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An Unexpected Gift 🕯 🛍 💕


BETA BY: @noahsbyers


Will’s habit of talking in his sleep, has always been a source of entertainment for the boys when they have had sleepovers together. Will’s ramblings have always set Dustin off in a fit of laughter every time. Until, one night, after Mike and Will receive an unexpected gift from Steve Harrington, Will’s mindless sleep chatter becomes more serious and one of his deepest, most well guarded secrets, that he had tried so hard to keep from seeing the light of day, is revealed through the gift they received earlier that day. Mike is shocked to learn something he never knew about his best friend, and starts to question everything he thought he knew about Will.
Pairing: Mike x Will
Estimated time to read: 15 minutes

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its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Aiden and Blake go on choir tour in Asia, and as per Aiden wants to try all the local cuisine. Unfortunately, the sudden change in diet doesn't sit well and he spends a miserable night feeling crampy and nauseous

A/N: Guys, this is a CELEBRATORY fic! As I’m a total geek with numbers and everything, it turns out that when I post this fic it will be my 100th sickfic on this blog!!! 😁 Major, major thanks to everyone in this community! I never imagined I’d get to this number! I really hope you enjoy! 😁 💙

Everything was loud.

Bright lights hung above each stall, and strains of different pieces of music caught the boys’ ears as they were jostled through the packed street. Mouth watering smells wafted past them at every few feet, and the sounds of pans clanging on portable stoves and people ordering food in short, sharp bursts of Mandarin that sounded foreign and lyrical at the same time.

“This is insane!” Aiden called out, giving his boyfriend’s waist a gentle squeeze.

“It is certainly that!” Blake responded affirmatively, laughing merrily at the look of wide-eyed wonder on Aiden’s face, like a little kid at Christmas time.

The choir had arrived in Taipei late the night before, and after their first day acclimatising to the humidity, heat and time difference – and visiting the first venue of their tour. When they arrived back at the hostel, the receptionist had advised that they check out the local night market. Now they were here, and it was like an explosion of culture so intense that the group were marvelling in sheer awe. They were drawing odd looks from the crowds, but that could have been expected when thirty white people appeared like a swarm out of nowhere. Blake noticed that Aiden, in particular, drew prolonged stares, and after a few minutes of them walking through the streets Aiden seemed to notice as well.

“Is it just me…” He asked in a low voice which was barely audible over the chattering crowds, “or is everyone staring at me?”

“I thought so too,” Blake laughed slightly, “I think it’s because you’re ginger!”

“Oh… I’d never thought of that!” Aiden said, running his hand ruefully through his hair. “So, what do you want to do first?” Blake asked, once they’d managed to successfully navigate a full circle of all there was on offer in the stalls. Not too far away they could see Ben, the conductor, and Quentin tucking into some strange looking food that they were battling with chopsticks.

“Food!” Aiden replied, and Blake grinned – he’d expected that answer. Whenever they went to a new country, the first thing that Aiden wanted to do was sample the cuisine, and he’d been exited about this trip into the more oriental parts of Asia.

“How did I know?” Blake gave Aiden’s hand a squeeze as they began their next circulation of the market.

“Ben!” Aiden called out, using his free hand to wave at them and when Ben noticed who it was, he beckoned them across to join them. His mouth was still full; Blake looked down into the small tub, similar to an individual ice cream tub, that Ben was holding in his hand and wrinkled his nose.

“What is that?” Blake asked, unable to hide the revulsion from his face, and Quentin broke into a fit of giggles.

“It’s stinky tofu!” Ben explained once he’d swallowed what was in his mouth; he thrust the tub under Blake’s nose. “It stinks but tastes great! Wanna try some?”

“No!” Blake shoved Ben’s hand away as he struggled to keep himself from retching.

“Yes!” Aiden had spoken simultaneously, and Blake turned to look at him. “Of course I want to try some!” Blake simply shook his head as Aiden fished money out from his pocket and began to point at the image of what he wanted. Within moments he’d been handed his own tub and was diving into it.

“Good God…” Blake watched Aiden and tried not to cringe; he hoped that Aiden wouldn’t expect him to kiss him after eating that.

“It’s good!” Aiden told him, nodding appreciatively as he chewed. “You wanna try some of mine?” He offered Blake, who shook his head violently.

“No thanks,” Blake took a small step back. “I don’t want to have a reaction.”

Mmmm,” Aiden gave a small shrug as though acknowledging this as a legitimate reason.

“Oh, have you guys tried the tea?” Ben asked, waving his hand in the direction that Aiden and Blake had been walking. “What’s it called again?” Ben frowned at Quentin.

“Boba!” Quentin supplied quickly.

“Yeah, that one!” Ben nodded. “You guys should try it! It’s like sweet, and has these bubble things in it – oh you should just go and try it!” He finished rather fiercely as he saw the grins on their faces.

“We’ll check it out!” Aiden agreed, snaking his arm around Blake’s waist again as they set off along the street to find more things to try.

“Well that,” Aiden leant backwards slightly on the low grass verge they were sitting on, “was amazing.” Blake had been leaning gently against his boyfriend as they watched the vendors from the market clearing away as the throngs of people had dissipated.

“Is that your compulsion to taste local cuisine quelled?” Blake asked as Aiden patted his stomach looking very satisfied.

“I think that’s a great start!” Aiden commented, nodding. “I’d have love to try some of that mango ice thing though!”

“I honestly don’t know where you put it all!” Blake shook his head, looking at his boyfriend’s midriff which looked as flat as ever, even though Aiden had consumed at least three big portions of noodles, tofu and bread like substances – and then all the additional extras!

Aiden simply gave a nervous chuckle, then said: “Should we get back to the hostel then?”

“Yeah, I suppose we should,” Blake agreed, slipping his hand back into Aiden’s; Aiden leant in to kiss him, but “Blake put his hand in front of Aiden’s mouth very quickly. “If you think I’m gonna kiss you after you ate that stinky tofu stuff, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Aaaw,” Aiden pouted slightly, but he accepted it with good humour. “Come on.”

The streets were so bright and colourful, the two of them could barely walk a few feet without someone spotting something else of interest. They ambled along, talking about the rest of their tour, the other choir members who were there too, and Blake spent a good five minutes worrying over how Jack would be getting on without them. When they reached the hostel they were staying in, Blake felt ready to head to bed – the humidity was beginning to get to him, but Aiden didn’t seem so keen.

“Can we sit in the lounge area for a bit?” He asked pleadingly. “I could do with some water…”

“Oh okay,” Blake gave in. The sofas in the lounge area were full of other choir members, and some of the tables were occupied by other residents who were eating; Aiden had collapsed into one of the chairs at a table, and Blake got them both some water and sat down across from him.

“Thanks,” Aiden mumbled, taking a sip of the water. They lapsed into silence, and Blake watched his boyfriend as those around them carried out their own conversations.

After a little while, Blake realised that Aiden was being unusually quiet; peering across at him, he noticed that there was sweat across his brow. Perhaps that was because of the heat, he reasoned with himself, although the air conditioning inside the building meant that he wasn’t feeling so sticky anymore. Then, as Aiden took a small drink from the water bottle, he noticed Aiden’s free hand was resting awkwardly on his abdomen.

“Are you alright Aiden?” He asked, breaking the silence that had settled.

Hmmm?” He looked round at Blake, then gave a quick unconvincing smile. “Oh yeah.”

“Are you sure?” Blake leant forwards, leaning his elbows on the table top; and Aiden stared across at him.

“My stomach’s a little bit unsettled…” He answered honestly, his voice rather low.

“I’m not surprised!” Blake raised his eyebrows. “With all that different stuff you ate at the market!”

“Mmmm…” Aiden hummed gently, looking a little resigned, and that only concerned Blake more.

“I might have something for indigestion in my case, if that’d help?” Blake offered.

“Nah,” Aiden shook his head, “I think I’ll be alright.” He lapsed into silence again, staring intensely at the top of his water bottle.

Not wanting to press the issue too far, Blake said no more – but he watched Aiden closely for the next few minutes. With some concern Blake saw Aiden begin to shuffle in his seat, unable to get comfortable it seemed; then the colour started to drain out of Aiden’s face, leaving a grey tinge to his cheeks.

“Aiden, you’re not looking so good…” Blake commented lowly, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to him. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Mmm… No,” Aiden shook his head, turning further in his chair to look directly at Blake. At this admission, Blake was utterly concerned – it was unusual of Aiden to admit that he wasn’t feeling well. “Something’s not agreeing with me; my stomach’s really quite sore…” Aiden’s hand moved to press into his abdomen and he began to rub it back and forth.

“Can I do anything to help?” Blake questioned, watching as Aiden grimaced momentarily with pain.

“I don’t know…” Aiden mumbled, he was leaning forwards so his head was nearly on the table top.

“Do you feel sick?” Blake asked.

“Not quite…” Aiden replied, trying to straighten himself up again.

“Not quite? What does that mean?”

“I feel a bit nauseous, but it’s not too bad,” he said, closing his eyes. In the background, the bunch of other choir members who had been occupying the sofas left, presumably heading to bed.

“Shall we go and sit on the sofa?” Blake suggested, standing up from the table, and fastening his hand around Aiden’s wrist as Aiden nodded. Worryingly, his face paled even further as he stood up from the table and crossed to the sofa. When he sat down he leant back into the cushions, his hand still resting on his stomach. Aiden closed his eyes as he sat there, and Blake could see his chest rising and falling as he took deep breaths.

“Oh man, I shouldn’t have ate so much…” Aiden groaned, his voice sounded thicker than usual, and Blake could almost distinguish the nausea present in his tone.

“Don’t worry, take it easy,” Blake soothed, running his fingers across Aiden’s forehead and feeling how clammy it was.

