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endless list of plot bunnies: Dominika Malinkov

“I think you should leave.” Stefania said cooly, she’d been glaring at the grinning face of her younger sister for at least a couple of minutes now, and the longer she did so, the more furious she became with Dom. 

Dominika had stumbled through the front door, once again in the early hours of the morning, totally inebriated and barely able to string a coherent sentence together. This had become somewhat of a regular occurrence in the Malinkov household in recent months, ever since the girls’ mother had succumbed to the illness that had plagued her for years. 

“Whatever Stef…” Dom slurred, waving a hand carelessly through the air, narrowly missing an ornament on the mantelpiece, one their mother had bought during a family holiday when both the girls were very young. “I’ll stay the night at Aubrey’s, come back when you’re slightly less touchy.” 

Stefania shook her head. “I’m being serious Nika.” She folded her arms tightly across her chest, momentarily glancing away when her sister’s indifferent expression faltered at the sound of the name very few people called her. “This, the way you’ve been these past few months.” She gestured towards the younger girl. “It’s making dad worse, he’ll never get better if he’s constantly worried sick about you and whether or not you’re lying dead in a ditch somewhere.” 

Dominika opened her mouth to reply but was silenced when Stef held up a solitary finger.

“I’ve already discussed it with Uncle John. You leave for Beacon Hills in the morning, hungover or not.”