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SDCC Interview Quote:

Interviewer: Whose idea was it for Keith — in particular his background with the daggar and all that stuff — whose idea was that?

Lauren: I think I want to say it was you [Joaquim] that wanted him to be half-alien. And then, I can’t remember where the dagger came from.

Joaquim: Yea. We had a whole story line in our — this is like early pitch days — where he actually has white hair. And he was dying his hair, he had to upkeep that.

Lauren: Oh yea. And we were like, he has to file his fangs! Wait, how can we make him Galra? Okay maybe — Maybe we’ll just not go that far.

Joaquim: I mean, it was deep. It was deep-level, you find out all these things he was doing.

Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos discuss Keith’s alien attributes  

i’m always really uncomfortable by the “is sexuality a choice” debate because i understand and support the power and freedom behind firmly believing it’s not but i like… very much chose to not be straight! i was raised in an incredibly repressive christian home and i remember, very much after years of being exposed to lgbt culture in fandom  and dipping my feet in slash ships and interacting with a community that was loving and flexible and accepting unlike my family, i remember thinking, ‘would i kiss my girl friends?’ and i was like ‘oh, actually, yeah’  and i mean i can always make a case for how i was actually always attracted to girls based on prior experiences that’s always felt normal/natural to me (ie. thinking girls are very very pretty) but like… i’ve always felt very much in control of that 14-year-old me decision and i guess there’s no point in speculating because that choice was transformative for me and helped me become the best version of myself, but i wonder what my life would have been like if i had never had internet access during my formative years and grew up a nice god-fearing christian woman? like, would i have been completely miserable, or would i have cultivated my (former) attraction to men (instead of cultivating my love and attraction for women) and live a relatively alright straight marriage? obviously i don’t think that lgbt people can possibly “turn” a child gay, but i do think that learning about a… possibility, that was wider, more loving, more understanding that the environment i had previously experienced was a turning point for the person i’ve grown to be, which is happier and more genuinely myself than the person i could have been 

I’m extremely wary of white folks that follow me JUST to “be an ally” because I’ve experienced white people with MASSIVE platforms talk sweet to my face but can’t actually handle the heat so they do bare minimum ‘I love PoC’ type ally things but don’t ever actually want to work hard or actually engage in the content that I put out that’s about being accountable. So their droves of (also white) followers think that it’s perfectly acceptable to JUST do soft-allyship and that their work is done if they just go 'UwU racism bad!’.

Then they come back and say 'REMEMBER YOU HAVE AN ALLY IN ME’ and I’m like….not really. I cannot trust you to work hard and be responsible with your platform.


So the other day I was rooting through my old art folders and I came across this old series of drawings I did in 2003 of the Digimon Tamers era digimon as Jedi. I had pretty much completely forgotten about this until stumbling across them, but I remember how proud I was of these at the time. And honestly I’m still proud of young me for actually following through on an idea because I still have trouble with that, haha. 

I remember the one I liked the most was Guilmon’s, because I loved that pose but always had trouble drawing it but I thought I absolutely nailed it in that drawing. Looking back on it, it did turn out quite well, so 15 year old me deserved to feel proud about it.

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to share this ‘cause I think it was a cute idea young me had. Some folks on my dash are posting old art for Art Remembrance Day so I figured now was a good a time as any to share

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I actually think Starz is doing a disservice to both of them. It's true they don't pay enough attention to Cait on SM but Sam's over-exposure is not good for him either (just read the comments under your ask). They're exploiting his image to sell the show, promoting him as "the pretty face", but when it comes to his acting abilities? The best they could do for S2 GGs was a 30 second clip during a video that was all about Cait and Tobias, just like during S1. Its not fair to either of them.

I don’t think that Starz knows what to do with a show that actually can compete for awards. They’re used to doing their thing and not getting attention. I remember two (I think) years ago they did the big HFPA party at Ron and Terry’s house and it was a big push. Last year Sam was working late and they sent Tobias and Cait to mingle at the HFPA party. It’s like they choose wrong decision every time.

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I've noticed that a lot of Sagittarius suns are actually fond of Cancer suns platonically? Like it comes just a little surprisingly but then I remembered that fact that few know: Cancers have some of the most dry humor & cheesy puns I've ever experienced in my life. Like if you get a Cancer with an Air moon you're gonna die around them I need a friend like this.

