i think he is the main target because they are always standing together.

My Top 10 Merthur Fan fics

This is a list of my favorite fan fics of the merlin x arthur pairing (my OTP) that I’ve read over the past couple of years. I strongly think these stories deserve to be shared as they, and their authors, are amazing. I want to give these authors lots of love as they clearly worked very hard on their stories. I also think the illustrator that is in a few of these stories deserves some love. Kudos to you all, and thank you all for being such talented, hard workers.

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

By: katherynefromphilly, @katherynefromphilly

Rating: Mature

Word count: 200k+


For many long years Merlin waited.
For the other part of his soul, for the other half of his life. He was born to serve Arthur. So that meant he was also born to wait. Even if it took a thousand years. Even if the wait seemed never to end.
Until one day, suddenly, it did.
Set after the Merlin Series 5 Finale “Diamond of the Day”.
Canon Compliant. In Character. Arthur Pendragon Returns
When Arthur stumbles from the Lake of Avalon 1,500 years after his death, he finds a world unlike the one he knew. Faced with the loss of everyone he loved, and the threat of impending prophecy, Arthur must quickly learn what it means to be not just a king, but the Once and Future King. Merlin does all he can to guide him in this journey, even as he struggles to hide his love for his king, and to conquer his fear of losing him again.
Story includes sass, banter, horseplay, and True Love.

Student Prince

By: FayJay

Rating: Mature

Word count: 140k+


A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kick-boxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling Gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love…
This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max Von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta ‘The Student Prince’.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

By: supercalvin, @supercalvin

Rating: Mature

Word count: 40k+


Aithusa might have been no bigger than a house cat but she was still a dragon. That meant wings, claws, and her own personal hoard, which in Aithusa’s case included soft pillows, fluffy socks, and much to Merlin’s chagrin, stolen pants. When Merlin found out that his winged ward had stolen a rather considerable pile of clothing for her hoard, he thought that it would be the end of any kind of friendship with his neighbor. But when Merlin met the victim of Aithusa’s burglary, he was pleasantly surprised to find Arthur, a man who had never in his life seen a dragon let alone a burglarizing one, and Cavall, a curious German Shepherd puppy who was quick to befriend the little white dragon. From there, it was only the beginning.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

By: Footloose

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 160k+


A fast ship, a good crew, a treasure, a Clan to lead – that’s all Arthur Pendragon has ever wanted. He sits on the Council, he supports his father’s kingship, and he keeps an eye on the Imperial Conglomerate when they come too close to Pirate space.
One day the Conglomerate infiltrates the Clans and poisons the King. Arthur must search for a cure to keep his father alive and the Clans from civil war.

An escape route, a sharp knife, a target, the shadows at his command – that’s all Merlin has ever needed. He fulfills his assignments, he uses the Sterling to sustain his once-royal House in their exile, and wages a private war against the Imperial Conglomerate.
When he learns of an elaborate plot to assassinate him, Merlin does the opposite of what’s expected. He flees onto a Pirate ship.
There’s a saying among the Pirates: that one’s fate is written in the stars. Destiny will always set to rights what has been made wrong.
Arthur and Merlin know that they were meant for the other from the moment they meet. They can feel it from across the galaxies separating them. Nothing can stop them from being together or from fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

A Song From Far Away

By: polomonkey, @thepolomonkey

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 70k+


When Arthur is captured by an enemy king intent on conquering Camelot, his future looks bleak. For Cenred commands not only a clutch of sorcerers but a fearsome dragon trained to do battle and wreak destruction.
Then Arthur meets Merlin, a fellow captive whose magic has been bound to Cenred’s will. But can Merlin resist Cenred’s control long enough to help Arthur save Camelot?


By: TheAvalonian

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 80k+


It is the 57th annual Hunger Games, and Merlin Emrys stands at the Reaping ceremony with Guinevere Smith at his side, unable to hear the roar of the crowd over the ringing in his own ears. Because Merlin is about to face his best friend and twenty-two strangers in a fight to the death, where there can only be one victor.
In a twisted game where death seems the only certainty, Merlin will find himself tested in ways no one could have ever predicted - and may even find himself fighting for more than just his own life as he enters into an unlikely alliance with Arthur Pendragon, the Career tribute poised to win it all.
Merlin/Arthur AU, set in the Hunger Games universe.

Emrys Ascending

By: tricksterity

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 110k+


In the depths of the Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin sees the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, an event that will tip the balance of the world so far out that only he has the power to intervene and set it right, or stop it from ever happening. For that, he’ll have to pose as a student and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The only problem is, he’s been chosen instead of Cedric Diggory as a Triwizard Champion, and there’s a recently reborn Arthur Pendragon in Gryffindor House.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

By: asilentherald

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 150k+


After witnessing an anti-sorcerer hate crime, Merlin leaves his family in Ealdor for King Uther Pendragon’s capital city of Camelot, looking for safety and answers about his own magic. Instead he gets roped into a musical production of Wicked, a banned play by the King’s decree back during the Great Purge, being put on by none other than Morgana Pendragon. It’s the last thing he should do if he wants to keep a low profile in a city he knows is a powder keg, ready for the Great Purge renewed, but he finds more than enough reasons–Arthur Pendragon, co-star and all-around awkward arse, at least at first, among them–to try, dare I say it, defying gravity.

Pianos are made for Falling

By: Fishwrites

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 100k+


Arthur is a world class violinist, trapped in Sydney, Australia, by his fear of flying. In the wake of a mediocre concert, vicious critics and with barely a month to go before his next (hopefully reputation-saving) recital, Arthur is almost at breaking point. When his accompanist, Morgana, breaks her wrist in a car accident, Arthur is more or less doomed. And the story begins, when the Maestro at the conservatoire, Gaius Stresemann, recommends his protege Merlin Emrys to step in. Merlin, who plays by ear, as he pleases and really just wants to be a kindergarten teacher.
Well. The story really starts six months previously when Arthur passes out drunk outside Merlin’s shoe-box apartment.

The Heart You Call Home

By: alby_mangroves

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 16k+


Yet another autumn wanes and Merlin is tired. He wishes he could sleep through it, cover himself in leaves and hibernate until the world crumbles to dust, and he with it, the point of anything long since gone. And then, he finds a book whose author writes stories he doesn’t remember are his own.

My comments are under the cut 😊

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

Comments: This is my favorite Merthur fan fiction of all time!!! It relieved my grieving of the Merlin finale by giving me the series 6 I’ve been longing for. Merlin and Arthur are written incredibly well and in character. The banter between them flows beautifully. I love the original characters, especially Eleanor. It has both angst and fluff. It made me sob, and laugh, and smile. When the slow burn between our two main characters ends it’s such an immense relief and rush of emotion. I followed this story as each chapter was being updated and I just remember the anticipation of each chapter coming out, especially when chapters ended on cliffhangers. I can go on for ages about this, but I think I will end it here. This story is just pure beauty, honestly.

Student Prince

Comments: I love this! Not long after joining the fandom did I discover that many people had read and enjoyed this fic immensely. It is hilarious and adorable and great. Merlin and Arthur’s relationship develops in a very similar way to the canon, from disliking each other, to becoming best friends, and then falling in love. I love the modern twist on the canon. It is engaging and comedic and should be read by many.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

Comments: This story is freaking adorable and made me want a pet dragon. As both a dog person and dragon lover this fic made me weak. I love the world that was created so that it intertwines dragons, magic and the modern world. The angst written in the story is suspenseful. I fell in love with Merlin and Arthur’s pets, Aithusa and Cavall, right away. As well, on a personal note, when Freya’s character was introduced and has an incurable illness and goes to physical therapy, I felt very connected to her due to my own chronic condition and happy that I was being represented in a way. All in all, loved it. The whole thing is a pure cinnamon roll and a great read.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

Comments: Adventurous, engaging, and edgy. This story is a great blend of adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. I love the entire world that the author builds: Pirate space, the House of Shadows, and the White Legion. The artwork is stunningly beautiful and brings this story to life. This story is very engaging, full of adventure and romance, and there is never a dull moment. Love it!

A Song From Far Away

Comments: This made me cry many times over. I’ve read a variety of this author’s fics, and like this one they are often very sorrowful and intense but end on a lighthearted note. The mistreatment of Merlin is ghastly but makes it so much sweeter when Arthur comes along to help and love him. I wanted to kill Cenred throughout the entire thing for what he does to Merlin. The story is magical and very captivating, and the artwork is enchanting and wonderful (which isn’t much of a surprise since @mushroomtale-fanart did it and is incredibly talented).


Comments: Merlin meets the Hunger Games! This was the first ever Merthur fanfic I read that hooked me into reading fan fiction. After reading and thoroughly enjoying the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, imagine my delight when I stumble across this. This story is great and does justice to both the Hunger Games universe and BBC Merlin. I love how the author writes the characters and keeps the readers starving for more. Each twist is stirring, and every character is interesting. It holds a special place in my heart.

Emrys Ascending

Comments: It’s a Harry Potter crossover, so obviously it’s amazing. But out of all the Harry Potter crossovers I’ve read, this one is my favorite. I love the fact that the author is able to intertwine Merlin with the Harry Potter universe so well. Merlin being a Hufflepuff, while not being canonical to what J.K Rowling said, is something I love (which may or may not be because I am a Hufflepuff as well). I also agree that Merlin has the characteristics of every Hogwarts house as said in this story. The fact that Merlin becomes a sort of mentor for Harry is really cool. This is an adventurous ride and sticks as closely to the plot of The Goblet of Fire as possible, while changing things up for Merlin. My favorite part of this fic is that Merlin and Arthur are able to reunite in such a heartwarming way, and of course the artwork.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

Comments:  “No one mourns the wicked! Wicked! Wicked!” This story is very fun and got me loving the Wicked soundtrack, since I sadly could never get tickets. It’s comedic, magical, and has a great way tying the play in with the reality surrounding the characters. I love how it has many funny moments and yet deals with big issues. Whimsical, witty, and wicked.

