i think he is my all time favourite character

Why Atypical is Crap- from an Actual Autistic Person

In case you dont already know Atypical is a hot load of garbage (although this shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering how wonderfully Netflix has dealt with mental health in the past) here is my personal run through.  

This is dedicated to the 100 beautiful porn bots that follow my blog, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this. If any actual autistic people find this though (and if you manage to read through all this crap), I’d appreciate your pov as well since i probably won’t even cover a tenth of what’s wrong (esp considering I’ve only watched the first episode, but take this as first impressions, if you will). 

  • Apparently autism is synonymous with stupidity, but this isn’t much of a surprise since this has become the sweet new meme among edgy 4chan users. 
  • Autistic people are completely gullible and lack any critical thinking whatsoever
  • Only white straight cis men can be autistic (only). It doesn’t matter they are primarily the only demographic shown with autism and this has been the state of things for far too long, or that we desperately need representation for autistic people who are poc, women or lgbt+ (especially considering that girls are frequently misdiagnosed to the point that some medical professionals- medical professionals- refuse to diagnose girls with autism at all, or that many poc struggle to get a diagnoses or even a review because of racist teachers or psychologists)
  • He’s tech savy bc we all know that if he wasn’t interested in computers he wouldn’t be autistic (though i can say that i do appreciate the fact his main special interest is biology and the antarctic, although it still follows the same STEM stereotype)
  • His sister constantly bullies and makes fun of his symptoms (but she defends him against other people so it’s okay) dad can’t relate bc he doesn’t play sports and just generally acts like he hasn’t realised or got over the fact that his son’s autistic (despite living with him for what? 17 yrs???), mum is a typical Autistic Mum™ who is burdened with her godawful son, both parents heavily imply life would be better without him. Not to mention the mother is v. paranoid about him having any kind of independence, bc he ‘can’t survive without them’They have stereotypical Autistic Family™ down to an art, congratulations Netflix for being so revolutionary, because god forbid autistic people actually have a supportive family or group of friends that dont constantly make fun of them and emphasise how much they make their lives a burden. (btw, im not saying that every autistic kid’s family has to be perfect; but their family could  at least treat them with some dignity and not do what every other ableist show has done)
  • He has zero self awareness, and of course he can’t date or do anything well without being heavily dependent on a nt. (Can I also emphasise that im not saying autistic people dont have these symptoms, just that they are used so often that its a huge stereotype and is portrayed as a crude caricature) 
  • He can’t date what a surprise never seen that one before netflix we already know autistics are r*t*rds that can’t date of course they can't 
  • The stupid as fuck instance when his psychiatrist asks for his brain??? How did they think that was ok?? (and even if it was, it’s totally impractical and ignores the fact that there are plenty of older -and already dead- autistic people who are, you know, not 60+ years away from dying
  • He can only ever talk about his special interest because autistics never talk about anything else you know never. 
  • ‘i can see your bra’ ??? (again, caricature)
  • there’s so much that bugs me but its hard to articulate sometimes so again, if there’s an autistic person who has seen this crap and has something to add i’d really appreciate it.
  • also apparently it was written by non-autistic people (am i surprised??) and the cast isn’t autistic. I dont think i have to go into how fucking stupid this is, considering it’s A STORY ABOUT BEING AUTISTIC AND NO ONE WHO HAS WORKED ON IT IS AUTISTIC. How the fuck do people think making this shit was a good idea?? 
  • ‘every time the phone rings’ (suchhhh a burdennnn, he’s not the same as themmm)
  • Sam is another Sheldon
  • The thing i hate the most about the show is the level of condescension. I feel like the protagonist is presented as the same caricature, straight white guy who is afraid to talk to girls, nerdy and smart but without an ounce of independence, never speaks up for himself and is a collection of all the stereotypes we’ve seen before, he lacks any nuances what so ever. He is another autistic character written by neurotypical people.
  • apparently also their only form of research was talking to autistic kids (bc you know we’re so r*t*rded that we’re all the same, regardless of age) and parents
  • Autism Speaks supports it, I don’t think I need to continue. 

Ok, but all this other stuff isn’t even that infuriating because, you know, we’ve seen it so many times before it’s just laughable. But they crossed a fucking line (and I’m not joking with this one) when they decided that it was ok to use one of my favourite fucking bands in their shit tv show. I’m always going to be reminded of this crap whenever I listen to them again, Netflix, and I’m fukcing pissed its not fucking acceptable. fuck. you.

I feel like I’ve covered most of the things I had problems with, but again I’d love if other autistic people could add on to the discussion (neurotypicals are welcome to reblog)

when finn was in the first order he was always liked when the other stormtroopers took their helmets off bc he liked seeing them as more than “nameless soldiers identified by letters and numbers”. imagine how excited he must be now that people are not only faces and names, but also stories and thoughts and opinions and personalities. but above all that, to have people that are his friends. people who appreciate his empathy, his kindness, people who reward him bc he came back. people who he can share his thoughts with without fear of being rejected or disciplined. people who love and care for him as much as he loves and cares. 

Hartwin Daddy Kink Rec List

Wow I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do this!!! My friends know me as the queen of daddy kink (and h/c, which will probably be a component in a lot of these fics), so here are a few recs for you guys to enjoy before the new movie comes out <3 

Any comments I add will be in italics below the author’s summary.

If You Want to Keep a Secret by @xxjinchuurikixx

In which Eggsy really needs a daddy to take care of him, but he would never, ever admit it… until he does.

So this is it. My #1, all time favourite hartwin daddy fic. It’s the most beautiful h/c I’ve ever read, interwoven with an amazing backstory and character development about why Eggsy needs Harry to be his daddy. So beautiful I cry every time. This is a sequel to the author’s famous fic Breathless, which I highly recommend, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Highlight of My Low Life by @eggmuffinwrites

Eggsy might be largely uneducated, but he’s not actually stupid. He knows that most people think he’s nothing more than a glorified whore, but the fact is that Eggsy is currently on vacation in Cape Verde, while most of his critics have to deal with the shitty November weather in England. This is not the life Eggsy had in any way imagined or planned, but if an attractive older gentleman wants to take him on expensive vacations and buy him nice things, he’s certainly not going to complain.

