most interesting curse, Captain Kogane.” He starts caressing Keith’s cheek. “I’d like to hear all about it, if you don’t mind.”
  • Keith slowly smiles at him, nodding as he leans into his touch.

OMFG I just finished binge-listening to @lockedinjohnlock-podfics’s phenomenal performance of Out of Thought by @green-violin-bow. I hadn’t read/listened to a Mystrade-centric fic before, and this was the perfect introduction: my enthusiasm for this ship has gone from tepid-at-best to a rolling boil. @green-violin-bow has written a lovely, subtle romance that feels both tender and true – as the characters fell more in love with each chapter, I found myself falling right along with them. @lockedinjohnlock-podfics is always great,  but I think she’s really outdone herself with this one – her Mycroft and Greg voices are absolutely marvelous (ESPECIALLY during the sex scenes…I never thought “iceman” MYCROFT could make me go weak in the knees, but Locky-as-Mycroft sure can!). This podfic should win a fucking GRAMMY award! Check it out! It’s got so many charming details and layers and it’s also sexy as hell.

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Yes!!!! I've always been baffled that NOBODY ships Shinra with Reigen, honestly. They have the cutest dynamic of all the adult characters! And Banshomaru Shinra is the only real contemporary for Reigen, honestly...


I think it’s got the potential to be real cute. I really like Shinra tbh he’s kind of dopey and awkward and I find his brand endearing. I need to draw him too tbh,,,

xilizhra  asked:

I don't know if I'd agree with saying that Vader was "irreparably broken." What killed him was his physical disabilities--they made him uniquely vulnerable to Palpatine's lightning. If he'd survived, I'm fairly sure he could have been fully rehabilitated in time. Now, I don't ship Reylo and I do think that Love Redeems can be super icky, but I don't think it would be that bad for Kylo to find redemption and stay alive.

I think death/becoming a Force Ghost freed Anakin in a way rehabilitation couldn’t have, and not just physically. I think it was a necessary part of his story. He was literally kept on life support in a cyborg suit so his Sith powers could be used by the Empire. Removing his mask (his life support) gave him humanity, but it killed him. And he was good with that. 

I think they want us to think Kylo will be rehabilitated, and he might be – Kylo and Vader are opposites in many ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t give him a Vader-style redemption/death ending. Which could mean he turns it around, or it could mean that he never comes back from the Dark Side.

I’m against a rehabilitated Kylo if it means he’s the center of the whole story, and I don’t see how that could happen and not have it be the Kylo Ren movie. But maybe it could. As long as romantic reylo never happens and Finn remains a protagonist, I’m not that concerned about it. Plus, I’m ReySolo, so I see a sibling thing forming, which may well include Kylo coming back to the family.

*screams* *run everwhere* *scream louder* *neigbour call 911 cause obviously i’m crazy*

Hum *clear throat*

Damn, 2.5k person following this blog, that’s fucking awesome ! I’m so happy and glad and bless and so many other synonyms of this, I’m a mess of happiness right now ! 😂 :D  

I’m not one for expressing my feelings, or for socialising for that matters but i’ll try. So please handle my awkward love post.

I’ve been going through a lot of shit recently, I still am in fact. And well I’m not fitting well in the world, I used to think I was crazy because my devotion and passion to fandom seems to have no limit and no one could understand that, and I just thought I was a weirdo for loving fanfic (especially gay smutt) BUT That changes when I join tumblr, and realise I wasn’t the only one loving yaoi or ready to go to hell for shipping x) I’ve met amazing people here, they are even some of them that I’m gonna dare to call friends or people I just like to see on my dash. Some of them really helps me recently by talking with me about my problem or talking about something absolutely different and just distract me from all of this. 

So to all of you :

@yanderr02 ( my icon buddies)@definitely-not-normal @pearlshagnasty (got buddies ^^) @theredstarassassin @attack-on-stalking @tatakaeeren @reiner-is-my-armored-daddy @dimmerzz @jjhomes043 @the-silver-lotus @fan-fictionlover (you might don’t know it but we’re friends now) @nerdycatterpillar and @casually-not-fitting-in (my first tumblr firends <3)

and anyone reading this THANK YOU !

I don’t know what to do to show my gratitude, I could write or draw something (or at least try), just ask me to do somtheing and I’ll probably do it (expect live strip maybe  😉)

So that’s all for this -I hope not too- awkward love post and bless this fandom !  

