i think he gave up on trying to stop me

the story of enjolras and grantaire’s first kiss is also the story of the time enjolras gave r a bloody nose

enjolras looked up at grantaire, admiring the way the sunlight coming in through the bus window reflected off his hair. on whim, grantaire leaned down to kiss enjolras and just as he got close, the bus suddenly stopped, causing enjolras’s head to hit grantaire’s.

“i think, ”grantarire gingerly touched his nose. “i think you gave me a bloody nose.” a moment’s pause. “ah. yes. yes you did.”

cue enjolras freaking the fuck out about how he gave his boyfriend of 2 days a bloody nose while trying to kiss him and frantically asking other people on the bus for tissues and grantaire finds the whole thing somewhat endearing. that is, after his nose stops hurting.


Series: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: mentions of emotional abuse

‘Request: can I get protective Reid pls? Like over an abusive ex or something? Thanks’

Well, this request coincided well 😂💕

- - - - - -

Your phone vibrated on the desk beside the case file. The conference room was empty apart from you and Reid so far. You picked it up, glancing at the message before signing and placing it back down.

“Everything okay, Y/N?” Reid asked beside you.

“Yeah. It’s just, uhm, remember Y/E/N?” You saw Reid’s jaw clench for a brief second. You took that as a yes. “He keeps texting me saying he misses me lately and that he wants me back.”

“And do you? Want him back, I mean?”

“God, no. He was manipulative and selfish. I told him to piss off after the first string of texts but I’m just ignoring him now.”

“Good. You deserve so much better, Y/N.” Reid muttered under his breath as the rest of the team filled the room and took their places.

“Yesterday in Boston, the bodies of two women were found-”

As you focused on Garcia, Reid stared at you, looking for any traces of stress.

Spencer knew what your ex was like. He was the one who’d hold and comfort you on your bad days while your ex went out and partied and then got upset with you because Reid had his arms around you.

Spencer was there to witness the gas lighting, all the arguments that were Y/E/N’s fault but somehow ended up in you apologising.

Spencer was there when you doubted yourself because your ex made you feel guilty for speaking about something that made you uncomfortable and accused you of just being jealous or clingy or oversensitive.

Spencer was the one who helped you realise that when your ex cheated and ended the relationship, you were lucky. Lucky that you had managed to get out of a relationship that was extremely toxic.

Spencer was the one who helped you to never look back but he never once forgave what your ex had done and was worried that your ex might try to manipulate you back into his arms.


You and the rest of the team stepped out of the elevator after a successful case. You were happy. Spencer had made sure that your mind was off your ex, not that you had time to dwell while dealing with a serial killer.

You grabbed the handle and pulled open the door to the Bull Pen, looking over your shoulder as Morgan told a joke. You stopped in your tracks as your head turned towards your desk.

“Oh God. Oh God, oh God, oh God.” You held your face in your hand and turned towards the others.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Hotch asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

JJ’s eyes widened as she looked over at your desk. “That’s not…? Is it?”

“God, he cannot just take a hint.” You groaned. Spencer put his arm around you protectively and stared daggers towards Y/E/N who was brazenly leaning against your desk waiting for you.

“Who can’t? JJ, who is that?” Morgan’s voice rose.

“Y/N’s ex. Excuse me.” Spencer cleared his throat and motioned for JJ to take his place before striding across the Bull Pen.

“Care to explain what you’re doing here, Y/E/N?” Spencer crossed his arms.

“Dr Reid. Long time, no see. Listen, I’m just here to show Y/N how sorry I am for the way our relationship ended. I was a jerk, I shouldn’t have cheated. I was drunk and stupid and Y/N didn’t give me sex when I wanted it-”

Spencer landed a punch to your ex’s face that sent him crashing to the ground before crouching down at eye level. “No, you listen. You were emotionally manipulative. You were abusive. You made Y/N feel like shit not only about having normal worries but about herself. She deserves so much better than that, deserves much better than you. You are an asshole. She deserves someone who’s going to give her the world.”

Your ex gave a humourless chuckle, a trail of blood dripping from his nose. “And you think she’s gonna find that with you? The bloke she only views as a best mate.”

Spencer’s jaw clenched as he grabbed your ex and pulled him up. “She doesn’t want you back. Take a hint and stop trying. Don’t go anywhere near her and if I hear that you’ve bothered her again, I will be forced to do something that will have my badge and gun taken away from me. Are we clear?”

Your ex stayed silent.

“Morgan, get him out of here.”

Morgan stepped forward and grabbed a fistful of Y/E/N’s shirt, dragging him out of the building.

Spencer looked at the shock on your face and turned apologetic. “Y/N, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have freaked out like that-”

You cut him off by pulling him into a hug. “Thank you.”


Hellooo. So, I decided to not take a break after all. I figured the best thing to do after a break up is to keep busy so please keep hitting me up with requests, aha :’) Hope y'all are doing well 🌹 x

mafia!BTS reaction when they get overprotective & jealous

(requested by anon: Mafia!au bts to getting jealous oor confessing for the first time… I have no idea.. But what is really important is that u point out how ruthless they r to others and kind to u and that its fluff and smut hehe)

EXO version

warnings: violence, swearing, various kinks *idk smuty-ish*

You were new to the gang. You were great with everyone except this one guy. You were actually scared of him bc he was the leader. That’s why u were sort of submissive towards him and he adored it. He treated u with exaggerated kindness and affection but that was one part of the time.. The other he just glared at u and was cold. But the way he acted when it was either his enemies or anyone who tried to come near u.. he was ruthless. And today a guy from the gang decided to do smthng he shouldn’t have and the word „closeness“ starts to describe it very well..


