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a Concept- lance got picked on as a kid in that "mocking-compliment-so-if-you-tell-on-us-we'll-just-say-we-were-being-nice" way so even now when people compliment him he tends to read it as an insult so one day he gets annoyed like "how come u guys never tell me i'm doing a good job like u do for everyone else" and they're like "???? we did remember when we said these things???" and he's just like "wait u actually meant that??? wtf i thought u guys were mocking me this whole time"

A concept- Lance was also the kid who was “fat” and “ugly” so when people call him beautiful he thinks that they’re pitying him. And he believes that if he doesn’t watch what he eats, or how he looks, he won’t be liked. 

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All this reincarnation talks lately had me thinking.What if the Rookie Twelve were the reincarnation of shinobis like Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, etc? I wanted to think outside the box of Team Seven,so here’s what I came up with. So you know everyone (and the mangaka)says that Hashirama’s reincarnation would be Naruto (optimisim, therapyfriendship jutsu, pretty stupid sometimes, just can’t notice that someone has a crush on them) ? But what if Hashirama’s reincarnation is actually Rock Lee ?(1)

His mannerisms certainly fit, and it might explain his passion for the color green! Also, his enthousiasm for basically everything, and if I remember correctly his sulks are quite similar to Hashirama’s, the few times he has them. Also, his inability to understand hatred and deciding instead that the other person is his best friend/rival instead of enemy.

And what if, instead of being reincarnated in Sasuke, Madara was actually reincarnated into Hyuuga Neji? Drama king extraordinaire, a stick up his ass at first but more tolerable as the time goes on, fiercely protective of his ‘sister’ once he gets his head out of his ass, problems with his family system, most powerful of his clan, strongest dojutsu user, and rivalry with Lee.

And Tenten? Tenten is Mito, always the peacekeeper but never the weak link, the common sense to bring them both back to reality and focus their energy in the right direction. Strong and supportive female character, brave as hell and not one to let others walk over her. (probably needs a drink or twelve after dealing with her boys all day, but wouldn’t give them up for the world.)

Tobirama is reincarnated into Shikamaru. Really smart, usually has to clean up after the rest, so done!tm with their bs, just want to rest but no one will let him, can’t stand traitors. Fucking scary once he’s actually annoyed enough about something to something about it.

Which would make Choji a good candidate for Kagami too! Good-natured, care-taker of people who are too smart for their own good, peace maker, but touch a hair of his friend’s head and you’ll be dead in a instant. Ready to make the sacrifice play if needed, but surrounded by people who’ll never let him. Also will always have Shika/Tobirama’s back.

Ino would be Touka, a strong Kunoichi who takes no bullshit and doesn’t hesitate to be cruel if needed, because she’ll be damned if she loses her precious people this time around. She plays with people’s mind, genjutsu coming to her as easily as breathing, and her father can’t believe how easily she picks up the Yamanaka family techniques. Woe betides any who threaten her boys. What are your thoughts? Any ideas for team 8 ? (I need to stop coming up with ideas like that)


But I really want to write this now. D:

  • Jojo: So, you and Sock gonna… Snoodle?
  • Jon: *sigh* there will be no… snoodling

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Remember the preview for Ace Reporter, "How far would you go for love," and it flashed the cuddle scene after 'For Love'. Everyone thought it was just bait because the phase was clearly talking about Jack and Lena. But then you watch the episode. What did Lena actually do FOR Jack? She went to his conference, went to dinner, kissed him, and that's about it. Now what did Lena do for Supergirl? Well she killed someone who she still cared about and loved on some level. (1)

Was it possible to save Jack? Yes, stabilize the nanobots, keep him someplace safe so he can’t be controlled, use the the combined efforts of LCorp, Spheerical Industries, and possibly the DEO to fix the loss of free will side effect. But Lena couldn’t do both. She could either override the system and kill Jack, or work on stabilizing it and kill Supergirl. Lena killed Jack to save Supergirl. Then you get the cuddle scene. The scene that was teased after the words ‘For Love’. (2)

A scene where Kara promises Lena that she’ll never leave her, always be her friend, and always protect her. The scene where Lena seems to realize that Kara is Supergirl, the person she killed Jack to save. So, how far did Lena go for love? (3)

oh my god. anon i love you.

supercorp is endgame

bad-opal said: i think they mean pearl and blue pearl should be the same size and that pearl isn’t that tall compared to garnet? but at the same time the show itself is really inconsistent with its heights in relation to other characters/everything else but i honestly wouldn’t sweat it, it’s not that important and the mother of pearl design is amazing