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What would you say to someone who openly ships you and Anti?

I-…. Am already aware of this… pairing… 
Me and that twitching freak would never be a thing
How could we? That’s like dating your computer?
Like I said in my previous answer, I merely require his presence… 

To answer your question however, I would say that I find it illogical. Our mutual hatred would make it impossible for such things.
I will admit that the Glitch can be appealing in his own ways, to his own audience, but you truly think a brash and abrasive, obnoxious, chaotic, twisted piece of broken technology could measure up to a suave and sophisticated gentleman like myself?
I find it illogical… Perhaps if he were to sober up and find some charm and stop waving that blunted blade around like a feather duster maybe we could get somewhere for a change… 
So far my advances in trying to … ‘persuade’ him in that way have been unsuccessful… It matters not.
Such a pairing is …. it would never happen!

-Cerevire Darkiplier

tooi mirai ni doko e yuku no - Epilogue ~ Pantheon

“In the interest of continued harmonious relations on the ship, I am telling you I think you should get a new crew member, instead of trying to sign you up for one without your consent. Even though I could just do it myself, since I am no longer bound by your executive orders.”

Bellamy rolls his eyes. “Thanks, Artemis. That means the world to me. You think we need another crew member?” he adds, frowning. “To do what?”

“Crew member might be the wrong term, but I was using it to parallel our previous conversations on the subject. I was actually thinking about Second Dawn.”

His frown deepens. After four years of politicking, legal battles, and somewhat questionable motivational speeches from Bellamy, Marcus Kane and his team finally managed to get Second Dawn dismantled. He and Clarke bought some fancy Aranis wine, got drunk, and celebrated, and he hoped that was the last he’d ever hear, see, or think about the stupid fucking cult. They’d already taken up more of his brain power than they deserved.

“Why? What about them?”

“According to the article I read, over three hundred children were displaced when the organization was disbanded. Many had remaining relatives who were willing to take them in, but somewhere between twenty and thirty percent are still in government care awaiting placement.”


“And I think we could take one.”

Bellamy blinks. It’s not often that Artemis genuinely catches him off guard these days, but this one never even crossed his mind.

“You want us to adopt a kid?”

“Why not? I think we would be good at it. Our family unit is relatively stable. The Pantheon is large enough to support another organic, and the children from Second Dawn need homes.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty logical,” he admits. His brain is still reeling too much to give more helpful feedback, but he’s hoping it’s going to catch up soon.

“I am an AI,” she says. “Logic is what we do.”

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Dear Klaroline

Wow, okay
So, I was just reading a Thiam fanfic, and I started to wonder how the fuck did I get into this, and then I remembered, klaroline. 

I remember when I just had started to ship them, I was like 12-13, I was a child (even tho I still am), and I watched every possible video of them, I shipped them so hard.

I don’t exactly remember my first fanfic, but they were all in a lake house, or something, and Carroline got sick, or nearly drowned, I can’t exactly remember everything from it. But, when I think about it, it was all so new to me, so exciting, this completely new world, I could escape everything, and have my shio, without actually having it. That night, I stayed ‘till like four am, just reading, looking for more…

And now, five years later, TVD has ended, we wrapped everything up, I haven’t read a klaroline fanfic in months, but I still remember it, the excitement of my first ship, the weird feeling I got when they interacted, I remember everything.
And it may be stupid, that Iet a fake TV couple be such a big part of my life, but hey, I did it, and there’s no going back. And it’s still here, I went through hundreds of ships, and still, this one stayed. 

Thank you, for everyhing, Klaroline.   

alexknight002  asked:

Do you think that Papyrus/Napstablook is a good ship?

I haven’t really thought about it!  Uh, let me see.

It could definitely be interesting.  Like, Papyrus befriends Napstablook through Undyne because he takes her command to “cherish” her old neighbor very seriously.  Napstablook is intimidated but touched by Papyrus’ overtures of friendship.  

Imagine Papyrus trying to lay down after a meal and feel like garbage and he is just energetic and not enjoying sitting still.  He talks a lot and then feels bad about disrespecting ghost traditions  Napstablook feels bad about making Papyrus do something he doesn’t enjoy.  