I’ve noticed that too! And the weird thing is, I was just thinking about this exact topic in the morning. Like, I’ve realized that loads of Sagittarians dig Cancerians for some odd reason and you wouldn’t expect it (especially since they’re inconjunct signs and may have the most difficult time relating to one another). But a similarity between Cancer and Sagittarius anyway is that they are both contacted by Jupiter; Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter exalts in Cancer.

And yes, Cancers are so funny! :’) That may be why Sagittarians could find it easier hanging around with Cancers.

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Remember dreamworks posted about the Haddock family expanding? I think this is what they could have meant


So like maybe the Snotlout part could mean they’re cousins after all, and then Astrid joining the family is part of it expanding too?

I could potentially buy that. I’m also really holding out hope that we actually meet some extended family, but this is also a solid theory.

Has anyone else read the AU where Jack is a ghost hunter that moves into Bitty’s old apartment that Bitty is haunting so he can get Bitty to rest? Only *spoilers* Bitty is actually in a coma, not actually dead. 

If so, please remind me of the name and/or send me the link. It’s one of my favorites and I’m kicking myself for not remembering it. 

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are all the paladins' beds on the sides of their rooms? like we've seen Shiro's on the left and Keith's on the right, but I can't remember in which side lance's is. I lowkey headcanon that when they got to the castle lance called dibs on the broom with an actual bed in the middle like in the space mall episode when he called shotgun

just the fact that lance’s room is next to keith’s makes me think his room also has a bed wedged into the corner, but my beautiful blue boy deserves a king sized middle-of-the-room bed, let’s be real. he’s probably had to share a room with his siblings at some point and i’m assuming he had a roommate (hopefully hunk) in the garrison so it makes me wonder how he adjusted to having his own room for the first time ever on the castleship. 

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As much as a Mana-Allen talk is in order, I can't just help but think how guilty Mana would feel too, if his memories resurfaces and like he actually remembers Allen -er, Red?- enough to tell him it wasn't his fault and that he deserves to have his own life because Allen would automatically reject that and say it was all his fault and Mana shouldn't feel guilty and can you see just Mana feeling like he screwed up so bad with this kid and now I am d y i n g

J E S U S it would be such a mess!

Allen would break down because he can’t bear the thought that the man he loved the most is the man who he despised the most. He would have massive flashbacks of the night when he made Mana into an Akuma that would turn into a panick attack, he’d hyperverate and vomit all over, struggling to stay conscious.

Mana would be freaked out over this, but also would feel massively guilty for hurting Allen, for forgetting him. Also, it would tear him apart to choose between Neah and Allen.

Allen no longer knows what’s right and wrong, he starts attacking Mana, making him and himself disappear. Mana would be desperate to stop him and take him home. Think of a way to save Allen and have Neah back.

Neah would be shocked but would try to use this to his initiative to take over permanently and destroy Mana on spot. He is too terrified of Allen’s massive meltdown, of Allen screaming as he cuts into everything and everyone in sight. He questions which on of them is the true monster.

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I'm not criticizing you, I'm just curious but in the notes for WicDiv 30, did you mean issue 12? You were referring to Woden's suspiciously perfect timing when he prevented Baal from killing the Morrigan, right? I only ask because the answer just popped into my head suddenly while eating, and I wondered if I was correct?

No, you’re right. I do write the notes off the top of my head, and slipped up.

It’s actually a fairly common error for me. I remember the last issue of the second arc is issue 11. But - unless I check myself - I also simultaneously think the first year had 12 issues, meaning the first issue of year two must be issue 13. I do this despite the fact I also remember that issue 13 is the Tara issue.

Brains, eh?

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My problem with the Hypotheticals was that, because they boiled down to 'everyone lives', it meant that all the death cut-scenes had to be ready to edit for Hypotheticals, so no one tried to give them weight. I think the idea on paper is a good one, but maybe as part of a multi-branching idea rather than 'True End and Good End' i.e. maybe Sun Jian lives and continues to lead Wu, or Ce lives and continues to lead. But I can see how there's not enough time/resources for it.

But when they make those garbage hypothetical stories, it takes away from the actual ones. 

Remember how FANTASTIC Zhuge Dan’s story arc in DW7 was? They clearly put time and effort into every last thing involving that man and his story. That’s because they didn’t go off and make a secondary story that is just fucking awful. Oh jeez, Jin fights everyone at Chibi because THAT makes sense. Right? Chibi is epic! KIDS LOVE CHIBI!