Sugar Daddy!Harry 

Not Vodka, Obviously by Skarpetka

24 hours together. One unexpected revelation.

(Prompt: “Daddy kink, age difference, all the tropes!”)

Holy hell THIS. It just gets the kink so on point, with Harry as the perfect, in control daddy slowly taking Eggsy apart.

the singularity of desire by @persephoneggsy

Eggsy is dragged to a sex club by his “best friend” Charlie and meets the gorgeous and charming man who calls himself Galahad.

yes i’m serious

Fabulous anonymous daddy pwp in a sex club.

Cairo Gold by @themadkatter13fanfiction

Waiting is a boring game. Indulging is not.

A/b/o with daddy kink. Unf.

So Close I Can Taste It by DoctorsOrders

Harry grudgingly gives into Eggsy’s near constant begging and lets Eggsy kneel under his desk. He ends up wondering why he needed so much convincing to do it in the first place. Eggsy is a praise junkie and enjoys being Harry’s toy during the day.

Possibly the best cockwarming fic I’ve ever read.

In Her Majesty’s Kinky Service by @faedreamer

Harry’s always been fond of boys with more than a touch of sass. Eggsy’s always had a thing for the daddies. When their paths cross in the middle of an international arms deal, it seems like the perfect bit of quid pro quo - Harry lets Eggsy off the hook for his involvement and Eggsy lets Harry hit it seven ways from Sunday. Except come morning, neither one is going to want to let go - and so begins a very, very raunchy tale of the mouthiest bottom and the dirtiest daddy in all of Her Majesty’s Kingdom.

(otherwise known as the sugar daddy, kink-laden, giant trash pile of filthy goodness that Fae just couldn’t resist)

WARNING this fic is discontinued, but still really amazing and worth a read!!

Cherry Lips by @faedreamer

It’s been a year since Eggsy became a Kingsman agent and saved the world for the first time. He loves his new life and he loves partnering with Harry. But sometimes Eggsy needs more than Harry is willing to give. Sometimes he needs things he left behind in the gutter where Harry found him. And sometimes, he needs it so bad he doesn’t quite care who or where it comes from. It’s never enough though…until the one night when it is.

(or, the rentboy, daddy kink, so much UST it is physically painful smutfic no one asked for)

This one is super emotional and angsy–love it.

Don’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by @blacktofade 

It doesn’t slip out on purpose. He’s three sheets to the wind, celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday after returning from a recon mission in Sri Lanka, which means he’s jet lagged, too, and anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. His mum’s on the other side of the room talking to Roxy for God’s sake. If he’d meant to say it, he would have waited for a more appropriate moment.

Though, he’s not sure there will ever be an appropriate moment for accidentally calling Harry daddy.

YAAASSSS. Nothing better than accidentally calling someone daddy.

Go For The Heart by @sexxicawrites

Eggsy hasn’t been coping well with Harry’s death … but it’s even worse when he finds out Harry is miraculously still alive. A forced confrontation and an accidental admission might just fix everything though.

Literally the first fic I ever read in the Kingsman fandom, and obviously it convinced me to stay ;)

So anyway those are just a few of my favourites, hope you enjoy! And as always hit me up if you want recs for a particular kink and I’ll see what I can do <3

But like why did it take me so long to find out that Percy said that he feels that he deserves to die in the Blood of Olympus? This fandom has a funny habit of ignoring all of Percy’s major insecurities like :

  • He feels like he isn’t good enough (MoA)
  • He feels like he doesn’t deserve to be liked (especially by Annabeth it would appear) (Notice I said liked and not loved) (MoA)
  • He thinks that he deserves to die, and die painfully (BoO)
  • He believes that if he cannot protect and help people that he is of no use (MoA)

I don’t know about anyone else, but it hurts to see my favourite character going through this, and also it makes him way more interesting, and in my case relatable. I feel like it’s time we stop forgetting that Percy isn’t always, and in fact is rarely, goofy and care-free. 


Hullo! ♥ I hope you are well and enjoying today.

I am still here, despite disappearing so much; it would seem I relate to this character, haha! It’s No-Face from Spirited Away. ♥ He is one of my all time favourites and has been a great encouragement to me lately; a simple joy to draw – just what I needed to get back on track!

I kept thinking about using yellow flowers for this, but I liked the idea of eliminating any allusions to gold, with an emphasis on his personal growth through blue and pink: his former loneliness overtaken by a much greater discovery of purpose and friendship.

Bristol paper, micron pens, copic markers, washi tape, floral embellishments, and tacky glue.

Homeless (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: When the reader finds out why Jughead is freaking out about the drive in closing, they take it into their own hands.

-Word Count: 740

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl  @xbobaaa @flowercrown-bucky @take-me-on-a-magic-unicorn


You were sitting at Pop’s, doing some study, when Jughead suddenly sits down in front of you.

Before you could say hello to your boyfriend, he immediately starts off with, “The Twilight Drive-In is closing down.”

You widen your eyes with the sudden outburst, and with the new information, “Wow, really?”

He nodded in agreement, “It got bought by some private buyer, which is just ridiculous! Why would someone want to just destroy something that means so much to this town? It’s been here since before I was born! It’s got history, I just can’t believe they’re letting it get taken down.”

You were interested in why Jughead was so invested in this but decided to let it slide, he’s been here his whole life, you only moved here when you were 10 and became best friends with Jughead, and you’ve been dating for a year now.

“Is there going to be a ‘last night movie’ night?” You asked, as you knew he worked there, he controlled all the movies and stuff.

“Of course! How could that not happen, I think I’d have to sue them if they didn’t,” He replied.

