i think he does like me and that makes me so happy

The Dozens of Times Eddie Kapbrak Came Home, and the One Time He Didn’t

(A Story in Sonia’s POV)

–There was the one time Eddie came home angry. Slamming doors, cursing under his breath. I was upset at the language, but more worried he’d catch a little finger, or a toe in the cabinets or doors. I asked why and he pushed me away. He had always been doing that lately. Am I being too much of a worrier? Maybe I am. He’s older now, and doesn’t need me as much. As much as that hurts to admit, seventeen is old enough to be independent. 

–He came home crying again. He’d been doing a lot of that, too. Something was different. He came to me for once. I was selfishly happy, but that left me when I saw him. He had a bruise under his left eye. His lip was cut, and his hands were shaking and red, a sign that he’d had a panic attack again. Those signs used to be foreign to me until he told me those weren’t asthma like I had thought for years. I’d like to think of myself as an almost expert on them now. The only thing hard for me to tell anymore is what might cause them. He has them so often. Eddie comes to me, and sits down, panting. He looks worn down and sad and resigned, as if he’s accepted a heavy fate, or like he was waiting for a piano to fall on him. 

This time when I ask him what’s wrong, he crumbles and starts to cry again. He tells me Henry and his psychopath friends cornered him in the locker room, and roughed him up. He shows me his ribs, and I see red. Partly the dried blood, partly rage. That little freak carved the word “Fag” into Eddie’s little side. It takes everything in me not to take him to the hospital, but Eddie insists he cleaned and dressed it as much as it needed, and it wasn’t deep, no stitches needed. I prayed with everything in me that it wouldn’t scar. When I asked him why they would choose that word, he becomes silent again. He seems to be trying to find the right words to say, and eventually he does. He tells me, stuttering more than the elder Denbrough boy, that it’s because they saw him kissing Richard Tozier. I had nothing to say, and he goes to his room before I could find the right words. I did eventually, over dinner. I tried to make a lighthearted joke, and said he could do better than little Richie Tozier, and that I loved him. He did laugh, but he also cried. This time it was the good way. 

–One time he came home excited, his feet barely touching the ground as he ran upstairs. I called out to him to get the door, but he was down just as fast heading out again. His cheeks are pink and his eyes are bright, and I can’t help but to think that just a few months ago this same boy was crying in shame over what had happened. He was a lot happier in general, due in part I suppose to coming out, but mostly Richard. Richie, Richie this, and Richie that. I almost wanted to tell him I was tired of hearing it, but his happiness wasn’t something I could get tired of. Despite being a trouble maker and a bad mouth, he did take care of Eddie. I did tell him to stop coming home with love marks- unsanitary and shameless little things. I tried not to think about the fact that he still probably got them where I couldn’t see them. He may be an adult next month but he’s still my little angel.

He tells me he’s finally going out on a real date, just the two of them. That they’re going to see a movie, and he tells me not to wait up. I know I’ll try to, but he always manages to come home after I fall asleep. Sneaky little boy. He tells me he’s already left the name, address, and number of the movie theatre on the counter, and that he’ll be with Richie who can be reached as well. I have his number in my Rolodex, as I do his parents, and the rest of his friends- you never know when you might need them. He kisses my cheek and practically skips out to the beat up truck Richard drives. It has a bench seat and the driver seatbelt doesn’t work most of the time, and I cringe thinking about Richie just sitting on it so he doesn’t get a ticket for not actually wearing it. Eddie promised me he’d never drive it, so at least there’s that. 

–He came home today, silent. It’s almost worse when he does that instead of crying. Eddie was pale, and he had dark circles under his eyes. I asked if he was okay, and he just stares at me. It feels like an eternity when he opens and says “The school won’t let Richie and I go to prom together… They said if we showed up they’d kick us out.” His voice sounds so fragile and small, like he doesn’t feel like a real person. I’m furious. I tell him I’ll call the school, but he begs me not to. He says it’s okay, he knew it would happen, that this is just the way things are. I, however, will not stand this. As soon as he goes to his room, I call his principle. I can’t remember exactly what I said, though I am equal parts embarrassed and proud to have used foul language in place of his name. “Mr. Shitstain” and I came to an agreement that they may attend as long as they are within a larger group. He will not allow them to have couple’s pictures, but he did reluctantly allow that they dance together. I tell Eddie in the morning and he cries and hugs me. He goes to Richie to give him good news. 

–He comes home after prom with a photo- the whole group is in it, all holding a sign that says “Loser’s Club”. I cringed at the name, but they chose it for themselves years ago. Eddie and Richie are next to each other, and I suppress an eye roll that Richard had ripped open his shirt to reveal an exclamation point painted on his pale abdomen at the last moment. The picture is slightly blurred, and Eddie confirms my theory when he laughs and says the camera guy was startled and tried to lunge at Richard to put all of his clothes back on. Despite this, I see the stars in his eyes. He is happy, so I am happy. 

–Lately he’s been coming home with heaps of papers, college letters, essays, SATs, tests. I try not to think about him leaving. I turn up the volume on the TV or the radio when he uses the phone to talk to his friends about it. It hurts and he knows it hurts. I’ve never been good at not worrying. This goes on for weeks. I fail to keep my tears in when he’s at school or out with friends, but at the same time, I’m immensely proud. He’s such a good boy. 

–This time he comes home, and he doesn’t say a word, and I can’t see him from the kitchen but I know something is wrong. His feet are dragging and his breathing sounds funny. I drop the spoon into the soup when I hear a crash. He’s laying on the floor and crying. Despite him being curled up in a ball I can see he’s covered in bruises and cuts, and bleeding badly. I try not to scream but when I rush to him I can’t hold it, he’s been cut up badly again, more words carved into his soft belly and his thighs. I can see the word “Queer” seeping through his khaki pantleg as he sobs. This time, he does need stitches. In many places. The only thing he says to me from the hospital bed is that he is oh so tired of this town. Richard never leaves his side, growling at anyone who causes him pain or wakes him up, like a wild animal. I’ve decided that I am incredibly grateful that he is who he is. 