Pianos are made for Falling

Comments: Poetry and love in music. I love pianist Merlin and his little budgies. I had a heart attack whenever his illness acted up though! Every time Merlin and Arthur fight I just want to tell Arthur about Merlin’s illness. The music of their duets flies off the page as you read it. It’s spectacular.

The Heart You Call Home

Comments: A heart-warming reincarnation fic with Arthur as a writer. You can feel Merlin’s longing and pain in the beginning as he’s waiting for Arthur to return. It’s quite emotional when they finally find each other. Also, the addition of Arthur’s dog Drake is adorable. This is emotional and stupendous.

hula-hoopist  asked:

(If you have the time) you should do a book rec list!!

$Definitely!! I’m just going to include the ones that I’ve read that have resonated with me personally, so please feel free to message me for specific recs (Scifi, romance, wlw, etc) and i’ll look into making a more refined list for you.  Reading is truly such a positive outlet, regardless of age, and I really hope there is something on here for everyone to love as much as I did.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz.  Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship—the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime. And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be. 

This book is so important.  It follows two Mexican-America boys, through the 80s in Texas, and at the very heart of all of it, is a love so pure and intense, it made me genuinely choke up with how intimate it was. (Try not to fall in love with Dante, I dare you, you will fail, just as hard as Ari)

Girl Mans Up  by M-E Gerard. All Pen wants is to be the kind of girl she’s always been. So why does everyone have a problem with it? They think the way she looks and acts means she’s trying to be a boy—that she should quit trying to be something she’s not. If she dresses like a girl, and does what her folks want, it will show respect. If she takes orders and does what her friend Colby wants, it will show her loyalty.But respect and loyalty, Pen discovers, are empty words. Old-world parents, disintegrating friendships, and strong feelings for other girls drive Pen to see the truth—that in order to be who she truly wants to be, she’ll have to man up.

Girl Mans Up is such a great book about gender identity for queer girls.  Pen is amazing narrator, and having it in the first person perspective is perfect for seeing just how frustrating it is to be a girl that doesn’t fit the gender role she’s expected to. (She also has a girlfriend who she stays with in the entire book and they have a wonderful relationship, no one dies 10/10)

Whatever: or how junior year became totally f$@ked by S.J. Goslee @pantstomatchJunior year is about to start. Here’s what Mike Tate knows:His friends are awesome and their crappy garage band is a great excuse to drink cheap beer. Rook Wallace is the devil. The Lemonheads rock. And his girlfriend Lisa is the coolest. Then Lisa breaks up with him, which makes Mike only a little sad, because they’ll stay friends and he never knew what to do with her boobs anyway. But when Mike finds out why Lisa dumped him, it blows his mind. And worse―he gets elected to homecoming court.With a standout voice, a hilariously honest view on sex and sexuality, and enough f-bombs to make your mom blush, S.J. Goslee’s debut YA novel Whatever. is a fresh, modern take on the coming-out story.

I’m honestly 100% certain there isn’t a summary that could do Whatever justice. I read this book because another librarian I work with suggested it to me, and I haven’t laughed out loud so much at a book since the Georgia Nicholson Diaries.  Mike is a bisexual teen who frequently doesn’t shower and hangs out with the most endearing group of straight boys you could possibly conjure up.  This book also has incredibly refreshing male/female friendships and the sweetest sibling relationship between Mike and his eccentric little sister, Rosie.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen.That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.Half the time, Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he starts something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around, wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here–it’s their last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

It’s Harry Potter but funnier and Harry and Draco end up together!! Actually, it’s Simon and Baz, but honestly it’s what all of our thirteen year old selves were starved for, like junkies of fanfiction.net, just looking for a fix.  I’m always a little hesitant of YA romance novels with vampires (For good reason, I think we’re all a little jaded still), but Baz is my Favorite Vampire™.  He’s funny and sarcastic and moody and just a little bit lonely, the poor thing. 

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater @maggie-stiefvaterEvery year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue never sees them–until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks to her.His name is Gansey, a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school. Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys. Known as Raven Boys, they can only mean trouble.But Blue is drawn to Gansey, in a way she can’t entirely explain. He is on a quest that has encompassed three other Raven Boys: Adam, the scholarship student who resents the privilege around him; Ronan, the fierce soul whose emotions range from anger to despair; and Noah, the taciturn watcher who notices many things but says very little.For as long as she can remember, Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love to die. She doesn’t believe in true love, and never thought this would be a problem. But as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore

This sort of sounds like a lovey dovey romance novel right? It’s not. There’s magic, and psychics, and dead Welsh Kings (this medieval lit major was shook), and the most fleshed out characters I’ve read in a series in about 8,000 years. I didn’t think I could fall in love with a group of spoiled prep school boys, and neither does the main character Blue, but here she is with her four husbands. 

Timekeeper by Tara Sim. In an alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, a damaged clock can fracture time–and a destroyed one can stop it completely. It’s a truth that seventeen-year-old clock mechanic Danny Hart knows all too well; his father has been trapped in a Stopped town east of London for three years. Though Danny is a prodigy who can repair not only clockwork, but the very fabric of time, his fixation with staging a rescue is quickly becoming a concern to his superiors. And so they assign him to Enfield, a town where the tower seems to be forever plagued with problems. Danny’s new apprentice both annoys and intrigues him, and though the boy is eager to work, he maintains a secretive distance. Danny soon discovers why: he is the tower’s clock spirit, a mythical being that oversees Enfield’s time. Though the boys are drawn together by their loneliness, Danny knows falling in love with a clock spirit is forbidden, and means risking everything he’s fought to achieve.
But when a series of bombings at nearby towers threaten to Stop more cities, Danny must race to prevent Enfield from becoming the next target or he’ll not only lose his father, but the boy he loves, forever.

I didn’t think steampunk was my thing, but I see maybe I was wrong.  Or maybe I just really love this one particular steampunk book.  Danny is so full of moxie and sarcasm and nervous sweating and tea it’s easy to see why Colton falls for him.  This book also tends to tackle really heavy subjects without you realizing its done just that.  

What People Say

Anon: Can u write a scenario about Jaehyun ? He notice his schoolmates treat bad to his highschool student gf and exclude her. And he try to help her feel good. An angst with a happy ending please ♡♡

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Highschool au

Jaehyun x Reader

Things had been different. Especially since Jaehyun had openly declared that you both were in a serious relationship.People often speculated the nature of the friendship you both had prior to the announcement. He had been a sweetheart, smiling shyly and handing you a small daisy he had found in the playground. You had already fallen for him the day he stepped into your life. But this relationship had it’s cons. Jaehyun was ridiculously popular among the girls, including boys, in your school. Girl’s wanted to talk to him and the boys wanted to befriend him. Crazy thing school was, one person gained attention by how good looking they were. It’s not like you didn’t find him handsome. He was so beautiful with his light brown hair and fair complexion. His voice was so arresting and his smile that could kill someone at a single glance. And then there was you. Plain, with your long black hair, ordinary girl with ordinary qualities. Like other flashy girls you never struck out from the crowd. You had a couple of friends but you mostly stayed in the back of the class, sometimes smiling at Jaehyun who would sneak a glance at you time to time. 

But ever since the word got out, about you and him, things had been difficult. As much as you hated social conflict, you weren’t willing to let him go. Your ‘friends’ had stopped talking to you. It’s not that they stopped talking to you but rather had you sit over with them at lunch but completely ignored you. Feeling left out is worse than being alone. You instantly felt something was off with them, not wanting to sit with them anymore. You started taking your lunch to the rooftop, eating by yourself, away from their judgemental stares. “Why would he date her?” “She’s so plain.” “She must think so highly of herself now that she’s dating Jaehyun.” “Ah Jaehyun, poor guy, ending up with such a plain girl like her.” Maybe they assumed  you couldn’t hear them, or maybe their main target was you. It seemed weird that they always chose a spot closest to you to gossip about these things. 

“Y/N!” He called from across the hall. Jaehyun was oblivious to the monstrosities afflicted by your classmates on you. Many heads turned in his direction and then slowly in yours when he approached you, half jogging with his long legs. Jaehyun just couldn’t help but not look ordinary. Even the ugly grey and white school uniform looked amazing on him. Many hushed whispers erupted breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Let me walk you home,” he said. He smiled like an idiot when he was with you and you loved it. But right now you wished he wasn’t there. He was an attention magnet and you…well you just wanted to graduate with a happy state of mind. 

“Yeah, I’ll walk home. I have to stop by the farmer’s market for some potatoes,” you lied. He nodded. 

“Then we can stop on the way. I don’t want to go home anyways. My mom probably found out about my 60% in that maths test and she will kill me.” A few girls walked passed you, tossing you a salty look. You gulped, wanting this to end. 

“Jaehyun, I just want to walk home alone today.” It was honest. You were upset and the last thing you needed was to diffuse your negativity into his radiant body.

“Is something wrong? Like you can talk to me, you know?” You sighed deeply and stepped back. 

“Jae, if I wanted to talk then you’d be the first person I’d go to. Don’t you have friends or something you can kill time with?” Your voice was harsh. He looked at you in dismay and fixed his gaze to his feet. 

“Fine, but call me when you get home.” You nodded and smiled at him. He leaned in for a hug but you were quick on your feet, disappearing from the hall as soon as you can. Jaehyun stared after you, worried about what might be wrong. 

He walked to the classroom that he assumed was empty. But it wasn’t. He heard two feminine voices conversing inside. “Y/N is so fucking annoying! Like how can Jaehyun even like her?” One said. 

“I know right? She looks so plain and she’s not even that thin.  Like I can see cellulite on her thighs.” Jaehyun stood against the door and sighed. He chose to ignore it, thinking that they were just two jealous girls. There’s always a pair in every school.