He stopped listening to the guy who was talking to him and he started to glare at the guy coming towards you. As u saw his face u got up, excused urself and went to Yoongi who was on the other side of the room. He was still glaring at the guy behind u so u sat into his lap and hugged him around his neck while caressing him from his ear to his collar bone and down to his shoulder. He was still glaring at the guy but soon closed his eyes as he hugged you back wrapping his arms around your waist really tight.


He was leaning against the table glaring at the guy intensely. Once u saw his face u knew he’ll blow up very soon. So u went to him as he was very near to u. U were by his side when he started walking towards the guy angrily. You quickly grabbed his hand hugging it around his upper arm. Your lips reached his ear. „Oppa..“ your soft whisper made him calm down and soften. He hugged you making you touch his neck with your lips on purpose.


You knew u had to make him calm down or otherwise the situation won’t end good. „I’m sorry but I think it’s not a good idea to talk to me in front of my oppa..“ The guy was shook by what u said not knowing of that kind of a relationship between u and the leader. He apologised and you slightly nodded while getting up and walking over to Jin. You just stood in front of him watching ur feet bc u knew he heard what u just said. He pulled u roughly towards him so that u bumped into his chest and rested your cheek on his shoulder. „Mine“ he whispered into ur ear. „Only. Mine.“


He just glared and glared after he couldn’t keep it in. He got up and appeared in front of the guy in seconds. He punched him fiercely. You stood quickly up and started moving Jimin away from the guy before someone srsly got hurt. „Don’t you ever come fucking close to her again, she’s mine“ he hissed as the guy went away. Jimin was shaking how furious he was. You hugged him while rubbing his head with ur thumb and with the other hand wrapped around his back. „Oppa it’s okay..“ you said softly as you kissed his cheek. Jimin hugged you back tightly as he moved his head to face yours, rubbing his nose softly against yours.


He just stared in disbelief. He knew the guy knew about his feelings, I mean everyone knew just didn’t dare to say that to u. He didn’t move or anything he just glared at u two. Once the guy went away you were about to get up but a tight grasp around you wrist stopped u. „Do u want me to fucking lose my mind and kill someone!?“ he said angrily. You placed your hand on his cheek caressing it. You kissed him softly trying to calm him down. He didn’t give into the kiss a lot and he was cold. You started moving away when Hoseok grabbed u around the waist and pulled you back with ur face inches away from his. „Where do u think you’re going?“  


He just gave you the come-here-before-I-kill-him-and-teach-you-a-lesson look. You didn’t think much you just went over to him and sat beside him on the couch. He patted his lap and indicated that u sit on him. You were a bit hesitant. He rolled his eyes and grabbed with one hand your legs and with the other your back and sat u on him. You were startled but you didn’t fight back. He made you fall down a bit by spreading his legs so that you were in a submissive-like position. You put your hands on his chest while he caressed your back as he wrapped himself around you. „My little princess“ he said while kissing your head making you giggle.


Jungkook came up to you and took you away from him. He lead you outside making you shake bc it was cold and your jacket was inside. He was looking in another direction when your soft, shaky voice scared him a bit. „Oppa I’m c-cold..“ you were shaking while looking at him. He closed the gap between you two and started taking his jacket off. „No“ you said and placed your hand on one of his as he took the jacket off. „Yes“ he said with a dark, dominant look which made you flustered. He continued taking it off when you all of a sudden hugged him and put his jacket back on. As you put it back on him, with Jungkook’s protests, he unzipped it and covered you with it from both ur sides as he hugged you tightly. „My kitten can’t catch a cold“ he said making you giggle into his chest.

xx oh wow this turned long I’m sorry not sorry eheh.. hope anon likes it, sorry for the long wait xx

Tom Holland Imagine: Broken

Summary: after getting out of a toxic relationship, you meet a very handsome boy on your train. (Loosely based off of both Yes Girl and I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller)

A/N: sorry for being gone for so long… writers block kicked in…😤

Warnings: physical and mental abuse


I let out a sigh of relief as the train took off down the tracks. I watched as the town I once knew and loved flew passed me. I wondered what He would do when He came home from work to find me gone. I fidgeted with the strap of my duffle bag before deciding to pull out my book to help the time pass.

“Hello? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if I sat here?” A voice said.

I shook my head without meeting the stranger’s eye. Yes, I would prefer to be sitting by myself but considering I bought the last ticket for this train, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I heard the stranger let out a heavy sigh as he placed his bag under his seat.

“Whatcha readin there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, it’s called Ordinary People. By Judith Guest. It’s my favorite book, I’ve read it like 10 times.”

“Huh, maybe I’ll read it sometime.”

“Oh you definitely should, its incredible.”

I finally looked up from my book to see a very handsome boy smiling at me.

“I’m Tom by the way.” He said as he extended his hand to me.

“Uh, I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I blushed at his compliment and closed my book and looked back up at the him.

“So what’s bringing you to the city? And by train? Not many people go on these anymore.”

Tom smiled and looked out the window.

“Well, I do a lot of traveling. I’m always in the air and so I just wanted to see the trees for a change. And I’m staying in the city, actually. I just felt like I was going insane from only seeing buildings and angry people everywhere I went and I need some time to figure things out so I found the smallest town I could find outside of Atlanta and left for the weekend. What about you?”

“Uh, that’s a story for another time…”

“That’s alright. Let it be yours.”

“Well, your accent gives it away that you don’t live here, so why are you in America?”

