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The Long Game

Heavily influenced by the T.V series Girl Meets World!

Y/N and Momo have been friends since forever. When they entered high school it was when they met a group of guys(GOT7) whom they both befriend. Y/N initially liked Mark Tuan, but Mark always opposed to the idea of them being together since he was two years older. Needless they still remained close friends. As time went on Y/N found her self in a love triangle between her best friend, Momo, and crush Jackson Wang.

“Okay that’s it! You three need to make a decision now! This love triangle has been going on WAYYYY to long!” Jinyoung exclaimed walking back and forth in the ski lodge cabin.

Y/n, Jackson & Momo looked at each other.

           “As amusing as it is to watch you guys, I agree with Jinyoung, you guys need to sort this out once and for all.” JB added from across the room.

           Sitting near the fire place the three youngsters looked back and fourth between everyone. They for sure, found this situation amusing. Plus they’ve been waiting two years for an answer.

           “I need some thinking time” Y/N said excusing herself from the living room and headed towards the outdoor porch.

           “Me too.” Jackson spoke standing up and heading to his room. Everyone else dispersed into different parts of the house., except Momo and Mark who were sitting opposite each other.

           “Why do you think that she and I like the same guy?” Momo asked looking at Mark.

           “I think we’ve all notice the changes Y/N has been going through, it’s no surprised that she end up liking him.” Mark replied placing down his book.  “She became so much like you, it would be a wonder if she didn’t.”

           “But why did she become so much like me in the first place? I spent our childhood hoping I could be more like her. How did she become like me?”

           “To protect you?”

           “She liked Jackson because she wanted to protect me?” Momo asked. “I gotta go talk to Y/N” and with that she headed out the door to the porch.

She found Y/N sitting outside watching the snowfall.  She sat down beside her and wrapped a blanket around the two. “Do you remember your first date with Jackson? Why didn’t it work? Was it because of me?”

           “I’m not sure. I just know that it didn’t.”

           “Mark said you were just doing it to protect me” Momo spoke “Are you?”

           “I’ll be back” you stood up and walked inside search for Mark who was now having a conversation with JB. “I wanna talk to you” you stated pulling Mark by the hand into the den and sitting on the coach. “Tell me what you know, right now Mark.”

           “I’m very quite.” Mark said.

           “Yes Mark that’s very obvious, you’re like a wall, so that’s why we can’t date?” you joked.  He chuckled.

           “No, I spend a lot of time observing people. I’ve learned to be pretty good, understanding what’s going on with them.”

           “And what have you observed Mr. Tuan?”

           “Are you sure you wanna hear it?” he asked.


           “Even if it’s bad for me?”

           “Just tell me what you know.”

           “What I observed about you, is that you’re the best friend anyone could ever have.  You have the greatest capacity for love. You’d do anything for them. Even if it meant becoming them.” He spoke looking at you?

           “Become like them?”

           “What I’ve notice is that you’ve cared for Momo for so long that the moment Momo started caring for someone else,”


           “You needed to protect her.”


           “To see if she was safe with him.”

           “How could I possibly do that?”

           “By becoming like her. You lose yourself to become like her so you can get yourself to know him like she knows him. What a great way to find out if he’s the right guy for her.”

           “I was protecting her?” Mark nodded in response.

           “And now that you’re you again do you think that you really like him that way?” Mark asked.

           “No. Because it wasn’t me who liked him, it was me being Momo who liked him. He’s perfect for her.” You answered, realizing the truth.

           “And why is that?” he asked.

           “Because now I’m me. And if you know me, I would never wanna take away what’s Momo’s.” It all made sense to her now. How she changed so much the last two years from who she was before. How she ended up liking Jackson. It was all to protect Momo. But there was one thing that Y/N didn’t get, “How is this bad for you?”

           “That it’s not Jackson who you like now that you remember who you are…”

           “That it’s you isn’t it?” Mark only smirked not saying anything. “Mark?”


           “Why did you hold onto my hand this entire time?” you asked holding up your intertwined hands.

           “I don’t know, I don’t know everything.”

~~~~~I think there will be two more parts to this, but for sure one more!

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