He’s in the hospital for three days. Night one was cleaning and stitching and recounting what happened. The police had been called to file a report. He hesitantly confesses that Henry, Patrick, and the other cretins did this to him. Chief Bowers is red with rage. I hear him in the hallway calling my son a “flamer” but that his boy was “going to get it”. This is the first and only time I’ve yelled at a cop. Richie laughs and holds up his hand for a high five, something I wouldn’t usually reciprocate, but tonight is a night of firsts. Night two was observation and tests to see how bad the internal injuries might be. He has a concussion, but they found no internal damage aside from bruises and a cracked rib. They send him home wrapped in Ace bandages and taped up like Richard’s glasses. That night he tells me he needs to leave, that he can’t take this anymore. I’m angry, and admittedly irrational. We do not speak to each other for a week. 

–When we speak again, he walks in the door with Richie, William, and Michael. Out of his friends, Michael is my favorite despite where he lives being so messy. He brings me flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables. He washes them himself, but only once he gets here so I can see it. He’s a very well mannered and intelligent man. William is wonderful too, but I feel guilt in having trouble understanding him, and he has a habit of talking with his mouth full. He’s not as messy as Richard, so at least there is that. Eddie has healed nicely so far, most of the stitches are out already, and the scars he has, though sadly legible, are hidden under clothes. His lip and eyebrow have small scars, but they are hard to notice. The boys have folded boxes in their hands. I knew this was coming, but I still couldn’t bear it. I stubbornly told him I wouldn’t help him, and that I wouldn’t watch him either. He only nods his head, looking down. 

They pack up his belongings, and I step out into the yard, smoking my first cigarette in years. I swiped one from the Marsh girl months ago, when Eddie was starting to talk about college. I thought that was the worst, but this hurts more. He’s leaving too soon, and I can’t stop him. He promised me he’d finish high school, and go to college, but that he would not live here, in Derry. Because we weren’t completely speaking, I have no idea where he’s moving, and now I’m too embarrassed to ask. When I go back inside, William hands me a piece of paper, his handwriting surprisingly neat, with Eddie’s address, and number. He was moving just outside of the city, into the matchbox apartments. With Richard. I can’t help it. When he walks out of the front door with his things, he kisses my cheek. I can’t help it. When the car drives away, their silhouettes in the windshield. I can’t help it. I sit down on the porch, and I begin to cry. I can’t help it. 

–He doesn’t come in the door anymore. Not the way he used to. No angry slams, no excited pops as the door hits the wall. No silent entries when he’s tired. No little footsteps. He doesn’t come home. He visits, sometimes with Richard, and with his friends. He calls frequently, too. He’s a good boy. Time passes, and he came to visit after graduation. He got accepted to a college in Maine. I try to hide how happy that makes me. I promise I won’t go to the dorms too much. He and Richie talk about their lease ending and moving on campus. His little group of friends are trying their best to stick together. They all got accepted to the same school, and will try to attend until their majors take them elsewhere. It’s nice knowing that he’ll have so many friends. 

He doesn’t come home, but he visits. Holidays he even stays in his old room. Sometimes. Other times he stays with William in his new house, just down the street from mine. Sometimes they visit Richie’s parents, or Michael’s farm. It’s a lot like it used to be, but it isn’t the same. I know it never will be, and while I’m sad, I’m happy too. He doesn’t come home, but he gets married in the same church I was married in. They make the paper as the first same sex couple to get married in Derry. Someone booed them as they walked to their car, but before anyone said anything, Richard flipped them off. I don’t tell Eddie, but I caught it on camera. It’s framed in my room, shameful but endearing. He doesn’t come home, but he visits often, asking for advice. We’ll have lunch together and talk about stain removal, and he’s picked up cross stitching for Richard’s anniversary gift. He’s going to make a sign that says “Tozier-Kaspbrak” for their sitting room. 

He doesn’t come home, but he visits often. Many times with Richard, and even more happily with their new daughter. I’ve always wanted a daughter, so I spoil her rotten. I try not to be so overbearing as I was with Eddie. I know it had the wrong impression on him, and I don’t want her to feel the same. I give her sweets when they aren’t looking, and I teach her all about keeping a good home, and let her watch football with me when they need a babysitter. Eddie doesn’t know, but sports are a guilty pleasure of mine. I want her well rounded, too- to know that girls can like whatever they please. Her name is Amelia Isabelle, and she grows so fast. He doesn’t come home anymore, not like he used to. And I’m so, so grateful. He’s leading a good and proud life, and I’ve never been more proud to be the mother of Edward Tozier-Kaspbrak. He doesn’t come anymore, but when he visits, it’s like he never left at all. I’ve lived a good little life, I feel.

“Sonia Kaspbrak, 65, passed in her sleep in her home of Derry, Maine. Natural causes. She leaves her son, son-in-law, and granddaughter. Funeral to be held this Saturday, July 17th at the First Church of Derry. She will be fondly remembered by all who knew her. Everyone is welcome to attend the open service ceremony being held to celebrate her life. 
Thank you, 
Richard Tozier-Kaspbrak”

Failed Deception

Anon asked:  “can you do a taehyung bad boy scenario like you did with yoongi and hoseok? i just found them and theyre so cutee 💓💓”


PAIRING: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy AU!, Fluff
Word count: 1.5k


 Taehyung wants to hold your hand and kiss you but he doesnt want to ruin his bad boy image

A/N: You guys are really liking this whole bad boy thing huh!Thank you for liking my other scenarios and thank you so much for requesting this one. I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Also I might just make this into a series since only 3 more members are left :)

Others members: Yoongi ver // Hoseok ver // Jeongguk ver 


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When Taehyung had asked you out on a date you hadn’t expected for it to be at a carnival. You were expecting something along the lines of a club where you would have to wear some skimpy dress, and probably spend the night coughing your lungs out because of all the smoke vapours and pungent alcohol smell. But you were very surprised when Taehyung unwrapped the blindfold and your eyes had fallen on the giant ferris wheel and a crowd of people bustling from place to place having a good time.

“You like it?” he smiled warmly at you. You shook your head looking around trying to soak in the beautiful sight. He was worried that you didn’t like it and was about to offer to take you to a place of your choice but you interrupted him. “I love it” you whispered and as soon as the reassuring words had left your mouth his frown disappeared and his face lit up with a bright smile. One that made your heart race.

As soon as you approached the booth to buy your tickets , Taehyung found himself to be on the receiving end of a shocked stare. You had to stop yourself from giggling because you understood the sentiment. After all Taehyung wasn’t someone who usually frequented such domestic events, rather everyone expected to find him at some underground joint getting high. Understanding why he was being stared at, Tae opted to glare at the guy and hissed under his breath some very colourful swear words that had the young man in front of you fumbling with the tickets.

