i think he'd like the flowers


Okay but imagine Gaston going into the village after a hunt, prowling for a good half hour just for the perfect bouquet to attempt to gain at least your attention as he had been trying since you came to live in the village. Then, when he’s found the perfect flowers that made him think of you instantly, he sees you making your way towards the bakery from afar and his heart picks up its pace, beats rapidly and his toned legs wobble slightly as no other person has ever made him feel quite like you have just by walking along the market.

(even if he is going to have to work much harder to gain your interest (; )

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What d'you think he'd do about Bucky being frozen? (also, I'm imagining bashful tiny Steve giving Tony origami paper flowers)

I mean since it’s Tiny Steve? …Probably kick everyone’s ass that was involved. Drag Bucky out of the cryo chamber. Kick his ass too. He’s full of vinegar and at one point Bucky holds him at arm’s length and it’s like a cartoon where Steve swings frantically and misses but then he wises up and kicks Bucky in the balls and Bucky’s only angry that he forgot that Tiny Steve fights dirty, the little bastard.

(And of course he gives Tony origami paper flowers. And of course he’s all shy and bashful and hopes Tony likes them. But then he hears someone crack a joke about them and he turns into FITING STEVE and whoever cracked the joke needs to flee or be fucking clocked.)

((Tony touches he petals with trembling fingers while Steve’s distracted.))

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Hey there! I hope you're having a good day and are drinking plenty of water! Uh, if you ever get the chance, could you maybe draw Netherlands? I feel like he'd look so amazing in your style. (If you need some kind of prompt, him with Switzlerand bonding over money and flowers)

hello!! thank u for the reminder lmao, im gonna get a glass of water right now!!!

that being said, i think we need more pics of him on bikes

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I feel like Hugo is the type of guy to get a bit rough during love making, and then apologise for it. I also have a hc that he likes dirty talk, but would feel embarrassed if his s/o brings it up. He's also the type that would surprise his s/o with chocolate or flowers every once in a while just as a "thank you for being you" I also think he'd be the first one to say "I love you", accidentally, and the hide his face on his hands

Yes too all of these. (and to hide his dirty talk he does it in Spanish, bonus points if Dadsona secretly knows Spanish and doesn’t say anything so that Hugo will keep doing it!) 

~Mod Sella

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Okay so I have a headcannon that Thanatos smells like smoke and tobacco flower, and that he's actually warm and kind?? He's only a dick to those who can't accept fate?? And also to the gods because they probably don't invite him to parties and stuff. I'd invite him. I'd bake him his own cake. Or muffins. Do you think he'd like lemon poppyseed?

obvs he’s kind,, he not just the god of death but non violent death and he probably doesn’t get invited to a lot of parties bc a lot of gods and mortals don’t like him but seriously,, it’s not his fault, everyone has to die (also I don’t know abt him but I don’t mind some lemon poppyseed)

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Hi. Sorry; you're the only destiel shipping blog I follow and I wanted to share my wacky headcanon with someone. So if they actually started dating I think it could be a bit comical? dean wouldn't be sappy about it, he'd be trying to play it cool. I mean its not like he gives the guys he likes mixtapes or anything romantic like that. But Cas is totally new to dating; probs googling how. So like; "how are you and Cas?" "Fine. Same as yesterday." *Cue Cas coming in with a huge bouquet of flowers.*

Haha, I would love this :D

Tbh I think they’re way past dating. Season 12 is like…. they’re already married but without the good part you know? I see it more like they will soon just fall into a comfortable, nice relationship where not much changes except they have more smiles on their faces and get up later in the mornings, shuffling in for coffee together or Cas coming in to get 2 cups and taking it back to bed for Dean, Sam just rolling his eyes when Dean grabs Cas’s hand one evening and winks at Sam as he drags him off to their room when Cas mentions that he’s feeling particularly dirty after a hunt, as fully human now he’s so much more aware of his body…

And a few more of these moments but where the screen just fades to black  ;)

