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I am getting so tired of the constant shitting on the astrals on my edits. Like get your facts straight on their actual roles instead of biased headcanons. As far as it is the only one whom to fuck and thank to the misery of our main characters is Ardyn and Ifrit. I don’t hate Ardyn, he is a good villain and character, but the whitewashing and believing he is some kind of Oracle clone is cringy af. 

But I don’t give a shite about it all. What it is is, that I am a creator, I make edits, and constantly seeing such shitty tags (yes, we read tags) whenever I make something about the astrals is pissing me off. You don’t see me going into someone’s fanfiction or fan art and post how I hate a fictional character or deity (then the world would be too small, oh yes) but like on gifs it is totally fine?

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I just wanted to let you know again that I love you, and you are a beautiful writer and person, and I honestly can't believe that no one's published you yet: you are legitimately a better writer than many published authors I've read. I'm so proud of you for not giving up. One of them will come to their senses soon.

You are the sweetest. It can, I admit, be very discouraging. Yesterday’s form letter rejection was an unusually strong downer for some reason, and today’s snippy Green Girl review was the cherry on that grouchy sundae, but if Mags (aka That Damn Novel ™ ) doesn’t sell, well, I’m almost done rough drafting Azzie and I am still delusional enough to think it’s petty good. Maybe that one will sell. And people swear as long as you keep going you eventually get published.

Of course, people swear a lot of things. :/

I am so grateful for your kindness. I shall sell a book, you will come off anon, and we will drink champagne. Or iced tea. Or something.


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what are some zutara aus you'd like to maybe explore one day? I personally am really interested in assassin au :o

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a few: a soulmate au (which i’m 85% done with), an arranged marriage au (which i’m also working on), then i’ve had random ideas crop up to write them in my other fav verses, like The 100, GoT, and The Handmaid’s Tale (on my own, not as a thread). I think it’d be fun to do a domestic, modern au, but I’m terrible at that kind of writing… fluffy… happiness… yikes. It would a thrill ride to modify 50 Shades and do a massive smut fic for them, but it would have to be mildly OOC for both of them to make it work. Idk. I have ideas. 99% of them will never be touched. 

lol ive said this before and 3984 years from now when i’m finally ready to leave tumblr, it will probably be my last post on this website

but one of my major pet peeves is how quick people are to adapt this condescending/judgmental stance re: recovery once they are doing well/recovered/think they’re recovered/whatever

 ……and holy shit i am seeing it a lot now during a time when other people are more typically “struggling” or relapsing or going back into treatment

i’m about to throw ‘i’ statements out the window but like honestly??…let people live and make the choices that feel right for them in the moment. maybe later they’ll realize there was another choice, but again, it’s….not your place. let them seek help without drilling the shame thats already being continually reinforced about “escaping life” or taking the easy route help. bc in the next click the same community is reblogging some cliche post about how asking for help is the ~bravest thing people can do and those are some mixed signals !!!

I badly need a native-English beta reader

sorry to bother, after the first translation from Italian to English done together with @daynaan of a beautiful fic of Plateja (on ao3) which seems that at least some of you enjoyed, there is another Mystrade lovely fic in German that, together of course with the consent of the author, I think it’s really worth translating into English. Fics in languages other than English are “unhappy fics” because the audience is not that broad. I can’t write fics, so at least I can try to translate the already written ones! However, unfortunately, I am a non-native and when I translate I do make tons of mistakes (translating is much more difficult than writing in English directly, believe me). So I need a patient beta reader, who can correct them. Yes, I know, I am asking a lot, but I believe there are lovely Mystrade fics out there that are waiting to be appreciated and ….are simply in the “wrong language”.

In case you are interested and you believe there is still a non-appreciated fic somewhere, I can try to translate into English from Italian, French, German, and….if really needed (but I am not really good at those languages) from Spanish and Dutch.

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Even more peculiar is that the official Royal Variety account seems to be following the verified Louis account, Lottie, Fizzy and his useless manager Russell. It's been more than an hour since this screw up, so if people are inclined perhaps call and email their office through the details on their contact us page and tell them about the mistakes.

Anonymous said:  Hi.. I absolutely agree with your point of the mistake that the royal variety did with their tweet.. But i dont think it was intentional.. the point is that the underscore in louis’ twitter name may have caused the mistake.. that is they typed till louistomlin and the account which came up was that one.. BUT their n Louis’ team’s refusal to call it out and correct it is intentional.. I am not defending it anyway because it is their job and it is major negligence done by them as they had 1 job..

