i think i am gonna cry now


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

five-word sentences.
  • “ please just let me forget. 
  • c'mon try to guess what.
  • just leave me alone already.
  • no, i’m not going to.
  • you can’t change my mind.
  • my mind is made up.
  • i’m not gonna let you.
  • don’t do that to me.
  • think about what you’re doing.
  • why aren’t you listening now?
  • i want to sleep forever.
  • you need to leave now.
  • i’ll always have your back.
  • now there’s no going back.
  • the view really is spectacular.
  • i didn’t think you’d care.
  • why can’t you trust me?
  • don’t even bother with clothes.
  • i don’t love you anymore.
  • i am a great person.
  • you are a tolerable drunk.
  • exactly, why are you awake?
  • i’m gonna ignore you now.
  • how is that not hilarious?
  • please just calm down now.  
  • i was already calm, asshole.
  • i can see your underwear.
  • i’m afraid you’ll replace me.
  • please stop losing your temper.
  • you can cry if needed.
  • you have to run away.
  • i just wanna be yours.
  • ashes, we all fall down.
  • i’m hoping you’ll understand me.
Seventeen going to Dino’s Birthday Party: A Dino Birthday Special

Episode 11: Where Seventeen tries to plan and prepare for Dino’s birthday by splitting up into their units to get things done.

A/N: I may or not have been trying to stall time to have this special posted as the 11th episode cause you know 11 feb is chan’s birthday haha okay im sorry my brain stopped functioning and it this special somehow ended up being episode eleven… 

Jeonghan: “Okay children we need to do something special for my baby! He’s finally turning 5!”


Scoups: “Um Chan’s gonna be 18 what are you talking about?”

Jeonghan: “We need FIVE candles for his cake, we need FIVE presents, we need FIVE balloons, we need to buy five of everything because he is FIVEEEE!!!”

Joshua: “I love you Jeonghan but I think you have problems with facing the fact that Dino is growing up…”


Hoshi: “I think it’s time to let go of that fact that he isn’t 5 years old anymore”

Vernon: “The last time I checked… Chan hasn’t been 5 years old in let’s see… about THIRTEEN YEARS?!?!”

Jeonghan: “My baby is FIVEEEE!!!”

Seungkwan: “This is absurd, you guys didn’t do anything for my birthday… this is unfair! WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!”



The8: “Your birthday passed?”

Jun: “I thought Seungkwan’s birthday’s in December”

Woozi: “No that’s Joshua’s birthday”

Jun: “Then when’s Seungkwan’s birthday?”

Seungkwan: “F-”

Joshua: “February?”

Vernon: “No cursing on Dino’s birthday it’s bad luck for the birthday boy”

Jeonghan: “You mean birthday baby”

Seungkwan: “Who cares?!?!?! It’s Dino that’ll have bad luck NOT ME and my birthday for your information is in January!”

Woozi: “No one asked for when your birthday was”

Seungkwan: “UGH fine and anyway Vernon you curse all the time…”

Vernon: “Gangsta-sol rests on birthdays, on birthdays I sing happy songs and give presents”

Joshua: “That sounds more like Santa Claus”

Jeonghan: “Okay attention to the less beautiful human beings, please gather before me”

Wonwoo: “Is hyung the birthday party planner?”

Jun: “Yeah he thinks no one can do a better job than he can…”

Jeonghan: “Okay so we are going to split up into our units to split the tasks, the hip hop unit will be going to buy the cake and present, the vocal unit will be decorating the house and the performance unit will be stalling time and making sure that Dino doesn’t come home”

Mingyu: “Why do we have to do the errands? You always give us the tougher ones…” *pouts*

Jeonghan: “Because Dino is my baby and Jeonghan the Angel says so!”

Mingyu: “Wha-”

Jeonghan: “and also because my hair is superior”

Scoups: “Don’t fight with Jeonghan, you’ll never win if he brings his hair into the fight”


Mingyu: “Fine but we are stopping by KFC before we come home”

Scoups: “Okay deal”

Mingyu: “and also the famous bakery”

Scoups: “Alright, we have to get Chan’s birthday cake anyways”

Mingyu: “and the candy store!”

Scoups: “I guess we can get Chan some candy for his birthday right?”

Mingyu: “AND AND AND the pancake and waffles cafe!!”

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu I think you are getting too carried away…”

Scoups: “… It’s okay if we have a slight detour right?”

Mingyu: “AND POPCORN!”


Scoups: “Now you’re just being greedy”


Jun: “Is this your birthday or Dino’s?”

Mingyu: “Mine”

Seungkwan: “You mean mine since y’all never even bothered to celebrate mine?!?!”

Mingyu: “NO it’s MAH birthday since I’m gonna get some cake!”




*on the way to the toy shop with the hip hop unit*

Mingyu: “I hate Seungkwan… he’s trying to steal my birthday…”

Scoups: “Okay ONE, your birthday is in April. TWO, it’s neither yours nor Seungkwan’s birthday, it’s DINO’s. THREE, we are already going to all the places you want to go so plea-“

Mingyu: “OHHH CAKE!” *runs to the bakery’s display window”

Scoups: “annnnddd I guess we’ll be buying Chan’s birthday cake first then” *sighs*

Mingyu: “CAN I EAT IT?”

Vernon: “No, it’s just for display, it’s not even real, it’s just made out of styr-“

Mingyu: *opens mouth*

Vernon: “Mingyu you can’t eat Styrofoam!”


Vernon: “IT’S NOT!” *attempts to take the display cake away*




Mingyu: *takes a bite*

Vernon: “Oh my god”

Mingyu: *chokes and collapses*

Wonwoo: “MINGYU!”

Scoups: “I knew this was going to happen someday”

Wonwoo: “Someone save Mingyu!!”

Vernon: “Okay hang on, let me google how to save someone who is choking on styrofoam”

Wonwoo: “Are you serious with me now?”

Vernon: “Why am I not getting any reception?!?!” *hits phone*

Mingyu: *coughs out white foam*

Wonwoo: “COUPS HYUNG!!!”

Scoups: “Hold on, hold on, I’m buying Dino’s cake, if I don’t buy it Jeonghan will either nag at me every single day until my ear bleeds and I die because of excessive bleeding or he will just take a knife and stab me until I die. And just between you and me, I think I rather have the latter”

Wonwoo: “But if you don’t do something now, MINGYU’S GONNA DIEEEE”




Mingyu: *nods head*

Vernon: “okay for once google was useless”


Mingyu: “W-won-woo”

Wonwoo: “Yes Mingyu?” *crying*

Mingyu: “I-I don’t think… I’m going to make it…” *chokes*

Wonwoo: “Don’t say that! You’re gonna live! I won’t let you dieeee!”

Mingyu: “Wonwoo…. If I die…”

Wonwoo: “Yes?” *cries harder*

Mingyu: “Please bring lots of food to my funeral”

Wonwoo: “Anything for you Mingyu, I’m sorry you had to leave this way…” *hugs gyu tightly on the floor*

Mingyu: *closes eyes*


Mingyu: “G-go-goodbye Wonwoo….”

Wonwoo: “I can’t believe… he’s…. gone….” *SOBS*

Scoups: “Oh look, they sell donuts here too”

Mingyu: *gets up* “WHERE?!?!”

Scoups: “Just joking, alright boys let’s go”


Mingyu: “B-but I came back from the dead for donuts….”

Vernon: “They said to wait for the person to cough first and if the person’s nails and lips starts to turn blue then you can stand behind the person and put your arms around his waist and make a fist with your hand and place it above his navel and then- “

Scoups: “He’s not choking anymore Hansol…”

Vernon: “Oh”

Wonwoo: “My life is a lie”

*meanwhile at the dorm with the vocal unit*

Jeonghan: “I’m going to blow up the balloons, Joshua and Woozi, you two will hang up the banner and posters, DK and Seungkwan can you set up the Karaoke set and games?”

Joshua: *grabs banner from the floor*

Joshua: “Woozi can you stop lying on the sofa and help me with this banner?”

Woozi: “Sure”


Joshua: “I’m waiting for you Woozi….”

Woozi: “Yeah continue to wait then”

Joshua: “Woozi I can’t hang this banner up alone!”

Woozi: “I’ll come help you as soon as Jeonghan cuts his hair”


Joshua: “That’s never happening…”

Woozi: “And so is me helping you hang that banner” *smiles*

Woozi: “I’m very glad we had this talk Joshua” *pats Joshua on the back and walks into bedroom*

Joshua: “Well first he forgets about my existence in the vocal unit and now this”

DK: “What games did Jeonghan hyung write down?”

Seungkwan: “According to this list…. We’re gonna play… hide and seek, musical chairs… and pin the tail on the donkey?”

DK: “What is this? A kid’s party?!”



DK: “In that case, that donkey better not be me”

Seungkwan: “That actually… doesn’t sound too bad” *evil plots*

DK: “Oh you know what? We should set up the Karaoke set first” *takes console out of the dusty box*

Seungkwan: “EW THE DUST”

DK: “It’s grosser than Mingyu’s snot bubbles”


DK: “Yeah you don’t want to know Kwan… you don’t want to know…”

Seungkwan: “Okay question”

Seungkwan: “Do I plug in the pink, blue or yellow plug into the TV?”

DK: “That’s a good question…. You know what? Let’s just try it all”

Seungkwan: *plugs the blue one in*

Seungkwan: “Nope not the blue one” *yanks it out*

Seungkwan: “Pink one?”

TV: *sparks up and makes hissing noises*

Seungkwan: “OKAY OKAY HOLY CRAP ITS NOT THE PINK ONE!!!” *unplugs pink one*

Joshua: “Hannie…. Can you get Woozi to do something? I still haven’t put up any posters”

Jeonghan: “Jihoon! Can you put up ONE poster please?”

Woozi: “No”

Jeonghan: “I see that you haven’t cleaned up your room since a week ago when I told you to, and also you haven’t been writing or composing any songs what have you been doing in your room? It’s becoming a pig sty, oh god have you been eating pizza in this room?! I told you to clean it up-“

Woozi: “Okay! Okay! what do you want me to do?!”