Originally posted by astudyinwinchester

But yeah, you know for damn sure that every now and again Dean is a bit gruff or a bit harsh with Cas and tries to make up for it with flowers, except Cas hates cut flowers because they just die and its so sad that humans kill them for their own pleasure, so Dean starts buying him little shrubs and pretty pot plants to dot around the place and for Cas to happily plant in the garden next to all his herbs he grows for Dean’s cooking :)

And then once in a blue moon Cas does something super sweet for Dean, which Dean just isn’t used to, like Cas will come and bring him breakfast in bed when he tells Dean it is the anniversary of the day he raised him from perdition, waking him by placing his hand over the place that the mark used to be. Or asking Sam to give them a little privacy one night and setting up a candle lit supper with an Elvis burger for Dean and chicken affrogato for himself from the local diner, because that’s their favourite and Dean doesn’t have to cook :) Or running Dean a warm bath after his leg gets hurt and Cas can’t heal him anymore, looking forlorn about the fact that he can’t help, until Dean reaches up and pulls him in with him, because he loves this Cas, the real Cas, just the way he is and wouldn’t have it any other way….

All the happy, romantic head canons whilst at the same time all this is still around the backdrop of them being a badass hunter family, with Sam of course, a family who everyone knows not to fuck with.

Shinee as boyfriends
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Onew: Really frickin adorable. He would be so sweet to you and would make you feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world. He'd buy you gifts at random times, just to show how much he cares about you. He would love to go on simple dates with you, a picnic being one of his favourites. He would also love to cuddle, and would be really good at it too. Jinki would love to hold you in his arms, and know that you're safe there with him. He would also like to rest his head in your lap, and love it when you run your fingers through his hair. He'd honestly be so sweet and caring, and he would always be there to listen to you and vice-versa. He be so much fun to be with too, and he'd always know how to make you laugh. Whether it was because he told a joke or he was being clumsy, you'd be guaranteed to have a good laugh when you're with him.
  • Key: He'd be so much fun to have as a boyfriend! He would joke around with, and there'd never be a dull moment with him. He would love to take you out on fun dates, something that'd be enjoyable for the both of you. I also feel like he'd really like going on spontaneous dates, where he'd just be waiting for you outside your work/school and he'd take you somewhere nice but simple, like your favourite café. He would also just randomly come over, sometimes to talk or just enjoy your company. He would like to cuddle too, for some reason you guys never really cuddled often. Just saying, but I also feel like he'd be great at making out. I also think he would like to cook for you, and tbh I think kibum would be pretty good at cooking.
  • Minho: He would be really protective of you. I don't really think he'd get necessarily jealous, but the minute someone even threatens to lay a finger on you it would not be pretty. I think he could be really romantic at times, and would love to take you out to expensive restaurants and buy you nice things. He'd want you to know how much you mean to him. I think he would love to buy you flowers, for no real reason except that he wanted to. He would be so cuddly too. I think he'd like to hold you and also be held, he wouldn't really have a preference. More often than not though you'd wake up to him snuggled up to you though, his head nuzzled into your neck. He would also be such a dork though. He would try to show off and look cool at something like soccer, and chances are he'd fail miserably. I also think that Minho would blush easily, like you could say that his hair looked really good today or something along those lines and there's a huge chance that he blush a little bit. Even though he'd try to act tough in front of you he's actually a totally sweetheart. I also think he'd love to give you back hugs.
