i think he needs a nap

Fluff Meme: Pregnancy Edition

“$50 bucks says it’s a girl/boy.”

“Did you just say you’re pregnant?”

“I can’t believe this; we’re going to be parents!”

“____ I’m pregnant.”

“The doctor said this might help with the morning sickness…”

“I’m so excited to finally be a mother!”

“You mean I’m going to be a father?”

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant! I’m so excited for you!”

“I really like this color for the nursery, what do you think?”

“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”

“Here let me rub your feet, I know they’ve been bothering you…”

“Pregnancy suits you…”

“Hello little one; we can’t wait to meet you..”

“He/She/They just kicked!”

“I just found out…we’re having twins…”

“Go on and take a nap, you and the baby/babies need your rest.”

“I’m so excited to finally meet our child/children, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever.”

“Wow….a few more weeks and our baby/babies will be here….”

“I love you and our baby/babies so much…”

“The clinic called with my results today; I’m pregnant!”

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to have a baby.”

“We should probably start thinking of names for the baby/babies now…”

“That’s our baby/babies heartbeat?”

“I just can’t believe I’m/you’re pregnant…it feels too good to be true.”

“I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have a family with….”

Ok so this particular picture had me shaking because sneaking a pic around her home was one thing but being out and in there car was another. I wanted to see up her skirt so bad I didn’t care if she or anyone else caught me, but I never got caught. Her and my brother in law were taking me to go get my truck out of the shop and we had stopped by his office so he could do what ever it was he needed to do real quick. She was laid back in the seat napping and the way she was slouched down I could almost get a peak but what I wanted I would need to pull the dress back a little. I was in the back seat so had to quiet and still. But I managed to get what I wanted without her knowing. Her and my brother in law after they dropped me off went out that night after dropping me off and all I could think about was her and how lucky he was. I was sooo jealous

[Werewolf AU] Having 5-6 Kids With Them (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: He;d be such a great dad I bet. Since he’d the alpha, he’d be more than able to keep the crazy kids in line while also being a loving father

YOONGI: Even though he originally wanted around 2 kids, he’d love all his kids so much. Even when he’s trying to nap and theres 5 pairs of feet jumping up and down on his back

HOSEOK:  It would be a dream for him. He loved you, his mate, very much, so having a big family with you would be all he needs in life

SEOKJIN: He’d be such a warm dad, taking the time to really connect with each of his children. He’d of course love to crawl into bed with you at the end of every day 

JIMIN: Though he’s very bubbly and basically a child himself, but I think as soon as he’d become a father, he’d get serious (at least a little). His first priority would be the safety and health of you and his children

TAEHYUNG: Shit, I bet he’d try having more. Sometimes when people have a lot of kids, their affection might be stretched too much and uneven, not Taehyung. He could have twenty kids and would love each one as if they were all individually the sun in his universe 

JUNGKOOK: I think even though he is kinda young, being a werewolf, he’d be pretty good dad. Having a lot of kids is stressful, no doubt, but no matter how hard it could get, he would never stop loving his family

BTS reaction: their s/o not moving when they sleep

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He wouldn’t think too much of it. He might find it a bit odd at first, but he would probably kinda appreciate it. Like, it’ll help him get a good night’s sleep since you moving won’t be disturbing him, and if he’s at your place, then he would also get a break from the boys.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He definitely likes it. He needs whatever rest he can get, and personally I think he’s a kinda light sleeper. So if you were one to move around a lot, you would probably interrupt his sleep. But if you’re completely still, then that won’t be a problem.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

This depends. He wouldn’t notice at night, because he’s asleep. But if you took a nap and he saw you, he would first be like “oh, they’re asleep.” and leave the room. But if he checked on you again and you hadn’t moved, then he’d probably find it weird. He wouldn’t really be worried, but he’d think it’s strange.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