[CREW ISNT CONSISTENT WITH HEIGHT but the following is based on stuff i noticed is relatively consistent (aside from yellows height)] 

i actually checked and going by relative sizes pearl is half a head taller than blue pearl. check this out:

now remember that sapphire=ruby=steven in height. our pearl and stevens heigh is this:

this adds up bcs amethyst reaches pearls shoulders and ame is taller than steven. so it would indicate our pearl is slightly taller, and honestly i think its bcs her gem is oval and shes defective. and yea i made garnet a little too short. as for the diamond being too small, im going by her first appearance height:

which i realize is something that can be retconned (and maybe was, time will tell) but at the same time heights in su are inconsistent as fuck so actually u can draw them however u want lol


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Request: Anonymous said: classmate!mark asks you out to prom!!

A/N: i may or may not hav cried while writing this b y e also i might add a part 2 ajlhzjfhzjfh bc like prom w mark amirite ;)) anyways enjoy!!!!<3

  • it’s time for me to be emo af again about mark lee 
  • ok so
  • mark lee, lee minhyung
  • apparently he’s a rlly good student too like renjun but like i don’t remember correctly so correct me if i’m wrong ahjehgljgh
  • anyways
  • a lot of ppl actually rlly like him!!!
  • especially girls tbh they think he’s v cute, rlly talented and he’s smart so like who wouldn’t like him
  • ofc ur one of them but ur just friends w him so :”))))
  • hmm you’ve probably been friends for a pretty long time and he helps u a lot w ur homework for music and writing too
  • mark is pretty famous at school for his music
  • like he’s always got his notebooks filled w all of his songs w him and everyone always wants to read his lyrics but mark doesn’t let them ofc
  • a lot of girls who have a crush on him always hope that one day he’d confess to one of them w a song that he wrote 
  • but ofc mark is always way too busy w other things to focus on that
  • tbh he’d have a tiny crush on u tho but like he’d never have the time to fully think about the crush that he has on u bc like,,,school
  • that is until one day tho
  • the date for the upcoming prom has been announced
  • and everyone’s so excited and everyone’s wondering who’s going w who
  • aajfhejfh ofc u were rlly excited too!!
  • but u had no idea w who u were going to prom ;;
  • mark had no idea either, that was until he saw u and he just knew ‘i want to go w y/n’
  • he’d be v v excited to ask u to prom
  • but
  • h o w is he gonna ask u
  • mark rlly rlly wanted it to be special but at the same time he didn’t want it to be too extreme and he wanted it to be smth that u would rlly remember
  • so ofc he spends hours and hours looking for ideas that he might like
  • and he just couldn’t find anything ;;
  • that’s when he thought,,,he could write a song!!!
  • it didn’t take long for him to write a song tbh 
  • ok lol sorry that’s a lie it took him a few nights buT HEY
  • anways
  • as soon as he finished writing the song tho
  • and got a melody and everything
  • he realised that he doesn’t know h o w he’s gonna sing the song to u too
  • so mark sends a message to the gc of his squad
  • ‘kids help me’ -mark
  • yikes he doesn’t get a reply after like 2 hours
  • donghyuck left him on read
  • the first one to reply tho was chenle
  • and so mark explained his whole situation when everyone finally started taking in the gc
  • and chenle was like 'mark!!!u could use the school radio!!’
  • mark liked the idea and he was like “let’s do it”
  • sooooooo
  • 2 days later, everything’s perfectly planned
  • and mark is stressedt af aklzhflhegjh
  • he’s scared you’ll say no :((((
  • chenle placed a camera in the class you’d be sitting and a microphone too so he could record ur reaction AND so u could immediately give mark an answer :”))
  • dw u wouldn’t have noticed the cam and mic
  • so ofc class starts and everyone sits down and that’s when u notice that mark isn’t there which kind of made u a bit :/ but like ur there to learn and not for the bois rite
  • 20 minutes after the teacher started his lesson tho, u can suddenly hear someone through the speakers
  • aljhgrljhg the person was trying to whisper but like,,everyone could hear him
  • “chenle,,how do u control this,,”
  • “mark it’s already on, u idiot” - probably na jaemin
  • and obviously u recognised mark’s voice and u were like ???
  • mark is so nervous but he has to do it, there’s not turning back now
  • and so he starts
  • “hello everyone, this is mark lee and as everyone knows prom is coming and i hope u all find the perfect partner to bring to prom!!ah,,,,idk if anyone has noticed yet but i don’t have a date yet but i think i found the perfect person to ask to prom,,,,and so uhm y/n this is for u and i hope u like it”
  • and he clears his throat, checks if his guitar is tuned correctly and starts strumming some chords on his guitar
  • ajhfejhfjefhk the girls in class are squealing 
  • and ur just like 0.0 as mark’s singing and guitar fills the whole school 
  • akajfhjehg chenle’s got it all on cam
  • when mark’s done w singing he’s like
  • “y/n, will u go to prom w me?”
  • and ofc ur like “YES”
  • the whole class cheers and mark runs all the way to ur class w a bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • as soon as he sees u he hugs u and probably kissed ur forehead
  • the class cheers again and now u and mark finally have each other for prom ;)
  • the end
  • or not 
  • :-)

