i think he looks really cute here ; ;

More Important Things

• The way Fenris’s hair is so fluffy over his pointed ears and how it sways when he teases about practicing his flattery
• The look he gives Hawke when he says that he’d never wanted anyone before Hawke and that things might be different with him
• The deadpan manner in which he jokes with Varric
• That heartbreakingly sad and vulnerable smile on his face when Hawke says, “I’m here, Fenris,” when Fenris thinks he’s all alone
• His adorable friendships with Sebastian, Donnic, and Aveline
• The way his ears glow (the way all of him glows, really, but look at his glowing ears in cutscenes! So cute!)
• The way he caresses Hawke’s face
• That look of hope on his face when he first sees Varania and recalls a fragment of a happy memory of her
• Those very full and very kissable lips of his
• Those bold, expressive eyebrows
• The way his bangs hide his eyes when he’s feeling vulnerable and self-conscious
• His dry sarcasm and wit
• The way his eyes light up and he smiles when Hawke suggests giving him a few more problems
• The way he finds happiness, love, and a home when he thought he never would

All very very important.

i am literally 100% sure that ultimately it was lily who asked james out like

  • james is matured and he’s like “okay you’re gonna ruin it all if you ask her out”
  • because they’re friends
  • honest to god friends
  • who actually talk and laugh and have meaningful conversations and honestly james doesn’t think he could handle it if he messed everything up
  • so he just kinda sits there in love with her
  • so in love
  • and lily’s over here like “i so do not love him”
  • “no really marlene we’re friends i don’t love him”
  • “okay yeah he smells really nice and i really love that thing he does with his hands when he’s thinking and it’s really really cute when he runs his fingers through his hair and have you seen the way his ass looks in those quidditch robes”
  • “but i do not love him”
  • and marlene’s like “you’re a fucking idiot”
  • and james decides that he has to at least try to move on so he starts dating amelia boot
  • and lily can’t figure out why it bothers her so much but she avoids them at literally all costs and she just can’t see them together and she sort of feels like she’s going to throw up and god fucking damn it she loves him
  • “don’t say i told you so marlene, you bitch”
  • “i soooo told you so”
  • but now james is with amelia and it’s too late and lily doesn’t know what to do
  • so she just kind of sucks it up and tries to hang out with him except it’s so hard because she really really wants to kiss him
  • (his lips look really soft)
  • but she can’t and it’s killing her and she kind of thinks amelia hates her?? or, at least, she sends her dirty looks from across the table
  • and james can’t figure out why amelia doesn’t like lily because everyone likes lily until one day amelia sits him down and asks him to stop talking to her
  • “you’re still in love with her, james, and you’ll only get over it if you stop talking to her”
  • james doesn’t think that’s physically possible
  • so they break up and sirius gives him a knowing look but james keeps quiet about the reason because the last thing he needs is for lily to find out that he still loves her
  • lily is ecstatic
  • “i think it’s kind of awful that you’re this happy about your friend breaking  up with his girfriend”
  • “shut up mary”
  • but they’re at the three broomsticks a month later and it’s just the two of them and they’re waiting for the usual bunch and lily decides she’s going to do it
  • she has to because she can’t live like this for the rest of her life. she can’t let james potter slip away
  • “do you love me?”
  • and oh shit it comes out so wrong that was not what she wanted to say not at all she was going to invite him to get butterbeer later and oh god her cheeks are turning the color of her hair and she thinks she’s going to sink into the chair
  • james thinks he might be dying
  • “do i what?”
  • lily’s already fucked it up this much, she might as well keep going
  • “do you love me? because i do. love you, i mean.”
  • and then she stares at her hands and waits
  • and waits
  • and waits
  • and then she looks up because what is taking the asshole so long to reply?
  • he’s just grinning at her. smiling, as if she’s just told him he’s won a million galleons or signed to play with the chudley cannons
  • “yeah, yeah i reckon i’ve loved you this whole time”
  • “pay up, moony. i told you she’d be the one to confess first”
  • “god damn it sirius”
This might be an old issue but I don’t really like Jimin’s abs and here’s why
  • He chooses them over food
  • He feels like his self worth is tied to them
  • So many of his other beautiful physical attributes are ignored because of them
  • When he has them, it’s all people talk about
  • People basically ignored the other awesome things about him for like 2 years until he “lost” them
  • Personal preference, I think his tummy looks better without them <3 (but he’s always gorgeous no matter what)

I really hope that this post is redundant and that he’s okay with not having abs.  Because it breaks my heart that he seems to think that having defined abdominal muscles is an integral part of his appeal.  But it’s not.

So here are some great things about Jimin (but not all of them because the full list is endless!):

  • His sunshine eye smile
  • His lips omg
  • Animals always like him
  • His amazing voice
  • The way he always puts others first
  • His crazy awesome dancing abilities
  • The cute way he stands with his feet at a ninety-degree angle
  • His soulful droopy doe eyes
  • His thighs
  • The Holy Jibooty
  • His infectious laughter
  • The way he sits with his knees together and his hands on his knees

Park Jimin is beautiful regardless of how much he weighs and whether or not he has abs and I really hope he knows that, because all of us do!

Dear goodness

170119 #SMA2017 (Seoul Music Awards)

Ya’ll know that feeling where you feel like your otp is gunna kill you?

Well get ready guys because Chanbaek is coming to invade and soon we’re all gunna be nuked by cute moments and before January ends, we’ll all be buried.