“I’m an actor. Filming a movie.”

“Oh, I love movies! What movie are you filming?”

Tom let out a light laugh as he looked down and fiddled with his thumbs.

“Uh, Spider-Man, actually.”

“Wait, really!? I love Spider-Man! Are you the guy that plays him in Civil War? I haven’t gotten to see it yet but I want to so bad. See, my boyfri- ex boyfriend wouldn’t let me go see it.”

I looked down to avoid Tom’s confused face, hoping it would give him the hint to not ask any questions.

“Well, maybe I can take you to go see it sometime.”

“Uh, yeah! But if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m sure you’ve already seen it like 500 times…”

“Yeah, but never with a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Pft, are you kidding me? Have you seen Scarlett Johansson!?”

Before Tom could reply I heard my phone go off. I reached into my bag to pull it out and felt my heart stop.


He wasn’t supposed to be home this early.

I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I looked at His name written on the screen.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my phone off before shoving it back in my bag.

I felt Tom’s gaze on me. I looked up and gave him a weak smile, trying to get him to drop it.

Luckily, he did.

—3 months later—

I laid on the couch, wrapped up in Tom’s arms. We started dating shortly after we met. I didn’t think I would be able to date anyone for while after what happened with Him but, Tom was different. I knew he was different because he cared.

Unlike Him. I knew He was searching for me. I had been forced to ditch my phone and buy a new one to get Him to stop calling me and leaving hurtful voicemails.

Now, 3 months later, the thoughts of Him felt like only a distant memory of a childhood nightmare.

But that quickly changed.

Tom and I were watching The Way Way Back when it happened.

First there was the pounding on the door.

“I’ll get it, love.” Tom sweetly whispered in my ear. He kissed the side of my face and got up from the couch.

I instantly missed the feeling of his arms around me. I turned my attention back to the film, thinking it was just Harrison who forgot his key again.

But then I heard it.

I heard Tom’s angelic voice asking who they were but getting cut off by a punch to the jaw.

And then His voice calling out my name.

I sat up immediately and felt my self beginning to hyperventilate.

But while I was breathing hard, it felt like there was no oxygen in my body at all.

As His figure walked into the room, I felt myself black out from fear.

I didn’t even feel Him pick me up by my hair and throw me into the glass coffee table.

I didn’t even feel the blood begin to fall from my skin from where the glass had cut it open.

I didn’t even hear Tom scream my name.

I didn’t hear Tom tackling the guy.

I didn’t hear Harrison come in and call the police.

I didn’t hear the ambulance as they asked me questions.

But I watched all of it.

I could see everything.

I could see Tom attacking Him.

I could see Tom as he stood over me, crying.

I could see his lips saying words like, “Please say something, love” or “Please don’t leave me” as tears slipped from his eyes.

I woke up hours later. I looked around and saw Tom sitting to my right, holding my hand tightly as he cried into my side.

“Tom?” I asked.

His head whipped up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw me awake. He immediately began to pepper my face with kisses and held me tightly to him.

“Thank god you’re okay. He’s gone, Y/N. They’ve locked Him up. You never have to worry about Him again. I have you and I will always protect you. I love you, Y/N. So much.”

And those words, those few words, put every little broken piece in me back together.

Our Little Secret (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader 

Warnings Swearing. This part is setting us up for what’s coming.

Summary: After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with his best friend.

WC 1980

AN It’s long. I’m sorry. I’ve never posted something that wasn’t complete yet so this is very … scary for me.

You had two days to prepare for your next mission. You asked - almost  begged - Director Fury to send you on the longest mission he had coming up and thankfully, he obliged. The bruising around your face worked with your cover and you were almost grateful to Sam for breaking your nose.

Fury was sending you to Europe with Bucky as your partner and you weren’t altogether thrilled about the pairing. You had nothing against Bucky personally, he was pretty quiet and mostly kept to himself, though the few times he broke out of his shell you found him to be funny and sarcastic but also deep, but… he was Steve’s best friend. You were worried it was going to be awkward. Especially since your cover was that of a rich heiress and he was supposed to be your newest boy toy. The broken nose was easily explained as a healing nose job and Bucky’s role would explain why he was always in close contact proximity to you but you weren’t sure you could pull it off.

Some rich family was dealing in arms and you were to infiltrate them via their younger son to try to gain intel since Fury wasn’t sure if it was low level arms dealers or something bigger. You were estimated to be there for a month which normally you’d consider too long for a single mission. This time, you were ecstatic to be out of the tower for a whole month. In fact, you wished the mission was longer.

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Regret - Part 2

Originally posted by teeuai

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

After seeing Johnny with another woman, your heart broke into millions of pieces. After you left his apartment, you could hardly breathe. You had never experienced a pain quite like this. Four years of your life had been wasted, loving him. Four years of your life had been wasted, trusting him. Had it all been a lie? Were there times in the past that he’d cheated on you or had it just been with her? How many times? For how long?

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Stupid Idiot

Chris Jericho/OC. For Anon: Reader has a crush on another wrestler. In hopes of impressing this dude she agrees to a threesome he wants, but she gets terribly left out and ultimately leaves. Chris finds her all tearful in the elevator and gets a clingy earful when he tries to find out if she’s okay. She doesn’t believe him when he says what an idiot this dude is, until he makes her believe it back in his room.

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Little Girl

Requests: “I’m really,really sorry I thought I was done honest but I saw the Kai gif thing and now fluff, cooking cupcakes with Kai for your little girls birthday party (yum cupcakes) Please and Thank you ~S” (Credits to gif owners!) 

