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Nighthawk/Alexandra Fowler from the book Hero!

Anon, it’s this girl over here! Just in time for Hero Week, but I think I’m out of schedule lmao (sorry). I can’t think of a bio yet, so I’ll just leave her portrait here.

The purple highlights are just lighting effects, I can’t leave her hair just… black? haha. And sorry for the messed up suit, I mean, I’m pretty bad at drawing costumes lol

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5 times Sam asked Gabriel an innocent question (and 1 time he didn’t)


A/N- soo…this is my first time writing a 5 things fic, and I think i did ok. I’m super happy with the fluff, and it gets a little angsty towards the end, but I think I did ok.

word count-4261 (yeah, it got away from me a little. I’m not sorry)

Pairings- Sabriel, but Dean and Cas are there, too

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1. When Gabriel was enjoying a movie

–Its movie night in the bunker.

Dean has demanded one at least once a week. He says it’s because they need a break from hunting once in a while, but Sam thinks it’s because big brother Deans body isn’t 25 anymore. It’s a thought that brings a smile to his face every week when Dean brings out the “movie hat” full of slips of paper with everyones choices for the week, and each time Dean looks over at Sams stupid face and asks “what?” and Sam always says the same answer. “Nothing, Dean.”

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I’m losing faith in JK being real. I used to love reading fan fic of them but Now i feel so guilty. I can read Yoon/Min without that feeling. I just know deep down, they’re probably not together and have secret girlfriends. Maybe it means I need to stop shipping them and move on with my life and ship them as friends. I see all the “proof” but other ships have their “proof” so they all can’t be real.I’m still going to follow this account though, amazing blog BTW & have you ever lost faith in JK?

i already saw you’re post in the jikook tag as well, and i’m just gonna say some facts. not trying to attack you but i disagree with almost all of the things that you said, sorry. 

(pretty sure this is you and your post lol)

1. the point of shipping is NOT whether it’s real or not. shipping is because you think they COULD BE together, and because you think they’re cute and suit each other well. 
2. obviously jikook might not be together? like, it’s pretty obvious they might not be together, since we don’t know their relationship?
3. what does reading fanfics have to do with shipping?? what ?? fanfics aren’t a real life portrayal of the ship they’re written by fans?
4. if you also ship two other ships that include jimin, why are you so upset over jikook?
5. that fourth sentence of yours is all kinds of dumb. just because they aren’t dating doesn’t mean they can’t be gay or bi or dating someone else or not dating at all. yes, they could have girlfriends, but it’s not “deep down, you know” because YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. 
6. it’s not a point of “proof” or not? if you shipt jimin with fucking barack obama, you can???? even though there’s no proof of them?
7. adding on to the proof, the “proof” is up to perception?? i don’t find any “proof” that tae/kook or yoon/min have as proof they’re real. because i don’t see it that way. 
8. just stop shipping them then???? like ???? why make a whole post and tag it all the bts ships ??

sorry this was mean, there just wasn’t any of this ask or that post that i agreed with.  


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The Last jedi: Reylo Questions
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1. Do you think we’ll have a canon “Force bond”? What does that mean to you?
I think they already have one canonically – if Rey is confirmed to be “downloading” info from Kylo via the Force [by Pablo], that’s a bond already, yeah. To what extent they’ll go? I can’t be certain. I know they’re tied through fate, and the sheer extent of their powers will be enough to unite them in an alliance of understanding. I think whatever we get on screen will be more implied than spoken outright – they’ll never call it a “Force bond” but we will see them communicating in ways that no other Force duo has communicated. I mean… we’ve already seen that so expect more of it, but amplified. The interrogation scene, but multiplied and they’re on the same side sharing thoughts and power, rather than competing for it.

2. Do you think we’ll get a kiss?
In TLJ? No, I think that’s unlikely. By the end of Ep. 9? Yeah, I’m very positive we will. It’s not just based on wishes and hopes – I’m looking at it from a fairy tale/narrative perspective.

3. Do you think the fandom headcanon of Rey and Kylo fighting the Praetorian guards together will happen?
I’m 95% positive this is happening at this point, yeah.