Jeonghan: “Help Joshie with the posters”

Woozi: *sighs*


Seungkwan: “LETS SEE IF ITS WORKING PROPERLY THEN” *switches it on*

DK: “Won’t Jeonghan scream at us?”

Seungkwan: “Oopsy too late” *clicks song*

*song starts*


Seungkwan: “I WANT YOU TO PICK ME UP!”


Seungkwan: *dances to Pick Me*


Seungkwan: *lets go of microphone and hits the TV screen*


Seungkwan: “oops”

DK: “Omg you broke the TV Seungkwan BOO”

Seungkwan: “I said sorry!”

DK: “NO you said oops”

Seungkwan: “Well oops means sorry!”

DK: *pushes kwan*

DK: “oops”

Seungkwan: “DID YOU JUST PUSH ME?”

DK: “I said oops which means sorry”

Seungkwan: *pushes seokmin making him knock over a glass over water and spilling it onto the karaoke console*

DK: “They are gonna freak out, both the karaoke console and the TV are fried”

Seungkwan: “Well it’s not our fault… it’s Jeonghan’s for putting two irresponsible kids to such difficult tasks”

DK: “Now the problem is… how and where shall we hide this?”

DK & Seungkwan: *looks at each other 

DK & Seungkwan: *quietly turns the tv off and puts everything into the store room*

Joshua: O.O

Joshua: “What the heck is that?!”

Woozi: “A dinosaur poster with Michael Jackson’s head on the Dinosaur’s body, I call it Michael Roarson”

Jeonghan: “Genius”

Woozi: “Dino likes Michael Jackson and he likes dinosaurs, so why not combine it into one and it’ll be the best poster of the century!”

Jeonghan: “You’re gonna give the child nightmares”

Woozi: “Yes! It’ll finally scare him enough so he’ll stop talking about Michael Jackson and I can sell them away and make tons of money, now step two of my plan is to find out where Chan keeps his limited edition MJ items”

Jeonghan: “Did you say something Jihoon?”

*meanwhile with the performance unit*

Dino: “Where have you guys been???”

Jun: “Walking?”

Dino: “You three said you wanted to watch this movie and told me to go buy it at 8 in the morning and which by the way only opens at 10am, I waited 2 hours just to get the ticket and another 2 hours for you all to walk HERE!!”

Hoshi: “Sorry Chan, we were busy listening to Jeongh-“

The8: *elbows hoshi*

Hoshi: “I mean listening to Jeonghan talk about his hair” *awkward laughs*

The8: “How about we treat to popcorn and snacks”

Hoshi: “You know since its your b-“

The8: *steps of hoshi’s feet*

Dino: “My what?”

Hoshi: “Owwieee Minghao!”

The8: “Sorry I thought I saw a bug and I wanted to kill it”

Dino: “Hyungs… you are acting weirdly…”

Jun: “My boy, when have you not seen us act normally?”

Dino: “You have a point there”

The8: “Dinosaur gummies for Chan!” *hands him a packet*


Hoshi: “Can I have one?”

Dino: “NO”

Hoshi: “Selfish brat I bought that for you! Do you think you’re the king just because its your bir-“

The8: *pours his cup of coke onto hoshi*


The8: “Oops it just slipped out of my hands”

Hoshi: “Onto my head?!?!”

The8: “Yeah”

Jun: “Okay Chan let’s just leave the two weirdos out here and let’s go watch the movie, if anyone asks you, you don’t know them”

Dino: *nods head like a lil’ child*

*in the theatre*

Jun: “Do you feel cold chan?”

Dino: “Yes” *pouts as he chews on his gummies*

Jun: “Okay you can use my jacket” #mama jun mode on

Hoshi: “I’m cold too! Why isn’t anyone asking me if I’m cold?”

The8: “Because no one cares”

Hoshi: “UGH it’s not like you care about chan either, you’re just giving him special attention today because it’s his damn birt-“

The8: *whacks hoshi with his chocolate bar*

Hoshi: “OW MINGHAO!”

The8: “I can do this all day hyung”

Hoshi: “I miss Woozi…” *sobs*

*halfway through the movie

Dino: “Stop pushing me hyung!”

Hoshi: “Hush it child”

Dino: “Why are we going back to the dorm? We didn’t even get to finish watching the movie!”

Dino: *opens door*

Seventeen: “SURPRISEEE!!!”

Dino: *jumps in shock*

Dino: “I can’t believe you did all of this for me! A dinosaur cake oh my god, dinosaur balloons…is… is… is that a dinosaur poster with a michael jackson face on top of its body?!”

Jeonghan: “Erm… *looks at poster* … yes?”


Woozi: “I did it, you better be happy”


Dino: “I l-love it” *fake smiles*

Mingyu: *chokes and coughs out white styrofoam*

Dino: “Is…. Mingyu okay?”

Wonwoo: “Don’t ask Chan, some things are better left unknown”

Scoups: “I got you your cake do you like it?”

Dino: “YES it’s a giant dinosaur! Can I eat his head please?”

Joshua: “Hello Chan please look at the banner that I put up ALL BY MYSELF”

Woozi: “Joshua can you stop yelling, I’m just next to you. I’m not deaf”

Dino: “It says Happy birthday chan you’re finally…. five?”

Joshua: “Jeonghan thinks you’re five years old”

Dino: “Of course he does”

Jeonghan: “NUGU AEGI?”

Dino: “Not this again… hyung do I really have to?”

Jeonghan: “Yes”

Dino: “J-Jeonghan’s aegi” *mentally stabs self*




Jun: “Frankly no”

Seventeen: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” *claps hands*

Mingyu: *blows out the candles*

Jeonghan: “Seriously Mingyu what did I tell you?”


Mingyu: “Because it’s my birthday!”

Seungkwan: “OH you really want to do this Kim Mingyu? Let’s see whose birthday it really is!”

Seungkwan: *cuts the cake and bites it*

Mingyu: *gasps*

Mingyu: “MY CAKE!”


Dino: *cries*

Jun: “It’s okay Dino, it’s okay” *hugs the baby*

Mingyu: *runs up to poster with a marker and cancels chan’s name and writes his name instead*

Mingyu: “Now it says Happy birthday Mingyu you’re finally five!” *claps for self*

Seungkwan: *gasps*

Woozi: “I’m not the one who hung up the poster but I feel like I need to hit someone”

Seungkwan: *runs towards presents*

Mingyu: “Oh no I’m going to open them!”

Seungkwan: “Not if I get there first!”

Mingyu & Seungkwan: *starts ripping the wrapping paper*

Jeonghan: “WHAT THE HECK”

Mingyu & Seungkwan:


Mingyu: “But it’s my birthday”

Jeonghan: *grabs mingyu by the collar*

Jeonghan: “I will break everything that you love and care about”

Wonwoo: “Me?”

Jeonghan: “No, I’m going to break all the snacks he secretly hid in this dorm and throw them out of the window”

Mingyu: “NO NOT MY FOOD!!!”

Jeonghan: “THEN BEHAVE!!!”

Dino: “Oh well, it’s okay it was a fun birthday anyways, as long as we are together and not apart”

Joshua: “Awwww what an angel, you really are Jeonghan’s baby”


Joshua: “Y-you know ca-cause Jeonghan is an angel?”

Scoups: “I’m happy you had a good birthday Chan”

Dino: “I got to watch a movie with the performance unit hyungs, even though Hoshi and The8 kept fighting…”

Jeonghan: *glares*

Hoshi: “It was Minghao that hit me, stepped on me, poured his drink on me!”

The8: “That’s because Soonyoung kept mentioning Dino’s birthday!”

Hoshi: “What so you want me to lie???”

Dino: “And the hip hop unit hyungs bought me my favourite cake even though I haven’t tasted it…”

Jeonghan: *GLARES*

Seungkwan: “WHAT”

Vernon: “Now I’m fully equipped with the knowledge from google of how to save a person who is choking from styrofoam”

Wonwoo: “I wish you’re the one who is choking right now because no one would know how to save you”

Vernon: “What did I ever do to you?”

Wonwoo: “For not saving Mingyu”


Joshua: “I still want to get rid of that phone so badly”

Dino: “And the vocal unit hyungs decorated the dorm so nicely… even if that Michael Jackson head is just pasted on the dinosaur’s body”

Hoshi: “Did my woozi do that? It’s a WORK OF ART!!! Can I keep it?”

Woozi: “I rather have Dino hate it and burn it then to let you keep it”


DK: “You mean Donkey”

Seungkwan: “No I mean Dokyeom”

DK: “Is that a real pin? With a sharp pointy tip? You can’t pin that on me!”

Seungkwan: *puts a blindfold on Chan*

DK: “What are you all just gonna watch?”

Dino: “Where is Dokyeom hyung? I can’t see” *swings arm around*

DK: *runs away*

Woozi: “Take three steps to your right, then five steps in front, he’s hiding in the corner of the house by the dining table”

Dino: *tries to pin it on Dokyeom*



Scoups: “Hold up…. Where’s our TV?”

phew that was a long one, I hoped you all enjoyed it :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE OH SO LIL’ ONE! :)

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Companions reacting to a pregnant Sole going into labor in the middle of no where.

AN: Oh I’ve got a thing for romanced companions ones :D Thank you for the request! Because of this I now know what to do if a woman (or me for that matter) is about to gonna give birth in the middle of nowhere or in a car or sth. I’m learning some life skills here! ;) PS: the first ones got a bit long I tried to kinda restrain myself after those to avoid tldr but man this ask is technically fanfic/oneshot material.

