i think i can gif now

This was a stop start project over lots of months so it changes styles a lot of times -.-’ I kinda started it because I’d had the whole “Modern Merlin walks past a reincarnated Arthur” thing stuck in my head for ages but then I thought @ptelly ‘s butterfly in “Return of the King” was kinda iconic so I tortured myself some more and threw that in there :)

a giggly finn


Just a silly sketch I made. I’m a huge fan of Bo Burnham lol
This is a song from his comedy show, “what.”, its called REPEAT STUFF

(Warning: Nsfw-ish)

When Vlive was supposed to be a free thing so eveyone could interact with their idols but now they turned it into a business where you have to pay to see them breathe

Okay I JUST NOTICED THAT Grillo is standing off to the side this (very old) gif and my brain (of course) went to…

Brock overseeing STRIKE training when Steve was first brought in. Like. .. trying to figure out where he’s going to fit in with the team(and seeing if there’s any weaknesses that he can exploit in a fight) by having everyone come at him. And Brock looking at Steve move like a fucking dancer during the whole thing while internally yelling at himself “NOT NOW BONER” while trying to keep a straight face because goddammit he’s straight and he really shouldn’t be as turned on as he is watching Captain Fucking America kick the ass of his entire team.

9x06 Meta Links

A collection of literally every meta-y post about this episode on my blog :3

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Q: How do you feel about being last in Jungkook’s appearance ranking?