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I’m finally making a list of Fic recs. All for elsanna. (Most are M but not all and not all have smut) Separating into WIP and Complete. Another note: These are the ones with Elsanna I decided not to include stories with no romantic focus. (I can recc those separately if there is interest.)

I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO A CUT YOU’RE WELCOME. Cuz this is getting long. I haven’t even included ALL of my elsanna favorites from fanfiction.net but it was hard picking favorites from favorites. (If you want more than this check there.)  ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING (And like… ¼ way through I started regretting this decision because CHOOSING and I REREAD LIKE HALF OF THEM FUCK) Plz appreciate (HOLY FRICK THIS TOOK FOREVER, ALSO I AM STILL MISSING FIC I WANTED TO FAVE OR IT DELETED ;o;)

My descriptions are minimal so I encourage clicking the link! (Let me know if any are broken)

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all orders have been shipped, thank u everyone for buying u_u <3 i hope everything arrives safely!

i wanted to keep some for myself but having 6 individual keychains this big was such a hassle for me so they would be arranged like this! sadly i had to give away that mc (but then i broke it so that was a waste sjdnfdsjkf) but have this picture of what couldve been

😅 i think we broke the filters?? but–

here’s a quick pic of me and my bud before class! s/o to chun-yan for being the coolest science partner ever!!! ☺💕

Crouching glaive, hidden princess? lol I can’t think of any titles for this one xD.

Had time to finish it today. Got too excited and broke the schedule xD

PLEASE REMEMBER TUMBLR IS NOT PERFECT AND NEITHER AM I  —  sometimes i miss asks or tumblr ate them like a jerk. sometimes i miss replies or my activity page had a moment / derped and i can’t find it. sometimes i miss starters or perhaps just maybe my tag broke. sometimes i just have muse for some threads and not other ones. sometimes all i’m in the mood to do is lurk the dashboard. sometimes it’s that i’m just overwhelmed and there are too many asks or too many drafts and i just need some time… no matter which of these may be the situation? please never think i’m trying to be an asshole or that i’m ignoring you.

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I have kinda tag question for all admins. Imagine that you can resurresct one dead person from HP universe, but to do it you have to sacrifice someone else from HP universe. Who would you choose?


Bring back this bundle of joy

Bye Umbridge



I was 100% going to save Fred. That shit broke my heart okay.


Ok, I love Fred and am devastated by his loss, but I think I’d have to bring back Lupin or Tonks because LISTEN NO WAR BABIES OKAY. LET TEDDY HAVE A PARENT, NOT A 17 YEAR OLD GODFATHER. Or maybe Sirius.

I could do with no more Umbridge.


I’m gonna trade Ron for Snape.


I was tagged by @heart-attack-harry @harrysmeadow @slytherinbisexual @kenbutnobarbie @lepetitcomte @frog-son @winterwonderziall and @harrysayingnympho to post the best 6 selfies of 2016! I’m @ing you all so that DISBELIEVERS (*coughs* Kasia and Jules *coughs*) will see that I actually posted them lol 

Thank you so much for tagging me, lovelies 💕 

OK so! My phone broke down roughly a month ago and I’ve lost every pic *harry’s voice* SAD! I’m just not a selfie person in general and I mostly take pics of me when there’s a snap filter I like (cos they usually cover half my face and I respect that ajdkasj) 

I think everyone has already done this, but just in case you haven’t, consider yourself tagged!!!

20 First Lines

I was tagged by @papofglencoe and @titaniasfics! Thank you ladies!

Rules: list the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag your favorite authors.

Things I learned: I favor short sentences, first person, and present tense as openers. And dreams. And dialogue. And italics for internal thoughts. 

1. Wreck & Ruin

It starts with this fantasy.

2. Alibi (to be posted on NYD)

“Get her number,” the older man mutters over his second cup of coffee that is no doubt diluted with the contents of his breast pocket flask.

3. Three Days

Three days.