When you arrived home, you instantly went to your room. Sleep was slowly coming as your limp body met the soft mattress. Voices of all sorts rung in your head. Faces, expressions of people when they saw you, judgemental stares and grimaces. They all clouded your muddled thoughts. Closing your eyes didn’t help. All that spilled were tears as you stared at the ceiling. All of their words hurt. You were just in love. Things shouldn’t be so hard. It was a small act of innocence, falling in love. He made you so happy, but was it really worth all the tears? All the pain?

You had a hard time on the dinner table that day. Food made you want to throw up, voices made you want to run and hide. The next day you were reluctant to go to school, which shouldn’t be a surprise for a normal school goer. But you enjoyed school. But not anymore.

When you entered the classroom, many girls turned to look at you. They turned back and whispered something into each other’s ear. You walked to your desk with your head down. One of the girls with long black hair and big brown eyes walked over to you. “So how are you?” She asked. Her friends were staring at you both in amusement. You didn’t reply and pretended not to notice her. You thought it would make her go away but it made everything worse. “I asked you something,” she said and leaned it. “Couldn’t hear me behind that ugly hair of yours?” 

“Is there a problem here?” A familiar voice hit your ears. You looked up to find Jaehyun standing behind you, with a face so sombre you wanted to cry. 

“Oh Jaehyun,” she cooed in her annoying high pitched voice. “I was just asking Y/N to join us. But I guess she doesn’t really like me.” She was batting her eye lashes, face faking a look of innocence. It made you want to throw up.

Later that day you met up with Jaehyun on the rooftop. He was happy you were finally initiating a meeting. He smiled brightly at you and kissed your cheek. You wanted to step back but your legs were paralysed. This was the affect this gorgeous boy had on you.He stood tall in front of you, hair glowing against the vivid sunlight. 

“Jaehyun,” you started. Tears ached in the back of your eyes, threatening to escape but you collected yourself. “I think we should break up.” 

He looked surprised, hoping it was a prank. But when he saw your small body, and your broken face he realised it was true. “Why?” He asked. “Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?”

You shook your head and looked up. Your eyes were unpleasantly wet and the salty tears stung your eyelids. “I just think…I think you deserve better. You know someone pretty and smart. And…I don’t think we’re right for each other.”

“Is it because of them?” He asked, stepping closer to you. As you moved away he held you by the shoulders. His grasp was tight but gentle at the same time. His face was so close to yours, cheek bones prominent and lips pressed together in a tight line. His eyes bore into your being. “Because they don’t think we are right for each other? Y/N I thought of you as a girl who didn’t care about the world.”

“Jaehyun sometimes you have to. You know why? Because people’s words hurt. Their mean comments and actions tear you apart. I like to think I’m this person who  doesn’t give a rap about people and what they think. But no matter how much we try to fool ourselves, we care so much!” You were crying now. He leaned down and pressed his head against yours. He smelled like peppermint and coffee. From his collars, you could see the chain you gave him on his birthday. 

“I love you Y/N. I can’t lose you because of some jackass classmates. They have never felt this way before.We can show them Y/N. We can stay together and show them that their attempts can’t break us.” His gaze was so soft, so loving, so desperate for your approval. You reached up to press your lips against his. He smiled in the kiss and didn’t stop when you pulled away. Lips still curved and eyes close, he demanded more. You giggled softly and kissed him again. 

You both spent the day walking around town. It felt better, him holding your hand, licking on vanilla ice cream. How he would talk about something and nothing at the same time. The grass so fresh beneath you as he fooled around with you. Messing your hair, kissing you, joking, playing. He walked you home that day, stealing the promise that you won’t give up. You didn’t think you would ever give up on him, especially not when he smiles like that.

BIGBANG | Mafia!au Meeting Their Fiance For The First Time

Anonymous said:

Hello! I love to read bigbang reactions; could you do something where they agree to an arranged marriage/first meeting/and actually falling in love with their fiance? Could be AU, reaction or scenario anything is fine. Hope this is okay, thank you!

G Dragon/Jiyong: 
Arranged Marriage:
He had never been aware that he was in an arranged marriage until the day that he took over the family business and was handed a sealed envelope. 

“You…you have got to be kidding me,” he say after reading the contract that was in the envelope, “This is…I don’t even know what this is.”

First Meeting:
Though he wasn’t thrilled about the situation, he set up the meeting anyway. He was obligated to whether he wanted to or not and just because he wasn’t happy didn’t mean anything in this situation. Happiness had nothing to do with it…it was business.

Entering the restaurant he looked towards the table where you already sat, the waiter refilling your glass of wine. ‘She looks about as thrilled as I am.’

He walked over to the table, waving away his bodyguards and you stood up to greet him. He was shocked; you weren’t exactly what he was expecting but he wasn’t disappointed. “You must be Mr. Kwon,” you said, as you bowed.

“And you must be, Y/N…..”

Falling In Love:
It was unexpected for him to fall in love and you with him; but after that first meeting and the many dates after you slowly started to worm into each other’s hearts

You knew he probably wouldn’t reciprecate it, it was the nature of the business. Lock away your emotions, don’t let people see any weaknesses…but you couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I love you…” you whispered after giving him a good night kiss and as expected he was silent. Honestly he was shocked…he would never have expected to hear that from you.

So as he watched you leave the car and head for your apartment, a small satisfied smile on your face he let out a breath. “She’s going to be the death of me, I swear….”

Arranged Marriage:
“So you mean to tell me, that within my father’s will and personal belongings was a marriage contract?” he questioned looking at the family lawyer suspiciously, “Why was I never informed of such a thing before hand?”

“It um…there was letter with it stating that you were not supposed to know until you took over the company as to not put any more pressure on you than there already was,” the lawyer said nervously.

“I swear sometimes my father didn’t use his intelligence to the best of his ability….”

First Meeting:
He had gotten to the restaurant that you were supposed to meet at earlier than he had intended. He would be the last to admit outright that he was nervous, but he was. ‘This feels like that first arms deal that I made when I was eighteen,’ he thought, staring at the glass of bourbon he had been nursing for an hour.

“Mr. Choi?” a voice called, snapping him from his thoughts.

He looked over and saw you standing there and smirked. “You must be, Y/N.”

“Yes sir…” you replied.

“It’s nice to finally put a face to the name…”

Falling In Love:
After that first meeting things were a bit rocky at first but getting to know each other, you both fell for each other. That being said, the last mistake anyone could do after that would be get in between Seunghyun and you.

“You touch her again and I will kill you.”

Arranged Marriage:
After being told about his arranged marriaged he would start to question the sanity of his parents, he was a trained killer. How could anyone think he was possible fit for marrying. He had a target on his back as much as the people he killed had one. 

“Business is business.”

Cause that’s an almighty fantastic reason for forcing two people together….

First Meeting:
He didn’t exactly give the best first impression when you were led over to the table by the waiter. The look that he gave you was one of pure annoyance; even so, he was a gentleman the entire time and tried not to let the conversation stray into awkward silence in order to keep you both sane throughout the dinner.

It worked…

By the end of the night he was having a different view of you than what he first thought he would have. “You know…the description of you on paper didn’t do you justice…”

Falling In Love:
He wasn’t really just a cold blooded killer, that you learned shortly after the first meeting. Even though he seemed cold and distant he was truly a loving person when you were alone.

Flowers, movies, chocolates, bubble baths, and laying in each others arms…

He fell hard for you and you just the same, and though he always was alert for any type of danger he always made sure you were happy.

Arranged Marriage:
“Please tell me you’re kidding..”

After being up for a little over 24 hours trying to hack bank codes he was hoping the words “arranged marriage” was just one more lame joke that his father attempted. 

“No, the contract has been filled out for quite some time…you’re meeting her next week,” his father replied.

“Ah crap.”

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First Meeting:
You were both given a vague description of each other’s personalities. You were a little more on the serious side, and Daesung while he was a goal oriented person and once he put his mind something he was focused, he had a bit of a playful side to him.

What he wasn’t told was that you as well had a bit of a playful side as well. During dinner to try and keep things light he would make a joke here and there and you would quip back with something just faster than he could think.

“I…I think we might actually get along.”

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Falling In Love:
It was your playful personalities that caused you to fall in love. You were his escape from the dark world that he lived in every single day. Though his main job was dealing with the computer aspect of things he had seen things and done things that would make your head spin.

You would be the way he managed to cope with everything. After a long day on the computer completely ruining someone’s life or stealing important information, you were his light at the end of the tunnel.

“Oh my god you look so ridiculous,” he said as you walked into the living room in an animal onesie, “You are way too cute to be in the mafia.” As he began to laugh you burst into a fit of giggles as well.

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Arranged Marriage:
He wasn’t please at all by the news; he was still trying to prove himself to the others in some aspects and to be told that he was in an arranged marriage was not going to do anything for him at that point. He did not have time to worry about a wife…he had to worry about himself.

“This is ridiculous….”

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First Meeting:
Half-way through the meal he actually got up and left leaving you sitting at the table looking defeated. You had tried to keep the conversation going and maybe you talking so much had annoyed him?

That wasn’t the issue…the issue was that he wasn’t expecting for his chest to tighten and his palms to get sweaty when he first saw you and sitting there listening to you talk was giving him mixed emotions. He didn’t want an marriage at that point and time but there was something so different about you…

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Falling In Love:
Falling in love wouldn’t be easy for him to accept. At first he would deny it, but then he would find himself doing things that he would never normally do. Like taking you on cheesy amusement park dates.

“You have killed people and yet you screamed for your mommy…” you whispered as Seungri sat on the bench trying to regain his composure.

“I did not scream for my mommy…that was someone else…” he argued.

“I bet you didn’t make this face either,” you teased making the exact face he made during the first plunge .

“You’re mistaking that for the face you make when you nap,” he would tease back.


