i think i brought them back from the dead


Josh: I think it’s important to kind of dress or you know wear what you want or colour your hair the way that you want. It’s just cool to express yourself. 

Hayley: I know you wear make up onstage which looks rad. A lot of kids are looking up to you guys too, so it’s nice that you’re doing something different.

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(sorry if this sounds aggressive. im mostly just confused sorry) hi i completely understand why jason would feel unloved because of all that stuff but i dont think some of it was bruce's fault? of course hes an asshole but like,, at the time the idea of bringing anyone back to life was completely taboo right? and i dont think bruce should be expected to see someone who looks like an older version of his dead son (whos death he was positive of) and actually believe its him? someone whos dead ?

I get this right up until the end, I have no idea what you were saying there so I’ll answer what I can.

I don’t believe that Jason’s insecurities all stem from Bruce however a lot of them do. My problem with how Bruce handled Jason’s death compared to Damian’s is that Jason didn’t ask to be brought back to life. Neither did Damian however, they sought to bring Damian back, not Jason so that makes their circumstances very different.

Jason doesn’t know how he got brought back and he had no one to support him during that time, Damian had pretty much the whole family there to embrace him and welcome him back; Jason had to dig his way out of his own grave.

These circumstances are NOT Bruce’s fault.

But just because Damian died did not give Bruce the right to do to Jason what he did, no matter the circumstances.

Bruce has always handled Jason in all the wrong ways which only got worse after he became Red Hood. As I’ve said before Jason and Damian are very similar in many ways so I can see how being around Jason would be difficult for Bruce after Damian’s murder however Bruce had that entire thing planned, he knew what he was going to do. Bruce intended to do whatever he needed to do to get the information he wanted despite knowing how screwed up Jason’s death made him.

Jason didn’t ask to come back to life, he didn’t seek a second chance at life, it was complete chance/random occurrence that when the dimension barrier was punched that Jason somehow got reanimated. Even after years Jason still didn’t talk openly about his death or rebirth and Bruce thought he could force the answers out of Jason by taking him back to the most miserable place in his entire existence. He said he thought it would jog memories but he had no right to make Jason attempt to relive such things.

It’s an awful thing to say but Jason’s death cemented to Bruce that Robin could very well die. Same with Stephanie Brown. Damian might have been one of the best trained fighters but he wasn’t immortal and Bruce knew it. Damian’s death was a tragedy and Bruce didn’t deserve that however Jason didn’t deserve what was done to him either.

Both circumstances sucked.

And in the comics, after Damian is brought back Jason disappears from Gotham for 7 YEARS because of how the family reacted to Damian’s resurrection; by crying and welcoming him back. Jason didn’t get that but for him to disappear for that long shows just how hurt Jason was by Bruce. AGAIN.

Bruce wasn’t the cause of all of the problems in Jason’s psyche however he was a big cause of a lot of them.

Arkham Knight - Fixation

Unlockable story

“I do not allow him visitors!” Warden Sharp spluttered angrily, as Batman walked past.

“It’s not a social call.”

Inside the cell, harsh fluorescent bulbs bounced their light off the sterile, white padded walls.


The cell’s straitjacketed occupant flung himself from the corner of the room until he was slobbering, weeping at Batman’s armored boots.

“I’m so glad it’s you, Bats,” Joker sobbed. “They think I’m mad!”

Batman kicked upwards, flipped the maniac onto his back and brought the foot back down to pin him there.

“Three dead. All children. You’ve been locked up here since Blackgate…”

Batman pushed down. Ribs cracked.


The sudden violence, the guttural sound of Batman’s roar, surprised them both. Batman backed towards the door, appalled. Suddenly freed, Joker rolled on the floor, hysterical.

“I knew it”, he giggled, “I knew you cared!”

Batman drew his cape around himself, pushed the anger, the sudden self-disgust back down.

“You got out, Joker. How?”

“Maybe I am mad,” Joker scrabbled backwards, leaned against the wall, “Because this is the first I’m hearing of it.” He paused then, and spoke with sickening sincerity.

“I didn’t kill your kiddies. And you don’t need excuses to drop by.”

When Sharp returned with security, Joker was alone, grinning ear to ear.

“I’m in his head, Sharpie!”

Things I have the displeasure of seeing on my dash because I track the Spock tag: Extremely disturbing anti-religion memes that use Spock as the basis of the meme.

Not only are those memes really close-minded and disgusting, but using Spock to deliver them is WILDLY inaccurate. I don’t think Spock is/would be an atheist. The fact of the matter is, Vulcan Mysticism was what brought him back to life from the dead, he now has definitive proof that he and therefore other Vulcans have an eternal soul, and he accepts that there are forces in the universe beyond scientific explanation–-mostly due to the events in Search for Spock, but also due to the katra transference which had to have taken place right before he stepped into the radiation chamber in Wrath of Khan. If Spock could remember what it was like to be wandering around on Genesis without his katra, rapidly aging as the planet collapsed around him, he would tell you that he was incomplete without his eternal soul. He was just a vessel of a body without what made him Spock. He couldn’t even speak properly, let alone execute anything other than basic survival instincts. After having lived through that, Spock would tell you that there are forces in the universe beyond scientific comprehension, even if you just decide to call them “luck”.

I realize that the people who post these memes probably chose Spock because he’s become an icon of logic/scientific reasoning, and they likely know absolutely nothing about the character beyond widespread cultural misconceptions. I guess it’s just funny to me (by which I mean “ironic in a really pathetic way”) that fundamentalist atheists use Spock to argue their points, because anyone who’s seen the show or the movies knows that Spock would never in a million years agree with them.

Ok so you know how Miranda literally rebuilds Shepard from scratch almost…like regrowing organs and everything?
So I was thinking about Miranda looking out for shep? Since she would know all their harmful habits like if shep drank a lot and had royally fucked up their liver then Miranda will give a Look when shep is reaching for another glass (since you can assume any addictions are gone but habits probably don’t break as easy- even when your brought back from the dead), or even much smaller things like if Shepard used to chew their fingernails loads and when Miri notices them fiddling to get their hands out of their armour and she says something like “I already had to regrow those once do not make me do it again, please”
Just like …Miranda knowing shepards bad habits and activity helping them out wherever she can

okay, some cool au suggestions

“i was messing around with some old stuff i found in the attic but i accidentally summoned a demon” au

“person a and person b are friends but one is a superhero and the other is their evil arch-nemesis and neither knows who the other is” au

“for some reason or another everyone has swapped bodies and have to go about their daily lives while trying to find a cure” au

“person a is a dragon and person b is a knight sent to vanquish them for the good of the kingdom, but the dragon is actually pretty chill” au

“person a is a necromancer-in-training and accidentally just brought person b back from the dead” au

“person a and person b are both exploring a haunted house but they don’t know about the other person there and keep thinking they’re seeing a ghost” au

“i just accidentally found out the person i’m dating is a werewolf” au

“person a just moved to a new house and person b is a bored ghost who keeps trying to fuck with them” au

“person a is a novice witch and just accidentally turned person b into a dragon, but they’re surprisingly cool w/ it” au