4. Girl Talk

“I think I broke him,” Katniss sighs and picks at a thread on her jeans.

5. Politicking


6. Tres Leches

“C’mon, Katniss,” wafts over the cubicle wall, followed by a sweet aroma.

7. Coxa

l stumble into the woods, searching for relief from my injuries. I tear through the brush, leaving a haphazard trail in my wake.

8. Sweetest Devotion

I startle awake from a dream.

9. Fix My Eyes

The crunching hits my ears before I even know he’s beside me.

10. Refuel, Restore, Realign

There she is.

11. I Wish You Would

“I, I, I, I, I, I wish, I wish…” Madge belts out — or rather it sounds more like she’s hyperventilating.

12. I’m dreaming of an early Christmas

Katniss huffs in exasperation.

13. Skeet!Everlark

“You sure they’ll let me use my bow?” I ask Gale.

14. Pressed Herbs

“So you and Cressida, hun?” Katniss queried.

15. Grandlarks

“It’s not unusual for her to invite us over for tea in the afternoon.

16. Unexpected

“That was….um. Artistic?” Katniss spilled out after much consideration.

17. You Can Leave Your Hat On

The iced tea left a mark on the white table cloth as Katniss lifted the ornate glass to her lips.

18. Comfort Zone

“Crapbag,” she mutters under her breath.

19. The Bronco and the Beetle

Katniss notices the older white Bronco on the side of the road as she passes by on I-12.  

20. The Manager

“We’ve never had a girl manager for the wrestling team,” Coach Abernathy states.

This was fun and not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Who wants to play? @muttpeeta, @awhiskeyriver, @badnovels, @absnow, @jeeno2, @andshewaits, @sponsormusings, @everlarkeologist, @imreallyloveleee, @gethigherff, @bleedtoloveher, @coalstewart, @lollercakesff, @silvercistern, @finnicko-loves-anniec, @dracoisalooker76, @didntheramble, @deinde-prandium, @hutchhitched, @burlesonspride, @joshs-left-earlobe, @areyouserial, @dandelion-sunset, @beanfromdistrict7, @anonalece, @alonglineofbread, @lifeisshiny, @melwithoutfear, @peetasbunmyoven, @pookieh, @streetlightlove1, @theoriginalfamousfremus

  • Me: *receives money* ^.^
  • ~Sometime later~
  • Person: So....where did that money go?...
  • Me: *Thinks back to that one convention in which I know I probably spent far too much.*
  • Me: ....I don't know....
Enemy Au: Draco; Meant to Be

Year Two

Part IV.5 (?)

Tagging: @sweetlittlequeer


Malfoy Manor

“Hello Draco. How was Hogwarts?” Narcissa asks Draco. “Fine, mother.” Draco replies. Narcissa looks at Draco’s wrist, “Draco, where is that green light that kept pestering you?” Narcissa asks. Draco looks at his mother, “I found her.” Draco said. ‘A girl.’ Narcissa thought.

“It’s an Enemy Timer, mother. Why didn’t you tell me? You knew!” Draco shouted. “I didn’t want you to have that, it broke me thinking that instead of a soulmate you earn an enemy.” Narcissa complied. “I can’t believe you.” Draco said. Narcissa stood quietly, “Do you really dislike her?”

“Yes!” Draco fumes. “It’s been my second year, mother, just hating her as much as I do to her mudblood friend.” Draco sneered. Narcissa cringed by her son’s harsh tone, “I’m going to my room.” Draco said. “Alright, dear.” Narcissa peeped. Draco went up to him room, trying hard not to think about the situation. The rivalry between him and Y/N grew stronger, stronger than the rivalry with Harry Potter.

“Bloody Maredragon.” Draco huffed.


Maredragon Residence

“Greetings, Y/N.“ Your mother said, preparing a meal for the family. “Hello mother.” You greeted. “How was Hogwarts? And why didn’t you tell us your house?” Your mother asks, “It was fine mother, and I’m in Gryffindor.”