Here’s Part II of that Danny Phantom Lancer reveal fic request based off the being watched prompt! (I’d never anticipated writing a second part to it, but you voted for that, so here you go. *grins* Please take the science with a grain of salt; I’m better with biology.) Again, most of it is under the cut.

“It would seem,” Lancer finished, “that Danny Phantom was trying to protect your family as much as he tries to protect everyone else in this town.”

Jack and Maddie Fenton exchanged glances from their place on their couch; Jazz sat beside them, while Lancer and Danny had taken the free chairs. That Mr. and Mrs. Fenton were reluctant to believe Phantom would help them was obvious; it had been all Jasmine could do to stop them from immediately activating their Fenton Anti-Creep Alarm. But his insistence on the subject seemed to be puzzling them, and Danny had chimed in often to make good use of Lancer’s support for Phantom—even if he managed to appear reluctant whenever he did so.

Really, Lancer had always found young Mr. Fenton’s excuses rather pitiful, but these were inventive without being obviously contrived. I think Skulker was targeting me because you’re my parents. Not the most comforting point, but a valid one. Perfectly believable, given the situation; Jack and Maddie Fenton surely made enemies of the ghosts they hunted. He’s the Ghost Zone’s Greatest Hunter; of course he’d pit himself against you. A self-proclaimed point, but not one Lancer could dispute, given what he knew of the ghost. This is a weakness. The only thing that stopped him from exploiting it was Phantom. Another point that couldn’t be disputed, particularly given that it was true in more ways than one. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.

“Phantom saved me,” Danny repeated quietly. “I know you don’t trust him, but he’s the reason I’m not lost somewhere in the Ghost Zone right now.”

Maddie closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose in thought. “Ghosts always try to do this, Danny,” she explained. “They want you to see them in the best light possible so they can exploit your trust later. Phantom and Skulker may have been working together in this.” She looked at her son then, adding, “I know how much you two look up to Phantom, but you can’t trust him. That might be the last mistake you make.” Her gaze suddenly switched back to him. “Surely you aren’t falling for his ploy, Mr. Lancer.”

“I am inclined to agree with your children in this instance, given what I witnessed.”

“That’s only playing into the ghost’s agenda,” Maddie pointed out. “Ghosts are masters of trickery. Phantom is hardly different.”

“I did work with him once, Mads.” It was a feat for Jack Fenton to look uncomfortable, especially when the subject was ghosts, but he managed a close approximation. “I told you about that. Plasmius threatened my family, and no one threatens my family.”

“One good deed does not undo the past.”

“But one bad mistake ruins everything else?” Jazz exclaimed. “That’s a double standard, Mom, and you know it! You can’t treat ghosts differently than people.”

“They aren’t human, Jazz,” Maddie said in the tone of one who had had this argument all too often before.

“No, but they were once.” Jazz bit her lip, glanced at Danny so quickly that Lancer nearly missed it, and amended, “Most of them, anyway. Phantom is.”

He was beginning to get a better appreciation of exactly how much Jazz did for her little brother.

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The Night Ahead (Part 4)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: as always, thank you for the comments and reblogs. any kind of feedback is loved and appreciated. MASTER LIST | PART THREE

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Prompt- You have had feelings for Crowley and you both have a teasing and bickerful relationship thought Crowley can only seem to be mean and as time goes on, your heart hardens from the insults. Crowley gets jealous when another hunter becomes very nice to you. 

Pairing - Crowley x Reader 

A/N - Hey guys! I’ve been hella busy with testings and projects but I’ve finally had the time to write up a little something! I just saw Supernatural’s season finale and I’m shook! If y'all wanna talk, hit me up cause I sure wanna. As always my requests are always open! Hope you like it! :)

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You were pulling on the last of your outfit when the boys walked into the room. You were on a hunt that week and it was the night to bait your target out from the bar and bring him back to your bunker for some questioning. He knew where the British Men of Letter were keeping Mary and it was your job to get him.

“How do I look?” You gestured to your skin tight black lace dress with a deep cut at your chest and back. You had red bottom stilettos on that made your tiny frame look a little less tiny. You had your hard curled and pin up with dark makeup to pull out your features.

“Holy shit, Y/n. If it wasn’t weird, I would be drooling for you if I found you at a bar.” Dean said giving you the once over with a small smile on his lips.

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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 96 review (+ theories)

On with the pain train!

By pain train I mean Reiner’s life is filled with nothing but hard decisions where he has nothing to lose. The chapter as a whole covers the timeline from aftermath of Marcel’s death to the titan trio’s enrolling in the military and while that chapter was poignant, it was unfortunately the beginning of the descent to hell.

I suspect we’re going for a long series of flashbacks aiming to answers some plot holes here and there while answering questions in Marley in the past. Or at least that we’ll alternate between present time and the flashbacks. Everything is slowly starting to make sense at that point. Why didn’t anybody retrieve Ymir or why the warriors didn’t rush straight to the gates and a very important point, where Annie was by the time Reiner and Bertolt broke the gates.

The content, I think, is a bit less expanded than the content from the previous chapter, but some character finally got some spotlight after a huge lack of focus.

 Follow me under the cut. Thanks to @kaschy for the scans!

  1. The aftermath
  2. The fall of Wall Maria
  3. The settlements’ period
  4. What now?

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Badass - Avengers x Reader

Again requested months ago but I didn’t know how to write it until Spiderman came along. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer…

Wanna be tagged in anything or everything?! Message me and let me know!


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If there was one thing you hated the most it was being babied by everyone you worked with. Sounds funny, right? You were just 15 and you were working to save the world. Your skills were just as good as Natasha’s and you could easily take down Steve if you really put your mind to it yet, you were treated like a normal child when really, you weren’t - not even close.
You had simply been put under protection when you were just 14, away from the people that had been keeping you locked up like some animal, training you to fight for your life hoping for you to take out any of their threats in just a few minutes. The avengers were one of them targets until you were taken back to the tower and allowed back to a normal life - something you had craved for years well, as normal as you could be with your skill set. The team had never bothered to really see what you could do. Saying you were simply too young or they didn’t want you to slip back into your old ways. Bullshit. You had tried for moths to tell them what you could do, to show them but instead you were confined to your rooms and then only to the complex under Tony and Visions watch, it drove you up the damn wall. That’s when you saw him. A kid your age allowed to wander wherever he wanted with a damn offer to join the avengers. You lost it, storming into the main living room where that ‘kid’ sat there with all of them, something you never did,
“So this randomer who wears spandex can jump around with you guys but I, a girl who has been here for a year trapped as much here as I was from where you rescued me has to stay in her room.” The whole rooms eyes turned to you.
“(y/n), my dear, its nice to see you out of your room.” Tony’s voice was almost patronising as he always acted like your dad. You didn’t mind that bit but everything else infuriated you,  
“I am not joking around here, Tony.”
“Look, (y/n),” Steve started standing up to be the voice of reason, “we just don’t want you to slip back into whatever mindset they had you in…"
"Did Bucky do that, eh?” you pointed accusingly at him, “he was rescued and he is sitting right there, fine as rain. You let him fight. And you can’t go using the excuse that I’m just a kid because so is he.” Your finger mover to point at the spider guy that you still didn’t know and at this moment in time didn’t care about.
“Just hold on…"
"No, Steve! Have you got any idea how horrible being trapped inside is for me. It is almost as bad as being trapped in that camp, it is like you want to drive me to insanity again, just let me show you what I can do."
"No.” Tony’s voice was harsh and stern, matching his glare that he, and some of the others held on you.
“Let her fight me.” The kid spoke up, “if you don’t wanna let her prove herself I will, hey it will be fun right, having someone my own age on the team.” He was the only one smiling at his comment, the glares remained on everyone else’s faces.  
“Kid, I don’t think that’s a great idea…” Natasha spoke up, she had a brief idea of what you could do and if you were like now, you would be terrifying when you got older.
“You have a deal Spider.” With that you turned on your heel and almost stormed off to the training room, almost everyone in pursuit. You could hear them trying to talk this Peter boy out of it, saying it was an awful idea as you slipped into one of your old suits and he grabbed his, putting it on with ease and joining you in the ring.
“What could go wrong, She’s even smaller than me.” That was the last comment he managed to make before you were on him and he was almost on the ground. You swung at him, pretty much mounting his shoulders and bringing him to his knees only for him to manage to flip you off and you rolled to your side just to get a swift kick to his jaw ending up on top of him. You managed to grab his wrists, pinning them above his head and disabling his web shooters, raising your arm again to land a final hit when you feel a strong fist grab yours. Without thinking you practically flip them, knocking them to their front and kneeling on their back, about to deliver a swift kick the back of their head when finally Natasha pulled you away. You knew that you could take Steve down.
“You’re a feisty little one, aren’t you?” Natasha spoke in your ear, “we need to talk.” She gently twisted your arm behind your back and moved you away, allowing Steve to help Peter up.
“Is it wrong that I think she’s hot?” You heard him mumble and Steve laugh. You hated the fact that now, even after showing off what you could do you were still sat down and lectured by Nat and Tony,
“You need to stop messing around.” Tony was stern, “we knew what you could do, we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we took you out of that place. We did it to keep you safe and out of wars. You were made to be a weapon - you were made to one day blow up and we can’t have that out on the field. Natasha please back me up here.” he pleaded,
“Actually, I was going to say we give her a shot…” your head snapped up at what she said and you saw Tony’s face dropped,
“Wait, what?” you asked as your face lit up.
“You can kick ass. I think you should be out there with us, with a bit of training you’ll be better than me someday.” She smirked as Tony made some gasping noises that you didn’t really think were human.
“I agree with Nat on this one.” Steve shocked you the most, “I agreed with Tony because I didn’t know what you could do, we need someone out there like you, and I am sure Parker would thank me for it.” He smiled. There was a moments silence before Tony threw his hands up in defeat, sighed, and walked out leaving you with a huge smile on your face and hugging Natasha.

