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An observation on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mrs. Foster did not give up her imaginary friend. That’s a thing established in the first episode. Frankie is also her granddaughter. So this means at some point a man fell in love with a young Mrs. Foster and had to ask her mother, father, and a giant talking rabbit for permission to marry her. 


🎀Everybody loves dragons, right?💎

house of cards || kth v. jjk [6]

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House of Cards

The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Word Count: 3,411

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °

How could she do this to me? Taehyung sucks in a breath as though it is his last as he sits on the floor of his room. His eyes skimming over the numerous photos of you that adorn his wall. Euphoria courses through him automatically and a sadistic smile kisses his lips.

She’ll never want you, a voice in Taehyung’s voice shouts at him as he turns over a polaroid that he had managed to steal from the inside of your locker. Jeon Jungkook is also present in the photo but nothing makes Taehyung’s stomach churn in discontent like that of the second boy who accompanies you in it; Park Jimin.

Jimin and Taehyung had been best friends ever since Taehyung was forced to leave you behind. Jimin was Taehyung’s only friend and Taehyung was certain that he owed Jimin his life for all the times that he helped him with his demons that always found joy in resurfacing. Yet, Taehyung’s only savior had the audacity to taint the one thing that kept Taehyung sane. You.

Your blushing cheeks, the curve of your lips, the softness of your skin - that was all for Taehyung. You had sworn it to him after all - but why did it feel like lately, you had forgotten about your promise? Did you not know how far Taehyung would secure what was his?

For the last few weeks, Taehyung ardently watched as Jungkook’s presence in your life steadily began to depreciate and Jimin’s grew. Something told Taehyung to call out Jungkook for his faulty care for you - after all, he had allowed the two of you to grow so close over the years - but Taehyung knew that he could not risk you learning of his identity; or even worse, remember who he was to you. The prospect of you remembering him crippled Taehyung to his core.

Luckily for Taehyung, the last days of senior year were ending faster than he could count for Jimin. Yet, that also meant that his were also ending. He considered leaving you behind - forgetting that you existed and continuing on to Seoul University on his own; to start a new life, to find a girl his own age who would love and appreciate him. It would be nice to know what it felt like to breathe again - to know what it felt like to not have your lungs crushed every second that he witnessed you in the arms of Jungkook as carelessly as you were when even Taehyung, fifty feet away, could see the adoration laced in Jungkook’s orbs. Life would be simple, wouldn’t it? He could stop feverishly writing you letters, skipping school play rehearsals, making sure you got home safely on the days of when Jungkook wasn’t able too.

But then Taehyung knew. Oh, he knew.

Taehyung was far too invested in you. He’d be damned if you did not end up as his. He didn’t care about how long he would have to wait as long you were in his possession before his last wavering breath.

“So where are you from?” You ask Hansung as the two of you walk side by side. Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung struggled with forcing himself not to grab your hand just to confirm that he was, in fact, by your side. It felt all too real for him to be beside you. Jungkook was always by your side; the close proximity was always unsettling.

Taehyung chews on his bottom lip. “Daegu.” He silently prays that the location doesn’t trigger any memories. Did he have to say Daegu? Would it not have been more trouble to say Incheon or Gwangju? His cheeks flush pink at your gaze on him and your eyes soften accordingly at the action. His shyness was adorable.

“Daegu, huh?” You kick at a few cherry blossom remnants with a lopsided smile. “When I was little, I used to live there.” You turn to face him; your eyes glimpse over every significant potential mark that could remind you of him from another time but nothing comes to mind.

Taehyung sucks in a breath, much like he did often when he was younger. “I thought Jungkook and you grew up together.” He tries his best to level his voice but it is almost no use. Did he follow you for years only to be foiled in a day? No, of course not.

“Tae, play with me!” You giggled softly while shaking the gate that separated the two of you. Taehyung looked down you with soft eyes. He chuckled at the small speck of dirt on your white shorts that he was certain your mother had precariously told you not to ruin.

Taehyung wished he could play with you. Honest, he did, but it crippled him to his core of how he could accidentally hurt you without intent - or rather how his father could. “You should play with someone your own age, Y/N-ah. Come on.” He leaned over the fence since he was taller than you while standing on a brown box. He managed to get his hand over the fence but narrowly grazed the hair on your head.

“But you are my own age!” You frowned at his uncouth statement. You had chosen to disregard the minimal two years that stood between the two of you. You were too young to recognize the tiredness in his eyes, how he managed to tower over you, always.

Taehyung admired your persistence but it was becoming readily more detrimental to him. His eyes caught sight of a young boy on the playground by himself. Taehyung’s voice caught in his throat at the small boy. “Yah, do you know how that boy is?”