Kai’s daughter meant everything to him. From being a lost cause, to falling in love for the first time, learning how to control himself, getting married and having a daughter, she was his whole world. Its her birthday. Her fifth birthday to be exact which sort of came as a shock to Kai. He knew exactly how old she was going to be yet he couldn’t believe five years ago he didn’t know what to do in the hospital room.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say, or how to hold her. Or how to react when he saw her face between the thick blankets for the first time. For so long he was confused with emotion, but he cried. He cried with the biggest smile on his face when he cradled her in his arms. He was wrapped around her finger ever since.

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You’re Never This Quiet

Request: could u do #99 on the prompt list with jughead??

Prompt:  “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”

a/n; first Jughead imagine, bare with me

Word Count: 515

Pairing: Jughead Jones X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I silently watched Jug type away on his computer, his writing coming to him so effortlessly, occasionally he would look up from the screen, as if he was waiting for me to speak just so he could beg me to shut up. Except I didn’t, I wasn’t constantly speaking on and on about everything and anything like I normally do, which has never once happened in the entirety of our romantic relationship. My eyes scanned the back of his laptop, as if it had changed since the last time I looked at it. 

Although my eyebrows almost completely shot up when Jughead had started shutting the device, I looked at the clock before looking back at him, “you never stop writing this early.” I pointed out, continuing to lay in the same spot on his bed. “Ah, it speaks!” He exclaimed, sitting next to me on the bed, moving to be in the same position as me. “What is so interesting about that corner of my room?” He tilted his head to the side, trying to figure out why I was staring at the spot where two of his bedroom walls met.

I shrugged, staying silent, my mind going back to all that has been happening in our normally repetitive town. How is it that all of a sudden we got a mess of things dropped on us? Between Jason’s apparent murder and week long torture session, the normal drama at school has completely sky rocketed, along with little odd things here and there. “Y/N,” Jug started off, trying to pull my attention to him, with a sigh, I turned my head to be looking at him. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?” 

He didn’t sound like his normal investigative self, no, now he just sounded concerned, and slightly confused. “Just thinking.” I replied, tugging the sleeves of my over-sized hoodie down, covering my oddly cold hands. “About?” He prodded, lolling his head to the side, making it gently hit mine. I reached up pushing it to the other side, making a small smile appear on his face before I retracted my hand. 

“Everything.” I answered vaguely, just trying to get a charge out of him. “Stop being so vague.” He deadpanned, scanning over my face, his eyes landing on mine. “Jason’s murder, school, all the weird stuff suddenly happening in Riverdale.” I finally gave him an actual answer, to which he gave me a small head nod. “It’s very outlandish.” He agreed, using one of his slightly odd words, just to see if I would roll my eyes like usual, which I did. 

I slid closer to him, sticking my head under his raised arm, letting it rest across to back of my neck as we looked at one another. “Well, Juggie, I guess we just have to deal with these ominous situations that our once calm town is suddenly in.” I nuzzled my head under his chin, partially in his neck and on his chest. His fingers tapped against my back, like one would do to a table, “I guess we do, Y/N.”

The Devil’s Secret

From this request: One where the reader is living with the Winchesters and is really in love with Lucifer, but always is quiet around him because she knows that he hates humans. Only Lucifer likes her too and gets really jealous that she is so comfortable around Castiel and Gadreel, but not him, so one day he just snaps and decides to claim her, and it leads to lovey dovey smut



Lucifer walked into the library and immediately grit his teeth. You were seated at one of the tables with the Winchesters and the two of Lucifer’s brothers who had taken up residence at the bunker. A board was spread between you, along with piles of colorful paper.

“Your turn, Cas,” you said, handing two dice to the angel.

Lucifer watched as he threw the dice, watching them skitter across the board. Castiel picked up a tiny object and moved it around the board, landing on the corner.

“Free parking!” you said, cheerfully. “You get all the money in the middle, Cas.”

“But I’m not driving a car,” the angel said, a confused crease in his brow.

“Just take it,” you said, picking the colorful paper from the middle of the board and handing it to the angel.

“Dammit,” Dean said. “I could’ve really used that.”

Cas tried to hand the money to Dean but you stopped him.

“Don’t you dare,” you said with a small smile. “Dean’s just a sore loser.”

At that moment, Gadreel’s eyes turned upwards, finding Lucifer standing in the shadows. “Brother. Would you like to play? Y/N is a good teacher.”

You looked over at Lucifer, the smile falling from your lips. Your expression didn’t change to a frown—more…. Concern? Fear? Uncertainty?

“No,” Lucifer finally said. “There’s no point.”

“I believe the point is to gain lots of money,” Castiel said.

“And property,” Gadreel added.

Lucifer rolled his eyes. His eyes met yours and he held contact for a good twenty seconds before disappearing down the hall.



Your head shot up. Upon finding Lucifer standing in your doorway, you dropped the bottle of lotion you had in your hands. “L-Lucifer.”

“Why,” he said again, slower this time, drawing out the single syllable. “Why do you find it so appealing to talk to my brothers?”

“I… I don’t…”

Lucifer closed the space between the two of you quickly, stalking like a lion. “Am I not appealing?”

“No. I mean, yes. I mean…”


“You’re very appealing but you’re also very frightening and I know you don’t like humans and–”

“Stop,” Lucifer said, holding a hand up. He studied you, taking time to process the string of words you’d said in a rush as if trying to fit them all into a mere second. “You… think I’m appealing?”

You gave a small shrug, a small nod.

“Yet you’re scared of me.”

“You’re… very powerful,” you said in a squeak.