At some point Papyrus gets it into his head that Napstablook needs to be encouraged and he puts on his Jog Boy shirt and Napstablook pulls a thundersnail and gets over encouraged and breaks down and leaves.  There are a lot of apologies, at first, as they both try to be friends but they have such different personalities that it’s difficult.

But they’re both such good people I see them continuing to try.  Maybe Napstablook makes an album for Papyrus to show him that they care.  Maybe Papyrus keeps coming over to try laying on the ground and feeling like garbage, until he gets the hang of it (or he just keeps talking, but he finds it a useful place to vent negative feelings that he normally keeps to himself).  Napstablook tries out one of Papyrus’ puzzles, but instead of doing the puzzle they just…..float through it and they’re like “oh no…i did it wrong….” and they’re going to just leave in shame but Papyrus is super impressed with Napstablook’s speedy solution and Napstablook ends up actually feeling kind of good?  Papyrus decides to make a puzzle that will challenge even Napstablook.  He gets Undyne involved and there are music cues and Napstablook is so touched they can’t stop crying.  They cry Papyrus a cool hat, sometimes.

Uh, I also think it’s interesting since Napstablook is nb and i headcanon Papyrus as nb (but he uses he pronouns), so they have that point of commonality.  Papyrus also is very good at things like art and sculpture, and Napstablook has their music, so Papyrus could make album covers or hang around and sculpt him and Napstablook hanging out while he listens to their music.

Romantically, if Napstablook is inclined towards romance, I see them becoming flustered by Papyrus’ constant positive attention.  Papyrus makes them dinner (which they can’t eat, but they appreciate the gesture) and compliments them.  One time Mettaton is on TV and asks someone if they would smooch a ghost and Papyrus answers “YES” loudly at the screen and Napstablook fades into the sofa.  

Mettaton eventually catches on and I’m sure acts as a cheerleader to convince Napstablook to go for it.  Since this would take place after game, I figure that Napstablook would have gained a small amount of confidence from Mettaton’s return (he didn’t leave to get away from Napstablook or anything) and from being a celebrity and from Papyrus and Undyne’s encouragement etc etc

Once Napstablook actually poorly attempts flirting, Papyrus would catch on pretty quick.  He’s not oblivious about that kind of thing.  They’d probably go on some by the book dates.  As they got more comfortable, Napstablook would compose some new background music to accompany them. 

If Papyrus realizes he actually returns Napstablook’s “QUIET GHOST PASSION” I imagine they’d get right on the relationship track and have a nice house and skeleton ghost babies in a couple years.

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ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

They could work; not right now, but with some development, I think they could work. They are both good people, and I wish they can find happiness before the story ends.

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I'd love for you to answer the below questions and tag some other authors! (All questions are related to Jonsa fics) Which of your fics are you proud of most? Which of your fics do you think could be expanded on if you had the time? What fics are you reading at the moment? Do you have fics that you go back to reread? How many fic ideas have you got 'on the back burner'? Can you share any? What will you NEVER include in a fic? Is there a phrase that you find yourself repeating in ur fics?

Thanks, anon! This sounds like fun!

1. Hysteria, Lost & Found, Wolf, and The Chaser

2. I don’t know about expanded….but I would like to one day edit Wolf. 

3. Everything by @vivilove-jonsa, @kittykatknits, @jeanettesonya @amymel86 and @angelwings1980. I am also reading all of @powerpandaloveseverything. Plus This Secret We’re Keeping by Defectively Flawless and (when she updates, hint hint) They Lost Their Wolves by @bluecichlid I read a lot of one shots by @asongforjonsa too, and also @myrish-lace-love

ETA: All of @mynameisnoneya1991‘s Jonsa fics (and Robbsa and some Sansan). 

4. Right now I’m really stuck on The Eyes See True by Lady Lannister. It’s on ff.net. It’s a Jaime/Sansa fic and I keep going back to reread it when I’m in the mood. Sometimes I reread my own fics - is that weird? It gives me a chance to fix typos lol. 

5. I wouldn’t say on the backburner per se, but more like “One day if I ever get around to it…”

6. Sure! I’ve thought of sequels to Wolf and Lost & Found. I’ve also had this idea for a fic in which either Jon/Robb/Jaime or Stannis come home from the Napoleonic Wars (period piece 1812) and they have PTSD. Sansa is the only one that can reach them. 