“You’re the only boy I know.” Your words made Taehyung’s stomach churn in delight. He couldn’t wait until you two were older. Those words would actually garner something deeper in him.

“Is he in your class?” Taehyung found his teeth gritting without his knowledge. You turned to the boy who played in the sandbox alone. His bowl cut fell over his eyes before his chocolate orbs met your own. You waved towards him before Taehyung gripped your hand. “What are you doing?”

“You asked if I know him. I don’t but now I do.” You cheesed before waving the boy over. His bushy brows scrunched together before he dusted the sand off of his lap and ran towards you. A small grin on his face.

“Y/N!” The boy scrambled over to you as though he knew you and stood beside you. He noticed how you held your hand out to him as if to take it, but he shyly ignored it. His eyes met Taehyung’s and he swallowed hard. “H-h-hello,” He stammered once meeting Taehyung’s glower.

Taehyung tilted his head at the boy in front of him.“What’s your name?”

“J-Jeon Jungkook, 1921 N. Han, Busan, Korea. I was born September-”

You giggled at how cute Jungkook was. “You don’t have to be scared of Taehyung, he’s my best friend. He’s also my part time squishy.” Your voice oozed sweetness like candy and Jungkook knew he was immediately hooked. So what if he caught cooties from being around girls? He didn’t mind it as long as he caught them with you. “Kim Taehyung, 3423 W. Gukshu, Daegu, Korea. Born Dec-”

Taehyung covered your mouth as if you were spilling a valuable secret. “How old are you?” Taehyung had always wished for you to find someone your age but if Jungkook was the most probable candidate, he was having second thoughts.

“Five.” Jungkook chirped, shocked at the closeness of you too. Wasn’t Taehyung afraid of cooties?

“Really? Me too!” You grinned towards Taehyung. “What class are you in-”

Taehyung began nodding to himself and that caught your attention. He always managed to catch your attention these days. Five was surely young enough for Jungkook not to know, wasn’t it? “Play with him from now on, got it?”

“What?” You narrowed your brows at him. He usually never spoke like this. “What about you, Taehyung?”

Taehyung, shaking his head, avoided your gaze while he stepped away from the box. “I’m not playing with you anymore.”

“What?” Your voice cracked at the prospect of Taehyung’s statement. “No! You’re my best friend.”

Taehyung swallowed so hard that the bruise on his cheek ached. Unbeknownst to you, when Taehyung felt his courage waver, his eyes dart to the faint purplish brown bruise on your wrist. “I’m not going to let you get hurt anymore.” He patted your head before turning to Jungkook. “Yah, make sure she eats and plays well. Tell her she’s the prettiest girl in first grade because she is, okay?”

Taehyung found it weird for him to sound as mature as he did, but his life experience proved to be a prerequisite of the current happenings with him.

Jungkook nodded at the taller boy, grabbing your hand shyly as he watched you choke back your tears. “I’ll take care of her, Taehyung.”

“We did… when I turned five.” Your voice is soft, but Taehyung knows that you do not share his first glance at the endearing memory of the first time Jungkook and you crossed paths.  A loose strand of hair escapes your messy attempt at braids and you smile meekly at him. “I had another friend before him… But I think he was imaginary or something.”

“Imaginary?” Taehyung thinks aloud. His eyebrows are knitted together. You nod, not caring to look at him.

“Yeah… This friend, well, I’m not sure I could even call him that.” You stop at the end of the cobblestone sidewalk before turning your gaze back to face Hansung. Confusion laces his orbs. “He always was there for me when I got hurt… but that was the only time he ever came.” You lean back on your right leg to stretch out your back and yawn. “Is this too much to talk about?”

Taehyung shakes his head, “No. I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” He tilts his head with a smile. You do not notice the weight of his words.

“That’s funny, I feel the same way,” you say. Jungkook’s words of caution run through your mind quickly and your throat tightens. Jungkook’s practice had to be over by now! You let out a breath you did not know you were holding into the turn to Hansung. “Do you have the time by any chance?”

Taehyung checks his watch. “7:18 PM.” Realization spreads over his face. Jungkook’s practice ended at 6:15. Jungkook doesn’t want you anywhere near him. He’s going to be livid when he finds out. “Why?”

“I should probably get going.” You murmur while in the midst of walking in the opposite direction of that of Hansung. You do not manage to move any further than three feet when you feel an ice cold grip around your wrist. You quickly turn to face Hansung, eyes widening suddenly. Could it…?