Sole’s eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She figured she could make it back to Diamond city in time to give birth to this kid and settle down there for a while… take it easy. Clearly she had been mistaken. This baby was coming and nothing was going to stop it. She looked over at her companion, who was still oblivious to what was happening, and pointed at a very, very shabby looking hut-like thing in the distance. “Let’s check that out.”  She figured that was exactly how far she was still going to get. As soon as they closed the door behind them she hunched over, stumbled over to the remnants of a bed and grabbed on to the upper arm of her companion. She looked him straight in the eye. “ Looks like this baby isn’t waiting around for the due date. I’m having this baby. Now. “ 

“ Oh dear! Okay, it’s happening! Let’s… let’s get you comfortable, Mum!” Codsworth put on a brave face and tried his best to keep his cool but could not for the life of him hide his panic (or excitement, Sole wasn’t entirely sure) in the slightest. Sure, he wasn’t exactly programmed to help bringing children into the world but he was sure that they would manage, after all “it is a beautiful and natural part of life, mum”. His peptalk, including those exact words, served more to soothe himself than to soothe Sole,
“Codsworth I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but let’s focus on this tiny human getting out safely rather than on peptalking me, please?”
“ Certainly! Oh, it will be such a beautiful child! I bet it’ll have your eyes,Mum.” 
“ Codsworth… I’m in a lot of pain.”
“ Err… right. What should I do?” 
“ Get out water, some clean cloth or clothing to wrap this kid in, anything helpful.” Another contraction hit her. “ Right. Now.”   Codsworth tried to hide that he felt at a loss considering he had no clue on how to proceed next. In between contractions, Sole just told him what to do next as he meticulously followed her every instruction. He hated that he couldn’t help her with the pain but it’d have to do. 

Danse stayed remarkably calm and got out of his power armor. Sole kept his eyes on him. Sure, she hadn’t expected him to be the kind to go  frantic but he was far too calm… did he think she was kidding or something? “ I’m not joking.”
“ I am aware of that. There is no need for concern. Breathe in, breathe out and relax.I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby.”
 “Danse, I know for a fact that ‘how to be a midwife’ is not part of the Brotherhood’s training process.” 
Danse smiled, she didn’t think she’d ever seen him more in love with her than in that moment. “  Ensuring that you are prepared for the mission you will embark on is part of the training. I made sure I was well-informed  and therefore know precisely what to do. Our only concern is potential complications.” Sole’s stomach turned at the idea of that being a possibility and regretted not listening when he had urged her to just lay low and stop travelling around sooner.  He took some clean cloth, water, a stim pack, a pipet… out of his backpack and took his top off. Sole’s tried to smile but the pain made it difficult.  “Danse… I appreciate the distraction but …”
“ We need to keep this child warm, body heat is ideal. I presumed you are in enough discomfort already however you can certainly opt to use your own body heat.” Sole grimaced. Yeah, she was in enough discomfort already indeed.
“ No thanks. “ He got a blanked out and put it over her after helping her out of her pants, presumeably to keep her warm. 
“  You might have to breastfeed the child as it will lessen the bleeding due to the hormones.” She smiled at Danse. “Thanks for having my back.” 
Danse gave her a reassuring smile and brushed some hair out of her face as gently as possible. “ Thank you for being the love of my life and giving me a family. Hang in there Sole, you’re going to be allright. Both of you. I will protect you, no matter what. Both you and our child. “

 MacCready seemed to be lost in thought. “ Don’t just stand there, now what do we do?”  He sat down beside her.
“ We don’t have time to get you to a doctor so we’re gonna have to make do with whatever we’ve got here. But hey, how hard can it be right?”
“ You have no idea.”
“ Right, sorry. Lucy made it very clear to me that it wasn’t easy when she had Duncan. The things she yelled at me, I thought I’d pull back a bloody stump considering how hard she squeezed my hand. I’ve only seen it and even I felt traumatised. I mean, damn what you women do is way more badass than anything that I…“
“ Yeah, real comforting there, MacCready.”
“ *ahum* Anyway I think I’ve got this.” He grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from his duffel bag and started ripping it up after putting his coat underneath Sole. The house may have come with a bed but clean sheets were something else entirely.“ You’ve still got some purified water, right?” He looked through her stuff and lifted the bottle. ‘Found it!’
“ I appreciate you trying to stay calm but I doubt having watched it once makes you any more of a midwife than me.” 
“ Someone once told me the second kid is easier though?”
Sole groaned and shot him a vicious look. “Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.”
“ Okay, you’ve got this. I’ve got you. This baby is gonna be come out you’ll forget about all the bad stuff. Start with those puffy breathy things.”
“ Puffy breathy things?”
“ ‘C mon you know what I mean. ”  
MacCready focussed on her, showing to be much calmer than she was. However she noticed some tears welling up in his eyes. 
“ You’re gonna be fine. “ He grabbed her hand while she was still puffing. 
“ It’s always nice to see you this emotional, MacCready. “ She was expecting an excuse, from the dusty place to a full-blown twig in his eye. Perhaps onion-cutting ninja’s for the occasion.
“  I’m about to see my second child. This …  This is a big deal all right? You’ve done so much for me. You’ve given my son his life back, you’ve given me my life back and now you’re bringing another one into this world. And I get to raise them with you. Damnit Sole, I love you.”
“ No cursing.” She squeezed his hand at another contraction. 
“ Yeah you’re gonna have to let go cause I gotta get there now though.”


“ Ohkay… well I used to be a nurse once upon a time, all the doctor’s fancied me… probably because of the blonde wig and my long legs. “
“ Deacon, this is really not the time.”
“ I could be telling you the same thing.” She shot him the kind of look that made him count his lucky stars for her currently not being capable of fighting him because she would’ve handed him his ass. She hissed at him; “Look I know humor is your way of dealing with stressful situations and usually I am all for it. But not. Now.”
Deacon couldn’t supress a wide grin. “Well I helped get it in there I suppose I can help gettin’ it out.”
“ I swear if you’re gonna keep blurting out ‘funny’ shit you’re gonna make me a single mother.” Deacon was still smiling.
“ That would be a crying shame, especially because you would be dealing with the crying. Actually, maybe that’s preferable, then I get some peace and quiet.’
“ Really, Deacon? That’s your reaction? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for bad dad jokes?” 
“ No. Panic. I would say panic is my reaction. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel better knowing that? What do you suggest we do?” 
“ Get some things ready and please, please don’t do the fake being hurt thing when I yell insults at you because my sense of self-control is at an all-time low.”
“ Gotcha, By the way, you’re doing great, keep up the pushing.” 
Sole groaned. “Less peptalk more getting your kid out because just like their dad it loves to get me stressed out.” 
“ Aww, they take after me already.”
“ Deacon, shut the hell up and get my pants off.” He opened his mouth again when Sole yelled ‘NO innuendoes.”

Gage’s eyes widened… “ Come again? This is some sort of bad joke right? Here?” 
Sole shook their head. “ Not the kind of thing I joke about.” Sole doubled over, hand on her belly, at another contraction. “Some help’d be nice”
He sighed and picked her up. “ Well shit boss, I’m not prepared for this.”
“ Should’ve thought about that before you got me knocked up Gage.”
He smiled a little.“ That’s what you get for always taking what you want I guess.” 
“ Oh please, if you had taken anything without my say-so you wouldn’t be breathin’ anymore. For now you’re gonna have to take off that armour and make sure you get this kid out safely.” Gage sighed. “I didn’t sign up for the getting it out part.” 
“ And I didn’t sign up for defeating your Overseer with a squirt gun, shit happens. We need to get this child out safely.”
The look on Gage’s face shifted as he got out some clean water. Shit, what else did he need for this. Sole noticed.
“ Wait… is that concern Gage?”
“ I… No.”
“ It actually easy, that I’d live the day to see this.”
“ This is my kid too ya know. I don’t want it to have the kind of fucked up life I’ve had, but it’d be a good start if it comes out kicking and screaming. But cause someone refused to stay put I’ve gotta help you get my kid out.”
“  Say whatever you want, I’ve found a soft spot in that cold cold heart anyway.“ Sole winked before another contraction plastered a look of pain on her face again.
“ I’ll guide ya through it Gage. But I can’t hold your hand through this cause  you’re gonna need them. So get something to put this baby on.” She decided that the last thing she had to do now is get insecure, wouldn’t help either of ‘em.
“Damn boss, you’re somethin’ else. Fuck it, let’s do this.”


“ Looks like this kid takes after their dad, life’s to the fast and the rebellious. “
“ Yeah, high five it when it gets out but help me first.” Hancock looked rather happy until he noticed just how much pain Sole was in.
“ You alright?” Sole looked at them. If looks could kill…
“ And people say there are no stupid questions.” She folded double, grabbing at her abdomen. “ This hurts like hell.” He guided her to the bed and let her lay down on it. 
“ I’d give ya some chems but that’d be bad for the baby.”
“ No kidding, I’m not having any of that filth now regardless Hancock.”
“ Guess we can’t make it to Diamond City anymore? I was looking forward to finding out whether they’d really let me in with you by my side, me being the father and all that.”
“ Hancock, focus. No small talk. I could use some help getting my pants off.” 
“ Ah, just what you said when we conceived the little one. Good times.” Hancock winked. Sole would laugh if the contractions weren’t hurting quite as much as they were. “
“ Alright… let’s fuck this shit up.” Sole slit her eyes. “Let’s fuck this shit up? Seriously? Look I know you’re a man and all but I speak from experience when I say this is not that easy.”
“ You’ve been dating a me for a while now darling, in comparison this is gonna be a freakin’ breeze. You’re a fucking superhero and I love you. Now, lay back, push and let’s hope this baby gets their looks from mommy.” 