It’s a bit odd, but he doesn’t think much of it. He knows that everyone’s got different sleeping habits. And if Tae can kick around a lot and order people around, then what’s stopping other people from being completely still. But he’d definitely take stillness over getting kicked any day.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’d be slightly worried the first few times. Like, he’d walk in on you taking a nap, and if you haven’t moved when he checks in on you later, he’d have to check that you’re breathing just to make sure that you really are just sleeping. He’d get more used to it with time, though.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He won’t judge, okay. Like, he might thin the thought “well, that’s kinda weird.” but he would catch himself doing that and stop it, because he is well aware that you can’t help it, and he isn’t the most “normal” person while sleeping, either. But he’d probably kinda worry that he wakes you up a lot when he moves.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

So, like with Hobi, he wouldn’t notice while he’s asleep himself, because God knows he’s a heavy sleeper. But if he noticed during daytime, he’d be slightly worried, like Jimin. He’d feel the need to just do a quick check. And he’d keep feeling that need, because what if this time is the one time when you’re not just asleep? So, unlike Jimin, he’d keep on doing quick checks whenever he found you sleeping.

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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: your top 5 moments on yuri!!! on ice... it can be victuri moments or in general ★★★★ bYE

Wow, okay, sorry, this took me way too long, but I needed to think about it and every time a new episode came out, I had to reconsider.. but anyways,

My Top 5 Yuri!!! on Ice Moments (in no particular order):

Victor leaving Russia because he looks so damn pretty in this scene and also because he’s so sure it’s the right thing to do:

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The whole scene where they talk while they look at the ocean:

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The kiss scene but mostly right after the kiss where they look at each other and they just look SO IN LOVE:

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The whole nap scene and especially the moment when Victor looked at Yuuri like this:

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This scene where Victor whispered into Yuuri’s ear:

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I could list soooo many more and it was incredibly hard to pick, but I just listed what came to my mind right now.

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The fuck you think happened with Shiro? Any theories?

He turned into a cat and he’s taking a nap under the pilot chair. The team just needs to look harder!!

anyway, I bet he’s in another plane of existence and we are going to have to find out more about Altean magic in order to get him out. Maybe Black took him to the mindscape it did earlier in the season, maybe to protect him? Maybe he time traveled. Honestly I have to rewatch the final contact between zartron (that’s what I’m calling it) and voltron a few more times.

They did a REALLY good job with this cliffhanger though. Last season’s was pretty easy to figure out - all the lions get scattered, they have to reunite to form Voltron, etc. What happens after that was anyone’s guess until Friday. This time it’s like… what even… there is not a really good explanation because we still don’t really know how the lions work. What I think will happen in s3 besides LOTS OF KANGST is they have to learn more about Altea, quintessence and the lions in order to get Shiro back. Which means more Alfor, mmmmmmmmmmmm

Season-ending cliffhangers like this tend to be resolved fairly quickly in the following season unless it’s a show for adults, which this is technically not, so I’m hoping we won’t have to suffer too long in s3 without our space husband.

Dating Yoongi would be like:

-it would take him some time to finally ask you out after he realizes how he feels about you

-he would choose his words carefully and I think he would put much thought into it

-napping together and cursing everyone when they wake you up but you’re still too lazy to get up and get your revenge

-you sometimes think of your naps as dates let’s be honest

-performing ‘’I need you’’ in the middle of your living room and you rolling on the floor laughing half of the time because of his singing   it’s actually your favorite thing ever

-fighting over his neck pillow

-you getting the same one at the end and and introducing it to him as your new lover  him sighing and saying you can’t use his own methods against him like that

-giving him cute little pecks on the nose

-constantly asking him why he’s not wearing bandanas anymore so he ends up wearing it one day just to stop you

-you ruffling his hair and squealing because you forgot how cute he actually looks while wearing them  you didn’t actually forget, you just buried it deep in your mind so you can get some sleep at night

-him teaching you to play basketball and you admiring his legs in basketball shorts

-him sending you a judging stare when you join maknae line in things like having an improvised fashion show or re-enacting BigBang’s new MV

-you watching every single one of their Bangtan Bombs pointing out his ‘’unamused’’ and ‘’judging you hard’’ faces and laughing even more when you actually get the chance to see one in person after he realizes what you are doing

-sarcasm so much sarcasm…

-warm hugs while he’s wearing one of his fluffy scarfs and him putting one end of it around your neck and you two just staying close like that for a long time since neither of you wants to pull away

-him gladly letting you wear his jackets

-using his gummy smile whenever he wants you to do something-‘’Damn it Yoongi! You know I can’t say no to a gummy smile!’’