7. Jon and Danielle happy in any way with each other. 

8. For me it’s more words than phrases - looked, rasped, growled… 

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Can we get a Ruki ship ranking?

I know how you want me to answer this, but I was determined to undermine that with my statistical analysis of… shipping all the Adventure kids with Ruki. Turns out the mob was right after all.

  1. Taichi (He’ll be all over her attitude, plus she could begrudgingly develop an attraction to a leader that occasionally thinks and rationalizes well)
  2. Koushiro (I have a really old fanfic series where the two developed a brother-sister style bond. He’s not going to be floored by any feminine charm while she might respect someone with a brain that doesn’t need to go out with her all the time)
  3. Hikari (Not sure if Hikari’s all that impressed with Ruki, but Ruki would be disarmed by Hikari’s kindness and find it very easy to open up to her. A slow starter that could go somewhere)
  4. Yamato (Don’t you just want to lock these two tsundere in a room to see which one caves and turns dere first? I bet it’s Ruki and I bet it makes him turn in kind!)
  5. Sora (They had the same mommy issues and resolved them in completely opposite manners. Sora respects Ruki, but Ruki might not respect Sora’s choices)
  6. Joe (He’s too square for her and her attitude would confront and attack him and his attempts to fit into society. He doesn’t need that! He totally needs that…)
  7. Mimi (Something about Mimi’s upbeat attitude and Ruki’s willingness to harm Digimon doesn’t suggest a compatible match. Don’t tell me you weren’t dying to see how well they really got along in Hunters!)
  8. Takeru (She’s capable and fearless- totally not his type. Meanwhile, if he ever did put on any moves, Ruki’s Ryo alert goes off and she Nopes out right there)


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May I ask you what orientations (sexual and romantic) and gender identities you headcanon the characters? (Those you write, mostly, but also those you ship w/o writing them)

Yes, of course! Although I don’t think my answer is going to be a particularly good one as I’ve never really thought about it before, and it actually varies for some characters depending on the AU or story (and I’m really happy to explore different identities and orientations so this could all go out the window tomorrow).

Let’s see… Raidou is easiest, I guess. I mostly see him as demisexual demiromantic cismale. He has a clear preference for men (*cough* Genma *cough*), although (sexually) woman aren’t out of the question, and he could easily fall for someone who was trans or nb (so panromantic).

Genma I can see being more genderfluid. I’ve written him so far as a cismale but oooh boy have I been tempted to write him as trans or non-binary. Sexuality… men or women, either is good. Or both. Bisexual? Pansexual? Polyromantic, definitely.

Oops, I’m starting to notice a theme here… Yamato: cismale, homoromantic aaaand pensexual (surprise!). He’s someone I always see as being very comfortable with his sexuality, and an endearing mix of confident and shy when it comes to romantic attraction.

I ended up writing Kakashi as (grey) ace recently which surprised me but actually fit quite well. I see him being quite comfortable being male, and a demiromantic homosexual. I really don’t see him as forming close romantic attachments with many people at all.

I apologise in advance for this one, but Obito… I was talking to someone about him being genderfluid and I’m fuckin sold on it for reasons I don’t think I can really explain (him being absolutely devastating in gorgeous kimono had something to do with it, and thank you so much @myboysallhavegoodhair for that conversation). I’m really okay with him being cisgender, and that’s what he is in the pieces I’ve started with him. One is m/f, three m/m.

As for other characters… it’s a mixed bag. I love, love, love the few precious women in Naruto, and mostly see them as being cicfem because fuck yes strong female characters (although I suddenly want dmab Hinata? I really want to see how that would go down with the Hyuuga). Konan I tend towards hetrosexual but biromantic. Or maybe she’s bisexual too. Tbh, none of this is set in stone. I love that we can play with the characters and try/explore different things. (My ships are honestly a mixed bag, but I find writing m/m easier.)

And as I’m not even sure I’m answering this correctly, I’ll stop there. Thank you for asking! It definitely gave me something to think about :D

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Do you think Soo Won really will get married with Tao? I want Lili :( I know he doesn't really care about marriage yet. But in the end, he still will get married

Nah I don’t think he will marry Tao. Kouka doesn’t need to fear Shin, they’re stronger (for now) and as far as we know Soo-Won is still trying to expand the territory. Kai Empire, on the other hand, is a bigger threat and could be a better ally. And we know they have a lot of merchants coming to Kouka, so trade would benefit from it as well. I too ship Lili and SW, but I don’t think it’ll happen in canon :S

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Star Wars and Dragon Age for the fandom ask? :)

Already did Dragon Age but Star War!!

