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Hello~ I found your D:M series about 3 days ago and I read all of them already. They're so good and I love them so much ^^ Just a little idea I had: Akashi (or Masaomi) loses his wallet and experiences a day without money on hand.

Youji is at work when he gets the call. The mechanized voice informs him that he has a collect call from “I’M NOT GIVING YOU MY NAME YOU STUPID PIECE OF INFERIOR—” and asks him if he would like to accept the charges.

Slightly amused at the thought of the multi-billionaire calling collect, Youji accepts the call and says, “What the hell, Masa-chan? Are you poor now?”

“Youji! Youji you have to come and get me! I don’t have my phone or my wallet and I’m pretty sure I’m in a disreputable part of town!”

Since Masaomi tended to think anything with a supercenter was a “disreputable part of town” Youji tends not to put too much stock in this claim. He continues working at his computer, “How did that happen?”

“Akane-chan! That horrible woman abandoned me without my phone! Or wallet! I’m going to fire her.”

Masaomi would pretty much be lost without his personal assistant, so Youji recognizes this as the idle threat that it is. “Wow, you must have really pissed her off this time, what’d you do?”

“I am her boss! I’m allowed—hey, wait, why do you always assume I did something wrong?”

Youji decides that question really doesn’t dignify a response.

“Yes, OK, fine, yes, I did something wrong, but would it kill you to be on my side?”

“I am on your side, Masa-chan, I haven’t hung up on you yet, have I?”

“Don’t you dare! You have to come rescue me! There’s whole crowds of shifty looking people. I think they’re in a gang. And someone was passed out on the sidewalk, and something smells funny.”

“It’s the smell of fresh air,” Youji says.

“Well, it’s terrible. Would you come and get me already?”

“I’m at work right now.”

“Youji, you are a terrible friend.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to get you, I’m just pointing out that there are more obvious people you should be calling. Like any one of your millions of employees.”

“Seijuurou would find out if I did that,” Masaomi says darkly. “And then he would win all the points forever and I can’t have that.”

Youji has no idea what that means but is absolutely convinced he doesn’t need to know. “You’re telling me you can’t buy your own employees’ silence?”

“No, I can, that’s not the bigger issue. It has to be you because I need one of my credit cards. I, err, may have broken a window and I feel compelled to pay the owner back.”

That should be an interesting story. “What makes you think I have one of your credit cards?”

“You’re telling me you don’t?”

Youji thinks about the last time he picked Masaomi’s pocket and also how much he spent and says, “Yeah, OK, I’m leaving. Give me your crossroads and I’ll be there as quick as I can.”

“Hurry! There are teenagers nearby and they’re closing in!”

A/N: Hahaha, thanks friend! I am quite honored you read through the series in that amount of time =) I almost never respond to prompts this quickly, but the inspiration hit me hard on this one because I am such a sucker for Masaomi and Youji interactions. (Akashi, I figured, would have Absolute Order to fall back on, so he wouldn’t need to worry if he was without his wallet). Thank you again! Hope you enjoyed!!

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Shay. Do it. Get the squishy werewolf. Hes so cute. Like hes begging to be yours. Get the cute little werewolf.

Hhhhnnnnggggg I THINK I’M GOING TO DO IT.

He’s sold out right now, though, so I have to wait D;

Now, the next question: What should I name him?? Anyone have any suggestions??? I have a Corgi named Sir Remington and a Cerberus pup named Ethos, Logos, Pathos.

Requirement: It has to be cool 😎

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'kylo rescues horny hux' anon here again! 1 if you remember the fic pls share! 2 imagine hux is so far gone that kylo has to carry him out, hux clinging to his robes and writhing in his arms, shirt still open revealing his pale chest, and before that day he'd never looked at the general that way, but now...