-proud version of gummy smile when you manage to rap along to Cypher

-you and Taehyung screaming lyrics, dancing weirdly in the corner and overall being the crazy fans while he and the the rest of the rap line are rapping to Cyphers during practice

-you don’t even know what you’re fangirling over more…Cyphers or Yoongi looking sexy as fuck while rapping

-answering each other’s questions  with ‘’swag’’ just because

-’’What did you just do Min Yoongi?!’’-’’…..swag.’’

-’’(Y/N), where’s the pudding I left in the fridge?’’- ‘’…swag.’’

-he probably has a whole notebook with songs written for you

-you’re one of his biggest inspirations infires man and just your smile can make him want to write a song about it

-you preparing him a relaxing bath after he comes back from practice and somehow you end up with him in it, sitting between his legs while he rests his chin on your shoulder

-his tongue sending you to Hong Kong  what am i doing

-lazy morning sex

-not being able to walk tomorrow after he decides to be dominant

-sitting in his lap while he’s working in the studio and probably falling asleep cuddled up to him

-being really nervous while telling you he loves you for the first time

-being even more nervous while he’s showing you a song he wrote about you

-late night conversations and you falling asleep while listening to his voice

-not exactly a jealous type but always has your hand in his when you two are out so no one can actually get the idea of approaching you

-understanding each other without any words being spoken

-clinging to you when he’s really tired and whispering ‘’I love you’’ just before he drifts off to sleep

-he would make sure to understand your way of thinking and although he’s not the type to constantly repeat how much he loves you he would show his feeling for you through his actions and I seriously can’t imagine something more perfect and I don’t know if it’s just me

*whispers* joshler

the convo

Tyler has been itching to shave his head for a while. He loved the feeling of a shaved head, and somehow watching all the hairs fall out into the sink relieved his stress (which he’s definitely been feeling a lot lately). It made him feel in control, like he was starting over fresh. He already knew fans would be surprised and probably make fun of him, but didn’t care. He needed to ask his boyfriend what he thought first. Josh loved fisting Tyler’s hair while his cock was shoved down Tyler’s throat. 

“Josh, what would you think if I shaved my head?” Tyler asked softly while sitting next to Josh on the plane. Josh looked concerned. 

“Why would you wanna do that, baby? You know how much I love pulling it…you love when I pull it while I have my cock buried in your…” 

Tyler cut him off in case anyone was eavesdropping, even though it looked like people were either napping or had earbuds in. Josh’s words still had him blushing and his cock was certainly interested.

“I know, it’s why I asked. I’ll miss it too, but I’ve been really wanting to shave it for a while. It makes me feel better for some reason. I guess it’s like why you die your hair.” Tyler explained. Josh nodded in understanding, even though he thought shaving it was more drastic than just changing its color.

“Whatever you wanna do, Tyler. You know I support you with everything. We’ll think of a way to make it sexy in the bedroom.” Josh said, grinning. Tyler shoved him.

“You know you wanna run your hands over it while i’m sucking you off, prickly short hairs tickling your palms. And you know how it feels like velvet when it just starts growing in.” Tyler adds. 

“Yeah, you’ll still be hot. Your hair is nice, but you’ll look just as good bald. In fact, you can wear a hat and surprise everyone. It’ll be so funny.” Josh conspired like an excited child. Tyler laughed and agreed, because he always wears those beanies no one will ever know until he takes it off.

Dating Jonathan Byers

I know everyone does these but omg I love him


- “Babe”

- Lots of cuddling

- “You need to listen to this song, it reminded me of you”

- Midnight drives

- Talking on the phone until you fall asleep

- Candid. Just dozens of candids.

- Soup when you’re sick

- “Do you think I’ll be a good father?”