“I really don’t feel well,” he muttered, “I feel like my stomach’s in a washing machine…”

“Come here,” Blake hooked his arm around Aiden’s neck and gently pulled him in. “Coory into me and rest.”

Aiden nestled his head in the groove of Blake’s shoulder, but Blake could feel him moving restlessly every few seconds – his whole body twitching as cramps wracked through his abdomen. Blake stroked his fingers up and down Aiden’s arm, unsure of what to do for his boyfriend but wanting to help. Aiden’s exhales were beginning to sound more and more like whimpers, the pain overriding his desire not to be heard.

“Aiden?” Blake whispered gently, he was going to suggest that they go up to the dorm so he could lie down, but was interrupted.

Hic!” Aiden’s eyes opened wide as a thick hiccup burst from him; instantly Blake knew this meant trouble.

“Are you going to be sick?” He asked quickly, his arm going to Aiden’s elbow, primed to help him up if necessary.

“I think so…” Aiden replied weakly, nodding his head.

“Right, come on,” Blake pulled Aiden to his feet, and with his hand firmly around his waist steered him out of the lounge.

As they were crossing the small courtyard which separated the dorm buildings from the reception.

Hic! I’m not gonna – hic – make it,” he struggled to get his words out and Blake could see him swallowing convulsively.

“You can,” Blake encouraged, “come on.”

But Aiden shook his head, his hand going up to his mouth suddenly as his chest gave a massive heave.

Hhmmmmmrrrrlll!” Aiden buckled forward at his waist as he tried to hold back a retch. Blake’s heart began to pound in his chest as he watched Aiden’s cheeks bulge out behind his hand and he fought hard. “Hmmmmrrrrfffl!” Blake rested his hand in the small of Aiden’s back, just as he saw a sudden dripping of liquid forcing through Aiden’s fingers.

“Alright Aiden,” Blake said soothingly, tucking Aiden’s fringe behind his ear with some difficulty as he was still gagging wetly against his hand. “Don’t hurt yourself, let it out.”

Guuuhuuuuuuuuurrrrrrk!” Blake winced as he heard a renewed gush of sick forcing up Aiden’s throat and landing with a splatter onto the asphalt; Blake rubbed his hand in a circle as Aiden took some shuddering breaths in, saliva still dripping from his mouth. Blake was about to suggest that they keep moving, when Aiden’s shoulders rolled forward again violently: “Hicccuuuuuuurrrrrggghhhlllll!”

Aiden was trembling so severely that Blake had to brace his arm around his chest so he didn’t fall forwards, still able to hear and feel his body convulsing to bring up another wave of sick. The puddle of vomit was growing extensively – and Blake could recognise the partially digested noodles and bubble tea among the mass, which was splattered on both of their shoes.

“Ssshh, sssshhh….” Blake held tight onto him as another gargling heave brought more puke up.

Hhhkkkkkhiiirrrk!” Aiden’s heaves grew drier, and he continued to convulse against Blake’s arm.

“Oh Aiden, I think you’re empty hon…” Blake told him, trying to move the part of Aiden’s fringe which had freed itself as he vomited.

Mmmhmm…” Aiden nodded, breathing raggedly as he tried to regain composure.

“That’s it, take deep breaths…” Blake encouraged, still rubbing gentle circles into his back.

“I think-” Aiden’s voice was hoarse as he tried to speak, “I don’t think my tummy’s ready for local food yet.”

“Maybe not,” Blake agreed, attempting to manoeuvre the weak-kneed Aiden over into the dorm building without stepping in the puddle of sick. “I think I’d maybe stick to plain noodles for a little while…”

Urgh… yeah,” Aiden groaned as he allowed Blake to lead him. “Like for the rest of the trip…”

jin scenario | gentleman

You always try to avoid clubs, but when you are dragged to one by your friend, you know it can only mean trouble. Luckily, you have a mysterious stranger to protect you. 

genre: fluff
word count: 2.5k

Originally posted by boguming

You hate clubs. The seizure-inducing strobe lights; the repetitive, thumping music; the drunken crowds. You despise it all. Yet here you are. In a club. Shortly after midnight.

Your friend dragged you here with the argument that it was her birthday, and that she’d be hurt if you didn’t come along. You had to wonder what happened to the pizza-and-pyjama-party type of birthdays. You friend used to be perfectly happy with that way of celebrating. But now she has taken the notion to be more “mature” and “grown-up” and to “live a little”.

Despite you only having agreed to come on the condition that your friend stay with you at all times, she is now nowhere to be seen. She said she was off to get drinks, but that was fifteen minutes ago. It doesn’t take that long to order a cocktail.

You squeeze through the heaving throng of people until you reach the bar. It’s hard to tell with the dim lighting, but after a few minutes of scanning the crowd, you are certain that your friend is not there. Puffing out a breath, you go to sit on one of the stools lining the bar. Maybe she just decided to visit the bathroom before meeting with you again. You send her a text, then wait. She’ll show up eventually. You hope.

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anonymous asked:

Will smiled, looking up at Nico from his sprawled position. "You could get a bunch of Hawaiian flower patterned swim trunks. Have them in all different colours. Pay homage to that great shirt you were wearing when I first met you." There was something soft in the teasing look on Wills face, and Nico could tell he was trying to subtly ease the tension. It worked, because almost immediately Nico was laughing quietly. "I could wear the shirt with the trunks. Then I'd blend in with all you surfers."

“I think you would look great in any swim suit you chose. Heck, some people even swim naked.” Will laughed as Nico blushed. “Maybe some time before that happens,” Nico replied. Somehow, with Will right there it made the future seem a little bit closer. “But I’d like to try.” “Well, we can start small and work up. It’s your turn.” “What makes you so confident?” Nico always wondered this. Will just seemed so sure of himself.
Will only laughed again. “Wow, loaded question.” Nico started to wonder if he should take it back when Will started answering. “Well, some people need someone else to be confident for them,” Nico nodded when he realized that Will was talking about him. On a more serious note, Will also added, “being confident, it helps hide the panic and the worry and the fear. If I’m confident when something’s wrong and my siblings turn to me, they can see me and calm down. They trust me to take care of the situation. Even if I’m inwardly panicking, if I’m outwardly confident, then no problem.” Nico thought about that for a moment, imagining all the times that Will was so cool and collected when something was going terribly wrong. He didn’t think he had ever seen Will panic before. Except when they were in his cabin earlier. “So it’s a coping method?” Nico finally asked.

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Request: “Can you write something where Bruce is with Selina but when he meets the reader he starts falling in love with her”

Selina and Bruce attend a small night cafe where you are performing, encapsulated by your voice and personality, Bruce begins to fall for you.

The streets steamed in the cold Gotham night, and the lights illuminated in bubbles along the streets. Tucked away, hidden comfortably in between a cluster of buildings tall and strong, was a small cafe. It’s lights loomed a creamy yellow, and invited the stragglers and the curious inside. It was very dark, almost a complete black except with a hint of red and splattered candles lit around on tables. The standing and sitting crowd stuffed the air with their presence, and the drinks at the bar were almost empty. The bar illuminated lines of neon blue, red and purple, as the bartender wiped the counter clean. Bruce sat quietly with Selina in a rather comfortable booth. Their drinks were in their hands; Bruce’s almost empty.

“Busy night.” her deep sultry voice said.

Bruce could barely hear her, but he nodded in agreement.

In the moment, the lights dimmed down slowly and carefully, and only then, did the deep red light, light up the stage. Glowing in red, you appeared and stood still, your hands holding the microphone softly.

The crowd grew silent.

The piano gently sung, and your body began to sway.

Slowly, the crowd became entranced within your voice.

So soft and so calm

So smooth and so delicate.

Bruce found his ears captivated, and his eyes hypnotised.

If he couldn’t hear Selina before, then he couldn’t hear her then.

His attention was completely on you.

But you couldn’t see anyone; the blinding light too bright and intense.

The jazz notes throughout the air encapsulated the audience and everyone inside. You closed your eyes, intertwining into the music.

The piano continued, and then as if only a second had passed, the piano died down, and your voice slowly stopped. The crowd whistled and clapped, and Bruce found himself standing up in a standing ovation.

You smiled, and bowed, your dress moving like silk off the stage with yourself.

“Standing ovation huh?” Selina said. Bruce sat back down into the booth, the sound of the crowd talking and bustling now ugly compared to your voice.

“Well, she was good.” He replied, finishing off his scotch. “I think she’s perfect for the charity ball.”

Selina nodded, “I think she’s good too.”

Selina looked over to Bruce, looking at his attire;

“Hm.” Bruce looked to Selina,

“What is it? He asked.

Her hands went to his tie, “I don’t like the colour blue on you.” She said. Bruce frowned slightly, but his eyes then caught onto you moving through the crowd carefully, with a smile on your face.

“I’m going to ask her.” Selina watched Bruce place his glass back down

“I’m going to get more scotch while i’m up there.” Bruce stood up, “Want some?”

Selina shook her head, “I think i’ll pass out if i have another one.”

Bruce nodded, and walked out. Walking up to the bar with cautious eyes, until he finally spotted your golden dress.

“That was a beautiful performance.”

Your head snapped to your right, where Bruce Wayne lent on the bar. You smiled excitedly with a blush, “Mr Wayne! uh-Thank you!-Mr. Wayne!”

He smiled in return.

“If i knew i was going to be performing in front of you i would have-”

Bruce shook his head and hand, “No no, please, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to do anything because i’m watching.” 

You smiled and looked into your hands trying to calm yourself down before hearing the bartender ask if you wanted a drink.

“A water please.” You said, smiling.

“And a scotch for me too please. Put both on my account.”

You looked to Bruce,

“It’s okay you don’t have to buy me a drink.” You said, fluttered at the kind act.

“It’s the least i could do for your performance.”

You chuckled, “Flattery suits you well Mr. Wayne.”

“Please, It’s Bruce.” He held out his hand,

“(y/n) (y/l/n)” And you shook it.

“Well, (y/n), i have a proposal for you.” You smiled, taking a sip of your water.

“Would you be interested in performing at my charity ball next week?”

You almost choked on your drink, as you pointed to yourself,


“Yes, you.” He smiled.

“Mr. Wayne i would be flattered!”


“-Bruce, sorry!” he laughed.

“I’ll send you the details tomorrow.” he said, taking his scotch. His eyes caught onto your gold dress. He pointed to it,

“Gold suits you well.”

You looked down, and blushed, a smile on your face, “You’re too kind.” You said, “Your blue tie,” You began, voice quiet and shy, “It’s a flattering colour on you too-and i’m not just saying that because you complimented me.” You chucked at the end.

Bruce smiled gently, his heart almost melting at the compliment.

“Thank you.” he said, taking in your striking smile, “Thank you.”

You smiled, watching as Bruce’s eyes never left yours. With a warm smile, Bruce said with a soft voice,

“It was lovely to meet you.”

You smiled in return, “it was lovely to meet you too.”

And truly Bruce felt in awe at your presence, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. So with a warm heart and smile, he gently said, and meant very well;

“I’ll see you soon.”

-very very long time since i uploaded, it’s been centuries, i apologies! 

- I hope you liked this one! it’s a little different.

-Have a great day everyone :)x

-Thank you for being so patient <3

Hands To Yourself. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Joe sighed running his hands through his hair, stress running through every muscle he had. His laptop laid out in front of him on the kitchen table, while his face reflected in the screen. Notebooks and contract papers sprawled across the dining table, making it look invisible to the human eye.

Heaving in a deep breath, the palms of Joe’s hands pressed deeply into his eyes, a grunt leaving his lips. The last week has been nothing but meetings, stress, editing and socialising for Joe, leaving him barely any time to catch a breath. Leaning his body back against the black leather chair, he pushed his hair back and swept it to the side.

Glancing down to his watch that was slung over his wrist, he noted the time was currently half past ten.

“Joe? Can you come down here for a second, please?” Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of two years, called out from their upstairs bedroom.

“Is it important Y/N? I really need to get these things done, and I’ve still got an entire video to edit from scratch.” Joe spoke loudly, only for Y/N to hear since she was upstairs. Joe would never dare raise his voice at his sweet Y/N, as a matter of fact, he’d never raise his voice at any lady.

“Yes, babe, please? Two seconds tops!” Y/N echoed, her voice travelling down the stair way and to Joe’s ears.

Joe sighed to himself, his chair skidding back and away from the table, his body standing to his two feet and a grumble passing his lips. It wasn’t that Joe was annoyed at Y/N, it was very rare that he was, but Joe was under so much stress and needed to get a lot done, and all Joe really wanted to do was wrap Y/N up in his arms and cuddle under the duvet.

Joe took the stairs two by two, wanting to get up the stairs quicker, hoping he could get words of encouragement from his loving Y/N. Joe strolled down to the hallway to the shared bedroom, his feet allowing him to enter. A relaxed smile on his face seeing candles lighting, and the two bed side lamps, illuminating the room making it a relaxing atmosphere.

Joe’s breath suddenly caught feeling a blindfold cover his eyes, his body immediately reacting from the shock.

“It’s just me, baby. Take it easy.” Y/N’s voice crooned in Joe’s ears, a shiver running straight down the valley of Joe’s spine.

“Don’t say anything. Just listen to me.” Y/N continued, her voice cool against Joe’s hot skin, her fingers fastening the knot on the blindfold now covering Joe’s vision.

Joe’s mind was now spinning, thoughts spiralling around his head quickly, not knowing what Y/N had planned up her sleeve.

“Now, just follow me, okay?” Y/N whispered, her nimble fingers now lacing together with Joe’s.

“Y/N, what are you do-” Joe rushed out, only to have Y/N’s finger press against his lips, a soft ‘hush’ leaving her own.

Joe resealed his lips and allowed Y/N to guide him.

“Now, take a seat.” Her voice whispered, her hands guiding Joe into a sitting position on the wooden chair.

“What’s going on?” Joe asked, his voice ringing with confusion.

Joe was answered with silence while Y/N grabbed hold of his hands, tying them together behind the chair, making Joe’s heart now pound harder against his chest.

“Now, I think we can remove this, can’t we?” Y/N breathed against Joe’s neck, her hands pressing against Joe’s chest while running up towards his shoulders, and towards the blindfold.

Joe nodded calmly before he blinked his eyes open. The blindfold was now removed from his face, but he wasn’t greeted with the appearance of Y/N, like he had hoped.

“You’ve been so stressed out, haven’t you babe? I think it’s time you take some time to relax, am I right?” Y/N spoke softly, her voice singing in Joe’s ears, a groan leaving his lips feeling her thumbs rub into the blades of his shoulders.

“Oh god..” Joe gasped, feeling Y/N’s fingers rub into the pressure points of his shoulder.

“My, my..very tense shoulders..I can see this is where you’re holding the majority of your stress..You need to take all of this weight off of your shoulders..” Y/N hummed, the pads of her thumbs designing gentle circles along Joe’s shoulder blades, rubbing out the tension that he was holding. “And I can help with that..” She continued, her voice levelled and soft, almost like velvet.

Joe let out a chuckle, his eyes closing in satisfaction feeling Y/N rub out the stress and worries from his shoulders, her sweet scented perfume filling his nose.

“Tell me sweetheart, how do you plan on helping me then?” Joe murmured, causing Y/N’s hands to leave his shoulders.

Slowly Y/N strolled out from behind Joe, his eyes immediately widening at the sight of her, gawking at her attire, feeling his mind grow dazed and loss for words.

Y/N’s nude lips were curved into an innocent smile as she stood in front of Joe. Joe’s tongue swiped across his lips, his eyes running up and down her body. Y/N was dressed in nothing but sexy black lingerie, and one of Joe’s fresh, crisp white shirts. Her hair was thrown up into a styled messy bun, one of Joe’s favourite looks on her, he always thought it was a style that suited her the most, because he had more access to look at her beautiful face. A shiver ran down Joe’s spine while the crotch area of his jeans started to tighten at the sight of her.

“Y/N….” Joe drooled, his eyes wandering up and down her smooth legs, while his eyes trailed up to her pronounced chest. The matte black lingerie set, complimenting her skin tone, while his sharp, white shirt, complimented the black lingerie set.

Joe felt giddy as he watched Y/N twirl around and look over her shoulder in an innocent manner.

She looked so ravishing, so alluring.

Joe could feel his heart beat hammer against his chest, watching Y/N saunter over to him, and slowly press herself down on Joe’s lap. Their skin touching one another’s making Joe’s body burn for her touch. Joe wanted nothing more than to run his hands up and down her sides, caress her body and touch her in the places that made her go weak. To Joe’s dismay, he was now held captive, unable to release his hands and allow them to go wild and roam her body.

“Tell me baby, what’s going on in that head of yours?” Y/N purred, her hands now running up under Joe’s t-shirt, her finger tips caressing his sculpted abs, making Joe’s breath hitch.

“Right now?” Joe whispered, his hips shifting up to get closer in hopes to get some friction.

“Tell me what’s going on in that little head of yours, right now.” She smirked seductively, her forehead pressing against his, while her lips hovered over his. Y/N’s hands slowly moved down to Joe’s abdomen, pressing down on it lightly, tsking him as he tried to move their hips together.

A smug expression crossed over Joe’s face, his eyes gazing up into Y/N’s striking eye/colour eyes that were dancing with playfulness.

“I’m thinking about all of the ways that I could have you right now, and right here..” He breathed hotly, his voice deep and raspy. Joe’s hands were now fidgeting with the tight blindfold that was clasping his hands together behind the chair, something that he now wanted out of.

Y/N had Joe’s undivided attention. Joe felt nothing but awe while his eyes roamed his girlfriends beautiful body. It wasn’t too often that Joe got to see her in this way. She was in charge. She was letting him know who the boss was, and Joe couldn’t help but feel aroused at her actions, and even more attraction towards her confidence.

“Cheeky tonight, are we?” Y/N smiled, drawing her index finger up and down Joe’s jaw line slowly.

“You look ravishing.” Joe growled deeply, his lips trying to attach against Y/N’s skin, only for her hand to push his chest back against the chair, a 'tut’ leaving her lips.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself, Mr. Sugg.” Y/N purred, running her hands up and down Joe’s chest slowly before she removed her hands from under his shirt, casually dancing her fingers up his chest and towards his cheeks, cupping them in her .

“Mhmm. There’s no point in trying to escape those knots either, it won’t work.” She smiled mischievously, her hand reaching to the side, pulling back a chocolate covered strawberry.

“Open.” She whispered, smiling satisfied as Joe followed her orders, and opened his mouth.

Y/N slowly placed the chocolate covered strawberry between Joe’s lips, her lower lip catching between her teeth as Joe kept eye contact with her, biting down on the strawberry. Y/N removed the other half of the strawberry before she bit into the other half of it, a sweet smile on her lips.

“Good, aren’t they?” She whispered, licking her lips in a teasing manner, making Joe groan.

“Y/N, you know what you do to me when you do that.” Joe breathed, his blood coursing through his veins with adrenaline and need.

“I’m sorry Joe, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Y/N smiled innocently, grabbing hold of another large chocolate covered strawberry and pressed it against Joe’s lips, allowing him to bite into it, before she finished the other half of it.

Y/N smiled sweetly at her lover, as she removed Joe’s shirt from her body, tossing it to their wooden floor.