It’s not really a Chanbaek moment but I think is was cute how Baek just wandered on over next to Chanyeol and *cough* height difference~ 

*grabs da megahorn* EYO MAKE WAY FOR THE ROYAL COUPLEEEE (They look so goooooodddddddddddd)

So here we have Exo sitting down at their table like good people, and then we have Chanyeol trying to find a seat, and guess what? :D he sat next to Baekhyun (I know it’s something generic but ya’ll know I like it when da otp sits next to each other)

Now they can be lit together :D (low-key foreshadowing)

Everybody be dancing to IOI’s pick me

Chanyeol….plz…calm before you hurt someone

Ok so Baekhyun was having a devil’s of a time with this watch right? Then Chanyeol comes in and  gestures for Baekhyun to put it on him. He probably couldn’t take anymore of Baekhyun’s struggles

Baekhyun relinquishes his watch which he toried so hard to put on

Then life goes on

Oh oh, is that……a different camera angle of the previous moment? Why yes, yes it is.

No hesitation. Just action

Goodbye watch, hello water

Who needs couple items when you can just share items?

Dancing to Boom-Bah-Ya

Two dorks dancing together

OH OH OH NO BAEKHYUN’S GONE OUT OF CONTROL. Eh, it’s ok, Chanyeol’s enjoying it

Awww, I love how Chanyeol always has one of the best reactions to Baekhyun’s joking :’) 

Bang bang bang

Yasssss Baek be inspiring the groove deep within Chanyeol. Remember children. Find a partner who will inspire you (as Chanyeol says, he wants to find someone who will inspire him musically) Dance is da beat

I’m kind of feeling bad for Suho at this point. Chanyeol’s just losing it and Suho has to endure it all

His smile is so precious

Suho’s like “STAPH OHMAGAWD” and Chanyeol just can’t get enough of Baekhyun’s silliness

Mr. Camera guy please, don’t ruin da moment

Parents being proud of da juniors (NCT)

Aw yisss Chanbaek hand hearts

Mhmm yeah there we go, some sly pcy, yeah we see you there Chanyeol. We see that back stroke, and I don’t meaning the swimming one (why u do dis pork Chennieyeol?)

;-; awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Chanyeol’s so attentive~ I mean he was already looking at Baek in the first place and then whoosh he picks up that bouquet of flowers in lightning speed and then re-gifts it to the fallen

Here we have Baekhyun doing his speech after Suho and- OH OH OH WHAT’S THAT I SEE?? CHANYEOL PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND BAEKHYUN’S SHOULDERS??? I know ya’ll are gunna tell me it’s what bros do but hey hey, it’s so sweet and gentle looking I DON’T CARE IF IT’S WHAT BROS DO. Chanyeol’s been doing this a lot and I love it lots

When Chanyeol’s look is exactly the same one he gives to Baek at every award ceremony when he (Baek) does his speech. Chanyeol’s so cute ;-; Being so enthusiastic ^^ Happy virus~~

So close. And height difference

Well that was about it folks :3 I always update around seven hours after the event happens and I’m sorry XD But school is always getting in between me and Chanbaek ;-; 

I’ll try to do better on that ^^ In the meantime try to not die cause of this otp who won’t calm down >w0

Movie Day (Damian Wayne x *friend* Reader)

Anon: “The Act your Age one with Damian was so cute! Please do one where the reader takes him to the movies to watch Moana or something”

Schninner: Okay Anon! here it is! I think I did a sufficient job… but we’ll see. I hope you guys like it!

(Reader can be a guy, gal, or non-binary pal! :D)

Warnings: Drug mention (it really isn’t that bad)

Word Count: 771

Damian got out of your car with a sour expression on his face.

“[L/N], this does not look like a ‘drug lord’s secret base.’” He commented bitterly.

You slammed the door shut behind you and glanced at the young boy, then at the bustling movie theater behind you.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Damian,” you replied smoothly, “This is exactly what a drug lord’s palace looks like.”

His eyebrows furrowed together into an annoyed glare, he gestured to the numerous happy families walking in and out of the theatre. “Really, they seem like suppliers or addicts to you?”

You squinted your eyes at the happy looking families, acting as if you were actually thinking about it, “You never know Dami, you never know.”

Damian rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, his blue eyes seemed to pierce your very soul with his glare. “[L/N], why are we really here?”

You rose your hands up in defeat, “Okay, okay, you got me. I took you here to see Moa- a movie. Yeah, a movie. Definitely none in particular.”

“No.” He simply argued.

“Oh come on! Why not?” You whined sticking out your bottom lip in a pout.

“I swear [L/N], sometimes I wonder if I’m the older one.”

“That wasn’t an answer!”

“Fine! Calm down! I have a perfect explanation for not wasting my time with something as meaningless as a movie, I have to go on patrol soo-”

“No you don’t!” you cut him off quickly, “I explained to Dick the importance of movie day, and he agreed to take your place for patrol tonight!”

Damian sighed and rubbed his temples, “Fine! One movie won’t do much harm.”

“Yes!” You cheered, pumping your fist up in the air. You happily tugged Damian along toward the Movie theater.

“What movie are we seeing?” He asked, not nearly as excited as you were.

“Moana!” You let it slip, and mentally kicked yourself.

Damian tore arm from your grasp.

“No!” He said forcefully this time.

You groaned, your head lead back for dramatic effect, “Why not?”

“Because it is a movie directed for the audience of young girls. I am no girl [F/N].”

“DUDES WATCH DISNEY MOVIES TOO DAMIAN! OT IS NOT SOLELY FOR GIRLS!” you shouted, gaining the attention of many passerby’s.

Damian’s facial features remained the same, with no signs of him yielding any time soon. “I am well aware that males watch Disney movies as well, but this is a princess movie. Princess movies are always filled with love struck females and handsome princes that are full of themselves. Not exactly my cup of tea.”

But Moana is different!” you said, exasperated, “Wait, have you ever even watched a Disney princess movie? Like Mulan, or brave?”

His cheeks suddenly flushed bright pink as he dropped his gaze, “Well… I… “

“HA!” you exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the young teen. “You have no right to say that, if you have never seen one!”

“But I don’t have to!” he argued, his cheeks still bright pink, “ I know that they’re all going to have the same outcome, Girl meets guy, said girl and guy fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.”