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I remember when my best friend got mad at me for the school giving me extra time on exams, saying it's unfair. Like no, due to my ADHD the goddamn 20 minutes of the exam time, which is 40 minutes, i spend it either dissociating or overall being inattentive. I can't help to be this way and it hurt me to hear such a thing from her.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Some people really don’t understand how and why accommodations work. You’d think, though, that a friend—especially a best friend—would make an extra effort to understand and learn, so they can avoid being a complete jerk.

And people get after us for saying hurtful things.


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Do you have any advice for some who is super anxious about getting a cane? I haven't told many people about it because I feel like they think I'm exaggerating and that nothing is actually wrong with me (also I'm dealing with that shame and self loathing but what can you do)

Anxiety about a mobility device is normal. I was so anxious about mine when I started using one. The biggest thing to remember is that you are using this cane to be more mobile, be in less pain, and enjoy life more. Your well being and happiness are worth using a cane. If people judge you for it, there is something wrong with them, not you. If people stare (which can happen), stare right back. After a while, you won’t be bothered by it or anxious to go out with your cane, especially when you realize how much it actually helps. 

Anyone else have advice for an anxious cane user?

so that gif actually reminded me of a thing that bothers me even though there’s a pretty convenient explanation as to why it happens BUT anyway

so, Kira activates BTD for the last time, seemingly “goes back” in time (but he’s actually just plain ol’ Dead), and thinks to himself “Alright I’ve reversed time, so now I’m on my way to work I guess!”

Except that should’ve been a MASSIVE tip-off to Kira that something is horribly wrong. He straight up says himself–and we see ourselves–that he cannot recall when BTD has been activated, and any events that happened in the previous time loop are completely erased from his memory–leaving him to basically piece things from context.

The very fact that Kira remembers that he activated BTD could be a plothole OR it could be him forgetting the fact that he shouldn’t remember, and is thus a tip-off to the audience that he DIDN’T activate BTD

and knowing araki? it could be either one.

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OTP questions: 11 Warstan, 15 Anthea and 18 Sherlolly. Thank you! 😊

Hellooo! Ok, here I go in order…

11. Who checks the prices while grocery shopping? (Warstan)

I’m gonna have to go with Mary. I think she had an eye for details and could also remember all kinds of numbers and facts and recall them at the drop of a hat. So actually, my answer would probably be that she doesn’t have to check prices all the time. She probably has them catalogued in her head and only adjusts things if the amount changes or she goes to a different store. She’s got the skills!

15. Who would discreetly pinch the other one’s butt in public? (Mythea, cuz I’m sure that’s what you meant lol)

I gotta go with Anthea on this one lol! I mean, the Holmes boys look awfully fine in their suits, and if she’s working along with him all the time…I mean who would blame her? And now all I can picture is Mycroft having a serious meeting and Anthea slipping behind him momentarily and then he has to hope he’s not turning red hehe!

18. Who takes longer getting ready? (Sherlolly)

For this one I’d actually say Sherlock. Between shaving and dressing all perfectly like he always is and probably also taking some time to tame that mass of fabulous curls, I can see him being the high maintenance one lol. I can see Molly hopping out of bed, brushing her teeth, throwing her hair in a braid or bun, and running out the door with her coffee and breakfast. 

Thanks, my dear! Questions taken from this post. :)

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I was kinda thinking about the whole cups of butter-buttercups in the pie thing, and I know it's kind of a settled discussion now and decided that it wasn't intentional bc kids do dumb things and it reminded me that as a kid I actually picked flowers to use as "toppings" on yogurt mixed w sugar and i remember using foxglove a couple times and thankfully never ate them bc those are definitely many times more dangerous than buttercups- basically kids just do stupid things tbh???