Joe’s eyes glanced down to her perky chest, his head falling back feeling himself tighten underneath her, the situation in his pants being noticeable to Y/N.

“Everything okay, baby?” Y/N smiled flirtatiously, her chest now pressing against Joe’s. As Joe parted his lips to speak, words no longer escaped, instead they were moans. Y/N’s lips were now attached to Joe’s sensitive spot on his neck, his stomach doing back flips at the sensation.

“F*ck, Y/N. I need you.” Joe breathed heavily, Y/N’s hands now running down his chest while her fingers danced in-between the waistband of his ripped black, skinny jeans.

“Easy tiger.” Y/N giggled against Joe’s skin, enjoying the way Joe was now flustered under her touch.

Joe pushed his hips up against Y/N’s, needing attention and needing touch. Joe wanted to have her pinned up against the wall and battle with a hot make out session. Joe wanted to have Y/N, lost underneath the duvet covers and have her scream out his name for all of the neighbours to hear.

“Y/N, please.” Joe whispered desperately, his voice hoarse and raspy as Y/N pressed feather kisses against the base of Joe’s throat, her hands teasingly running along the waistband of his boxers as she ever so slowly grinded their hips together, making Joe moan loudly.

“Please what?” Y/N asked sweetly, looking into Joe’s innocently, acting like she didn’t know what Joe wanted.

“Please untie me from this thing around my hands and let me give us both intense pleasure.” He breathed heavily, his knees pushing her body up into the air and drawing her closer to his body.

Joe was going mad. Joe couldn’t take this no more. Joe wanted nothing more than to be free of the tight scarf tying his wrists together so he could get his hands all over Y/N, and kiss her all over.

“Oh my. Would you look at that?” Y/N gasped, her body now removing itself from Joe’s making his eyes fall from his skull. His breathing was heavy, and the situation in his lower region was no longer being dealt with.

“What? What’s going on?” Joe groaned, looking into Y/N’s eyes desperately. He needed to be touched. He needed to be touched by her.

Joe eyed his lover intensely as she stood to her two feet, her fingers releasing the grasp from her hair, allowing her bouncy curls to run free and down her shoulders.

“I’m late.” Y/N announced calmly, strutting over towards the wardrobe in her high heeled stilettos, her hips swinging side to side, making Joe go wild.

“Late? Late for what?” Joe investigated desperately, swallowing thickly to dampen his throat that was running dry, while his tongue slid across his lips to dampen them.

“Oh? Did I forget to tell you?” Y/N smiled, glancing over her shoulder as she pulled out a tight red dress. “The girls and I are going out for drinks any minute now. Don’t worry though, I should be back in a couple of hours.” She smirked, zipping up her tight red cocktail dress, her hand running through her hair to add a little more volume.

Joe felt his world spin while he caught his breath, his adrenaline running on a high while his eyes took in Y/N’s new attire, that was now hiding the sexy surprise underneath it.

“Surely you’re not serious?” Joe asked, his eyes pleading for Y/N to tell him that it was all a misunderstanding and that the two would get up to some fun instead.

“Tell me that you’re not going to just leave me here, after all that? You can’t be a tease Y/N!” Joe groaned, a whimper leaving his lips as he watched his sweetheart take out her purse. Y/N peaked over to Joe, before she smirked walking up to Joe, sitting herself sideways on his lap, running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m afraid I am. I mean, revenge is meant to be sweet, right?” Y/N smiled devilishly, her eyes gleaming seeing Joe stumble over his words fiercely.

“Revenge!? What are you getting revenge on me for!?” Joe cried, his hands now tugging at the tie around his wrists, needing to get out of the set up trap.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten that iconic April Fool’s prank, have you? You know, the one where you made me think that you were actually married? Remember that one, baby?” Y/N smirked, cupping Joe’s cheeks as his face paled immediately, memories of the April Fool’s prank he pulled on Y/N replaying in his head.

“And don’t you remember my words?” Y/N drew out, Joe’s eyes glossing over with desperation, knowing this was the stickiest of situations he’s ever been in.

“Revenge will be sweet Joe.” Y/N drawled sexily into Joe’s ears, her hand now resting dangerously close to the bulge situated in Joe’s tight jeans.

“And I have to say, it really is sweet.” She smiled mischievously, pressing a kiss down against Joe’s sensitive skin before removing herself from his lap as her phone announced a ding, letting her know that her friends were outside waiting for her.

“Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before pulling another prank like that on me, Suggy. Because my revenge is the sweetest of them all.” Y/N smiled innocently at a bewildered Joe, who couldn’t help but smirk at the girl he loved so much.

Maybe Y/N did leave Joe in this sticky situation, but he knew deep down that his revenge for being teased like that, would be the best.


Hello my lovelies!

How are you all?

I really hope that you’re all doing amazingly well!

I don’t know if anyone remembers the prank imagine I wrote, where Y/N gets pranked by Joe, but yes, this is Y/N’s revenge! If you’d like to read that imagine, just click right here and it will take you right to it! 

I really, really, really hope that you enjoyed reading this imagine, because I really enjoyed writing it and I found it a lot of fun to write and I thought Y/N’s revenge was rather fun, instead of a usual prank!

I hope that all of you are okay and healthy!

I wish you nothing but a really good and happy week, with sunshine, happiness and love all over.  

Please don’t be afraid to leave me a message, telling me if you enjoyed this imagine or not! I would really love to hear your thoughts on this imagine and I’d love to know if you enjoyed, and if you’d like more of these types of little imagines! I’d just really love to know if you enjoyed, what you thought and I’d love to chat with you joyful little souls!

I love all of you so incredibly much, every single one of you little joyful souls mean so much to me and I am SO incredibly grateful for you! Thank you for everything you do for me!

All of my love xxxx

Highlight of my night so far (other than the free pizza)? Watching my creepy colleague once again hit on one of our customers (he kisses up to our boss so much she lets him away with murder) and getting shot down in the best possible way.

After very politely trying to disengage in conversation with him several times, she finally asked what his girlfriend would have to say about him chatting up other women. He made some joke about what she doesn’t know can’t get him dumped. Which was when said customer told him she actually knew his girlfriend. He didn’t believe her and made no bones about telling her so. Mistake. Cue customer whipping out her phone and showing him pictures of her with his girlfriend!

Turns out they volunteer at a local charity together and got talking. I have never seen the colour drain out of someone’s face so quickly. The rest of us, however, fell about laughing.😂 (I don’t think she would actually tell his girlfriend, but I have a feeling she won’t be having any more trouble with him.)

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Make My Heart Dance (Requested)

Pairing: Pre Serum Steve x reader

Request: Could you write something about pre serum Steve dating a burlesque dancer? She’s quite seductive but very sweet and they meet at one of her shows that Bucky insists on taking him to <3 thank you!

Warnings: None

Words: 979

A/N: I did some research for this mostly watching the music video for But It’s Better If You Do and watching Moulin Rouge (Though it didn’t really help, I didn’t know what to think at first but I liked it.)

(Also after the line break it’s supposed to be a large time gap, like a few weeks or a month)

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Why is Tom’s beard ginger?

Tiny fluffy (possibly scratchy) one shot.

Have a cup of something nice and a Biscuit/cookie and hopefully enjoy.

“Ok, what’s so funny?” he asked me, as I sat happily giggling on the bed with my laptop in front of me, opened on my Tumblr page.

He just arrived back from the morning run, which were getting earlier and earlier, as he wanted to get the job done without being papped. His words not mine.

“Can’t say my Darling as you will be upset at female kind” I replied

“Female kind never ceases to amaze me, so come on, spill” 

“Well today’s jolly Jap is you getting wonderfully embarrassed at the awards yesterday and my thanks goes to Sandy for that. Oh and a discussion about your beard” I told him

“I’m just glad you went there, or a rousing chorus of OFF, OFF, OFF would have been heard after my its lunchtime comment!”

I smirked and then tried, and failed to look innocent, he knew me too well.

“Anyway what wrong with my beard, don’t they like it?”

“Quite the opposite but they are curious as to why it changes colour as it get longer. Some are saying it fades with age, some it’s all the products you use on it and some are just confounded by its beauty. Personally, I think it’s all the Frosties you get stuck in it, in the morning, the colours rubbed off on you, my messy pup!”

“Well my love, my little winter flower, you are all wrong.” And with that statement  he put his Cambridge face on, the one that says I’m about to tell you all, so listen up.

“The reason my beard goes a lovely shade of ginger, is because of sex!” Now the eyes were sparkling.

And he sat down beside me on the bed and put an arm around me.

“You see my beard and hair responds to the amount of sex I get. The more content I am, in other words the more happily shagged I’ve been, the lighter my beard and hair get. Yes the more Way Hey, I receive the brighter I and my hair become and at this rate with you my love, I shall be able to play the Christmas Star with no lighting required”

The whole of Hiddles was crushed up against me now and he was taking my laptop from my hands and putting on the bedside table.

“So let’s see if you can get me a few shades lighter”

I do hate to disappoint……..

Picture not mine I just played.

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Member: Woozi/Jihoon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 672 words

~Admin Hari

It was rare that Woozi stopped working; he had things to get done and he wanted to do them well. It was part of why you loved him so much. But it did get out of hand sometimes when you are trying to have a date and he is secretly writing lyrics on the napkins at the restaurant. Eventually, you found a solution that made you both happy.

Work/Dates became a combined endeavor. You did your university readings while Jihoon worked on his songs. It turned out to be a good system as you both got more work done and got to spend time together at the same time. You would sit at the big kitchen table in your dorm with a bunch of snacks and spend hours at work, trading suggestions as you went.

Jihoon had always considered you his go to for music advice even before you started dating years ago. You always knew exactly what to say to get him back on track or give him a burst of inspiration. You didn’t have any musical training and could not distinguish between music notes but you had a good ear. It was something Woozi adored about you.