“Nu-uh,” you scolded, shaking your head, “you lost your judgement rights to all Disney movies. You no longer get to judge them until you have watched all of them. Starting with Moana.”

Damian’s arms fell to his sides in defeat. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “fine.”

“That’s the spirit!” you chirped, pulling him into the theater.

“So… how was it?”

It was an hour later, the movie was over and you were walking out of the theater. A playful smile tugged at your lips as you lightly nudged him with your elbow.

You mind kept going back to the theater, his wide eyes filled with wonder and awe, you thought you even saw him crying at one point.

Damian scowled at your jesting, “It was… sufficient.” he hesitated, not daring to look at you.

You let out an overly dramatic gasp, feigning shock, “The Damian Wayne gave the movie a ‘sufficient’? That’s the highest honor and praise any movie could have gotten from one such as him!”

“Shut up.” He retorted, rolling his eyes, but you could see a small smile forming on his lips.

“So, would you be interested in watching more Disney movies with me?”

His eyes widened in excitement for a brief second, before changing back to his indifferent expression.

“It is… A possibility.”

A wide smile spread over your face, “That sounds like a ‘yes’ to me!”

a list of things cisco ramon has absolutely without a doubt said/done to his beautiful bisexual boyfriend barry allen

-you know what? fight me [and barry just raises an eyebrow really cockily as if to say, for real?] [and cisco gets this huge grin like hes Ready for the challenge] What? You think i cant take u/?? you r  Sorely mistaken my man
-listen here, pal,
-[walks in to find barry doing something weird] not today. [opens mouth and holds finger up as if about to make a point, but closes mouth and lowers hand] Nope.  Not Today [leaves]
-ok, first of all, yikes,
-[ambushes him with a hug] that was literally So Cool but Never do that again
-[wakes barry up in the middle of the night] do you think i’d look hot with a beard
-calls him babe, constantly
-works random corny pick up lines into casual conversation and acts really casual as if he hasnt done it on purpose or said anything unusual… like barry will be snackin on some trail mix™ and cisco will be like hey,,, babe,, you got any raisins? .. and barrys will look at him a bit confused but be like ?yeah?, and give him a handful,,, and then cisco will be like… how bout a date? and shove the raisins in his mouth really smirkly like he is the Smoothest man that ever lived
-gets his wisdom teeth out and is high on anaesthetic and just constantly does not stop reassuring barry that he loves him, and barry’s just tryna like strap him into the car but cisco keeps looking at him in the eyes and going “you know i love you right?” , very concerned and genuine, and barrys like yeah i know and cant stop grinning and cisco just keeps staring at him and barrys like “you okay there, bro” and cisco just sighs really heavily like hes in such deep thought and just goes “yeah, i just, love you so much.” And barry’s like “oh yeah?” and he’s like “yeah, maybe even Too much.” and barry just keeps prompting him like “oh really?” bc hes enjoying it A Lot
-says with utmost sincerity, “i know it’s sort of corny, or whatever, but like, whenever i’m scared or alone i always think, what would barry do? y’know… the flash saves people everyday but… you’re my hero, barry.”

I wonder if Skam’s actors ever rewatch their acting and just feel impressed? Like how could Tarjei or Henrik rewatch a scene and not think they are so good when they act, so real, so impressive, so in it? And I also mean… does Tarjei ever watch a scene and thinks “omg look how cute I am in here and the snapback tho really fits me!! I get when ppl say how can you not fall in love with this lil bean …and wow I’m so small around Henrik? How fucking tall he is ….that lil shit… yes yes I also get when people do screenshots while watching the clips I’m such a cutie” I mean DOESN’T HE THINK HE IS SO CUTE?????? Because he’s so fucking cute and adorable with those lil curls that leak from his snapback and that fluffy wisp when he’s not wearing any hat though… how can they not fall in love with themselves I love them

@running-engineering-cats‘ post had me thinking about relationships and career choices and all kinds of life things.  (I know, I know…I said I was working, but I did actually get a lot done, and I’m done now!)

I found this ancient picture of the husband and I from our very first weekend getaway as a couple! Look at our cute little early college selves! I have had so many friends ask us what “the secret” is to our happiness, and really I don’t think it’s anything spectacular that we do.  I’m realizing how incredibly fortunate we are that so many fabulous things align for us that really make our lives conducive to a pretty easy relationship.  I think it’s time that I laid those out there for you all, as well, because I swear I think most of my followers are just here for the husband.  :)  He’s pretty fabulous, but I truly believe things wouldn’t be so smooth for us without the following:

  • We are on the same page about all major things (and discussed them endlessly before we got married): how we see family (and parenting), politics, future goals, education, our fabulous introvert life, finances, etc.  The husband and I are opposites in SOME ways, but mostly I would not want someone who was my opposite in any of the major categories…
  • We are extremely fortunate that our career goals mesh perfectly.  The husband has a challenging job that he (mostly) enjoys that provides financially for our family and means that I can work fewer hours at a job that I find meaningful and rewarding and I’m not at all worried about how much it does or doesn’t pay.  Since money is one of the greatest things that couples fight about, having similar views on spending–neither of us are big spenders–and having a comfortable income makes a HUGE difference in the ease of a marriage. (Note: We have also had plenty of practice living on a $1500 a month income, so it’s not ALL about the comfortable income, but it is certainly easier.)
  • I am the only woman the husband has ever seriously dated or loved, and both of us have strong boundaries regarding opposite sex friends.  Simply the absolute complete and utter lack of jealousy/competition is pretty significant. *I have been married before, but there is absolutely zero concern there…
  • We only have one child and we have help with him.  When Conner was little, I lived very close to my family and they helped with him all the time–at that point, my dad was mostly retired and my mom was only part-time, so I had regular babysitting while I was at school/work and my parents often allowed us date nights and even (like pictured) weekend getaways.  THAT IS SO HUGE THERE AREN’T EVEN WORDS.