I find it incredibly endearing that in response to the “butter cup pie” discourse that a sizable portion of the fandom have stepped up to share their own “I almost killed myself by not knowing the dangers of plants.”

This is why we need Canadian PSA’s

I’ve been scrolling through my tags and it’s making me really nostalgic… Remember that time where we were all participating in BC’s? ;-;

Sometimes I remember a strange headcanon that I just seem to have and yet I’ve never expanded upon…

Like my headcanon that N is actually AZ’s son. I’m pretty sure the whole idea is just unnecessary pain and angst that would eventually be resolved and N would find his hobo dad and flower mom? errrr flower aunt rather. 

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shelley is so inactive :( what do you think about that?

sadly, it doesn’t surprise me. shelley’s always been inactive, especially when it comes to social media. she likes to keep her private life to herself and i honestly think she’s genuinely a little bit scared of social media; she’s spoken before about just not knowing what to share as she wants to post for a reason (whether that’s comedic, to help others, promotional for her work etc). i remember the ‘dark days’ (as i call them) between the secret circle and teen wolf when shelley effectively disappeared off the face of the earth as she didn’t have instagram back then. it may not seem this way, but she’s actually come a long way as at least we hear from her a few times a month now haha!

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Hii so I recently got a betta fish but I have to admit I'm not an expert in them. I opted out of buying the pellet style food and instead chose to feed him frozen brine shrimp the only thing is though I'm not exactly sure how much to feed him and how often. I'm not too worried about over feeding him cause he's in a tank with two guppies and shrimp (he doesn't mind ) I just want to make sure I'm actually feeding him enough. I've seen people feed them multiple times a day should I do that too?

Whoops, I didn’t get to type a response before this posted! 

I am going to post this publicly because I have never fed my betta frozen shrimp, yet. I am sure some of my followers have. I cannot remember their tumblr account, but this person I follow on Instagram @Batfishbaggins feeds their betta shrimp. I wish I remembered what their tumblr account was. I THINK it’s @milesbeardworth

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I remember reading Kill la Kill was the exact opposite of Madoka Magica

In what way?

I actually think Kill la Kill and Puella Magi Madoka Magica are extremely similar.

Both are series created for the seinen (older male) demographic, yet attract a large number of women and girl fans due to the complex, layered, and primarily-female cast that both shows boast.

Both series get some of the absolute worst Discourse regarding feminism—that somehow still manages to super overlook the gross, basic fact that both shows feature the incredibly nasty and uncomfortable over-sexualization of underage girls. (Which, probably contrary to popular opinion, I honestly think is worse in Madoka because the girls are literally, like, 14!!! At least a bunch of the Kill la Kill cast are legal adults.)

Both series also receive (imo) extremely undeserved praise for their depiction of wlw relationships, as both series are created for men and the depiction of these relationships caters to men rather than other wlw—something that feels horribly, explicitly clear when Madoka scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi can only say that Homura “probably” loves Madoka and doesn’t think that anything in the show is as “special” as “homosexual love,” but just “a lovelike-relationship without sexual attraction,” and when Kill la Kill scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima proclaims that “THERE IS NO ROOM FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS IN KILL LA KILL (and the big reason that the show is thought to have at least one wlw relationship is due to a nasty, uncomfortable, non-consensual joke kiss that was purposely animated poorly because it’s meant to be a joke, because of course wlw relationships must always just be crude, nasty jokes for the Male Gaze, right?).  In both cases, the series don’t want to “follow through” with a real, actual, canon wlw relationship because the anime are both made for men and so many men can’t stand to think of their “waifus” being into women and not into them (just take a look at what happened with Overwatch and Tracer/Emily).

Both series are discussed to death about being “deconstructions” of this or that or the Magical Girl genre.

Both series feature aliens making a mess of the Earth.

Both series have absolutely rad soundtracks and animation.

Both series refuse to have a happy ending, because of course someone who is “different” and doesn’t quite fit in (Homura, Senketsu) don’t deserve happy endings with the people they love—that’s unrealistic (and Magical Girl magic definitely isn’t!)!

Both series attract super negative, salty posts like this.


As tedious as it’s been having people call me “that Dipper-lookin’ kid” on every video I post for the past couple of years, I think I’d actually kinda regret it if I didn’t play along at least once. The original stone eye of providence has been trampled into the soil by hundreds of children, but the pentagram from last summer remains intact.

Also, I sat on a log and now my legs are covered in sap. Now I remember why I stopped wearing shorts.

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud.