i think he's earned it

To all the people who keep telling me that Hiccup is not a delicate flower wisp:

Look at that boy, he is airborne.

Behold Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, my delicate little flower child:

And it’s not just in the first movie.

Granted, 20-year-old Hiccup is stronger than he was five years before, and he’s definitely taller, but he’s still not a hot manly man. He still often gets manhandled and protected and held and treated roughly.

Is Hiccup a physically strong person? No, he’s not, especially compared to all the dragons and superhuman Vikings he’s surrounded by.

Is Hiccup a strong person in every other way? Yes, of course he is.

In Hiccup’s finest moments, his strength is either non-violent, or involves borrowing the strength of other people whose loyalty he earned with respect and kindness.

I think it’s FANTASTIC when a man manages to still be masculine despite having traditionally feminine traits or roles, and vice versa. I think that Hiccup can be a physical weakling and a good man at the same time.

Hiccup is a manly wisp of a flower. He’s a kitten leading a troop of gorillas. He proves that strength of heart is not something to scoff at.

Plot twist, the dimensional dragons are actually all female. And they’re super protective of their humans because they see them like helpless hatchlings.

It’s like ‘You have no natural armour to protect you or defense mechanisms like claws/wings/horns/a tail/breath weapons etc. You are soft and squishy and small so I must protect you because I don’t know how you’ve survived so long’

Protective dragon moms.


Anon asked: I loved your Agust D…ick and Hoseok texts! I was wondering if you do reactions? If so could you do a reaction to the boys finding out their s/o has a crap load of their merch? Yes I know I’m weird af 😂😂😂

BTS Reactions to their s/o having a ton of their merchandise!

Kim Namjoon:

I think he would be in complete awe that you spent so much of your hard-earned money on their merchandise. I think he would also be quite impressed. 

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Kim Seokjin:

Okay, no one loves Bangtan more than Seokjin loves Bangtan. With that being said, I feel that he would love, and I do mean LOVE the fact that you have a ton of his team’s merchandise. I think he would even brag that he probably has more merchandise than you. 

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Min Yoongi:

Now for the one and only Min Yoongi, I think he would pretty laid back about finding out his s/o has a ton of their merchandise. He would be “cocky” about it and say that he is not surprised at all and will more than likely ask if you are going to buy their latest album or something along those lines. 

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Jung Hoseok: 

Alright, now for this ball of energy, I think he would be over the moon to walk into your room and see it covered from head to toe all things BANGTAN. He will more than likely shout at the top of his lungs seeing his solo poster from his RUN era hanging on your wall. That would show him that he’s your number 1 in regards to BTS.

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Park Jimin:

Kind of similar to Yoongi, I feel that Jimin would be either nonchalant or shy to see your room decorated with all things BTS. I think Jimin would be smiling shyly and blushing from seeing not only his face but his members faces as well hanging on your wall. He would more than likely ask you politely to perhaps cut down on buying their merchandise or at least no more posters, but we both know that he secretly loves seeing his personal post hanging above your bed. 

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Kim Taehyung:

Like Hoseok, I feel that Taehyung would also be over the moon once he found out about your treasure load of BTS merchandise. He would be even happy to see his hip hop monster plushie doll chilling on your bed. I feel that he would start telling you memories while he flips through your pile of albums and more than likely, it would be embarrassing stories of Jimin or Jungkook. Probably the hyung line would be included in story time. 

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Jeon Jungkook:

Ah Jungkook…okay for him, his reaction would be close to Jimin. I feel that he would be shocked and instantly shy once he sees his face hanging on your wall, and his hip hop monster plushie doll still in its case staring at his soul. He would then more than likely sit awkwardly on your bed and try and avoid eye contact with not only his personal poster but the other posters that are hanging up on your wall. Also, I think he would ask you politely to save your money and not buy any more of merchandise, but on the inside, he secretly loves seeing you doing your part to support him even though you can’t go to his concerts or other special events that occur.

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Requests are open! :) 

A/N: What do you guys think of my first reactions? Hope you like it! I tried my best to embody their personalities ^^

That’s why I think Loki orbits Sigyn, not the other way around. 