The biggest things we do to maintain our happiness are show appreciation and love regularly (daily), communicate clearly and often, and take time for just the two of us AND for ourselves as individuals.  But, seriously, I think it requires noting that our situation is pretty significant to our success.  We definitely know how fortunate we are.

Also of note: There are very few things we care all that much about.  Petty regular annoyances?  Socks left all around the house?  “Running fifteen minutes late” really meaning 30?  WE DO NOT CARE. We’re a low-key, easy-going bunch, our family.  :)









a short story by moi (part two)


(Baby Harry is now 1 year old; Marlene is due to have Remus and Sirius’s baby at the end of the month; Remus and Sirius are finalising the plans for their wedding which they plan to celebrate on November 2nd)

Sirius and Remus helped Marlene up the few steps that lead up to James and Lily’s front door in the cute little village of Godric’s Hollow. Remus looked around at the dark garden, a smile growing on his pink lips.

“It really is lovely here,” he said, running his finger over the leaf of a particularly pretty plant. “Babe, could we have a house like this after BabyPads is born? I’d love for it to grow up in the country, with all of the fresh, open air. It’d be good for my monthly burden too. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a purely splendid idea, honey,” Sirius replied, smiling, just as the door swung open, and James appeared with Harry on his shoulders.

“Hey, guys! Come in!” he said, jumping out of the way.

“Come in!” Harry repeated excitedly, wobbling on James’s shoulders. Lily appeared in the kitchen doorway and rushed towards James, an anxious look on her pretty face.

“James! How many times have I asked you not to put Harry on your shoulders? I’m worried he’s going to fall off! Pass him here…” she cried exasperatedly, moving out of Marlene’s way as Sirius helped her into the living room. Remus hung around, making silly faces at Harry while his parents argued harmlessly.

“Oh, come on, Lil! We’re only playing! He’s perfectly safe up here anyway!”

A ginger cat streaked through Lily’s legs and bolted for the door.

“No, Crookshanks!” Lily gasped, lurching forward and swinging the door shut before the cat could escape. She sighed and returned to the kitchen, shaking her head at James and Harry as she went.

“Mama cross.” Harry said, covering his dad’s eyes with his chubby hands. James laughed and lifted Harry off of his shoulders. He passed him to Remus and swept away into the kitchen after his wife. Remus set Harry down on the floor and let Harry wrap his fat fingers around his own index finger.

“Come on, Harry, can you walk for Moony?” he asked, taking a step forward.

“I walk.” Harry mumbled, trying to put his left foot down on the floor. Lily glided into the room from the kitchen, with four glasses of champagne and one glass of ginger beer levitating in front of her. She was carrying a large bowl containing salty nachos with side-bowls of guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Remus passed Harry to Sirius, who bounced him on his lap as he talked to Marlene. Lily beckoned for Sirius to pass Harry to her, and he did as he was told. Lily sat Harry down in front of her and fed him leftover cheesy pasta from the night before.

“I’m so excited.” Sirius breathed, watching Harry and Lily. “I can’t wait to have my own.”

“Not long now…” Marlene smiled, rubbing her belly. “I’m really glad I chose to do this for you two.”

“So are we.” said Remus, beaming at Marlene. “I don’t know where we’d be now if you had declined.”

“We certainly wouldn’t be this happy,” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and kissing Marlene on the cheek. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” she reached for a nacho, and felt a great surge in her stomach. She frowned and pushed herself up off the sofa.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Marlene replied delicately. “I think I just need to go to the toilet. Excuse me…”

Everybody else waited patiently for a few minutes. The only sound was Harry chewing on his pasta or Sirius crunching down on nachos. When a loud shriek came from the bathroom, everybody leaped up and rushed to help Marlene. Lily grabbed Harry, who clung to his bowl of pasta.

“Marlene?” Sirius yelled to the door. “What’s wrong? Why did you shriek?”

There was a click as the door unlocked, and then it opened slowly, revealing Marlene. She stared at them, afraid.

“My waters just broke.” she said. “The baby’s coming early.”

“WHAT?” Remus screamed in a panic. Sirius, Remus and James all began freaking out, which lead to Harry crying. Lily passed Harry to James to calm him down while she took Marlene’s hand calmly and lead her outside.

“Okay, we’re going to take you to the hospital, and you’re going to have this baby. Okay?”

Marlene nodded. “Okay.”

They all got into the car that Lily’s parents had gotten her for her twentieth birthday and drove to the nearest hospital. The doctors refused to allow anyone into the ward whilst Marlene was in labour, since none of them were here family, but they eventually gave in after Marlene screamed at them to let “the people that are actually raising this child” into the room. Remus and Sirius stood on either side of Marlene while she was giving birth, holding each other her hands and letting her squeeze as hard as she needed to.

When the baby was finally born, the doctor lifted it up and showed it to the exhausted trio. “It’s a girl!”

Marlene sighed with relief and continued to pant breathlessly. Remus and Sirius launched themselves into the air with exhilaration, causing the doctor holding their new baby girl to step back cautiously. He passed it to Remus, who gave it to Marlene whole-heartedly.

“You made that,” he said, looking at her and Sirius benevolently. “She’s beautiful.”

Marlene held the newborn baby girl close to her chest. The baby screeched and wailed, but it was bearable because it was beautiful.

“What should we call her?” Sirius asked a few minutes later after the baby had fed. The baby gasped and Sirius cooed at her. Marlene passed her to him as she thought about all of the names they had come up with. Remus moved to Sirius’s side and put his arm around him, his hand snaking around Sirius’s body and touching their baby girl’s tiny foot.

“She’s so beautiful. Our daughter.” he said, a tear leaking from his eye. “She’s going to be wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful. She’s going to be curious about everything and will never hesitate to ask questions. She’ll be the brightest witch of her age and the damn prettiest. She’ll be the most spoilt girl in Hogwarts but she’ll still be grateful for everything she ever receives. I’m going to love her so much. I’m going to love her with my whole heart.”

