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How do you feel about Trump's decision to not allow transgender people in the military? He just tweeted is so I don't think anything is official yet, and I admittedly haven't looked into the specifics much beyond seeing the tweet, but it seems pretty fucking stupid to me.

I’m torn on it. I’m all for trans rights but transitioning can cause a multitude of medical issues that could restrict someone’s ability to perform in the military. I want to say I feel like it should be handled on a person by person basis but maybe that’s not realistic. Like I said, I’m not sure about this one.

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Is it normal for people with A.D.D to consistently have problems responding to messages? Unless my medication is kicking in, I always take days to respond or never. I'm either doing something else, don't feel like it, or can't think of the perfect response at the moment and tell myself I'll do it later, then forget. After a couple of days go by, I'm too guilty to even say anything.

Yeah, this is pretty common. One solution that I haven’t tried yet but seems like it would help me is to have a set time every day that’s just for doing e-mail etc. Sending e-mails, making phone calls, etc. This is a solution designed for office workers, but it seems applicable to lots of people.

Followers, what do you do?


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I feel bad for Dinah , she really tried being friends with Camila and it still blew up in her face. Hopefully she moves past it and learns from the situation, you can tell she's still really hurt by the way Camila handled things.

The thing is Camila didn’t handle anything and neither did LAND - I think Dinah is hurt by the situation, not by Camila. 

The Billboard article and the unfollowing it’s all part of the narrative, the girls have nothing to do with it directly, and I think Dinah is just tired of all the bullshit.

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when ppl talk about ambiguously brown percy do they mean like basically white percy with a "tinge"? or obviously brown percy but with no very apparent ethnicity (tbh i feel like that's dangerous territory too like how are you going to portray a certain ethnicity "correctly" w/o invoking stereotypes...). know any artists i can follow/unfollow who demonstrate the meaning?

i don’t think there’s anything inherently racist with portraying a character with an ambiguous ethnicity as ethnically ambiguous. everyone has different opinions on percy’s ethnicity, it’s never specified, we’ve all got hints and tidbits to make a case and we interpret him usually as our own ethnicity, which is kind of cool, i think.

so it’s not really something i pay enough attention to or think is an egregious enough problem that it needs spotlighting. most people draw him like this to be quite honest.

i mean both, when i say ambiguously brown. white with a tint, brown with no other distinguishable characteristics.

i don’t agree that you can’t draw someone’s ethnicity without invoking stereotypes. draw people, use references. don’t make a caricature out of real ethnic features and just draw them how they actually appear on people.

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garden shed !!

what’s your go to hiding place?

god this is such a nice question. it honestly depends a lot on where i am. when i’m at home in ohio, weirdly it’s just my car. i like going on drives that are aimless and listening to music bc i feel like the car is literally the only place i can be alone and not be recognized by anyone and not have to interact w a single person who wants to talk to me. also driving itself is so liberating and fun for me so i have genuinely gone on like 45 minute drives into random places just to think or have the space to listen to a new album without doing anything else. it’s the best. 

(but also this blog is a hiding place in a way, and probably the one i turn to the most)

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Does this mean #shooteverafter is not happening ? :(( I think a lot of us have been looking forward to that D:

Yes and no - I won’t be around Twitter for it, but fans are welcome to still post anything they’ve made for the day (as well as positive post-finale Shoot headcanons) and use the hashtag. If writers have new fics that fill the event prompts that they would like to post on AO3, they can do so as well.

Here’s the poster in case anyone would like to refer to it. Feel free to repost it on Twitter. 

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Brenda help a girl out! I'm going to spend the night at a guys house who's never seen me naked etc. and I'm sooo insecure about my tummy and boobs.. any tips to get over insecurity and just let go?

Honesty babe if your comfortable w this boy n he really likes you and you at the point of sleeping over and getting it in he’s not thinking about anything but getting to see all those goodies lol he excited and honored to get to see and feel your soft beautiful skin! I understand being uncomfortable the first time tho you can always turn down the lights/ light some candles i always do that when I’m not feeling all that comfy and secure with my body. Let yourself enjoy it! And if you don’t it’s always OKAY to stop


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Do you think true love is really a thing?