I will! I’ve been trying to remember the name of it all night but I can’t 😭

Oh my god. Hux’s breath seems so hot on Kylo’s neck, each inhale bringing a new moan out of the man that Kylo is supposed to hate but now, all he can think of is getting Hux’s pants off and taking his next orgasm for himself


it’s almost been like 3 years since i started watching jack???, i remember the first video i watched was the evie video where she said his real name. now seeing how far the channel and he has come it’s really insane thinking that i’ve been around in the community for that long to sEE that happen. i still haven’t watched him that much in the past couple months but nitw is really good so far (i’m only on episode 4 rip angus is my fave i lovE). in these past 3 years jack has been the only reason i watched youtube and got a tumblr, and even though i have a new fandom (haAAAA;;;;; ONE LOOK AT MY BLOG AND YOU’LL KNOw) i still really love his videos and who he is, so even though i don’t post about him as often now don’t think it’s because i’ve stopped liking him, because honestly i think that’s impossible. jack’s always gonna be my fave no matter how many channels i watch. xD :))

congrats boiiiii


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big mood was when griffin ALMOST described garfield the deals warlock and was like “have we never described him? is that why all the fanart is literally just garfield the cat? well i cant describe him now” which makes me think the whole time griffin has been talking abt just like. a normal ass guy. like a regular man named garfield. he wasnt originally a cat. we made him that way and griffin loves us too much to crush our hopes and dreams. i just want him to have a pam anderson body at the least

Literally everything about Batman is so much better when you think about all the little behind the scenes things that must have happened to make Bruce such a goddamn dad

Like yeah he’s really bad with change and his communication abilities are really lacking due to being extremely heavily isolated and traumatized for the majority of his formative years, but like

I am at least 99% convinced that all the bat-named things like the batmobile, batcomputer, batfridge, etc., were originally normal phrases like ‘the car,’ ‘the computer,’ etc., but then Robin showed up he started calling them bat-things because he was nine, and Batman went along with it.

It’s too late to turn back now. Too late to make excuses to anyone. He’s committed. Nightwing doesn’t say anything. The other Robins have no idea. No one has any idea.

Everyone thinks Batman is legitimately obsessed with bats.

No, he just wanted his cave to be child-friendly, and when it turned out Robin #1 really liked the bat idea and thought it was cool enough that it should be incorporated into everything, Batman fucking incorporated it into everything. He just wanted to make the kid happy, damnit

His son is terrible at naming things.


Top left is Lilly, she’s constantly angry and detests Tom with every fibre of her being. She will hiss at him if he looks st her.
Top right is Fry, he’s the oldest at nearly 8 and is Tom’s best friend. He used to hate Meeko but has now decided he’ll tolerate her.
Bottom left is Meeko, she’s incredibly fluffy and if she gets any tangles in her fur she will rip them out and leave lumps of fur everywhere (even though we brush her all the time she still gets tangles!!). She also meows all the time and comes when you call her name.
Bottom right is Tom, aka Tommy Two Shoes, Tommy Tingle or Fromas. He’s the baby and I think is currently grooming Fry to be his sugar daddy. He has a double chin and purrs silently.

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

I’m actually glad ZICO isn’t in Block B’s subunit Bastarz and I know that may sound douchey but just hear me out. Solo career aside Zico is already a super popular member in the group. Now add his massive solo career and you can see he already has a huge ass fanbase SOLEY on his own. He honestly doesn’t need another route of promotion since he already has made a name for himself and I think it’s nice for some of the less popular members(U-Kwon, P.O, B-Bomb) to get their own time to shine since they can’t even really do that in group promotions because their company put ZICO up front.

Can we talk about how this is the second time Bellamy has quietly pleaded with Clarke to come inside?

Originally posted by slysabrina

With that epic Graveltone™ which Bob uses when Bellamy is trying to dissuade Clarke from doing something self-destructive and sacrificial (see also: “you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you do this alone”)?

Only this time, the gate they’re standing at is metaphorical and in the future – a gate that neither of them want to be standing at.

But this time, he isn’t taking no for an answer. This time Bellamy Blake is not letting her walk away into nothingness. Last time he thought it was what she needed, now he knows it’s not. This time, he has faced the fact that he needs her and he cannot come to terms with his own name on that list unless hers is right beside it.  What’s more – and this is the clincher – he’s got an honest to god reason to fight for his own survival because now he’s convinced that Clarke believes in him and maybe, just maybe, that means he can look himself in the mirror again.