  • Taemin: He would be really sweet, but I feel like when you first start dating he could be kind of awkward too. He'd want to sweep you off your feet with some smooth line, but end up messing up halfway through. He would be the type of boyfriend to see something at the store and buy it because it reminded him of you. I feel like he'd also be really clingy. Whenever you're together he'd always have an arm around you, or he'd be holding your hand. When you guys are watching a movie or something, I feel like he'd be the one to curl up to you, and that he'd would just enjoy the thought of being held. As for dates, I think Taemin would love to go somewhere like an amusement park! He would go on all the rides with you, and would try to win a stuffed animal for you at one of the games. Although I think he'd be a little shy with PDA, sometimes he would just randomly kiss you. He would try really hard to be a great boyfriend.
  • Jonghyun: If you want someone romantic, he's the one. He would shower you with love. Jonghyun would love to take you out to fancy places, or somewhere meaningful. For an anniversary he'd take you to the place where you had your first date, stuff like that. I also think he would love to buy you jewelry. He would be such a good listener, and you knew you could trust him with anything. He'd also like to joke around a lot too, it wouldn't always be serious with him. I feel like he would love to play pranks on you tbh. He would also love cuddling, and he'd be great at it! I think he would like to be the little spoon more, because it would make him feel more safe. He would give you the world and more if he could.
EXO as husbands
  • Requested by @yehet88exo
  • Xiumin: The cuddly husband. No matter how long you guys have been married for, he still wouldn't be able to keep his hands off you. After a long day of work, he'd love to curl up with you on the couch and watch a movie together. He would always tell you about how lucky he is to have you. I don't think he'd be that talkative, but sometimes all you need is a few words to say how you feel about someone. Xiumin would also be a really comforting person, and would listen to you talk about anything. He wouldn't judge you at all, he would just listen. He'd be such a caring and loyal husband, and he would always make you feel loved.
  • Luhan: The loyal/trustworthy husband. Luhan would be so loyal to you, that you wouldn't have to worry about anything, if say he was away filming a movie or something. I think he would be a really committed person. You could tell him anything, and he wouldn't tell a soul. He would be so good at comforting you when you feel down, and he'd always know what to say to make you feel better. He would be so proud and happy to call you his s/o, because to him you're the most precious thing in the world. I also think that he'd be really dorky at times too. He'd make bad jokes, or do something really cheesy, but it would be kinda cute tbh.
  • Kris: The emotional/dorky husband. Not really what you would expect from him, but I think he would be a very emotional person. He would always come to you to talk and seek advice. He would be 100% honest with you about how he's feeling and would let you know everything that's been going on. I think it would take a while for him to trust you this much, but once he trusts you he, trusts you. He would love to surprise you too. Sometimes he'd make you breakfast or buy you flowers on his way home from work. He'd be a really cuddly person too. He would love to hold you close, or sometimes just something simple like holding your hand. Alongside that he's also a huge dork, and would constantly make bad jokes/puns. Sometimes he'd try to be really romantic, but half of the time I think something would end up going wrong or he'd accidentally mess something up. Tbh though, I think that it would be sorta cute when he messes up, which would make up for all of it. Being married to him would never be boring, to say the least.
  • Suho: The sentimental husband. I think that Suho would be the kind of husband who wants to remember every moment with you. He would remember all your anniversaries, and would always know just what to get you. He would be a great listener, and would always know just what kind of advice to tell you. I think that he would be the husband who, maybe 20 years down the road, would propose to you again just to remember how amazing the day he got married to you was, making him fall for you all over again. Along with this would probably come the fact that sometimes he'd be painfully cheesy, and sometimes it'd be cringe worthy. But, at the end of the day you fell for him. His smile, his intelligence, even his cringe worthy jokes.
  • Lay: The romantic husband. He would be so romantic, like girl. He'd be the kind of husband to pick you up flowers from work on his way home for no reason, or leave you a little note before he went to work telling you how beautiful you are. He would know everything there is to know about you, and vice-versa. No matter how young or old you guys are, the romance would still be as strong as ever with him.
