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hey!!!! uh, i don't know if you've done a post like this before, but could you give some otp prompts with a smol and a tall??

I have a couple, which I would link to if I had that level of technical genius, but tragically, I do not. I think I tagged them all as Tol/Smol, however.

And I can definitely give you more. Tol/Smol is my weakness. (I’m terribly Smol, honestly.)

1. “You keep using my shoulder for an arm rest. You do know I could break your arm, no matter how cute you are, right?” 

2. “I can reach it, I can definitely reach-No, I can’t. Will you help me?”

3. “You love piggyback rides, so I try to give them whenever I can, but I’m not sure the grocery store is the best place, babe.”

4. “I’m pretty sure that IS my coat, because it kind of swallows you.”

5. “I always steal your hat, and it annoys you, but in my defense, I’m closer to the sun than you! I need it more!”

6. “No, I will not CARRY you-Oh, for-Come here.”

7. “People always mistake you for my kid, but you’re actually older than me.”

:D Thanks for the request! :D

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I saw that Batman anon and I'm sorry man. I'm a huge Batman fan, run a Batman blog and I get so tired of this nonsense. Batman is dumb and the writers do a lot of dumb things, we all know it but it's fun and we enjoy it. Every one I know loves the Lego Batman movie, it lovingly mocks the lore while also (over the top) points out the flaws of current interpretations. BatJokes was fun in the movie but no one really ships it irl, but I sure enjoyed it. Anyway, Batman is great, it's fans not always

Hey! Don’t worry, though I do appreciate this message. I think every older fan community has them, it’s part of how it goes. Certainly there’s quite a few I could think of in the Doctor Who community. It happens, takes more than that to get me down.

Not surprised nobody really ships them in the comics, sounds like pretty graphic stuff happened (Killing Joke oh my). But damn, the over the top camp rivalry is so my niche. I imagine for some people the screwed up is part of the draw if they do ship it outside this movie, wouldn’t be the first villain/hero dynamic I’ve seen like that. I guess the Lego Batman jokes were on-point, the trend toward stories about how the villain and hero need and define each other does sound romantic and certainly is popular in fan shipping.

The little I’ve seen of Batman generally gives me joy, particularly this film and the sixties one (and of course the Dark Knight trilogy though as a film major I’m a tad fatigued by how hyped up they are! Still good though). I imagine it’ll be something I explore more of sometime.

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Hey I've been reading that people don't like Karamel because Mon-El emotionally manipulated her into a relationship with him? I get he has flaws but I feel some people are being dramatic? And I also read they're screwing with Kara's writing? I think that's strange because she hasn't changed much I think. Especially in the recent episode she proved she could handle herself.

people will look for any excuse to hate on a ship. i’m a firm believer in shipping what you want but also minding your p’s and q’s when comes to what others ship. i may not like it but i’m certainly not gonna go into a notp tag and post shit about them. what would be the point except to incite people for no reason and start a ship war? i also go out of my way to tag posts as anti so people don’t have to see them if they don’t want to. 
as for mon-el and kara…i like it i admit. i never felt the chemistry between her and james (i wanted to but for me there was never any spark) and i like how their story has progressed. i don’t see any issues with how they’re writing kara (aside from the normal issues i have with mostly male writers trying to write for female characters) and i def do not think mon-el is being manipulative. that’s just a buzzword the antis like to use in order to justify their irrational hate. just my personal opinion :)

@ people complaining in my allydia gifset about how i called them “brotp” shut the fuck up already oh my god i don’t ship them romantically that’s why it’s a brotp for me it doesn’t mean i think they’re strictly heterosexual and there’s not a possible chance that they could’ve been together romantically get the fuck over yourselves holy shit

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Hi Rosy, I adore Bellarke, think they’re endgame and am tired (re: exhausted lol) of the many obstacles strewn in their path. I respect your opinion a lot and enjoy your blog so wanted to ask: Do you see any other potential relationships/hookups/flings being a possibility for either of them in S4 before they become canon? Is there any scenario where you think it could advance the plot and/or catapult them toward each other? Thanks!