- Makeout sessions in his car

- Dinner with Joyce and Will

- Makeout sessions in the dark room

- Hands on your upper thigh at the dinner table which creep a little to close

- Napping together after school

- “I love you to the moon and back”

- Piggy back rides

- Nudes (like lowkey ones like he just grabs the camera while he’s on top of you)

- Him getting in trouble for developing the nudes in the school dark room

- Skipping class to go adventure in the woods

- Rubbing his back after a nightmare

- “I finally don’t feel like I’m alone”

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Iwa-chan sneaks up on his girlfriend when she's sleeping and just gives her a bunch of kisses and hugs?? Like I think he just needs more love. :)

Under any other circumstances the ace would turn a blind eye to minuscule gestures that others would deem cute or adorable. Although when it came to you, everything you did was meaningful. Even if it was something as small as yawning after a power nap would have him swooning. This time was no different.

It had been a long week, filled with unnecessary amounts of work and grueling hours of volleyball practice, leaving either of you time to spend with one another. It was safe to say that you were craving affection from your lover. You had intended to wait for him to come home, but the tugging sensation was stronger, lulling you into a vulnerable state of sleep.

Iwaizumi placed his shoes down, calling out your name as he removed his gym bag. He grew worried when he didn’t receive a response, but the panic soon washed away into relief at the sight of your slumbering form sprawled across the bed, a blanket draped haphazardly around you. He loved how you looked when asleep, peaceful without a care in the world. That’s how he liked to see you. Slinking onto the opposite side, he turned onto his side, arms wrapping around your waist as he gently pulled you into him. His lips felt warm and soft against your neck, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the sudden feeling.

“Wh-what? Hajime…? What are you doing?” You groaned, slightly discontent that your nap had been interrupted, back arching as you turned to face the volleyball player. Any negativity that you had felt left at the sight of your boyfriend’s soft smile, eyes crinkling at the corners.

“I hope I didn’t make you wait too long. Practice was longer than usual because of Shittykawa.” He sighed, fingers threading through your locks.

You couldn’t help but to smile fondly at him. “I’d wait for you forever if I had to.” It was a cliche thing to say, knowing he’d tease you for it later, but it was the truth. “I miss you.”

His arms felt nice wrapped around you, as if you’d disappear the moment he released you. “I missed you too, baby. Don’t worry, once we go on break we can spend all week together.”

“Mm, sounds like a dream come true.” It was a blissful dream that you clung onto when the days got rough and the nights grew longer, but you knew he was a man of his word.


So I know these things are NOT why you guys followed me by any means, but I just need a moment. How do people even look at him and go “whatever”? I look at him and my heart explodes in 700 different areas and sometimes I genuinely cannot breathe. He’s so beautiful it’s breathtaking and he doesn’t even try to do so. He’s naturally beautiful and just intoxicating to me. He’s so pure and beautiful that I look at him and I just…don’t know what to do. I wish I could wrap him up in a blanket and make him take naps when he’s tired and I don’t really care what people think about that. I genuinely love this man who highkey has no idea I exist but…it’s okay because I know about him. All I need is to know about him, to hear his voice, and I’m suddenly okay. I could be in excruciating emotional pain and someone says his name and it just disappears. If he can do this for me, I know he can do this for other people. Never be quick to judge the influence idols have over their fans.

~When You Ask For Sex While Drunk~

Jin: “Babe, maybe tomorrow when you are sober?” he would ask, smirking. After he is going to walk you to the bedroom and make you eat some food to sober you up then make you sleep it off. 

Yoongi: “You’re fucking drunk,” he would sigh, rubbing his temple. Then when you attempt to unbutton his top, he is going to grab your hands and gently push them away. “Babe, I think you need to go lay down.”

Hoseok: “Ah, ah, ahhh,” he is going to tease, kissing you. “I don’t think this is going to be so fun, babe. But tomorrow we’ll have some fun.” Then he will grab some water and crackers to sober you a bit.

Namjoon: “You wanna?” he is going to ask, smirking. But he wouldn’t have sex with you drunk. Instead he will bring you into the bedroom and make you take a nap for a little bit.