Taehyung lets go of your hand quickly, appearing as though bitten, “You’ll come see me again though, right?” You nod meekly at him.  He doesn’t want to let you go but he’s fairly certain that if he spends another second with you, he won’t be able to ever let you go again. He nods silently at you, hands pushing themselves further into his ripped black jeans. Your last glimpse of him is him crushing a flower and letting it fall between his fingers.

Hours later, anger is all you feel as you watch Jungkook pack your bags and items hastily back into the boxes and bags that you had only taken them out of a month before. Every item that he puts in has you taking it back out to its original place in annoyance. A scoff ensues from the boy and he turns to face you after you have taken your favorite book out of the box.

“Aish! Why do you keep doing that?” Jungkook’s voice is still shrill from the night before when he confronted Hansung about being your stalker. Last night, Jungkook insisted on not leaving your dorm until you were fully packed and he had not gotten a wink of sleep last night in making haste to get you prepared to move in with him for safety precautions. Furthermore, you mentioning that you spent much of the day with Hansung does not further ease his discomfort.  

Before you can finish your sentence, Jungkook has taken two long strides to saunter over you. Both annoyance and fear lingers in his eyes but he blinks it away at once. “Well maybe if you actually remembered all the things that have happened to you, you would see why I’m having trouble thinking you can defend yourself.

In attempt to overpower his voice, you raise your own. "What are you even talking about, Jungkook? What happened last year and this summer has nothing to do with you always being overprotective over me for no damn reason!”

“For no damn reason? Think of everything that has ever happened to you, Y/N. You got into this university for four years with a full ride! You were ‘saved’,” He uses air quotes to emphasize his point. “-by some guy who probably was going to take advantage of you if I hadn’t come along. Once, you were followed home and came home to a room full of love letters from someone you swore to have never met followed by teddy bears and fucking phone calls. You were so damn scared, Y/N, I had to sneak through your window just to make you feel safe for three months. Three damn months! Do I need to go on? You’re so damn naïve, Y/N. If I want to protect you, you should just accept it. Protection from me won’t harm you.”

You shake your head profusely, sighing at all the evidence he has mentioned because it is true. “But making false accusations left and right – Jungkook? That’s being naïve.”

Jungkook raises his brow at your words. “Are you defending him?”

“You’re doing it again, Jungkook.” You say with a roll of your eyes. “Why is it that whenever I disagree with you about someone, you always say that? Why do I have to always be on your side? Can you not accept me making my own decision? It’s suffocating – how you’re always like 'call me before you leave, y/n’ and 'don’t talk to other guys but me’.”

The adjective sets a wildfire in Jungkook. “Suffocating? Suffocating? You want to know what’s suffocating?” He leans into you, forehead pressing against your own as he backs you against the wall of your dorm. “You. You’re suffocating. I can barely breathe when I’m around you. It’s like whenever I see you, my lungs burn. Every thought in my head is you and how I wish I could stop worrying about you but I can’t.” His orbs, once plain to you now sparkle at his words. Is this honestly how he felt about you? “I don’t know if you have realized this but when someone likes another person, they care about their wellbeing.” Jungkook states matter-of-factly as though it was something that you needed it to be pointed out.

Then it hits you all at once.

The boy standing in front of you likes you. He likes you!  

You stare back at Jungkook, utterly gobsmacked at his confession. “What?” A part of you had always thought that he did. Moreso, always wished, but you never thought that he would.

“Yah, are you really that dense?” Jungkook quips with a weak smile. “I just said that I like you. As in more than a friend, as in I want to be your boyfriend.” He runs his fingers through his hair nervously. “Why do you think I worry so much about you?”

Unbeknownst to the two of you, Hyejin stands outside of the door. Her hand covering her mouth. Sure, she knew that Jungkook had liked you prior to his confession. Hell, anyone with eyes could see that he did. She, and much like everyone else (Taehyung especially), thought that he would never act on his actions.

What would Hansung do?

It would cripple him to his core if he found out, Hyejin knows this. She did not purposely make you her roommate to let Hansung down. She loved him far too much to let anyone ruin his happiness. She’d be damned if she would let Jungkook or you get in the way of his sadistic paradise.

After much needed convincing, Jungkook agrees to let you stay one last night in your dorm. He makes you promise that by morning, you will fully agree with moving in with him to ease his conscious. Though, he still feels unsettled with the idea of you leaving you behind when Hansung has a golden opportunity for you; at least this is what he thinks, a large part of you still disagrees though.

