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I sat down by the counter island and Lucas served me breakfast, bacon and omelet and I smiled, he grinned at me and sat besides me with his one dose. I looked down at my food.

“Well, this looks decently cooked,” I joked. “I always thought you had a motherly vibe to you Lucky Lucas, but apparently cooking isn’t your thing.”

He laughed besides me. “Nah, not at all. Gunther cooks, I just take care of the house, bills and garden.”

I nodded and took a bite of the food. “Lucas, Gunther, and Wolfgang…”

He looked over at me. “I know, my name is the wrong one in the picture,” and he shrugged. “Maybe mom wanted someone different from my siblings… I don’t think she meant gay though.”

I laughed. “Oh come on, Lucas.”

“Nah,” he shook his head. “I think she died after I came out of the closet. Wolfgang says I killed her of disapointment when we argue. Guess she wanted grandchildren.”

I looked down at the plate, the environment suddenly heavy. “Well… My dad is a scientist and an alien, I think alien impregnations are on his job descrip, want me to ask him?”

He snorted a laugh and grinned at me. “Dumbskull.”

“Just saying, offer’s up,” I smiled back.

“I’ll make sure to think of it,” he nodded.

“Shouldn’t I be the one making you breakfast, by the way?” I asked playing with the omelet before taking a bite into it. “Especially after giving you blue balls.”

He snorted a laugh again. “Last time I checked they were still pasty pink and gold sprinkled.”

I nearly choked on my food laughing, he simply grinned widely.

“Dork,” I grinned.


Got7 Reaction: Finding Out You Have Tattoos



You usually wore jeans or long pants around the house. But it was too hot so you wore some shorts instead. You had just gotten out of the shower, so you went to cuddle and watch a movie with JB. When you sat down, he was suprised when his hand touched your bare leg instead of fabric. He look down and saw that you had a large tattoo on your thigh. His eyes grew big as he took in the picture. 

“When did you get this?” he asked you, while his hand grazed over your tattoo.

“I got it last year, you never saw it?” you asked him. He shook his head and smiles.

“I think it’s kinda sexy.” He said while smirking, “Have any more I don’t know about?”

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Jinyoung was just coming home from tour, and you were asleep on the couch. The position you were sleeping in made your shirt ride up a bit, showing your hip tattoos. Junior didn’t notice them until he came to pick you up and take you to bed. He saw your tattoos and he just stared at them. He didn’t want to wake you up and ask about them, so kept looking at them. He could help but think about you having more in other places. He thought tattoos made you even more sexy.

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You would usually wear long sleeves around Jackson, becasue you didn’t want him to see your tattoo on your wrist. He would always ask you about it, but you would just change the subject and avoid the subject. But today he just wasn’t having it.

“Y/N, would you please just tell me!” 

“Jackson, I already said no..”

“Fine. We’ll have to do this the hard way.” He said as he stood up. You tried to run away from him, but he already grabbed your arm. He pulled up your sleeve and eyed the tattoo. 

“Really?” he asked.

“I’m sorry! I knew you wouldn’t like it! That’s wh-”

“Shhhh, I don’t mind tattoos. But why would you hide that? It looks great on you!” 

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[Kind of Smut Warning?]

You and BamBam were in a heated makeout session, and his hand grab your shirt to pull it off. Once your shirt is off, he notices the tattoos near you collar bone. He smirks and leaves kisses over them.

“You never told me about these. I think you deserve to be punished princess.”



Youngjae just got home from practice, so he went to go to the bathroom. When he opened the door, he saw you in the shower. He panicked and ran to the bedroom. He sat on the bed while thinking of what he just saw. He’s never saw you naked before. Did he see tattoos on you? You came into the bedroom wrapped in just a towel. And sure enough, he was right. He did see a tattoo on your upper back. His face got red, and you noticed him acting weird.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“When did you get a tattoo?” He asked shyly. You laughed a little at him. 

“I got it a long time ago, you don’t mind it right?”

“Of course not, I kinda like it.”

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You and Yugyeom were going out for a date and you have just finished getting ready. You were wearing a crop top that reavealed your tattoo under your breasts, and black skinny jeans. Yugyeom saw you and almost choked on his water. For two reasons, one: you looked hot af two: he’s never seen that tattoo.

“That tattoo should only be for my eyes.” He would smirk at you, trying to seem like he wasn’t too confused.