And you know what else? This time she doesn’t fight him. She knows, now, that she doesn’t have to bear any of this alone. And what is more, when he writes her name down, he’s letting her know that she, Clarke Griffin, deserves to be on the list. Not just for him (and yes for him because that is also what he’s finally telling her) but for everyone, all the people she couldn’t bear to face when she walked away last time. Because even though she thought she could leave because they had you,  ultimately that wasn’t enough. Not for Bellamy. Not for her people.  She matters to everyone and she only believes it because Bellamy believes it and finally, finally she’s allowing her faith in his judgement to override all her self-doubt. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s belief in each other is life-affirming, folks.  They finally understand what they mean to each other and that’s what validation looks like.


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

no one asked about my soulmate au but you’re gonna get it

  • so you can pry demi shiro from my cold dead hands
  • meaning the names (yes NAMES) on his body are smudged and faint
  • he hasnt met these people, he hasnt formed a connection, but he could
  • meanwhile matt’s soulmark (just the one) is under his collarbone, easy to hide with a casual t-shirt
  • the problem is he cant read it. his soulmate has horrible handwriting
  • and allura is in a cryopod, so she cant spend much time thinking about the strange scrawl on her hip
  • shiro and matt meet at the garrison and they just click together
  • slowly, the mark under shiros collar bone starts to darken and take shape
  • and its two years after they meet that shiro looks in the mirror and realizes holy crap not only is that matt’s name but its his HANDWRITING
  • he rushes to find matt and they happy hug because they’re soulmates!!
  • but shiro decides to just tell him now
  • “i have another name.”
  • he shows matt the indistinct grey blur on his right hip, and matt shrugs
  • “as long as you don’t leave me entirely, and we all communicate with each other, we can make this work”
  • shiro’s like “but you only have the one mark”
  • matt laughs and says “the universe must have decided we wouldn’t match”
  • bc matt is hella gay. he understands why he only has the one mark when shiro later introduces him to allura. he laughs and they get along great, the bestest of platonic buds
  • so matt and shiro go on the kerberos mission (imagine going to see a moon with your soulmate!) 
  • and the galra get them
  • and they get separated and shiro is back on earth and now that he knows what having matt by him at all sides is like hes not ready to give it up
  • so hell yah he gets in that weird lion thing and hell yah he flies to that alien planet and hell yah he helps that princess (who’s really pretty and why is his hip tingling every time he speaks to her?)
  • and allura is kind and smart and strong and resourceful and beautiful and powerful and sweet and wow shiro realizes shes pretty amazing
  • and then he looks in the mirror and her name is on his hip in bold black, in a pretty cursive, as dark and as valid as matts name
  • when he tells her she looks at him with wide eyes
  • “you have awful handwriting”
  • seriously shiros poor soulmates no one can read his handwriting
  • allura understands shiro has two soulmates (“it happened all the time on altea!”) but she only has one and matt only has one and honestly its fine
  • she helps him get matt back and shiro may cry a little when they rescue him
  • “matt, this is allura, my soulmate. allura, this is matt, my soulmate”
  • he introduces them to people like that a lot
  • so basically the rest of this au is fluffy nerds being nerds
  • matt/shiro/allura is Good and Awesome they are the dorkiest adults in the world
  • coran officiates the wedding
  • they are the space parents
  • poly space parents
  • some other Thoughts:
  • allura teaching them both Altean
  • Poly!! Parents!! Getting!! Kittens!!
  • allura and matt stage an intervention. shiro really does have awful handwriting. 

Mads Mikkelsen was awarded as the Actor of the Year by Zulu Award. And it was surprise for him.
“I have not made terribly much in Denmark over the last few years, and yet the audience think that I have to be this year’s Danish actor. I think that might be a little unfair, but I accept the price gratefully,” - he said.

“I also sit and watch TV with a feet up and a cup of tea in my hand and look at these people who suddenly becomes starstruck over to meet me. It is very strange,” - said an enthusiastic Mads Mikkelsen.