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Leonard Snart- Not today

AN/ I love Wentworth Miller, cause he is an inspiration. And did you know, that he is a great singer? Why can’t he be in the Flash musical then?!

I don’t get it. Why does he always stand like that? Hip out, while leaning against a table. His hand hovering over his gun. Just… So sassy. 

Leonard looked at me, his small crooked smile always making my heart melt. Head tilted. His soft, but long blink always making me question what he’s thinking. 

“What do you say about a date night?” I close the book I was ‘reading’, and raised a brow,

“What kind of date night? Like, a job type date? Or a date, date?” He looked back down to the blueprints he had sprawled over his ‘job’ table. He stands up straight, and walks over to me, plopping on the couch by my feet. His head rolled to my book, and he snatched it out of my hands, inspecting it.

“Job. But next week, we can go to any restaurant you’d like.” My fingers went to my chin, in a thinking position.

“Any restaurant?” He nods once, “Even the super fancy italian restaurant that you hate?” He rolls his eyes,

“The waiters are handsy. But yes.” I click my tongue. He’s really trying to win me over. What the hell is this job, anyway. It must involve something that I will be against.

“That sounds like an amazing offer. But it all depends on why you’re buttering me up.” He tosses my book on the coffee table, while pushing against my legs to help him get up. He doesn’t say anything till he gets to the crate that arrived earlier. I know it was Lisa who dropped it off, because there was playful banter when I woke up. And there is a giant gold bow on it, but that could have been there without her dropping it off. 

Len pulled the top board off, then pulls out a suit bag. He unzips it, revealing a dress.

“I need a date to the banquet.” I sigh, and throw my head against the back of the couch. I will do almost anything for Leonard, but wearing a very elegant dress to a job isn’t one of them.  

My role in our crime relationship is the non violent part. I don’t really get my hands dirty. Sure, I’ll go into the field, but I’m not one to do the breaking. I am the one who gets us places, hacks into systems, and also watch as Leo does the fighting. And a lot of the time, I’m the getaway driver, as well. 

I follow his command, then we come home, and I am his girlfriend. It’s the best that both of those worlds could get, and it’s all because I have leonard in both of them. 

I get up, and walk over to him, grabbing his face, and bring mine to his. Or lips connecting, but I break it off before anything could get farther. 

“The italian place it is.” Snart smirks, but it soon becomes a genuine smile.

We walk into the banquet hall. Rich, elderly folks walk, talk, and dance all around us. I look to my date, you had dressed to the nines. A black suit, and dark blue tie to match my dress. It’s form fitting on the top, but is flowing on the bottom for easy movement incase we need to run. Black lace works intricately down the whole profile of the dress, and never letting up, so every inch is covered in blue and black. 

He grabs my hand, and pulls me to the dance floor. We dance like two pieces that just came together. Both of us fitting the other just perfectly. That is until he broke off to dance with our target. 

Madame Rouge. 

I walk to the back of the hall, pulling out out my tracer. I had fiddled with it, taking off the casing, and replacing it, to make it look like a portable makeup mirror. I grabbed my lipstick, so I have a reason to have the mirror. The closer I am to the main system of the mansion, the greener the light on the tracker is. I walk until It’s flashing green. Target acquired. I walk into Madame Rouge’s room, and walk to her closet. 

Madame Rouge has a boatload of cash in secret accounts. But I need to trace them from her stationary to gain access, and snag the pass codes. So while I’m doing this, Leonard is distracting the lady of the hour. It’s her birthday today, so him trying to flirt and dance with her won’t be too weird. Everything should be going smooth. 

I walk into the closet, pulling down the last hanger to my left, activating the secret panel to move, and give me access. I walk up to her mean set up. I hate her. She’s an ass who takes money from the poor so she can test makeup products on animals. But damn, her computer setup is nice. About six monitors stare back at me, and I get to work on the two in front of me. I pop in a hard drive, so I can access her files later, just in case anything happens. I find the account holders and passcodes. I look to my left to find her personal laptop. That might come in handy later, so I’m taking it.

I reach out for it, when I hear a gunshot. I look to my right to see a guest shot, four body guards pointing guns at leonard, and him holding his hands up.

What the hell?!

I run to that monitor, and hack into the bodyguards earpiece,

“-Kay. He is  a level ten threat, so keep a look out for anyone else that looks like they work with him. We shot his girlfriend, so that is secure. I have called the authorities. Start pointing people out that he’s dance with and open fir-”

Oh shit.

I grab the laptop and flash drive, and sprint down the hall, stopping when I’m on the balcony. Three more guests shot. 

Aren’t they supposed to keep people safe?!

I grab my lipstick out of my bag, pull the bottom off, and throw it into the crowd. Smoke goes everywhere, and more shots are heard. Luckily the coats are up here, so they are out of the guests way. I run into the closet, rushing to find ours.

I grab Len’s coat, pulling out the cold gun.  I rush to the stairs, and sit on the railing, sliding down. The smoke is somewhat clear, and I see two of The guards. I shoot both of them, making ice spears appear in their chests. I spot Leonard on the ground and rush to him.

He’s been shot. I push on his lower abdomen, where the blood is coming from. His piercing blue eyes looking to me.

“Get out of here (YN). Go!” He tries to push me, but I kiss him. The smoke clears up a little more, and I see another guard coming towards us. I pick the gun back up and shoot him. His head freezes, and he falls backwards. The fall shattering his head into thousands of tiny pieces. I look back to Snart. He puts his hand on my cheek, with a proud smile. And so see that beautiful smile puts me into freak out mode. Tears start falling, and I can’t really see him anymore. I try and will my tears away. If this is the last time I’ll hear his smooth voice, see those oft but deliberate blinks, or sly smile, I want to actually see it.

“Everybody dies.”

This makes me cry more. He isn’t the most loving or gentle, but he is the strongest, hearty man I’ve ever known. 

I shake my head, and see my key chain sticking out of my purse. An idea!

“Not today, baby. I’ll get you out of this!” I pull it out, revealing my powerful laser pointer, and grab the pistol from the nearby guard. I fire the entire round into the air, and rip open his shirt.

“needy are we?” I laugh, but tears are still falling, making it sound more like choking. His hand comes back to my face, brushing away tears. 

“Okay hun, this will be painful. I need you to stay awake and no-”

“I’ve been shot before-”

“But not to the brink of death!” I yell. I have never yelled at him before, but now isn’t the time to be technical. 

I point the laser at the already read hot barrel. It actually turns red and is hot enough for what I need to do do.

“I love you.”

“What the hell?  This is hard for me to do as it is! Just… Ugh! Keep your eyes open, and know that I love you too.” I quickly press the barrel to his wound, but pull it away just as fast, successfully cauterizing the wound. 

“I would like spaghetti please and thank you.” I hand the menu to the waiter without looking at him. I look to Leonard, who had already been looking to me. He hasn’t been able to keep his eyes off me since our last job. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I smile and chuckle, “What?”

“Nothing.” I roll my eyes and smirk,

“Is there something you need to say?”


“Then what is it?!” He smiles, then looks down. His hand resting under his chin reached out to mine, and I squeeze it. 

“I’ve been thinking.”



“Oh. Is that a good thinking? A bad thinking? A ‘Mick’ thinking?” At that he rolled his eyes, but looks back up at me. 

“I don’t like putting you in danger, bu-” I pull my hand out of his, and throw it in the air, 

“What? You were the one who was shot!’ I put my hand on the table, and he grabs it again.

“I don’t like putting you in danger, but I think you should also change your last name to mine.” I stare at his smirk, still caught up on the danger thing. The waiter brought out the food, and then it hits me.

“Wait, did you just ask me to marry you, because, yes.”

Gryffindor!Mingyu & Slytherin!Minghao

•has a yearly tradition of buying one of every single snack when the lady with the cart of goodies passes him on the train
•he’s not wizard born, both his parents are muggles, so his first year he was like “weird looking/moving food? Sign me tf up”
•it’s been tradition ever since
•let’s be real it’s the main reason that Soonyoung and DK sit with him on the train rides
•once during the prank war between Gryffindors and Slytherins (see Hufflepuff!Joshua and Slytherin!Jihoon post to understand), Chan slipped him what he thought was a shrinking potion.
•But in actuality it was a growing potion.
•so 6 foot tall Mingyu became 9 foot tall Mingyu
•the effects of the potion latest a week and Mingyu had to be excused from quidditch practice because he couldn’t fit on the broom…
•was peer pressured by Seungcheol to join the quidditch team and is like “mehhh” about it until you get the the quidditch game
•then he’s competitive and determined af
•the reason Seungcheol wanted him on the team is because he saw Mingyu sprint across the castle from the dining hall to divination because he lost track of the time and was gonna be late, and Seungcheol was like “if he can run that fast for that long, how fast do you think he could fly??”
•the answer to that is pretty damn fast as they both found out at tryouts
•he ends up becoming one of the chasers for the Gryffindor team
•the only thing Mingyu had to practice a lot to get good at was catching the freaking quaffle because he’s a clumsy giant and kept dropping it accidentally
•Mingyu: *drops quaffle from 100ft in the air*
•Seungcheol: “gOd dAMn iT, go get it!!”
•is dorm roomies with Seungcheol and vry happy about it
•just came here to have a good time and learn magic n stuff but Seungcheol and Vernon are always dragging him into their messes
•Seungcheol and Vernon are always tryna prank the Slytherins but Mingyu just wants to live in peace and not be targeted for revenge
•it’s hard for him to stay inconspicuous when it comes to pranking because he’s really freaking tall (he literally stands out of a crowd) and has like the worst poker face. Precious tol bean
•Mingyu: *walks into the dining hall with a really awkward/uncomfortable smile*
•Chan: *blows whistle* “TAKE COVER”
•all the Slytherins duck under their tables and then the cakes that were on those tables explode
•Seungcheol and Vernon just look at Mingyu with the most disappointed look
•they learn to stop including Mingyu if they want to be successful
•anyway moving on
•every year, the new first years are kid of wary/cautious around him because he seems like a tall, intimidating guy
•but then he runs into a pillar or almost falls off the moving stairs and they’re like “oh. he’s fine”
•generally a tall innocent meme who just wants to live peacefully but… naw lol his clumsiness and friends liven up things
•he enjoys it and appreciates them but he won’t say it directly
•he’ll bake Seungcheol and Vernon cookies or some shit and they’re just so skeptical about it
•Vernon: “did you poison these? Have we personally wronged you somehow? Idk what it was but I’m sorry please don’t kill me with these”
•Seungcheol: “no no I don’t think that’s it, he would have nowhere to hide our bodies. I think he did something wrong and we’re gonna lose house points or something so he’s trying to get on our good side before it comes to light”
•Mingyu: “wow I literally just made you cookies and I’ve been personally attacked. I’m gonna eat all three dozen of these with the Hufflepuffs, they’re way nicer than you guys”
•Seungcheol: “Mingyu we’re sorry come bACK”
•and Mingyu does come back and the positive vibe is restored via eating cookies and goofing off, what these three do best