He kissed Sirius proudly and then looked back at his new daughter. “I can’t look away, babe, she’s just the most amazing thing.”

“Pandora.” Sirius said. “That’s what we’ll call her. Because she’s wonderful, and beautiful, and we can’t look away.”

“I love it!” Marlene exclaimed. 

Remus looked at his fiancé and grinned. “I love it, too.”

“Excuse me, would you like to allow your friends in now?” A doctor bustled over and asked Marlene, who nodded hurriedly.

Sirius looked at his daughter again, immensely proud of himself. “Pandora,” he and Remus said at the same time.

“Pandora Lupin-Black.” Marlene added as Lily, James and Harry flew into the room. Remus and Sirius looked up and beamed at Marlene, their hearts melting and cheeks turning red as roses.

It was perfect.



I think I might add two more parts to it that will be set in the same year as PoA:

- one will be positive ~ none of the stuff such as Jily or Marlene getting killed and Sirius being thrown in Azkaban etc; I’m going to describe how Pandora grew up with her dads and so on.

- one will be negative (and sad) ~ all of the stuff mentioned above does indeed happen and I describe how Pandora finally meets her parents in PoA. 

telltale’s the walking dead game season one | sentence starters


– taken and adapted from telltale’s the walking dead game season one. contains bad language, slurs, and themes of violence and death. feel free to change pronouns etc.

❛ are you dead?… HEY! ARE YOU DEAD? ❜
❛ you need to be quiet. ❜
❛ i got chased by a couple of dead people. ❜
❛ so, uh… what do you do when corpses aren’t walking around? ❜
❛ i… i have to pee. ❜
❛ they will find us, they will get in here, and none of this will fucking matter. ❜
❛ s/he’s kinda cute, in that parent’s basement sort of way. ❜
❛ you didn’t have a choice. you think you do, when you look back on it. but in a moment? when things are really out of control? you don’t have any choice. ❜
❛ open sesame. ❜
❛ dude, where’d your weapon go? ❜
❛ you’re not coming with us, you son of a bitch. ❜
❛ i’m not letting someone else get eaten today, especially a good friend. ❜
❛ this isn’t your own personal dictatorship. ❜
❛ hey, i didn’t ask to lead this group! ❜
❛ i’ve got charm coming outta my ass. ❜
❛ okay, ____  don’t pop a gasket. ❜
❛ i ain’t going back. you tell ‘em ____ ain’t going back! ❜
❛ oh calm down, princess. i’ll do it myself. ❜
❛ oh, you are NOT saying what i think you’re saying. ❜
❛ we’ll mourn him/her later, but right now we have to keep him/her from coming back. ❜
❛ are you stupid?! he’s gonna turn! you’re putting all of us at risk. ❜
❛ s/he was still alive, ____. s/he was still alive… ❜
❛ put the gun down, bitch! ❜
❛ we do whatever is best for the kids. doesn’t that make sense? ❜
❛ we’re strongest together. ❜
❛ it’s hell on earth and it’s coming this way. ❜
❛ you need to un-hear all of that. ❜
❛ don’t call me small. ❜
❛ you’re in no position to make demands. ❜
❛ you think you’re some tough bitch, don’t you? like nothing can hurt you, but you’re just a scared little girl. ❜
❛ what? you think there might be something dangerous inside an abandoned locomotive? hadn’t crossed my mind. ❜
❛ you touch any of my stuff? ❜
❛ you wanna scare people? scare me, motherfucker. ❜
❛ i guess i probably know everything then. being a little girl and all… ❜
❛ i hope you know what you’re doing with him/her. for his/her sake. ❜
❛ ask not for whom the bell tolls…. it tolls for thee. ❜
❛ what are you yammering on about? ❜
❛ so, you’re just gonna leave me on the bench here? ❜
❛ i find whoever’s doing that, i’ll ring their motherfuckin’ bell for them. ❜
❛ well screw you. i ain’t giving up that easy. ❜
❛ get that finger out of my face before i jam it straight up your ass. ❜
❛ oh, hey. you made it back. good job… good job… ❜
❛ what the hell happened here? i thought this place was supposed to be secure. ❜
❛ if this asshole thinks s/he’s getting on my boat after what s/he did, s/he’s out of his/her motherfucking mind! ❜
❛ there’s no time! you have to go, now! ❜
❛ i’m gonna pretend you didn’t say any of this and give you the chance to walk away. ❜
❛ if i were you, i’d choose my next words very carefully. ❜
❛ okay… this has to be done…. sorry, pal… i gotta do it… ❜
❛ i think i just peed myself. ❜
❛ they’re just people. people who have been dealing with shitty situations even longer than we have. ❜
❛ i’m just saying we should ALL chill. not just you. ❜
❛ i know i fucked up, but stop pushing me around and stop wishing i was dead! ❜
❛ dude, you ruined that guy’s face. ❜
❛ if you were me, you’d be a foot taller. ❜
❛ you don’t just end it ‘cause it’s hard. you stick it out and you help the folks you care about. ❜
❛ wa-AHHH! ❜
❛ at least it doesn’t look like a death trap. ❜
❛ you don’t smell good. ❜
❛ you’re covered in all that gross stuff. ❜
❛ please don’t be dead, please no. ❜
❛ i was so scared… i– i thought you left me… ❜
❛ please, no… no, that’s not true… ❜
❛ there’s no time to be upset. ❜
❛ you can take care of yourself, see? ❜
❛ keep that hair short. ❜
❛ i’ll miss you. ❜

Hard Carry


  • Got7 Youngjae and 20 because how could I not. I love your writing!
  • for the prompts, 20+got7’s youngjae ?
  • Number 20 with Youngjae (GOT7)? I think that that would be really cute!

