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Dom's acting has been on point this season, I think he reached the crux of it with this latest ep! Talk to me bout it :D

Dom was AMAZING.

The situation is bad. Worse than bad. I mean, the episode starts with Jace almost drowning, thinking he lost Clary then being accused of murder; how could things get any worse? The answer is way worse. So he’s on the run, thinking he got a lucky break with that bar and that phone call, only to find out his parabatai, the thread holding onto his sanity, was slipping away. And then, Gretel’s godfather identifies him as her kidnapper and shit goes down from there. 

And Dom, he made the pain so real, not just the physical pain. The desperation in his eyes and voice was clear as day. The way he trudged through everything just to get to Alec, risking it all, sparing none. 

Because I know what it’s like to lose someone you love.

That line was beautifully delivered, pupils blown wide and voice cracking. I don’t know, I was pretty damn convinced. 

And oh my god, how could we get through this without talking about the parabatai oath? The way he barely breathed out the words, as sacred as when they were first spoken. The way he looked at Alec, his parabatai, his brother, a part of his soul he swore to live by and protect. The way he slipped further and further into despair as he not just saw, but felt Alec being torn away. The way his hands shook, his gaze faltered and his body crumpled with Alec in his arms as he begged for Alec not to leave him. That was pretty fucking harrowing and I can safely say it was the best scene in the episode. 

I don’t know how, but it actually managed to get even better when Alec completed the oath, when Jace’s breath caught; that moment of realisation was so, so beautiful, but stopped short by the Clave. 

It’s all right Alec, what matters is that you’re back.

I fucking died. I. FUCKING. DIED. 

Dom slayed the entire episode. I can’t put into words how cathartic this episode was but I’m so glad he was the one to lead us through it. 

Thank you lovely anon for asking about harry and dom! :’)

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Hi I started corresponding with a man through emails last week. We didn't talk much. Now I added him on kik. I am not talkative and stuff. I think he lost interested after seeing my photo. Maybe I look too young or not attractive to him. How can I get him interested? And how should I proceed? I read the sugarbaby tag since last year but when really interacting with the men I am so nervous. I want to ask him if he have his lunch or what he doing. But I dun wanna seem too annoying

Most guys make a decision whether they are interested in you or attracted to you very quickly.  And, once they make that decision, it is usually set in stone.  Their interest or lack thereof will be based on your photographs and, to a lesser extent, the initial exchange of messages.

If a guy is not interested or not attracted to you, there is absolutely nothing you can or should do about it.  Further, you should not take it personally or be hurt if he falls off the face of the earth after getting a glimpse at your private gallery.  

Now, some of you may disagree with me …  and that’s fine.  Some sugar babies may say that if you want a guy to be your sugar daddy who has demonstrated a lack of interest, you should pursue him.  Hunt him.  Flirt with him.  Send him messages.  Get him to “yes”.

In my opinion, that’s a low percentage play, requires too much of an investment of your precious resources – time and energy – and is frustrating to boot.  It also sets you up to get your feelings hurt when he does not respond or if he ends up blocking you!  

I practice what I preach!  If a sugar baby who I am all hot about tells me “thanks, but no thanks, I’m not interested”, I let it go and move on to the next candidate.  I understand that I am not going to be every girl’s version of the “perfect” or even “good” sugar daddy.  That’s okay!  I think that you should take the same approach.

If, on the other hand, you come across a guy who does seem interested but is a little slow to ask you to dance, feel free to ask him to meet for lunch, etc. That’s a completely different situation! In such a case, you may need to invest some time and energy to close the deal.  But, when the guy basically says “meh” and then fades away, forget about him! Move on to the next one!

One last thing.  Honey, don’t get nervous interacting with these guys.  Most of them aren’t worth it.  And the ones who are, are nothing special.  They are just horny guys who wanna get in your pants.  Believe it or not, you’re the one with the power.  Wrap your head around that fact, be confident and, if you can in the process, just have fun!


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL



“You okay? Did your face get burned? Ahh, your eyelashes are a little singed! King, I think you went a little overboard!”
―Totsuka Tatara checking up on Fushimi after Mikoto saved him from the Green Clan

Charlie Brooker on San Junipero

EW: You could have done this same story with any kind of couple. What made two women the best choice?
It was a heterosexual couple when I first put the story down. And then I thought, “Well, what if it wasn’t?” And I think it gives it an extra resonance because they couldn’t have legally got married in 1987, so we’re gifting them that in this world, in this story of second chances. And that added an extra layer to the whole subtext about reliving your life and exploring things you didn’t have a chance to do.

That deliberate-looking shot of the plane flying in the background at the beach near the the end — does that mean you can travel to other places and not just stay in ’80s dance club heaven?
You know what? I never thought of that! The idea is there’s almost different channels for decades you can select to enter in the same environment. So going to another place would be like in Grand Theft Auto going from Los Santos in GTA V to San Andreas. But I dare say there would be a nostalgic version of Britain and Spain and New York. So now, I’ve talked myself around to say: Yes, that’s what that plane is there to do!