JImin: “No, Jagi!” he is going to whine, pushing you away. “You are drunk!” JImin is going to get annoyed and frustrated, grabbing something to eat for you. “You need to eat this and sober your ass up.”

Taehyung: “Oh, no, no, Jagi,” he is going to giggle, kissing your cheek. “Maybe we should cuddle and eat instead?”

Jungkook: Confused and flustered, he is going to sing in his chair pushing you away. “Ahh-haha,” he will laugh nervously. “Maybe later?”

Being Changgu’s girlfriend means

A/N: new year, new groups! i started stanning pentagon so i’m gonna do the girlfriend series for them (no need to request it) and i’m starting with my bias <3

  • he’s always checking up on you like asking you if you’ve eaten enough or if you’ve slept well
  • and it’s always in things you wouldn’t even think about like buying you a drink when you’ve been out all day because he knows you get thirsty
  • or calling you in the afternoon because he knows you take a nap and if someone doesn’t wake you, you oversleep
  • he’s always looking at you like you’re the most beautiful most important most amazing thing ever
  • like he’s normally really attentive so people tend to feel special when he looks at them but with you it’s on an entirely different level
  • he loves to help you cook but he’s helpless when left to his own devices but he tries anyway
  • he just legitimately thinks you’re the greatest like you start to wonder if he’s pretending but he never gets tired of being sweet to you
  • “changgu do you like this on me”
  • “yes”
  • “what about this one, is it cute”
  • “very cute”
  • “and this, how does this make me look”
  • “like an angel”
  • “…..do you think i ever look bad”
  • “no :)”
  • he’s super touchy like he loves to have your hand in his or his hands on your waist and he’s always hugging you and playing with your hair and he kisses you every chance he gets
  • he told you he loved you really on in your relationship because he couldn’t think of a reason to hold it in and he wanted to make sure you knew how he felt
  • and you’re constantly amazed at his devotion so you always do your best to make him feel just as loved 
  • and everything in your day can go wrong but as long as he’s there you know everything is gonna be okay

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What is it with gems stealing babies? It's happened with baby Sour Cream and Steven. It's hilarious but also scary for the adults in the audience

I think it was scary for Steven too. He seemed genuinely surprised while hearing about it in Three Gems and a Baby. And I liked how he didn’t mince words and said, “You kidnapped me!?”

In the same way, when Rose takes baby SC, it could have been played for laughs, but I like how Greg gave a pretty serious (for Greg) reproach as well. I guess some character-building moments need a moment of peril. And what could be more perilous than a ‘napped baby?! 

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i need all the platonic fluff of being bfs with the rfa omg

oh boy here we GO


  • brings mc on set and everyone always thinks they’re dating but nah.
  • brings mc especially to the catering (he loves on set catering he just finds it always so great)
  • he basically lets mc camp out in his dressing room during scenes so find mc napping there any time of the day on set 
  • zen and mc like to fuck around in the costume department and just put on clothes and die of laughter
  • fish shaped bread nights!! every tuesday and if either of them forget they die
  • it’s fucking canon that in other routes he’s the mom friend so he wil be mc’s mom friend
  •  drunk at the club and need a ride? zen got it
  • zen and mc always roast jumin in the chatrooms
  • jaehee enjoys it too 
  • he can’t flirt with mc anymore like no it’s been established that he is your mom friend and will do anything for mc i swear to god he just couldn’t look mc in the eyes again if he flirted w them


  • wine!!! tasting!!! i swear to god there 
  • he hates shopping but goes with mc because if they need help picking a new outfit hey yknow duty calls
  • lets mc accompany him on business trips so mc can go sightseeing while it happens
  • mc is trusted by jumin to watch after elizabeth third 
  • elizabeth third loves mc so mu c h like once elizabeth chose mc over jumin when they both walked in and jumin died 
  • he appreciates mc so much like having someone to confide in h o l y y y y fuckk
  • he calls mc to talk about how his day went n he just…. like he’s so fond of mc and loves talking to them 
  • jumin tries to be a lil funnier around mc and is willing to do more things that he usually wouldn’t do
  • jumin gifts mc a cat and elizabeth nd them have to be friends
  • they get them matching collars
  • mc pulls out the playful side in him n he makes dumb jokes but that’s my best friend go best friend (pls tell me someone remembers that vine)


