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I wonder what Edward will think once he finds out Lizzy's fiance is not really her fiance and to that he is not his cousin Ciel.

Well, Edward didn’t seem to be too happy about the engagement of his sister to real Ciel.

But I guess he would have reacted like that towards everyone else who would come too close to Lizzy, as well.

Over the course of the story Edward seems to have accepted our Ciel more (who he thought was real Ciel). I think he saw that our Ciel really cared for his sister. I mean, it was him he sought out for help when Lizzy disappeared in the current arc.

But if Edward learns the truth he’ll surely be angry at first because our Ciel has lied to his sister and caused her such grief now. However, Edward won’t forget about what our Ciel has done for Lizzy (especially in the current arc) and especially when he sees what real Ciel has done (Agni’s death, using Lizzy who’s clearly not happy in that sect) I could see Edward siding with our Ciel.

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Does cat!Virgil ever get annoyed by the others way of talking to him? I know he has a cat brain but does he ever just roll his eyes and wonder off when they baby talk him?

I think he gets annoyed when they talk, period. XD Like “Stop with the sounds from your mouth holes, I got cat stuff to do.”

As I read more of each...

I think the most wonderful thing about kylux is that there’s someone who likes Kylo exactly as he is.

I think the most wonderful thing about reylo is that there’s someone who wants to see Kylo become better. 

Odin’s Depths

Ouch. I also feel as though they are underestimating Odin. I think he’s definitely got more to offer.

I wonder what he’s got?

Oh, a cool pipe. And… something else. Which I can’t identify yet.

Hmm, the imagery is kinda fitting for him. I’m not sure why, but I like it.

Oh wow. This is a lot to take in! A pencil and some petals. And a lot of numbers. Of course we can’t ignore the adorable fox doodle in the corner. :D

I wonder what this list means? And the letters? Really mysterious…

I have been trying to find my ex in every guy i meet, half of me knows that there’s no one like him, no one will ever be him. My ex wasn’t the best, he had his faults, he could’ve done more, but I could’ve done more too. Anyway, guys are just jokes to me right now because I know they aren’t capable of becoming the person i want, my ex. 

Kisses don’t feel as  good, hugs are pointless and lack any hint of affection. I’m scared the rest of the kisses and hugs i give will continue to feel empty. Every kiss I’ve had since hasn’t felt right and I’m not too sure how to fix that. I wish I would stop thinking about him. I wonder if he thinks of me.

10 Very Important Facts About 2017's "It"
  • <p> <b>Pennywise:</b> *dances threateningly towards children*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *is offended by being accused of living in a crack den*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *politely waves at children with a severed arm*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *noms on faces... and arms*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *sTRUTS OUT OF THAT FRIDGE LIKE A 50'S SWINGER SNAPPING HIS WAY DOWN THE STREET*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *has a drooling problem*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *is bad at baseball*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *spends a lot of time at the library*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *has bad hair days*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *enjoys slideshows WAY TOO MUCH*<p/></p>

I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  


Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?

I will never get over this

(x) The subtlety and realness of this scene. That instinctual urge to protect. THAT’S JOHN. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY JOHN