You smiled at his annoyance with it, it was kind of cute, “Play my favourite movie?”

He smiles at you, looking like he had temporarily forgotten about the drive-in and replied, “Of course.”


Over the next couple of days, all Jughead would talk about is the theatre. When you were just spending time with him he was okay but the conversation would always turn to the drive-in closing down. It was really out of character for Jughead to be so worried about something. You completely understood that it meant something to him but you felt as though there was something else to it. You could tell when Jughead was leaving something out of the picture.

You finally confronted him about it when you two were hanging out at your house. You lived alone, because you were really independent and you’re parents were very rich so they let you have your own apartment for you 16th birthday. Only Jughead and your friend group knew you lived alone, you didn’t need it being spread around the school that your parents were filthy rich.

You and Jughead were sitting on the couch, just watching a movie, and Juggie had just finished talking about the drive-in once again, and you finally said, “I think we need to have a talk.”

Jughead tensed, and he reached for the remote and paused the movie, he turned to you, expectant.

You sighed, conflicted on where to start, “It’s about the drive-in… I’m just getting this vibe from you that you’re keeping something from me, like you’re leaving something out? You keep going on about it and I know it means something to you but you never usually go on about things that frustrate you for this long.”

Jughead was quiet for a moment. He sighed and rubbed his face in frustration, you didn’t press the question, and let him analyse everything for a minute.

“I just…” He paused for a moment, like he wa preparing himself, “ I’m living there.”

You’re heart sank, what?


“I’m homeless Y/N, and I live there. It’s by choice obviously, you know about my dad and everything,” Jughead explained.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, “Why didn’t you tell me?” You ask softly, putting an arm around him.

“I just didn’t need you worrying about me, or offering to take me in, I’m too much of a burden and your parents wouldn’t be happy with you living alone with your boyfriend.”

“Hey, I’d rather die than let you be homeless. You are not a burden. And who cares about my parents? I’m not going to let you be homeless, I’m with you okay? Always.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but you understand right?” Jughead says, kind of ashamed.

“Of course I get it and as soon as that drive in closes, you’re coming to live with me. And that’s final okay?” You say, smiling.

He looks at you, smiling, and says, “Thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You laugh, “Me either, now kiss me.”

He smiles and presses his lips to yours, both of your lips meshing together perfectly. He pulls away and peppers kisses all over your face, and you giggle at the ticklish sensation from it.

And yeah, living with him was the best decision you’ve ever made.

Just some Warrior cats sketches that I did

Some designs based on @climbdraws @softbounce and @fruitpaw

My Favourite character:

I love Jayfeather way too much, and yes it was hard deciding between him, Yellowfang and Tallstar. But Jayfeather is so grouchy and relatable in the way that he is annoyed by everyone babying him, he is my favourite character for so many obvious reasons, he’s so grouchy and every POV section with him is just so much fun to read.

He’s a blue ticked tabby here

My favourite couple: 

I know it’s not confirmed in the book, and heck I have only just started reading it, and this couple is by far something that is different, new and should be done more in warriors, I am sick of seeing the exact same tropes for these couples, so Tallstar and Jake’s relationship is so fresh and new, and I absolutely love it, also because of the fact that it’s gay cats, and there needs to be more of them in this series

Tallstar is totally an Oriental, and Jake is totally an abyssinian

My favourite Leader:

Close tie between Tallstar, Crookedstar and Bluestar, but I really do love Blackstar, especially in the later series, he is strict but he actually knows what he is doing, he is also really loyal, and I don’t know, he’s just really great compared to Firestar, Leopardstar and Onestar…. his death however, is absolutely hilarious 

Blackstar is a thai cat because realism

Favourite badguy:

Hey look it’s the only female badguy this freaking series has to offer, and I actually love her, I am sick of the ‘broad shouldered tabbies with amber eyes’ so I love this Torti/calico (whatever you see her as) because Mapleshade is so different to the other dark forest cats

That one character who deserved more screen time than he actually got:

Redtail, I love @warriorsredux simply because he had more screen time, it was amazing, but here I put my own design down for him, he is totally a can cat in my mind, I don’t know why, his name would make more sense, and the fact that calico toms are infertile, I was thinking of going by redux’s style but I have always loved van redtail.

My favourite trio:

yesssss, this entire series of warriors gave us the best trio of friends ever and I mean, all of them have such different personalities but they work so well together, none of them have any crazy powers or part of any prophecy (minus firestar) but still, look at them, their friendship is pure and I love how much they look out for each other :D

Firepaw is an abyssinian, Ravenpaw is just a bi-colour and Greypaw is a grey ticked taby

I really should draw more warrior cats stuff :P

    please tell me you’re seeing this too  because REAL TALK IT’S TIME TO FUCKING SCREAM. as some of you know, i’ve had elliot since not long after season one aired — he’s my all time favourite character of anything  (  my other faves don’t need to know this shhh  ) ,  i’ve never connected with one more and i don’t think i ever will because he’s just so important to me !!  despite this, i had to take a break for a long while and stick to ocs and the occasional smaller canon because i felt like i just didn’t have time to write him the way i wanted because of how complex he is, but coming back was the best idea.  

he’s officially been back for about five days and in this time there are already over one hundred of so many incredible people that i’m so excited to interact with, so many things in the work, and a reception i didn’t expect that i’m getting hELLA emotional about.  gonna throw some neat blogs that i LOVE on here and send this off tho bc i have been babbling for so long lkjfdlhskfj just thank u !!   (  and an especially big thanks to brynn for being my motivation to remake  ) . 