DW7′s musou mode stood on it’s own as fucking incredible. Wan Castle was terrific and after Dian Wei dies, you REALLY want to avenge him because you grew close to him. He was awesome. He was likable. DW8 didn’t even bother presenting a good story. They tried to give ‘more’ story in the form of two separate routes, and yet didn’t even bothering working on either. 

This cutscene, to me, is a prime example as to just how perfect DW7 truly was, and in turn shows just how fucking lazy DW8 was.

Now compare it to this opening cut scene for Zhuge Dan’s rebellion.

Who is the main focus of the story in each cutscene? 

7 it’s clearly Sima Zhao and Zhuge Dan, while Zhong Hui plays the role of keeping him in check while also advising him. Zhuge Dan is clearly lost, and kind of insane. He acted before even thinking. Sima Zhao evolves entirely as a character with this stage. No more was he the laid back guy who relied on others, now he had to step up and he’s being forced to. Finally he steps into the role of his father and brother. Zhuge Dan is an idiot and he has to dealt with.

8 it’s Jia Chong and Zhuge Dan. What is Zhuge Dan’s personality? He isn’t lost or crazy. He’s just… there. And he’s so certain of his plan. And Sima Zhao… he has one single line, and it’s a throw away that leads into text speech. He had no story in that game at all, so he doesn’t evolve. The whole thing is just… nothing. 

I’m getting nostalgic over starkid and wanted to make a post about when I met them at the convention a few years back and my key memories of them

Joe Walker: all I remember is sitting in the same bar as him and Tracy because he had to leave early and there being no one else in there because they were at a glee panel and me trying my best not to look at him and make things awkward.

Joe Mo: I actually don’t remember meeting him but I have a photo and it seems fake.

Lauren Lopez: Awkward corridor smile.

Brian Holden: his faces at the fanfic reading and that really weird autograph photo where he is in a terrible pose and wrote thinking about (my name)

Dylan Saunders: Accidentally shouting at him to hug me

Meredith Stepien: The camera breaking right when we were posing for a photo so she did this little robot dance whilst we were waiting plus her yelling yay like 10 times whilst signing my auto.

Joey Richter: Going to hug me as I walked in for the photo and me panicking because omg that’s Joey richter, Also Joey contracting the plague on the Saturday evening so thinking I wouldn’t see him the next day but then cause he is literally the kindest person ever him coming In half way through the day to make sure everyone got photos and autos and talking to me about comic con for 5 minutes only for me to reply with three words because omg that’s Joey richter

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helloo!! im currently learning chinese and having a rather hard time since i had to learn a 2-year course in the span of one summer under the tutelage of my mom, but seeing as its so rushed, im having trouble remembering characters!! i see that you know korean, so i was wondering if you have tips for remembering 400 characters? thanks seo!!

actually, i’m not rlly sure since i kinda just ? learned ? korean when i was a baby + i never had to think too hard abt it u know?

anyhow, i always use quizlet to help me memorize vocab words in spanish + constantly writing them down also helped! also, idk if this is actually applicable since i’ve never learned chinese, but is it possible to associate characters with pictures? like, if a character for rice looks like a rice paddy or a rice stalk, maybe you can have an easier time remembering them?

good luck, anon!


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I still can’t figure out why my horse eyes are totally black. I’ve disabled almost every CC I have that has anything to do with horses, but in my testing world game, their eyes are still black. I’m like… whyyyyyyy.

I think (vaguely remember) putting a default replacement HD horse coat or maybe it was eyes in my mods folder. Can’t remember because I usually turn horses off from spawning in Nraas but it may be one of those conflicting with each other. Sooo…..Not a real answer but that’s where I would start looking first. If I ever sit down and actually play and figure it out I’ll let you know.

The eclipse made me think of a book I read when I was maybe 8 or 9, called Tangerine. I remembered that the main character thought he was partially blinded by staring at an eclipse, but it was actually some violent event in his past, but I couldn’t recall what. Well, I still have it, and I picked it up and flipped through it again, and holy shit, this book was like, a treatise on white privilege. I can’t believe Edward Bloor taught me about this shit when I was a baby child.

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I don't remember if this was ever mentioned but I think user t/ord-kink is using your art for their header & icon w/o permission ? If they've got permission, all the better, but I wanna b sure you know !

its ok ! as long as they dont claim it as their own i find nothing wrong w it (( i actually dont remember if this was brought up or not but its not a big deal!! im flattered mostly skbdjdkd))