On one of these particular Work/Study Dates, Jihoon was working on the newest Seventeen album. He already had a few go solid songs but nothing that was worthy of being the title track yet. The group counted on him for creating their singles and he was having a hard time coming up with something that fit the group’s image but also presented something fresh.

You were typing furiously at your English essay that was due next week on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Your battered copy of the book was open on the table with hundreds of coloured sticky notes on practically every other page. Jihoon was writing in a lined notebook; scratching and re-writing as he went.

“Do you think it would be unoriginal to connect Marianne and Elinor as the ID and the Superego?” You ask Jihoon.

“A little bit. But if you connect with some other examples of Freudian theory, you could probably get away with it.” He responds without even looking up from his lyrics. “I think I finally got a hook for the chorus.”

“The Akkinda of this song? What have you got?” You tease.

He makes a face at you but smoothes out the paper and clears his throat. “I just can’t- I just can’t wait for an adventure with you.”

“Well, if you didn’t read it out then it would sound nicer.” You comment on his dull tone.

“That’s the problem.” Jihoon leans his head on your shoulder. “I can’t find the right way for it to sound. I have been using the adventure theme for a little while now and this is the best hook. But I can’t find the right beat!”

“Well, how about a fresh perspective?” You grab his notebook and look at the chorus he has written out. Woozi has underlined the parts that need emphasis.

Jihoon may be your boyfriend but there are a few things he still doesn’t know about you. One of the bigger ones is that he has never heard you sing. You aren’t that confident in performing and it was always his thing. You loved his voice so much that you thought you would leave that talent to him.

You take a breath a sing the chorus how you think it should sound. Woozi suddenly straightens up and stares at you with wide eyes as you finish singing. “Y/N?”

“What?” You ask, self-conscious. “Is my voice bad?”

“On the contrary,” He says. “Why have you never told me that you could sing?”

“I can’t.”

“You have a gorgeous voice. I think I need to set you up for an audition at the company.”

“Jihoon! Stop it.” You laugh.

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

Jihoon leans in close to you and presses a quick kiss to your lips. You feel a flush creeping up your neck. “Also, that’s perfect thanks.”

I got bored with working on it so it’s being dumped until I can get some refills for my pens. Or until I can bring myself to try and sort my photoshop settings to get smooth pen lines, and do real colour. 

feels-fics-fandoms  asked:

How about Matsubros reaction to s/o cover their Matsu face with kisses...only to discover their (the boys) face has lipstick marks all over in their respective colours? Good luck with this blog!

(thank you!!)

Osomatsu: oh man, he’d really like that, i think. seeing all those smeared red lipstick marks on his face, he’d feel so proud of himself. just smirk and be like “hell yeah, look at you, you stud. totally getting some” to his reflection in the mirror (like a dork). he might really have a thing for this kind of stuff. he wouldn’t even want to wash it off right away. like, if he could, he’d even go as far as to sit down with his brothers with the lipstick still there, just to show off and watch them all suffer.

Karamatsu: he’d have to lift a hand up to touch his blue-stained cheeks and lips before smiling and blushing and remarking about how he’s all yours. he might get a little poetic and cheesy/painful about it. he’d also totally be admiring his reflection in the mirror, kinda like Osomatsu, but more silently. he thinks that he should always be coated in kisses like this (and tbh i think he should).

Choromatsu: he’d blush a lot (as he seems to in a lot of these scenarios haha). he’d stare at his reflection, astonished at first, but then he’d just glow with all the love he has for you and what you do to him. he’d be really happy at all the green kissies, but he’d wash them off soon enough. no way he’s gonna go let his brothers see him like that. (not because you’re embarrassing or anything, but because they’re ruthless.)

Ichimatsu: he loves getting marked by his s/o, in a variety of ways. personally, he likes methods that last a little longer like bites/scratches/hickies and the like, but all these little purple kissies on his face pleases him too. it kinda turns him on, honestly. he probably just looks for you for more.

Jyushimatsu: yes all these bright yellow kisses. bright yellow little sunshines for my little sunshine. he admires them in the mirror for a good while before kissing you all over your face in return (just without all the lipstick marks because he isn’t wearing any). he doesn’t even wash the lipstick off his face, this goof, he’d just stomp right into the living room where his brothers are at later and sit down. unlike Osomatsu however, he does this totally innocently. the other five still force him to wash it off.

Todomatsu: he loves it so much and takes so many selfies with the pretty pink kissy marks all over his face. he’d then post some of them online to make other people (*cough/his brothers/cough*) jealous. after he finishes his photo shoot though, he washes it all off.

Because You Bested Me

Oops. Writing Malcolm is cathartic, especially under sleep deprivation.

This is a direct sequel to Citrus With A Hint of Tea. I may turn it into a series, but keep the one-shot angle.

As with CWAHoT, this will be on ff.net shortly.


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“I’ve been the tattoo artist working on your sleeve for the last two years and when you come in I try not to act excited but I’ve actually come to really look forward to it when you make appts because your requests are always challenging and fun and today is no exception so let’s get sta- HEY! WHAT THE HELL! Did you get work done by a different artist?? Fucking ouch this is it this is what it feels like to have your heart broken” AU

She smiled as she pushed the door open, to hear the familiar buzzing of a thousand needles and the slightly tinny music playing from the vinyl outback over the speakers, and the familiar laminated folders of different tattoo designs laying across the table in the corner.

“Hey Lu, you here for your sleeve?” Michael asked from behind the counter, twirling slowly on the stool, twisting his nose stud absentmindedly. She nodded,

“Yeah, please. Sorry, I know I’m a little early but I got off work earlier than I thought,” 

Michael grinned, and she walked up to the counter, resting her arms against it, “No worries, today’s been pretty dead anyway. D’you wanna pay now while you’re waiting? Luke should be done in a few minutes, some girls getting her nipple done,”

“Ah,” She nodded, biting her lip slightly at the idea of Luke touching another girls tits, which makes no sense, so she ignored it, “Yeah, sure,”

He set up the card machine, “So, how was work?”

“Boring, and that guy that’s just started kept bothering me,” She whined, typing in her pin number, “What about you, any exciting stories today?”

He sighed wistfully, “Nah not today, though I did get this girls number after I pierced her ear, so,” He shrugged, smiling. 

“-Just make sure to keep it clean, yeah? And try not to wear anything that’ll catch on it for the next few days,” Luke explained, before ducking out of the room and handing the girl a leaflet, “It tells you everything in here, but come back if you have any problems, yeah?” And he smiled, waving her out before turning to Luisa and pulling her into a shy hug, “Hey you, ready for another session?”

She beamed, “As ready as I’ll ever be,”

He let his hand ghost the small of her back as he led her back to the room, shutting the door and snapping on some gloves as she settled onto the familiar leather chair, shrugging out of her jacket so he could get to her sleeve.

“D’you still want the same design we talked about adding last time?” He asked, sitting on his chair and rolling it over, taking her arm and running his thumb over the ink there. She shivered, “You wanted those flowers right, right by your- oh.”

She chewed on her lip again, crossing her ankles nervously, because Luke was staring at the new addition to her sleeve with betrayal written all over his face.

“You, uh, you went to a different tattooist?” He asked, voice trying to be nonchalant but she can see the crease between his eyebrows, “That’s cool, yeah, uh, that’s fine.”


“No, nope, it’s chill-”

“It was when you went out of town, and I didn’t wanna wait s’all. You’re still my favourite artist.” She murmured, tucking her finger under his chin so he’d look away from the ink that wasn’t done by his hand and therefore shouldn’t be there, and to her face, “He was no where near as good as you,” She smiled.

“Damn straight,” He mumbled, before turning to grab his needle gun, “What work am I doing then?”

“I was thinking about adding some colour to these,” She pointed to the ink already ruining up her forearm. He nodded, grabbing a blue,

“Hey, uh, you’re my last appointment, and I was wondering if, maybe, you’d wanna go get something to eat after this?” He asked, eyes fixed on her arm, a faint blush to his cheeks.

“About time you asked,” She smiled and he rolled his eyes, adjusting the gun and twisting her arm into the right position, 

“So that’s a yes?” 


And he beamed at her, before she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as he led the gun to her arm, with sure, warm hands and let the skin turn to a sky blue.

The Pajama Fic: Part 11

*Sorry I didn’t want to break this down or shorten it any more than I did so this is a long post. Hope you like it, please tell me any thoughts. I’m going to post some inspo pics in a sec so you can see what I see. Here i play with the idea that Dan is really into fashion (which I think he is)*

The next day was an easy start. The coach came to pick everyone up at 11:30, as you waited Dan gingerly took your hand, obviously unsure about how public your relationship was. When you don’t object you catch him smiling to himself causing you to stand on your toes and give him a quick peck on the cheek. Everyone was far less worried about the activity Sony had planned for us today. The little information they had given us was that today would be far more relaxed as they thought they might have worn us out over the last few days; looking around the coach at all the people snoozing against each other, you couldn’t help but agree. It isn’t a long journey and yet again you’re led into a building by a guide, everyone curiously peering around for clues about today’s activity. The room you end up in is clearly a photographers’ studio with a couple of doors leading off into other rooms.

“Maybe we’re doing the promotional images today.” You suggest to Dan who nods in agreement.

“But why wouldn’t they tell us that? I’m suspicious as to why they said we sound have our creative heads on for this morning.” He adds, looking around the room as if in search of some unusual activity was lurking in a corner of the room.

“I can answer that!” Our guide responded having overheard your conversation. “You see the thing is room in missing right now is quite obvious.” She addressed the entire group. Everyone now started looking around the room like Dan had, determined to work out what our task was for the day.

“I literally have no idea.” Said Tyler, huffing in frustration.