In the middle of the night, you are jolted awake by a pillow being compressed against your face. “You meddling bitch.” Hyejin seethed at you before she slapped you. “All he ever does is talk about you and how perfect you are. You make so sick.” Her fingers coiled around your neck, squeezing tightly with a sinister grin on her face. “I wonder how he’ll go on without you.”

You swallowed your last bits of oxygen before blindly trying to move her hands away from your neck. You kicked your right leg up to wrap around hers and knocked the two of you down against the floor. “What the hell is wrong with you? What are you talking about?”

“Taehyung!” She screamed at you before she headbutted you. The name sounds somewhat familiar to you but no one comes to mind.  The sudden jolt sent you flying back on the carpet. “You don’t even know, do you?” She laughed softly as you held your head in pain, inspecting the room to find something to help you escape. “I have put up with him mulling over you for over a year but I am tired. Can you imagine being in a relationship like that? That your boyfriend only wants to make you like your roommate? That he cunningly convinces you should dress just like her and try to persuade her boyfriend to like you when your boyfriend is the only one who matters?”

“Hyejin, you don’t have to do this.” You try to reason with her. You want to hit her, honest you do, but the searing pain in your forehead blurs your vision. You raise your arms trying to find her in the dark room to push her away but with the lack of light, you fail.

“If you’re gone, he has no choice but to love me.” Hyejin reasoned with herself as she scrambled to your side. “I mean, I am you.” She straddles your torso, her hands make their measly attempt towards your throat. “He makes you sound like a saint, you know?” She tilts her head at you as you struggle against her. “He worships the goddamn ground you walk on- oh and then, oh and then, you carry on with Jungkook. You don’t even see how much it pains him to see you with anyone else who isn’t him.”

“Get the hell off of me!” You scream before managing to push her off of you. In your new position, you hastily try to grab the lamp from the side of your bed.

“I just wanted to be perfect.” Hyejin is gone. You’re certain of it as she continues her rant. “All he ever thinks of is you, Y/N-ah. I just wanted to be you because maybe he would love me if I was.” She pulls roughly on your arm and your head crashes against the near nightstand. Luckily, it doesn’t know you unconscious, but you’re certain that you’re on the edge. “Then I realized something.” Hyejin laughs at your dazed state. She admires how your eyes are dropping close and the blood that stains your neck. “As long as you live - he’ll love you and even when you die, you’ll die a martyr for him.”

You swallow hard and it feels like a thousand knives have stabbed you. “You disgust me.” You press your hand to the back of your head, wincing at the warm droplets on your fingers. Your last words precede you to unconsciousness.

“Aish,” Hyejin utters once the realization hits her.

What will Taehyung do?

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °


Found old copies of Calvin & Hobbes and couldn’t unsee the parallel. Because you know it’s true. Bill Watterson <3.

merlin art tag

The Monster Under My Bed

AU where there is no magic, Simon still has his parents (Davy and Lucy) and Baz in the moster that lives under his bed. Simon is young, only about 11 years old.


I was home alone for the first time. Mommy couldn’t find a baby sitter but daddy didn’t want to cancel their plans for tonight, so they left me alone. They made sure I was okay and I really was. I told them I had Bazzy with me. They think he’s my imaginary friend, but he isn’t imaginary at all. He’s real.

I was asleep when it happened. The alarm suddenly went off and then turned off almost as fast. I sat up in bed, terrified, when I heard voices from the hallway.

“No one is home, they have date night tonight. I made sure they were gone, trust me. No one will find us, it’s fine, Ag,” one of them said. It’s a girl, I think. I pull the covers off of me.

“Oh, shut up, Pen. You’re just making me even more nervous. I’ve never broken into someone’s house before!” It’s another girl. I get off my bed. The flood creaks loudly.

“Did you hear that?”

I lay down slowly and begin to inch under the bed. I don’t think Baz is here, but I know how to get him here.

“Baz!” I whisper. Nothing. “Baz!”

“It was nothing, Agatha, don’t be all anxious. We just need to find something expensive, maybe some money, and get out!”

Baz is suddenly right next to me. His skin looks even darker in the night and his mouth is full. His fangs are out. He smiles at me.

“Don’t talk,” I mouth to him. He nods and looks out from under my bed. I grab his hand and he smiles even bigger.

“Penny, the noise came form this room,” Agatha said. She was standing right outside my door and I got even more scared. What if they find me?

“We’re not doing anything until Dev and Niall get here. They’ve done this so many times so we’ll be fine once they are here.”

Baz’s eyebrows scrunch together. “No one is going to hurt you or steal anything from you. I promise,” he whispered. The voices drifted away and he and Baz waited under his bed.

“What are you going to?” I asked him quietly.