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Suga Daddy: Part 11

Suga Daddy: Part 11 (m)

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, language, dom!Yoongi, choking and dirty talk

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi comes with you to Jungkook’s graduation.

I think there might be just a few chapters left. 

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

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“Don’t Go” (Trust Issues part 2)

A/N: it’s here! hope you guys enjoy it and i’m sorry for keeping you waiting!
requested: yes.
word count: 2,908
feedback is always greatly appreciated!


Part 1

“H”, she started, carefully nudging his feet, making him look up at her and reply with a low “hmm?”

“You don’t seem oka-“

“For God’s sake, Y/N!”, he spat at her, immediately getting up from his lying position. “I told you I’m fine! Didn’t I?!”

“Yes, bu-“, she didn’t know what to do. The change of the mood around the room and his now loud voice were way too sudden for her liking.

“But what?! Huh?!”, Harry was fuming.

“I just want to help! And you know it! Just let me in! Please! Will you ever do that?” She was desperate by now and if she weren’t as invested on Harry’s every movement, she would’ve noticed the tears pricking at her eyes.

“Just get off my case, would you?! God, you’re so annoying…”, he finished, and even though he murmured the last part more to himself than to her, Y/N still heard it.

“No! Harry!”, she was exasperated, standing up from the couch as well and trying to ignore his last few words. “You’re not fine! You’re not okay either! Just cut the crap, already, yeah? I just want you to talk to me, is that too much to ask for?!”

Harry could literally hear the despair in her voice but he couldn’t stop now.

She was hurt. Hell, she was breaking. The one person she looks out for the most is shutting her out in a much harsher way than usual. He had never yelled at her. Never said those rude things to her either. She felt so small in front of him that she didn’t know what to do. She felt as though all of her effort and attempts were going down the drain, as if they meant nothing.

“Yes, it is! Just leave me the fuck alone for once, yeah?! Isn’t it clear yet that I don’t want you here?!”, Harry said and before she could say or do anything else, he walked out the door with a loud slam of the door, leaving her alone on the couch, crying her eyes out.

Deep down she knew he didn’t mean the words he said — God, she prayed he didn’t— but boy, did they sting in her heart. Y/N’s mind was divided. Did he mean all of that? Does he really want her out of his life and gone? She really didn’t know but she wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet. She could tell that behind all of that strong facade he had built up in front of him, he was asking for help. Hell, he needed help.

On the other hand, she loves Harry so dearly. Y/N often finds herself thinking and considering his feelings more than her own. She wanted to see him happy and if she needed to walk away from his life in order for that to be happen, that’s what she was going to do.

She was torn between the two options she had. Did he really mean all of it and does he really want Y/N out of the picture? Or did he say all of it simply because he couldn’t handle the pressure and didn’t know how to react?

Y/N didn’t want to make any mistakes either. She didn’t want to leave if he really didn’t want her gone and she didn’t want to stay if he did not cherish her company anymore. So she decided to wait—wait until he got back from whatever place he went to. They were going to talk.


After what felt like days since he was gone, although it was merely 2 hours, Harry was back home — his house, though.

Y/N had gone to his apartment to gather some of her belonging scattered around his place. She never moved in with him — he never asked her to and neither did she — but she still had some stuff left at his house — some t-shirts and sweatpants, for when she’d spend the night, as well as a toothbrush and other belongings like that.

All in the while he was gone, he never gave her a call nor sent her any texts. Harry didn’t answer her calls either and that was all the confirmation she needed. At this point, Y/N was just plain insecure. The heat of the fight they just had, the harsh words thrown at her and the fact he only ignored her attempts of reaching out to him only added up to that pile. She figured he really wanted her gone, so she decided to drop by his flat to get some of her things and wait until he got home — that is, if he got home; she really didn’t know.

Her heart jumped as she heard the door close softly behind his heavy footsteps. Her heart was racing so fast and her head was on the brink of spinning like crazy. Y/N’s heart shrunk with the anticipation of the moment yet to come. She was certain this would be one of her last minutes spent with him and although she didn’t want to be thinking about it now, she couldn’t help it. Her happiest memories were made with him by her side. She wouldn’t bare the pain to see him go.

Had he acknowledged her presence yet? Would Harry even want to talk to her at all?

Her trace of thoughts was interrupted as soon as Harry entered his kitchen. His face held a very stern expression and she knew what was to come. At the sight of him, Y/N’s heart felt even heavier than before and, in attempts to ease up the situation, even if just slightly, she pulled a chair out and motioned for him to sit.

At that, he indifferently glanced at the chair and turned his gaze back to her, pretty much ignoring her invitation for him to sit down with her.

“We need to talk.”

Y/N took the deepest, yet shakiest breath she could as to prepare herself for the moment that was to come — although no deep breath would ever manage to make her feel ready for this. In response, she only gave him a shy nod — she couldn’t find the strength in her to actually speak.

Harry lead them out the kitchen and headed to the living room, where both of them sat on different couches, opposite to each other so they could still look at the other.


“I was thinki-“

They immediately shut their voices when they heard the other speak and, Harry sensing Y/N was slightly embarrassed, let her go first.

“Um… Well, I was-… How can I say it..?”, she was lost in her own words. How was she supposed to tell him that she’d leave if that’s what he wanted even though that was the last thing she ever wanted to do? How was she supposed to just walk out the door and never turn back? “I thought about um, what you said and I- well, I figured that I’ll leave if that’s what you want. I also wanted to apologize for making you feel pressured. It’s obvious that you don’t want to-… be open with me and I have to respect that.”

She gulped hard when she finished, surprised with the fact she hasn’t cried yet. However, it was still noticeable — at least to Harry — that she was way more than just nervous. She kept her gaze down to her fidgeting hands most of the time she spoke and he could also hear her voice shake. She also stammered as she spoke — something he noticed she did when she was anxious and scared. Y/N, though, thought she was doing a great job at hiding how affected she had been with this whole situation.

Feeling the silence around them eat up at her, she immediately looked up to Harry, who was silently starring at her. Y/N felt so small in front of him, specially when his gaze was starring right through her and with that frown upon his forehead. If she had the strength to run away right here and right now, she’s sure she would have run off already.

Once again, the silence — the lack of response, to be exact — was all she needed to confirm her thoughts. She had to leave. Harry wanted her to leave.

But how? No- I mean, how? Should she give him a hug? Thank him for her best and favorite memories and 9 months she’s ever lived? Or straight up just walk out? How does one even say goodbye to a loved one like that? She didn’t know what he wanted. There was no way she could — she wasn’t exactly a mindreader.