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Maxson didn’t waste any time and picked her up. He put her down on the bed gently and seemed extremely calm. 
“ Maxson, are you even processing what I just said?” 
“ I know precisely what I am doing and  yes I have. We have this under control.”
Sole groaned in pain. “ Speak for yourself … the pain is getting worse.”
Maxson got out a wide array of things he needed to deliver the baby .
“ You do what I tell you what I tell you and there ought to be no issues.”
Sole scoffed. “Sure, cause you know all about babies. Maxson, with all do respect, this is not exactly the same as commanding an army.”  
 Sole clenched her teeth and dug her nails into what was left of the matress on the bed before screaming out. Maxson rushed over and for a moment his facade cracked, he was worried about her, brushing some hair out of her face.
 “ Are you alright?” 
Sole grimaced. “ Hardly. What happened to having everything under control?” 
“ Our child will be safe, it’s you I am concerned about.”
“ What makes you so sure Maxson?” 
“ I asked Cade what I would need to help you deliver this child if he wasn’t nearby. I have prepared for this potentially happening and have all the required equipment at the ready.” Sole screamed again, he grabbed her hand. 
“ I swear I will protect you and this child. I will send a message to the Brotherhood after this and they will come pick us up in a ventibird. And then you will rest.” Sole grinned. “Never listened before.”
“ I’ll lock you up if I have to, I care more about your safety than about some missions.”
“ You mean you love me more than the Brotherhood? That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” She screamed again and grabbed his hand, he didn’t even flinch as she squeezed as hard as she could.
“ I love you and this child more than anything. Now focus on doing this. You are my goddamn Sentinel for a damn good reason, you can do anything. That includes this. Just… whatever you do stay with me.” 

 “I really don’t think this is the time. I mean…”
Sole grimaced. “ I don’t think this kid cares about whether it’s the time for it.”
Kent supported Sole and put her on the bed.  “ Are you sure we can’t make it to Diamond City?”
“ On the list of things not even the Silver Shroud can do: delaying childbirth.”  Kent looked around nervously. “Okay… okay. What should I do.”
“ Stop looking so panicked for starters? Just do as I say and this will be fine.”

“ We’re having this baby now? Really?” Preston could hardly hide the happiness and excitement on his face when it dawned on him that the circumstances were hardly ideal for someone to give birth. He looked around. They were in a small shack in the middle of nowhere… panic crept up on him. He looked at Sole who seemed very busy with putting on a brave face but he knew when someone was scared. He picked her up, knowing he had to be the strong one. She had enough on her mind now. “ I got you. This baby is going to be fine.” He gently put her down on the bed in the hut. 
“ I was hoping for better circumstances but at least it isn’t raining, right?”  He held her hand. 
“ This is not the first time I’ve helped someone getting a baby out in the world by the way.” Sole laughed a little, very faintly because of the pain. 
“ You mean you’ve got a bunch of kids running around?”  He laughed and brushed some hair out of her face and helped her take off her pants and get a little more comfortable. “ No, but we do a lot in the Commonwealth. There was once a pregnant lady among the people we saved. The stress made her go into labour sooner than expected. But the baby pulled through.” Knowing that he had done this kind of thing before soothed her  a little.
“ I’m going to look for things we can use. Some clean cloth, water,… You’re going to have to take your top off too I’m afraid. Saved the mother. The child’s grandmother was with us and she told us it could stop the bleeding faster. I’ll get you a blanked though.” Sole nodded. 
“ You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

Nick immediately focused on getting Sole calm and comfortable on the cot in the hut. “ Listen to me, kid. You can do this. We’re going to get this baby out safely do you hear me?” Sole nodded, still biting down on her lower teeth.
“ I guess it’s gonna have to come out somehow.” She smiled a little but still looked panicked. What if something went wrong? They first thought there were complications with Shaun’s birth as well but it quickly turned out to be a false alarm, she might not be as lucky this time.
“ The first thing you need to do is slow your breathing, relax.”
“ Easy for you to say.” The pain of the contractions wasn’t getting much better. He took off his coat and put it underneath Sole.
“ That’s gonna be messed up if this kid when the baby comes out Nick. Blood doesn’t wash out easily.”
“ Do you honestly think I give a damn? This is our child. I’m going to try to get you comfortable.” He did as much as he could to make Sole lay down in a comfortable position.
“ It’s not my comfort I’m worried about.” Nick sat down next to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck until his forehead touched hers. “ First of all; I love you. Second; when I say push you’ll have to push. I will support the baby’s head and make sure they’re breathing, okay?” Sole nodded. Nick planted a kiss on her lips. “ Everything is going to be alright. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I will not lose you or this baby”

Sturges’ eyes widened. “Oh… okay, no need to panic we can do this.” Sole grimaced. “ I’m not so sure about that.” 
“ Hey this is nature, you’ll be fine. I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you or to our baby.” He smiled at her in such a proud way that her heart melted a little. 
“ This is not exactly how I wanted things to go down sturges.”
“ Hey, look at me alright? You’ve got this. You’re a badass, I’ve seen you save so many people and survive against all odds, even if you can’t properly install a tap. This baby is going to conquer the world with a mom like you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna get something to wrap the baby into, okay? Lay down and try that breathing thing.” He walked to his backpack but immediately walked back over to her and brushed some hair out of her face. “ I forgot to say one more thing… I love you.”

“ The nearest point we can transport to the Institute is 5 minutes away. I suggest we start moving.”
“ I’m not gonna make it there.”
“ You are.” He lifted Sole up and carried her to the place they were supposed to be. X6 seemed to be convinced he had it all under control although he looked more stressed than Sole had ever seen him. He barely managed to get Sole to a point where she could be transported to the Institute and once there started yelling orders at each and every doctor. As they frowned at him for presuming he, as a synth, had the audacity to doing so Sole yelled that he was officially her second and would be obeyed. Especially in these circumstances.
He continued his orders and Sole noticed a hint of a smile. Someone stood beside her and urged her to calm her breathing to delay the birth a little. X6 soon sat beside her, holding her hand.
“ I’d hardly considered you the sentimental type.” 
“ I am aware of the fact that squeezing someone’s hand aids them in getting the focus off the pain to some extent.” With her next contraction she squeezed again, hard. Part of her didn’t give a damn but she looked at X6 regardless, trying to figure out if she hadn’t hurt him.
“ I can take it. Do whatever you need to do.”

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Dear Evan Hansen characters as stuff my family and I have said
  • Evan: I don't say shit because avoiding conversation is my middle name.
  • Heidi: Never judge a woman by her onions. Especially a woman as awesome as your mother.
  • Zoe: I spend my time recovering from an abusive relationship and putting hot sauce on everything. It's more just a coping mechanism now.
  • Connor: *rehearsing dance competition solo* (in time with the music) I hate my life! When will I die! Everything about life makes me cry!
  • Cynthia: What do I do? I'm an actor for Christian yoga DVDs. I lied. I'm not. But I am very good at making gluten free bread.
  • Larry: Now girls, I'm your father, and I have two doctorates in music studies, but I do have my fair share of vintage baseball cards and haunted softball stories. *shudders*
  • Jared: I spend all my time listening to The Adventure Zone and reading fanfiction, and now you want me to work? Not gonna happen honey.
  • Alana: I wear blazers. BLAZERS. How could you possibly think I'm still "the straight one"?

                           Heaven & Hell Roman Company

Special Chapter | Fanarts


Connor Murphy x Reader + Unplanned Pregnancy (part one of three)

- alright so before we begin, I’m assuming that you’re not on any form of birth control and has regular periods around the same time every month, unlike the dumpster fire that your dear old writer calls his uterus
- you and Connor have been doing it for a while and you’ve been dating for a long time
- you’ve even been looking for places to move in together
- you’re usually as safe as possible about sex without using birth control
- but your period is late
- you try not to think too much of it, periods are late sometimes
- until you miss it completely
- you call Connor, frantic
- “Connor, I missed my period.”
“Shit, that happens sometimes, right? That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant, right?”
“I don’t know, Connor! If I knew, I wouldn’t be freaking out right now!”
“Okay, just try to calm down. I’ll be over there in a little bit. Are you home alone?”
“Yeah. Hurry over. Love you.”
“Love you, too.”
- he shows up at your door with a dollar store bag in hand
- he dumps everything on your bed
- “I bought some pregnancy tests and some chocolate, because chocolate makes everything better.”
- you grab the tests and go to the restroom to take them
- “And now we wait.”
“Connor, what are we gonna do if I’m pregnant?”
“Do you want to keep it?”
“Do you?”
“It’s your decision because you’re the one who’s carrying it and I’ll be there for you either way.”
“I think, if I really am pregnant, I think I want to keep it.”
“Then, if you really are pregnant, I’m going to help raise it.”
- the timer goes off and you stare at Connor for a minute before you get up to check
- you start crying
- spoiler: they were happy tears
- “What’s wrong, what happened?”
“They’re all positive, Connor.”
“Oh my god.”
“We’re gonna be parents.”
“Oh my god!”
“We’re gonna be parents!”
- spending the whole night looking for places with two bedrooms instead of one
- he goes to the library and gets a few books on pregnancy
- Connor’s careful about keeping everything hidden until he accidentally falls asleep with a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting in his lap
- Cynthia sees it and thinks “maybe it’s Zoe, the mature kid, that’s pregnant and Connor’s supporting her. Or maybe it’s for a school project.”
- then she realizes it’s summer and Zoe is gay
- so she wakes him up and asks him about it
- “Please don’t tell anyone. (Y/N) and I wanted to wait before announcing it.”
“I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother so soon.”
“Speaking of you being a mother, will you tell us both what it was like to be pregnant? (Y/N) is really stressed and I want this to be as easy as possible because pregnancy can’t be easy.”
- her heart swells because her son isn’t the jerk he used to be and she hugs him
- and he hugs back for the first time in a long time
- “Of course I will, Connor.”
“Mom, are you crying?”
“Only a little.”
- when you start showing, he talks to the baby bump and playing music for it
- “You’re gonna come out loving musicals and Fall Out Boy.”