Mads Mikkelsen has recently been very busy with the legendary “Star Wars” franchise “Rogue One” and as a super villain in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”. Therefore he has no his name on any film poster at some time near.
“Right now I’m on vacation. Now I should to find out what I have to do. Nothing is decided,”- revealed the ‘Danish world champion’.



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“I’ve only met the woman once and she knits me a sweater. She deserves a Mother of the Year award or something,” you stated as you took the sweater out of its wrapping. The letter of your first name was engraved on the front and you smiled. It was then that you noticed the little note attached to it that floated down onto the table. Hermione plucked it up for you and when you nodded, she began reading.

“My dearest (Y/N), I’m so overjoyed that Fred has chosen such a lovely person! Though I suppose I should be more shocked that he found someone at all. I always thought -,” 

“Whoa,” you interrupted, “does she think…?” Hermione laughed, nodding.

“It seems she does,” Hermione smirked and you furrowed your brow, Well, at least you had something to do now, and that was to go find Fred…

You found him in the Great Hall with George, which was no surprise to you. You held the note from Mrs. Weasley in your hand - you made a note in the back of your mind to write to her later and thank her. “Fred!” you called out, waving towards him. George nudged him while he smiled widely at you. “Do you have a moment?” He nodded and stood from his spot at the table.

“What’s up?” he asked as the two of you walked away from George. You held the note out to him and he read over it, his eyes growing wider and wider with each word he read. “I have no -,”

“You apparently talk about me quiet a lot, Freddie,” you teased and his cheeks flushed. The two of you hadn’t left the Hall yet and apparently, George could hear the conversation.

“Never shuts up about you!” Fred shot his brother a glare, who only winked in return, and you laughed, shaking your head. You placed a hand on his arm, smiling at him warmly.

“Considering your mother already thinks we’re together, we could give it a go. Consider yourself booked for the next trip to Hogsmeade,” you said before giving him a swift kiss on the cheek. You could hear George shouting from behind you and you had no doubt all of Hogwarts would know in the next hour.

Panic! dog ficlet

When Sarah got back from the dog park, she could hardly hold back her giggles. Brendon raised an eyebrow in question. “Penny”, she informed him and her voice sounded like a proud mother, “Penny Lane has found herself a little girlfriend!”

Brendon glanced at their French Bulldog and she seemed to be grinning at him. He picked her up and cuddled her with barely subdued excitement. “You’re all grown up now, aren’t you?”

Sarah eagerly narrated the story of how she’d met a guy while she’d been playing with the dogs and how Dottie had apparently fallen in love with his dog. “It was so adorable. They were totally inseparable!” she gushed. “I didn’t get the guy’s name though. Don’t think I’ve seen him before, but maybe he was a fan. He seemed to recognize me.”

Well, of course Brendon wanted to take the dogs the next time. Parental responsibility- meeting your kid’s significant other and all. Or maybe he just wanted to play with a cute dog. Soon enough, a guy walked by with a droopy eared Bassett hound on a leash. He was clad in a leather jacket and skinny jeans and his face, though partially obscured by his dark sunglasses seemed strangely familiar.. but Brendon was quickly distracted by the way Penny started tugging on her leash. Her girlfriend, responded with a pleased bark. Bogart, Brendon’s older dog, was probably rolling his eyes at the blatant PDA.

The other man watched the yapping dogs bounding around eachother with a little smile on his face. And Brendon.. Brendon was pretty sure he knew that smile.

“A pretty pair of girls, aren’t they? ”, he looked at the guy curiously, “What’s she called?”

The man stared at him and Brendon couldn’t see past his Ray Bans, couldn’t understand what he was thinking. But when he spoke, the man’s voice was low and his smile tired.

“Dorothy, but it’s Dottie to friends..”

In the last couple episodes of The 100 we’ve seen how worried Bellamy and Clarke have been getting about one another, constantly fearing that the other is dead or in danger of dying. They’ve always been that way with each other but it’s definitely more obvious now and happening more often.