“Um… I should probably go then…”, as soon as she got nothing but silence in return, she stood up and reached for her bag. Y/N was on full silent-sobbing right now and she didn’t even try to cover it up. She didn’t find the strength in her to do so.

Truth be told, she’s never felt weaker than she does now. Y/N feels as though her heart is being stomped on repeatedly, over and over again. She feels her brain begging, screaming at her for her to stop crying, for the pain is too much. She feels her eyes sting with all of the tears she’s let out and her stomach twisting. She can’t stop though, and she knows she won’t any time soon. So she just lets it go — all of it.

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Harry was silent not because he wanted her gone. Harry was silent because he didn’t find the words in him. His brain was at a thousand miles per second, where every possibility and outcome ran through his mind — including every worst case scenario. What was he supposed to do?

He wanted to apologize. For everything. Looking back now, bow did he even find in himself to call her annoying? Or ask her to leave him alone? Y/N had mentioned to Harry once or twice that being called annoying is probably one of the worst things someone could call another. Perhaps it is because of the fact that ‘annoying’ can cover a lot of things — from the way one speaks to the way they act and their personality or character. Y/N had never liked the term itself either. It just sounds aggressive to her.

He knew all of it, then why did he do it? Harry admits he didn’t think through his words, or else, they wouldn’t be on the spot they are now. But still, why did he say such harsh things to his Y/N? Nothing would ever justify those words.

When he told her he wanted to talk, he meant that he wanted to apologize, to try and make her understand why he has real bad trust issues. He wanted her to know that it was nothing personal and that he wanted to try talking about his feelings and emotions — his pain, specially — with her — that is, if she still wanted him around, of course. But now, he sees that all she has in her mind right now is how personal it is that he doesn’t want to talk to her and how much he doesn’t want her presence. Hell, if it were him on her spot he’d think the same too. He’s literally been silent since she began speaking.

However, as soon as he heard the front door click open, he immediately shot up from his sitting position on the couch. He absolutely hated how his perception of time was much slower than reality sometimes. Who knows? He could’ve been too late and lost her for good.

He got to the front door just seconds before she stepped out. Fearing she’d magically disappear, he stuck his hands out and held her upper arm tightly — not enough to hurt her —, stopping her from leaving his house — from leaving him. As soon as she turned back around, behind the puffy eyes and red spots on her beautiful face, he still saw how surprised she was at his actions. Hadn’t he just indirectly said he didn’t want her anymore?

“Wait! Don’t go…”, Harry said.

But what got to her was that he didn’t just say it. He meant it. Y/N swore on her life her knees almost collapsed at the tone of his voice and the expression on his face. Could she be wrong, after all?

“What? Why not?”, she blurted out.

Harry’s heart broke at how she sounded: so hopeless and broken. And unfortunately, he was the one who did that. He was so caught up onto his own pain that he ended up causing it to someone else; not just someone else, but his Y/N. He was so focused on shielding himself from any harm that he ended up harming her delicate, loving heart instead. And that’s why he promised himself and to everything that’s most precious in this world that he wouldn’t do it again. Only he knows how much it hurts to see her like that.

And to make matters even worse for him? Y/N wasn’t even mad. There was no hint of anger or irritation upon her delicate features. She was just… sad. And heartbroken.

Harry realized that she must’ve had so much respect for him that she took him into consideration way more than she took herself. Not only that, but she was also willing to prioritize his happiness over hers. After all, she was leaving because she thought that was what would make him happy and whole again; even if that wasn’t what was right for her.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he let go of her arm and took her hands into his, instead. “I never meant any of those words. Never did and never will. And specially, I don’t want you to leave. Please, don’t leave me. Stay, please, love. Stay…”. At this exact moment, all he could think about was trying to make her stay. He wanted her to see his part of the story too.

With a silent nod, she re-entered the house. As soon as the door was locked, Harry immediately wrapped his arms around her frame and hugged her as tightly as ever.

“I love you. I love you. So much, love. Please, let me explain. Hear me out.”

She teared up at his words even harder. They had never exchanged those words before and now that he said them, she didn’t know what to do. What if he brought her back inside so they could talk like proper adults and later he actually asks her to leave? Her mind was racing and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking all of this was over — that they were over. Also, should she repeat those words at this moment? She knows she loves him too. A lot. But is this the right time? Tired of debating with and against herself, she decides to save them for another hour. They needed to talk.

Leading both of them to the couch—the same one, now—, he sat as closely to her as he could. He wanted her to know how serious he was about those three little words and how much he meant every single word he was about to speak.

So he began. And he told her everything. From what made him so closed off to people, to what had recently made him upset and act the way he did. He had shared with her every piece of his that he hadn’t shared with anyone else in a very long time. And Y/N had been even more understanding and loving in response than he thought she would. Not that Harry thought she wouldn’t give it importance or would just brush it off, no. But she never ceased to surprise and amaze him.

She is too kind for this world he often finds it hard to understand. But that is just the way she is. And he loves every bit of her.

Their talk was rather emotional and she still managed to make him cry even a bit harder. With words of assurance, she told him she’d be there for him through everything and all, through the bad and the worst and through the good and the best. Harry also made a promise to himself and to her to never let it get that bad again. He was going to try to open up more to her.

And just from what he had shared with her tonight was enough to make him feel as though a whole building was lifted off from his shoulders. He felt as light as a feather and relief wouldn’t even begin to describe the feeling in his heart. Harry was forever thankful for Y/N and he was going to make sure she feels as appreciated and loved as she deserves on every day ahead of them.


Their talk had ended just a couple minutes ago and they were now just intently looking at each other with a small smile tugging at each of their lips. Pulling her closer to him, the both of them closed their eyes and breathed each other in, mostly enjoying their presence and company.

“Harry?”, she lowly said, interrupting the silence.

“Yeah, love?”

“I love you too.”