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You and Mark were in LA for his break, and you decided to go swimming. You’ve never been swimming with him, or in a bikini in front of him. You didn’t know what he would think of your ribcage tattoo, so you wore a shirt over or bikini. You walked out to the pool to see that mark was already in the water. He saw you and gave you a confused look. 

“Why do you have me shirt on?” He asks. Your face got red as he got out of the pool. He walked over to you and took the shirt off, revieling your tattoo. He looked at it and started to smile. 

“Wow, I didn’t know you had this! Did it hurt?” He would ask as he touched it.

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#4: I Wrote a Letter to Santa

Length: Medium

I had never seen my father wield a weapon before. On that cold Christmas evening of 1988 he opened one of the cabinets in the living room and pulled out his shotgun. He gave me a long, hard look: “I’m sorry Amy.” He then stepped out into the backyard to put Snuffles down.


My parents had trouble bearing children. They tried every method out there, but failed in every single one of them. I was their jackpot.

A one in a million chance and yet, nine months later, I was delivered into my mother’s arms, Amy Melinda Ramsey. My parents took so many pictures of me. In most of them they looked as if they were about to burst with joy, enthralled by their healthy little girl.

I think it was as soon as I began to speak that I questioned the singularity of my existence. “Can I have a little brother?” I pestered my mother as I played on the hardwood floor.

“We’ll see.” my mother would always reply.

I never addressed any questions to father though. To my younger self he was a rather daunting and intimidating figure in our home. He was one of those quiet working men, the steady ant, the always on time employee.

It was a Monday if I recall correctly, that the kid next door brought home a pug puppy for our play date. It only took me about two seconds before I instantly fell in love with its bulging brown eyes, cartoonish smile, and adorable face wrinkles. I wanted him to stay forever, but he eventually had to leave.

It’s funny how a child’s mind works. At that point I completely forgot about my longing for a brother or sister. Such thoughts had been replaced with an army of tiny pug puppies, marching and waving around their pig tails and stocky bodies.

A few days before Christmas, we all sat at the table for dinner. My mother took a sip of her soup and smiled at me. “Have you made your letter to Santa?” she asked.


“Well, how do you expect him to know what you want then?”

“I want a puppy! A pug puppy! I already have a name for him: Snuffles!”

“If you do, write it down on a piece of paper and hang it on our tree.” she replied. My father nodded a few times here and there but didn’t utter a single word. I would later find out that he had been laid off that day. I guess they were trying to protect me from such things, so they just swallowed those nasty thorns away from my sight.

I diligently followed my mother’s order. This was my best chance of getting a puppy and I was not going to waste it. I sat down on a small toy table in my room and scribbled the letter with the best handwriting a six year old could manage.

I remember that my letter, although crude and concise, was flooded with crayon drawings of me and Snuffles. My mom helped me hang it on one of the highest branches of our Christmas Tree. I stood there for a while, admiring my card, filling my mind with all of the adventures me and Snuffles would have.

As a result of my father’s job loss, we struggled to make ends meet. I could see it in their faces, in the corners of their mouths and eyes, that there was something going on, but they would just cloak it up with a half-assed grin. My parents concluded that a pug puppy was simply out of their possibilities and bought me a toy pug instead. They hoped that this might keep me happy and would buy them some time to save up for a real one.

I bet they were quite surprised when they saw a strange box under the tree that neither of them recognized on that December 25th of 1988. It vibrated around violently, and there was definitely something whimpering inside. “Snuffles!” I yelled victoriously.

My parents stood back in a corner of the living room as I rushed to grab the shuffling box. It was beautifully wrapped with a deep violet paper and intricate black jewels. An elegant golden bow crowned the gift, resting ominously on top of it.

A letter was attached to one of the sides of the gift. The handwriting was cursive, and as a child I was unable to read it. I gave the letter to my mother, eager to know what Santa had written me.

She read it in silence, and after glancing back to my father in what I can only describe as sheer shock, she handed him the card. My father scanned it briefly before rushing out of the house. He circled our property for about 10 minutes before coming back inside, pale as the snow sticking out of his boots.

“What does it say…?” I asked.

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A question for the fandom

(I’m tagging Darus/Desus because you guys seem to be amazing with metas and might be able to figure it out)

What do you think was up with this scene from Knots Untie?