Even if he doesn’t realize it, Sigyn’s everything Loki searches for. She’s accepting and assuring, she really sees him, can prop him up or knock him down a few pegs when he needs it, she’s his equal, in good time and bad. Sigyn doesn’t need Loki, she has no use for manipulating or lying to him. She can stand on her own two feet just fine without him and that gives him the freedom to go on his little chaos runs. I think that also gives him the drive to earn her attention. 

He may come and go, but wherever Sigyn goes Loki’s sure to be somewhere in orbit around her. 

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who holds the umbrella when it rains

rip, his mustache dripping, his hair slicked to his head, stormcloud directly over him: really sara it’s just a drizzle why are you complaining

(neither of them ever has an umbrella but sara steals his jacket to use as a makeshift hood and he dies a little inside)

who is the grumpiest in the morning

Rip has no concept of “morning” versus “evening” because of all the time he’s spent on the ship, and sara wakes up at four in the afternoon, but she takes longer to wake up and really be Awake, once Rip’s awake he’s ready to go for another eighteen hours no complaints

who worries more when the other is sick/hurt

RIP, Jesus, Sara tries to play it off or make jokes about dying and then he starts welling up and trying to play it cool and she’s like dude are you…literally crying right now and Rip, in tears, NO I AM JUST VERY WORRIED I THINK I’VE EARNED THAT RIGHT

Like, he’s just so worried about her because she fights so viciously and it’s all for him and she never takes care of herself and it makes him so anxious like she’s not exactly CAREFUL! and he has to be so mindful and he wants to be by her side when she fights to make sure she’s safe but it’s because he’s by her side that she fights harder and they are a fucking mess

who plays pranks on the other

Rip’s idea of devious is “pretending to date when we’re dating for real” so if anyone’s mixing up his immaculately organized records it’s Sara

who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

Sara doesn’t suggest, but she invites; she drapes herself in his favorite spaces to sit, and waits, and eventually he comes to her if she’s patient enough, whereupon she cuddles the life out of him.

who insists on creating nicknames for the other

“hey english! hey captain! hey delicate english rose! hey earl grey tea! hey prince charles! wait where are you going tea and crumpets RIPTIDE COME BACK I LOVE YOU”

who drools on the other when they’re asleep

Sara, which Rip grimly tolerates, (he finds it endearing but he would rather have another tooth pulled from his head than admit it)

who says ‘I love you’ first

Sara says it casually, like they’ve been in love this whole time, which they have, so she says it like it’s plain and simple fact and they literally stare at each other in horrified silence before fleeing in opposite directions and not speaking for a week until he finds her in her bedroom and kisses the words back into her mouth

I told my mom that Jackson is sick so he won’t have schedules till next week and my mom went “wah he’s always sick so pitiful… how old is he now?” “he’s 23” “ohh okay.. I think in 7 years he can retire.. he’ll earn a lot of money now so he can retire early. it’s okay he’s a hard worker.” so I went “who are u? his adopted mother” and I kid u not… like this shit can’t be made up but she went “no not my adopted son.. my son in law”

My Identity Has Evolved
  • I was recognized by one of my hall neighbors as “Silo’s mom.” He wasn’t with me. 
  • The two most commonly uttered phrases in my apartment have become “Silo, what are you doing?” and “Not now, Mommy has a headache.”
  • After balancing the budget, I spend more on treats, food, and toys for him than I do for myself. 
  • Sometimes I tear up when I look at him because he’s so adorable and good. 

I think I’ve earned the Official Dog Mom title. My certificate should be in the mail. 

I’ve always really liked Psylocke’s outback costume.

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jellal last line in the manga was: " stand, rise on your feet!... in order to protect erza I must...!" do you think he'll a play a role in saving erza against acnologia? but this is acnologia who we are talking about. the strongest in the verse. i don't think hiro don't have any plan for him, since he's yet to be redeemed and he was used as a hype tool for august -_- (yeah august was so strong, no one could beat him but at least he should've had his spotlight like gildarts and cana for exemple)

I think whether or not Jellal has redeemed himself is subjective. I personally think he’s done enough to earn his retirement and raise his babies with Erza on a quiet farm somewhere.