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Ok so i know that this is overdone BUT.. What would the rfa + v do when mc is jealous? And the opposite, how would they act when THEY are jealous? Man i love me some jealousy headcanons lol. On the the other topic, i saw that mod rouge said that they are tattooed and pierced and just wanna say, tattooed and pierced people, UNITE!! ✋✋

NOTHING’S OVERDONE FOR ME!! I’m too new to writing HC’s and people’s view’s tend to differ a little so I think it’s always refreshing when you see mutliple people writing about one thing. :p
Oh well, gotta admit, my tattoo is well hidden between my shoulder blades… While well, piercings are rather obvious with lip, nose and stretched lobe ^^;; BUT YA; UNITE!!
~Mod Rouge


★ Okay we know he’s a little Yandere so it’s usually him who’s getting jealous rather quickly.
★ Yoosung definitely doesn’t hide the fact that he’s jealous
★ One evening, you’re out to the movies and while he’s getting you both some snacks, a not too shabby looking guy
★ When Yoosung comes back, he just hears how the guy is complimenting you, you being polite, returning the compliment
★ Ok Yoosung, stay calm, stay calm
★ “Hey honey, we should go in now, the movie is about to start”, the self-control is real in this one
★ Leaving the other guy behind he’ll ask what that was, and why you’re complimenting other men.
★ “You’re supposed to compliment me, not other guys!”
★ “Yoosung, listen. I was just being polite. I don’t look at anyone like I look at you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Really. I couldn’t wish for anyone other than you.”
★ He’s instantly calm. Hearing those words from you just melts his heart and the whole thing is forgotten.

★ His ego goes through the roof. It’s so rare, because you really trust him.
★ So when that happens, boi oh boi, he feels so good that you don’t want to lose him.
★ Finds it genuinely adorable.


📱 Honestly, he isn’t really the jealous type of guy
📱 He blindly trusts you.
📱 But he doesn’t trust other men. I mean, how could he, you’re everything a man could ask for.
📱 So in case a guy does approach you, Zen’s just gonna be smooth.
📱 Laying an arm around your shoulder or waist, giving you gentle kisses
📱 Generally just smoothly showing “Sorry buddy, that Lady is mine.”

📱 The good looking guy Zen is, he knows how most women see him and he knows that is a factor that would raise your jealousy Level
📱 So usually he simply tries to keep his distance, works usually out pretty well
📱 You’re used to him having to get closer to some actresses so that’s not a big issue to you
📱 … But this one day, you met a fan of his while grocery shopping.
📱 Fan didn’t know you’re his girlfriend
📱 And she gets all touchy touchy. Touching his arms and chest.
📱 Zen’s trying to brush it off, but he doesn’t wanna sound rude and is also a little flustered
📱 “O-Oh hey MC, I guess I met a fan.” , he’s awkwardly smiling, knowing that you wouldn’t like the situation
📱 unpleasant glare towards the fan intensifies, “If she’s your fan she should know that you have a girlfriend, /babe/. It’s fucking uncool to get so close to taken men.”, you snap.
📱 GASP, what did he just hear???
📱 fan backs off and leaves, rather offended
📱 “Woha, that was pretty unexpected! I’m proud of you, babe”
📱 but… “But babe, you can’t say those words, a lady like you shouldn’t use the f-word.”


♛ Like Zen, he rarely gets jealous
♛ and when he does, he’ll simply say that he doesn’t like whatever made him jealous, knowing you will respect those boundaries
♛ in case he can’t just boldly say that he’s jealous because it may be some business dinner, he’ll like Zen, just go over it rather smoothly.
♛ Laying a hand on your thigh, lacing fingers with you on the table, really subtle things

♛ Honestly, he doesn’t really give you any reason to get jealous either
♛ The only reason may simply be in case he’s gotta be a little more charismatic in order to get some business deal
♛ But you know that you can’t just snap at female business partners, you don’t wanna ruin some deal
♛ Simple solution; You tell him afterwards
♛ He totally understands and tells you that he won’t do it again


☆ Honestly, neither of you give the other one any reason for jealousy
☆ Neither of you often leave the house or socialise much
☆ I mean, why leaving the house when you have Vanderwood to literally do everything
☆ Jealous because of Vanderwood? lololol
You better be glad I’m not your MC, Saeyoung. Because if I was, Vanderwood would be your biggest enemy.
☆ But you care a lot for Saeran, Saeran needs people to make him feel secure
☆ Which sometimes scares Saeyoung a little
☆ It reminds him of how you helped him through his hardships, which was because you had/have feelings for him so he’s sometimes afraid it’s the same thing with Saeran
☆ But it also reminds him that you’re simply a caring person who wants to help her husband’s twin brother
☆ So he never really says anything about it
☆ He’ll just increase the time that he swoons around you honestly


☼ Has a smiliar approach as Jumin
☼ He will never go over the top when he’s jealous, which is a pretty rare occasion anyways
☼ But when it happens, he’s still pretty collected and smooth, giving you some kiss on your hair, some exchange of loving glances
☼ He’ll probably talk about it afterwards but that’s it really.

☼ You on the other hand… tend to lose your temper a little quicker than him
☼ If that happens you better be ready to be bombarded with affection
☼ “MC, I’d never leave you for anyone, you’re perfect for me. Why would I ever prefer someone over you, who has helped me through all my hardships, who taught me how to love myself and others for real. You’ve shown me the world and no one would be better than you. Ever.”
☼ Omg, Jihyun please
☼ Pls don’t kill me with words
☼ Critical hit right in the heart

Elevator-(Derek Hale)

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Prompt no. 23 “I know you’re not trying to hit on me in this life or death situation. I just know it.”

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 915

Short Halloween Drabble!

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First Day of My Life Pt 3

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Thanks to @paperbacktrash for being my hero. Love you, bitch. <3

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**There is a mild ship spoiler in the second paragraph if you have not read Tower of Dawn. You can safely skip that paragraph and not miss much except who is in attendance at the wedding.**

Later, Ceremony

The Royal Theatre of Terrasen had been beautifully decorated for the occasion. It was bedecked in silver and Terrasen green streamers and balloons. The walkway was lined with unlit candles and the archway was covered in a mix of pine and thick strands of silver garland woven between twinkling Fae lights. Candles littered the base of the arch as well, also all unlit. The benches that made up the main floor seating of the theatre were mostly empty, just a few of the front rows taken up by patiently waiting guests.

As this was an intimate affair, only those of utmost importance had been invited. The thirteen, Chaol and Yrene, Nesryn and Sartaq, Sartaq’s wickedly delightful sister, Hasar. The cadre, Ansel, Ilias and the mute master, Galan, Philippa, Rolfe, Madam Florine, Ren and Murtaugh, Emrys and Malakai, Luca, and even Nox Owen, who Aelin had been informed by Rowan, made the ring she would wear for the rest of her immortal existence.