“So are my brothers.”

You bit your bottom lip so hard, Lucifer was afraid you’d start bleeding. He gently reached forward and pulled your lip from your teeth.

“You think I don’t like humans.”

You said nothing, simply sat. Lucifer could feel the air trembling around you.

“But you’re wrong,” he continued. “I like some humans. One in particular.” Lucifer cocked his head to the side. “Any guesses as to who I’m talking about?”

You blinked a few times. “M-me?”

“Right you are, sweet-cheeks. Now… what are we going to do about that?”

You opened and closed your mouth a few times, looking like an adorable little fish. Lucifer leaned down and kissed you, startling you for a moment. But soon you melted against his lips, your hands reaching up and looping around his neck, pulling you closer to him.

Your bodies began to converse on a level you’d never imagined. Before the two of you realized it, you were stretched out on the bed, Lucifer’s body completely covering yours. His lips had moved from yours down to your neck; you could feel him sucking harshly, no doubt leaving a mark that would be visible for days to come. Your fingers tangled themselves in his hair, encouraging him to use your body as a canvas, before slipping down to his front, pulling at the soft cloth of his shirt.

Lucifer gave a grunt and with a wave of his hand, your clothing disappeared, as well as his. You let out a whimper of surprise, glancing down at Lucifer’s toned form before attempting to cover your naked form with your arms.

“No, no,” Lucifer said, his hands finding your wrists, pulling your arms away. “None of that.”

“Lucifer,” you whispered, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Do you…”

“I love you, little one,” Lucifer said, staring down at you with the kindest eyes you’d ever seen. “I promise, nothing will hurt you so long as you are mine.”

You believed him.

You believed his words more than you’d ever believed anyone before.

You opened your heart, body, and soul to him, letting him take what he wanted.

But he wasn’t just taking… he was also giving. He gave himself over to you, letting you see and feel the most vulnerable areas of him.

Business and Pleasure - Part 6

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,456

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut

Previous Part

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

The next morning you woke suddenly as the sun crept into the room, peeking out from behind the blue silk curtains. Where am I, you wondered in confusion. This definitely wasn’t your apartment, and it certainly wasn’t Wanda’s either. The moment you glanced at your hand, the ring glinting in the light, memories came flooding back to you. You were in James’ apartment, which was now yours too.

The events of the previous night washed over you almost like a wave. You had fought with James again. It had all been a misunderstanding. You had kicked Steve out. He probably wasn’t too happy about that, and you made a mental note to apologize to him once you arrived at the office later in the day. He couldn’t stay mad at you if you brought him food, after all. That reminded you. Where was James? He had slept on the couch last night, letting you take the bed. Was he still asleep?

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anonymous asked:

Cas is about to do something stupid - he's gonna go after Lucifer again. There's nothing that Dean or Sam can do or say that all stop him; they gave up trying after a while. They're about to part, and Dean pulls Cas to the side. He takes off his ring, holds it out, grabs Cas' hand and places it on his finger. When he inevitably receives the head tilt, he replies "I'll be waiting for you. So when you're about to get yourself killed, think of me" and Sam is freaking out in the background

Originally posted by all-you-need-is-spn

Jughead & Reader: No Control

Summary: After helping Jughead cope with his breakup with Betty, you realized that you could not stop thinking about him. The only problem was that you were dating his best friend, Archie. But one day while hanging out with Jughead, something happens that changes your relationship.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: 41 Days - Kim Sung Kyu

With your hands in your pockets, you walked up the path to the Andrews’s front door just as the streetlights came on. You looked down the street and noticed Betty and Jughead standing together in her front yard. Curious, you couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Standing in front of the door with your hand raised before you knocked, you overheard Betty sharing her grievances about their relationship. 

You knocked and looked over at the two of them, noticing Jughead getting frustrated with her. He shook his head and turned away from Betty before walking away from her. “Jughead, wait!” She called after him. 

The door opened. “Hey,” Archie said as he grabbed your hand and pulled you inside with a grin. 

“Hey.” You tried to shake away the curiosities that raced in your mind as you kissed your boyfriend. “I smell pizza,” you noted as you looked past his shoulder into the kitchen. 

“I just ordered. Come on.” He smiled and walked with you into the kitchen where you sat down at the island and ate a slice. 

You were so interested in the fight that Betty and Jughead had, that you had to ask Archie. “What’s going on with Betty and Jug?”

Archie shrugged his shoulders. “They’ve been having problems lately. I don’t know why.”

You sighed. It sucked seeing Jughead sad and upset but you also felt a sense of relief that his relationship with Betty might be over. You weren’t sure why you felt that way exactly. It was a mystery to you that you cared so much about Jughead despite the fact you were in a happy, healthy relationship with Archie Andrews. 

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Ponyboy comes home from University… (Modern) 

Ponyboy took in the familiar surrounding, at the same old vacant lot he and Johnny used to spend so much time in. He had driven past the same fountain he had nearly been drowned in, he saw the same DX station and he felt trapped. 

You see, had gotten out, he got that full ride Darry wanted him to get and he got into one of the best universities in America; Yale. And he studied Literature, Philosophy and film and media studies… Darry had wanted him to take up a law degree, but Ponyboy had his heart set. 

To be completely honest, he wanted nothing more than to see Tulsa in his rear view mirror. This place had nothing but bad memories. This was the place almost everyone he loved had died. His mum and dad, Johnny, Dallas… and two years ago even Two-Bit lost his life. 

The only person left in the gang was Darry, Soda, Steve and himself, and boy did he feel lost without all his brothers. 