•was really psyched to go to a wizarding school because he didn’t have any wizard/witch friends growing up
•until he got on the train and saw Vernon try to snort smarties because Soonyoung told him “it’s a thing the muggle kids do”
•Minghao was freaking out on the inside like “dear god… They’re idiots… I thought wizards would be more mindful people like me…”
•so he decided to keep observing the people on the train before actually initiating a conversation with anyone
•he sat down in an empty seat and started ‘reading’, but he was actually listening to everyone interact and figuring out who he might be able to tolerate for the next seven years
•the thing that got him to finally decide someone was okay to talk to was when Seungcheol accidentally elbowed Jun in the face as they were passing each other in the narrow hall of the train, and Jun started swearing in Chinese because ow
•Minghao looked up from his book so fast he got whiplash but was like “HIM. IT HAS TO BE HIM”
•Minghao’s thinking “we can talk shit about people right in front of them and they won’t know what we’re saying” (honestly, friendship goals)
•and he’s also thinking “if I have a friend that speaks my native language, maybe I won’t feel so homesick” but he doesn’t acknowledge that feeling bc he’s tryna be tough
•so Minghao walks over to Jun and is like “you okay?” in Chinese and Jun is just like !!! New Chinese buddy??
•they sit together and by the end of this train ride they’re close friends and have talked a lot of shit. About eVeRyOnE except that one kid Joshua because like they tried to find something bad to say about him and literally couldn’t?? Like why is an angel on this train??
•they gossip lightheartedly, obviously they’re not really hating on everyone
•they’re just being like “how many times do you thing Vernon will silently stare at Seungkwan until he stops talking and pays attention to him”
•casually blunt observers
•turns out Jun and Minghao both planned to try out for the quidditch team even before they got to Hogwarts
•the Slytherins captain at the time was like “listen all you people wanting to try out, it’s not gonna be easy”
•the people who really wanted a position on the team were the ones who stuck through all the tough drills and training
•and the only two left in the end for the two open spots were Jun and Minghao
•Minghao earned the position of beater (not even a little surprised) and Jun was made a Chaser
•the literal definition of resting bitch face. He does not look approachable by any means if he’s by himself
•he also looks really stylish in his robes by adding accessories and doing his make up real nice, etc. But to some people that can be a little off-putting because wow?? This person has their shit together enough to accessorize?? I sure don’t.
•so that adds to the 'unapproachable’ vibe.
•but when Minghao is talking to one of his friends, he has the cutest happy expression on his face
•the kind of loving look that everyone wants someone to look at them like that
•at first everyone thought that Minghao and Jun were dating because they spent so much time together
•when someone nosy *COUGH CouGH s e u n g k w a n* asked them about it, it ended up a lil something like this
•Jun: “you think I’m dating Minghao? I have this thing called standards, don’t kid yourself”
•Minghao: “why would I date the moron who’s probably backhugged every other boy in this school. Do I look like the kind of person to settle for an idiot like that”
•Jun & Minghao: *shrug at each other, fist bump, and walk away together*
•Seungkwan: “????? the fuck”
•so yeah they’re not dating, just besties that enjoy roasting not only other people, but each other
•because let’s be real if you can’t roast your friends, are you really even friends???
•When it comes to the prank war… You do nOT want to go up against Jun and Minghao
•because they only prank together and they have no mercy
•like you thought Monsta X’s No Mercy would make you cry?? Jun and Minghao’s wrath is worse
•y'all thought getting hexed by Jihoon was bad… At least that only lasts like 15 minutes, max. (Except for that one time… rip DK… but that’s a whole other story)
•these assholes will prank you until you break and beg them to stop
•they will not stop until you admit that they win
•if you tell them they’ve won, they’ll never bother you again.
•they don’t do any really harsh pranks, they just keep bothering you incessantly until you give up
•Jun is mainly the execution of these pranks, and Minghao is the brains behind it
•moral of the story, don’t try to fuck with them lmao
•Minghao’s favorite class is Care of Magical creatures and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me
•he tries to be cool, like “hmm I’m a Slytherin, I don’t care too much for this” but homeboy skips his classes sometimes just to go pet and feed Buckbeak (catch me sobbing, what a soft cutie)
•if you ask him nonchalantly a question about a creature he’ll pull up a projector and show you a PowerPoint full of fun facts about whatever creature you asked about, full of adorable pictures of said creature
•even if it’s a visually… challenged… (deadass ugly) creature, Minghao will describe it like it is the most precious thing and will convince you that it is precious. Because no one has the heart to disagree with this boy who’s so excited about these creatures??
•he is accidentally very cute
•just wants to be seen as independent and manly but is a spacey and cute boy

anonymous asked:

i don't know much about naruto (like other then some clips my friend made me watch in middle school i haven't watched or read it) but like from what i gather it was like pretty much shounen-ai but in the last chapter suddenly the guy "couple" is now with two girl characters, one of which the guy abused the guy for years and actually tried to kill her?? and like the ending destroyed years of character development? 0_0 am i getting the situation right? cause if that's the case the authors a d*ck.

Sigh. I don’t know where to begin. First off, I wouldn’t call the author a dick. Naruto is a mainstream shounen manga so it’s targeted at a particular type of male audience. I never really expected Naruto to make a gay or queer couple canon (though it sorta did in the first arc). But, if there was a shounen manga that could have done it without it being a joke, it would have been Naruto. The relationship between the two main male characters is just so central to the series that everything else feels pretty irrelevant. That said, I had high hopes but I never expected the author to do anything out of the norm since I understand the system and pressures he’s working with. I was expecting a pretty stereotypical ending (though hoping for a more open/ambiguous one), I just didn’t realize that I would be blasted with so much gender/hetereonormativity. Like was there really a need to (1) pair off every single person (2) have the other person be someone of the opposite sex (3) have them all make babies? Ships and pairings aside, the supposed ending (the official chapter isn’t out yet) is so out of line with the themes and development of the rest of the manga that I would consider it a bad ending from an objective standpoint. There’s a particular character that I feel just would not have been able to get married, have a family and live a stereotypically happy life considering all the things he and everyone else had been through. There would just be a shit ton of trust issues.

Let me just say that as someone who is critical of the way romantic relationships are privileged over platonic ones, and the way this message is embedded in critiques of people who only see same-sex relationships as platonic (though the critiques are usually warranted because subtle homophobia is usually underlying many—though not all—of these people’s views), I’m not quick to say “OMG THESE TWO DUDES ARE SO CANON.” I like to ship and enjoy playing with subtext, but I’m not quick to turn things romantic because I have a preference for platonic relationships between people. That said, I really believe that Naruto and Sasuke’s bond transcends all other bonds. It’s more than romance. It’s more than platonic. 

  • We learn by the end of the manga that N & S have been paying attention to each other since they were children. N admired and wanted to be friends with S but decided to become rivals and make him his goal instead. N has admitted that S was the first person he felt a bond to. S admits at the end of the manga that he had also always been watching and thinking about N.

  • S was willing to sacrifice his life to save N, and while dying, thought about all of their moments together.

  • 80% of the series is about N chasing after S to save him from his own darkness.

  • When N was told that his power element was wind and that wind was weak against S’s fire element, rather than being upset, N was happy because wind was needed to make fire bigger and stronger. 

  • N, who is always a prideful and happy-go-lucky guy passed out from a panic attack after hearing his comrades talk about killing S.

  • N knelt, begged, and willingly took a thorough beating to plead with others to not go after and kill S.

  • After everyone else had already long given up on S, N asked S if he understood the depths of N’s heart, and told him that he was willing to shoulder S’s hatred with him, and that he could not let S continue his path of destruction, but he could not give up on him and kill him so he would rather die together with him.

  • S decided he needed to kill N because N was his remaining bond in the world and the only thing left that he felt attached to and that was important to him.

  • N refused to be killed by S because he could not stand the idea of S being alone.

  • N, despite already becoming an acknowledged ninja with lots of friends, still felt lonely because S, the one person who really understood him, was not there.
  • N and S both acknowledged multiple times that they are each other’s closest friend/comrade/bond

  • After S interrogated N by what he meant by “friends,” N said that he doesn’t really know either and couldn’t really explain it, but whenever he saw S trying to bear everything alone, he felt unbearable pain.

  • At the end of the manga, we learn that S had always reciprocated these feelings, and S acknowledged that he felt the same whenever he saw N’s pain and loneliness. And pretty much the only living person who could make S feel anything (for a loooong time now), is N.

Calling this a bromance is insulting.