Paul took down this picture (which looks to be a picture of the queen card, and I think it might be the queen of spades, but I can’t really tell so I might be wrong)

and then proceeded to look at it like this

This scene is also a huge credit to Tom Payne’s acting because he can convey different emotions with just looks. It’s like we saw different emotions going across his face as he looked at the picture.

Thoughts on the scene? Any metas about it? I’d love to hear what you guys think and maybe get a discussion going about the scene.

Fake? Really?-Sebastian Stan x Reader

“You want to what?” Sebastian looked at you with a disbelieving look. “I think you need to repeat that.” 

“It’s simple really, just pretend that we’re dating.” You look at Sebastian with a serious face and it takes him a while for the idea to fully sink in. His face was comical and you held back a laugh. “Think about it, we’re already good friends, the media thinks we’re dating and it’ll get everyone off your back about getting married soon.”

Sebastian lifted your legs from the sofa and sat down. He put them back down and absent-mindedly stroked them. You like Seb, a lot and you knew that it would probably cause a bit of trouble for you all things considered. “I like that idea. What do we do?” 

You took out your phone with and snapped a picture of Seb. You laced your hands with his and placed them back on your legs. You posted the picture on Instagram. It looked good and you captioned it with ‘my fave.’

Your phone went crazy with likes and comments. Most of them consisted of ‘goals’ and ‘they’re going out omg’. You showed Sebastian the comments and he looked relieved. It was believable. 

Sebastian got a text from a family member asking him why he didn’t tell them. He replied with something along the lines of it just happened. It seemed believable considering that everyone was waiting for you two to date.

Deep down you knew that it was a bad idea to get involved like this with Sebastian considering that you liked him. A lot. “See, it’s working.” Sebastian smiled at you and squeezed your hand, you smiled back and lay your head on the side of the sofa.


You had to go to an event with Sebastian and so you did your hair and makeup just a little nicer than usually and picked out a beautiful dress that you had saved for a special occasion. You ran your hands down your sides and walked to your living room.

You took a shot of tequila and felt the quick burn down your body. Sebastian let himself into your home and hugged you. You grabbed your bag, slipped on your shoes and walked to Sebastian’s car. “Wait a minute.” Sebastian moved your hair out of the way and clasped a necklace onto you. “I thought it would be fitting.”

You looked at the beautiful necklace and thanked him. You climbed into the car and instinctively changed the music on the radio. Sebastian laughed and joined you in singing ‘dollhouse’ by Melanie Martinez. You looked at Sebastian and you couldn’t help but smile at his face.

When you got to the venue, Sebastian grabbed your hand and he held you close to him. Whilst you were used to his cologne, it didn’t help but make you feel dizzy. It was intoxicating. 

Flashes of cameras went off around you. Sebastian pulled you closer to him to shield you from the onslaught of screaming reporters and bright lights. You thanked him silently and he kissed the top of your head in a comforting manner.

“Sebastian! Sebastian! Is it true that you’re really dating Y/N?” Reporters waved their arms in the air at him and the pair of you walked over to one of them. Then more microphones were waved in front of you.

Sebastian stood up a little more and spoke. “Yes, Y/N and I have been dating for a while and she makes me really happy.” Sebastian looked at you with a soft smile. You had to remind yourself that he was an actor, it was his job. They shouted and asked you to kiss each other for a picture.

Sebastian cupped your face and kissed you lightly. Cheers from fans echoed to the both of you and Sebastian pulled away from you gently. “I didn’t want to ruin your makeup, I know how annoyed you get.” Sebastian winked at you and you playfully shoved him in response. 


The fake relationship was causing a strain on you. Your feelings for Sebastian were getting stronger and stronger but you knew that he did not reciprocate the same feelings for you. 

You distanced yourself from Sebastian. At first, it was small but then you didn’t meet up with him unless you had to go to an event. It hurt you and whilst he kept asking what was wrong, you always shrugged it off by saying that you were tired.

You curled up in your bed and watched another episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. You were entranced in the show and so the sound of Sebastian entering your room was not registered. 

“Y/N. Why have you been avoiding me?” You jumped at the sound of Sebastian’s voice and you looked up. You shook your head but this time, he was not going to let you get away with it. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“It’s nothing.” You tried to shake off the voice in your head that told you to tell Sebastian that you liked him. It was off the table.