The Lying Detective: A Summary
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: I am SUPER EVIL
  • sherlock: i'm high and suicidal and apparently that's humorous! come fellow suicidal friend, let's tell my brother to fuck off
  • *later*
  • therapist: how's the baby?
  • john: I HAVE A BABY?? oh wait yeah :(
  • mary apparition: honestly bro u trippin ballz
  • *later*
  • sherlock, also trippin ballz: to quote hamlet, fucking nope?????
  • mrs hudson: *is suddenly james bond, shoves sherlock in the boot, drops him into john's lap* you forgot this
  • john: i don't care
  • sherlock: *drinking from a flower vase* apparently my abusive suicidal drug use is still v humorous at this point!! lmao i'm gonna die in 2 weeks
  • *later*
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: *holds up a bowl of cornflakes* i'm a CEREAL killer! get it?? do you tho???? imagine if my bff the queen murdered people anyway i'm really evil in case u forgot
  • kids in hospital: and spider-man couldn't come visit us because????
  • *later*
  • faith: hi :)
  • sherlock: shit i did the bad decsioning oh well i'll do it more btw i'm STILL suicidal and overdosing
  • john: ...
  • john: you waNNA FKN GO M8???
  • sherlock, bleeding, still suicidal and now bashed by his best friend: this is all my fault and totally portraying a healthy friendship between two people that isn't abusive
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: btw guys i am still over here being EVIL
  • *later*
  • mary: sherlock my guy my pal, if you could lean into your fatal manic abuse of drugs and depression so you can be pals with my husband that'd be tight of u go get wrecked lov u
  • sherlock: i wanna die
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: murdering people IS SO FUN!! I AM CLEARLY SO SO EVIL RN!
  • john: fuk u m8
  • sherlock: omg thanks for coming to save me at the last minute even tho i have been suicidal and overdosing from literally the start of this episode.
  • john: ur a dick
  • mary ghost: lol he should wear the hat
  • *later*
  • sherlock: *apparently still has irene's orgasm as his text alert even tho he apparently never texts her back and it would expose her as still being alive*
  • john: aw thats cute! happy birthday btw speaking of texting i too was texting a hoe
  • sherlock: aw damn :( sucks bro :(
  • john: yeah ikr??? mary's dead but i still wish i'd done more than text my side-hoe i am literally saying that ur relationship with irene adler is the same as this
  • sherlock: *literally does and says nothing*
  • mary apparition: lmao i'm dead!
  • john: basically, life is short so u should text her back anyway i'm gonna cry now
  • sherlock: aw :( life sucks :( let's hug it out while a montage revealing that your bus-hoe and therapist was my secret sister who has literally never existed before now and that my brother gets laid apparently these 2 things are relevant to the montage
  • john: *sobbing* btw i don't think u killed mary
  • sherlock: that's okay! u only beat the living shit out of me for it so badly i had to be hospitalized before!! this is literally gaslighting but whatevs its okay we're hugging i guess
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: lolololololol i am still EVILLLL
  • mary apparition: wear the hat
  • sherlock: kay :p
  • sherlock: btw bestiie it's totally okay that u bashed me and cheated on ur wife like.... me texting the only person i romantically love and u being a cheating asshat are basically the same we r all human and i have been psychologically abused and traumatized to the point where i think that's totally fine :)
  • john: cool! anywho!! i just remembered i have a kid and i've left it with friends even tho one of the main points of this ep was that i have no one so ig2g
  • *later*
  • euros/sherrington/whateverthefuck: bye now time for u to have the death i am another classic case of moffatiss villainizing women, showing their mysogyny and incapability of creating female characters independent of male ones :)

Guys come on. Lars isn’t going to die. Think about this logically. They wouldn’t take all this time to put him through a four-episode character arc, culminating with the final one being titled Lars’ Head (and by the way if you think the title is referencing Lars literally losing his head then you are fucking stupid Im sorry this is a cartoon aimed at kids wtf is wrong with you), just to kill him off. Give the Crewniverse more credit, guys.

Now am I ruling out a fake out death? No, in fact I expect that. I’m not positive on the authenticity of Steven holding someone and crying in a supposed leaked storyboard, but honestly even the person who posted that image wasn’t taking it all that seriously. That said, if that was a leaked storyboard it’s just gonna be a fake out, fam. I don’t think we should take something with the caption “LOL so which main character died? [sic]” all that damn seriously.

And then there’s the fact that you couldn’t pay me a million fucking dollars to make me believe that Rebecca Sugar would allow the axing of one of the first OCs she ever made. Lars has been in the show since the Pilot, and with his growing significance in the overall story and so many loose plot threads that would be left dangling with his death, plus the fact that I respect the Crewniverse enough to know they wouldn’t pull such a cheap and absolutely unbelievable move as to kill Lars off, there is no feasible way in my mind that he could even have a remote possibility of perishing.

My ‘’Auf  Wiedersehen , Sweetheart’’ playlist.

Vera Lynn - Auf Wiedersehen, sweetheart.  We’ll kiss again, like this again, don’t let the teardrops start. With love that’s true, I’ll wait for you.
Auf wiedersehen, sweetheart.

Five for Fighting - Heaven knows.  Tell me where the good men go before I wash away. Walk me down the old brick road so I can die where I met you. Hold me like we’re going home, turn your tears to rain .Bury me beautiful. Heaven knows how I loved you.

Jo Stafford - You Belong To Me.   I’ll be so alone without you, maybe you’ll be lonesome too, and blue. Fly the ocean in a silver plane just remember till you’re home again, you belong to me.

Radical Face - Welcome Home.  I’ve come home, all my nightmares escaped my head bar the door, please don’t let them in.You were never supposed to leave, welcome home.

Ed Sheeran - Photograph.   We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken. You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet. You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Dream A Little Dream Of Mesay “nighty-night” and kiss me, just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me. While i’m alone and blue as can be dream a little dream of me.  

Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me.    My heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed in my neck. I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet. And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.

Bella Ciao.  Una mattina mi sono svegliato, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi sono svegliato, e ho trovato l'invasor.              O partigiano, portami via,o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! O partigiano, portami via, ché mi sento di morir.   

Luciano Pavarotti - La Dona È Mobile (Verdi).  La donna è mobile, qual piuma al vento, muta d'accento e di pensiero. 

Skylar Grey - Coming Home.   I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars.  If I lay here, if I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

Christina Perri - Arms I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart, but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start. You put your arms around me and I’m home.  

The Ink Spots - Maybe.   Maybe you’ll think of me when you are all alone. Maybe you’ll sit and sigh wishing that I were near, then. Maybe you’ll ask me to come back again and maybe I’ll say maybe.

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm. I’m thinking about you here in the calm after the storm. Tears on the highway, water in my eyes.
This rain ain’t gonna change us, so what’s the use to cry?

Sam Smith - Stay With Me. Why am I so emotional? No it’s not a good look, gain some self control. And deep down I know this never works, but you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt.Oh, won’t you stay with me? 'Cause you’re all I need.

Seafret - Wildfire.   We are bound to each other’s hearts, cold, torn, and pulled apart. This love, is like wildfire, and to my word now I’ll be true,
I can’t stop this breaking loose. This love, is like wildfire, like wildfire. 

Meghan Trainor - Like I’m Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend.  No, we’re not promised tomorrow, so I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you.
I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye. Wherever we’re standing
I won’t take you for granted 'cause we’ll never know when we’ll run out of time.

Snow Patrol -  The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)What if this storm ends? And I don’t see you as you are now ever again. The perfect halo of gold hair and lightning. What if this storm ends? And leaves us nothing except a memory, a distant echo.I want to see you as you are now every single day that I am living.

Sleeping At Last - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you. And when I come home, yeah I know I’m gonna be the man who’s coming home to you.
And when I’m dreamin’, well I know I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream about the time when I’m with you. And if I grow old, well I know I’m gonna be the man who’s growing old with you.

Kaye Ballard - In Other words.   Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you.

Muse - Resistance. Use our secret safe tonight and are we out of sight.
Will our world come tumbling down , will they find our hiding place.
Is this our last embrace? Oh will the world stop caving in. Love is our resistance.

Five For Fighting - Road To You.  I hear a song on the radio and it sounds like something I miss. But, I don’t need those old melodies with you on my lips. There’s not one thing I would change or undo, cause all my life’s been a road to you.

Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow.  Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there’s a land that i heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Someday i’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.

Vera Lynn - I’ll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time.  I’m writing you, my dear, just to tell you,in September, you remember 'neath the old apple tree you whispered to me, when it blossomed again, you’d be mine. I’ll be with you in apple blossom time.              

Monsta X (bf) being jealous of Minhyuk being your bff

A/N: This one is for @anniebromberg, thank you so much for your request, I realy hope you like it ^^ Take care xoxo


You would think he doesn’t care at all because he never complains about it, but as soon as you give him the slightlest chance to throw shade, be sure he will. 

You: Wonnie, I’m cold!!! Come here and let’s cuddle in the couch.
Hyungwon: Naah… I don’t feel like it.
You: But I wanna cuddle!!!!
Hyungwon: Why don’t you ask Minhyuk, as you two guys are so close?

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He would be extra jealous, but instead of getting mad at you or him because of that he would do  everything in this world to win your attention over Minhyuk.

You: Hey, Minhyuk, do you know-
Jooheon: *gets in the middle of you and Minhyuk* I DO KNOW, WHAT DO YOU NEED?
You: Get out of the way Jooheon, I really need to ask him something.

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He would be really chill about it. Shownu is a very mature man, so he would understand that even though you are super super close with Minhyuk, you guys are just friend and he is your boyfriend.
(Besides, he is the dad of that kid, why would he have to worry tbh? lol)

You (on the phone): Are you sure you’re okay with me and Minhyuk being best friends?
Shownu: Sure, why wouldn’t I?
You: I just don’t want you to feel awkward with it.
Shownu: Not at all. Actually we are about to nap, hurry up, you can sleep in the middle of us. 

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If children inherit one of their parents' quirks, or a combination of the two, what do you think Bakugou's parents' quirks are? Also what do you think Izuku would have gotten if his power manifested like usual(his father breathes fire and his mother has minor telekinesis)?