4. Would you rather Rey continue to refer to Kylo as Kylo, or would you like to see her call him Ben?
Personally I don’t care. But I am pretty certain he’ll be going by Ben by the end of TLJ. This is one of the oldest tropes in the fairy tale book folks. The forbidden name when spoken breaks the curse of the evil wizard. It’s symbolic of a rebirth for Kylo/Ben to go by his true name – the name forbidden by his master who has enslaved him in this persona[ie:evil spell]. I’ll eat my hat if at some point in TLJ or Ep 9 he doesn’t make the switch back to Ben. Han saying his son, Ben, isn’t dead means something and isn’t just a waste of dialogue. My ideas here aren’t the popular fanon but I’m just going by what logically makes sense to a fairy tale like this. Whether you’re a Ben or Kylo fan, get prepared for the switch in canon.

5. Do you think Leia and Kylo will reunite?
I think they’ll reunite through a Force connection at the very least. There’s footage of them together in that BTS reel [even though it’s hard to see it’s definitely them in the scene]. I don’t know if that’s a physical meeting or a Force meeting though… I think either Ben, Luke, or both will meet Leia by the end of the film. I’m not sure which of those options it will be but I do think it’s at least Luke or Ben – again, if not both at some point.

6. Will Kylo and Rey end the film on the same side?
I think they’ll share a common goal they’ll decide they need to work together for by the end of the movie, if that’s what this question means.

7. Will Rey join Snoke?
I don’t think so, personally.

8. Will Luke die?
I don’t think so.

9. Do you think Rey will threaten Luke?
I think he’ll threaten Kylo and it’ll piss her off because by that point she’ll know the truth about the situation. I don’t think he’ll threaten Rey’s life, but he will perhaps threaten her in some other way. He won’t mean her harm. He’ll think he’s helping. I don’t think Rey will threaten his life or anything but MSW reported that she does lob rocks at him and pull her saber on him. So yeah I guess she does more than threaten.

10. Do you think Kylo knows who Rey is, or has some idea at least?
I think somehow they’ve been aware of each other through the Force their whole lives – whether that’s some Force bond, or visions. But JJ himself said they’ve never physically met but that he’s “heard of this girl”, so I’m not banking on any of these theories that he knew her as a child at all – rather it’s more about knowing her through the Force somehow.

I think their connection is more mysterious and nebulous than having physically met – it’s more fantastical and mystical. Their connection is about the Force and destiny. That’s how I think they’re aware of each other.

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Ugh can everyone please stop bitching about the new costumes please? I’m tired of the tag being littered with anti-new costume hate.

The show officially opens in 13 days and like they already released the stills. They’re NOT gonna be changing them back so just get over it. That’s the final design, it’s up to the costume designer, it’s not the right of the fans to tell someone how to do their job. It’s a a collaborative creative process and that’s the look a room full of professionals decided on. At the end of the day they’re just clothes and it doesn’t make the story any better or worse. It’s still a good musical, no matter what their costumes look like!




FYI I love the old costumes but I also love the new costumes. I think both designs work in their own way. I think they ended up going with the rolled up highwater men’s trousers in favor over shorts because they wanted to create a wholly original look for SpongeBob. Maybe the Chicago costume looked more like his cartoon counterpart, but I do believe the creative team is trying to take what they need from the source material but separating themselves entirely to make SpongeBob their own. It’s Tina Landau’s SpongeBob and I think it looks great! You’re allowed to have a preference and that’s fine, but some people are making such a big federal case out of nothing. Do you think it matters what SpongeBob’s wearing as long as you enjoy the show? Just deal with it.

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I’ve noticed that I’m seeing less and less cannabis, music, and art related content lately. Send me any of the artsy hippie flowy stoner blogs you think I might like! Tag yourself if I’m not already following you 💖🙂

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Replying to your previous answer to my question about requests, can you draw Petra in her original outfit?

I think I’ve drawn Petra quite a few times already in mcsm-inktober (in my tags *wink wink*). Do you mean this and this outfits? 
Now that I think of it, I think Petra will appear in future comics as an art-trade with a friend of mine. You’ll definitely see her in her original outfit in the future. It’s gonna be a fun piece :) Look forward to it!