  • Baekhyun: The cheeky husband. Baekhyun would honestly tease the shit out of you. The type of teasing he does would really depend on his mood. Sometimes it would be lighthearted and funny, like when you guys are lying on the couch together watching your favourite show and he makes a joke. Other times it would be cheeky, like he would run his hand up your thigh in public and whisper the things he'd want to do to you later. No matter how long you guys had been married, I think he'd love to see you flustered. I also think that he would tell you that he loves you, like a lot. And of course, there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Chen: The fun husband. There would never be a dull moment being married to Chen. He'd love to take you out, sometimes something simple like bowling, other times maybe on a trip with just the two of you. You guys would always be laughing, usually at each other. He would love to joke around with you, and he'd tease you constantly. I also think he would love to do something cute, like recreate your first together.
  • Chanyeol: The protective husband. Even though he jokes around a lot and is just be a genuinely fun guy to be around, the second someone lays a hand on you or hurts you that would totally change. He would protect you at all costs, and if someone dare lay a hand on his s/o that would change his 'sunshine' personality. It wouldn't necessarily be jealousy, because he doesn't really seem like a jealous person. It's more when/if someone hurts his s/o that he'd be protective, if that makes sense? I also think that he'd be a really fun guy to be around, and would love to see you happy and smiling. (of course)
  • Kyungsoo: The serious husband. I don't really know how to explain this, but I just think he'd be a really serious husband. I think it would be hard for him to talk about his problems with you, no matter how long you've know each other. It's not that he doesn't trust you, I just think he wouldn't want to worry you. He would put you before himself, and you'd be his #1 priority. I think that he would let lose a lot though, and of course he wouldn't be serious 24/7. He would love to take you out and do fun things, especially going out places that you did when you first started dating. He wouldn't be big on pda or anything though, and I just don't see him as a cuddly person. Nonetheless he would still come up with endless amounts of excuses to steal a kiss from you.
  • Tao: The clingy husband. He would cling to your side, and would love being with you, but he wouldn't really understand that you need sometime to yourself in the beginning of your marriage. He would love to take you out places, and see the smile on your face. Tao would love to take you out to something simple, like maybe the movies or something. It would remind him of when you guys first started dating, and he would fall in love all over again. I think he would also be a great listener, and would always try his best to give good advice to you.
  • Kai: The thoughtful husband. Kai would see you as the most beautiful, amazing person alive, and he would like to tell/show you that. He would plan really thought out and romantic dates after not seeing each other for a while (ie. he was on tour) and would always know what to say to you after you've had a long day. Of course, he wouldn't always be so serious. He would love joking around with you and going out on simple dates, etc. I think he would love going for walks in the park with you, sometimes with his dogs, and just enjoying the nature and being with you. I also think he'd be the kind of guy to take pictures of you when you weren't looking and set them as his phone background or post them on social media.
  • Sehun: The caring husband. Although Sehun may joke around or tease you a lot, he really does care about you. Sometimes it would be harder for him to show it than others, but he would really put a lot of thought into everything he does with you. He would put so much thought into something like a birthday or anniversary gift that it would make up for all the times he messed up. I also think he would be really clingy, especially at home. He would be holding onto you almost 24/7. I think that even though he may not act/show it all the time, you would really be the most important person in the world to him, and he would constantly wonder how he ended up with someone so amazing.