When he got that scholarship to Yale, it was the happiest day of his life… because it meant he was nearly 22 hours away from this place. 

But today he came for a reason… and that reason was sitting beside him in the passenger seat holding his hand tightly in his, reassuring him that everything was going to be okay. 

“I can’t go in” Ponyboy said softly, his hands grasped the wheel of the car so tight that his knuckles were turning pale white. He had stopped on the curb and he looked over at his house in trepidation. 

“You can go in” Dean said softly. “I know you’re worried about what’s going to happen-” 

“Worried?” Ponyboy muttered. “Try so scared that I think I’m going to shit my pants. They’re my brothers, they’re the only family that I have left. I can’t lose them… Darry, he, he- God, he dropped everything so he could finish raising me and my brother. He was on his way to becoming a lawyer. He could’ve had everything he wanted and he gave it all up for us, he is going to be so mad that he gave it all up for a fag-” 

“Don’t you dare call yourself something so demeaning. If he is as great as you say he is then he is not going to make a big deal out of something as trivial as you being gay. He raised you, he knows your heart and your soul. You know what, if this is such a big deal for you then don’t tell them. Come back another time.”

“I can’t do that, Dean… it’s not fair on you. It’s not fair on me. We’ve been together for what, 3 years? I’ve met your whole family and I haven’t even told mine about you… I can’t keep doing that to you, I know it’s upsetting you.” 

“I just want you to be happy.” 

“And I love you so much for that.” Ponyboy smiled softly as he picked up Dean’s hand and pressed it to his softly. “I need to do this.” 

“I know…” Ponyboy unbuckled his seat belt and left the engine running. “I’ll text you when I’m done, okay?” 

“Okay, I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat anyway, I’m starved.” 

Ponyboy could only muster a mere nod as he walked away from his boyfriend. He stood in the middle of his drive way and took in the house one last time, just in case he wasn’t ever welcome to step foot inside it again. He took every last detail in, breathed in every familiar smell and prayed to God this wouldn’t be the last time. 

“Pony!” Sodapop yelled, pulling him out of his reverie as he felt his big brother’s arms wrap around him loosely. “God Ponyboy, I’ve missed you.” Sodapop mussed his little brother’s hair gently. “You’ve grown, you’re so tall!” 

“You’re acting as though you haven’t seen me in years…” Ponyboy stopped talking- because he realized it probably has been years since he last saw him. 

“Ponyboy.” Darry said simply in his gruff voice… “You’re home.” 

Darry was still too rough without meaning to be. He wrapped his arms around Ponyboy in a vice like grip, squeezing the life right out of him until he was breathless and panting. 

“I’m home” Ponyboy agreed. 

“Come inside, you must be starving! I made your favourite” Darry smiled, wrapping an arm around his little brother. “Soda helped, somehow he actually managed to turn the bacon purple.” 

“Hey, it wasn’t that hard…” He shrugged his shoulders and Ponyboy heart began to beat uncontrollably in his chest. 

He didn’t know what he’d do if Tulsa became just another bad memory in his mind. 

Feel Something

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Characters: Sam x Siren!Reader, Dean, OFC

Word Count: 2002

Warnings: Spn-like death/murder/violence, Angst, Some Fluff

Request: This idea may seem weird but what if reader is a mermaid. Now stay with me I know you already thinking this idea is crazy but let me elaborate. Reader is a mermaid who feeds off of people’s thoughts. And she believes that she isn’t harming anyone but when people started dying from like brain deca that’s when the duo goes to investigate. Idk this idea came to me after I watched Just My Imagination and this is really long but can you make this happen. Pairing whoever you want(please pick Sam)

A/N: @diesintheshower, I’m so sorry this took forever.  My life kind of spiraled out of control there for a while.  But I really did love your request!  I hope you like this/ I did didn’t muck it up.

You stirred your latte, drawing patters in the foam.

You feigned attention to your book, to your coffee, pretending you were paying attention to anything but the man across from you.  

Still, you found yourself staring at him more than you should be.

Another man would have thought you were flirting with him.  But he was a writer and had eyes only for his work.  What was more, he was in love with one of his characters.  You could feel it, see it in his mind.  

You delved deep into his thoughts, into his work, drinking in the new ideas and the new stories he’d brought with him to the coffee shop today.

He came here daily, to write uninterrupted.  

And you came here daily to feel his stories, to feed off that creative drive.  

You drew your spoon from your coffee, wiping the foam off on a napkin before taking in your reflection in its convex surface. 

Your reflection, a siren’s reflection.

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Not stayin//Daryl Dixon

Info: reader is Ezekiel sister, therefore she is pretty high up in her ranking. When Daryl has to stay in the Kingdom, Ezekiel has her show him around.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, oral sex, smut

Originally posted by andylincoln

When y/n saw Daryl, she was intrigued. She knew that he was an Alexandrian and had no chance with him but a girl can dream. Jesus came here with Ricks group, they want us to fight Negan with them and the Hilltop. Ezekiel wasn’t with it, but y/n wanted to, that could give her an excuse to talk to him.

“Daryl, you should stay here” Rick says to Daryl.

Her heart skipped a beat. Daryl, staying here? Even for only a few days, she’d be fine. She concealed a smile that spread across her face as her brother and Daryl were nearby.

“I ain’t stayin here” Daryl refuses throwing his hand back, motioning at the Kingdom.

She looked up, she was disappointed. But then again, who can she blame? The guy wants to go home, it isn’t a crime. She looked to Ezekiel, he had no opinion on Daryl staying or not.

She opened her mouth to speak but Ezekiel quickly stopped her.