Aelin could hear the music playing through double doors to the theatre and was anxiously tapping her foot, impatient to get to Rowan after having to spend the previous night apart. Her heart wasn’t heavy anymore. It seemed so silly to her now that it had only occurred to her to speak to Rowan on this day, instead of opening up to him before. Her mate would always lead her back. He brought her back from literal hell, demons and all, and never gave up on her. She could share this burden. Aelin could rise above and be the ruler she knew she was meant to be, with Rowan at her side.

Lysandra scolded her again, “You don’t get to go before I do. And I don’t get to go before Elide does and then Fleetfoot does… Need I go on? Evangeline is halfway down, just stand still.”

Aelin crouched to scratch behind Fleetfoot’s ears. Aelin levelled a gaze at her dearest friend in the entire world. “You seem a little… out of sorts, Lysandra.”

Lysandra grimaced briefly before shooing Elide out of the grand oak double doors. “Go, go!” Elide barely had time to gather herself upright before she was walking. Aelin’s brows raised and she hid her face in Fleetfoot’s shining coat, content to drop the obviously unwelcome topic.

“Are you ready, girl?” Fleetfoot waved her fanning tail in excitement and offered a dainty lick in response, very unlike Fleetfoot. Was everyone nervous?

Lysandra called Fleetfoot over and made sure Aelin and Rowan’s rings were securely fastened to the canine’s collar before opening the door. “Come on, girl. Down you go.” Fleetfoot licked Aelin’s face again before turning and bursting through the doors and starting down the aisle. Aelin’s Fae hearing picked up the sounds of surprised laughter and the dogs’ brazen lack of finesse. It suited Aelin.  

As Fleetfoot trotted down the aisle, tail flying behind her like a silken banner, Lysandra sniffled.

“Lys?” Aelin inquired, stepping towards her friend who took a step back.

“Don’t come closer!”

Aelin cocked an eyebrow in question but stayed firmly in place.

“Three months ago, I never imagined we’d be able to celebrate this. Three months ago, no one knew if you were going to survive. But we are here, and you are here. You’re alive. And Terrasen will be fine. We will all be fine because we can all be together. I’m just overwhelmed is all. These rutting emotions getting the better–, “ she cut herself off with a gasp before she clamped her hands over her mouth.

Aelin’s eyes widened in sudden understanding and it took every bit of restraint to keep her in place. But a wide grin spread across her face and she ran a finger across the silver beginning to line her eyes.

“Oh Gods, Aelin. I’m sorry!”

Aelin laughed, “Don’t be. It’s perfect. It’s news that can only make this day better. I’m happy for you, Lys. Does Aedion know?”

Lysandra straightened, her nose slightly red. “No… but, it’s my turn, we’ll talk after okay? Remember, count to ten and follow.” She walked through the doors without giving Aelin a chance to reply.

Aelin rolled her shoulders back and counted to ten in her head. She took a deep breath before she felt an icy draft that smelled of pine and snow open the double doors wide to welcome her. The breeze caressed her gently and she shivered as she made eye contact with her mate. Aelin felt like she could move literal mountains with the emotions and adrenaline flaming through her veins as she met his gaze. She tried not to run down the aisle and fling herself at him as she beheld the burning emotions roiling in his eyes.

The all string instrument orchestra, which was seated on the majestic stage of the theatre behind the arch, started up as she was revealed. The soothing melodies beckoning to her, her magic wanting to entwine and to play through the simple weaving music.

She started her walk, each step deliberately set with a slight drop from the upright bass, but kept her eyes focused on Rowan. As each step brought her closer, any reservations, any doubts about herself vanished. Nothing could stop her now. She had felled Valg Kings and Queens with the people in this room, she had the strongest magic any living or known Fae had ever possessed. Aelin felt… untouchable and most importantly, free. It was thanks to everyone here. That safety, that knowledge… she was only beginning to understand and accept it. She would do right by every person in this world. She would not turn conqueror, but offer her lands as a healing respite, welcome to all.

As she passed each row of seating, the candles set on either side lit up with her flames. This earned some appreciation from the meager audience.

Aelin continued lighting the candles down the aisle all the while keeping her gaze locked on Rowan. He was devouring her. The dress hugged her in all the right places and his gaze turned… slightly indecent. This earned a cough from Dorian, who was standing just behind the arch, waiting to marry Rowan and Aelin. Rowan snarled half-heartedly at Dorian but leashed the desire in his features anyways. She could tell he knew what she was thinking, as peace settled over her. He could feel the changes in her too. It would take time to put her plans into action, but she would share those plans, share the burdens.

As Aelin reached the arch, the candles around the base of the arch lit up at the same time, surrounding Aelin and Rowan in warmth while simultaneously basking them in a candle lit glow. Snowflakes started to fall as Aelin placed her hands in Rowan’s and they turned to face Dorian.

Dorian bowed his head and murmured, “Majesties.”

Rowan and Aelin bowed their heads as well. “Majesty,” they spoke in unison.

Some snowflakes dusted in Dorian’s dark hair, but the heat of the candles kept the three of them warm as the snow continued to fall. He shifted nervously before clearing his throat and addressing the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Oh! Fae and witches, too I suppose,” he paused as Fenrys’ laugh boomed out over the snickers of said witches and fae. Dorian was clearly pleased as his eyes sparkled with amusement. Aelin grinned.

“We have gathered here today to bear witness to yet another joining of Rowan Whitethorn and Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. They continued to take these opportunities from us so now, we’ve locked the doors and we aren’t leaving until we finally see these two commit.” Rowan chuckled and his hands gently squeezed Aelin’s, grateful that they were here. Grateful it was possible.

Judging by the tears starting to well up in Dorian’s eyes, he was too. Aelin smiled gently at her friend, expressing so much more than what she could say out loud now.

Dorian’s voice was clear, strong and sure as he spoke from the heart. Of the assassin he had met, the assassin he had loved and he had cherished and considered one of his greatest friends. The Queen who saved his life, everything she was willing to sacrifice to ensure everyone here survived. The Queen who almost didn’t get to see the good she could bring to the world, but how incredible it was that she stood before him today, because of the warrior who had saved him, the warrior who had taught him and protected him. The warrior who never lost faith, even when darkness tried to cleave him and his mate apart. He spoke of their journey, a beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching time as they themselves fought to overcome what ate them individually. Before they agreed they could do more as a team. The promises that brought them here today. The love and will that would shape the future for the better, an epic tale that was only just beginning.

He spoke of their adventures together, the thrills, the downs and the happy times.