“Your father would be so proud, he should be home in any minute.” Your mother gleamed. “What are you making?” You blurted. “Soup.” Your mother replied. “Ah, mother’s homemade soup, yum.” You compliment.

‘I’m home!“ You heard your father yell. “Dad!” You run to him. “Y/N, now teasing me by not telling me your house is cruel. Your like your mother.” Your Dad chuckled. “I am not!” Your mother defends herself. “So what are you?” Your Dad questions with a glint of wonder in his voice. “Gryffindor.” You said, “I knew it!” Your Dad gleams, picking you up. “Put me down!” You laugh, he puts you down. You both calm down, as your father suddenly grabs your wrist.

“Where’s your timer?” He asks. “I found out.” You tell him. “Your soulmate? Remember your not aloud to date-” “No, father my enemy.” You interrupt. “Oh I’m sorry, darling. Who is it?” Your Dad said, still examining your wrist. “Draco Malfoy.” You mumble. “Malfoy? Eh.”

"Uh huh.” You nod. “I feel bad for you.” Your father replied, cheekily. “Lets go eat.” Your Dad grabbed your wrist walking into the dining room, were nice, warm soup was placed. “Thank you mother.” You said, “Your welcome.” Your mother gleamed. You felt lucky that you didn’t have to deal with bloody Malfoy.

Going through the YOI tags today… uhm okay
yes I do think Mob Psycho 100 was fucking amazing (it was actually my fav thing from studio bones this year and I fucking love studio BONES I LOVE THEM I CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH)

But…. It’s not like YOI won the Academy Awards…. Like….. Crunchyroll’s awards are LITERALLY a popularity contest??? and honestly what did they expect from an anime that broke Tumblr and sold like 50 000 discs in the first fucking week (Apparently it’s hit the 60 000 mark now and Im still shOOK at how wildly successful this show is wow)

And honestly those ppl who are like “YOI is at most average in everything!!! It’s so popular only cuz of the gay ship” lmao by their logic anything remotely BL would sell by the millions right

While YOI is by no means perfect…. it’s by no means average either???? And the fact that it’s so fucking popular says something about it too, right?

I’ve watched so many films, so many tv shows, so many animes in my life but YOI is the first thing ever that’s made me want to VOLUNTARILY write a fucking analysis/essay after each and every episode. It feels so special to me…. and considering it’s sold like 60 000 discs now I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who felt that way

just… kinda frustrated to see people (who probably haven’t even watched YOI) dismiss it as mediocre…

Magic Fingers

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  This is for my 2K drabble celebration.  The prompt was “Shit! Uh, I think we broke it.”  Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and also @scorpiongirl1

Beta’d by @for-the-love-of-dean.  Thanks girlie!

Word Count:  1195 (I know, it’s supposed to be a drabble.  It got away from me.)

Warnings:  SMUT, language 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tagging the squad at the end cause this ended up a one-shot.

Magic Fingers

“Oh my god, YES!”  Dean drops his duffel bag and crosses the motel room in two long strides and flings himself across the bed.

Sam groans.  “Oh god, NO.”

“What?” you question, certain that you are missing some private Winchester conversation.

“Magic Fingers,” Dean answers, digging in his pocket.  

“NO WAY!  I’ve heard of Magic Fingers, but I’ve never actually seen one.”

“Get your ass over here.  And bring quarters,” Dean says, patting the empty space next to him on the bed.

Rummaging through your pockets, you produce some change and climb onto the bed next to Dean.  

“Your life is about to change forever, sweetheart,” Dean says, taking the quarters from you and depositing one into the metal box next to the bed.

The bed immediately begins to vibrate. Leaning back against the pillow, you imitate Dean, arms folded over your chest, eyes closed.

You hear Sam huffing around the room. “I’m gonna go to the library,” he says.  