“One minute you were fine, and the next you’re avoiding me.” Sebastian ran his hand through his hair and he sat on your bed. You shifted away from him a little but the smell of him still drifted to you.

“You wouldn’t understand.” You paused the show and mumbled your words. You avoided his gaze and played with your fingers.

“Try me.” Sebastian let out an exasperated sigh and held your hand. He tried to get you to look at him and you fought every fibre in your body. “Please talk to me.” Sebastian’s voice was soft and smooth.

“Fine. I like you.” You hid your face in shame but you did not stop talking. “I don’t think you understand how difficult it was to just pretend to date you. It sucked to kiss you and then I force myself to remember that you’re an actor. Acting is what you do.” 

Sebastian held you and it prevented you from moving. You struggled with him and a stray tear of embarrassment fell. Sebastian wiped it away with the pad of his thumb and your eyes met his blue ones. “It was your idea. Why would you do that?”

“Because I wanted to help you. Okay? That’s why.” You were unsure as to why you were angry but there was a fire growing inside of you. His eyes softened and he stroked your face.

“Do you want to know why I agreed to your stupid idea?” Sebastian tilted your head towards him. You nodded. Your anger had been subdued by Sebastian’s face. “Because I wanted the excuse to call you my girlfriend.”

Background image I did for the Clockwork Soldier piece (X).

Please do not use it without my permission~! It took me forever to finish this thing up. xD;

A few horse pictures as Jacob was very into horse riding, breeding, and racing growing up, wanting a hobby while he was merely the prince and his sister took the throne. Looks like he’s taking them down though as he cannot bear to think about his horses any longer as he won’t be able to ride them anymore with the state he is in.

No thanks to doing this entire image, I kept thinking about his story. So badly want to write the prison scene(s) now as angsty and heartbreaking as they are.

Band Practice

Title: Band Practice

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 544

Warnings: none!

A/N: I was watching convention videos and the jump at the beginning of the panel and I totally think this would be Jensen down the line. Enjoy! Let me know if you want to be added to a tags list!

**picture is NOT mine

“Hey mom?” Your son came into the kitchen while you were finishing up some dishes from making cookies.

“Yeah sweetie what’s up?”

“So, um, ya know how I have band practice today?”

“Yeah, are the boys not able to come over?”

“No. No it’s just.” He took a big breath in, “can you make sure dad doesn’t crash band practice again?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his adorable face. “Sure sweetie, I’ll make sure dad’s out.”

He gave you a huge hug around the waist, “thank you thank you thank you! He’s just so embarrassing!”

“He does it because he loves you. I promise.” You gave him a kiss on the head as he ran off to the garage.

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“Tooomm. Stop it. I’m serious.” You whine, shielding your face.

“I’m not doing anything.” Tom smiled, snapping a picture.

“You better not be taking pictures of me Tom.” I warned.

“Why not? It’s cute seeing you mad.” he said.

“So you think I’m cute?” I said, looking at him. He blushed.

“What. No. I never said that.” he stuttered. I laughed and he snapped another​ photo.

“Tom!” I scowled. He laughed and I knocked him down.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. I took his camera and snapped some photos of him.

“How do you like it Holland?”

He smiled and tackled me down to the ground. I squealed and he took the camera from me, pinning my arms down afterwards.

We smiled at one another and he leaned in and kissed me.

“Can I take a photo of this?” he said, his lips hovering over mine. I smiled.

“I guess.” I said, bringing his face towards mine again. He smiled against my lips and i heard his camera shutter click.

“Now that. Is a keeper.” he said, looking at me.

“You didn’t even look at it. It could be blurry.” I said.

“Then I guess we’re gonna have to do more.” he said, bringing me towards his lips again. I smiled and let him.

“I guess so Holland.”


Storytime part 2 (&3):

After his jump in the second round Stephan sat down in the changing area and took his time to change, waiting for his teammates.
Suddenly a few metres next to me a girl called “Stephaaaaahaaan” (with a voice as if a mother was calling her child) and he looked up, started laughing and called back (in a manner like a child would answer his mother) “whaaaaahaaat”. Of course he came to the crowd and started giving autographs etc.
Then one group of fans asked him for a picture and I think they said “could we ask for a picture” so he said “sure”; took their phone and took a picture of them.
Of course they were confused and were like “no, no, with you!” and then Stephan ironically grinning replied:“Oh with me? Well then…”
And that’s what you can see on the picture, he took a selfie like this with the fans and handed them the phone again. - 12.03.16 Titisee-Neustadt


Summary: He won’t stop taking pictures of you 

“What are you doing?” I asked as I saw my boyfriend, Justin, walk into our bedroom with a camera in his hand. He came over to the bed and held the camera up to his face and snapped a picture of me. “Hey!” I yelled laughing, covering my face as he took another one. 