  • LOLOL matches endlessly
  • yoosung and mc cosplay as LOLOL characters at gaming conventions
  • go to the annual competition together, if neither are playing and just watching the snacks are l i t
  • honestly they’d have matching gross hoodies #grosshoodiegang
  • the friendship is so real like there’s a secret handshake and everything
  • mc is the person yoosung needs to get seven to stop tricking him
  • mc his basically yoosung’s bullshit detector
  • honestly helps yoosung with homework because yoosung needs it DO YOUR FUCKING WORK YOOSUNG
  • mc helps him rebleach his roots
  • just A+ friendship from yoosung he’ll honestly fucking die for mc this is not a joke
  • ur his leadin light in life


  • mc buys her healthy food because no jaehee u cant live on convenience stores
  • yes we understand it is convenient but convenience is not always key
  • mc probably throws hands w juminn because what the fuck man let her live????
  • let her be happy for once i swear to god 
  • mc also probably buys deserts for them or just in general gives them food at all times from supermarkets because baehee get it together
  • coffee!!!!! dates!!! every pretentious hipster ass coffee shop within a 100 mile radius will be visited and critiqued
  • sleepovers!!!! pillow fights!!!!!!!
  • it’d honestly be the cutest thing and mc and jaehee would have like confession times and jaehee’s are mostly complaints about jumin
  • shopping for like twenty new white button up shirts is such a pain and jaehee is so specific about shopping 
  • her whole closet is businesswear what is street fashion????? what the hell are booty shorts?? don’t know of the term, sorry try again.


  • several dat boi memeing and just so much laughter someone snorts and the laughter goes on
  • they share half and half of the honey buddha chips and there’s always dumb arguments of “hey that’s one chip too many”
  • so. many. noogies. so fucking many. 
  • “what are you, four?”
  • “no wtf that’s fucking rude i’m like seven and a half now”
  • changing each other’s wallpapers to a new meme every day
  • new day new meme and today it’s the corgi with jeans on
  • wasabi challenges, ice challenges, cinnamon challenges, every dumbass challenge possible is explored upon and one of u almost dies tbh
  • spoopy scary games are played and seven always chooses the fucking jumpscare ones and someone seven gets choked tf out WHY DO YOU DO THIS??? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS??
  • neither of the two ever sleep is there such thing as sleep and even sleepovers are just straight up gaming or doing something dumb and lmao… cleaning.. ….. good luck

I meant to stop posting about my Dad!Link AU, but I just had the funniest thought…

Whenever Link gets frustrated with baby Allen, he slips into speaking the same way he did when he was first assigned to monitor exorcist Allen:

  • “Walker, you’ve had too much pie. You’re a growing boy, and you need to eat a balanced meal!”
  • “Walker, our contractual agreement stated that you would NOT eat candy before dinner!”
  • “Walker, when I say it’s nap time, it’s nap time.”
  • “Don’t that make that face, Walker. It’s my job to monitor you.”
slowpoke sprite rating

green: he looks like he’s just seen something terrible happen and is on the way to help. 7/10

r/b: a chunky boy. 6/10

yellow: he looks like he’s fishing for a shellder so he can evolve. im proud of him. 8/10

gold: seems to be in the process of laying down or losing his balance. could be more dynamic but still good. 6/10

silver: a continuation of the gold sprite? he looks happy. i wonder what shapes he sees in the clouds. 8/10

crystal: like gold’s, but i think he’s yawning now? he needs a nap. 7/10

r/s: idk what but something just looks off. he looks uncomfortable. 4/10

emerald: r/s with added bounce. at least he’s energetic. 5/10

frlg: excited to see you! a very good boy 9/10

dppt: ok sprite. he looks threatened somehow. 5/10

hgss: my personal favorite. he is clearly relaxed in your presence and wants to say hi. 11/10

bw: dppt’s sprite, just more wiggly. additional point for wiggles 6/10

x/y: he has lost any sort of enthusiasm. not a fan 3/10

(warning: shitty writing ahead)

can you imagine how Even would react if Isak was sick?