“Well everyone, we’re missing all the staff.” She explained, causing everyone to do a collective ‘oh’ of understanding. “Today you guys are going to be in charge of your own photo shoot. We’ve supplied everything you’ll need; in the room to our left is hair and makeup, in room to our right is clothing. Behind me is all the camera equipment from our latest range that you’re promoting.” They were a lot of oohs and ahhs coming from the group now as they attempted to peer into the rooms from where they were standing. “You have to understand…” She said with more gravitas. “..Sony has placed a big responsibility in your hands. You must decide on the theme, the outfits and makeup looks. You must deliver photos of a high standard as they are to be feature in Marie Claire magazine, Instyle and a number of other magazines in which we are promoting our new camera range. We need photographs of all of you as well as any group shots you want to do. You have all day in here but I recommend that you all get started as soon as possible as there is a lot to be done. Also don’t forget to write down whomever did each job so that we can mention you, for example Zoe and Louise designed make-up looks for the day or whatever. Don’t forget to show off our product with a professional level photoshoot and last but not least, everyone have a great time!” Everyone was watching her intently now, and you couldn’t help feeling excitement and creativity that was building in the minds of everyone around you. “Now, go!” She shouted, clapping her hands to signal that we start straight away. Everyone began rushing, mainly Zoe and Louise, towards the side rooms. Loud gasps could be heard as you approach one of the rooms. You stepped inside the doors and understood why. The room was far bigger than you imagined and totally filled from end to end with racks of designer clothes. Everyone started flooding in and traipsed up and down the racks. Zoe was letting out a constant high pitched squeal  that had everyone near her covering their ears and Tyler was actually skipping.

After a while of exploring and general high pitched noises of approval everyone gathered again in the main room where Troye and a couple of the guys had set up a flipchart and were scribbling jobs on it in marker pen. Sensibly you all chose jobs to work on and argued about a theme.

“I suggest we do super bright colours and show off the ultra-pigmenting setting on the camera.” Suggested Phil whose colourful outlook did seem appropriate.

“Yeah but we did colours yesterday with the paint fight, didn’t we?” Replied Alfie, looking around for agreement from the group whom nodded.

“Yeah lets actually do something that fits with the fashion magazines at the moment.” Agreed Zoe who was obviously itching to get her hands on a couple of the outfits.

“Do we want to do casual stuff or dress-up things?” Asked Connor who had carried a particularly nice shirt out of the Clothes room and was now clutching it to his chest protectively.”

“Well if you think about it the rest of the campaign is what we look like normally, with all the vlogging and everything.” Added Dan suddenly. “Let’s show people what we look like when we actually dress up, it will be a nice change.” Several people nodded in agreement and it was decided.

“Now who wants to do what job?” Asked Troye, who seemed to have taken lead and was writing down names on the flip board. Hands shot up here and there for different jobs; Connor, Alfie and Caspar were in charge of props, set and some lighting. Phil and Troye had taken dibs on the photography but several others said they also wanted to help. Louise decided to take on the makeup and Zoe was put in charge of clothes but when fashion was called out you were surprised to see Dan raise his hand as well.

“No, you can’t dress everyone in black Dan.” Sassed Tyler, causing a few laughs.

“No, in all seriousness I’ll do it properly.” Dan replied and you smiled at him, you knew he had always been into that stuff and now was his chance to show off. He noticed you smiling at him and blushed slightly.

“Alright it’s decided. Everyone to your work stations!” Said Troye who had taken the role of ‘director’. You headed off to the clothes room with Dan and Zoe as you have promised to help them get all the outfits sorted. You politely followed Zoe, holding the pieces of clothing she excitedly threw at you and admiring the colours and fabrics that lay across your arms. You turn to see where Dan has got to and notice him trawling through section of clothes in the corner. You watch for a moment as he browses and appreciate the way his hand gently brushes along the fabrics, stopping only momentarily when he finds something he likes, then moving on.

“Oi, stop it love bird.” Zoe’s laughs at you and you notice that you’ve been staring at Dan silently and have dropped a couple of the clothes off the top of your pile.

“Sorry, sorry…” You stutter in response, breaking out of your trance and picking up the clothes that were probably worth more than your house.

“Zoe can I have a chat?” Asks Dan from across the room, who has picked out a couple of pieces of clothing a draped them over his arm. “I have some ideas.” He says, waving his phone at her to show.

“Sure thing darling.” She says and skips over, peering at his phone as he starts describing something. You continue picking up clothes as you hear;

“Well there’s this shoot that Kimye did for Vogue and…” You smile to yourself as you remember Dan’s weird little obsession with Kanye and how that might transcend into today’s photoshoot.

“Okay I think that’s about it for now…” Zoe announces after about an hour, pushing a laden rack of clothing out of the room. “Time to get people to try some on!”

“What were you talking to Zoe about for so long?” You ask Dan as you both leave the room together.

“Well there’s this photoshoot I really like.” He begins bringing out his phone to show you. “I like the way the photographer uses these contrast without making it all black and white…” He appreciates the photo on his phone but you can’t help but look at his face whilst he talks about it. There’s something so beautiful about a person when they talk about something they care about and you find yourself drawn to the way his eyes have lit up yet his face remains serious; he looks thoughtful and you can’t help but think he suits it.

“Daniel” You hear yelled across the room, it’s an excited looking Louise peering from around a door. “You’re up, come and be beautified!”.

“What? Why do I have to wear makeup.” You hear as Dan gets forcibly dragged towards Louise. You spend your time helping the boys set up as one by one they get dragged off by Louise to be beautified, some noticeably more compliant than others. Everyone had decided to use a luxurious looking burgundy coloured sofa for the main set. To each side of it was placed tarnished gold side tables on which sat ornate table lamps emitting a low, emotive glow. The lighting had been adjusted to a lower, more amber tinted glow that made the whole set incredibly intimate for such an open space.

“Dan actually suggested the colouring.” Zoe told you as you admired the work everyone was putting into it. You looked around and couldn’t help but think that the whole thing looked very atmospheric and…sexy. Then it was your then to get ready and you went to join Louise in the other room.

“I’ve got very specific instruction for you from Zoe.” She says, looking at a piece of paper held in her hand. “Honestly the whole thing is going to look amazing.” She babbles excitedly, delving into a collection of foundations and finding your skin colour.

You’ve been completely made up by Louise and you are now stood in a separate room everyone is using for changing. You standing wrapped in a little black robe louise has handed to you as someone goes to find the outfit you’re supposed to be changing into. You try not to fiddle while your hair which has been coiffered into large ‘Old Hollywood waves’. Your face is mainly neutral but your eyes have been dusted in a dark coffee colour that makes their natural colour and shape very prominent in your face. You would have felt extremely sexy if you actually had any idea what you were wearing. As you stood there, fiddling with the hem of your robe there was a knock at the door. You turned to see Dan entering cautiously.

“Hi, can I come in. Are you…” He trialed off when he saw you. “Wow, you look…” You snort his compliment away but then he steps into the room fully and your mouth drops open. Dan is looking like you had never seen him before. His complexion has been smoothed slightly by some light foundation. He looked tall and broad in a black silk shirt, left undone around his throat and revealing the white expanse of his neck and a hint of his collar bones. The suit he wore dark grey, tight suit trousers and black leather boots. Around his shoulders hung a deconstructed black suit jacket with matt lapels and across his arm hung something white that was still obscured by the door. However you ignored all this and stared straight at his head.

“I know…I thought I’d try it for this…” He muttered, gently patting his fringe which had been styled up into a messy quiff. You stared for a second before having to take a deep breath to steady yourself slightly.

“You look incredible.” You manage eventually and Dan replied with a cute smile.

“This is probably worth more than a block of flats back home.” he says appreciatively, looking down at himself. “Anyway I bought you something…”  He walks a little further into the room and you realise the white thing over his arm was the start of a huge dress. “I chose it for you myself.” He says, holding it up to the right height so you could imagine what it looked like when it was on. Now that you were closer to it you could see that it wasn’t white at all, but a light grey, and completely made out of feathers. It was as if it was once a pure white and had been dusted with iridescent coal dust, making it appear smokey and mysterious.

“If you don’t like it I can always…”

“Let me try it on.” You interrupt him, extending a hand to gently stroke the intricate layering of feather. Dna turns around politely as you drop your robe but you catch him sneaking a peek and don’t complain. You lift the dress over your head a slide into the silken cocoon lining easily. It fits well, starting at the shoulders and staying close to the body, sliding over your curves until it reaches the thigh and it flares out into a small, feather train. It was beautiful.

“Would you zip me up please.” You say quietly, turning your still exposed back to Dan. He walks over silently and you can feel his hot breath on the nape of your neck as he stands too close to do up the hidden zip. He finger lightly graze your skin as he smoothly zips you up and as you turn around to face him he doesn’t move away. Instead you stand intimately close together as he says;

“You look beautiful Y/N, you know?” You lay a small, breathy kiss on his lips.

“All thanks to you.” You murmur back.

Everyone outside is pretty much ready by now, and are stood comparing clothing and adjusting lighting. Dan reenters alone as you put your shoes on in the room still.

“Jeez, Dan what took you so long?” Phil teases him.

“You just wait and see.” He mutters back under his breath.

When you finally re enter the room everyone stops what they’re doing. Dan is adding big, burgundy and gold cushions to the sofa and turns around last after realising everyone else has stopped.

“Gurl, what the fuck?” The silence is broken by Tyler, who pouts at you sassily.

“You look boootiful.” Says Zoe cutely, running over to squeeze you hand, her petticoated gold dress swinging as she walked. You blush massively as you see Dan drop the cushion.