“Come on baby, you look beautiful, besides, these memories need capturing” he said smiling, the camera still against his face. I sighed and shrugged, reading my book again. 

“Pose!” he shouted like a photographer while taking another picture of me. “Seeing as we’re capturing moments” I began, placing my book down a snatching the camera out of Justin’s hands. “Let me take pictures of you” I said, smirking at him. 

Hey Guys. It’s short I know. I think i might start doing text imagines? I don’t know if i should though, i haven’t decided anyway, i hope you like this short imagine:)  

Imagine reading with Sam

“Let’s read something,” Sam suggested, taking a sip of his beer.

“What, like a book?” you questioned, getting your own drink from the fridge.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “You know, the ones without pictures.”

“You’re so cheeky,” you chuckled, walking over to him and sitting in his lap, “What are we reading?”

“Well, I’ve got Percy Jackson in my bag,” he told you, one arm snaking around your waist as he put his beer down and retrieved the book with his free hand.

“I think I could probably quote it,” you smiled, settling comfortably into him, “Is it Lightning Thief?”

“Of course,” he grinned, kissing the back of your neck lightly, “Go on then. Quote away.”

You took a long sip of beer and closed your eyes, remembering.

“Look, I didn’t ask to be a half-blood,” you began, “If you’re reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is-”

“Close this book now,” Sam joined in, still smiling, before taking over with the reading all together.

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My day at the Wizard World in Austin today. Took 2 cat headbands, I was wearing the fancy one and gave Sebastian the metal one, so he’s wearing that on our first picture. I loved the face he made.

For the second one I told him I didn’t have any ideas and he just looked into my eyes and said: hug me. My brain kind shut down and I asked: what? And he repeated it. So I did. And I remembering thinking that his face were so close to mine and he hugged me extra strong too.

After my autograph I asked him if he believed that the aliens were amoung us. At first he didn’t understand my question becausr I speak with an accent so I repete and he said: yes I do believe they are walking amoung us.

So there you go.

i don’t think i’ve ever actually written this out but i have a few headcanons about jack’s fake farm parents

they really did raise jack for the short time he was a sleeper agent on the surface, which is when they took that family picture that’s in his wallet. they were responsible for making sure jack stayed put until fontaine needed him, and for making sure jack worked steady to keep up his physique so he would be physically ready to take down ryan.

they were a childless couple who took the job both to experience having a son and bc fontaine payed them hella well.

they were ok people but had trash ethics and they totally knew about jack’s trigger phrases and knew the gist of what he was meant to do. they did try to make his surface life nice though and got attached to their little freaky assassin son. they both cried when jack got on his plane which was really emotional for jack bc they literally never cried in front of him before.

when jack got activated they stopped getting paid and they had to move on. they assumed that jack was dead so they just left without leaving anything behind that would help him contact them again later. jack loves them.

I’m really fucking trying.
I made a point to prove to not only him, but myself that I am strong enough to seclude myself from every being of his life.
I removed myself from every social media of his.
I deleted his number and blocked it, because even though I know his number by heart I don’t want to be able to drunk text or call him and give him the pleasure of knowing I think about him when I can’t even think at all.
I took down all of our pictures off my wall along with the album I had for just us on my phone because he’s not that person anymore.
I put my prom dress in my moms closet so I don’t have to look at it every morning when I get dressed, I don’t want to think about how the only time I felt beautiful was when I stood standing next to him that night.
I erased every song we played together on our car rides because there are far too many memories and re-encounters compressed into the various versions of 2-4 minute intervals.
I walk on the opposite side of the hallways and pretend he ceases to exist at every party or social gathering. I don’t want to accidentally look him in the eyes because all I’ll think about is all the lies he told me the last time I did….
“I’m not going anywhere”
“I’m not looking for anyone else”
“I want to be with you”
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”
I learned how to bite my tongue when jokes are brought up targeting my pain, it only gives them more ammunition with every word I use trying to defend myself.
I don’t know what else to fucking do.
I cut every string connecting us with the sharpest pair of scissors I could find.
Not only did I burn down all bridges leading me to him,
I ignited any pathway I could possibly find.
From the smallest stepping stones to the straightest shots through the freeway.
Give me my fucking life back
—  I don’t know how to stay calm anymore

