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Reaction (EXO): When their girlfriend takes off her clothes as soon as she gets home

Kris: “Aish, she just threw her bra at me.” 

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Luhan: “I can do that too baobei. Look.”

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Tao: “Feel free to do that whenever you want. I will not stop you.” 

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Xiumin: *gif explains itself pretty well*

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Lay: *applauds you undressing* *starts laughing when she glares at him*

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Chen: “Damn jagiya. I am definitely liking this undressing as soon as you get home thing.” 

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Kai: “Damn this girl is tempting me.” 

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Chanyeol: “Aish, what is this girl doing?”

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Baekhyun: “Why hello there jagiya. Don’t let my presence stop you from what you were doing before.” 

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Suho: “Since you’re already undressing, we might as well take advantage of the situation jagi.” 

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Sehun: “Well hello there my naked baby. I think that’s a new record.” 

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Kyungsoo: *this one also explains itself*

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(Not My Gifs)

“You two would be a good match” Kirk said making you and Chekov’s cheeks turn even redder then they already were.

“With all do respect captain please stop” you sighed burrowing your face in your hands. You’ve never been so embarrassed in all your life.

“Oh come on” Jim laughed “Chekov you think [Y/N]’s good looking right?”.

“Vell I ah Keptin” Chekov tried to reply in a shaky voice.

“You don’t need to answer that” you assured.

“I’ll get you two together” Kirk promised. You had a feeling he really meant it too.

Promise (Soo Ho Imagine)

Summary of Request: Soo Ho and reader have been best friends since they were children, Soo Ho is in love with reader, but he doesn’t think reader loves him back that way.

Pairings: Soo Ho x Reader

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Gif is not mine, credit to owner.

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹


~Around 15 Years Old~

Soo Ho and I were walking back to our homes telling each other stories and laughing.

“Hey Y/N?” I turned my head slightly to the side to see Soo Ho already staring at me, “yes Soo Ho?”

“I was wondering, if when we are both around our 20s and both of us aren’t married yet will you marry me?”

To say I was a bit shocked at his question was understatement, I mean we’re both just 15 I wonder where he’s getting these ideas from.

“Soo Ho where is this coming from?” I asked him. He looked away shyly his face turning bright red, “just answer the question,” he stuttered out.

“Yes Soo Ho, if we are both in our late 20s and neither of us are married, then I’ll marry you.”

“Promise?” “Promise.”

•No POV•

~Present (their time)~

Soo Ho still remembers that day and hopes Y/N does too and the promise she made. Both friends were at Okta, Soo Ho watched as Y/N was having a conversation with another guy.

He started bubbling with anger and jealousy as he continued to watch them both talking and laughing.

“Are you alright Soo Ho?” a girl came up to him and at that moment Soo Ho got an idea. “Yes I am fine.”

Y/N saw everything, she saw how Soo Ho was always with a new girl each time she saw him. “Maybe he has forgotten about me,” she thought as she walked around looking at the stands with goods.

“It’s likable that he has,” Y/N sighed and continued her shopping. Whenever Soo Ho spotted Y/N near he start to flirt with any girl nearby trying to get her attention.

“Why doesn’t she notice me? Why does she not talk to me?” he thought to himself as he watched you walk away.

Days have passed and Y/N had no intention on talking to Soo Ho since he always seems to be busy with a girl, when she was near. Soo Ho couldn’t bare it anymore, each day Y/N seemed to be distancing himself from him.

Y/N was making her way to her friends home when she was grabbed by the wrist. She gasped being tugged backwards from walking. She turned around facing Soo Ho who was looking at her with an annoyed expression.

“Why have you been ignoring me?” he asked bluntly.

“What?” “You know what I am talking about, you’ve been ignoring me,” he retorted with a frown on his face.

“Well you always seem to have been busy these past few days,” Y/N responded bluntly.

“Busy? When have I been busy- wait oh,” Soo Ho asked but cut himself short realizing what she meant.

Y/N sighed and started to walk away again when Soo Ho grabbed her wrist again. “Soo Ho what do you need?” when she turned around again she was met with Soo Ho planting his lips on her softly.

“That, that’s what I need,” he responded after breaking the short, soft, sweet kiss.

“Soo Ho-” “Y/N remember our promise About 10 years ago you promised we’d get married, I know we are still in our early 20s, but I just needed you to remember,” he said while grabbing both of my hands.

“Of course I remember Soo Ho, I never forgot,” I responded letting out a small smile.

“Good, I know we still have a few years until the whole marriage, but for now just be mine and only mine?” he asked.

“Is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?”