  • He insists on going to school because really, it isn't that bad. His friends are sympathetic, but when Isak is basically coughing and sneezing every minute, they force him to go home
  • Even goes home with him, and he’s fluttering around Isak like a mother hen. 
  • It’s only a cold, he swears, but the world might as well be ending for all Even thinks 
  • So to prove that he’s fine, Isak decides to take a nap. (I’ll be fine when I wake up, he says)
  • But when he wakes up, everything hurts and he’s sweating all over
  • Even demands that Isak let him check his temperature and Isak agrees, thinking that he’s going to get a thermometer
  • Instead Even gently rests his forehead against his and its so unexpectedly intimate that Isak is blushing head to toe. Like, who even checks for a fever that way anymore??? 
  • (he feels silly about being so embarrassed because, for god’s sake, they’ve had sex. But this just feels different.)
  • Even feels too close so Isak shuts his eyes. He can hear Even go, “you’re burning up.”
  • “Well, no shit.” Isak grumbles.
  • Even pulls away and Isak decides its safe to open his eyes. And then he looks at Even, and Even is looking at with him the most worried eyes and Isak feels a squeeze in his chest because he fucking adores him
  • And so for the next few hours, Even is busying himself making sure that Isak is comfortable
  • At some point without realizing it, Isak drifts to sleep again. When he wakes up, he’s tucked in cozily and Even is wrapped around him. 
  • For the next few days, Even insists on babying him.
  • Isak pretends to hate it but he secretly loves being pampered by Even, and Even loves pampering him

a-study-in-scenes  asked:

Could you describe all the characters in Les Amis for me so I can follow your posts? :)

oh boy um YEs ori do you know what kind of hell door you have opened??? 

Enjolras: The leader. Lots of people think hes cold and uncaring but rly hes a just a soft gay boy who rly loves his friends. Rly good hair. doesn’t sleep enough. angry about everything. needs to chill but also i love him.

Combeferre: Logical and great at giving advice. The kind of person who would go up to people at museums to tell them extra fun facts about things despite not working there. rly likes moths. gets shit done but probably also needs a nap

Courfeyrac: The Centre of the group. Literal ray of sunshine. loud and extroverted and gives probably the best hugs in the universe. Definitely the kind of person who would have a thing for show tunes and brightly coloured skinny jeans. really just an absolute sweetie pie. adopts puppies as a hobby.

Grantaire: R……. R has some severe self esteem issues but is really just a softy at heart. Drinks a lot bc he thinks Enjolras doesn’t love him. probably has a minor fear that all his friends hate him. super talented! dances, paints, boxes, fences like why does he not see what a gem he is!!!

Bossuet: Bald for starters. Like probably the most unlucky person on the planet but somehow also the cheeriest bean. likes changing the world but likes to have fun while doing it. And also he cant be that unlucky bc he has 2 partners (Joly and Musichetta) so hes doin alright

Joly: Hypochondriac and probably has OCD. Also walks with a cane. Ok I love Joly a lot ok hes such a bab. He needs to chill and like be wrapped in a blanket for all of eternity. Mum friend.

Jean Prouvaire (Jehan): Poet, plant lover, stoner. Jehan a Romantic in both the sence that they love romance and the sense that Mary Shelley is a Romantic… an endless enigma. dresses like they fell out of an airplane and into the store room of a thrift shop. Really loves flowers.

Bahorel: Big buff boxer who really likes starting fights but also probably owns 6 floral dresses and can knit socks. Super mega protective of his friends. Loves nothing more than a beer and a laugh.

Feuilly: Feuilly works like 60 different jobs at once and really, REALLY needs a nap. Super into European history (specifically Poland). He’s an Orphan so hes mega into changing the world for the lower classes bc he was the lower classes… Enjolras definitely had a crush on him at some point. makes fans. all round good egg.

If you want the girls as well  let me know and I will gladly give them a go too xx