“Are we ready to start everyone?” Troye shouts, breaking everyone out of their trances and back to reality. Everyone went about getting things ready and you stood admiring people clothes from a distance.  Phil looked lovely in a shirt a couple of shades lighter than the burgundy sofa. Louise wore a long black dress with a sheer decolletage and sleeve and gold accessories. Tyler wore a white shirt and black bowtie and was stood next to Troye who was in a silver shirt with rolled up sleeves. Alfie complimented Zoe with a black bowtie with gold metallic tips.

First up is Zoe and you decide to sit down to watch the photoshoot take place like everyone else.  Dan pulls over a couple of chairs and beckons you. You both laugh as the dress stops you from sitting down properly and you end up falling into his lap rather than lowering yourself.

“Okay I didn’t think that through when I chose it.” Laughs Dan as he helps arrange the skirt as you sit.

“Don’t worry, I can’t breath but it’s fine.” You say sarcastically getting Dan to laugh again. You can’t help but notice how well your outfits compliment each other as you sit side by side. You rest your head on his shoulder as Dan leans forward to watch Zoe posing on the sofa.

“Work it gurl!” Shouts Tyler across the room as Zoe poses funnily.

“Hey Phil, get her to look at the light so the shadow falls nicely.” Dan suggests suddenly, his face actually serious with concentration.

“You know you’re actually really good at this.” You say to him.

“Thanks…” Dan Says embarrassed, hand automatically going to check his hair. “…I actually…really, really like fashion.” He smile awkwardly down at his hands. “I mean…the whole lighting is based off this vogue shoot I saw…the one I mentioned earlier…and I chose your dress as it resembles the Alexander McQueen I saw at the V&A…” He kept talking you through his decisions and you happily rested on his shoulder, your skirt wrapping around his legs slightly as you sit intertwined. You learn that he spent all the time discussing with Zoe exactly the look he wanted with your makeup and the dress, which is why Louise had such specific instructions, you can’t help but be impressed.

Next thing you know it’s your turn up and you awkwardly sit on the sofa, hoping for a little direction. To your surprise Dan gets up with you.

“Do you mind?” he asks, extending a hand out to Phil. Phil shrugs and hands him the camera and he fiddles with it a bit, checking the settings before looking up at you. A smirk crosses his face and he kneels, bringing the camera to his eye. Just as he does he winks and you can’t help but look away and blush. Click. He takes a photo and as you checks it you think you hear him mutter ‘perfect’ but you’re not sure. He continues giving you directions, his face surprisingly serious as he tells you to adjust your feet or your posture. He keeps the poses neutral, having you recline on the sofa or asking you to mess your hair a little. You push your hair forward, allowing it fall across your face lightly.

“Now look at me.” He says intimately. Your eyes meet and you get lost in the intensity of his deep brown stare. You forget that anyone else is even in the room as he takes your portrait, knelt a few feet from you in his black elegance. This time he mutters ‘perfect’ without looking at the photo.  

You don’t speak after your turn is finished, instead you just stand very close, his arms brushing the feathers that became a little ruffled at your shoulder. There is a couple of group photos at the end that the Sony representative takes for the group but then it’s time to pack up and go home. You all hang your clothes up on a rack, feeling slightly awkward in your normal skinny jeans again. Only when you get home to you remember the dramatic eye makeup is on your face. You smile as you wash it off in your sink and laugh as you remove Dan’s layer of foundation with a makeup wipe when he comes into your room complaining he can’t get it all off. You cuddle in your pajamas that night, and you can’t help but decide that this is still the outfit that suits him the most. 

Just Give Me a Reason

Word count: 2170
Inspired by: Just give me a reason - Pink and Nate Ruess
You can also find this on: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7131011
(This is literally the longest one I’ve done and I love it.)

Maybe it was just all in your head like some sort of delusion, but things between you and your boyfriend were not what they used to be. Lately he had been so distant and it was bothering you. Arguments were becoming a regular occurrence and they weren’t just daily disputes about small things - no. The last argument you had caused you to live apart for a week.

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Through the Window (Part 11)

Part 10
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“Well that was quite something.” You say with a laugh, relaxing back into the car seat.

“I knew that would happen.” He grumbles, brushing his floppy hair out of his eyes.

“Yeah well she’s your mum, she’s excited. All mum’s get excited about prom.” You say with a shrug. “How much money did your dad give you anyway?”

“I didn’t look. Here, count it.” He says, rummaging in his pocket and passing you the wad of now crumpled notes.

“Buck there’s like five hundred dollars here.” You say slowly, leafing through the notes.

“What are you on about.”

“I’m not even kidding. Two hundreds, four fifties and five twenties.” You count out what you’re holding, looking at Bucky with wide eyes.

“Holy shit.” He cries, slapping his palm against the steering wheel in excitement.

“That was overly generous…” You mutter, still shocked.

“Well he ain’t getting it back now. We’re going shopping.”

“Let’s do it.”

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Derelict - multi-chaptered

Chapter One


Derelict (adj): in a very poor condition as a result of disuse or neglect/falling into ruins


Based on this prompt: multi-chaptered reality fic where Dan is in an abusive (physically, mentally and sexually) relationship with Phil and can’t get out

WN: (I’ll put specific ones for specific chapters as I’m not entirely sure how this is going to play put just yet) smut, skype sex, slight sexual harassment and non-con, swearing, emotional manipulation

My bottom lip slides between my teeth and I grip it nervously, trying to ignore the incessant thud of my heart against my ribs. Visibly my fingers shake so I clench them and shove them beneath my thighs. Why can’t I stay calm? It isn’t like he was anything to be scared of. From how he acts in his videos, he seems ridiculously adorable.

Okay, he might be a little older than me. And that could mean awkwardness considering I’m eighteen and he’s already in his twenties (only by two years though, so it can’t be that bad.) Plus we’ve never met in person, or at all really; I may have seen his face and heard his voice a bunch of times but all he’s got from me are MySpace messages. And not to mention the fact that either one of us could really be a sexual predator.

Suddenly the screen flashes a deep blue and that sweet melody plays around my room. If my heart wasn’t beating before, I can definitely feel it now. Forcing myself to take a deep breath to fill up my lungs, I click “Video” to answer his call.

Immediately the air around me feels stifling as it fills with the sound of static and background noise through a relatively cheap laptop microphone. His profile picture of him wearing a red-plait shirt remains in the centre of my screen whilst my tiny window buried in the corner fades into an image of me, mirrored and flipped, and at the sight I curl into myself in self-consciousness.

“Hey,” His voice just about makes itself heard over the relentless heartbeat in my ears, “Dan Howell, I presume?”

If this wasn’t the situation, and I was with someone I knew and they knew me, I would probably shoot back with something sarky, like “It says my name under my video, you spoon”. But no, this is not such a person. Under his eyes I feel more exposed than I’ve ever been, like he’s watching my every slight movement, and it’s difficult to be myself. At the thought I force down a silent gulp and simply nod my head.

Silence stretches between us, and I can feel my hands getting clammier with every passing moment. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“I’m about to do all the talking, aren’t I?” At that I blush, feeling ridiculously awkward and curl into myself even more. “Aww, that’s adorable! Look at you!” Fuck - he’s noticed. Unable to help it I feel my cheeks burning a deep red and cover their obviousness with my still trembling hands. “Hey, Dan? Come back…” His pout is practically audible but I shake my head.

Great - thirty seconds in and I’m already a mess.

(That’s what he said.)

“No, seriously it’s alright. I don’t mind it. I know you’re nervous. We’ve never actually done this before,” he reassures, making me feel like I’m calming down just by the softness of his voice. “But, as you can see, I’m no paedophile, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Oh. Hang on.

Clumsily my fingers fall onto the keyboard, stumbling and skidding across the wrong keys at wrong times before eventually collapsing on “Enter”:

Dan Howell: Can’t see you :(

Silence sits between us for a while, then suddenly his video comes on. He’s far too close to the camera but actually he quickly moves away, readjusting his position, and runs his hands through his hair. They drop onto his lap and he lets out a sigh, lips curling into a lopsided grin.

“How about now?” I just stare, head tilting absentmindedly in admiration. “Helloooo? Earth to Dan?” Then without any warning I snap out of it, realising what I was doing, and for god’s sake I was blushing again. “You know, you do that a lot. It’s really cute.” My head shakes lightly in disagreement and I look away.

This really was a stupid idea.

“So I’m guessing my gorgeous face has now graced its way onto your screen?” Bringing my bottom lip between my teeth again I nod, trying to keep my composure. This is Phil Lester I’m talking to - Amazing fucking Phil - there’s no way I can let myself mess things up so soon. “You know, you’re really cute, Howell. I’m not going to get over that.”

Once again, I can’t find the courage to actually use my voice, so I had to resort back to the keyboard.

Dan Howell: Shut up

Phil’s amused laugh fills my ears, slightly distorted by the crappy audio, and he leans closer to the camera to rest his head on his hands, giving me a devious smirk.

“Make me.”

I freeze, and for a couple of seconds I’m sure I don’t breath. It’s clear what he’s implying, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that idea yet. My cheeks start to burn, with awkwardness this time, but this only makes him laugh more.

“Oh, Dan Howell. Such a cute little boy, so young and shy. I’ll make you mine one day, you pretty thing - wouldn’t you like that?” At the question I don’t answer, not willing to go that far with a man I was just meeting. I know if we keep this up that I’ll end up with a pathetic crush on him, but that shouldn’t matter, seemingly as he’s way out of my league. Besides - why would he settle for an awkward, inexperienced kid like myself?


“You like me, don’t you?”

My heart jumps into my throat at the accusation, questions like “how does he know?” and “is it that obvious?” flying through my head in a panic.