I think the world ending is what’s pushing them to show their feelings more now. Clarke nuzzling her face into Bellamy’s hand when he puts it on her shoulder, the two of them putting each other’s names on the list, Bellamy seeing a dead body under a sheet and being terrified it’s Clarke and then afterward almost confessing to her when he said “Clarke, if I don’t see you again…”. Also Clarke finally admitting to Bellamy how special she thinks he is. It just seems like now that they have such little time left, they’re starting to be more obvious about their feelings.

And now that The 100 has officially been renewed for Season 5 we know for sure that the world isn’t going to end. 

So how perfect/amazing would it be if by the end of this season, just as they think the world is about to end, one or both of them admits their true feelings for each other, thinking that it’s their only chance to be honest before their inevitable demise…. only to find out in the end that the world’s not ending after all. 

Like??? Yes please??? 

How powerful would it be to see them admitting their feelings for each other because the world is about to end, and then when it doesn’t they have to face the fact that their feelings are finally out in the open. What will they do? How will they go forward knowing how each other feels?

PLEASE happen. 

Lord hear my prayer.

I have lived 
and laughed and fallen 
in love with wolves 
now, darling, it is time
I die with them too 

teeth bared for what feels 
like the very first time,
not against the world 
just against him-
the man who has always been
the greatest monster in this story 

he stands stock still as I circle. 
I don’t think he understands
how I have learned to growl poetry,
it’s vicious in a way
the little nothings he whispered 
never could be 

I’m stronger now
I’m brave, I’m bigger than girl
yet, still, he says my name 

and I drop like prey 

man is the apex predator,
I am not sure there will ever be a day
when I don’t feel hunted,
beaten, broken down by a boy 
who I taught to bite back

—  the wolf’s worst nightmare || O.L.

Y/N: I’m never going back to school fuck that I’m moving to Canada and changing my name!
F: what the fuck is wrong with her?!
D: you know that boy she’s been seeing? he told the whole school she has an std because she wouldn’t give him a blowjob.
L: *walks in* who’s not giving a blowjob?
C: definitely not the 10th grade girls. *smirks*
F: now is not the time I’ll deal with that later, the whole school thinks Y/N has an std!
I: well does she?
F/D: NO!
L: well who’s gonna talk to her?
everyone: *looks around*
L: fine I’ll do it, but if I get a bruise on my ass again someone owes me big time.

L: *knocks on door* hey uh wanna let me in, I know I’m your favorite.
Y/N: *opens door* what do you want my life, it sucks.
L: aw don’t say that, you’re a Gallagher we don’t give up because some asshole tells people we have stds, we flaunt those fake stds and give those assholes real ones!
Y/N: *laughs faintly*
L: that is the laugh of a girl who is about to ruin a boy’s life, just how it should be.

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-not my gif

X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Five

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four

At shortly after two o'clock in the morning, a man Scully has met before, on occasion, but whose name she doesn’t know, arrives at the back door to collect Mr. Nelson.  The British airman is still exhausted, but he’s had a full meal, at least, and Scully has provided him with more food to be eaten during the journey.  She and the stranger exchange no words other than what is required for the hand-off, and Scully breathes an enormous sigh of relief as she closes and locks the door behind them.

I can still manage a few hours of sleep if I go to bed now, she thinks to herself, rolling her head in a slow circle, massaging the kink that’s formed at the back of her neck.  She begins to drag herself slowly upstairs… but before she’s even gone halfway, there’s a loud, frantic pounding on the kitchen door.

Scully startles and just barely manages to catch herself before she falls down the stairs.  She turns and runs back down to the kitchen, hoping whoever it is won’t knock again, hoping that her neighbors haven’t already woken up.  As she nears the door, she hears a sound that’s familiar, but very out of place: the weeping of a child.  Her stomach contracts in fear.

Scully throws open the back door to reveal Walther Skinner, hat-less and coat-less, cradling little Christine Marchand in his arms.  The child is shivering, in spite of being wrapped in Skinner’s overcoat, and she’s struggling to free herself from his hold.  Skinner rushes inside and releases Christine, who immediately tears across the room and crouches under the counter, making herself as small as possible, looking out over the room with eyes like a hunted animal.

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