Actually anon!!!!! We know Mitsuki and Masaru’s quirks! Mitsuki can sweat glycerine (no explosions) and Masaru has oxidizing sweat (can make small explosions) so when combined you got Bakugou’s nitroglycerine sweat! I find it super neat tbh I was really happy when I found out about it (…also because I kinda headcanoned Bakugou taking the explosions from his mild and lovable father and he did what a good)

As for Izuku tbh I don’t know? I never spent much time thinking about it, but if we exclude the possibilities of him having his mother or his father’s same quirks, the neatest combination would have probably been firebending I think - he could either produce his own fire (like his father does, that would be the strongest outcome I guess) and bend it through his mother’s magnetizing-type quirk, or he could bend already existing fire only, which is also pretty neat but not as self-sufficient and therefore a lil less strong… anyway it would have been hilarious tbh because if he’d had a fire quirk Todoroki Bakugou and he would have all been fire babies and that’s ???? amazing™

Anon said:  You know, as funny and adorable was seeing Kiri cry because Tetsu’s quirk is similar to his, the new chapters that revealed his insecurities made it more sad, because the Sport Festival is for gaining popularity and attention, and Kirishima already thought his quirk was not flashy, then he meets another student who has a quirk similar to his. It must have been really devastating to his self-esteem

I’m gonna be honest anon, I’ve been keeping track of Kiri’s self-esteem issues since he first mentioned disliking his quirk before the USJ attack so anything that’s happened after it in that sense hasn’t really been a surprise for me? I’ve been hoping Horikoshi would properly address it like he did in the lastest chapters for ages - seeing him honestly upset about Tetsu having his same quirk made me go aw baby the first time I read it in the manga too, so when I saw it happen again in the anime I did still find it kinda sad BUT ALSO it does make you think about how much he grew into himself!! How much better he got with his confidence and how much he tries and works hard oh my god I love that child

Also!!! The fact that even though at first he had that reaction to Tetsu they still ended up being seriously good friends and gunning for each other and having the healthiest rivalry ever is!!!! So good!!!! He could have held a grudge against him forever but instead!!!!! Oh man!!!!!

(… what actually made me sad because I’m weak and a baby is Kaminari going “aw man I’m not good at those” when they announced the second round, like, god save me how many times has this boy been left out of children games through his childhood because his quirk is incompatible with teamwork I want to  c r y)

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It’s my party and I will cry if I want to

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: post CA:CW, where Tony and Steve were lovers before everything got destroyed

summary: it is Tony’s birthday and he is not looking forward to it with his team and Steve being gone. Turns out that he has more friends and life likes to surprise.

length: 4 275 words

warnings: starts with angst to end with kind of fluff

a/n: okay, not gonna lie, I was struggling with this fic. initially it was suppose to have a sad ending, but, honestly, I don’t like writing sad endings if I don’t plan on making it better. so, I changed it! I think I am much happier with his fic now. hope you like it! title is a lyric from the song by Lesley Gore “It’s My Party”. Inspired by SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - NBA Finals Spot #1 - “The Invite”.

Happy Birthday, Tony!!


It’s my party and I will cry if I want to


It was too nice to wake up. Not yet.

“Tony… Hey, babe.”

A wet kiss just in the middle of his forehead. He knew the drill. It was a warning and if he won’t wake up, the wet kisses would continue, leaving wet spots all over him. Someone was acting like an overly happy puppy.

Tony stuck his tongue out in disgust, making a face into the pillow. “Whaaaat?”

“Open your eyes.”

A nose nuzzling against his nose. Go away, puppy.

With a groan, Tony complied, knowing that he won’t get any more rest anyway. He saw bright blue eyes looking back at him.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

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My Reaction to I have questions/Crying in the Club

“Wait. Is this the same song? Am I watching the right video?”

“Ohh is this I have questions? Damn! Plot twist.”

“Omg those tears are real. I think I’m gonna cry with her. Ok I’m already crying.”

“Who broke this poor girl’s heart?”

“Camren feels. Lauren wyd?”

“Well, I care! We care! Don’t say that.”

“I’m dying. This is so emotional.”

“There’s crying in the club”

“Is that a girl dancing with Camila? Wait, they’re all girls. Gay is showing.”

“Damn that glass closet. Is that her floating in the air?”

“That’s so dope! Now, I have so many questions mija.”

I don't-I'm sorry

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I wrote abetter fic BUT TUMBLR RELOADED I HATE AKSDJFASKJF. apparently tumblr thought you couldn’t handle my last fic so good luck with this one.

trigger warning: angst, rejection

prince took a deep breath, it was now or never.

he knocked on Anxietys door waiting for a response. after a few minutites Anxiety finally opened his door

“i thought I smelt an egoist prince at my door, whats up?”

“just wanted to check up on you hot topic,” Prince smirked. Anxiety rolled his eyes

“could be worse, it would be better if you were a mile away”

“are you implying I’m too hot to be near you?” Prince asked.

“I’m implying it’s time for you to move so I can leave.”

“I’ll let you leave-on one condition.” prince said. anxiety raised his eyebrows

“whats that?”

“a kiss.”

Anxiety look confused and then horrified.

“wait do you-do you think I have a crush on you?”

prince looked at him confused, wait he wasn’t flirting with him?

“prince… I was just flirting with you, I never meant anything by it.”

prince could feel a lump in my throat, he was surprised when he managed to make himself sound normal.

“gotcha!” prince smirked. Anxiety looked confused;


“you thought I was serious! I can’t believe you thought that!” Prince said, trying to keep his tears from  forming in his eyes,

“prince I don’t-i’m sorry”

“no its fine! I was just teasing you.”

“uh, can I go” he was obviously uncomfortable-why did Prince do that to him. Why couldn’t he have done something more subtle like killing a dragon? prince snapped out of his thoughts,

“oh yeah definitely! sorry, I just psh, I can’t believe you thought I was serious. As if! am I that good of an actor?” Prince couldn’t hold it back longer.

“no youre not, Prince-”

“no its okay, uh-I’m gonna go now.” prince turned around and closed his eyes walking towards his room, almost falling over a couple things on his way, “oh ha, I better watch where I’m going.” he could see pitty and guilty in anxiety’s eyes.
how could be he so stupid thinking that his crush would like him back.

he managed to keep his tears from pouring out until he got in his room.

now he let himself cry.

My Favorite Fanfic, Ever

“You Know They’re Gonna Think You’re Lovers, Right?” Has ended and can I say, wow.

i’m kinda copying my comment but just This story was beautiful and heartbreaking happy, it made me laugh, cry, feel so many emotions all at once. I am in tears right now. I love how this story gave me closure, im sad to see it go but its done its finished I feel complete. I am so grateful that story like this for this ship, fandom, the world basically exists. it is painfully accurate when it goes over so many mental disorders and it doesn’t flat out copy the same feelings I felt for the actual show. I would describe it as the ending most of us needed/wanted.

If anybody from the Dear Evan Hansen fandom hasn’t read this, I beg you to. Even if Kleinsen isn’t your thing, it’s still a heartwarming/breaking piece of writing that the whole fandom should read. http://archiveofourown.org/works/9632210/chapters/21762140 (fucking tumblr wont let me hyperlink)

And just 1000000x thanks to @neglectedrainbow for being an amazing writer.

When it finally hits u that u a and all of your friends from the past 7 years of school are leaving to go our separate ways going to uni etc. and u become a sobbing mess..

A New Life (Sam Drake)


Here is my latest Sam X Reader requested by utara-north ! Sorry if this took awhile I’ve been swamped with my classes lately since this semester is almost over. I hope everyone has a happy Friday night! :) 

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warning: none

Word Count: 2,665


“I’ll have a black coffee”

“Uh, just water with lemon.” Sam turned to me a look of confusion on his face.

“You okay?” His eyes were fixed on me as if I was a crazy person.

“Yes.” I said adamantly

“Well I’ll have that right out for you two.” Our usual waiter disappeared back into the restaurant.

“Why no coffee? We come to this place because you love their cappuccinos.”

“I’m just not in the mood today.” I shrugged casting my eyes back down to the menu that I already had memorized. Sam and I came here almost every Sunday for brunch. Other couples had date night but we did brunch on Sundays which then consisted of us going on a walk around town. We would window shop and then he would drag me to some museum or historical sight that had to due with his up and coming job. My favorite’s were the art museums because Sam didn’t usually have as much to say ‘Art speaks for itself’, he would always tell me. The two of us had been together almost 4 years now but we have been married 2. We started out as young lovers until life caught up with us and I was a full time college student and he was off doing what the Drake’s do. I never thought I would see him again, he was always the one that got away until we stumbled upon each other at an art auction in Venice. To my dismay he dragged me into his heist and from then on I never looked back. Now it’s 4 years later and we are sitting here at our usual cafe, eating our usual food, talking about which stores I wanted to stop into and what historical sight he would be taking me to today. The only difference now is that I’m pregnant with Samuel Drake’s child and he had no clue.

“Are you listening?” I quickly looked back at Sam his brow furrowed in annoyance. He turned around looking behind him at the people walking past us and then to the cars passing by. “What are you looking at?” He questioned looking around in the warm summer air again as if he missed something.

“Nothing, sorry I zoned out.”

“So this is what it feels like when I don’t listen.” Rolling my eyes he smirked that charming smirk of his. This was all to true.

The day was perfect, it was just the right temperature, the sun was out, we had gotten our favorite seat in the outdoor section of the restaurant, our food was better than usual. Everything was perfect, this would be the ideal moment to tell my husband I was pregnant but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I was scared. Sam and I never really talked about having a family, I just assumed it might not happen because he loved to travel and hated the idea of staying in one place for to long. I never pictured myself having kids and I know Sam was the same way, but now this was a reality the two of us had to face. I just had to tell him that his whole life was about to change.

“You feeling okay today babe?” I turned to my lovely husband who had been complaining about the price of the shoes I had in hand.

“Yeah, why?” I asked placing the box back.

“No, no, no, you’re getting those I saw how your eyes lit up when you saw them.” Sam picked the box back up “It’s like you’ve been in a daze all day, I feel like I’ve been talking to a wall.”

“Sorry sweetie” I kissed his cheek feeling his stubble against my lips. His toned arm wrapped around my waist stopping me as I tried to walk away.

“You know avoiding the question isn’t helpful.”

“These heels are gonna look great with that little black dress of mine.” I mumbled against his neck not wanting to discuss this right now.