He chuckled and nodded. “Well in that case,” I put a hand behind his head pulling him down closer to me and kissing him just a bit longer than the last one.

“And I will take that as a yes,” he grinned from ear to ear. We both laughed and continued our day together.

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

Sorry if there are any mistakes and if I don’t use the right technical terms they would’ve used. I feel like I should have made this a little longer, but oh well.

Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct.


They are Arashi.
I wonder how they must feel when think that they are Arashi.
I just see 5 ordinary and wonderful men whose get along amazing and their chemistry is awesome.
I already saw a lot of videos where they said what Arashi means to them. I always finished crying when I heard them speak with total sincerity.

They are 5 bakas. They make us laugh and cry. Make us happy. They made me a better person and tough me a lot of important things. I just love them so much and I’ll never forget them.

Riida thank you for bring me the courage that I need sometimes.
Nino thank you for tough me the meaning of hard work no matter what.
Sho-kun thank you for tough me to follow what I want without listen to others.
MatsuJun thank you for tough me to be more professional in my work.
Aiba-chan thank you for tough me to smile even if all around me is the worst.

I love you guys💕

Exo Reactions To You Moaning Another Member’s Name During Sexy Time

I just… HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. I imagined this & I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, my friend. YES. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *getting his sexy time on*

Chanyeol: *he’s pretty into it so when he hears you, it’s a delayed reaction*

Chen: *pumping that love muscle in you*

D.O.: *right as he thinks he’s reaching his sexual peak*

Kai: *he’s using every ounce of himself to thrust*

Kris: *there’s already a smile on his face because he knows you’re about to scream his name*

Lay: *working his unicorn boner right into you*

Luhan: *his manly muscle is balls deep*

Sehun: *taking this seriously because it’s what he does best*

Suho: *being his sweet, kinky, motherfucking sex freak self*

Tao: *already tearing up a little as he gets his groove on*

Xiumin: *you scream Yixing’s name but it literally does not effect him & he just keeps going* 

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo


Ironically, Sweden’s already one of the tallest nations. XD

As someone whose eyesight isn’t quite in its prime, one of my older professors said one thing good about getting old was that staring at the floor apparently creates the illusion that you’re farther from the ground than you actually are. The class laughed miserably at our possible predicament waiting for us to experience some time in the future.

EXO reaction to them thinking you are pregnant

This one was so fun, I couldn’t stop laughing to the idea of they thinking and worrying about it and not knowing what was actually happening. Hope you enjoy it. Admin A~

/I don’t take credits of any gifs, unless its stated otherwise.

Chanyeol: *Talking to himself* “What is going on with her? She’s been moody for a while now… Do you think she.. No, no it can’t be…”

Kris: *Is not functioning*

Sehun: “Right keep talking to me like that girl.. Just because you’re pregnant.. He is mine too you know?” *Is irritated because you haven’t told him*

Tao: *Already bought clothes for the baby and some toys. He is so happpy he tells everybody he meets.* “Well you see.. I’m going to be a father very soon!!”

Kai: *Can’t wait to hear the news from you* “Oh yagi you look so beautiful, how have this months been for you?” 

Xiumin: *Does the proud father dance* “Me.. Yes.. A daddy!”

Baekhyun: *Is kind of excited* “Well I won’t jump to conclusions until she tells me” *Stalks you all day hoping you tell him something about babies*

Luhan: *Starts acting all mature around you, he is in heaven* “Well, now people won’t doubt I’m manly. I hope we have twins”

Chen: *surfs online, looking for symptoms of pregnancy* “This kind of matches..But I was sure we.. and that time… Oh god no…” *In denial*

Kyunsoo: *He is pretty convinced you’re pregnant* “Boys, I have something to tell you.. I’m going to be a father” *Kind of embarrassed but very proud about it*

Lay: *He is not really sure how it happened… actually he doesn’t even know how he got to that conclusion*

Suho: “She is pregnant. Of course she is.. She must be upset because she doesnt know how to tell me.. *Super happy*

BTS reaction to you wanting to put makeup on them
sexyllamonkey said:  Can you do a reaction of BTS if you want to do makeup on them?