20) Your bias tries to teach you how to play their favorite video game. 

Prompt list can be found here

Member: Got7′s Youngjae x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I rolled around on the couch, boredom and laziness consuming me. Every time I came up with an idea to keep myself busy, I would only get irritated with my plans and flop around some more. 

It wasn’t long before I began to groan, hanging upside down from the cushions of the couch. I looked up and at Youngjae, his back facing me, while he faced the computer. 

“Youngjae-ah,” I moaned. 

“Y/N-ah,” he moaned back, his eyes never leaving the screen. He laughed shortly, amused by his own mimicking. His fingers moved frantically, clicking at his mouse with breakneck speeds.

“I’m bored,” I grumbled, flipping myself around to rest on my stomach. I gazed at him through my lashes. 

“Hi bored, I’m Youngjae,” he said shortly, followed up by yet another proud and breathy giggle. 

“I swear I’ll unplug your computer,” I hissed, standing and walking up behind him. 

“Have I told you that you look beautiful today?” he said, with a wince, still not bothering to look up from his computer. 

“I don’t think you’ve even looked at me today to be honest,” I sighed, placing my hands on his shoulders and giving a tight squeeze. 

“I’m in the middle of a late game team fight,” he said quickly, his eyes darting back and forth. “If we lose we could lose the whole game.”

“I’m going to go ahead and pretend that I knew what that first sentence meant,” I mumbled. 

“A late game team fight,” Youngjae sighed. “Everyone is super strong and they have full build…and if we lose, the other team destroys the nexus.” 

“Nexus?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“Your base…your-ah, really?!” he gasped, the entire screen turning grey. Youngjae wasn’t one for cursing and getting angry. When he was frustrated, he usually became defeated, and that look had just crossed his face. 

“Why do you play League if-” I began, squinting at the screen. “Are you a lady character? Yah, all those times they picked on you about being called Youngju…”

“Aigoo,” Youngjae groaned. “We’re losing and now you’re going to pick on me?”

“Can’t you turn it around…like…hard carry or something?” I said, biting my lip, completely amused with myself. 

“Cute,” he said shortly. After a few moments and a few forlorn clicks, Youngjae shouted, the screen blazing a large “Defeated” emblem. 

“Does that mean you lost?” I squeaked. 

“Does that mean I…” he trailed, shaking his head. His face fell into his hands and he took a deep breath. He looked up, his face completely bare of his usual Youngjae shine. 

“Youngjae, are you really going to let this bother you?” I asked, already annoyed that he was allowing a game to affect him so badly. 

“Yes,” he pouted. “You don’t understand how frustrating it is.”

“Then teach me,” I nodded, the idea lighting up my smile. 

“Teach you? You’d hate it,” he said, shaking his head. “You know I don’t like it when your angry.”

“Then teach me and I won’t have to get angry,” I giggled with a wink, sliding onto his lap. 

I always enjoyed initiating this sort of contact with Youngjae because he was so shy. He would become so flustered, his caramel skin turning a dark crimson. He indulged more in simple skin ship, hand holding and cuddles. Whenever my body was flush against his, his body would immediately become rigid and he’d begin to laugh nervously, unsure of where to put his hands. 

“Uh…well…alright,” he said quietly, reaching around me and navigating back to the home menu. “I guess we can do the tutorial.”

“Negative,” I said, shaking my head. “You are my tutorial, get to explaining.”

Youngjae sighed, his breath hot on my neck. “Let’s start you out with Ash…or Miss Fortune. Which one do you want to play as?”

“They’re both girls…right?” I asked, giving him a side eye. He nodded, waiting patiently. 

“Mmm Ash is really pretty. She kind of looks like a sexy robin hood,” I said quietly, scrolling through the characters. Youngjae exhaled air quickly, signaling he was close to a giggling fit. “And Miss Fortune is a sexy pirate…I don’t think it’s very conventional for women to fight in outfits like this.”

“Y/N,” Youngjae chuckled. “Just pick.”

“Okay, okay,” I nodded, furrowing my brows. “Sexy pirate.” 

Youngjae nodded, clicking along. “You’re going to start at your base. You have to click in your lane, which your going to be bottom lane.”

“Well, why can’t I be top?” I asked, giving him a side eye again. “Isn’t that the best?” 

“Cause your ADC,” he sighed, resting a hand on my waist. 

“Does this thing come with a dictionary?” I groaned. 

“Attack, damage, carry,” Youngjae smiled. “I’m your dictionary.”

“Mmm, what a handsome dictionary,” I giggled, leaning back and kissing his cheek lightly. 

“Aigoo, look at the screen, not me!” Youngjae hummed, his cheeks red again. 

“Okay, I’m a bottom,” I said, my face remaining anything but straight. “And then…?”

“You’ll have another person in your bottom lane. That’s your support. They’re going to help you fight the bad guy,” Youngjae explained patiently. “Your objective is to kill the little creeps. You have to kill them to get gold.”

“Gold?” I asked, my eyes wide. “I can get along with that idea.” 

“That’s what you use to buy items,” Youngjae continued. 

“I can shop!” I gasped. 

“To reach your final build,” he nodded. “So you can do lots of damage to the other teams bad guys.” 

“Oh,” I grumbled. “Significantly less excited now.” 

“Alright, so click on the creeps,” Youngjae nodded. “Last hit them.”

I nodded, sticking my tongue between my teeth and attempting to focus. 

“Try to get the other team as well,” Youngjae said. “Hurry, hurrry!” 

“What happened? Why is the screen grey?” I whispered, looking around wildly. I turned to face Youngjae, complete amusement finding his face. 

“You died,” he said simply. 

“I…but…that wasn’t supposed to happen,” I stuttered. “You were teaching me and you’re a pro.”

Youngjae let out a hearty giggle, wrapping his arms around me tightly. “I am far from a pro.” 