i need some advice on aedan’s post-surgery hernia site. i’d call my vet but it’s 1am here and they’re closed saturday afternoons and sundays anyway

i went to pet aedan and cuddle him briefly after grabbing a snack and i notice that he has something stuck to his belly. i go to gently tug it off, since i didn’t think anything of it, and he winced and immediately got up from lying down. i later took a look at it looks like a piece of string that goes under his skin (picture will be under the read more)

does anyone know what this could be? could it be something from the surgery like internal stitching that hasn’t disolved? i’m not sure what to do until i’m able to call the vet on monday

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I took these pictures of me and Aaden just before we left for California yesterday. Aaden insisted on having his own little bag on the flight, so I bought this cute little backpack for him a few days ago. I don’t think he’s ever been on a plane actually, so he was pretty excited! I’m glad it was only about a 5½ hour flight, because he got pretty fussy and restless after just 3 hours on the plane. But I managed to put him down for a nap for the last 2 hours of the flight, so it wasn’t too bad fortunately! 

We’ll be househunting all day today, we just need to get some more sleep… It’s currently 5 AM here, and I think Aaden is struggling a little bit with the time difference. If we were at home, it would be around 7 AM now, so he’s feeling ready to get up and start the day. I hope I can get him to sleep for a few more hours, because I’m still pretty tired! 

We’ll be leaving for New York tomorrow, but before that, we’re visiting @whitleysims and her little family in Miami! Can’t wait to meet you! Our flight to Miami leaves pretty early tomorrow morning, I think it was around 5AM or something, and we’ll be leaving for New York at around 10 PM. Aaden sleeps pretty good in the car, so I’m hoping he falls asleep on the drive from the airport to our house tomorrow night. It’s a struggle travelling with a 3 year old, but I hope we can make it through without too many tantrums!

Mukami:sexy. Requested by anon.

Walking inside your room, they eyes widen as they saw you standing there in only a bra and panties. They smirked as the walked in locking in locking the door behind himself.

“I think your going to have to walk around my room like this from now on.” Ruki smirked as he eyed you up and down.
“You knew I was coming over yet you dressed like this and we we’re supposed to study. Is someone trying to distract me? Perhaps I should punish you?”

He pulled out his phone and took a picture as you blushed, it wasn’t the first picture he had of you in his state. And you knew it wouldn’t be the last.
“Mmmm~ I come back to this. I’ve missed you.” Kou smirked as he pinned you.

“Heh someone is a naughty sugar cube.” Yuma smirked as he picked you up and tossed you onto the bed as he took of his shirt.
“Y-yuma!” You said shocked as you blushed and enjoyed the view.
“Heh, you gave me a rather big problem that your going to have to fix.” He smirked as your eyes wonder down to the big tent in his pants.

“Heh, you…look cute…in those…lacy…panties and…bra.” He chuckled before he go serious as he smirked at you.
“I could…just eat you…all up.”

A Proposal Gone Wrong

A/N: After seeing a picture on the internet that inspired this story, I had to sit down and write it right away. I hope you guys think this is as funny as I do – Enjoy!! :)

(Ps, I laughed literally the entire time I wrote this. I’m not exaggerating lol)


“Honey, we’re going to be late!” your boyfriend, Spencer called out to you from the other room. You were still trying to decide between two dresses.

It was the first night in months that Spencer got to be home for longer than just one night and he insisted that he took you out to a fancy restaurant. His job was a bit hectic, but you knew that he was worth it.

“Just a minute!” you yelled back to him as you chose a high necked, backless maroon dress that you knew he loved on you. After giving yourself a spritz of perfume, you walked into the living room.

“Spence, what are you talking about, we still have over thirty minutes!” you told him as you grabbed your purse and a light coat. After not getting a reply right away, you looked twirled around to look at him. He was dressed in a light gray suit with a straight black tie. You smiled as you saw that his scruff was starting to grow out – he generally grew it out when he wasn’t on a case and you loved it.

He was very clearly gawking at you.