Here’s some 1970s!Shitty and Lardo for @dying-stormtrooper-noises because this comic has eaten my soul and these two are verryy fun to draw

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I head canon that his kids used to color in his tattoos pre-belle reve. And he'd like meet up with his guys looking like a toddler's drawing, and they don't question it.

OH MY GOD YES! I love this. Yes, of course they did. He’s got a spider web on his shoulder that his kids would make rainbow, and they’d colour in the skulls and patterns and his daughter would add flowers and stuff. And his dudes don’t even care anymore. The first guy who said something ended up burnt to a crisp. Some rival gangs even think he’s more threatening like this: it’s like war paint, or an urban legend: if you can see the colours of El Diablo’s tattoos it means you’re about to die

(This is one of my favourite headcanons for him honestly.)

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Nice icon~ Dazai in a flower crown in A++. What do you think Dazai would do if he heard someone teasing his crush for having a crush on him? And they don't know he knows? I feel like he'd use this opportunity to mess with her a little. XD

Why thank you, anon!~ Isn’t he just the most beautiful man I swear 

  • If he happens to be present in the room during the teasing incident, he’ll definitely play off of it, being Dazai. He pretends to be completely oblivious and clueless, asking in a slightly over exaggerated tone, “Eh, what’s that, (Y/N)?”. Otherwise, he’ll just pretend not to hear the conversation, all the while with his back turned and a mischievous smirk on his lips.
  • If he isn’t in the room, but happens to be outside the door or in the right place at the right time and overhears the teasing, he’ll eavesdrop without a second thought, curious about how you’ll react and respond to such accusations. Though, he can’t help the light rose tinting of his cheeks and a quiet giggle escaping his throat at how cute you are when you’re caught off guard (and talking about him). He wonders just what it is about you specifically that makes him feel this way, and he enjoys it way too much.
  • Really, he’ll play it off and pretend he’s none the wiser for a good week or so as he gets it out of his system. Your reactions are so cute that it’s almost too fun to just give it up, but he knows that the longer it goes on, the more suspicious you’ll get as to how much he really knows, so he plans to finally give it up at some point during the week.
  • On a particular Thursday, you walk into the office only to find a peculiar piece of paper sitting on your desk. Not seeming to be able to remember where it came from, you unfold it, only to find a short little note scrawled in a vaguely familiar handwriting. ‘You’re awfully cute, (Y/N). ;) Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me, as long as mine is safe with you… ♥’ A glance over at Dazai’s desk and one flirty wink directed at you later, your bright red cheeks are forcing you to bury your face in a file folder.

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Hello! What do you think Gladius and Mihawk would be like as husbands and fathers? I swear, the child of Mihawk would constantly make him flower crowns. Gladius wouldn't get a crown, he'd just end up looking like a shiny Shaymin (that would be adorable )



  • would be away very often for business,
  • but would make up for it, probably take his wife/husband out for a walk and romantic dinner in fancy restaurant or smh, 
  • wouldn’t talk about the work, doesn’t matter if his s/o would want to know,
  • definitely the dominant part of relationship, however he’d make it look as if he’s passive,
  • in front of people his marriage would look very formal (he wouldn't be able to handle teasing from his family), but in private he’d be very caring and loving,
  • would enjoy flowercrwons from his s/o,


  • he’d insist on tending to the kid whenever they woke up,
  • totally would entertain his child with making random things explode,
  • would try to sing lullabies to his baby if no one was around,
  • he’d be a major softie when alone with his child,
  • silent but loving and always here for his kid type of dad,
  • would have collection of identical masks because his kid would find it entertaining to draw on his mask, 
  • he’d be so awks, not daring to say “no” to his kid, 



  • very dedicated to his partner, makes sure to let them know about this in very small gestures, 
  • romantic picnics on gloomy meadows all the away,
  • expect watching cut-in-half ships in rays of of setting sun, 
  • i’m sorry
  • it’d be a pain to wake him up, but there would be times when he’d wake up first and make breakfast for his partner, 
  • he prefers staying at castle enjoying simple domestic activities with his wife/husband over going out, 
  • basically he just wants to grow old with his partner without any disturbances and do all cheesy couple stuff,
  • he’s a really good husband, caring and protective, but respectful and understanding when it comes to his partner’s needs


  • that super patient, but awkward dad who never knows the newest trends and complains about the youth of today,
  • he tries to be strict, but gentle at the same time which results even more awks times,
  • is secretly happy about all flowercrowns he gets even if he tries to frown at it,
  • he keeps them somewhere in his books,
  • secretly can’t get over how quickly his little girl/boy is growing up,
  • overprotective at times, 
  • loves it when his child(ren) ask him about lessons and advises, because he knows best,
  • keeps his kids away from Shanks

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I think Carter would be really into painting his nails and he'd know all the proper color combos and how to do really freaking cool things like a tiny flower and all those fandom things and stuff and then someone teases him so then Alli (duh) is like YOUGOTSOMETHINGTOSAYTOMYBESTFRIENDYOULITTLECARTERLETGOOFMELETMEMATTHEMARRGGHI'LLKILLTHEM

I support this 100%.
Carter loves doing French tips because they make his nails look nice and someone asks Will/Nico about it like
“You let your son paint his nails??”
And they just shrug like “he enjoys it and it doesn’t hurt anyone so fuck off Cindy.”