And although I can’t 100% refute people who say that you could also interpret this relationship as platonic and completely devoid of any romantic inclinations, and that it wouldn’t be homophobic to do so, the fact that people are so much more open to perceiving romantic legitimacy in the male/female pairings of these two characters with other female characters (whom they have largely ignored/abused up until now) and the fact that people have quickly started shipping their supposed male and female children (even though there’s absolutely no story to them yet), makes it difficult for me to not infer underlying homophobia in everyone’s subconsciousness. Like, I think people can ship whatever they want, but I think there’s something to be said about how quickly people dismiss particular romantic possibilities and endorse others.

Elven Love (Chpt 2)

You are found at the edge of Mirkwood by a young elven prince, who takes you in. Years later you and Legolas are good friends, but will it stay that way? When the Winterfest is arriving, you are realizing your feelings for Legolas and things might get complicated. Will your friendship get wracked? Or does love find its way?

Fandom: Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

Relationship: Legolas Greenleaf x Reader

Warnings: Hunting

Word Count: 1,582

Chapter 1 Chapter 3

Originally posted by crossorip

                                     Chapter 2: Teach Me

Even though it was technically an Elven holiday, Legolas didn’t cease from forcing you to come to practice this morning. For decades you fought lethally with your own daggers, the weapons you have grown to master perfectly. But since the forest is growing darker and more monstrous creatures roamed your home, you reckoned that distant combat skills weren’t the worst thing to learn.

The occasional use of the standard Elven bow, that was given to you early on, wasn’t good enough to fight the ever growing darkness.

And thus a couple of months ago, you had reluctantly requested Legolas to give you archery lessons. If you had to learn it from someone, who more perfect than the master in arrow and bow himself? He of course had taken great pleasure in seeing you seeking for help, as you normally would never do, for you were too stubborn.

He had agreed that you acquired the practice and told you that he would help you. Unfortunately that meant rising before the sun even had, and waking up even when it was a holiday.

You were a little late for your appointment with Legolas and rushed outside, you sprinted to the horse stables took Tálagor and rode north.

When the trees gradually regained their auburn color back with frost covering the leaves, you knew you were getting nearer. You were galloping through the woods, as suddenly an arrow, that you barely missed, soared past your head.

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À la vie, à la mort (Widowmaker x Reader Fanfiction)

My entry for the fanfic wrtiting contest of @overwritings
Thanks for taking it!

Summary: You and Widowmaker have been in a relationship for a few months, which proves to have hardships as you are an Overwatch Hero and she literally is your enemy. Also, the fact she enjoys marking her territory hasn’t gone unnoticed by Tracer. Someday, you will have to tell your best friend. But things take an unexpected turn.

Also, the Reader once had the biggest of crushs on Amélie Lacroix when she was still “alive”.

Word Count: 5227

Genres: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Cursing, Death

Those written like this are the Protagonist’s thoughts. They’re also in 1st person narrator.

Possible sequel: Rendez-vous avec l’araignée”

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Who Said Life Was Fair? (Part 4/?) (Barnes/Rogers/Stark x reader)

Pulling out an old story for this request (sorry, Steve and Y/N aren’t dating, but it’s a close relationship anyway): Hey, thanks for taking our requests. Can you pls write a fic where steve and the reader are dating and they finally find bucky and bring him to the tower, but the reader was also once held by hydra so she is nice and kind to him. Sorry if its a lil specific. 

Can you do a part 2 for Who Said Life Was Fair?

Part 3

“Do you know me?”

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In this house, we love and respect Naoki Kobayashi. In fact, I shall go and extend it by saying that as long as I am on whatever social platform, it is a space where we appreciate and cherish that amazing human being that is Naoki Kobayashi. So it is only fair that I expect people, even if they do not have him as their favorite member or finds him the most attractive, they would at least be a decent person and not be a little shit by making fun of him or insulting him because he is an easy target to do so as ‘he’s not popular as the others’ or ‘he’s not that handsome anyways’. That alone makes me mad but what makes me angrier is knowing that these people are not remorseful for their thoughtless words and actions, going as far as pulling as the ‘well it’s my opinion’ card and that is complete and utter bullshit to me. 

Yes, you are right. You can have your own opinion and you can have different thoughts from others on the same subject. However, you do not get to pull that shitty excuse to defend whatever ‘opinion’ you have when the ‘opinion’ you have is openly attacking someone on their looks, their skills etc. Such as saying things like “Lol why is Naoki even in the group? Such a scary member in the group. I would like the group better if they didn’t have him in it” or “He only does the same thing when performing. Lame.” and even “Look at him trying to be fake deep with his thoughts in these interviews.” That is no longer an ‘opinion’ anymore. That is just you being annoying as hell because if there was at least some form of constructive criticism, maybe I would be understanding and see where you are coming from. But not all this? All this is just blindly hating someone just because he does not fit your idea of handsome, your idea of what a performer and so on and so forth.

You do not get to say that “Naoki does not deserve to be in the group” when Naoki is the one who watches over the group and never fails to check on every member to ensure that they are feeling fine or at their best, the one who always have plenty of hugs and pats to give to the members whenever they needed it like when Gun-chan was getting emotional about performing in his hometown during the Blue Impact tour or the one helping to shake the nerves off Kenjiro when Kenjiro was looking nervous backstage. When Naoki, despite being diagnosed spinal canal stenosis and was unable to perform for awhile, he found the courage and the passion for getting back on stage as soon as he can when he saw the others performing ‘Go My Way’ on tv and especially after the members visiting him at the hospital. 

You do not get to say “Naoki has no place in the group” when Naoki turned down pursuing higher education so that he is able to spend his full time and commitment into being EXILE and subsequently, Sandaime J Soul Brothers. You do not get to say that when Naoki, despite being his main style of krumping, has never shied away from trying different styles of dancing such as contemporary or modern dance and is actually one of the few performers that come to my mind that tries incorporating different styles into his performance. You do not get to say that when Naoki has been a source of support for the members, going as far as being called the mother of the group with how closely he watches and remembers the littlest of details about everyone, always having the kindest words and meaningful thoughts when it comes to talking about anybody. You do not get to say that when Naoto relies on him just as much as Naoki relies on Naoto in leading this group because it is due to their combined efforts of working together, complimenting each others strength while making up for the other’s weakness, that the group has such an amazing, familial dynamic that they do. You do not get to say that when Naoki more often than not does not say much in whatever shows or interviews they are in, just so that the members are able to have more time and shine more. 

I can go on and on about Naoki and I would still not be able to see why Naoki is at the center of hate when it comes to the group. I will never understand it and I choose to never understand it when in the past seven years in being a performer for Sandaime J Soul Brothers, eight years in being a performer for EXILE, he has not done or said anything that gives any sort of reason for him to be picked on so constantly. I am telling you now if you do not respect Naoki, if you see him as an unnecessary addition to the group, if you dislike him just for the sake of disliking him and thinks that you are mad cool to bring down whatever aspect about someone: please unfollow me. Just leave. Never like or reblog any of my gifs even if Naoki is not in said gifs because I will not stand for the sort of treatment Naoki gets from fans that claim that they love the group!! but never fails to crop Naoki out of pictures or talk about the group as if Naoki does not exist. No. Stay as far away from me with your blind hate for Naoki. I do not have the time and interest for you when I could be spending it talking to people who actually love Naoki and giving more love and interest to Naoki because Naoki fucking deserves more. Period. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, so I'm dreading the EMA separation. ( if it even happens) But Eren and Armins relationship is strong, so what could be so bad that they'd part ways? They're best friends. Same with Eren and Mikasa. (I ship them) I just can't see what could drive them apart. All they have in their world is each other.

…Or is it?

Isayama insisted twice about that separation thing. In an old Q&A (which was the main argument why Armin needed to live when chapter 82 was out) and in ANSWERS about the “three of them going in separate directions”. Take that sentence as you wish, but it implies the three of them aren’t going to be together like before.

First of all I’d love to examine the last pages of SnK volume 21 here.

Keep in mind this double page is published after what I’d like to refer as the darkest volume of the series, where the serumbowl occurred, Erwin and Bertolt lost their lives, and the basement revealed that the SC’s current goal was basically pointless, on top of having a more advanced nation wrapping their necks around their ropes. Meaning when the reader finished the volume on a more light-hearted page, it would basically be an ideal world where the situation becomes more casual and lighthearted (school factions instead of war and military).

On this page, the characters would be sorted by affinities, most of then in accordance with canon relationships as we know: Ymir growing fond of Historia when she initially wanted to use her as a safety chip and vice-versa, Bertolt clinging around Reiner and being his aide, same parallel as in canon (which could be further evidenced by future flashbacks), Hitch and Marlowe bickering like their MP-selves (both of them were pretty much mundane in comparison to the SC life), Sasha and Connie being the baka duo which is pretty self-explanatory, Annie walks alone she walks alone. Her shadow haunts the boulevard beside her

You’ll notice EMA doesn’t hang around in this page: Eren is standing aside, looking down the pavement, because Isayama described him as the typical normie who wants to stand out from anybody instead of just going under the flow. Mikasa is standing behind a tree with her nerd friends. I’ll need someone with a better Japanese than me, because her description says “Jean who was trying to establish a connection” at the beginning, which refers to Jean’s crush on Mikasa at the beginning of the series. I have no idea whether it implies jeankasa in the end à la Grease or if it’s just her acting casual about Jean’s flirting, but there’s no mention of Eren in it. Affinity-wise, she’d rather hang with the nerds and weirdos. Meanwhile, Armin hangs with Jean and Marco. Armin’s and Jean’s description is exactly the same in the guidebook: Armin hangs with his laptop and loves anime, Jean thinks he’s popular under his bad boy look… Marco’s description is new in that he’s Armin’s nerd buddy. The Armin/Jean/Marco trio had some basis in their canon counterparts where Jean got along fairly well with both boys in the course of 3 years and Armin and Marco fixed their 3DMG together, indicating some friendship over common interests. So what can we deduce from this?