As to whether or not he’ll be back, I think so. But as I say over and over… Jellal is a secondary character on his best day and tertiary on every other day. If he pops in, it’ll be Erza related. It usually is.

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THE GIANTS HAD WON THE GAME SO OF COURSE PIZZA WAS IN ORDER. It had been a long day in the Georgia heat, the game even went into overtime and it just felt nice to be in the cool pizza parlor. A few parents came to the event, mainly it was the kids who were running a muck running back and forth between the table to grab a slice and into the back room where there were arcade games.

THANKFULLY THE PIZZA JOINT HAD A BAR. He ordered two beers before returning to the main table where Negan was, sliding in the booth across from him and sliding a beer across the table to him. “I think you earned this.”He teased with a grin. 

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how about moses and miriam for the character ask? :)

First impression: It’s been so long since I first saw the Prince of Egypt that I don’t remember…
Impression now: Miriam is beautiful in a very warm way. Moses is… hard to describe. Strong, I think. You can tell he earned that.
Favorite moment: For Miriam, when she sings the lullaby to Moses. For Moses, when he comes down from speaking with God, and you can see him telling Tzipporah what happened and see the joy and wonder on his face.
Idea for a story: I… would love to write more of my modern AUs, both the normal one and the weird mob/secret agent/idfk one. I think there’s a lot of room for character exploration in both.
Unpopular opinion: Moses gets kind of boring in the second half of the movie? He loses all personality. It makes sense, but the mischievous and happiness he had before becoming God’s messenger is just- gone.
And Miriam… does not get enough screen time or development. Enough for the purposes of the movie, but not enough for me.
Favorite relationship: The two of them, actually. I can just imagine her holding her precious little brother, then aching for years as they grew up apart. Moses, never knowing he had a sister until he did, then wondering what it’s like until finally Miriam hugs him, and it feels like love.
Favorite headcanon: Ha, probably what I just typed above. I headcanon Miriam is very much full of love, and is a healer by nature if not by trade. I imagine Moses is a pretty great dad.

Clara’s was the nicest pub around. The atmosphere was friendly and warm, the drinks were good, there was constantly jazz music playing even if Roux wasn’t there playing. He played live music there every Saturday night, the busiest night of the week, and he made damn good money. With his trumpet and his best friend at the bar cheering him on after each song, just like any other night, Roux finished up his last song of the night once there was only a few customers left, and he walked over to the bar, flashing Declan a grin. “What did you think boss? Think I earned you enough money today?” He asked playfully, taking a sip from his now warm beer and making a face. He really needed to stop ordering beers when he played gigs, he always forgot about them.


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I'm still convinced the writers didn't let Maggie get angry at Daryl because they know how obsessed some of his fans are and they knew how quickly they would turn on Maggie if she didn't sing his praises and say he was just as good a guy as Glenn :/

Exactly! They would come for Maggie and we would never hear the end of it. Why is it that D*ryl gets a free pass, but if it were anyone else, they would get vehemently blamed for it? I hate the stupid double standards. Ugh, it is still his fault. Maggie has every damn right to not give him forgiveness. I don’t think he has earned it. That was a cop out and halfassed apology if I have ever seen one😒 I am so mad at the writers! Grease Stain gets away with everything and never learns from his mistakes.

Found this little spotted swine going for a walk next to the cafe grill, squeaking and probably terrified with the thought of being turned to delicious slices and grilled when in fact people just wanted to love, hug and take him home. I think he earned his place among the 60 faces. 

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What kinds of things do you think Tanahashi's losing streak is setting up for? It seems like LIJ is taking the ace to the cleaners lately with no real offense from his end.

i have no idea to be honest with you, it wouldn’t surprise me if tana’s just burnt out in his older age and is just doing his best to give everyone else an extra rub these days

to be honest, the guy deserves a vacation for a month or so, he’d carried njpw on his back for so long, and especially during some of the lowest and hardest points of the company, that i think he’s earned more than enough time off, maybe just do what kenny did and rest for a month, and then come back and put him in a fresh storyline