“You’re a pro to me,” I smiled. kissing the underside of his jaw. He laughed, hiccuping in his own happiness. 

“Well I guess that’s what matters.” 

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Mystrade (or something)

(Hereafter follow merely ponderings of an utterly unromantic brain. Feel free to skip!)

I was looking up the very few scenes in which they are together AND those in which one of them is mentioned to the other. Did I miss any?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Mystrade shipper and I bless all of you who are. I really think the idea is cute - mostly because I would ship Mycroft with anyone as long as he’s happy - and I wouldn’t mind Mystrade in any way. 

But for some reason the ship never worked for me. And looking up these scenes was my genuine attempt to make it work. Yet here I am.

The idea of Mycroft having a love interest, besides from his brotherly love towards Sherlock and Eurus, somehow does not settle with my brain. For one reason it would seem rather OOC for him in my opinion. But much more importantly when it comes to Mystrade they just have sooo few screen time together. 

I mean up there are 5 packs of scenes. 

  1. The Hounds of Baskerville (we just learn, that Lestrade was sent by Mycroft and the way in which Lestrade explains this does not seem to me, like it had been an agreement between friends)
  2. His Last Vow (discussing where Sherlock could hide and Mycroft dismissing Lestrade in a rather unfriendly manner)
  3. and
  4. The Abominable Bride (and these are Mind Palace scenes of Sherlock’s imagination. They’re not real!)
  5. The Six Thatchers (they’re just in the same room together because they were asked to get there - I guess Mycroft by Sherlock and Lestrade by John)

And these two are from The Final Problem, when Sherlock asks Lestrade to take care of Mycroft. Lestrade’s answer might mean nothing else but that he - in doing his job - is gonna meet Mycroft after he was freed from Eurus’ cell and make sure that he’s gonna get home savely.

In those few scenes, we don’t even see them talk to each other!

You’re all crazy. Lovely but crazy!

I don’t even know why, but (or maybe because)

  • even though I am not a Mystrade shipper and 
  • am as romantic as an anvil 

the realization that this is really not only not settling with my brain but also counteracting any logic or interpretation that I am capable of makes me rather sad now :( 

Now I really wish that Mycroft would find himself a Lestradegoldfish…


What I promised, the 3rd and final part of the Jock!Eren x Nerd!Levi prompt by ererifanatic. [Part 1] [Part 2]

It was really fun to make the 3 parts of your prompt and I wished I could do more, but since uni is starting this might be my last drawing for a long time haha. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot and it was such a nice prompt <:

Pose ref from here

But Dylan’s Better - Cole & Dylan Fluff

Request: Can I request one where Cole & reader are castmates in Riverdale & are really good friends. They have a running joke that she thinks Dylan is the hotter & the better twin. Cole decided, as a joke, that she should meet Dylan & she surprisingly ends up all flustered when she meets him. Making Cole tease her relentlessly about it? I hope that makes sense? haha Just lots of fluff and friendship 😁

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess  


“Aww, look how cute Cole looks here!”, Lili exclaims while showing me a photo of Cole when he was younger and laughing when I saw it.

“I’ve always been a Dylan fan though”. I laugh. 

“Shit, really?”, Cole asks. “I thought I was your favourite”, he jokes and winks at me. 

Originally posted by riverrdxle

“Nah, Dylan’s better”.

—– 2 months later —–

Ever since that conversation, Cole and I have become closer and have running joke that Dylan’s the better twin. Whether if someone comments on Cole’s acting, or just on him in general, I would always joke and say that Dylan’s better. 

Cami and I talked for a while after Cole and I finished up on a scene that we had been working on.

“Shit, man”, she laughs. “Cole was so good in that scene though”.

“Yeah, I know, but Dylan’s better”, I laugh.

“Is that so?”, a male voice was heard behind me. I turned around and was met my Dylan. Cami laughed so hard, she started crying. 

“Y/n, meet Dylan - the ‘better’ twin”, Cole smirks. 

“U-ugh, hi Dylan’, I stutter and blush furiously. I felt my whole body heat and and turn into moosh. 

“How’s your day been?”, Dylan asks, still laughing at me. 

“She’s been good. Hasn’t stopped blabbering how great and hot you are”, Cole teases. I stick my tongue out and blush harder - if it was even possible.

“I have not!”, I defended. 

“You so have”, Cami laughed from behind me. I bury my face in my hands, too embarrassed to look at Dylan.

“Aww come here”, Dylan laughs and envelopes me into a massive hug. “How about you and I go out to dinner - if you’re free - and we can properly get to know each other?”. I look up and nod. 

“I would like that very much, thank you”, I smile. 

I have the world in my arms - Jughead x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: A few curse words, nothing bad :)

A/N: As promised here is another Jughead imagine. I think it turned out really cute and I really needed some fluff right now, I hope you like it as well.❤

Summary: You talk to Jughead while he is in the police station. Afterwards he comes to thank you.

You were standing in the hallway with Betty and Archie, when you heard a commotion behind you. You turned around to see what your friends were already looking at: It was your best friend Jughead, dragged towards the front door by the principal and Sheriff Keller. He looked terrified, to say the least. When he saw you, he quickly said: “Call my Dad!”
“Of course, we do that.” you assured him, although you didn’t think that Mr. Jones would pick up. He was probably somewhere drinking or laying passed out on the couch. You tried to call him nevertheless. 10 times! But like expected, he didn’t answer his phone, so you left him a bunch of messages.
Meanwhile, Archie had called his Dad, who was now waiting outside of the school to give you a ride to the police station.

