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Bi percy hc? (Like how he finally realizes it, who you think knew, etc) PLEASE IM SO DESPERATE

I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Here let me make it worse help

Um this might get really long so some of them might be under a read more??

  • Percy had no idea he was bisexual
  • But then he met Luke
  • and suddenly it’s like ‘oh hey he’s cute- wait, what’
  • he slightly freaks out ‘oh my god am i gay’ 
  • Percy dismisses the idea because nah I think that Annabeth is cute
  • and so he ignores his first reaction to Luke thinking it was just a fluke (heh) and continues on his merry way
  • for about 2 days
  • until Percy meets Charles Beckendorf
  • and he admits to himself okay i might be slightly gay
  • and Percy mulls this over for the rest of the week until capture the flag
  • and then he shoves it into the back of his mind because there are far more important things than cute boys right now like nearly dying and being the son of poseidon and going on a quest, getting his mom back and oh, yeah, ALMOST DYING
  • and percy doesn’t think about being “slightly gay” for the rest of the summer
  • but then he sees Luke being all hot and sweaty in the arena and suddenly it pops back into his mind
  • (we’re going to fast forward a bit now because y’all know what happens after that and what not)
  • fast forward to 8th grade Percy Jackson
  • who has now had a while to think about his attraction to boys
  • and has decided yes, I like boys, but I also like girls
  • and who doesn’t know that bisexuality is a legit thing and thinks he’s alone
  • Percy decides he’s okay with it
  • and contrary to popular belief, Percy’s first kiss was not, in fact, Annabeth, but was a boy named Jake Parker
  • (It was just before summer break)
  • (they never spoke again)
  • Percy later decides the kiss with Annabeth was way better
  • and fast forward a bit more to September of ninth grade
  • And Percy suddenly gets the urge to just say it out loud instead of mulling it over and over again in his head
  • and so Percy says out loud for the first time, “I like boys.”

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“Out of the way Jackson, you know you can’t beat me.” You yelled as you pushed Percy to the side with your shoulder. “You think just because you’re the daughter of Zeus you’re better than me.” He gave you a hard shove trying to push you off course. “News flash Jackson: I am better than you, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a daughter of Zeus.” You said as you tripped him up. 

You laughed as he fell face first into the ground. Was it a dirty move? Yes. Was it mean? Yes. Was it something the Ares Cabin would do? Definitely. 

You had a good head start when you reached the lava pit, you easily climbed up the wall leaving both Percy and the river of lava behind you. “What’s the matter Jackson?! Having trouble keeping up with the big kids?!” You shouted down to him. He was gaining on you and you had to admit you admired his resilience.

He didn’t respond to your taunts, not verbally at least, but he grabbed a hold of your foot and gave a hard tug yanking you off the wall. Had you not been able to fly you would’ve burned in the lava. “Real mature Jackson.” You called out as you flew around him trying to distract him. “Come on dude, pick up the pace. You can do better than this.” You kept repeating quick little taunts trying to slow him down. 

As the two of you reached the top of the wall you flew up ahead of him and started picking at your nails. “Took you long enough.” You said with a smirk. “Shut up.” He said shoving you. “Or what? You can’t beat me up the wall, what make you think you can beat me in a fight?” You asked as you shoved him back. 

From the corner of your eye you saw other campers exchanging money and making bets and you smirked. “They’re taking bets again dude.” You said motioning to the campers with a sharp jerk of your head. He sighed. “Last time we fought we were both stuck with kitchen duty.” He said. 

“Well, yeah, but I was also two hundred and fifty drachmas richer.” You said with a smirk. “For the last time you didn’t win the fight! It was an off day for me, and if we’d fight again I’d win.” He shouted making you roll your eyes. “Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?” You asked as you raised an eyebrow. 

“You’re on.” He said extending his hand, you shook it then turned to the campers at the bottom. “We’ve got a rematch! Start placing your bets!” You called out sending them all into a frenzy.

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Please tell me that u at least know something about what I'm going to ask! Anyway if u would have one greek god or goddess parent who would it be? PLEASE ANSWER! I LOVE YOU ALL BTW!!!! YOU ARE ALL SO GREAT! WISH I COULD GIVE U A BEAR HUG! THIS IS FOR ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahah Poseidon since he’s one of the gods of all major bodies of water and there’s a chance i can be percy jackson. Though honestly as a father, i might be able to calm him down whenever a storm threatens to hit. but i am a puny demigod, might not really listen to me. hmm maybe being the son Hypnos will better. i could bring dreams to those who need it. . aww thanks anon, i think you’re great too OH *BEAR HUG!*

The Last Visit

“I didn’t know it then, but it would be the last time I ever visited the attic.” (51)

“Please, Percy…” Luke practically whimpered, fighting just to beg for death, for release from Kronos’ command of his body.