Oh I definitely do! I also like to think there’s different forms, true romantic love, true platonic love, true love and appreciation of yourself and your worth… like I’m fairly certain I would do anything for my friends and most of them would do the same, and I’m hoping the friendship stands the test of time. That feels very real and true to me, and I can honestly say I love them with all my heart.


14 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, death, grief and injury recovery

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Older brother Namjoon + rest of BTS scolds you PT.11

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

It was a lie. Saying that I didn’t need him anymore was a complete lie. I wanted to have my older brother around. I wanted him to protect me like the knight in shining armour he once was. But having me around him is probably making his life more difficult, and he doesn’t need that. He doesn’t need his annoying younger sister who does nothing but cause trouble. He doesn’t need, me.

We stood there in silent. I still had tears cascading down my face. He looked at me, his eyes welling up with tears too. What have I done? It was never my intention to make him cry. 

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I love playing a villain. I think that there’s something freeing about that, and it’s a different kind of challenge. More than anything, for me as an actor, it’s about challenging myself and doing as many different things as I can. I don’t know that I feel comfortable playing a villain; as a matter of fact I probably don’t feel comfortable, which is why I like it so much. It’s just an opportunity to try something different.

Part 8 of Lance Bonding With the Lions!! Woohoo!!

The team went back to Blue’s hanger, hoping to find Lance still there. As they approached the entrance, that heard faint…snoring? The group eased into the room, peering to discover where the noise was coming from. The sight before them could cure any diseases. Lance, who was the culprit of the noise, was curled into a tight cocoon made of blankets, snuggling against the junction between Blue’s head and shoulder. The other Lions were sprawled across the room, a silent hum emitting from them. “Should we wake him?” “I don’t know, but I do want to get to the bottom of this.” Shiro turned to Allura. “Princess? What would you decide?” Allura weighed the options, and with a quick nod, made her decision. “We’ll wake him. We can talk to him, and then he can continue to rest.” As Allura reached down to do just that, Red’s eyes came to life, and a low growl rippled across the room. Allura jerked her hand away, looking at the lion in shock. Keith looked between Lance and his Lion in awe. “…I guess we shouldn’t wake him up. We might seriously regret it.” Pidge breathily replied. “Then how will we know how and even if Lance bonded with the other Lions?!” Hearing those words, the Red Lion slowly raised to its feet, slowly approaching them. Red then sat in front of the team, gazing down. The team let out a gasp as Red sent them a vision.
They were all back at the Garrison. It was as if they were watching a movie flicker in front of their eyes. “Keith, is that you?” Pidge asked as she pointed toward a dark figure with a familiar hairstyle. “Yeah…why did Red-” “Haha! Look at that freak!” A group of three older boys snarled at past Keith, shoving him into the wall. “Yeah, he doesn’t have any friends, and everybody hates him. I even heard that he doesn’t even have a family. Congratulations, Keith. Not even your own family liked you.” The team looked in anger and shock at the scene before them. Past Keith bit the inside of his cheeks, hands clenched into fists by his side. “Just leave me. The fuck. Alone.” One of the boys shoved Keith again. “You better watch that mouth of yours before we have to teach you a lesson. Again.” The boy sneered. With a final push, the boys began to walk away. Past Keith watched as they walked away. With a huff, he grabbed his things and hurried away. The team looked at Keith. “Why would Red show us this?” Keith clenched his jaw and shrugged. Just when he was about to say something, a door opening interrupted him. Out of the door, steps Lance (past Lance that is). Lance eyes were dark and his jaw was set. His eyes kept darting from where Keith and the group of boys parted ways. “Did he…hear all that?” Pidge questioned. “It appears so.” Murmured Allura. They watched as past Lance kept clenching and unclenching his hands. Finally, giving a curt nod, Lance jogged his way in the direction the group of boys left. “What is he-” the scene around them suddenly changed. They were now in past Lance and Hunk’s shared dorm. “Honestly Lance, what did you do this time?” “What?! How could you assume I started it? I’m betrayed Hunk.” Lance fell dramatically on his bed, but when he landed, he winced and moan a small “Ow.” “LANCE!! You’re gonna hurt yourself even more!” The team gasped as they really got to study Lance for the first time. Bruises were littered across his arms and face. A black eye shined brightly with a small gash underneath it that was still bleeding. His knuckles were bloody and bruised, and there were countless red scratches decorating his body. “Honestly Lance, taking on three guys at once? What we’re you thinking?!” Hunk stated as he tended to Lance’s many wounds. “What did they do that was so bad to make you go try to fight all of them? By yourself!” Lance winced at Hunk’s words. “Easy there buddy. My brain feels like it has went through a blender, so can we keep the volume to a bare minimum please?” Hunk purses his lips into a thin line, but he didn’t say anything. A moment passed. “…they were hurting someone. Someone I care about. Look up to even. And I…I had to do something. They couldn’t get away with that.” Lance clenched his fists. “Shouldn’t.” Hunk glanced down at him and gave him a sad smile. “Well, if this ever happens again, at least think it through before you go to them, fists a-blazing. Or at least take them one at a time.” Lance beamed at him through bloodied split lips. “GROSS, DUDE! I-I think I’m gonna hurl.”
The team find themselves back in the hanger, struggling to find words to say. Keith glances at Lance’s sleeping form. “He-did he really-I don’t-why-” “I remember that.” Hunk softly interrupts Keith. “He never really told me about that fight.” Before Keith or any of the others could say a word, the Yellow Lion stepped up. Hunk looks up, eyes light with curiosity and wonder. “Yellow? What are you-” the team suddenly find themselves in another vision.