5sos Preferences: Coming home to you
  • Michael:
  • He'd probably come back at around 8pm exhausted from the studio and would be carrying good and sweets and would come find you laying in bed in your pyjamas and he'd like kick his shoes off and jump into bed with you, bombarding you with kisses and giving you food and begging you to watch a film with him even though it's getting late.
  • Luke:
  • I think he'd probably come home from the studio with a flower that he'd just picked outside the building and would quietly come in because he wouldn't want to wake you, and he'd place the nearly dead flower on your dresser and he'd just flop into bed with you and accidentally waking you up, but silently humming you back to sleep and cuddling you.
  • Calum:
  • He'd probably come home and would want to play cute games and cuddle in bed all night talking about absolutely everything, he'd always ask you how you are and would be genuinely interested and would hold you tight and would tell you everything would be okay if you were upset and he'd remind you of your beauty every day.
  • Ashton:
  • He'd probably whine in the morning at the fact that he has to leave you for the day, and would keep trying to make it up to you even though you'd spend the day with him tomorrow and he'd be adorably clingy and would like stand at the door and refuse to leave and would keep kissing and cuddling you and he'd come home at night super exited to watch films and dance adorably to your favourite music in your bedroom and aw.

anonymous asked:



Because Bruce would be some hippie-dippy guy who loves his chai and does yoga in his shop every morning, who plays soft Buddhist chants or puts Bollywood musicals on while he’s working, and every hipster and hippy in the state would flock to his little flower shop, where he’d happily sell bouquets for weddings and funerals alike. He’d grow all of his own flowers, prune and preen and care for them, and he’d adore the job, absolutely adore it.

And next door would be Clint’s space, a dark little tattoo parlor that plays old rock ballads at all hours of the day, where it smells like pine, with a slight tinge of fear, and Clint himself would be a menacing man, tatted and pierced, though he’d be a huge dork at heart, smile like the sun and try to comfort any newbies when they came for tattoos. He’d be notorious for his game of darts—because of course anyone dumb enough to bet against him in a game of darts left with wild stories to tell—and he’d have his bow up on the wall, behind the front counter. When someone once tried to rob him, they were arrested with an arrow in their leg.

And Bruce and Clint would have been working beside each other for a while before they ever really met (why would Clint ever be caught dead in a flower shop? Why would Bruce go into a smelly, scary tattoo shop?) but when they finally officially meet it’s because Clint has to buy flowers for a reference on a tattoo—realism sucks, it really does—and he strikes up a conversation with Bruce while he’s meditating, and can’t help finding this hippy-dippy little man adorable, with his big, Harry Potter glasses and his floppy curls and those freckles that look like constellations across his cheeks. And, of course, since Bruce was meditating, Clint only got very witty, sarcastic replies as he tried to interrupt him, and couldn’t get enough of that cynical little mind.

So he came back. Again and again and again. He brought coffee—found out Bruce drank tea (of course he drank tea just look at him). He came over with burgers—found out Bruce was a vegetarian (again, duh). He’d bring books and talk about them, sketch while sitting on Bruce’s counter and smelling the flowers, asking their names and meanings—and Bruce would know every single one, would know exactly what they could do if put in a tea, would know which one’s were bad for you and which one’s you could actually eat—and he’d absolutely fall in love with this little nerd next door.

And Bruce wouldn’t know what to do with the attention. There’d been a few people in the past, who’d come to his shop and picked him as the prettiest flower, but their interest had been wilting at best, and he hadn’t lasted long once they’d plucked his heart from his chest. So Bruce would be cautious of this tall, muscular blond, who had beautifully intricate tattoos lacing up his arms (monsters and men and circus figures and so much more), roses curling up half his neck, fanning peddles out like the sweetest bloom, and an arrow tattooed on each palm, like some sort of tribal art. He’d be wary of the smiles from those pierced lips, the wiggling of that pierced brow; he’d be wary of the kindness and the chai he’d bring him and the jokes he’d make.