 @prosbros ♡ @leslce ♡ @daisyspat@inrovina@mk011@brattizen@sawgutted@saidimfine ♡ @ivoryhearted ♡ @crossworn ♡ @trashkick ♡ @survivorbuilt ♡  @screwcool ♡  @shethief  ♡  @chaoslived@thoughtburied@eidetic187@antialibi@moranument@ashensolitude@eldestsabourin ♡ @thedepxrted ♡ @notimminent@gcnivss@puppycrushing@guiltlxss@talahdorei@dcstructiives@drmgic@atlaswolf@dencuement@fullcnbonemcde@mariedeath@meddlingheels@fightsthatdragon@itsalreadynever@chaosate@4thking@tragicloss@purblindly@intothedrk@fxrthright@inquisitiveash@kcwi@solitcry@hackedweb@farawcys@fissarsi@badgedaddy@ardentflames@webcunt@demonsfaced@fnalgirl@brokecrowns@electricksatan@warplagued@crowhaze@chloroformgiirl@forbidst@combatclever@cryptidghcst@freddykruegcr@serialclown@comiiics@detectiives@interrcpted@spiritspoken@riotoused@agentholmes@betrayedveins@withagony@hcavysouls@coalcsce@wendegos@imaginagary@quinnzzl@gothamcartel@ideolgue@britishspy@welldriven@applcbcats@sawyercide@silencegrown@carryburdens @griefdefined@demcnized ♡ 

i’ve had a lot of mixed feelings for this season — both good and bad — and i just want to get them down before i start to lose sleep over this:

- firstly, i think we got exactly what they advertised — a coalition. voltron trying to gather their allies and shit. am i just a little bit salty that they spent a whole lot of time on the ‘razzle dazzle!’ part instead of giving more character development? ofc. but like i said. they specifically advertised what they were going to deliver

- i’m so happy that they didn’t cut out the important reunion scenes between the holt siblings — it was done so well and seeing the dorky grin on pidge’s face when she gave matt a tour on the whole castle? a 12/10

- speaking of matt holt. i guess?? i’m stanning a mayo now?? i was 100% sure he’d be a nerd with the personality of a wet piece of cardboard but BOY was i fucking wrong. a multifaceted shitpost of a guy who loves allura at first sight? OH WORM. 

- @ dreamworks: listen. listen. exactly what were you trying to accomplish by having keith so abruptly join the blades? as much as i love him in the suit — and the endearingly cute addition of the hood — what was the point of dishing that out of nowhere, especially when there was such a big deal of making him black paladin last season?? only to have shiro back in the position and everything is suddenly hoity doity?? it’s like s3 didn’t even happen and s4 did a complete 180 turn

- like. i get that maybe they made keith join the blades because he needed to feel useful in another way, a take action sort of way, and to maybe embrace his galra side a little more. and yet. i feel like this has only worsened keith’s mental state? he didn’t feel worthy of the leader position and so he joined the BOM. but there he’s suddenly given this mentality that you should accept death easily. that the mission is always more important. this poor boy is self-sacrificing and just wants to stop seeing people dying and getting hurt in wars and is so, so scared of rejection. AND YET. this kind of bullshit 'self-sacrificial’ propaganda is shoved down shit throat? bull. shit. 

- if i see anyone throwing shade at keith i’m going to throw a cock. this boy needs a break and the lack of empathy for him is wack i say. HE WAS READY TO FUCKING DIE THAT’S NOT OKAY

- hey bii boh bi i will singlehandedly take not one, but TWO fucking bullets for you

- so the plot. was there even a discernible plot wedged in here? because i didn’t UNDERSTAND anything about the alternate reality quintessence and all of the crammed subplots make my simple -ass brain hurt

- “for narti.”  iconic. 

- okay so this is something i’ve really been wanting to talk about: lance. my homeboy. my favourite. the only goddamn fucking reason i even wake up most mornings and go to school. y'all think this is a game, dreamworks? you really think you can just sideline lance by making him have short one-liners and no big roles (until the last episode maybe) especially when he had some good buildup for his character last season? i understand that they didn’t necessarily have the time for any real character buildup bc of the coalition gathering, but FUCK IT he’s one of the main characters. why did y'all stretch out the coalition so damn much? it was unnecessary and of all the scenes you’ve already cut off or haven’t included in this show, THIS is one that you deemed worthy enough to keep? really?

- i love it :) when hunk is used :) as fart and fat jokes :) i love it when they make coran literally fucking trip and humiliate hunk all over the place :) and we’re supposed to laugh every time the fart sound blares :) and ignore the fact that hunk is literally so uncomfortable with all of this :) fuck yeah amiright :) 

- i don’t care about coran tbh

- hunk getting to slam someone down with his canon? yeet

- hey guys allura and milkshakes is so damn precious. i love all of her facial expressions and the cute dazzly thing she does with her eyes. i love her interacting more with the paladins

- y'all do you think shiro’s VA ever falls asleep in the middle of recording his lines bc they’re so boring? 

final note: i love voltron as much as i hate it and i found this season entertaining for sure, but @ all of you saying most of us complain about shit way too much: are we wrong tho? we’re not just pulling all of this criticism from the depths of our asses lmao

anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk

anonymous asked:

Yandere headcanons for Swerve, Rodimus, and First Aid?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: My three favourite characters… for a favourite staple of mine… I am a lucky mod today… Truly blessed… )


✦ Lonely and desperately in need of any company, Swerve attaches himself to the liaison after a few friendly encounters with them. He finds their presence on the ship fascinating and is eager to be friends with them. His interest grows over time and it isn’t long before he starts to wistfully think that maybe they can become more, you know? The two of them have a lot in common after all! They’re roughly his size and they laugh at all his jokes and give them all their attention whenever he flags them down for a chat, no questions asked. It means they’ve got to be together forever and ever.

✦ Will do his best to keep the liaison around the bar long as possible. Whether it’s telling them fantastical stories or claiming he needs their help in getting these supplies or sending along these very specific requests to the officers, Swerve tries his hardest to keep the human’s attention on him at all times. Sooner rather than later Swerve will pester the liaison to be his roommate too. So what if they have their own officer’s rooms? Isn’t it kind of sad that they’re all by their lonesome? Let your old buddy Swerve help you out with that!