Some of the guests in the audience started to cry, but it meant the world that their friends could be here today to witness as their souls were laid bare.

Aelin expressed her gratitude by beaming at them through her tears as Dorian called for Rowan and Aelin to exchange the sacred vows of Terrasen, to exchange the vows they requested specifically for themselves.

Aelin spoke first.

“Rowan-rutting-Whitethorn,” she choked out as tears streamed down her cheeks. The crowd was sniffling and chuckling now. “I could not be who I am without you. You have shown me courage and bravery when I saw nothing in myself. In my lowest moments, you reminded me that I had a reason to fight. I had millions of reasons to fight. You guided me home when I was lost. I am forever grateful for the good you see in me. This life, with you to walk the journey with me? I am excited. For the first time in my life, I am looking forward and not backwards. I will endeavor to spend the next thousand years making sure I’ve earned your trust, your loyalty and your heart.”

Rowan was crying. Aelin was crying. Dorian was turned to the side, quite obviously crying. Rowan took a few steadying breaths before gathering Aelin closer, holding her hands not nearly close enough for him.

“Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. You were a thorn in my side, a pain in my ass-“

Aelin started laughing through her tears along with the guests.

“For all of, perhaps a day.” He paused as he let that sink in. “I was not kind to you. I pissed you off intentionally because I liked seeing the fire blaze in your eyes. It showed me that you were still there, even with the weight of grief crushing you. We were both lost but for the first time in two hundred years, I felt a flicker of something I had almost forgotten existed: hope. So I pushed you. I was cruel, Gods know Emrys had a go at me and made me feel something else I hadn’t felt in a long time: shame. My point is that you came into my life, a spitball of fire and you made me feel. After so many years of being numb, you brought life with you. Beautiful, fiery life. I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame. It made no difference to me that you were a lost Princess. After a while, I only knew that I wanted - no I needed you, with any strings that came along. That has not changed. What has changed is that I cannot imagine a world where your sass, where your wit and where your smile does not exist. You light up my life, on occasion quite literally,” he chuckled. “I will never have to go a day without you again. I am so thankful to you for bringing me back to life.”

Dorian’s eyes crinkled, tears still streaming down his face, the guests were almost inconsolable. Dorian called everyone to order. “Had I known you were both planning on destroying us emotionally, I may have declined the invitation.” He grinned, dabbing at his eyes. “The exchanging of the rings, if you will.”

Aelin slid Rowan’s ring on his finger, looked deeply into his eyes and spoke once more. “To whatever end.”

Rowan’s hands engulfed her own as he slid her ring on her finger. He could look nowhere else, drawn to the life that beckoned within her. “To whatever end.”

The small crowd erupted as the music reached its crescendo, and Rowan dipped Aelin, holding her tight, before sealing the union with a searing kiss.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for some art advice? I'm a super beginner and proportions are the bane of me, in both realistic and cartoon attempts. How do / did you practice proportions? Did you have to work at it a long time until you were happy with it?

this dude does a good demonstration, and covers more than just faces:

he explains it in a way that makes you realize everything is relative to everything else. something he doesn’t really cover however, is using a grid to help you better grasp how things are proportioned to help you better understand how to change them to fit what you’re doing.

things is, i still struggle with proportions, and it’s largely due to old habits that i had. i would always elongate and make things heavily lop-sided, which is still something i struggle with when free-handing. i keep a straight edge or some sort of ruler in all of my sketchbooks now, just in case i feel something isn’t quite right.

Anonymous said:

First off, I love love love your stuff. Always makes me giggle. So thanks! :) I really like to draw stuff, and some days I do crazy stuff way out of my league and other days I can’t draw a square - the latter is really frustrating and makes it hard to keep drawing - if today happens to be a bad art day I’m afraid gonna hate what I draw. Do you experience this and how do you get through it?



something a lot of people don’t know is that i’m currently a chronic pain sufferer. it largely impacts my mood and ability to draw. i firmly believe that a happy artist is a good artist, and when pain gets too much, i go into Rage Mode and everything i make looks, to me, like garbage.

what i do to overcome it is just……enjoy the pocket. that time where you feel good, and you’re really into what you’re doing, find that pocket and live in it for a minute. you can’t always be on top of it at all times. some people take years-long breaks just to find the pocket again.

but you say you do “crazy stuff way out of your league”–realize that the crazy stuff you’re doing, that is your league. that’s what you do. what you made didn’t just happen on pure chance. that’s your art.

it’s ok to realize that not every piece is a masterpiece. i can’t begin to tell you the thousands of pieces that have been deleted, thrown out, and never shown the light of day.

Anonymous said:

Hey, Scout! Do you usually know what size canvas you want to draw/paint on or do you keep adjusting the size as you go along? Do you have any favorite sets of dimensions, or standards you like to work with? (I just keep adjusting mine as I go because I don’t know what I’m doing I guess?)

heya! i do normally know the size of canvas i’m going to work with. thing is, once you start creating pieces for print, your idea of concrete dimensions becomes a little more strict. you never know when something might take off, so you have to be ready to have it in a size suitable for printing.

comics are the only things i don’t really care what dimensions i have, but i work really tiny with them. especially post-episode comics! i always have a 500x900 72dpi canvas open in case i wanna whip up a quick strip

Reunion (Dean Ambrose)

Originally posted by lunaticrollins

All love and thanks to @xsimplynaex for coming up with this idea ❣


A 16yr old Brielle stumbles upon her adoption papers from years before and decides to confront her birth dad: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


“Mom, dad…” Brielle said as she walked into her parents bedroom. “Care to explain these adoption papers?”

She glanced at her parents one by one, as they glanced at each other as if mentally trying to figure the best way to ease into this.

“I um…” Her mom sighed. “How did you even find those?” She asked, questioning Bri back.

Bri groaned looking up at the ceiling then back. “You know I was looking for stuff to finish my family tree project, now please…” She explained then pleaded. “If dad’s not…” She bit her lip unsure how to finish that sentence.

She just didn’t want to hurt Roman, or her dad, by saying the wrong thing.

Obviously he’s the one who helped raise her but now she had this paper in her hands that was quickly changing the life she knew.

She heard her dad, Roman, sigh. “…His name’s Dean Ambrose. An old friend of mines.” He spoke up.

“Can I met him?”


Brielle took a deep breath as she heard the door unlock from the inside.

She looked back at her dad, who was waiting in the car after dropping her off.

Bri knows this had to be hard for him but he wanted to give her the answers she now desperately needed.