Because Clint would pluck a flower sometimes and put it behind Bruce’s ear, some lazy sort of smile on his face as his hand lingered a bit too long, and his eyes became a bit too intent. ‘Anyone ever tell you you’re the prettiest flower in this shop?’ And Bruce would be so flustered that Clint would just chuckle, looking away to wonder around some more. ‘Fine, fine, be that way; but it’s true.’

And how was he supposed to react to that? How was he supposed to deal with that smile, those touches? He couldn’t, of course he couldn’t, he was going to break eventually if it kept up.

And Clint would keep flirting, so intent on this little florist, so desperate to win his heart, because Bruce would have won his heart, stolen it with all the finesse and grace that a hummingbird steals nectar from a daisy.

And they’d dance around each other like the fools in love they are until they got in a fight, got in a fight after Clint teased Bruce, called him a delicate little flower, said he wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of getting tattoos like Clint had—and, god, it had been a crappy joke but he hadn’t meant it—and Bruce wouldn’t speak to Clint for weeks. Not until one night, once Bruce’s shop is closed and Clint’s last customer has left, Bruce would come storming in with a beautiful purple orchid, the kind Clint loved to put in Bruce’s hair the most, and he’d shove it at Clint before pulling out his wallet.

‘I want that, right here,’ he’d say, sounding so upset as he pulls up that big fluffy sweater and points at his hip, and he would be upset, because he’d come to the realization that he really likes Clint, but Clint thinks he’s a flower, a delicate little china doll, and Bruce doesn’t like that. Bruce isn’t weak. And he wants to prove that before he even thinks about starting something with Clint.

So Clint would just stare at this little hippy in shock. ‘You want me to do this?’ And Bruce would just get into one of his attitudes, glaring Clint down from behind his glasses and huffing, and Clint would usher him to the back, feeling nervous and slightly turned on because hell yeah he likes it when Bruce gets into his pissy moods.

And when he has Bruce laid down, and he’s got an actual photo of that flower in hand, ready to be drawn, and he gets Bruce prepared, he can’t do anything but think ‘holy shit he’s got freckles down here?’, and he’d try and keep professional but holy hell is this little guy hot.

And of course Bruce just toughs it out the whole time, sits through the process without making a sound, watches Clint curiously as he works, because he’s never seen Clint work before and for someone so strong and tough he’s surprisingly gentle, his lines soft and flowing, his hands steady, his face completely focused. But, even Bruce can’t tell what Clint’s really thinking the whole time—'God I wanna sink my teeth into this mans hip dear god’—and when all is said and done Bruce would look down at the painful area on his hip, watch as Clint swipes at it gently with a swab, cleans it and bandages it, and looks up to smile at him, and Bruce would just think ‘Holy shit i got a tattoo to impress someone.’

And then he’d pull a flower from the folds of his sweater, like he was a magician, and he’d give it to Clint, lean forward and put it behind one studded ear, and he’d smile, wincing as the throb in his hip increased. ‘Thank you,’ he’d say, feeling suddenly empowered, feeling excited, grinning. ‘Maybe next time I’ll get an arrow, like yours.’

And of course it would be down hill from there because Bruce, Bruce with that freckled face, flushed, grinning crookedly, his small hand just barely touching Clint’s ear, after having sat through who knows how long of pain without making a single protest, and Clint would pounce on him, grab him up and kiss him desperately, and from there you can imagine where they’d head—from a tattoo chair to a counter-top to the little back room with a old couch in it—and the rest would be history.

Because everyone would know about the lovebirds in the tattoo/flower shop, since they joined their stores together. They’d be a real hit with hippies and punks alike, that’s for sure.