✦ Should he have a rival, Swerve knows better than to try and physically confront them. The best he can do is damage control and spinning tales and oh is he good at those two. If anyone expresses an interest in the liaison, he’ll do his best to keep them apart if they’re both in the bar by either getting the ‘bot overenergised or asking the liaison if they want some free drinks. He is going to keep an optic out for the rival when they’re in his establishment, eager to throw them out the moment they so much as toe the line. He also talks all sort of smack about the ‘bot in question when the mech in question is not around. Didn’t they hear about the awful things they did during the war?

✦ Mostly feeling pity for Swerve, after realising he doesn’t have a lot of friends and is often teased/mocked by the crew, the liaison will tolerate his behaviour and even humour him. Hence why they often give him their undivided attention if he asks for it. Big mistake on their part. These actions will only feed into Swerve’s ideas and delusions that he and the liaison are meant to be. Encouragement will only cause him to escalate his behaviour and his neediness, going as far to offer them free things in the bar if it means they stick around a little big longer please oh please oh please.


✦ Despite the bravado he puts up, Rodimus is lonely himself and would like to have a friend and a confidant to rely on. Finding a sympathetic figure in the form of his liaison is a relief to him. It’s so easy to trade banter with them without the fear of being mocked or insulted and their willingness to hear his ideas out, no matter how wild it maybe, makes him admire them more. Is isn’t long before he starts becoming jealous of any ‘bot that steals his (his!) liaison’s attention away from him. It doesn’t matter if the liaison started the conversation or if it was for work-related reasons. Rodimus is going to keep the liaison all to himself and nothing is going to stop him.

✦ Uses his status as captain to have more time with the liaison. Rearranges their schedules so it happens to matchup with his duties and activities, giving him an excuse to stick by their side for most of the day and talk their ears off. He’s not afraid to shove the liaison’s work onto poor Ultra Magnus if it means they have more free time on their hands since there’s this really cool trick he wants to show them. A naturally flirty mech, he’s not afraid to turn up the charm and tease them in a good-natured manner. Jokes, innuendoes, in jokes - Rodimus will do them all and then some. He’ll do anything to keep their eyes on him and their smiled at him.

✦ Not afraid to make a rival’s life on the ship miserable. If he overhears gossip about another ‘bot liking the liaison or he sees a ‘bot flirting with the liaison, he’ll do whatever he can as captain to keep the two apart in fear the liaison will like the rival more than him. Maybe he’ll give the mech duties that puts them far, far away from him and the other officers. Maybe he’ll change their schedule that they can never see the liaison again during duty and off-duty. Maybe he’ll do it the old fashioned way and tell the rival to back off or else. Heck Rodimus might do all three, just to be on the safe side. He is not going to lose the liaison.

✦ The liaison will be confused, and then worried, by his behaviour when they begin to notice the more obvious signs of his obsessive tendencies. Like the rival’s crushing workload and Ultra Magnus being fostered with more work than usual. If they play their cards right, they could speak with him and get him to at least tone down his attitude if they promise to spend more time with him outside of work. Shaking off his interest and desire in them is a whole other matter. Not to mention a losing battle since Rodimus has lost so much in the centuries he’s been alive. He’s lost Nyon. He’s almost lost his life. He’s lost his chance to become Prime. He’s lost Drift and, through that, confidence of most of his crew. He can’t lose the liaison. He can’t and he won’t allow it.


✦ Being new on the Lost Light and having never seen a human before, the liaison’s presence fascinates First Aid from the get go. Their kindness and open-mindedness to him more so since First Aid had been around Pharma and Ambulon for so long that he forgot how nice it was to laugh easily with someone and be able to joke with an officer without being reprimanded. He begins to look forward to their visits and chats more and more, to the point he gets annoyed if someone cuts in during their talks or if the liaison is called away for an emergency. When he learns how short the human lifespan is compared to a Cybertronian’s that’s it. That’s what makes him decide he needs to have them as his human. They have so little time and the idea of them spending it with anyone else or away from him is agonising.

✦ Begin to fabricate reasons for them to visit the medbay, claiming they need to have a checkup or help them do a tally of their medical grade supplies. He’ll convince Ratchet to let him be the liaison’s personal physician by claiming he might as well start learning how to do the dreaded hab calls and what better practice than with their human officer? This gives him a chance to do surprise visits in the liaison’s offices or habsuite and have their attention all on him as he fusses over their health and give him a chance to run his servos all over their frame. If he can steal a datapad of their favourite work or, better yet, personal writing for later study/reading than that’s a plus too.

✦ If First Aid learns he has a rival for the liaison’s affections, he won’t do anything to the mech personally. Oh no- It’ll be against his duties of a medic, duties he takes very seriously. What he will do is study them from afar, research everything he can about them. Specifically what they did during the war. Rumours or actual reports it doesn’t matter. First Aid will then begin to drop hints or comments about their unsavoury behaviour around the liaison. Wondering aloud about why the ‘bot did that during the war, a musing of how the ‘bot used to be so violent and brutal back then. It might be heavy handed and all the same it gets the job done. After he does that, he’ll happily notice how his human is now keeping their distance from his disappointed rival.

✦ The behaviour and change in personality will tip the liaison off sooner unlike the other two. It’s his constant warnings of the other ‘bots on the ship that seal the deal. It makes them see First Aid’s actions in a whole new light after realising he’s scaring off mechs who showed an interested in them in the past. Getting Ratchet or Ambulon to intervene could help stem First Aid’s behaviour but only for a little while. Ambulon’s eventual fate of becoming lengthways will cause First Aid to spiral into depression which soon morphs obsession with only two things quipping his interests: Dead bodies and the liaison.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part One, 24th May

Where to begin with this? I’m not sure whether to give opening assessments of the characters first, or line by line details. How about we start with the characters!


Thomas is just really delightfully funny. You forget that he doesn’t look like Ron, because he inhabits the character so well. Because he’s so jovial and bubbly all the time, the second timeline Ron is a stark and entertaining contrast. I think he’s brilliant, and he’s one of about five or six cast members who is completely nailing it already.


