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Written for @rollertoasteroflife <3 I know it’s not your birthday where you live anymore, but I’m still counting it as such. Happy Birthday!!!

1. When Viktor turns six, everything changes.

He receives his first pair of skates, leather soft and blades slightly dull from their previous owner, but they are magical and lovely and unequivocally his

There, while sliding on the rink, fumbling for hand rails and tending to bruises, the ice seems to caress him like an old friend, welcoming him with each turn and and flick of his blades, simply overjoyed at his arrival.

Where have you been, it seems to say. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Viktor breathes in the cool air and lets it’s icy presence settle deep into his lungs.

It spreads into his soul, settling a dissonance he wasn’t even aware of. 

The ice, his first and most formative friend, provides him a path to a new life.

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ship hate

why do people feel the need to actively hate a ship? like for fucks sake we get it you dont like it why are you dedicating an entire anti blog to it? it’s actually pretty immature. you have every right not to like certain ships but it should end there. just don’t like them and move on. if you see art of that ship or something just ignore it. i stg tumblr is worse than the people i went to jr. high with when it comes to ignoring things they dont like.

NCT as shit the 99+ group chat said ( Rachel edition!)

( Before you read this, I just wanna say that Rachel ( @quantumowl ) is one of the funniest human beings I know! She’s one of our mums ( @doodoojamz is the other) in the group chat and I love her very much, and to prove it, I made her, her own “ Nct as shit..” with a bunch of things that she said! LOVE YOU RACHEL!!!)


Johnny: I’m her daddy but I ain’t no man 😂 

Taeyong: *throws down a gauntlet* come at me bruh I’ll makes us all brunch after 





Mark: In need of constant help 


is it bad that like
i have almost no interest in undertale aus
like is that hypocritical because i technically made one
even though i consider it a visual fanfic and not an au

I'm actually really pissed.

Yesterday someone makes some jabs about my height.

And I don’t really care about my height. This is how tall I am. I can’t fucking change it and I don’t really care to.

It doesn’t affect anything except maybe that I have less expensive clothes and can be carried out from emergency situations while your giraffe ass gets left behind.

But it did piss me off because it came out of fucking nowhere?

And what the fuck anyway, like, I’m just trying to play a game here and suddenly someone’s calling me a midget for no reason, like, that’s the angle of insult he thought he would go for?

Like he’s trying to be funny and playfully insulting.

He’s trying to be animentality-levels of dickishly amusing.

But animentalitys written conduct is different than his verbal conduct.

And just out of the blue warbling about how I’m short and how apparently hilarious the fact is?

It’s just being a dick at that point.

Making fun of my gaming skills, whatever, but I can’t change my height.

I wouldn’t even if I could.

It’s a dumb thing to be irritated by, but a lot of my gaming friends have been getting on my nerves.

You know why?

Because no one understands that I like a good insult here and there and some friendly teasing.

But just insulting my physical appearance isn’t amusing, not to me.

And it’s also not particularly clever either. People say my height explains my anger, oh haha, aren’t you original, but fine. People say it must be hard to hear them from down there, oh hardy har har, never heard that before, but fine.

But just saying I’m shorter than “(insert item here)” and how crazy that is, I mean, do you write for family guy?

anonymous asked:

So I mean Monty obviously has days where he can't help but be upset about his scars and his missing ear and when it happens he can't stand to look at anything remotely reflective. What would percy do on days like these to make him feel better?

i think those would be the days when Percy just tells Monty that he wants the two of them stay home and cuddled up together in the bed all day, because he knows that if they go out monty’ll just fixate on the way everyone stares at his face (because people do - and usually they can play it off, both of them taking turns to see who can come up with the most ridiculous story about its origin - but not on these days). So they curl up together, limbs and hands entwined, and they share stupid puns and old memories and when Percy notices that Monty has gotten a little quiet and that his hand has wandered over to rub at his raised skin, he presses kiss after kiss to his face and whispers how much he loves him and how beautiful he is until Monty’s smiling again. 

okay so I was browsing a store online with a bunch of overwatch merch and they had this collection of wallets with characters and their quotes and

‘oeath walhs among you’
I almost didn’t notice 
but strap yourselves in ‘cause it gets better
(also I’ll add a caption under all of them in case they’re too hard to read)

‘lets otopthe aeat’
you heard him, everyone

‘one shor
one hill’

‘a inrooe perror arco’

‘love love’???? idk I can’t read that shit

‘trueself is wnhout form’
apparently words too

‘bettle continues’

‘gravmy hills’
I don’t even know Zarya’s voice lines well enough to know what this is supposed to be but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong

‘rrs high noon’
rrs high noon somewhere in the world


‘marhe avyhe oragon’
almost got the dragon right, come on you can do it

‘justicerain ffomaaove’
looks like someone sleep-drunk

‘ican do tms yitn all my eyes closed’
yea you heard it right ALL my eyes closed

‘rhllo rcriverco’
what even

‘heros never one’

‘from oroer oring hermony
from light inro buings’
oh my god

‘I ma one-man’
you sure are

‘preoue oont rrove’

‘cheer love
the cavalry’s here’

and now a bonus:

plot twist
Reaper’s actually Tracer


It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

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throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

there’s a rule about taking Doctor Who seriously and it’s that to take it seriously you need to not take it too seriously 

this show doesn’t take itself seriously, no matter how dark it might get at times

this isn’t some fucking gritty Edgelord show, this is a show watched by millions of children about hope and belief and trying to help people even when it seems hopeless and even when it doesn’t work, we should never hope that anyone in it stays dead, especially not anyone that represents so much for so many

above all we should never as older fans want anything for it that would take away from the enjoyment of the younger fans

you can’t treat it the same way you would a lot of other shows. its demographic is anyone who is willing to believe in it, anyone of any age. 

this is a show about an idiot in a magical box who fixes things with a screwdriver and a belief in the goodness of people

an idiot who gets into ridiculous situations that are often also dire, who saves the day always but only uses violence as a last resort, who tries to win with words and cleverness first 

over the last few years it’s been one of the only shows on television still trying to tell a hopeful story in a world obsessed with Edgy Cynical Realism, while never shying away from how harsh the universe can be

it is a show about possibility where almost any thing or person or story that can be imagined could be plausible (hello, people being killed by plastic inflatable chairs, a small box being infinitely huge on the inside, a lesbian being saved by her magical star girlfriend)

it is a show created by lifelong fans, it is a constant love letter to itself with stupid little in jokes and nostalgic trips, and above all it is a message and lesson of hope and kindness

take it or leave it but that is what it will or at least should always be