i think he's a cute babbu

we need more fanart of violent, aggressive Maxie

of Maxie who will snap because of trivial reasons and will go the fuck off on people either physically or verbally

of Maxie who thinks nothing of most other people and will let NOTHING get in his way

of Maxie who loses his self-forced false compusure and wrecks someone’s shit  when they piss him off

the fandom keeps forgetting that Maxie is a fucking narcissistic mentally-unstable borderline psychopath in both incarnations of canon (RSE and ORAS)

the calm collected thing in ORAS is basically a facade so he’s taken more seriously and people think as highly of him as he does himself

he was hotheaded and aggressive in RSE

the fandom needs more aggressive/unstable/violent Maxie fanart

and yes that includes in terms of Hardenshipping

I mean I like a cute sweet babbu Maxie just as much as the next person but I really wanna see some more aggressive violent Maxie because that shit is not only canonical but hot as fuck