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A small fic about the SepticEgos on a snowy day in

Fandom: JSE
Words: 827
Prompt:  chase, jackaboyman, schneep and marvin cuddled up on a couch, jack is recording stuff, anti wants to join in but is too shy

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anonymous asked:

I'm honestly pissed about the article about HH and taking "gay roles". Not only the wording was awful, but it made it look like beying gay is the only characteristic of the character. Like "I've made my commitment once, now I don't want to have anything to do w/ playing queer character, cause there's nothing there expect for gay scenes". Also the ignorance w/ confusing gay/bi/pan people all the time is so annoying. Even is not even gay, for crying out loud.


Though, I need to point out that Even could very well be gay, he’s never specified.

But totally agree on the rest, that was piss poor wording. I bet that the paper altered it as well, I have less faith in media than in Henriks agent but whatever. Like that “gay role” was what MADE Henrik so known so calling it “that kinda role” and that they “want to explore other roles” is such homophobic bullshit. Like I totally get that they want Henrik to play all kind of roles but for one it makes it seem like his skam role was nothing more than a “gay role” and also like gay characters can’t be anything but capital g a y like pls get over yourself. I’m angry at tha agent and at tha media like I get where the agent comes from but come on did ya even watch skam season three???????????? Imagine if he had said “I don’t think Henrik will do more mentally ill roles” like wtf

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Hello! I'm new to the group, so I'm sure someone already suggested this. But, here's my idea. What if Anti had his favorite out of all of Jacks egos, and also his least favorite? Who do you think that they would be? 🤔. This is a really cool blog, by the way! Love all the ideas that come out of it.

Hi! Thank you for being here! :D

Ooooooooh i don’t think anyone has said this before! I think Anti’s favorite would be Henrik and his least favorite would be Chase solely bc Chase is way too happy and go-lucky

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What are your thoughts on all of the stuff that happened at Gullruten? I still can't believe their interactions were like that. I mean, I always felt they were close but that is a whole new level. I feel like I'm still trying to process everything.

I think a lot of people knew they had good chemistry as henrik said, but we’d never seen it between them off-screen since tarjei has no social media. Many people assumed because of this that tarjei and henrik didn’t have much of a connection outside of filming, but tarjei made it clear that he adores henrik and vice versa. I saw many people were shocked by it. There were a lot of memes before this showing tarjei annoyed with henrik talking about the ‘natural connection’ in these interviews, but in reality he embraced it and even went further than henrik in some cases. They certainly didn’t hold back on the kiss cam. I’d say that kiss was the most full on kiss I’ve ever seen from tarjei. Henrik was very protective of him the whole night which was sweet. He kept a close eye on him and made sure interviewers were asking appropriate questions. I feel like there is a definite attraction between them, but I can’t say how that translates for them. We don’t know what their situation is, but tarjei did return to jodel today to confirm that he wasn’t lying about not having a girlfriend. Got it T.