“Maybe you can show me when we get home?” I shivered as his voice became low and gravely. “Then after you can tell me what the fuck is wrong.” He stepped back looking at me seriously now.

“Samuel” I warned. He knew how I was, yet he always pushed when it came to me being upset, almost like he needed to know.

“Babe, I worry.” His vice turned back to its normal tone no longer gruff.

“I know.” A sigh fell from his lips as I ran my fingers through my soft hair.

“Come, lets by the shoes then we can go to home.”

“No museum?” I called after Sam as he walked to the register.

“I’d much rather see you in these heels and that black dress.”

My body felt limp and hot as I lay in my bed covers covering my naked body. I turned my head looking out the window at the beautiful summer day that was coming to a close. The sky was turning purple, orange peeking through the transparent clouds. It was humid in our small apartment our AC was broken leaving both me and my Sam in a constant sweaty state, even more so right now. This apartment is going to be too small to raise a child in, we are gonna have to move. Fuck, can we even afford to move? Do we have the proper finances to raise a kid, you know give them, it a good life. Am I gonna get fat? Shit, I’m gonna get fat.

“That was amazing.” Sam’s sleepy voice mumbled against my ear as he pulled me closer to his warmth, our bodies intertwined. “What are you thinking about?” His voice was so hushed and loving I just wanted to cry out of frustration. Having a child is not something that can be taken lightly, our lives were going to change dramatically and it’s not like we had the choice to give it back if we didn’t want to be parents anymore.

“About how much I love you.” I turned to face him seeing a little smile on his lips, his hazel eyes hidden from his drowsiness.

“Hm, me too.” I could see the sleep taking over his rugged, handsome, perfect, tan, peaceful face. Wow, I love this man. Maybe having a child with him won’t be a bad thing.   

“I’m gonna get started on dinner.” I kissed his face slipping out of bed. “You can stay in here and rest I know you’re tired.” He grunted in response sleep taking over his body.

I couldn’t help but admire his toned body along with his handsome face.

“No stay” He groaned out.


“Food can wait I want to hold you.” His offer was impossible to refuse. Crawling back into bed I laid there in his warm embrace our sweat soaked skin sticking together as our heart beats synched. He was the love of my life despite, the smoking, grumpiness when stressed, the distance when he was away for work, and the obsession with pirates, I still loved him endlessly. It took a toll but nothing could make this man anything but perfect. Another week went by and I found myself at the same restaurant in our favorite seats outside the summer air humid casing my hair to frizz. The only difference now was I was throwing up in the bathroom from morning sickness. I was walking back from the bathroom when I noticed Sam had ordered my drinks for me.

“You okay? You look pale.” He didn’t wait for a response as he quickly turned his attention to the drinks on the table “They had mimosa’s as a special today so I got you one.” He smiled at me clearly proud of himself. I couldn’t help the wave of guilt that came over my body. Sam was being so thoughtful, he knew I loved mimosa’s, well alcohol in general, but I couldn’t drink while pregnant. “Maybe if I get you drunk enough I’ll get laid.” He joked as I took my seat.

“Thank you so much sweetie, but I’m not really feeling alcohol today.” I placed my hand on his but the smile on his face didn’t falter.

“I had a feeling you’d say that so I ordered you a cappuccino too.” How did I get so lucky to have a man who thought this far in advance. “I’m really trying to get laid here.” His hand moved so he was now holding mine. His eyes were bright as the sun as he gazed at me making my body run hot.

“I, uh-“ I took a breath “I’m not really in the mood for coffee either” I shot him a guilty look as his face fell, all traces of happiness lost.

“Am I doing something wrong babe?” He searched my face for the answer because he knew I would lie.

“No not at all! You’re being such a sweetheart I just haven’t had the same taste recently.” I squeezed his hand for reassurance.

“Okay good, you’ve been worrying me. First you don’t want coffee, then you didn’t want eggs cuz the smell has been making you nauseous, and now you don’t want alcohol. It’s like your pregnant.” He laughed to himself. Sweat needed on my forehead at his words. I stared at him speechless. My face must have given me away because I watched as Sam’s face fell. “Wait you’re not pregnant are you?” My eyes began to well with tears as a dead give away.

“I uh-“ Then the hot tears started to roll down my flushed cheeks. The summer air stung as my vision became blurry.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, why are you crying!” Sam’s chair scraped against the ground as he moved towards me. “Do you not want kids?” His voice was closer as he was by my side.

“Sam I think we are making a scene can we talk about this later.” I pleaded trying to contain my light sobs. The feeling of his hand on my back gave me a slight sense of comfort but I was not ready to come face to face with Sam.

“Am I not suppose to be excited?” My head whipped to my husband who was kneeling beside pure joy radiating off of him.

“You’re actually happy?” I whispered in disbelief. He laughed standing back up, placing a firm kiss on my forehead.

“Of course I’m happy” and with that he took his seat. “We’ve been married for 2 years I kind of assumed you would start wanting kids. I know I use to say that was the last thing on my mind but having a kid or two doesn’t seem like an awful idea anymore.” Both of his hands were holding mine as I tried to gain my composure again. “Are you not happy?” His hands squeezed mine as if he was begging me to say I was.

“Yes I’m happy. I’ve just been scared to tell you.” I sighed feeling the weight of the world leave my shoulders.

“Holy shit, I’m going to be a dad! How long have you known?”

“You remember that day we went to Nate and Elena’s and she told you I was crying because we watched a sad movie? Well while you and Nate were setting up the grill I told Elena I was late and she made me take a pregnancy test.” I shrugged not being able to look at Sam but I could feel his fiery eyes on me.

“That was a month ago.” There was a long pause. “Shit we are gonna have to get a bigger place!” He sat back in his chair, running his finger through his chestnut hair our eyes meeting again. “Can we get him a trampoline when he’s old enough. I always wanted one as a kid.” Once again my eyes filled with tears at Sam’s words, I don’t think realized how cute he was.

“Yes of course we can! But he might be a she Sam.” I smiled unable to contain my joy at Sam’s reaction.

“Why are you crying?” concern filled his voice again.

“I’m just happy you’re happy.”

“Of course I’m happy!” His words rang through my ears as the final confirmation I needed “If its a boy we should name him Samuel and if it’s a girl then we can name her Samantha.”

“Isn’t that just a little vain” I laughed wiping my tears away. Sam grabbed my mimosa and quickly finished it in one quick swoop. “Slow down there mister if I can’t drink you can’t either.” His eyes widened in amusement.

“You’re really gonna make me have the same diet as you while you’re pregnant.”

“You’re suffering with me! You caused this!” I gestured to my stomach

“Oh, cmon-“

“That also means the smoking’s gotta go.” A smile spread across my lips as Sam reached into his back pocket and handed me his packet of cigarettes.

“It’s done. As of today it’s completely done.” Sam took out his wallet next and dropped a twenty on the table. “C’mon I wanna take you somewhere.” With that he stood up grabbing my hand and whisking me out of the restaurant.

I was still hungry but the curiosity of where Sam was taking me was out weighing the hunger. Wherever he was taking me was clearly not in walking distance because the two of us sat on the train heading towards the center of downtown. He had his arm around me as he told me all the amazing things he was going to do as a dad. We passed the stop that was suppose to be for downtown, now the train was taking us out of the congested part of the city towards the residential neighborhoods. The train pulled to a halt in an area I didn’t know too well.  

“C’mon” Sam said as he grabbed my hand leading me off the train. We walked for awhile until he stopped us in front of a white rundown house with a for sale sign in the front yard. It had a large red sticker across the white sign that read ‘SOLD’ in big red letters. I looked from Sam to the two story colonial style house, butterflies filling my stomach. It was small and quaint with a decently sized front yard. The shutters were falling off and the paint was peeling. “I know it doesn’t look like much but Nathan said he’d help me fix it up.” Turning to my husband I stared at him in disbelief.


“I was planning on fixing it up. I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary.” I was speechless.

“You bought me a house.” I stated deadpan.

“Yeah, you said you always wanted a white two story house preferably colonial style with black shutters, a red door, and a yard you could grow flowers in, but you didn’t want to leave the city. So here you’re still in the city but the residential part.” He paused staring at me for a reaction. “There’s a bakery a few blocks away and a park a few blocks that way.” He pointed in the direction of the house “When he, or she, is old enough I could be their soccer coach or something dadish like that.” Turning to Sam I could see my future is his eyes. “Do you like it? I know it’s not-“ Before he could finish his sentence I had jumped into his arms wrapping my own around his neck.

“This is beyond enough! this is more than enough! You are perfect!” I pretty much yelled as his arms wrapped around my waist holding me up.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad!” His excitement boomed through the summer air. Pulling back I saw tears in Sam’s eyes for the first time since our wedding day.

“We are having a baby” I whispered against his lips.

“We are gonna be parents” his voice cracked


“Love…For Better or Worse”….. Pt. 2

With Valentine’s Day solidifying our choice to expand our family, Moses and I have been taking every chance we have to try for a baby. Knowing that he wants this just as bad as I do, and that he’s still willing to try with the odds weighing heavily against us, makes me see him in a whole different light. I honestly feel more connected…more in love with him, and more loved by him. Even my level of attraction for him has gone up, something I never thought was possible with his sexy ass. I’m not sure if it’s because of those orgasms he gives, leaving my ass gone, his new “Zaddy” beard, or just the fact that we are doing this, but he can get it anytime he damn well pleases. Humph, today was no different. I finally received a new shipment of exclusive and very expensive items to reserve for “priority” clientele, and Moses stopped by from the studio to help me unpack. After listening to the beats he just finished and eating, I’d say we got through one box before temptation set in and my ass ended up pinned against the wall. As punishment for taking his time, I decided to ignore his attempt to get at me and continued sorting through boxes. After playfully threatening me saying “the longer I take, the harder he’s gonna fuck me”, I brushed by him asking him to “make that a promise”. Next thing I know, his stiffness was pressed against my ass, his hand was up my dress and his lips were wrapped around my neck. Shit, after that, the only thought on my mind was how good his dick was going to be, as we hauled ass into the back office. Unfortunately, there was one thing that I wish stuck…The fact that I told Levi and Dana to come through to pick out one item each. So I guess you could say it was a little awkward when we came out of the room, me in shock looking freshly fucked, and Moses walking out with a guilty ass smirk on his face. The two of them had a ball snickering as they looked on, while Moses said goodbye to me after greeting them. Levi looked me up and down shaking his head, while Dana ran to the window to make sure Moses left. Once the “coast was clear”, she ran back and immediately started to grill me. 