“Fine,” Dean replies. Sam closes the door, leaving you and Dean to enjoy the magical vibrating bed.  

“This is amazing,” you murmur. Dean grunts in agreement. The vibrating seems to move your body slowly, closer to Dean’s. Eventually the bed stops moving. Dean sits up and drops another quarter in the machine. The vibrating starts again and he flops down on the bed again.  This time he’s close enough that you can feel the heat of his body next to yours.  

Were you attracted to Dean? Hell fucking yes. The two of you had a made out a few times, bodies pressed together, tongues tangled in the corner of some dive bar after a hunt. Timing had always been an issue. There had never been an opportunity to take things further. And on some level, there was reluctance. Would it change the dynamic of the team? Hooking up with hunters had always been disastrous in your experience.

As you drift in a blissful state of semi consciousness on the vibrating bed, you idly think about making a move. When Dean moves his arm so that it brushes yours slightly, your body become hypersensitive, every nerve on fire. Was it an accident? Was he thinking the same thing? He doesn’t pull his arm away, the vibrations of the bed causing your arms to brush against each other every so often. You feel the bed dip as he rolls on to his side, facing you. His large hand lands on your forearm, gently stroking circles with his thumb. You hold your breath for a moment, then exhale slowly before rolling to face him.  

“This okay?” he asks. You can hear in his voice that he wants to be certain. And you know that he’ll back off if you tell him to.  No questions asked.

“Yes,” you whisper. Dean leans forward and stops just shy of your lips. Your heart is hammering in your chest, trying to break out of your ribcage. You can feel the heat of his breath ghost across your lips before he presses his mouth to yours. All those sloppy, drunk bar kisses leave this one in the dust. His lips are soft and plush and taste faintly of chapstick. His hand moves to your hip, leisurely running up your rib cage. You moan against his mouth, allowing him an opening to slip his tongue past your teeth. Dear god, he’s thorough as he sweeps your mouth with his tongue. All the heat in your body pools low in your abdomen.

He pushes you onto your back and straddles your hips, pushing your shirt up and over you head. Off come his shirt as well. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as you run your hands over his broad chest, up over his shoulders, down his well muscled biceps. Leaning over you, he spreads his palms next to your head and captures your mouth again. His hips press to yours and you can feel his impressive length against your core. The gentle pulsing of the bed moves you slightly back and forth against his cock. A large hand finds your breast and cups it, kneading and squeezing. Pulling down the cup, Dean rolls the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. He grinds his hips against you in time with the rolling of the bed.

Breaking away from his mouth, you moan as the pressure builds between your thighs. Dean grins, cock sure and pleasedd with himself at the moan and presses harder in response.  “Oh…god…oh…shit,” you murmur as he grinds shamelessly against you. “Fuck, Dean…ah!”  Your hands flail about searching for purchase. Your fingernails dig into the flesh of Dean’s lower back as the waves of pleasure crashed through you, smashing you to bits. The orgasm leaves you a panting, quivering, gasping mess. Dean ceases his grinding and pulls his hips back to give you a moment to recover. The bed stops shaking at the same time.

“Shit!  Uh, I think we broke it,” Dean jokes. You giggle as you reach for the button on his jeans.  “One sec, sweetheart.” He reaches over and drops another quarter into the machine.  Shimmying out of your shorts, you watch as Dean removes his jeans and boxers. Your eyes widen in appreciation. Dear lord, this man is genetically blessed.

Reaching a hand between your bodies, you wrap your hand around his length.  He closes his eyes and moans in response. Guiding him to your slick folds, you rub the tip up and down your slit.  Inserting the blunt head into your pussy, you release your hand and he pushes into you with a groan, stretching you, filling you completely.

“Jesus,” you rasp. “Fuck me, Dean, need you so bad.”

Dean doesn’t hesitate, pulling his hips back and snapping into you. Every muscle in his glorious body tenses as he pushes and pulls. You meet every thrust, your ankles hooked around his waist. He nips at your neck, sure to leave a mark that his brother will notice. When his teeth scrape your earlobe shivers cascade down your spine.  