“Whatever I do, don’t get scared, okay? I’m just going to try to scares them,” he whispered back.

“You’ve never scared me, Bazzy,” I muttered. I squeezed his hand and he began to wiggle out from under my bed. The thing with Baz is that he is silent all the time and he can see really well in the dark. I loved it. Almost every night before I go to bed he comes out and we just sit on my bed and talk. Sometimes I go under the bed with him, but I fell asleep once and my parents thought I had been kidnapped in the middle of the night, so we don’t do that anymore. Even while I am under here now I’m afraid I might fall asleep.

Baz walks out of my room and I hear him growling from outside my door.

“What was that?!”

“Agatha, stop, there’s nothing there!”

Baz laughed. It was creepy.

“Wait, what the hell? Who was that?”

“I told you there was something!”

Baz got his creepy voice, it was smooth and entrancing. He only used this on me once, when we first met, but after it didn’t scare me any. “There certainly is something. Something indeed,” he laughed again.

“Penny, can we go?” Agatha cried.

“Go? Oh, don’t leave! I just got here,” Baz crooned. “Let’s have some fun.” I could almost hear his smirk.

“Okay, let’s get the fuck out of here, I don’t want to be here anymore!” Penny yelled. And then she screamed. “What the fuck are you?!”

“I’m me,” Baz snarled.

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.”

“Oh, I’m not holy. In fact, I’m the opposite. Time for fun?” Baz was getting loud. His voice was travelling from wherever they were in the house to my room. I just wanted him to get them out and come back.

“Baz,” I whispered.

“Leave!” Baz screamed. He must’ve done something scary, because the two girls screamed and there was some crashing before I heard a door slam. I heard someone walking towards my room, and despite knowing it was Baz, I cowered under my bed.

“Simon?” Baz whispered as he entered my room. “Are you okay?”

I peeked out from where I hid and his eyes found me and held something I didn’t recognize.

“Oh, Simon. Come on out, we can lay down on your bed and sleep, yeah?” Baz murmured. I crawled out from under the bed and hugged him around his waist.

“Thank you,” I spoke into his shoulder.

“It was nothing, really. I’m just glad you’re okay. I’m sorry if I scared you.”

I shook my head and pulled away. “Can you stay with me until my parents get back? And then once they check on me can you come back?”

He smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

He climbed into my bed with me and he stroked my hair as I fell asleep. He was warm and his skin had goosebumps on it where I touched him. I giggled softly.

“G’night, Bazzy,” I breathed.

“Sleep well, Simon. Sleep well.”

So I got this prompt from @writing-prompt-s “A child is home alone when their house is broken into. Alone, except for the monster under their bed.” I really liked the idea of Simon as a little kid with Baz as his “monster” (even though Baz is in no way a monster, he’s an adorable little muffin actually) and this was the result of all of that!


Supernatural Survey

I was tagged by two people and I feel bad I can’t find the tags now!

1. What season did you start watching Supernatural? I started watching between Season 11 and Season 12. I binged on Netflix.   I avoided the show because I really did think it was legit about incest.  Finally a friend of mine set me straight and I gave it a try.

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2. Who was the first character you fell in love with? Dean Winchester.  Dean was the first in a long line of Supernatural Husbands.

Originally posted by pintasfun

3. Who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? Meg.   I didn’t care for her at all in the beginning but by the time she died in season eight she was one of my favorites.

Originally posted by nerdanqel

4. Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? Cas.  He’s not my favorite angel or the hottest guy, but I bet he would be the most compassionate and caring boyfriend. Always there to take care of you when you need him.

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5. If you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose? Sam. Since it’s just one date I would go out with Sam just to see what it’s like to date someone so tall.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

6. What would you do on the date? Something to emphasize his tallness. Maybe dancing?

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7. Which character would you most want to be like? Jody.  A loving and nurturing bad ass with a heart of gold and balls of steel. I want to be the one who can hug someone in pain and then go beat the shit out of whoever hurt them.  I want to show courage and walk into the line of fire with my family.

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8. Which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead? Bobby.  I miss Bobby so much.

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9. Which character would you most like to punch? Metatron.

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10. Who is your absolute favorite character? Lucifer.

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11. Which “Big Bad” do you think was the worst? The Leviathans / Dick Roman. That season was awful and that plot was awful.

12. Which character are you most like? Probably Kevin. Smart, nerdy, easily scared but brave and determined.

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13. What death hit you the hardest? Bobby. I bawled like a damn baby.

Originally posted by sparkling-lucifer

14. What season finale hit you the hardest?  Swan Song (Season 5). Not only was the ending with Sam and Dean super emotional, but for me it was Chuck narrating the story about Baby that killed me. I was in tears.