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Finn, no contest. But Rey and Luke are pretty high up there.
  • Least Favorite character: lmao probably Yoda, everything he says is wrong
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Man, I can’t name 5, idk, fuckin, Finn/Poe, Finn/Rey, Finn/Poe/Rey, Han/Leia, and uhh, The Jedi/Reform, idfk.
  • Character I find most attractive: Poe, probably?
  • Character I would marry: Finn or Poe.
  • Character I would be best friends with: I’d like to think I could be friends with either of the Skywaler twins, just because Luke seems like a really friendly dude and Leia and I could be angry about injustice together.
  • a random thought: I still don’t get all the hullabaloo about Benny.
  • An unpopular opinion: See above^
  • my canon OTP: I still like Han/Leia, modern analysis be damned.
  • Non-canon OTP: Finn/Rey or Finn/Poe, I know it won’t be canon but I can hope :(
  • most badass character: Listen to me, nobody, NOBODY does Dramatic Anything like Vader does.
  • pairing I am not a fan of: Y’all can ship what you want but incest is nasty and I’m gonna feel really vindicated when it’s uncovered that Rey’s a Skywalker and Benny’s her cousin or brother.
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): I’m really angry that they probably never did right by Leia when they still had the chance but Padme was also robbed.
  • favourite friendship: REY AND FINN AND POE, I know Rey and Poe haven’t talked on screen yet but if all they have in common is how much they love Finn then they have enough in common to be best friends.
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: Leia, your son is the worst, I’m your new son.

aquatritan  asked:


1. Is a kiss considered cheating

2. Have you ever faked an orgasm
No lol

3. If you could have one superpower what would it be
Telepathy tbh

4. Do you think you are going to be rich in 7-8-9 years?
I wish

5. Tell us some funny drunk stories
I have none lol I just go to sleep

6. Why are you no longer together with your ex
Nothing in common lmao

7. If you had to choose one way to die what would it be
Down on a ship

8. What are your current goals
Get my own place

9. Do you like someone

10.Who was the last person to dissapont you
I dunno lol

leviathanmirror  asked:

Sorry about the repeat ^^ How about Yuun for the character part?

No problem! And now onto my favorite Gand

How I feel about this character: A really cool concept with some fun story interactions but also a big wasted opportunity. Like a lot of late-arriving companions, he just doesn’t get much content and his story never really gets to go anywhere - it gets wrapped up perfunctorily in a couple of conversations. Still, I like him and even though my troopers tend to be a little weirded out by him at first, they know they can count on him.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: I have to admit I’ve never really thought about shipping Yuun with anyone.

My non-romantic OTP for this character: I like to think he and the trooper are good friends, but I could see him and Elara and/or Jorgan being good friends since they’re all outsiders in their own way.

My unpopular opinion about this character: He’s a lot more interesting than “Weird bug alien”, even with the limited in-game content, but given how little attention so many companions get I understand why he’s mostly ignored.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Same with my earlier comments on Felix Iresso - he needed to either enter the story earlier or get more time to flesh out his story post-Corellia. Since he got neither, his arc is rushed and lacking. In terms of his story during the expansions - I guess it’s about as good as you could hope for given the crap they gave us. I’d rather have kept my trooper companions (and other class companions) together for each of my characters, though.

my het ship: Uh, Yuun/female gand?

my fem/slash ship: Uhhh, Yuun/male Gand?

my OTP: Yuun/recognition from the Republic and his Gand peers

my OT3: Uh let’s just go with Yuun/recognition/respect

my cross over ship: Maybe Yuun and a Quarian from Mass Effect?

my kink: um

a head cannon fact: Yuun actually speaks Basic, he just pretends not to in order to mess with whoever he’s with.

my gender bend: That makes Yuun a female gand I guess. Really don’t know where to go with this one

to all of my followers, and especially my younger ones, please don’t believe in all of the tumblr ideology without thinking about it critically. while tumblr can be right sometimes, a lot of it is just virtue signaling and mob mentality. if you don’t agree with something you see on tumblr please don’t think it just because that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to feel ostracized