BEFORE they become canon romantically? Yeah. I could see it.

I’ve never been the kind of person who is threatened by the other relationships or ships. I see Bellarke as endgame, not because of the way they look at each other or because I see myself in them (because I don’t, not in the relationship, maybe in the individual characters, but not the ship,) I see them as endgame because I think that is the story they are telling.

I also believe in character development and romantic growth, and growing TOGETHER, which I think they have been doing.

That said, yeah, I could see Bellamy flirting/hooking up with Echo before Bellarke end game or Clarke flirting/hooking up with Niylah before Bellarke endgame.

Sex is sex. Relationships come and go. Flings get flung. We get different things from these things.

ANY romance that happens between Clarke and Bellamy and other people will absolutely propel them, eventually, towards each other. I said I wanted obstacles in season 4. It looks like I’m going to get them. This is part of what makes the story exciting and dramatic.

Bellarke is a profound marriage of two souls. This is how it’s being written. But both Bellamy and Clarke exist outside of it, and that’s why they can be with other people, have their other loves or not loves for that matter, and learn their individual lessons and still be an epic love story endgame. 

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asteriaria, gabrielledelacour, qiu-jin, athsna


do they follow me: yes | no

do i follow them: yes | no | now

what i think about their blog: kat is so lovely! we’re in the ocnet together and i really admire her and look up to her as a writer!


do they follow me: yes | no

do i follow them: yes | no | now

what i think about their blog: i love caroline’s blog and the other blog she helps run loud and alive! we’re also in the ocnet together and her writing is amazing omg. (also we both ship bellarke!)


do they follow me: yes | no

do i follow them: yes | no | now

what i think about their blog: SARAH’S WRITING IS BEAUTIFUL. i love her style and her poetry is so heart-wrenching ahhh i could go on for hours. in general her blog is so great and we’re in the ocnet together as well <3

send me a url?

Roadrat Master Post

I’ve been wanting to make this list for a while now, because whenever someone asks me why I’m shipping roadrat and why I think they’re canon (confirmed or not), I always wish I could just send them one link.

So here goes (feel free to add more if you think something’s missing)!

1) They hardly ever appear apart
In all the official art, comics, etc., Junkrat and Roadhog almost always appear together. The other Overwatch characters will appear alone or with varying people, but the junkers are always together.

2) They have matching/linked skins
As far as I know, Junkrat and Roadhog are the only characters to have matching skins (Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s Monster)

Please correct me if I’m wrong here!

3) Voice line development
They used to have a voice line exchange that would go:

JR: You hook ‘em, I’ll cook 'em.
RH: Shut up.

But now the line goes:

RH: I’ll hook 'em…
JR: And I’ll cook 'em! (x)

4) Matching Christmas sprays
Junkrat and Roadhog now have a Christmas-themed spray showing the two junkers fistbumping while sipping drinks together on the beach.

5) They vacation/have fun together
In the Overwatch comic “Reflections” we get to see what the Overwatch characters do for Christmas. Junkrat and Roadhog are seen having the time of their lives racing around in a car:

6) They have a (super gay) theme song
When the comic was released, Twitter user biscuitzombie asked the official OW Twitter which song the junkers were playing in their car, and OW responded with “Down Under” by Men at Work. It was quickly discovered that the song contains at least one reference to gay sex.

7) They exchange Christmas presents
As part of Roadhog’s Christmas skin, his gun suddenly bore the label “From: Junkrat”

and in a piece of art tweeted out by the official OW Twitter account, Junkrat can be seen unwrapping a t-shirt with a pachimari print, which Roadhog is known to love:

8) They are each other’s loved one
When launching the “Reflections” comic, the official OW Twitter tweeted out: “Join our heros as they head home for the holidays and celebrate the season with their loved ones:

Junkrat and Roadhog are clearly celebrating together, ergo… loved ones!