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15. What are your ten all-time favorite episodes? 1) Yellow Fever  2) Changing Channels 3) Abandon All Hope 4) Hammer of the Gods 5) Swan Song 6) The French Mistake 7) The Man Who Would Be King 8) Goodbye Stranger 9) Road Trip 10) The Raid

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16. What’s been your favorite season? Season 5!!!!!!

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17. Who is your favorite angel? Lucifer

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18. Who’s your favorite demon? Crowley

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19. Who’s your favorite evil character? Arthur Ketch

Originally posted by lost-shoe

20. Do you have any Supernatural ships? Sam & Eileen.  Dean & Jo.   Dean & Donna.   Castiel & Meg.  Castiel & Crowley.

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21. Who’s your favorite supporting actor? Mark Pellegrino

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22. What’s your favorite quote from the show? “The Impala, of course, has all the things other cars have… and a few things they don’t. But none of that stuff’s important. This is the stuff that’s important. The Army man that Sam crammed in the ashtray–it’s still stuck there. The Legos that Dean shoved into the vents. to this day, heat comes on, and you can hear ‘em rattle. These are the things that make the car theirs. Really theirs. Even when Dean rebuilt it from the ground up, he made sure all these little things stayed. 'Cause it’s the blemishes that made her beautiful.” - Chuck (Swan Song)


“And of course, I remember the most remarkable event - remarkable because it never came to pass. It was averted by two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel. The grand story. And we ripped up the ending, and the rules, and destiny, leaving nothing but freedom and choice.” - Castiel (The Man Who Would Be King)

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23. If you could cast one famous actor in an episode of SPN, who would you chose? Tituss Burgess.   I would love to see another episode based on Imaginary Friends and I think he would be epic as one of the imaginary friends.

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24. If you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included? Lock Ness Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Who’s your favorite girl that Dean’s hooked up with? I am assuming since they never hooked up that Jo doesn’t count, so I will go with Cassie.

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26. Who’s your favorite girl that Sam’s hooked up with? Madison.

27. What are some of your favorite convention moments? I have two.  The epic Jared & Misha “influence” question at JIB7 and Mark Pellegrino singing and dancing to Sweet Transvestite at Karaoke.

28. If you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on SPN, how would you want your character described? I would want her to be a bad ass demon that sleeps with Lucifer. 

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29. What do you hope to see in the next season? Better writing.

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30.-40. If you had to choose…

Bobby or John? Bobby.

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Bela or Ruby? Bela.

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Jess or Madison? Madison.

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Jo or Lisa? Jo.

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Charlie or Kevin? Charlie.

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Balthazar or Ash? Balthazar.

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Cas or Crowley? Both.

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Ben or Claire? Claire.

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Jody or Donna? Donna.

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Sam or Dean? Dean.

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My Son Has Been Talking to The Walls

Author: hayong

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My father went missing when I was 19 years old. It was after a week-long argument with my mother resulting in my father being there the night before and gone by the morning. I was home during the summer break of my freshman year when it happened, and I have never felt so betrayed my whole life. He was supposed to be there to see me graduate college, to be there when I was feeling down and I needed to talk to someone, but all of those hopes were sliced away when I found out he took the easy way out.

It really wasn’t any different not having him around though; throughout my childhood he would go back and forth from Korea to America. He would be with us for a couple of months before finding another “great opportunity” and having to fly back to Korea. So when he decided to run away from our home I decided the best thing to do is to forget about that man in general.

When I went back to college I focused on my studies, and after three years I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. I met a lovely lady my sophomore year and once we both graduated we decided to get married. After we got married we settled into a cozy 2 bedroom apartment and lived our lives happily for the next 2 years.

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Request:🌠 Reader has a crush on Bruce so the batboys (maybe even Alfred) cover the entire house in mistletoe to get them together 🌠

New story omg. I finally wrote something

You were ashamed.

Having barely reached the twenty second year of your life and crushing on a man that was at least 10 years older than you,it was shameful. For you nonetheless.
  Even the fact that you were in his house for Christmas was shameful. You could easily embarrass yourself and he, Dick, the one who settled this whole thing, knew. And you were sure that he’d opt to laugh if you actually made a fool of your very own self.

You knew Dick for many years. Ever since he came to Gotham academy actually.
And still, you could remember yourself being the number one fangirl of Bruce Wayne. You couldn’t believe that Dick was his ward, it was as if heavens had sent a small part of them to you and certainly you didn’t believe it when Dick told you that he’d get you married to Bruce Wayne.