I adore Rakie. She exudes Hermione’s authority, and she has this beautiful sort of Hermione-ish quality to her that I’m not sure I ever personally felt from Noma. She just has this presence about her. I feel so comfortable when she’s on stage, I trust her implicitly, and she and Thomas have already given me one of my favourite ever Romione moments.


Helen’s Rose is simply adorable. She’s young and bubbly and seems like she’s having so much fun. I love how she has no time for Scorpius’s flirting, and she seems to have such a sweet relationship with her parents.


I was surprised and delighted by how much I liked Jamie. I was really worried about him, because in the past I don’t have a good track record of enjoying Harrys who weren’t played by Jamie Parker, but I didn’t have any issues with him. There were a couple of decisions that he made that I thought were really beautiful, especially in the second timeline. I could really feel a change between his normal timeline Harry and how he was in the second timeline. You could tell, especially at times in that timeline, that he loves Albus and wants the best for him.


I lot of the good Ginny moments come in Part Two (which I hadn’t realised; it’s fascinating how a new cast changes the whole balance and feel of the show), so I don’t think we’ve seen too much of Emma yet. But what I have seen I’ve liked, especially things she did around the duel scene. I can’t help but wonder if this cast have rehearsed the second timeline a lot, because that felt the most complete section of Part One for me.


From the first moment I saw the first photo of Theo in character, my impression was that he was uptight and insecure and nerdy, and that’s exactly what we got on stage. The photos and videos actually do give a really good sense of how these characters are being played, looking back on them with hindsight. I think Theo is really scared, but there are flashes of how he will be when he’s relaxed, and I do think we got a small sense of how he’ll be playing Albus going forward, which is entirely contrary to anything Sam or Tom ever did (although I actually really like that).


James has always been my favourite Draco. He exudes confidence and pain, and is one of those actors who’s shining. His Draco feels the most complete of all the characters on the stage, just because he’s had so much time to dig into him. I am so excited for his big moments in Act Two. I should also mention that it helps that James seems to have chemistry with everyone, from Thomas, to Jamie, to Samuel. All the people you want him to have chemistry with.


There is nothing to be said about Samuel beyond wow. His Scorpius is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. In a similar way to Theo, it’s the opposite to how Anthony or James played Scorpius. Brimming with confidence. Enthusiastic and excitable. His crush on Rose is so explicit and painfully cute. He’s just adorable, and he’s owning this character in a completely new way. Scorpius is Samuel’s now, and I’m delighted with him.

And with all that initial assessment out of the way, let’s have a look at the play itself!

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Alex Drake should have been revealed as Uber A instead of Cece Drake back in season 6 after the Dollhouse. Sara Harvey should have never existed and instead Cece should have been her accomplice as they were sisters. Cece should have been red coat and Alex could have been black widow. Looking back it was clear PLL should have ended then but i appreciated the time jump and seeing all the characters development. I feel the disappointment for everyone, how it wasn’t a character we already knew but Troian did an amazing job in my opinion and none of the other liars would have pulled it off. 

Small detail that bugs me is why they didn’t call her Avery or Alice. In fact when Alex first spoke and said her name in that terrible british accent i misheard her and thought she said Alice Drake.

The way Wren played a part in the finale was very unexpected. It made no sense how he would be so loyal to Alex who he just met when he knew Spencer first and was kinda in love with Spencer and always cared about her. To think he went along with Alex’s plan and didn’t even try to warn the girls upsets me. Im sad he was only in flashbacks and my heart is broken that Alex killed him. Also i find it strange how he agreed to be the father of the Twins. Such a sad ending for one of my all time favourite characters. I feel Marlene didn’t do Wren justice at all. 

Melissa. When the black hoodie turned around and it was Melissa i was really delighted. I would have been super happy with her reveal. Sadly it was a mask.

Bethany Young. I am most annoyed that we wasted most of season 4 on Bethany Young and trying to fit her into the mystery. She clearly had no significance at all and i don’t understand why the writers didn’t try to tie her into the finale. 

The episode was rushed. I felt the first hour was fine but boy was the last 20 minutes pathetic! I needed another hour for closure…

I loved Aria in the finale and Ezra too. They deserve to be happy.

I really thought Hanna and Caleb would be getting a divorce by the end of the finale..

When Alison met with Pam i interpreted the whole conversation wrong and i thought Pam was sick and going to die or something.

Toby’s decision to pick the real Spencer was very satisfying to watch and i appreciated Jenna’s sense of smell in warning Toby lol.

Mona. Im glad Mona got her happy ending. What a final scene. It really brought everything full circle. Iconic.

The whole ending with Addison missing was funny i was totally expecting that but it also brought the full circle effect.

Overall im happy. Of course we will find a thousand plotholes but the show needed to end now. Im sad there won’t be another episode to look forward to ever again but i can’t wait to rewatch the show for the rest of my life because it will always remain my favourite even though it tested my patience along the way!. I enjoyed reading every theory and theorising myself throughout the years as it made the experience worthwhile. This isn’t the end for me because i will still theorize about the show and talk about it like it is still on screen forever bye

this is in no way out of character for Isak btw, i can’t believe people are saying this. the only reason people are saying this is bc he’s yalls fave and yall put the boys up on a pedestal as being ~~~unproblematic small angels who are oh so respectful of sana and nothing like those evil girls~~~ when absolutely NOTHING pointed to that? the boys and isak have always been very normal teenage boys who think they know shit they don’t and say stupid shit all the time, like take a look at isak in season 1-3, it’s all in there.

isak saying stupid shit isn’t out of character just bc u love him and you wish he hadn’t. i love him too, he’s my favourite character but god, he’s a normal ignorant teenage boy. what the hell did yall expect from him

I realise all I’m talking about is Jaime but I don’t think anyone except people who’s all time fave is also Jaime can understand my emotions right now

I used to hate him, so fiercely. Then I read A Storm of Swords, watched Season 3, and everything changed; I fell in love with his utter complexity, the good heart hidden by his horrific decisions he has been forced to make. I read the rest of the books and was blessed with this beautiful character arc, with a character who realised in ASOS who he truly was, who abandoned the Cersei plot LONG ago.