These were all I could think of, but please add more if I’ve missed some!


hello my sweet sweet ship…it’s been a while :D..don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these two (three ?)

you might be familiar with these scenes..yes…it’s from Steven Universe’s episode “Last out of beach city”…all I could think about this episode,well besides the fact that Pearl has finally got a new love interest (?), is I’m imagining that Edd was Pearl and the Mystery Girl was Kevin…they’re somewhat fit for the character XDD…I love this episode…I’ll try to draw them in other scenes if I got the time


(i don’t own any of these character..I’m just a mere fan both of these show and this ship)

Nathan Kedd Goldberg © c2ndyac1d

Edd,Edd n Eddy/Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

fan art ©Spogunasya

I want to know what it is like in the YG building right now.

I want to know if the trainees are being told to keep going even though they’ve seen two examples today of how YG treats the artists that he debuts.

I want to know if Black Pink are sad, scared, upset, whatever to actually be 2NE1 2.0 because now their seniors aren’t there. Or whether they think YG will treat them the same. Or whether they are indifferent, happy to be *the* girl group from YG.

I want to know if iKon even knew what was going on seeing as they were busy with Japan promotions. Or whether they feel that could have been them if they were the winners of W.I.N. Or whether they are just upset, broken, scared what’s going to happen to them now seeing as they seem to have just been shipped of to Japan.

I want to know if Lee Hi and AKMU wonder what will happen to them. Or whether they will ever make a comeback.

I want to know if YG trainees and idols are being told not to mention it, to keep quiet and pretend it never happened.

I want to know if 2NE1 are happy, if this is what they wanted or if YG has just betrayed one of the greatest girl groups of all time.

I want to know if Winner are happy or if they’re just watching with no say as to what is happening as YG takes their dreams and shatters them.

I want to know if Taehyun is just okay.

And most of all, I want to know what the fuck is going on in YG’s head. I want to know if he realises he is murdering talent, wasting chances. I want to know why the fuck he thinks any of this is okay.

And I wasn’t even a fan of 2NE1, Winner or YG in general. I just want to know what the fuck is going on.

And I want YG to fucking answer me.

“I know how to play a few on a guitar,” Keith offered. “I don’t own one, though.”

Shiro could see it. Keith, sitting in a corner or a bench somewhere, the roughened pads of his fingers on the taut strings. Maybe he didn’t sing, but did he hum?

“…Something on my hands?”

“Hm? I was just thinking you can see the callouses–” he reached for Keith’s hand, cupping it in his palm so he could see them better. “Your fingers are hard, right at the places where they’d meet the strings.”

The motion had been so easy that it took the soft hush for him to realize what he’d done. Keith’s hand was warm in his own, fitting so easily like it was only natural to be there.

I recently read this lovely pre-Kerberos fic by @pepperpaprika and felt compelled to draw this scene ♥

  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: These main characters are so gay. How could anyone say this show is about straight people. Everyone is obviously gay.
  • me, a gay: so like ... they say they're gay and everything?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well no, but they're obviously really gay.
  • me, a gay: so what exactly do they do thats so gay if it's never mentioned?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well I don't know but I ship them so they're obviously really gay, honestly you people have a lot more representation than you think

When I think about Lancelot, or Lance/Lotor relationship in general, it gaves my writer side such giddy feeling

(Please forgive for my English cause Im not a native speaker, so I cant express myself clearly )

Because it has POTENTIALS, so much potentials to explore, even when it has nothing to do with shipping (which I found both appealing and disgusting, they will make a very unhealthy pair).. If Im corrected, Lotor in the original series is an insecure character, wants to prove himself with his father Zarkon, while also a half Altean/half Galran,.. This dude has a lot of juicy tropes for a compelling villian my gosh). If the producer keep the basic trait in the original to this version while potrays him with more sinister, manipulating characteristics , Lotor would be an interesting addition to our blue child Lance, an important piece for Voltron team’s dynamic after Shiro’ s disappearance and Lance’s character developement

Because if they have the same self-esteem, attention issue, Lance and Lotor could bond over those, understand each other’s struggles, even become best pals. Lance, during this time already feeling worthless, now he found someone who see his abilities, sympathize with him, Lance would be escatic. Moreover, Lance is extremely friendly and accepting (he protects Yupper and consider it his friend righ after they met, how precious), I wouldnt be surprised if Lance found in Lotor a trusting friend and extent his protective nature over him