By affinities alone, EMA doesn’t even need to be together. Because of their personalities, something will eventually break.

Yet EMA is seen together in canon as this inseparable trio who will always support themselves no matter what… Since we got that huge infodump in August, I started to have my doubts about this “unbreakable cohesion”.

Let’s say the march begun in chapter 85, after Armin woke up:

When Eren had to tell everything to Armin, he didn’t mention the part where he and Mikasa heavily insisted in bringing him back to life. If their friendship could trump everything, they would admit it was under their request. The reason why they didn’t is because they knew it was a very bad decision to nail on, further explained by Hange and Levi, even Armin himself:

Erwin should have been chosen - Ch. 85

Everybody thought Erwin would be the right decision, even Eren and Mikasa to a certain extent, which directly contradicts their arguments from chapter 84 arguing Armin could lead to victory, or he could save humanity. They didn’t even protest against him being dragged down, because they just wanted to bring him back without any further consequences, not because they evaluated him to be more suitable than Erwin.

That lack of honesty with Armin was a first start, but what about the other times?

It was revealed Eren was quite the selfish type who felt “empty” due to his lack of meaning of life. He tries to compensate by letting his anger out towards the titans, but it’s revealed he doesn’t care about Armin’s dream, or the ocean itself.

Armin’s dream and Eren - Ch.72, 14, 84

The first panel shows Eren lacking Armin’s excitement for further discoveries. Armin eventually noticed Eren’s expression of disbelief and expressed disappointment, showing the latter doesn’t share the same dream than him. The other panels were him forgetting about his dream. To me, that definitely nails the ocean as a pretext rather than a sincere dream.

Furthermore, Isayama described Eren as having a sort of Armin-complex, here:

Isayama: Inside Eren’s mind, there is something like an emotional complex. For instance, in contrast to Armin who dreams passionately about the natural world outside the wall or unknown legends, Eren holds nothing but indignation. So that attitude develops into a complex - and there is also an inner part of him wondering “Am I empty-headed?” - but then he learns that human beings can turn into Titans. As his existing beliefs are gradually getting destroyed, he makes “How about just conserving myself?” a new standard, and he makes decisions and acts based upon it. -@suniuz

Which explains why he doesn’t remember the ocean, but this:

“You looked like you were seeing an amazing dream. But… I didn’t have anything” - Ch.73

That scene in particular made him remember how worthless he felt compared to Armin, who was already illuminated by his grandfather’s book. I felt like he was filled with self-loathing whenever he thought about Armin’s life being in line because he gave himself a sense in his life at 8 years old. Armin’s motivated by world exploration and his sense of curiosity. Eren’s been meanwhile considered a slave of the story.

But what about Armin and Eren? Why does he keep hanging around him?

First of all, Eren was the first friend Armin ever made, on top of him defending him against the bullies. Since he wasn’t physically fit and was the weirdo of the area, he was eventually an easy target, not only a physical one, but also a mental one. He suffers from low-self esteem and doesn’t want to be seen as powerless, a coward or a burden. When Eren (and Mikasa) entrusted his faith on the tactic side, he felt like a burst of confidence flowing inside him. 

“I had just… convinced myself… convinced myself that I was powerless… that I was a burden… But these two… didn’t think of me that way… What other evidence do I need? These two are putting their lives in my hands… They… trust me more than… anyone else in the world…” - Ch.11

And that happened only because Eren trusted him before anybody else… Until recently.

For starters, there’s the explanation from chapter 85 I provided above that neither Eren or Mikasa defended Armin when they were agreeing Erwin was a better decision. That’s where it doesn’t exactly work anymore because Armin still heavily relies on Eren and Mikasa for moral support, to the point he needs to hang around them, to convince himself they still care about him as a person. That’s why he was standing nearby their cells in chapter 87, despite being burdened with two deaths in the previous volume.

Him convincing himself Eren still care about going to the ocean is even felt in chapter 82, where he decided to entrust his dreams to his best friend in a final assault against Bertolt. That time, thinking about the outside world filled him with courage.

Armin getting determined - Ch.81

The courage boiling inside him was filled with the many wonders awaiting him beyond the walls. Now that the truth’s been revealed, I wonder how much of that curiosity’s been shattered? Armin lost one of his main motivators. He only have Eren and Mikasa left, a.k.a. people who don’t even fully trust him.

So where does Mikasa go in all of this?

Before ANSWERS I actually didn’t think about a possible separation between her, Eren and Armin, from what it looked, her bond with them was pretty sturdy.

Isayama: Mikasa’s growth probably involves separation from Eren. By separation, I mean she might be able to return to that ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood…… I read some interesting thoughts from readers on the internet. People would say male mangaka have a tendency to reject the notion of “fate.“ On the contrary, female mangaka draw works that approve “fate.” You meet your Mr./Ms. Right, you say “This is fate!”, and you accept that the trajectory of your life is already predestined. People who interfere with that and seem to affect your serene life are portrayed as villains. Of course, I am not speaking of all mangaka, but with my mentality as a male mangaka, I think it is pitiful if Mikasa’s life is only about staying together with Eren. However to Mikasa, it is a wonderful thing to be with Eren forever. Combining what I’ve said, if I were to draw the separation of Eren and Mikasa, I feel like my portrayal likely won’t be satisfactory for readers, because Mikasa would have to endure the strain of being stuck between Eren and Armin. Even though she can sympathize with Armin, who considers things from a “globalism” perspective, it’s possible that she can’t just let the more self-focused Eren go.


It was the first time the early fandom wank about whether Eren was good fro Mikasa or not resurfaced. So many memories…

Her degree of separation apparently involves a return to roots? That one where the sweet, innocent Mikasa settles in instead? Considering her experience, I doubt she could set up like this when she clearly experienced the worst of the world. So it’s more a setting where she renounces to her place in the military and sets up to some place safe where nobody would harm her. That’s a lifetsyle completely incompatible with Eren’s life: Mikasa was fine working in the fields, but Eren constantly needs to make his justice and he’ll stay in the warzone till the very end. If Mikasa can bargain with the Eastern Country with the mark of her clan, perhaps they’re going to let her in. There’s still the very first pages from the manga

To You, 2,000 Years From Now - Ch.1

That girl for me is clearly Mikasa: the early short hair, the scarf… Only the clothing looks different. Almost casual in fact. To me this panel is saying “I’m parting ways with you but we’ll see each other someday”. That’s pretty contradictory to what Mikasa fixed herself: to be at Eren’s side. Isayama thinks this is pathetic but it’s nearly essential for Mikasa to stay with him for the rest of her days. And by pathetic I mean this is the only goal she fixated herself in life: when her parents were brutally murdered in front of her eyes, her whole world crumbled. When Eren came and killed her kidnappers, she was brought back and followed his way of living, similar to a cub imitating her parents. Aside from Eren, her whole life seems pretty empty. As she ackerattached in pretty terrible circumstances, this is understandable.

The only way for her to “let go” of Eren is her realizing he doesn’t need her anymore. Either because he holds the coordinate and will figure out a way to activate it and wage war, making Mikasa’s Ackerpowers truly obsolete, either because Eren will make his own path without Armin and Mikasa. We’ll see how the future chapters will play out, but it’s clear to me he’ll send those wall titans on Marley. I have no idea if he’s gonna spare the Eldian minority residing there, considering they just offered one of their members as food.

About Isayama betraying the readers, I’m fully prepared for it to happen. After all, he deprived Levi from Erwin. That certainly won’t prevent him from doing the same with Mikasa. He also detailed in a separation scenario she would side with Eren, no matter what, even if it means going against Armin. Eren and Armin having an argument would truly wreck Armin’s closest relationships.

@momtaku voiced her opinion about Mikasa a while ago pretty consistently about her ackerbond with Eren. Honestly the more I’m reviewing Mikasa’s character, the most empty it feels. Aside from the second remnants of her family, nothing motivates much. Yet in that Highschool AU, we have her studying the occult, probably believing in paranormal entities and writing creepypasta… Her gloomy hobby matches her canon “creepy” personality but in this AU she seems more… fleshed than her canon counterpart at the same time? Is that a Mikasa who never had trauma in her youth and didn’t develop an ackerbond prematurely and looks shy, cute and probably harmless?  

I think the main breaker is Eren’s personality here.

Eren is described as being “a slave to the story”, always wanting to make himself look important: the highschool AU describes him as that grumpy normie on teenage hormones who doesn’t have any particular way to stand out. In canon, this is described as him being all talk about idealistic speeches without even thinking about them.

Eren defying Jean - Ch.3

That’s how he was able to convince Connie, Mina, Thomas and Samuel to join the Survey Corps. His inspirational words also struck Mikasa, Armin, Historia to some extent. Thanks to his abilities as a titan shifter, Erwin placed high hopes on him as well, along with most of the SC… and we all see how he payed him back. 

This is oddly reminiscent of somebody else, isn’t it?

Grisha encouraging the masses - Ch. 86

We all know how it turned out. Not only Grisha played himself, he also got the first restorationist he met calling him out.

Grice calling Grisha out - Ch.87

I’m expecting the same thing to happen with Eren and his comrades. It all depends about the next line of operations.

Phew, I didn’t expect that post to get that long but here we are. Hopefully I could explain why it doesn't bode well for EMA.

Addendum: The implications behind Eren and Mikasa’s pressure to bring Armin back are far worse considering everything I’ve said previously. If they let Armin die, they would’ve been impacted by bereavement sure, but not as heavily as they feared. Mikasa was actually ready to move on when Hange convicted her to let go and if Eren inherited Grisha’s mindset, the same can be assumed from him (he started a new life and let go of his old brothers, his first wive included). Having Erwin alive could’ve improved the road to a bittersweet ending at the cost of his sanity however. The only situation left unchanged would’ve been Reiner’s and there’s still something unfair, even if the serum would’ve been given to Erwin.