Hi anons :) 

The thing is if you know the guy is called ‘Louis Tomlinson’ then it seems logical you would - if you’re unaware - think his account is @LouisTomlinson. (Funnily enough, I just checked, that account was created in Sept 2010 and has been inactive since 2012 but is followed by Jay’s account.)

To think his account would be @LouisTomlinW when his name is worth millions - is already kinda..naive? Then you see that it’s a private account and only as about 5000 followers - if no alarm bells start ringing in your head that something’s off, then I don’t know what to do either. 

And again - if you just type in @Louis he will come up as your first hit. So it’s kind of an accomplishment in and of itself that they stumbled across this account. 

Plus, as the above anon says - they already follow him. Which means he would most definitely come up first once they start typing @Louis because he’s the one they follow. 

Long story short. No excuses. It’s a dumb as fuck mistake that is kind of inexcusable and they should fix it. 

i literally do not understand why capcom felt the need to release AA4 in hd two consecutive years bc i just played it in hd on mobile, why the fuck do i wanna play it again on my DS????

like dont get me wrong i wanna support it bc like….helping sales to show interest or whatever + i wanna be able to play the japanese verison but i really think that if they wanted to sell it in the west they should have done….something. more.

in japan you got a whole new physical release + tons of bonus stuff which, like, i know that wouldnt fly in the us because it just wouldnt recoup financially but i feel like capcom coulda done SOMETHING viable besides just “heres the same thing as the app only now you can play it in japanese”

idk i would have been happy with literally even just one new case a la rfta

like you guys know i love aa4 (too much) but bro why am i gonna pay 20 something dollars for a game i already invested 15 dollars in and can just re-download onto my phone whenever i wanna play it again in HD…..

i feel like even adding in the other translations (spanish italian german french) along with japanese woulda been more incentive 


Jaebeom x Reader


A/n: Hellohello! Thank you for requesting~ I also have this habit of either playing with my own hands or my friend’s one when I am bored and my friends would be so done with me because I’m interfering with their work gosh save me HAHAH

“You’re my kitten, of course I know you like the back of my hand. You always play with my hands when you’re bored, don’t you?”

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Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

Consider a fantasy story where, as often seems to happen in this genre, a young human is pulled from their world into a world of magic and elves and wizards and prophecies.

But this happens just about every other Tuesday in this world because the resident soothsayer is a little trigger-happy and is spouting off prophecies left and right. So there’s been an influx of teenaged humans without adult supervision and the reigning queen had to set up an investigative bureau and a complaints department just to deal with this problem.

So our human protagonist finds themselves in a dark spooky forest, stuck in some kind of ewok-style trap. Along comes a bearded elf (don’t tease him about the beard, he’s trying to make a good impression on the dwarf lady in charge of his department) who looks up at the net, sighs, and out comes the paperwork.

“If you wouldn’t mind, please state your name, age, and how you came to this realm.”

“How what now?”

“What was it? Wardrobe? Magic portal? Dragged under the bed by trolls?”

“Um…I just woke up here?” They mumble, confused.

“Alrighty,” the elf flips a few pages. “We’ll just skip to section D then. Any inherent magic? Any strange inheritances received lately?”

“No?” The protagonist leans on the net. “I mean, my former roommate gave me their old David Bowie CD collection, but I don’t think that counts.”

The elf nods once or twice, hard to tell if he’s listening or not, and pencils a few things in. “Alright, we’re almost done with the preliminary stuff, then we can get you out of there and down to the Bureau so we can get you home. Current status of parents or parental figures?”

The protagonist cringes. “Um…not applicable, I guess.”

“Oh dear. And your age again is-?”


At this the elf sighs. “Oh no, not another one. Some days I’d like to shake some sense into that soothsayer, really, I would. I swear I am this close to setting myself up as the next evil wizard around here just so I can keep some of these would-be heroes out of trouble.”

He then flings his pencil, sharp as a knife, and down comes the net with Protagonist inside. The elf helps them to their feet and brushes the leaves off their shoulders.

“Alright then, you,” he grumbles, “Lets get you down to the Bureau with the other three prophecy-kids who turned up this week.”

He has so much paperwork to do now.

Draw me Like one of your French Girls... Part 1

This fic is dedicated to @yunyin who was a big part of bringing it about in the first place ^_^ 

(Warning some spoilers for ML Season 2- (Just the stuff we knew during the hiatus nothing important from the new episodes) 

“Listen furball, I am ten times as sexy as you are. That is just a fact. People would pay to see pictures of me.”

“People DO pay to see pictures of me,” Chat shot back.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, “the point is that I am obviously the sexier of the two of us.”