And this is when things go down

The voltron team just lost their beloved leader, so Keith will have to take up his position (which I dont think it’s a smart idea, ss2 havent groomed him well enough) and lead Voltron. I can see the balance of team voltron will be broken, mainly because of Keith’s inexperienced and Lance’s self-issue and jealousy. Im expecting a big fight between this two dorks Dreamwork dont let me down. Lance, with his insecurities and homesickness bottled up for 2 seasons, will finally reach his breaking point, snaps

So Lotor came in, reassured Lance, maybe even offer Lance a position in the Garla army (preferably Lotor’s right hand man lol ) where he could be useful and respected and liked and they sounds SO RIGHT to Lance, right?? Even worse, Lotor could offer him to return to his earth, his home..He could make Lance questions his loyalty to his friends and Voltron, while serving as the direct enemy for Keith and Voltron in general

But if the producer wants to follow the original, that Lotor has an unhealthy obsession to Allura and be a rival in love and war with Keith , they would miss an awesome chance to write a very, very good dark and compeling story, an well-written villians and Lance’s journey to mature

Guess who is not over it… Guess

So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 


As a member of Chancellor Palpatine’s top secret Death Star project, Orson Krennic is determined to develop a superweapon before their enemies can. And an old friend of Krennic’s, the brilliant scientist Galen Erso, could be the key.

Galen’s energy-focused research has captured the attention of both Krennic and his foes, making the scientist a crucial pawn in the galactic conflict. But after Krennic rescues Galen, his wife, Lyra, and their young daughter, Jyn, from Separatist kidnappers, the Erso family is deeply in Krennic’s debt. Krennic then offers Galen an extraordinary opportunity: to continue ofhis scientific studies with every resource put utterly at his disposal. 

The  synopsis for Catalyst : Rogue One prequel novel

To my friends and followers who don't ship J'lock

Dear smaller-ship-shippers,

I would like to remind you that the J'lock ship is HUGE, and that the majority of us J'lock shippers are *not* Conspiracists, are *not* assholes, and are *not* being nasty in the tags. Most of us believe in YSINMSATOK. Honestly, we think you’re pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, the loud minority in the J'lock ship is….loud. Honestly, to the rest of us it’s deeply embarrassing. Like the loud racist uncle and his loud racist wife that you have to deal with at thanksgiving. Yes, technically they’re related to you, but you really wish they weren’t and oh gods did he just really *say* that? Seriously? *attempts to slouch so far under the table that there is no chance you could be photographed with them*

I am doing what I can to provide a counter voice, but as someone who dislikes confrontation it’s not easy, and as someone without a huge follower count, I don’t know how effective it’s being. I’m at the point where I’m posting almost nothing but Warstan love (because seriously, I adore these two) just to make that clear.

Still - just as Trump is not my president, the Conspiracists are not my people, and just as I resent his election I resent that they seem to have become the default.

Actually maybe it’s more like the Bernie Bros/Jill Stein voters. To where I want to shout “Shut up!!! Yes, I agree with you on some basic fundamentals but 1) you’re wrong and 2) you are RUINING this thing for everyone else!!!”

But I digress.

If I may - next time they piss you off (which I’m afraid they will, sorry) and you need to vent about them being assholes (which they are, sorry) , please - consider using the term “Conspiracists” rather than “J'lockers.” This puts the rage back exactly where it belongs, and doesn’t paint those of us who are just here being cool with the same brush as those fuckheads.

I know this post is pretty “Not all…” and I understand why you might not want to go along with me on it. Still, please think about it. Reblog this if you like - I don’t mind disagreement or debate, as long as it’s mutually respectful. (See above dislike of confrontation)

Take care, y'all. May you each receive 23 new, awesome fics of each of your pairings, and may the new series not break anyone’s hearts too bad (except the Conspiracists, because fuck them.)

Sorry again for all the bullshit.