I moved towards him, his body was broken, but so was mine. We struggled towards each other, his knife, the cursed blade, in my hand. I understood then, I was not the hero, only he could end it all, Luke was the only one who could destroy Kronos. I flipped the blade and held out the handle for him to take.

His eyes flashed gold to blue his face full of pain, “I can’t do it, Percy-” Suddenly his eyes turned gold and through the pain he smirked, “You think you can kill me? I am the lord of Titans, father of the gods, I will not be killed by some second rate son of Hermes the upstart child of Poseidon!” Kronos snarled before his eyes changed back to Luke’s blue ones.

Suddenly I realized what Luke meant, he couldn’t kill Kronos, not when Kronos had become a part of him like that. Rachel was right then I suppose, I wasn’t the hero, it was Luke. It was him that understood in the end, he was the one who made the decision to end Kronos’ time in this world. He was the one to understand that power cancelled out power, he needed me, my power to end his life and Kronos’ with it.

“Together.” I said to which Luke nodded, confirming my suspicions. Shaking, he reached down to unlatch his armor just below his left arm. In those few seconds I found Annabeth and Grover, he had given her some ambrosia and healed a few of her wounds, as bad as they looked she would be fine with him, I knew it.

I met Grover’s eyes and gave the slightest nod before meeting Annabeth’s. I took it all in, her face smeared with soot, the torn shirt and scuffed sneakers, the worn necklace that held more beads than any other camper, her princess curls hastily tied into a ponytail, and her eyes. Gods, her grey eyes that were analyzing everything that was happening they seared a hole into my heart and gave me the courage to finally tell her, “Goodbye, Wise Girl.”

Her eyes widened as she realized what I was saying and tried to lunge forward to stop me. Luckily Grover was quick and grabbed her, holding on tight.

I felt a hand grip the handle of the knife and finally faced Luke. Together we plunged the blade into his side, while his hands fell limp I held on to make sure the blade stayed in place. Every part of me screamed to let go, Luke’s body began to burn up and I still held on. Then I felt why I was needed, Kronos was trying to suck the life from everything around him to heal the wound and it was working. Gathering my energy I called to the oceans, to my father willing a connection, I was met with the gust of the ocean wind, a spray of salt water, the whirling of a riptide, the slowly and steady recession of the tide on a warm summer’s day. It was all within me and then…it wasn’t. I pushed it all into Kronos all of my power, my memories, who I was all of it channeled into the Kronos through the cursed blade of Annabeth Chase.

Around me the air heated up, a light blinded me and then the world was dark. It wasn’t death though, not yet, I was laying on my back in the throne room holding onto life. Hair tickled my face just before Annabeth leaned over, light shining around her. She was crying.

“You’ll live, you’ll live, Percy please.” She cried over my body knowing that it wouldn’t be.

“Annabeth,” I croaked using the remainder of my strength. Her eyes snapped to mine, “I love you.”

Her body racked with sobs, but through the tears I heard her say, “I love you too Percy Jackson.” A figure appeared behind her, “Fate did not play in your favor, Perseus Jackson, come with me.”

He raised a hand in offering that I took, my soul rose from my body. I turned to see Annabeth cry out clutching my body Grover opposite her, looking on with tears streaming down his face. The palace doors burst open and the gods thundered in, Poseidon leading them.

“My son! Where is my son, I felt-” Poseidon faltered as he took in the scene in front of him. How it must’ve looked, Luke’s body surrounded by a charred circle, Kronos’ scythe nearby and my own body with Annabeth and Grover hunched over it. “No.” he whispered before shrinking himself to stroke my face, now cold with death.

“We need a shrine, the son of Poseidon is dead.” Grover choked out, to the gods and their children clustered at the door. It was the last thing I saw as the world faded to the darkness of the underworld.

That night a blue flag appeared above the Empire State Building, raised to half-mast.  

so I was re-reading The Last Olympian and there’s the line at the top and I got so mad because it was super ambiguous. I had to text @teamperseus and just rant, but then I thought what if Percy was the hero? What if he had to die in some way to fulfill the prophecy? Anyways that’s the story, just a typical night of Percy dying I guess.