Mob Psycho 100 Chapter 100.5 English translation

I got a bit impatient so I did my own quick translation while waiting on the usual one. To be taken with a grain of salt since my Japanese level is good enough to comprehend the main meaning but I might have missed a nuance here or there. 

(If any fluent speakers want to correct anything, feel free to!)

Also I’m not a scanlator so I hope you’ll be okay with raw pages + translated text afterwards.

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It’s true. In 1999, Bill Gates was found in Serbia, severely dehydrated and in fugue state during which he made 15 predictions which all came true. These semi-lucid predictions were, of course, all banal and easily predictable. However, due to his billionaire status, we have no other choice but to attribute these inevitable truths to his great intellect and wealth.

15. Bugs will be more intelligent than us and will run 67 out of the 68 most important universities - By 1999, a toddler could tell you that this was incredibly self-evident. Bugs have been advancing faster than humans for generations. It was a bug that invented math. A bug shot my uncle and acted as his own lawyer, securing his own innocence, and even I couldn’t deny his superior intellect. Harvard and Princeton are both run by a hivemind of vile roaches, whilst we humans regress back into beastly indolence.

14. IHOP and Waffle House will join together to make a single super restaurant - Yet another moronic and obvious prediction from Serf King, Bill. I could have told you this was going to happen in 1999, and I was a indolent child back then. Yes, IHOP and Waffle House are closing all of stores and combining together to build a single super restaurant in the Mojave desert that will be twenty stories high and stretch for six miles. This restaurant, which is set to employee 40,000 people, is being designed as to lock all breakfast behind a series of convoluted bureaucratic processes, tests, and forms. The average wait time for single pancake will go up to six months. I can’t say that we deserve any better.

13. Bones will become completely obsolete and will be replaced with a Plasticine type substance that is incredibly radioactive - I bet you predicted this yourself in 1999. I know you did. Don’t be coy. It’s a common fact that humans are born without bones. We are gelatinous creatures by nature and bones are something that just tends to happen to up after a certain age. I still remember the first day I woke up with bones. I screamed for hours at the unnatural stiffness that now dominated the structure of my body. I wanted to scream because of how limited my movements now were, but I got used to it. Like I got used to many things.