Can you talk about the credits? The Belinda Carlisle song adds so much, not just to the ending but to everything you’ve seen before it.
I know, and I’m praying people don’t just stop the episode as soon as they see the first credit, because it unlocks [the rest of the story]. I started writing the script and I put together a Spotify playlist of music from 1987. I go running every so often and that song came on while I was jogging I was like, “Well, that’s gotta go in.” And that basically gave me the ending scene. So one of the first things we did is check if we could clear this song [for use in the episode] and I would have been absolutely distraught if we couldn’t have done it. It’s something we’ve done in previous episodes, where we have story continuing to unfold throughout the end credits, but it’s the only time we do it in this season. It feels like an nice way of adding an extra coda. It’s also a wry joke in a way, that heaven is literally a place on earth, as we reveal the absolute cold reality of what’s going on. Hopefully it leaves people with a smile on their face, which is an alien experience after watching Black Mirror.

EW Interview with Black Mirror Showrunner Charlie Brooker on Season 3

bolt to the heart

Fluff Friday: December 30 “Snowflake”

Ver short smol!kakashi fic @beyondthemoor

Large timeskip! Sakura has been on a mission in Kumo for months. She somehow managed to forget that with those months, Kakashi becomes ever more of himself.

“Sakura-chan!” a familiar voice calls her as she trudges through the cold.

And what, she wonders to herself, are they doing in Haru no Kuni? Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be here, although, it makes more sense for Tsunade-shishō to send her all the way to Yukigakure if the rest of her team is here.

Sakura dodges the snowball aimed at her head. “I saw you Naruto. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto pouts. “I could so take you in a snowball fight, Sakura-chan.”

Sakura taps her foot gently, and the snow jumps. Just a bit. Just enough.

Naruto gulps.

“Like I said,” Sakura tells him, “don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto leads her, cowed, back towards the inn where they have rooms.

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Victor is a bad guy?

all these theories of Victor being a bad guy are honestly stupid. I think he may lost his interest in BEING an ice skater, or maybe he realizes he’s too old. He’s 27. He’s the oldest skater in this anime, so maybe he feels it’s his time to retire, but he still wants to be involved, and when he saw Yuuris video he realized what he wanted to do. He wanted to coach Yuuri. And now that he’s with Yuuri he’s falling in love with him. 

“I also heard that you were born in May (Me too), are a Taurus (Me too), weight less than 45kg (Me too), are 5’ in height (Me too) and is very socially awkward! (Me too!)”

Stuffs been happening since I last posted and one of the stuff is that this cutie became my new obsession. .u.


Having lingering feelings for someone after a long period of time =/= pining. Jess is an adult and arguably one of the most mature characters on the show. I call bullshit on this idea that he’s been unable to have meaningful romances with anyone other than Rory. I think he has. He hasn’t seen her in four years and he offers this idea that Rory (whose intellect and creativity were once what challenged him to tap into his own) immediately locks onto and he sees her coming to life with it and he realizes that their old connection never went away. Because of course it’s Jess that gives her the idea that flows more easily than anything she’s ever written. That gives her purpose and excitement - and, I think, a little of her lost self-respect back. Maybe he thought that ability withered up and died with lack of use, but it never did.

He’s suddenly got this whole journey to look forward to with her, of helping her publish her book, and not just any book but probably the most personal and important story she will ever write. Rory taking Jess’s word that her story with her mother is something she should tell is a huge mark of trust and it holds up even under the fury of Lorelai. Even though she clung to the notion of journalism for most of the revival, she doesn’t sound truly passionate the way we’ve seen her be before until it comes to this. When she runs out and tips her enthusiasm all over Jess like a puppy, he gets the significance of that. And the audience can too. Rory in high school was all unbridled eagerness; Rory the journalist is professional, but a little dead in the eyes. Jess reawakens her spirit. He brings her back to herself.

And the look through the window, to me, was not here’s to another nine years of pining. It was oh. Shit. This still isn’t over.

Oikawa Tooru appears in preview wearing glasses: HAIKYUU!! TRENDS ON TUMBLR

Ladies and gentlemen and other non-binary friends, this is the power of a gay volleyball anime  

If Even already noticed Isak by the first day of school, then when he saw Isak on the bus that one day he must’ve LOST IT. I mean, he’s been thinking about this guy for over a month and then he suddenly shows up on the bus and stands next to him. And then this boy asked him for help, like, he must’ve LOVED that. Remember the lil smile he had before Isak even noticed him? It was because the universe was dropping Isak right into his lap and he!! is!! down!! for!! that!!

That or he knows what time Isak gets off that day and which bus he takes either way fam im not gonna make it so few OTPs are going to live up to this


Like I’ve mentioned before, I headcanon that by the time he’s become pokémanz Master, Ash would have bonded the closest with Ho-Oh, out of all the legendaries o/ I mean, first legendary ever saw, and only one not to meet yet, it’s gotta mean something special 8)