His breath tickles against your ear when he whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).  Wanted this forever.”

His words send you over the edge into a sea of pure ecstasy. “Oh god.  Fuck…Christ…Just like that…oh…oh…Dean!” Your entire body goes rigid as you pulse around his cock.

Dean lets out a guttural sound when he feels you clamp down hard on his thick cock. “Fucking Christ,” he says into your shoulder, before biting down on the skin.  He shudders, his thighs shaking, as he cums inside of you. The hot liquid fills you, spilling over and pooling between your thighs.

Dean remains inside of you, growing soft while he catches his breath. You lazily run your fingertips up and down his back, coming slowly back to earth, the bed still humming away.

Dean’s lips find yours again, swollen and plump. He rolls off you and pulls you into the crook of his arm. He nuzzles your hair and inhales. “Mmm. That was awesome.”

“Mmm,” you murmur in response as the Magic Fingers lull you into a blissful sleep.

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Can you write #26 with literally any characters you want?

Prompt: “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”


“Mrs. Parker, the diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

The dinner table sat in stunned silence for a moment before Tony broke the quiet with a hissed, “Vision, what the hell?”

Vision tilted his head. “I don’t understand your response. I was merely expressing concern that Mrs. Parker had misplaced her real ring.”

“Oh, don’t worry, this is my real ring, Vision,” May said, smiling. Next to her, Steve ducked his head and cleared his throat. Clint was looking intently at the chicken on his plate. 

“I’ve known the diamond was fake since the day Ben gave it to me,” May laughed. She smiled down at the ring on her finger and showed it off to Pepper on her left. “The band is real gold, but we didn’t get that until about a year later.”

“What was it made from initially?” Bruce asked. 

“Plastic.” May shook her head at the shocked faces around her. “Ben’s proposal was very spur-of-the-moment. Do you know those dispensers at the mall where you put in a quarter, turn the dial, and a little bobble comes out with a prize inside?” She waited until they nodded.

“Well we were both in our early twenties, and Ben saw this little plastic figurine in the dispenser and he decided he wanted it, so he gave the machine a quarter.

“Instead of the figure, he got a ring, with a bright green band and a fake diamond, and I laughed at the disappointment on his face. Then he looked at me, and got very serious, and he dropped down on one knee, right there in the mall, and asked if I would marry him. And I said yes.”

“A green plastic band?” Pepper said, holding back laughter.

“I know!” May threw up her hands. “I still can’t believe I wore the thing for so long before insisting we get a proper one. We kept the diamond, though, for the story.”

“Proposing with a plastic ring sounds like something Peter would do,” Tony joked.

“Now you see where he gets it from.”

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hey im relatively new to the fandom, and trying to warm up to the idea of shipping real people... ive seen some of your posts about f/er/ard, and i was wondering, is it problematic somehow? or do you just not like real people ships? (i broke up the ship name to hopefully keep it out of tags and keep the angry shippers away)

i find it problematic tbh bc (and this is only for people who actually think its real not for ppl who simply read fics and know its not real) its such a big part of this fanbase and ppl base their characterization of Gerard and Frank on their ‘theories’ and treat them differently because of it (villainizing Gerard/victimizing Frank) and so-called ‘fans’ hate on Lindsey for ruining their ‘ship’. i hate how pretty much 90% of the fanbase makes every little thing about Frerard. it just annoys the shit out of me. it annoys the shit out of me that the real people + the fans who dont ship it have to deal with it constantly. i get hate for saying i dont ship it and i have to explain myself why i dont ship it and that alone is just ridiculous tbh. thats the short answer, im not planning on giving the long one bc reasons. but im saying, ship what you want but know that its not real and respect people who dont ship it enough to not shove it in their faces all the time. and respect the real people and their real relationships.