Of course, you recalled each of these moments, especially now, that you were forced into the huge Manor, and into Bruce Wayne’s lifestyle.
  Dick had helped you more than anyone in this planet. He helped you get into university and he was expecting your graduation during the upcoming year. He even helped you get a job as Bruce Wayne’s assistant in the company. And seriously? Whenever you asked why he was so good with you, all he answered was that he wanted his future ‘mother’ to be settled.


“So, (y/n) clear my schedule for tomorrow and transfer everything to Wednesday.”

“This Wednesday?” You asked wide eyed. Was he out of his head? Very few people worked during the second week of Christmas vacation. And you would not be the person to break it for them.

“Yes.” Bruce confirmed in a stiff tone, as jf it wasn’t 'stiff’ enough to bring up a work subject during this time, when you were supposed to have fun.

“But mister Wayne, mister Queen won’t be in Gotham next week, and he made it clear to me. He didn’t want you to postpone that meeting.” You said, hesitantly, knowing full well that the blonde man wouldn’t stop complaining to you about Bruce’s decision.

“Oliver can wait, (y/n). I have things to do. Plus it’s only days away.” He said, with his infamous smirk splattered across his face, his hand resting to the small of your back to lead you to the dining room.

You sighed as your stomach took turns. It was a usual habit of his to put his hand on the small of your back to give you a little push, thought you yet had to get used to it. Bruce didn’t seem like a man of physical touch though. He only patted the shoulders of some of his good employees and shook hands with colleagues or other well known billionaires.
It made you think. Bruce didn’t touch a woman unless he took some interest in her, and yet he was touching you even though you strongly refused to believe that a man like him would fall for someone like you. It was intriguing though too. What if he actually did like you. What if he wanted you in the same way you did?

These and other similar questions run through your mind every single time his enormous palm rested on the small of your back.

Oh how you wanted him to feel that way about you too. You wanted to grab him by his collar and lower him to your level -because who thought Bruce Wayne would be so tall- and crush your lips on his, knowing full well that this could cost your job and knowing full well how much older he was. But did you really care?

This question burnt you to no end. Bruce Wayne was a playboy. He didn’t have any serious relationships. He never even did the relationship thing.aybe it was because he was older. Maybe he had gotten bored of- who were you kidding? As far as you knew, he never had a real relationship and who were you to change that?

Tonight though, it was Christmas and you prayed for a miracle.

As you exited his office, with all these thoughts running through your head, you entered the dining room. What you came across though was beyond any imagination.

Countless of mistletoes were hanging from the ceiling, leaving no spot uncovered, no spot in which you could go. You couldn’t kiss him now. Not like this. You wanted it to mean something

“Come on! Kiss already!”

And that’s when you realised the person behind this. Of course it was Dick, but he had … help?
Even the butler was giving a smirk of approval to both Bruce and you, while two other boys cheered. The one you recognised as Bruce’s blood son had a frown, similar to Jason’s as if disapproving that act. But you couldn’t care for the world anymore.
At the moment, you didnt care for the media, your age, your job, your family, your whole damn life, you wanted to kiss him so bad that you didn’t care if it was in this way.
Your world stopped when you felt his lips on yours, surprising you. Your little speech to yourself about courage wasn’t even finished. Amd God, how much did you enjoyed it that it didn’t. You weren’t able to chicken out anymore, it was happening and your insides were burning and bursting in an endless, repeating circle of the same events for as long as his thin lips moved harmonically with yours.
Your body was limp, you couldn’t move a single muscle expect for the ones on your mouth as you kissed him. The duration of the kiss was uncertain. You had lost count of time and forgotten where your body was, because your soul was in heaven. What if you wouldn’t ever see him without blushing again? He had kissed you, felt your mouth against his, given you the privilege of indulging in your own lust for him.

As you parted a moan escaped your lips signaling the loss of his touch, mourning for the loss of the warmth that had kitten up so many fires in your body. Your tongue couldn’t keep your words behind, as your dizzy head, drunk in the idea of his close to you in such way made you say.

“I love you” If anyone was cheering, you couldn’t hear. After the sudden spill of truth your reality crushed. You didn’t want to believe you had just said those words. The kiss was for fun, but now you’d lose your job and the only way to be close to Bruce.

“I think I love you too”
He said and you jumped back at your imaginary word as he brushed your hair away from your face and lowered himself to place his lips on your again.
Before he even started moving them, signaling the start of the kiss he whispered a quiet “Merry Christmas”.

You weren’t sure but Dick might have screamed at the top of his lungs with joy at the sight.