- Thank youu girl for the request! Enjoy! :D 

Jimin: “Pleasee Jimin I wanna see how you look with makeup” you laugh
“Well jagii I am already handsome so I don’t need any makeup” *jokes and smiles,sticking his tongue out

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Jungkook: “You wanna put all of those stuff on my face?” *scared as he watches your makeup* *laughs* *that body Jesus Christ*

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J-Hope: *gif*

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Rap Monster: “No I think I’m good…” *runs away from you and your makeup*

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Suga: *you try to put some lipstick on his lips* *covers his face*
“Don’t touch my pretty lips” *laughs*

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V: “Fine,since you are begging me to do it” *makes a kissy face and smiles*

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Jin: “Jagiii I don’t wanna do it” *scared* *smiles*
“Pleasee?” you said
“Just lips that is it” *still nervous af*

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EXO reaction to the MC saying you would be a perfect wife/mother

So.. I have nothing to do :D So I’m going to spam you probably until I fall asleep <3 Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Feeling a little bit awkward* “Well.. he haven’t discussed about children… yeah she would be a nice mom…”

Kris: <Are you serious?! I was going to ask her tonight to be my wife and you just ruined it!>

Sehun: *Nervous laugh* “You think so? She is really something… *Imagines his life next to you and your children*

Tao: “Is he being serious? Telling me how to make kids? I already know this stuff man!!”

Kai: “Oh well the truth is that…. We are going to be parents soon!!”

Xiumin: *Approves what the MC said and starts to make a plan to ask you to marry him*

Baekhyun: *Gets clingy with you* “Jaaaaaaagiii~ Imagine… us with seven babies!”

Luhan: *Manly mode* “Well Y/N” *Looks at the camera* “You just heard… we should make some babies tonight”

Chen: *Starts to feel really nervous because he has the ring but not the plan yet and he knows you will start to think about marriage very soon*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t let the others see his excitement* “Yes she would be a nice wife”

Lay: *Already in the father unicorn mode* “Our babies will be called Pegasus and Tinkerbell”

Suho: *Looks at you all the week hoping you understand it’s his “Iwantbabies” face*


The Yakai 05/26/2016: That one time Sho gives a quiz and ends up revealing the answer right away.

IKON REACTION: To their gf having a really weird ugly laugh

“oppa, I should stop laughing, my laugh is so ugly” you complain to him.

“anyeo, I love your laugh … it makes me laugh … a lot”

Jinhwan: He would laugh a lot whenever you start laughing too.

“oppa, why are you still laughing?” you ask after grace had already done for you,“anything sweetie … “

Yunhyeong: He’d try a lot to not care about your laugh, but would have moments that he just couldn’t and would laugh a lot together or stare until  you were quiet.

Bobby: “omg, jagi you should never laugh, your laugh is so weird” he could play with you, until leave you nervous “just kidding , I love you and I love to hear your laugh.”

Donghyuk: I think that only the gif is required

June: He would make a mess, laugh a lot of your laugh and always do a joke about it, but June always would end up apologizing and saying that your laugh was very important to him.

Chanwoo: I think he’d try to cover it up and don’t care for your laugh, as ugly as it could be, but even if he’s hiding, he would laugh because it would be fun for him.

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

Big Bang Reacts - Girlfriend Finds Out About the Comeback


Girlfriend: Oh my gosh I’m so excited! This is going to be AWESOME! I just hope they don’t put you in a weird hairstyle like the green troll hair you had. >-<

(he laughs because he already knows)


Girlfriend: this.is.going.to.be.epic! But how many times do you think your going to do those lip bites for this comeback?

(a little embarrassed) “I don’t do it that much do I?“

Me: Yes, yes you do.


Girlfriend: (fangirling)

(fangirling too) “Oh my Gorsh! We’re the best!!!”


Girlfriend: Yay! Comeback! Wait… doesn’t that mean you’ll be traveling a lot for music videos and stuff?

“Oh, right I didn’t think about that…”

(has a secret look during the music video [like a shout out] for his girlfriend)


Girlfriend: (gets so excited she smooches him)

(we need to have a comeback every week… no every day… no I got it! A comeback ever 5 minutes!!!)


This is what I meant when I was talking about Daesung’s “green troll hair”:

(I see no difference)


I thought I was funny when I was a young dude, I’m talking like 8 or 9. I thought I had a you know, I made the adults laugh a lot. So, I used to act for them. I used to put on little shows, I think. And that’s my first kind of memory of me as a young person I think, which is really weird. Takes me back to already wanting to be in front of people, doing some type of performing. I remember just wanting to make people, I don’t know.. laugh, and smile, and feel something.   - Ashton Fletcher Irwin, [July, 7th, 1994.]

Flirts And Laughs - Requested (Calum)

Anon: do u guys think u can write an imagine where you and calum are hella touchy and flirty with each other and everyone’s convinced you’re already dating cause you practically act like you do but you’re not ((he wishes you were tho)) and idk i just think it’d be cute and if i could write, i would definitely write this myself

I suck at flirting so I hope this is okay.