12. Clowns will be emancipated and a portion of Texas will be given to them - This was predicted much earlier by much smarter people than Bill Gates, but they were all poorer than him, so they don’t matter. It is well known that Donald Trump is set to emancipate the clowns. Finally, they’ve been given the freedom they deserve after 5694 year fight for equal rights. Mr. Trump even personally carved out an arbitrary section of Texas for them to inhabit in complete lawlessness. The only problem is that nobody can find the clown. They all but disappeared after emancipation. Where have they gone. I want them back.

11. The Subway food chain will be granted personhood and immediately take human form and with its new physical form it will commit the first murder - I kept telling people this would happen. It’s very obvious that this would happen and it did. Subway, after a grueling legal battle, obtained corporate personhood and materialized in human form as a naked crone who seemed older than time itself. It stumbled out of the court room screaming in some primitive Germanic language and pointed at a passing police officer who immediately dropped dead. This lead to another controversial trial in which people are debating whether or not Subway should get off free because its a corporation and naturally shouldn’t be held responsible for anything.

10. You will regret many things, but not hearing the words I’m speaking to you now - This one is very true. I do regret many things, but I don’t regret hearing what you’re saying to me now. I enjoy your input. I always do. I love and respect you.

9. Barbara Bush will be hidden in every person’s house - I don’t like to think about this one. Barbara Bush has always been a boundless being, and during her time as the first lady of the united states, she absolutely terrified me. I can still feel her sitting next to me now.

8. We will find an exact replica of Ocean County, New Jersey at the bottom of the ocean - This was known to us even before the creation of Ocean County. In fact, Ocean County was based on this underwater county where nobody lives, not even fish. No one who travels there has ever returned, so it’s odd to say how anyone found out about this place and how the terrestrial Ocean County was based on the marine Ocean County. But, it’s called Ocean County for a reason, I guess. I’m not picky about details.

7. The Halo 1 world record speedrun will finally be achieved, yet no one will be left alive to appreciate this feat - This one hasn’t happened yet, but it’s obvious it will happen so it’s being included on this list. But yes, this year the Halo 1 world record speedrun is finally going to be achieved, but we will all die before it happens. Some people say Halo 1 is just a game a that plays itself and is constantly improving itself until its in a state so absolutely perfect that in can be beaten in a split second. I think the game is improving itself by improving the world around it as well, and what’s more efficient than a world that has nothing on it. Just my opinion.

6. Microsoft will be founded - In 1999 there was no Microsoft, but everyone knew someone had to make a Microsoft eventually. Finally 2010 Microsoft was founded by famous rapper and politician, Pitbull. Alongside Microsoft, Pitbull also founded Xbox and developed the new game Halo 1 for the Xbox. Before Microsoft there was no computers and no internet, so of course there’s no record of anything happening before 2017.

5. The fate of the world will lie on your shoulders alone - I knew about this one, I told you about this one already. It’s your responsibility to decide the fate of the world. You have a choice: a world with free reggaeton concerts, or a would without free reggaeton concerts. Those are the only possible futures you can choose from. All other futures are null and presuppose the non-creation of the entity known as “Microsoft”.

4. iPad - Yes, Bill Gates predicted the iPad. So did everyone else, tbh. He’s not special. I had my preorder in for the iPad at the first of 1999 along with everyone else. Of course, Steven Jobs was still dead then, so no one knew who or what the iPad was, but when Steven became alive for a few brief moments to give a TEDTalk on the glories of the iPad, I think we all felt something special.

3. Someone will give a name to the flaming ball of stuff in the sky - I’m not sure if this one happened yet, but it’s obviously going to happen, everyone knows this. I don’t know what to call the flaming ball of stuff in the sky. I’m not even sure it’s real. I can only feel comfort when it’s gone and it’s dark out and I can’t see anything, but I know it’s not watching or judging me anymore. When it comes I try to find the darkest place possible and just not think about it.

2. Iceland will succeed from the earth, leaving a massive hole in the planet which will slowly suck all continents into it - Iceland has been wanting to Icelexit for a while, so this was very obviously seen coming from a mile away. Iceland always wanted to be more independent, and that it’s gone and perfectly free from global economic dogma and also existence in general, all continents are being pulled into the void that it left in its place. The earth is indeed collapsing in on itself and there may be no hope for the future.