You see, infatuation is the silly childish thing I’d let myself fall into in the couple of months that I’ve known him. Because fuck, Phil Lester is older and confident almost to the point of arrogance, and he’s social and flirtatious and talkative and basically everything I’ve ever aspired to be. But since I’m a stupidly hormonal teenager, there was no way I could stop myself from imagining him using his confidence in the bedroom, teaching me things and showing me how it’s done, letting me please him and also him pleasing me. Alright, I think about it a lot - because Phil’s a bad boy and I’m a shy boy and my god, he’s such a dream.

“You cute thing, you do like me! You’re so obvious,” I feel the blush heat my cheeks and I turn away, cursing myself once again for choosing Skype over a normal phone call. When I’m with him on video, I blush so much I think one day a blood vessel in my face might actually burst.

Phil leans forward, chin resting on his hands, and he cocks his head with that wide smug grin on his stupid perfect face. “You know, if you really do like me, I’m sure we could come to some kind of arrangement,” with a suggestive wink my attention is back on him, silently begging for him to continue. “Because how on Earth could I resist a cute little face like yours?”

“Phil…” I whine, wanting him to stop making me blush.

“Shut up, it’s adorable. Now - how about you and I talk relationships? Is that what you want?” Bringing my bottom lip between my teeth like I always do when I’m nervous, I timidly nod, not wanting to come across as desperate. Phil’s lips curl into a satisfied smirk and his eyes twinkle with a glint of something, but it’s gone so fast that I completely forget it was even there.

“Good. I think you and I can have a great thing together, you know? I really can’t wait.”


I gulp as I read the words on the screen, wondering what the hell they mean.

Phil Lester: Call me ;) I’ve got something for you

In all honesty, I’m nervous. I’ve only known him for three months, or there about, and knowing Phil this probably won’t be romantic.

Hesitantly, with trembling fingers, I press “Call” and wait for him to answer. He does in record time and once I’m met with his stupidly smug face I roll my eyes.

“Phil, it’s ten pm, my parents are asleep,” I whisper, “What d'you want?”

Phil shoots me one of his signature knowing grins, “Well then, I’d plug some earphones in if I was you,” he raises an eyebrow suggestively. “Besides, I’m blaming this on you. You see, I haven’t stopped thinking about you - all day, in fact,” I feel my cheeks rising in colour, a sensation I’m unfortunately used to, “and you know, you’re just so gorgeous, even the thought of you gets me going…”

My eyebrows furrow in confusion at the statement, until Phil brings the webcam lower and lower until I watch it pass the hem of his joggers. My eyes avert away, widening in surprise, and my hearts thumps even faster than before. I did not just see what I think I did.

“You did this to me, so you’re gonna fix it, Dan,” I shake my head - what the hell am I supposed to do? Watch him?! “Oh yes, you are. I want to see you, kid - hard and bare and desperate to be touched,” my blush deepens as I consider whether or not I could actually go through with this. “And by that you know I mean your dick, right?”

“Phil,” I whimper, “I don’t think I can–”

“Come on, Dan. Just do it. Live a little,” Once again I shake my head in reluctance, causing Phil to let out a sigh in frustration. “You’ll enjoy it, trust me.”

Eyes shut and cringing, I bring my hands to the hem of my boxers and slip my fingers beneath the waistband. I don’t make any noise as I pull the material down to expose myself, cheeks probably a blood red by this point. I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

“Let me see,” Phil pleads. Still looking away I refuse with a gesture he must be getting sick of. “Let. Me. See.” he demands.

Whimpering at his tone I grip the lid of my laptop with a trembling hand and force it down, until I hear Phil curse and suddenly my heart is thudding in my ears.

“Jerk yourself off for me,” I hear him growl.

“N-no, I can’t… Not with you watching…” But he stays silent this time, impatient, silently forcing me and not offering a choice. Taking a deep breath, I curl my trembling fingers around myself as I run them slowly up and down my length, whilst trying to ignore the glottal moan Phil releases at the same time.

“Fuck Dan, you’re just so hot. So hot for me, aren’t you? You little slut, you’re loving this,” I bite back a whimper as I only feel more humiliated, letting myself be used as a tool to help Phil get off. It’s too obvious that he’s doing the same thing, and judging by the volume of his noises he’s really enjoying himself. “I’ve been so hard for so long, just waiting for you. You should feel special, I held off for you.”

“This is weird…” I mumble to myself, trying to see how this sort of thing can be pleasurable for some people.

“Shut up, this is amazing. Just the sight of you… So innocent, yet such a slut for me,” Phil moans out between sentences, making me realise I’ve never heard him so…whatever it’s called. Sexy? “Such a good little slut. Would you do anything for me?” Not wanting to disappoint him (because he could very easily leave me for someone else) I nod my head, suddenly feeling the true effects of my hand. “Just as I thought. You’re gonna do so well.”

I want to ask him what he means by that but Phil cuts me off with an exaggerated moan, and I can’t help but answer with one of my own. “Phil, how close are you?” I ask timidly with no real clue of what to say in this situation.

He lets out a noise which is a mix between a laugh and a groan and it sends blood rushing straight to my dick. Cringing at the fact that I’m really hard and Phil can see that, I hear him moan “Oh, I’m so close. But what I’d really enjoy is my little slut here moving his laptop so I can see all of him and he can see all of me.”

A horrid twisting sensation becomes prominent in my belly and I suddenly don’t want to be doing this anymore. “Phil, I really don’t want–”

“Dan, I do not have all night, now move!” Sighing, I give in and stand up to place my laptop on my desk before sitting back on my bed, the little window showing from above my head to my knees and unfortunately everything in between. I still have a shirt on but just as I realise that Phil demands “Take that off, I want all of you,” so I comply without any protest.

When I can finally bring myself to look at him I see he’s in the exact same position, with his hand working relentlessly on his dick. This is so weird. We haven’t even kissed or held hands yet.

“Fuck, I wish I was there with you, I’d jerk you off myself.” I bite my lip hard, trying to throw all coherent thought out of my head so I can actually enjoy this. I’m just so hard and frustrated that I have to stroke myself that little bit faster, stifling a high-pitched moan at the relief. “You’re gonna come, aren’t you?” At the mention of it I feel myself draw suddenly closer and nod frantically, aware that Phil had been hard long before I was, but hell - I’m a teenager, and this isn’t fair. “Fuck, gonna look so hot. Do it. Come for me. Fuck, I’m almost there.”

Knowing it’ll make Phil happy, my legs begin to tremble at the intensity and suddenly I stumble over the edge, whining and whimpering as the incredible warmth rushes through me, face scrunched in pleasure. One final time I hear a curse pass Phil’s lips and I know he’s gone too.

My eyes drift to the screen and my mouth’s wide open as pant with exhaustion. I watch as Phil collapses onto his bed and lets out a breathy laugh, and I want to laugh too but suddenly this cold washes through me and immediately I bring my hands down to cover myself, tugging my covers over my crotch too and sinking into myself in shame. I can’t believe we just did that. We really shouldn’t have done that.

“Oh, fuck, that was incredible!” Phil exclaims, still laughing and to my surprise not attempting to cover himself up. “We have to do that again sometime.”

For the absolute first time in mine and Phil’s relationship, I take a deep breath and, using all my courage, straight out say “I didn’t feel comfortable with that and I don’t want to do it again.”

The call falls into a tense silence and straight away I regret the words I used, wishing I could simply grab them and gulp them back down. I watch, nervous, as Phil sits himself up and looks dead at me, his glare older and intimidating. But then his eyes soften, and he watches me almost lovingly.

“Dan, baby, it you weren’t comfortable you should’ve said something,” he coos, and I feel myself slowly calming at the sound. “I don’t want you feeling sick or awful because of something I wanted you to do. Now, baby, be honest: can you really tell me you didn’t enjoy that?”

A blush creeps onto my cheeks and I shake my head. “I guess I did…”

Phil smiles at me in appreciation. “There - see? Not so bad then, right?” He laughs again and at the sound I let a small smile tug at the corners of my lips. “Loosen up a bit, kid. It’s only me.”

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trial by fire #6

chapter 6: Spark

summary: When a series of fires unsettles the city of Magnolia, Detective Lucy Heartfilia unwittingly reignites a war between old rivals. But when she finds herself drawn to one of her suspects, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur.

rated: M for Mature Content (no nsfw scenes in this chapter)

Ohoho, I think you will enjoy this one B)

read: part I | part II | part III | all parts | on ff.net

The bill did turn out rather high, but not too high for Lucy to not leave a generous tip for the waitress with the sweet smile. Handing out the money hurt her heart nonetheless, and her mind calculated her new balance immediately, already cutting back on her shopping list. No meat for her this week, not if there was not enough money on her spending account.

The amount she put on there each month was enough to live off, and she allowed herself no second transfers.

The now cool evening air hit her face as she stepped outside the small restaurant. Lucy took a deep breath.

Now this had went far better than she would have imagined - and rather unexpected too, with their short visitor. She’d been thrown right into an old feud, it seemed, and she was not about to scramble back out.

Especially not after she had seen what an arrogant, snobbish jerk this Jackal was. What he had said to Natsu, so nonchalantly and with an unsufferable air of superiority around him, still made her blood boil.

She would definitely send him to jail.

But not today. Today, all that was left to do was to get home.

With that thought in mind, she pulled out her mobile phone.

“Fancy,” Natsu commented with a teasing grin, and her cheeks flushed in angry embarrassment. “Bet that one has GPS.“

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Winmin Week 01: Superior and Subordinate

Alright, let’s get these started. This is pure canonverse fluff. No warnings, approx 1500 words. Or, you can read it on Ao3 here.


Armin was conflicted. They were superior and subordinate after all, kept apart by rules and regulations and just plain common sense. It was wrong. He was more than twice his age. But the heart wants what it wants, and it wasn’t like there was much else that made Eren smile lately.

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