“He must make this decision for himself” He explained himself.

She nodded and let the scene play out. It ended with Daryl standing alone as the gates closed behind his friends. Morgan turned to Ezekiel.

“I’ve got class with Ben” He excused himself.

“Daryl,” Ezekiel spoke, he turned to the duo “y/n, my sister, will show you around and get you set up with sleeping quarters”

“I ain’t stayin long” Daryl spoke.

“Well you gotta sleep somewhere tonight” y/n spoke as she walked towards Daryl.

“Farewell my dear sister, see you at dinner, I’m expecting you bring Daryl”

“Of course” She said with a smile.

Daryl walked beside her as she led him to the laundry square. Piles and piles of clean folded clothes sat on tables, damp clothes hung on drying lines.

“This is where you’ll find any clothes you’d need, but I know,” She turned to him with a pile of clothes “You aren’t staying long”

He nodded with a smirk and a stifled chuckle. He walked next to her once again as she walked. He couldn’t really focus, but her voice was so pretty and so was her face. He kind of wishes he wasn’t leaving but Alexandria is home. She pointed and spoke, looking back making eye contact to see if he understood, he gave empty nods.

“W-why can’t you go home?” y/n asked looking straight ahead.

“Negan took me after killing two of my group, I escaped and they’re gonna be lookin for me real soon” He said, he said it with emotion, it was obviously a sensitive topic.

“I’m sorry” She whispered.

The air became still and silent as they walked. He held a pile of clothes while she picked him up a towel from a friend. She stopped once they reached his door, it was a room with an empty bed and not much else.

“Ezekiels your brother, huh?” He asked.

“Yeah” She agreed.

“Get him to stand up to Negan, try, if not for yourself, me”

She shifted on her feet “So you think I care about you?” She asked with a smirk.

Daryl shrugged, she handed him his towel, they brushed hands and she felt her face get hot. He gave her a nod and opened the door to go inside, y/n went to go to her room.

“Wait, y/n” Daryl spoke.

She turned to him.

“Wait for me? I won’t be long but you gotta show me to the dining hall, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do” She nodded with a smile.

“You can wait inside if ya want, I’ll change in the bathroom”

“Okay” She nodded and stepped inside.

He went into the bathroom while she took a seat on the bed. There wasn’t much to do while she waited except wait. Counting cracks on the wall, broken window panes outside and floor tiles. Count how many times someone walked past the window or the florescent light flickered.

The bathroom door opened and revealed a wet Daryl, towel low on his hips. She tried to keep her eyes on his face.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

“Just forgot my clothes” He spoke timidly, he was unsure of whether he should come out or ask her to get them.

“I can get them” She said.

“Are you sure? I can if you don’t want to get up”

“No, it’s fine” She nodded and got up.

She picked up the piles of clothes and met him at the door. Hands touched once again and a look was exchanged.

“I, uh, thanks” Daryl stumbled over his words.

Y/n skipped the bullshit and kissed him. She hoped he’d kiss back and he did. He dropped his clothes and kissed her back. Their hands caught in one another hair. y/ slid her hand down his slick abdomen and underneath the towel. She grabbed his cock and he groaned into her mouth. They pulled away and y/n fell to her knees in front of him. She undid his towel and his cock sprung up. She smirked and looked up at him, he looked embarrassed but so turned on at the same time.

She wrapped herself around him and he threw his head back. She steadied herself with her hands on her lap, Daryl was holding onto the door frame behind him. She took him in until she gagged around him, as unattractive of a sound and sight, Daryl moaned out in pleasure. 

“Fuck” He cursed from above her, one hand now wrapping into her hair.

He guided her up and down his cock, the top hit the back of her throat every time. Daryl moaning turned her on, her making him feel that good made her clench her thighs together for some kind of relief.

“Stop” He suddenly spoke and pulled her off of him.

She worried she did something wrong and looked at him with concern. He picked her up and moved her to the bed, laying her on her back. At this point she assumes she didn’t do that bad as Daryl was yanking her jeans down her legs. She lifted her hips to help him, he took them off along with her underwear and boots. Daryl positioned his face between her legs and got to it. His tongue exploring her, it had been so long anything would feel better than her hand at this point.

“Shit” She panted, her fingers in his damp hair.

Daryl continued to eat her out. He’d look up every now and then to see how he was doing and if she was satisfied. He eventually had to lay an arm across her hips to keep her from bucking. His scruff hit her thighs the right way, his nose wold bump her clit every now at then making her writhe beneath him. When he added fingers she was done. She pulled her head closer to her so he wouldn’t stop. 

“I-I’m gonna come” She cried out.

“Not yet” Daryl spoke and stood up.

She was left on the bed, just for a moment. It wasn’t long before Daryl pushed himself deep inside her. Both of them now equally desperate for a release, Daryl wanted them to come once and together, after all, he wasn’t staying long. They had to finish up quick either way for dinner.

He was up on his elbows above her as he thrusted. Her body moved with every thrust, she held onto his shoulders for something to hold. She moaned and he grunted occasionally. Both finally excited to have someone to fuck after so long.

“Shit” He groaned as she clenched around him, signalling she was close. He lowered himself to her ear and told her,  “Come with me”.

She could only nod, her mouth agape and panting.

“Now” He spoke and they both came together.

After not having anything in so long, coming together was even better than one at a time. She sighed in relief as she finally got what she’s been needing, and the guy she got it from wasn’t too bad himself.

A knock on the door startled them, y/n rolled off the bed, grabbing her pants and hid on the ground while Daryl answered the door.