And so he became my favourite, one of my all time fictional favourites.

And I have had to sit through four seasons that have shat all over his book arc, I have had to defend defend defend, I have had to sit and every episode for four years hope and pray my book!Jaime returns.

And tonight, with beautifully swelling music, I watched that Jaime return - a Jaime who honours his pledges, a Jaime who wants to fight on the right side this time, a Jaime who is determined to be the honourable knight he aspired to be before he was part of Aerys’ Kingsguard, a Jaime who’s book!arc is all about how he is separate to Cersei, how he doesn’t have to be loyal to Lannister he has to be loyal to his beliefs (as shown when he covered up the Lannister gold hand).

I watched book!Jaime, Season 3 Jaime, return to the screen after FOUR. INTOLERABLE. SEASONS. AS. A. JAIME. FAN.

So yeah. I may be talking about him constantly but I legitimately cried when he finally left because I have waited so long and started to give up that the show would ever do Jaime justice again and FINALLY. JAIME. IS. FREE.

(written by Grace)

I know we all love a good read, whether it’s sitting outside in a park with a sweet John Green book or turning off the lights and reading a thrilling saga under the covers. Sometimes the only thing to put me to sleep or to calm myself is to grab a book and start reading and fall into a world of words. So I thought, for my fellow bookworms out there, I would list my top reads that made me cry, laugh and left my eyes wide open until 2 am flicking through page after page:

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So I’m kinda stressing about jonsa. Even though we have all these super detailed metas and things, I can’t help but remember that a large portion of the Sherlock fandom also had very detailed logical metas that were just completely wrong.... what if we’re wrong??? Like I really don’t think I’ll be able to handle it if Aegony really is endgame

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See this lovely boy? This is Jon Snow. This beauty is one of my favourite characters in the history of everything ever.

Jon is sweet, honourable, kind and noble, and he’s remained that way for the whole time we’ve known him.

That’s a lie, by the way. Jon murdered that part of himself a long time ago.

Kill the boy. These are the words Maester Aemon tells Jon, as preparation for command. Kill the boy. Kill the boy. It becomes a mantra for Jon whenever he has to do something he doesn’t want to do.

“Kill the boy, thought Jon. The boy in you, and the one in him. Kill the both of them, you bloody bastard.” - Jon II, A Dance With Dragons.

You know what happens when he takes those words to heart? Jon Snow becomes a man. Jon Snow the man, who is, as someone beautifully put it (forgive me, I don’t remember who) ‘Tywin at the Wall.’ He does things that must be done, regardless of whether he’s hated for it. He is ruthless and pragmatic and commanding as hell. He can be cold, really cold. He must consider the realm.

Jon is the sword in the darkness, the watcher on the walls, the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. He is for the realm.

Consider then, the agony of Aegony. Jon says ‘fuck it, I want to fuck my aunt instead’ and moves to King’s Landing, a city that disgusts him. He abandons the North, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Sam, Tormund, the list goes on. He abandons the Godswood, the heart tree and his Old Gods. He abandons his trueborn son Robb, who he’s held in his head for years. He is at Daenerys Targaryen’s beck and call, yet another thrall under the pretender dragon queen’s spell. He is madly in love with her because they’re family and she’s hot and they’re going to have a magical inbred lizard baby that will save the realm just by existing.


Kill the boy. We must remember those words, because Jon has been living by them ever since.

“You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.“ - Jon II, A Dance With Dragons.  


okay so heres the thing, lately I’ve been reading a lot of joker imagines and I’ve seen this a few times and I thought I should just say something bc I thought it might help the writers and the readers would enjoy it more. Oh and THIS IS GOING FOR ALL THE JOKERS, NOT JUST A CERTAIN ONE. So here we go.

The Joker is absolutely completely without a doubt INCAPABLE of FEELING LOVE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. If you’ve seen the movies or tv shows, you would’ve known how mentally gone he is. He has absolutely no remorse for ANYTHING he does, no sympathy, no regret. He cannot feel anything but Anger, Happiness or Frustration. Maybe sometimes Self-Pity when Batman ruins his plans. But Happiness is his default emotion. Anger is his backup emotion. That is how he works. I’m re-writing some of this and when I first posted this I said he was 100% without a doubt unable to cry. But I think I’m wrong because the Joker in Suicide Squad is seen with streaks down his face in the “Where is she?” scene. But, I do still believe that he can’t feel sad and I think that he would only cry out of Anger or Frustration or when Batman destroys his plans that he worked really hard on, he would probably be feeling a huge amount of Self-Pity, but that would probably turn into anger/frustration/or his insanity would take over and he would go and like take it out on people. But it wouldn’t be often that he cries. Now, since he cannot do or feel these 3 things, (Love like a normal person, Cry out of sadness or Feel Sad), you may be wondering how the hell are you supposed to be able to write fluffy imagines about him. Well, while we feel love, he feels Obsessed. That is his version of love. Obsession. (And I don’t mean obsession like, he keeps you locked in some room and doesn’t let you out and treats you like an animal. I mean, he craves you. He would destroy anyone and anything to get to you. He’s crazy about you. You keep him “sane”. He’s obsessed with you.) Now this doesn’t mean that imagines about him can’t cute or romantic or fluffy. It just means that he would never say “I love you.” Because he doesn’t. But he still cares deeply about the reader. He is obsessed with them. Obsessed with protecting them. Obsessed with keeping them. And yes, I guess this in some way could be love, but you have to remember he doesn’t really understand love. He doesn’t understand the feeling or why people say it. And because of that deep down inside, some part of him is always going to care more about himself than the reader. His plans will ALWAYS come first. That is just who he is. And if you’re going to write about such a complex and unique character, you have to understand this. He will never be able to say sorry, because he doesn’t feel remorse. But he will feel bad, even if he doesn’t show it, in his own weird way. He’ll apologize without saying he’s apologizing or sorry. Probably something like: “I understand why you’re mad and I get it, and I know I should probably do better. Please don’t stay mad at daddy, dollface.” That is something along the lines of what he would say. He is also extremely possessive and you can use this to make multiple imagines or fanfics about him. He is protective up to a certain point. He’s not gonna baby you. If you’re dating him, you need to know some self-defence. He’s protective of you, and he’s thinking about your safety, but he’s also thinking about himself. And how will this effect him. He will also say “dirty” things, but not mean them in a dirty way, so it doesn’t always have to end up in smut. He will say daddy or kiss you roughly or slap your ass or breath heavily or tell you to sit on his lap, in a perfectly normal way without him suggesting at something dirty. That’s who he is. It’s apart of his character. You have to understand that. Again, this is for both Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker. Any Joker. They’re all the same person with the same personality. Basically before I wrap this up just remember this:

1) The Joker is absolutely incapable of feeling any sort of Love like a NORMAL person, Sadness and he’s fully unable to Cry out of sadness because he doesn’t feel sadness. (It would be more like heavy Self-Pity, but that would turn into anger too) He feels no HEAVY remorse. (I guess he must feel a LITTLE if he feels bad for hurting you)

2) His version of Love is Obsession.

3) You can still write really cute and fluffy and romantic imagines about him, you just have to remember he would never say “I love you”. Probably something like “You complete me” “I need you” “You keep me sane” “You’re my favourite girl. My only girl.” “You’re my one and only.” One of these, or all of them, would be his substitute for “I love you”. (Though this doesn’t mean the reader can’t say it, I think they would and he would either say “I know, princess” or kiss them or just respond with one of those)

4) He will say dirty things very normally and this will not lead to sex all the time. It is apart of his character. The reader will be able to call him “daddy” or kiss him roughly or sit on his lap normally, because that would be a normal part of their relationship.

5) Overall the Joker will probably always care about himself and his plans more. But to some extent, you will be his weakness. For certain things at least. But he will do mostly anything for you, because he’s so obsessed with you and keeping you happy and apart of him needs you. Not a huge or big part, but a small part of him, that he’s tried very hard to push away, needs you. And losing you would kill another part of him. Not all of him. Just a small part of him. But he is insane. More insane than normal insane. He’s overally sane. And therefore it’s very hard for him to care about others, because he is not used to it. You have to remember, he’s been insane for so long. The main point is the Joker is very complex and hard to write about, but it’s not even that hard as long as you actually understand who you’re writing about. Keep this in mind and writing about him will be a breeze. I really hope this helped someone bc it took me a while to write all this, but I think I did a pretty good job. (P.S, the reader doesn’t always have to be crazy themself you know. She could be completely normal, just okay with the fact that she’s dating the joker. This would be cool bc you’d be able to write a lot of imagines about him teaching them how to use guns and showing them his business and him telling them all his stories and them being so fascinated bc they’ve never heard anything like them.) And btw, I do realize that everyone has their own ways of writing and a lot of people really like canon and I promise I’m not trying to hate on that, that’s perfectly fine. This was just for people who want to write about him like fully in the original character or who want to do canon but still want it to be in character.

P.S:uh I’ve added imagine ideas for the joker, incase anyone was having trouble coming up with new ideas for him or just uh needed help. they’re like prompts I guess. heres the link incase anyone wanted to check it out: Joker “Prompts”

Yuki Judai is one of my favourite characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. Not sure how different he is different from the English version (as Jaden Yuki), but I quite liked his simple-minded nature. Yes, he’s rather too optimistic at times. Nevertheless it still made me think as someone I’d like to be friends with. 

And then the last two arcs… I can ramble about that all day, but they were probably the reason why I like him so much. [MINOR SPOILERS] It’s not common where you see the optimistic and laidback main character being questioned about his inattentiveness. And as the story gets darker, I never expected Judai to become more cynical and edgy. The development itself probably made me like him much more than just your usual edgy character [MINOR SPOILERS END]

BH6 Appreciation Week: Day 1

Hey, I get to wax rhapsodic on my all-time favourite movie! I don’t have anything fancy prepared for today, just some brief descriptions on my favourite characters, but I should be able to think of something during the rest of the week. Anyway, yes! Day 1, favourite character… it’s a four-way tie!

Favourite Characters: Baymax, Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, Honey Lemon

First of all, the frontrunner, Baymax. Tadashi went for a non-threatening, huggable look, and he wasn’t kidding: you could nuzzle him all day, AND he has the expertise stored in that little memory card of how to save your life in most all medical and superhero-related incidents. That alone opens up a lot of potential for the character, I think (remember Data’s emotion chip?). In fact, Baymax, I believe, was the first winner of the Most Huggable Character award handed out by the people who founded National Hugging Day - and for good reason!

Now, Hiro - he’s just like me! Only he’s a robotics genius. Like his brother before him, he invented something which can change the world - only to have someone use it against him… I know how that feels. Also, his floofy hair and genial grin are ajoy to behold. Ah…

Tadashi: charming and urbane, creator of Baymax. The kind of brother I’d look up to if I had one. He also is adorable! He’s adorable and sweet and smart, he’s a hansey boy - then he gets incinerated. :( His death hit me pretty hard too; it brings up my own fear of familial loss. But he was brilliant while it lasted….

And, HHHHHHHoney. She’s cute too. She does incredible things with chemistry I didn’t even think were possible. And she normalized the word “selfie” in modern literature. I have the novelization in my hand and it says “selfie” at the bottom of page 16! …that’s tubular, man.

Alright, that’s the lot. I keep freezing when I type… anyway, gotta prepare my next prompt answer!