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Relationship Status: single and ready to mingle (progressive bois hmu)

Favourite Colour: Wine Red because I am already a wine mum 

Lipstick or Chapstick: They serve different purposes???

Last Song I listened to: Aaja Nachle 

Last Movie: Thor: The Dark World

Top 3 TV Shows: OHSHC, Firefly, and currently Greenleaf (I love way too many shows to actually rank them though)

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Faun, árstíðir, Florence and the Machine

Books I’m currently reading: A History of Christian Mysticism, The Divine Dance, A Time to Dance, and many many more

Occupation: Semi-professional classical singer and also Freelance Language Teacher (hmu if you want to learn Spanish lmao)

Love to collect: CONCERT PROGRAMMES and also instruments… I have so many instruments… send help…or more instruments

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detective buddies

Girls having fun~


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.

They’re calling it H-day. The H might stand for ‘hockey’ or ‘hell,’ you don’t really remember. You only remember the day you turned on your local sports network to hear that every player in the NHL has been transformed based on the names of their teams. The ramifications of this range from merely nominal to, frankly, off the walls ridiculous.

Montreal and Vancouver, out of all the NHL cities, have seen the least effects. Their team names mean ‘Canadians, except in French’ and ‘Canadians, except in slang,’ respectively, so aside from a few sudden citizenship acquisitions, their players have experienced no changes. Likewise, the Islanders are essentially the same. Some extent of memory alteration is speculated, but that’s all Deadspin anyway, so who really knows?

The other New York team, on the other hand, has developed a strange predilection for reckless behaviour in the name of ‘adventure.’ They’ve also taken to rolling twenty sided dice before taking action, which tends to really slow down a hockey game.

Los Angeles and Las Vegas have come to an unlikely alliance. The LA team had devolved into power struggles and succession crises, so Vegas offered proxy fighters to joust on each LA player’s behalf. However, with many Kings and only one Knight, the teams have been forced to wait until the expansion draft to actually settle the disputes. Until then, the main concern is keeping the Kings away from the armoury that has sprung up in Buffalo, as most hockey fans agree that beheadings would be taking hockey fights too far.

When the Detroit players sprouted wings — literal red wings — many expected the same from Philadelphia. However, the Flyers have become a different type of flyer, and their management is currently scrambling to find all their players, floating around the city on the wind (Toronto, too, is having similar issues; they simply didn’t have enough rakes in the equipment room when the whole debacle began). Of particular importance is one flyer advertising grilled cheese sandwiches, which must never, under any circumstances, be allowed to find its way to Pittsburgh. It might cross the path of a passing flightless bird, who could mistake it for food, or worse, recognize it as who it actually is.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, they, along with Anaheim, are reaping the benefits of being one of the few animal-named teams whose mascot is relatively docile and non-threatening. Arizona, Florida, Boston, San Jose, and Nashville have all had to call in experts in the zoology business to deal with the sudden influx of apex predators.

Speaking of predators, Chicago is gone. Just gone. They had the misfortune to have a home stretch lined up where they played Carolina, Colorado, and Tampa in succession, and now they’re gone. Instead, the city has been replaced by a replica of Washington DC that inexplicably speaks Russian instead of English, but is otherwise indistinguishable. Twenty other versions of Washington have cropped up over the country, most of which are Russian-speaking.

The St. Louis music scene and the Columbus fashion industry have each had a sudden boom, revitalized by new trends. They don’t have much to do with each other, but the two cities agree: blue sure is a cool colour.

The province of Alberta, on other hand, is not in such agreement. For their own safety, Edmonton and Calgary are attempting to keep as separate as possible for the time being. What is left of their players cannot be allowed to interact, lest they ignite the entire country.

New Jersey is also having some problems. Then again, when are they not?

The Minnesota practice rink is no longer fit for use; it has become, essentially, a very cold forest. It now attracts hockey fans and tourists, many of whom claim to be able to hear the voices of the players among the trees. Others merely say it seems like a nice way to get back to nature.