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Question! Since Dion can create things out of nowhere with his pure imagination, are there any limits to that? Like do these things disappear when he loses focus or after a certain amount of time?.... Was that a demon he created there in his picture?

“The only limitations I have with my power is that I can’t create living creatures. All the objects I create are pretty real and only disappear if I’m in sea water or if I just want them to. It does take some real focus depending on how big the object is, but overall, it’s no problem. Then there’s Tomo. I’m not sure how I did it, but he’s the only thing I’ve created that actually has a mind of its own. He’s been with me since I ate the fruit, but truthfully I think he’s just a manifestation of some weird imaginary friend I made at some point. Sorry he’s a little shy.

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Thanks for the teacher head canon day. I don't think I'm alone when I say that Greenburg is imaginary. He doesn't exist, Coach talks about him all the time and everyone just kind of goes with it.

I love this! And all the kids just go along with it, because as long as it’s imaginary Greenburg getting in trouble, they’re safe! 

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Since that anon asked you, I actually got curious. How do you think Solas would react if became a father? Especialy if it happened accidentaly?

Short answer: Not well.

Solas would absolutely not want to get his lover pregnant. He may allow himself to think about the possibility, to imagine happier circumstances where they could remain together and choose to start a family. And in that imaginary future, I think he would love being a father. He would be the sort of parent who encourages his child’s curiosity, allows it to flourish, feeds it with moments of exploration and discovery. And developing a relationship with his own child gives him the rare opportunity to simply be himself, to care for someone who doesn’t know him as the Dread Wolf, who doesn’t think of him as a god or a rebel or a demon. To them, he would simply be their father. I think that’s something he would really treasure. 

But that is a desire that would fall strictly within the realm of idle dreams. Because the reality is, he can’t. He can’t choose a life with her over the survival of his people. Their happiness cannot be more important than the state of the world. It would be the ultimate act of selfishness in his eyes.

Beyond the rather devastating implications that he may not be able to keep his lover or child safe through the course of tearing down the Veil, I think he would also feel an incredible amount of guilt about creating a child in what he sees as a post-apocalyptic Thedas. What sort of life could that child hope to have? Even if Solas does nothing, even if the Veil remains and they live out their lives, chances are his child would have inherited the same fatal mortality their mother has. From his perspective, he would be responsible for creating the “disease” of mortality among the elves only to then recklessly give life to a child who would then suffer that same fate. He would watch his son or daughter die after only having had a few decades of life - robbed of the thousands of years they should have had. They would age and die in a world devoid of the true nature of the Fade, devoid of spirits and the full potential of magic, constantly under the threat of the Blight’s corruption, devalued and abused by society because of the shape of their ears and potentially killed or locked away if they have the same gift for magic that he possesses. And everything that this child, his child, would potentially suffer through would be his fault.  

So no, I don’t think Solas would exactly relish the revelation that he’d gotten the Inquisitor with child. Because in the end, his choice has to be the same, no matter what he may want for himself or for them. It would make what he has to do even more repulsive and he would have absolutely no one but himself to blame for that. 

I don’t know if it would change his mind, in the end. I would like to think that it would - but I could also understand the reasons why it wouldn’t. 

The Food Chain/ Amanda/ Nicky Silver


SoI was reading my paper when the waiter came over and asked if I was…alone. Well! It was obvious that I was alone! I was sitting there, in a booth, by myself -did he think I thought I had an imaginary friend with me?! I was alone! Did he have to rub it in? Was he trying to be funny? Did he think he was, in some way, better than me? It was in his tone. He said, ‘Are you alone?’ But what he meant to say was,  'You’re alone. Aren’t you?!’ And I can’t imagine he’s not alone every single day of his miserable , pathetic life! He has terrible skin. And it’s not attractive. Not the way bad skin is attractive on some people. On some men!!! I’ve strayed. The point is this waiter has terrible skin, and greasy hair and his breath stinks of something dead and his face is too entirely close to mine. I want to pick up my butter knife and stab him in his sunken caved-in chest! But I simply respond
'No, I’m married thank you’
I realize now, of course, that my answer was illogical. I realize that it was innapropriate. But at the time it was all I could think of to say. 
Well he leans back and really in the the most supercillious manner, he leers at me and intones, 'I meant are you eating alone.’ 'I KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT! I KNEW WHAT HE MEANT!’ I’m not a person who shouts, generally. I don’t like shouting. It hurts to shout and it hurts to be shouted at. But I shouted. I was standing. I must’ve leapt up when I shouted. So I was standing and everyone was staring at me. The place was very crowded, much more crowded than I ever recall seeing it before.