“Guys, I know this is a slow patrol night but you are giving me a headache,” Rena Rougue sighed, dropping down onto the platform and sprawling onto her stomach against the cool metal of the tower.

“Wait,” Chat said with a terrifying grin, “Rena. My dear, darling, friend.”

“Oh this can’t end well.”

“You are a fox of impeccable taste are you not?”


“And you are an excellent judge of both male and female attractiveness as well, are you not?”

“Ladybug is the hottest out of all of you,” she smirked, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that is a given, but the point is-”

“The point is that I could pull off sexy far better than this mangy stray,” Bee interrupted.

“Could not.”

“Will you two please just stop fighting, it’s been too hot to deal with this level of stupid,” Rena sighed.

“It’s not stupid, my honor is at stake!” Bee huffed. “If you want us to stop then tell him that I clearly would be better suited to being a sex icon than he would.”

“Foxy lady, please tell Bee that she is clearly pollinating the wrong flower.”

Rena groaned. Clearly there would be no reasoning with the two of them until this had been hashed out.

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Markiplier Gothic

-The lucky flannel has returned. The lucky flannel will always return. You cannot seem to destroy the lucky flannel. No matter how many times you steal it and burn it in the woods behind your house, it always makes its way back to him. You have tried to warn him many times, warn him that the luck comes with a price, warn him that the flannel will one day demand that all debts are paid; he has not heard your warnings, or perhaps he is ignoring them. Either way, you sadly conclude, it is too late. He is too far gone now.
You stop trying to steal the lucky flannel.

-“Herb lore,” you hear one, solitary voice chirp. It is a voice you do not recognize.
“Herb lore.” Responds another.
A cacophony of voices suddenly surround you. “Herb lore, herb lore, HERB LORE!” They chant, although not quite in unison.
You do not know where these voices are coming from, nor do you remember when you started chanting with them. With each passing repetition, you forget a little more about the life you lived before herb lore. You keep chanting anyway.

- @markiplier uses a slightly different voice for approximately 4 and a half seconds in a video. By the time you click away and open a new tab, Tumblr has created a character out of this voice. They have named him Kevin. Kevin now has four ask blogs and twelve fan blogs, seven of which have some variant of the phrase “protection squad” in their usernames. One of them is dedicated solely to NSFW KevinxAntisepticeye fan fiction. It already has 300 followers.

-Every once and a while, you hear the Ancient Ones howling outside your window in the middle of the night. “COLA AND MEAL PLEASE, NO BREAD,” they shriek. You do not know what this means. You are too afraid to ask.

-“Markiplier’s fanbase is a bunch of 12 year olds,” you hear them say. You look around, but you can’t see any. You realize that you can’t remember the last time you saw a 12 year old at all. What does a 12 year old look like? How long have you been older than 12? Were you ever 12?
You turn to the person nearest to you. It is a middle-aged man. He has a wife and two children. He works in accounting.
“How old are you?” You ask.
“12,” he replies.
You scream.

-“Subscribe for More!” reads the cheerful font at the end of the compilation video. It is not a suggestion.

-A blonde woman in an alien-themed sweatshirt passes you in the grocery store. As she walks around your cart, her arm brushes against a six pack of Corona.
“I CAN’T DRINK THAT, OR I WILL LITERALLY DIE,” a voice booms, the noise crackling in the air like lightning. The woman glances at you and you nod, confirming that, yes, you heard it too.

-“Shares are a little low this month,” he tells you. Something about his tone fills you with a strange, primal fear. You share his videos with your friends. You share them with family. You write the URLS on pieces of paper and staple them to trees.
“Shares are a little low this month.”
You’re positive it’s a warning this time.

-You go on a date with Markiplier. “You look so familiar. Have we met?” he asks. You decide not to tell him that you have. You have done all of this before. You have always been on this date with Markiplier.
There are now two Markipliers. You are holding them both at gunpoint. You know that the one on the left is the real one, because you have done this before. You have always been doing this.
You shoot the one on the left anyway.
Afterwards, you go out for ice cream.
“Bonjour!” The man behind the counter smiles. His eyes are not yet filled with quiet desperation. He must not know about the time loop.
You go on a date with Markiplier.

My head is full of your songs and your laugh and your ridiculously stunning eyes and I’m aching, actually aching because I know you’re the person I fall asleep thinking about and I know that I love you and no matter what other boys I might talk to you about and however drunk I am, you’re the one I’m longing to call, longing to hold, longing to lie next to and hear your voice.

And you found someone you feel the same about- it’s just someone better than me.

—  j.f // her voice is full of money • excerpts of stories I will never write