“Kylie?” you give a short knock on the door and walk in.

“(Y/N)!” she exults, immediately opening her arms. You run to her and crash yourself into her arms. You both jump through the room earning laughs from Lindsay. “Are you back?” Kylie asks hopeful.

“Nope, just visiting”, you pout. Kylie and you had been a great team. You did hair, make-up and clothes for 5 seconds of summer for about a year. But you moved on to other adventured now a couple of months ago and Lindsay took over your job with the boys. “I was in town, just had an appointment with a new client. I’m going to have my hands full with her, so no not back”, you pull a sorry face to her.

“Good or else I would be out”, Lindsay jokes.

“Yeah and I wouldn’t want to do that to you Linds. I’m just visiting”, you smile.

“Did you see the guys already?”

“Nope not yet. First visiting my bestie”, you wink to Kylie.

“Priority’s”, she nods and laughs. “I know one boy who is going to be happy to see you”

“Just one?”

“Well one more than the others”, she smirks.

“What can I say Kylie, we have a bond”, you bite your lip.

“Yeah, a bond”, she gives you a look and you know what she’s thinking.

“We’re not dating Kylie”

“Oh come one, please”

“Kylie, you’re my mate. I would date you if we were dating”

“Okay, you’re not dating. But something is definitely going on between you”, she looks at you trying to fathom you. “I’ve seen him on nights out, he’s pulling less girls than the others. Right Lindsay?”

“I’ve noticed that too”, she backs Kylie up.

“Maybe he has no game”, you try.

“Oh he has game, I’ve seen him with you”, she smirks.

“Believe what you want Kylie, but we are just friends. It’s only flirting”

“Are you sure?” she raises her eyebrow.

“It’s just flirts and laughs”

“Okay”, she smiles, knowing she’s working on your nerves.

“I’m gonna go and see the boys now, I’ll come back later”

“Good, cause I missed you”

“Missed you too, poo”, she glares at you, but you only laugh and walk out. “Kook Kook”, you walk into the dressing room. All heads of the boys turn towards you. “Hey babes”, you walk in further immediately going over to Calum and sitting down on his laps.

“Hey you”, a smiles appears on his face and his arms wrap round your waist, pulling you further onto him.

“I didn’t know you were coming”, Calum looks at you, his eyes shine like an excited puppy ones.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise otherwise silly”, you mess up his hair.

“How come you can do that, but if we would even try to do that, he would bite our heads off”

“What can I say Lucas, I have a gift”

“Don’t worry about it (Y/N). Luke is just jealous that you get all of Cal’s attention he doesn’t get any”, Ashton laughs with Luke’s glaring at him.

“Are you staying?” Michael asks.

“I really want to, but I don’t have a place to stay at”

“I still have room in my bed, you can stay with me”, Calum immediately suggests.

“Okay”, you smile at him.

“If I would have said it first, would you stayed in my bed?” Michael looks at you, regret slightly in his eyes.

“I guess so”, you shrug and Michael grumbles.

“Hey”, Calum softly slaps your thigh. “What about me?”

“You’re still my favourite”, you press your lips on his forehead.


“So?” you stop in the doorway of the bathroom. “What do you think?” you have your right hand high on the door frame and your left hand is resting on your hip. You give Calum a couple of poses, his eyes almost popping out of his head.

“I hate how good you look in that”, he bites his lip, you laugh and look down at Calum’s top that’s hanging round your body.

“Are you ready for bed?” you tipple into the room and jump on the huge bed. You know the top has crept up and that your nickers are showing, but you don’t care. Instead you crawl up the bed wiggling your butt, knowing Calum is looking. “Do we have to set up some rules?”

“Rules for what?”

“For tonight Cal”, you get under the cover and slide closer to Calum. You place your hand on his bare chest and move it down, Calum watches your hand until it disappears under the cover.

“We don’t need to if you keep this up”, he smirks.

“I’m just feeling if you’re wearing something”, you pull your hand off his skin when you feel the rim of his boxers.

He pulls a disappointed face. “We could have so much fun together”

“Yeah I know, but not tonight Cal. So no funny business, only cuddling is allowed”, you smile, giving him a peck on his cheek

He scrunches his face and shakes his head. “You are killing me (Y/N)”


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: no but i felt so bad for Dan in call or delete, my poor baby. did you hear him?. he was probably thinking how much pete wentz hates him right now, and i felt so bad because he already thinks that everyboby hates him. i wanted to laugh at him, but instead now want to give him a massive hug.also he was trying so hard to salvage whatever friendship he had and was prepared to remove a gif from the internet. the internet people. aaw.