“What’s wrong? Is this okay, or is it too much?” you asked, looking down at your tall heels with your toes peeking out of the ends.

You watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. “No, you look… you look absolutely beautiful, Y/N” he said as wrapped his arms around your waist. He started kissing your neck, right in that spot that he knew you loved.

“You know, we don’t have to go out tonight…” you said in a sultry voice as your fingers got entangled in his hair.

He hesitantly pulled away. “No, no, I promised you a night out, and a night out we will get!” He said enthusiastically as he gave you a kiss on the cheek. You giggled as he pulled you out of the door and off to your romantic night.

You arrived to the restaurant and were placed at a table outside. Although it was nighttime, the air was warm, but the breeze made the air perfect for a nice outdoor dinner.

You ordered your favorite foods – yours being a big, 16 ounce steak, and Spencer ordered the restaurant’s famous lobster. The night you were having was unbelievable – despite being together for over two years, it was like you two were on your first date again.

You had both finished your meals when the waiter came out with some desserts.

“Ahhh, my favorite” you gave the strawberry cheesecake cupcake in front of you an adoring look. Looking around to make sure no one was looking at you, you leaned in to whisper something to Spencer.

“How much do you wanna bet that I can eat this cupcake in one bite?” you said, feeling a bit playful.

Spencer’s eyes widened in alarm. “No Y/N, wait seriously don’t!” he exclaimed, but it was too late. You had already gotten the whole thing in your mouth and was in the process of swallowing it.

“Ha – I knew I could do it!” you said with satisfaction as you took a sip of your wine.

“y/n, there was an engagement ring in that cupcake!” Spencer yelled, his voice raising a few octaves.

You sat there, mouth gaping open. “what?! you were proposing tonight?! Why didn’t you tell me?! Oh my god, I just ate my wedding ring. you know that i eat cupcakes abnormally fast!” your eyes started tearing up as you realized what you had done.

Spencer rushed over to you as he took your hand. “We need to get you to the hospital!” his voice still squeaking as he pulled you out of your seat.


You had been at the E.R. for two hours before they finally got you to see a doctor.

You were sitting on an examination table when he walked in, clearly trying to stifle a laugh when he looked at your clip board.

“Yes, yes, I’m the idiot that swallowed my wedding ring” you laughed with him. You had been very upset at first, but Spencer calmed you down and helped you realize how funny the situation you two were in.

“This is exactly why we don’t recommend proposing by putting the ring in food” The doctor smiled. “I’m terribly sorry Miss Y/L/N, but the only way for us to retrieve it is to, well… let it pass. If it doesn’t pass by tomorrow, please come back and we’ll have to surgically remove it”

You buried your head in your hands and started laughing. You couldn’t believe the situation that you were in. The doctor left the room and Spencer came over and sat by you.

“Look, I know this isn’t exactly the way I’m sure either of us imagined this, but…” he got down on one knee right there in the doctor’s office and took your hand. “Y/N, you from the moment I met you, I knew you were something special. You are the light of my life, and there’s not a day that goes by that isn’t made the best simply by you just being in it. I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” you squealed as you both stood up embracing each other. He cupped your face in his hands and gave you a long sweet kiss.

“You know, this would be the part that I would give you the ring, but I think that you already have it…?” he said with a wink.

You shook your head as he pulled you into a hug again. You knew it was best that you had a sense of humor about this whole situation. You let out a groan as a realization came into your head.

“What is it?” Spencer asked.

“When people ask how you proposed, we’re going to have to tell them this story” you said with a whine in your voice and Spencer let out a laugh, pulling you into his arms once again and kissing the top of your head.

Gregory Isaacs, 1977 by Dave Hendley

“Probably the most pictures I ever took of anyone, in one of those brief encounters where you take pictures for three or four minutes, was Gregory Isaacs. It took me a month to pluck up the courage to photograph him. He had a bad reputation—he was a very sweet singer, but he was also an out-and-out hoodlum. I think it was a Saturday morning, and we were flying out that night, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to get a picture of Gregory Isaacs.’ He was my favorite singer at the time. I saw him down on the North Parade, I said “Gregory, can I take your picture.” He just dropped into a crouched position, he was wearing these very heavy shades, and he just looked completely menacing. I did eight frames, four frames with the glasses off, four with the glasses on—quite nervous, hands shaking.”