But when it comes to getting back to nature, Dallas has us all beat. They have returned to a state of matter pre-dating our own planet and ascended into the night sky. Attempts are being made to bring them back to Earth, as it is not possible to play hockey games against them if they are in outer space — only Winnipeg might have even a chance. Unfortunately, the mission to bring the Stars back has hit a snag lately; Jamie Benn just won’t go down.


His eyes were narrowed in that way people do when they’re trying hard to appear casual, but it was obvious this story was anything but casual to him.
                                       They were just such small hurts, you know?

A small part of Gansey suspected what hearing his own name really meant. He knew it, probably, by the time his friends came to his car’s rescue an hour later. He knew it, probably, when the psychics at 300 Fox Way read a tarot card for him. He knew it, probably, when he retold the entire story to Roger Malory in person. 

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So I know Steve is in those school detention videos, but do they ever try to get you to be in any of them too?

they tried. they did not succeed.

this occurred for two reasons. 1. steve made those videos while i was still with hydra, so i wasnt around then. and after i came back and they asked me to do them, i watched steves videos and saw how dumb he looked. so i passed. 

and 2. steve only did them in the first place because he got blackmailed. 

so back during the war, steve had a reputation among the howlies as being terrible with women. which he was. so every so often when we were on leave, one of us would get it into our heads to try and help stevie develop some sort of game, in hopes that we would have to listen to him pine for peggy carter less. 

he did a lot of pining. 

we were all hanging out at a bar near camp after a stressful operation, killing time before the next transport turned up. morita was running late because he was getting a stark update for his radio kit, but the rest of us were already a few drinks in and well on our way to heckling steve into doing something dumb. 

(we didnt have tv back then, so we had to get our entertainment somewhere. and let me tell you, steve is better than the kardashians in terms of just-cant-look-away decision making.)

so dumdum had convinced steve that he had the perfect line, and all steve would have to do was walk up to some dame and say it. steve obviously wasnt interested in anybody but pegs, but he admitted that a bit of practice just holding conversation with a lady would probably do him some good.  dumdum pointed out a lovely dame with long brown hair and a WASP uniform sitting up at the bar, whispered the line in steve’s ear (because he didnt trust the rest of us with his perfect line) and sent steve off. 

we watched as steve made his way over and sat down. he’d never looked more awkwardly enormous as he did wedged into the bar stool next to that tiny dame. he flagged down the bartender, ordered a couple drinks, and turned to deliver dumdum’s line.

except that right then, the bartender slid the drinks down the bar to him, and his arm caught them both as he turned. 

so he delivered the line and then promptly doused the dame in two pints of terrible beer. 

that’s when morita showed up. and just as the lady delivering a really lovely slap across that chiseled-as-rushmore jawline, jim morita says:

“what the hell is steve doing with my wife??”

because it turned out his wife was a civilian pilot who’d joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, and happened to be the transport pilot we were waiting for. none of us even knew he was married. he and his wife both kept their rings on their tags under their uniforms. her name was jenny, and she thought the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

she and steve both refused to divluge what exactly the line had been. but it must have been pretty bad, because when jenny and jim morita’s son found steve after the war, he used it as blackmail to get steve to do those videos. turns out he’s a high school principal somewhere in queens. and he’s on some sort of educational board that makes those things. 

but morita never had any blackmail on me to pass along, so i got out home free. 

I feel like you all need a french lesson about “je suis allé au cinéma avec mon copain et ma famille.”

“Mon copain” has a double meaning in French. It could be “my friend” or “my boyfriend”.

But let’s be clear: you’re using “mon copain” as “my friend” when you’re 8 yo. If you’re on age of dating, it will be interpreted automatically as “my boyfriend”.

(But “mes copains” as plural will automatically be interpreted as “my friends”, even if you’re 20yo.)(or maybe you’re in a polyamory relationship but it doesn’t happen this often ^^’)

(also you can say “je suis allé au cinéma avec un copain”, and it will be interpreted as “just a friend”. Example : “tu sors avec lui? - Non, c’est un copain / oui c’est mon copain” Are you dating him ? No it’s a friend/ yes it’s my boyfriend”)

Yeah, French is subtle like that.