Dana: “Bitch….What in the actual fuck???” She said, cracking up. “I’m guessing since the lights were off, your nasty ass forgot we were coming? Shit, y’all could have at least drove instead of calling a car to take y’all around…Got us comin in here thinking you stepped out and shit…” 

Levi: “Right, was it that serious for mini mogul to make an appearance??” 

Teeleah: “Oooh, don’t be tryin to play my man out like that…His shit is far from little or thin…You need to be nice Vi, since he’s the one paying for that portfolio you keep reaching into…” I jokingly snapped, sticking my tongue out. “Anyways, I have no idea what you two are referring to..”

Dana: “Oh really, hunh??…Then why is your hair in that ponytail, when your snap you posted a few hours ago shows it down and extra done??”

Teeleah: “I plead the fifth…” I said, as we all cracked up. 

Levi: “Mm-hum…Keep messin around like that and an actual mini muse might make an appearance.” 

Dana: “Exactly..” She chimed in, while I stood silent. 

Levi: “Wait a minute…You have been glowing a helluva lot recently, extra happy for no reason too, all signs that you’ve been getting it in like crazy…Girl, are y’all trying to get pregnant???” He asked, getting no response from me.

Dana: “Leah, you don’t have to answer that…I don’t think it’s any of our business.” She said, glaring at Levi. 

I continued to stay silent after she said that. Conflicted, barely describes what I was feeling at that moment. Moses likes to keep shit under wraps and I wanted to respect that but, at the same time, I was dying to tell my closest friends. Dana is like a sister to me, especially now that Nica and I aren’t as close, and Levi has been in my life for years. what’s the harm in telling them? Who doesn’t want someone to go to with frustrations and feelings that can’t share with a significant other?  I honestly need all the support I can get being that this journey is gonna be tough. Hell, the only person I told was my mother and she was not pleased at all. I know having them rooting for us will make this a lot easier, so with all that in mind, I decided to answer the question.  

Teeleah: “Actually we are.” I said, as they both stared at me confused as hell with reactions I damn sure didn’t expect. “Look, I know it’s not the most traditional thing to do but…”

Levi: “Oh honey, I get it…I’m just a little concerned that’s all. I mean after he slept with that girl? He literally fucked her hours after you sent him that break up text, Leah. Who the hell does that? And what about your long break up before that? You’ve only been back together for what…6 months and ever since you’ve run into issues? I just feel like it’s too soon, what’s with the rush? Why not give you a ring first? Since when did Mogul want a kid so bad? It just seems too convenient.”

Teeleah: “All of that shit is behind us and is staying there. There is no rush, nothing is shady or convenient, Levi. This is something we both want.” 

Levi: “It’s just doing too much. 

Dana: “How bout you’re too much!” She yelled, directing her attention towards Levi. “I get that you’ve known her for years but you need to calm all that noise down. Over here bringing up irrelevant shit, when she’s sharing somethin that’s bringing her joy. Whatchu mad for?”

Levi: “Sweetheart, nobody’s mad! I’m just trying to save her from becoming baby mamma #1″. 

Teeleah: “Alright Vi, you said enough. Let’s drop it.” 

Dana: “Nah, you ain’t tryin to help shit. All you wanna do is gossip and get your tea for the day. I’m not beat…I can see right through your ass.” 

Levi: “You know what…I’m just gonna go. Leah, I truly am looking out for you and I’m sorry for coming on too strong. So are we still good?” 

Teeleah: “Yess, Vi…See you Monday.” I said, as he gave me a huge hug.

After he left, Dana had a few things she wanted to get off her chest. Since her demeanor changed, I realized she too was having issues with our decision. At this point I was drained from the bullshit Levi was on, and I didn’t really want to hear it. 

Dana: “Listen, I’m gonna keep it real. While I don’t like or trust Levi’s intentions, he has raised some valid points. Babes, I can’t wait for you to have children but I’m not sure if now is the right time. You feel me? Like he said, this just seems rushed and I know you’d rather be his wife than baby mamma first. You’re 29, you have plenty of time to have kids. Why not wait? Plus there’s something else…” 

Teeleah: “Because..” I said, trying to compose myself. “I might not be able to have children…”

I explained everything to her, from losing the twins to what my fertility tests say. When I was finished the first thing she did was give me a hug. It was clear that she now understood and accepted my choice.

Dana: “Girl, I am so sorry. Losing those babies, and finding out this bullshit?? You need to do whatever you can. You hear me?” She said, as she wiped tears from her face. 

Teeleah: “Yeah, I do…” I said, as my voice cracked and I too wiped tears from my face. 

Dana: “Shit, this IVF betta work.” 

Teeleah: “Girl, I’d be so grateful.” *crying again* “This shit ain’t fair…I’m trying my hardest to stay positive, but I honestly don’t think it’s gonna happen. Humph, but you know what…” I said, drying my eyes. “I’m gonna give it my all. That’s all I can do…So you said there is something else you wanted to say?”

Dana: “Shit….Girl…Aight, Moses was chillin with Sean the other day and I kinda overheard something I found a little sketchy. He was basically worried about something Asia could possibly leak. She’s apparently been going off on twitter calling him a fraud and shit. He seemed scared actually. Moses didn’t say any other details, of course, but it’s clear that he’s hiding something.”

Teeleah: “He’s probably scared that she’s gonna leak the fact that he slept with her. You know how they are with the media getting wind of their business.” 

Dana: “Humph, ain’t that the truth…You’re probably right. I should’ve thought of that before I almost caused all hell to break loose.” *lauging*

Teeleah: “Ha, it’s ok girl….Shit, lets get out of here. All this drama just made me hungry.”

Dana: “Yesss…Let’s go to to this new soul food restaurant that just opened. I need some Mac n Cheese in my life right now.” 

We left the shop and headed for the restaurant like we planned. I definitively didn’t expect all this stress today. While I’m glad I have Dana’s support, I’m unsure about Levi. I’m know he’ll come around but in the meantime, I can’t let it affect me. As for Moses hiding shit or them initially believing that this is all too convenient, I’m not going down that road. I can’t let speculations ruin my relationship so unless something concrete pops up, I’m not going to pay it any mind.  


Jordie Benn || Made Up

The door slams.

He’s walking away. How could I let him walk away?! Jordie and I have been together for two years and I still haven’t met his parents. Am I not good enough? He can’t just walk away! If anyone deserves to be mad it’s myself not him. I race through the apartment building to the garage where he’s about to get into his car.

“Now wait a second! We are going to talk about this!” I yell to him.

“Ok fine! Let’s talk!” He says and closes his car door.

“We’ve been together for two years and you still don’t want me to meet your parents! Why?!” I yell getting frustrated.

“I told you Y/N! I’m not ready for that! Just drop it!” He goes to turn away but I grab his arm.

“No! I’m not just going to drop it! Am I not good enough?!” I scream with tears forming in my eyes.

“That’s not it and you know it!” He sighs and shakes off my hand.

“I’m sorry if I’m not some star that your parents want you to date but I am a good person.”

“I have to go.” He says while looking at his phone.

“O-ok…” I choke out. I bolt back to my apartment and collapse against the door. Hot tears fall rapidly and my breathing has sped up. Who on his phone is more important? Is he cheating on me? Is that why I can’t meet his family? What if I’m just his girl on the side…

These thoughts swirl in my head until I reach over and grab my phone. I dial Jamie’s number with shaking hands.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He asks.

“J-Jamie…” I say and start sobbing again.

“Y/N? Y/N, what’s wrong? What did my idiot brother do now?” He asks frantically.

“I-is he cheating on me?” I ask slowly.

“What?! Jordie? No way!” He says quickly. “Why would think that?”

“Well, we’ve been together for two years and I still haven’t met your parents. Am I not good enough for him Jamie?”

“Oh Y/N that’s not it at all! In fact the other day he was looking at-umm nothing never mind.” He says. “Call him. Trust me.”

“Thanks Jamie.” I say relieved.

“No problemo! Now, are you gonna be ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good now.” We say goodbye and not even two minutes later my phone rings. Jordie’s name lights up on the screen and I reluctantly answer.

“Baby girl why did you call my brother crying instead of me?” He asks immediately.

“Well hello to you too.”

“Y/N, answer the question.”

“You were the cause of my tears so I didn’t think it would be much help if I called you.” I admitted.

“What? Babe, I’m so sorry please don’t cry. Also, please open the door.” I stand up and open my door, there stands Jordie who has worry in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I ask confused.

“Jamie called me and told me that you were upset so I got here as soon as I could.” He says and steps inside. “This was supposed to be special and I planned it all out but Jamie said that you didn’t think you were good enough for me.” He says and then get down on his knee. “So, Y/N, the most gorgeous girl in the whole world and the most precious thing in my life. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spending forever and ever with a complete idiot who loves you more than all of the grains of sand on this Earth?”

“Oh my goodness yes!” I say as new tears roll down my face, but this time they’re joyful. He slides a stunning (and extremely sparkly) ring onto my finger.

“But what about your phone when we were arguing? Why did you have to leave? A-and why can’t I meet your parents?” I ask him.

“Oh that? There was another man who wanted to buy this ring and the shop owner told me because he knew it was my favorite so I wanted to get it before anyone else could. And about my parents, I wanted to make sure that you were mine before you met them because well they can come on a little strong sometimes. They absolutely love company…” He chuckles nervously.

“I’ll always be yours.” I stand on my tip toes and peck his lips. He picks me up bridal style and spins me around. Giggling I kiss him again but this time it lasts much longer.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

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