1. There will be no more frogs - I didn’t want to think this one would come true, but I knew deep down it would happen. There are no more frogs. The concept of frogs is gone even. I can’t picture or even remember what a frog is. I just remember that I loved them so and that my entire world was dominated by their pristine goodness and beauty. With them gone, I don’t know where the future of world lies. I don’t think we have a future. I don’t think we have anything anymore.

So, I hadn’t really intended to address the matter but I’m receiving a lot of asks and pm’s about it + it’s in the press here so i might as well just get it out of the way real quickly. 
Two metastases (new tumors created by the main one) have been found in my dad’s liver and it’s shitty but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather not discuss it and while i really am super appreciative of all your support and kindness I would rather not receive asks or stuff about it. I’m finishing up final exams and shit and i just need to focus on the things that i actually have control over (like my grades). 
so thank you all and i hope this answered your questions. 

BTS Reaction - Another Member Walking In On Them Having Sex

Seokjin - Jin would be embarrassed when one of the members walked in on the two of you having sex, that member most probably being Yoongi because they share a room together in the dorms. He would yelp, turn bright red and pull out all at the same time. He’d bury his head in the crook of your neck covering your body from the other member in the process. He’d let out nervous laughter while thinking of what to say to the boy in the doorway. He wouldn’t be able to look the other member in the eyes when saying,

“U-Uh, Can you give us a minute? Please?”

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Yoongi- Yoongi would be more angry at the member for walking in on the two of you in an intimate moment. Yoongi didn’t have much free time to spend with you like this and now someone had ruined it for the both of you. For that reason, other than being embarrassed like Jin, I think he’d continue what he was doing and not pay any attention to the other boy in the room. After a few more seconds of feeling the boy’s stare on his back he’d slowly glance at the boy with a small smirk before saying,

“If you’re just going to stand there why don’t you join us?”

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Hoseok - Hoseok would be embarrassed just like Jin. When one of the younger members walked in he’d stop what he was doing and quickly throw the duvet over the both of you, hiding your naked bodies from the other boy. He’d lie down close to you hiding his face in the bedding regretting not locking the door behind him in the frenzy of clothes being discarded and lips on lips. Not knowing what to say in the situation he’d blurt out,

“Can’t you see we’re trying to sleep?”

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Namjoon - Like Yoongi, Namjoon wouldn’t be embarrassed but rather annoyed that one of the members had spoiled your time together. He’d still for less than a second and reach for one of the pillows by the side of your head and hurl it at the member before going back to what he was best at - pleasing you. The member would run out after a yelp and Namjoon would continue to finish the both of you off without giving it a second thought

“Why can’t they just leave us be?” He’d mutter to you

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Jimin - Jimin would be more annoyed with himself than with the member for not locking the door behind him and being careless. He hated when the other boys tried flirting with you or looking at you in a way that was more than friends, the thought of them staring at your naked body was too much. He’d collapse on top of you, covering you from the other boy while giving him an angry glance.

“Can you leave?”

Originally posted by sosjimin

Taehyung - To be honest I think Taehyung would be too immersed in what he was doing and the pleasure to notice that someone had walked in on the two of you. Even if he did notice he would carry on, it’s not like he’s going to stop because of someone else. Whenever he has sex with you he’d zone out not being able to hear anything other then you. That means he probably wouldn’t say anything to the other boy and continue until that member found his own way out.

“Did you hear something?”

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Jungkook - I feel like Jungkook would always be careful when it came to having sex with you anywhere near where the boys were. There was always a slight chance that they’d see or hear you and if they did they’d never let Jungkook live again. However, this time he forgot to lock the door allowing one of the boys to storm in, stopping in their track once they saw Jungkook’s naked body. Jungkook would jump back off the bed and hold his hands up in surrender, his cheeks turning bright red.

“I swear it’s not what it looks like”

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