Sheriff Keller opend the door to a small room. Jughead was sitting in front of a table, the door in his back.
“Juggie?” You softly spoke as Keller left the two of you alone.
Your best friend turned around and threw himself into your arms, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
That’s how you knew it was bad. Normally you would be the one that he would hold in his arms, not the other way round.
You gently stroked his back and pulled him to sit in front of the table again. Taking a seat opposite him you asked: “What is happening Juggie? Why did Mr. Keller bring you here?”
He looked up at you. You saw another shocking thing: Jughead had tears in his eyes. He hardly ever cried, not even when he had told you about his homeless situation a few days ago and you made him move to your guest room.
“They saw the ‘Murder Board’ in the Blue & Gold. When I came into the room they just took me with them. Keller interrogated me.” Jughead sniffled quietly. “He said that because I am bullied a lot by the footballers it may be possible that I-I killed J-Jason.”

His voice broke at the end of the sentence and you gasped. You knew that Mr. Keller was making a terrible job because he was practically under the Blossoms control, but you never thought he would question one of his sons friends because of such unreasonable arguments.
Jughead lowered his gaze and chewed on his lip, before he whispered weakly: “I didn’t do it, y/n. You have to believe me.”
“Of course I believe you, Juggie.” You reached over the table to take his hands in yours and gave it a light squeeze. “You are my best friend. I know who you are, Juggie and I’m not gonna let them take you!”
“Well, those ‘Paradise lost’ kids went to death row, because they wore black and listened to Metallica.” he mumbled, straring into a void. “I don’t wanna become a scapegoat.” he added with a shaky breath.
“Jughead. Listen to me. I will not let that happen, do you understand me?” You softly rubbed his hands between yours.
He closed his eyes to take a deep breath, then blinked the tears away, before he asked you the question you had hoped you could have avoid. “Is my Dad here yet?”
You hesitated a bit before answering carefully. “Archie is here with his Dad. I tried to call him and left him some messages, but he didn’t pick up. Mr. Andrews is talking with the sheriff. We don’t know where your Dad is.”
He let out a sharp breath and nodded like he had already assumed that.
Finally the door opened again and sheriff Keller gestured for you two to leave.

When you were walking out of the station you heard Jugheads Dad call his name.
He shouted that he was going to rip Keller a new one, but Mr. Andrews tried to stop him from going into the police station. You could only stand there and watch FP freak out about Jughead being his son and giving the sheriff a lesson. It was only when Jughead grabbed his Dad by his shirt, telling him not to make things worse, that he calmed down again.
He looked scared of what he almost did in front of his son. He started to walk away, then turned and asked: “You goin’ home with me?” He looked sad. You could see the tears welling up in his eyes. Jughead looked at you, unsure of what to do, so you nodded with a confirming smile. “I’ll walk you home.”
You linked your arm with his and he rubbed away his tears before starting to follow his Dad.

It was almost midnight now. You left Jughead with his Dad, because they wanted to spend some time with Archie and Mr. Andrews.
It was when you had just turned the light off, that you heard a tap on your window. You rapidly sat up in your bed and tried to make out what ever was outside of your window. There the tap was again, followed by a hushed “Y/n, are you awake?”
You groaned, turned the light back on and stepped to the window to open it. It revealed Jughead sitting in the tree in your front yard.
“Are you fucking kidding me? I thought I was about to die, asshole!”
The boy only laughed as he climbed in your room.
“God, this is so cliche.” You giggled.
Jughead smirked. “Oh, is it? Well, today you rescued me and I’m here to rescue you right back.” He whispered seductively.
You hid your face in your hands trying to hold in the laughter that was bubbling up. It didn’t work. You bursted out laughing at his terrible use of your favourite quote from ‘Pretty Woman’. “Fuck, Juggie. Never say that again, please. Not ever.” you managed to press out.
He looked quite pleased with himself watching you laugh like this and took you by surprise by suddenly pressing his lips to yours.
That immediatly stopped your laughter. In fact, you were so surprised, that you couldn’t even move, nor return the kiss. When Jughead noticed that he pulled back and started to apologize embarassed.
“Y/n, I… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kiss you – I… well actually I did mean to kiss you just… because you look so beautiful and when you laughed, I wanted to hear that laugh and your voice for the rest of my life, s-so I figuered I had to finally do something about my damn feelings, because I loved you for a long time now and I thought maybe you felt the same, but it’s alright if you don’t. We c-could just forget this even happened and-” That was when you softly caressed his cheek and looked deep into his wonderful green eyes to stop his awkward rambling.
“Shut up, Juggie.” you whispered. Then you closed your eyes and brushed your lips against his. He pulled you closer by your waist and deepened the kiss. Your lips moved in sync and he let out a low moan when you softly bit his lower lip. You smiled and pulled away a little to look at him. “I love you too, if you couldn’t tell by now.”
He laughed and kissed you on your forehead. “Can I stay here unil my Dad gets better?” The raven haired boy asked shyly.
“Of course you can. But maybe not in the guest room anymore…?” You said with a look towards your bed.
He smiled caringly at you. “Yeah, I think I can deal with that. Uhm, also I wanted to thank you for believing me today, y/n. I really needed that.”
You gently kissed the tip of his nose, before you leaned your head against his.
“You don’t need to thank me for that. You deserve the world, Juggie.”
He brushed a strand of hair out of your face and stared lovingly in your y/e/c eyes, then he softly said: “I already have the world in my arms.”


Monsta x reaction to you shouting at the tv

Monsta x reaction to you being really engrossed in a tv show/film and shouting and talking to the tv while it’s on. 

@classydeerfox Here you go dear, and thank you for loving my blog :) I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun making this


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*Looks at you adoringly* *He thinks it’s cute how you get so engrossed in your shows*


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*You’d make him watch with you* *His face at the plot twist*


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*Totally engrossed with you* *It’s normal for you two now*


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*Confused af when he heard you yelling at the tv* “Why are you yelling, it’s not like they can hear you.”


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*Judges you hardcore for talking to the tv*


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“Shush Jagi, I’m trying to watch!” seriously tho what even is this gif?


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*Will watch with you but low-key judges you for your shouting*

Requests open!