“Hello, Daryl. I am so sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you know whereabouts of y/n , dinner is soon and she isn’t in her sleeping quarters” Ezekiel asked.

“Nah, but she should be stopping by soon to show me to dinner”

“Okay, very well, I will see you then”

Daryl nodded and closed the door. He turned and sighed with a chuckle. y/n rose up shimming her pants onto her hips.

“What?” She asked.

“He always talk like that?” He spoke while pulling his shirt on.

“Yeah, it’s his thing. Goes with the title of King Ezekiel”

“That makes sense”

After dinner, Ezekiel pulled y/n aside. Daryl didn’t leave the table as he needed her to get around.

“Don’t get attached, he isn’t staying” He spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw your shoes in his room, y/n”

“Oh” Her face turned red “You can’t blame me”

“Goodnight, dear sister” Ezekiel said turning around.

Y/n turned to the table where Daryl sat alone. The rest of the hall had cleared for bed. She sat across from him, she got sad knowing it wouldn’t last long.

“How many walkers have you killed?” Daryl asked.

“A lot”

“How many people?”



“To save myself. Why are you asking me all this?”

“I want you to come back with me, to Alexandria”

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Birthdays Aren’t So Bad

This fic is for @imoutofmyvulcanmind


You’re an amazing and beautiful person, and you’ve been a wonderful and brilliant friend to me these past few months. I love you boo and appreciate you more than you know. So what better gift for you than some McKirk smut? It’s the gift that keeps on giving and giving, again and again. ;)

2,147 word(s) of SMUT. Pure McKirk SMUT!

Leonard x Jim  -  M/M

“Bones, you know I hate celebrating my birthday.” Jim glared up, watching as Leonard loomed over him, grabbing something from behind him.

“That was before I came along, Jim. After I’m finished, you’re going to love your birthday. I promise.” Leonard spoke softly in Jim’s ear, suddenly tightening the strap that held Jim’s wrists.

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More Than a Name

Thanks a million to @chocolatequeennk for the title suggestion!

Ten x Rose AU, kidfic, ~2000 words

When James heard the word “Daddy” come from a sixteen-month-old’s mouth, he was overjoyed. The only problem was that the child calling him “Daddy” wasn’t his own.


“Oh, look, Alexa! Daddy’s here!”

James froze in the middle of crouching down to accept the baby that was sprinting towards him, and the sixteen-month-old girl collided with his shin. She squawked angrily, but James’s ears were still ringing.

“No, no, no. She’s-she’s not my daughter,” James stuttered. “I’m her mum’s… she’s my… Rose’s…”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the daycare employee said, her cheeks flaming red.

“I just pick her up on Thursdays and Fridays for Rose,” James mumbled. “She’s my… er, friend. And neighbor, incidentally. She works late those nights.”

He trailed off lamely, not sure if he or the daycare aide was more mortified.

A little hand was slapping at his legs and a little voice was shouting, “Daddy! Daaaddddyyyyy!”

He glanced down at Alexa, shocked. Hearing her call him ‘Daddy’ pulled at something deep in his chest and lodged an ache in his throat.

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Sealing the deal with a kiss

Originally posted by grayground

She shoved you inside the room, leaving you disgruntled and grumbling your complaints. “Why me? Find someone else?”

“I swear to god I’ll make this up for you okay? I’ll tell you the details of our date!” she raised a hand up promising you, making you scoffed out in bewilderment. You were honestly not that single that you would need to live through her dates. You rolled your eyes before trying to move back out of the room. “I honestly don’t want to hear the details. They must be nasty if they includes you.” you scrunched your nose in disgust trying to push your way out of this task. “You bet they are and I’m not about to let this ruin It.” she pushed you back, placing each palms against one another, pleading for your help.

“Please— just please. I mean it’s not even hard for you. You’re a brilliant writer. I’m sure you’ll be able to whip up an amazing interview in like five minutes- then you can go back home and I’ll be thousands of miles away from you and they are all beautiful men! So you know more for you.” you looked at her, desperately trying to convince you with her sweet words making you sigh, because surely you could endure through this interview for her. It was this dreaded feeling, because you never liked mixing personal life into your work and now- here you were, trudging yourself inside the room where your boyfriend and his friends were waiting for you.

“You’re interviewing us?” Kiseok gasped out excitedly as he opened his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.

“All five of you better behave or I’m leaving and I’ll just write that all you toddlers couldn’t even sit through an interview.”

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Excerpt: “Most people wouldn’t take too much time in choosing their meal when going out to eat, but Dan wanted to be certain that this meal would be the best one he would ever have in his entire life.”

Genre: heavy angst and sweet savory fluff

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: TW depression, suicide/suicidal thoughts

A/N: Wow this fic was interesting to write! While I was eating out at this small Italian restaurant, the idea for this fic came to mind, so I immediately wrote it down in my notes on my phone. The majority of this was written during the extra time I had when I finished each of my finals early; it was like a cool release of creativity after bubbling in letters A-E for an hour non-stop.

Also, the birth of this fic wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Sam @crescendohowell who betaed this fic for me! Thank you for rewording some of my messily phrased sentences, helping fill in some small details that made this fic more whole, and for calling me out on all of my Glee references LOL.

I dedicate this piece of writing to my friend Ambre @ambreasc for cheering me on and for always being a source of positivity, support, and encouragement for this fic and everything beyond it!

SO YES, it’s like I’m making a speech for the Oscars so I’ll just stop now hahA.

I hope you guys enjoy this semi-lengthy oneshot <3

love; a feeling of great affection

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