The door finally opened, making Bri tear her attention from one important man, to focus on another one.

Her eyes focused on another pair that was identical to hers. “D..Dean?” She stuttered out, her emotions starting to get the best of her.

“Brielle…?” Dean gasped completely shocked.


“I can’t believe you’re really here.” Dean said. “How did you even find me?”

Brielle smiled.

He has questions just like me, she thought.

“Me and my dad, flew out on a whim.” She began explaining. “We didn’t even know if you’d still be here but we took that chance. He says you two were old friends.”

Dean nodded his eyes still locked on her. “Yeah we were, we used to be like brothers a long time ago.” He said in a reminiscing tone. “Before–”


Her birth dad chuckled a little. “I was gonna say before I was stupid.”

Bri giggled a little from his chuckle.

“Oh.” She replied.


“…I’m actually captain of the cheer team at my school. And oh.” She exclaimed. “I almost made straight A’s on this semester’s report card.”

Dean narrowed his eyes plaufully. “Almost? Why almost?”

He watched as his daughter shyly shrugged. “I got a D in P.E.”

Before he could prevent it another chuckle, the fifth one in the span of an hour as it seemed, came from his mouth. “How does one get a D in P.E.?” He asked.

Bri let out a dramatic sigh. “Okay so, I’m not really into the physical stuff. I don’t know, maybe I just didn’t get that gene from you.” She smiled looking around at pictures and things from his WWE career.

“Okay let me see if I’m following you.” Dean said. “You’re captain of the cheer team, which involves physical activity. Yet you’re not really into the physical stuff. You’re crazy.” He said playfully.

“Oh you’re one to talk, Mr. Lunatic Fringe.” Bri said poking her tongue out at him.

Dean couldn’t help but smile wider than before, if that was possible at her calling him by his nickname he gained through his WWE years.

“You know that?” He asked sorta surprised.

Bri nodded. “I kinda did some research on the plane and the car ride here…” She trailed off before whispering. “I wanted to be prepared.”

Dean copied her nod, as the room fell silent for a minute.

When he woke up this morning, he didn’t once think that the little girl, well now young lady, that he hasn’t saw since that night in in the parking lot sleeping in Roman’s arms, would track him down and fly all the way to Vegas just to meet him.

A sinking feeling made it’s say through his body.

Man, the thought. I wish I would be done things differently, ten years ago.

A gasp filled the silence, causing both Dean and Bri to look up.

“Is this who i think it is?” He heard his wife, Renee ask, smiling at Brielle.

Dean cleared his throat, standing up. “Bri, this is Renee.” He smiled from his daughter to his wife. “My wife.”

Brielle stood up also, awkwardly extending her hand, but got pulled into a hug.

“You are so beautiful.” Renee gushed making Bri blush. “I bet guys fight over you.” She giggled.

“Just one.” Bri replied her cheeks still tinted red.

But Dean wasn’t amused. His over protective dad ways kicking in.

“Renee…” He said letting out a breath.

Renee playfully rolled her eyes. “Okay okay. Sorry about bringing up boys.” She said to him, then turned to Bri. “It was nice finally getting to see you.” She said before exciting the room.

“I’m sorry about her.” Dean apologized.

Brielle shook her head with a giggle. “It’s okay.”

They continued their conversation back up, for a little while longer before it started getting late.


A car horn sounded from outside.

Bri frowned a bit before sighing. “I guess dad’s back.”

Dean nodded, a frown from him coming into play also. “Thank you for this, Brielle.” He said as they both stood up one again.

“Thank you too.” She said walking to the door. “Oh wait, I almost forgot.” She said, digging through her purse. “I brought these for you…”

She handed Dean a nice box wirh stack of pictures inside.

“…They’re pictures of me through the years. And my number’s in there somewhere.” She smiled. “I wasn’t sure if–”

Dean quickly interrupted her. “I love ‘em.” He said, swallowing hard and tears stinging his eyes.

He wasn’t one to cry but this was bottled up emotions starting to overflow.

“You didn’t even look at them yet.”

“If they’re pictures of you, I love them.” He replied a few tears falling.

Bri smiled lunging herself at him, her arms wrapping around his larger frame. “And I love you too, daddy number two.” She said giggling, while also getting emotional.

“I love you to Brielle.” Dean smiled back, encasing her smaller frame in his arms. “Oh and happy early birthday.”


Brielle pulled from the hug, slightly surprised. “You know my birthday’s coming up?”

She didn’t know he would even keep up with that, considering they weren’t in each other’s lives before this morning.

Dean nodded. “Next week on the 12th.”

“In that case.” Bri started. “Me and my parents are celebrating, with some of my friend’s and our family.” She bit her lip. “You’re welcome to come, of you’re not busy.”

She searched his eyes, trying to get any hint of what he would say.

“I…” He said hesitant. “I don’t know if your parents would want that. With everything that’s happened–”

She groaned, kinda frustrated.

“Whatever happened, it happened ten years ago. That’s a whole decade to get over things. It’s my party and I want you there.” She pouted. “I’ll even tell dad about it and deal with mom, when I get back to Florida.”

Dean looked at her.

How could he at her down again, after she’s cone all this way. He couldn’t.

“Is that boyfriend of yours going to be there? Cause I don’t want to have to hurt him.”

Brielle laughed. “If you come, I don’t care what you do to him. Just not too much, he’s already had one dad of mines to face.”

“It’s a deal.” Dean agreed.

Brielle clapped happily. “Yay!” She said just as happily before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. “Tell Renee, she’s invited too.”


“I will.” Dean said to her as she ran to Roman’s car.

Before he knew what his arm was doing, he was waving to his former brother.

He got a couple of honks from Roman in response before he went back into his house, a huge smile on his face.


Brielle, leaned over giving Roman a kiss on his cheek just like she’d done with Dean, daddy number two, then sat back in her seat, pulling the seatbelt across her body.

“I’m guessing from how happy you look, it went well.” Roman said smiling.

Brielle giggled. “It did, daddy.” She nodded. “And I even invited him to celebrate my 17th birthday with us.”


Should I try to stretch this out into 5 parts like Support or leave it as is?


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Reveling in Richonne

#98: The Relief (7x16)

This moment. 😭 Y’all this moment was one of the most beautifully raw and emotional Richonne moments to date. It was our last bit of Richonne dialogue for season 7 and it was so special.

I knew the season 7 finale would be emotional just from the first few seconds when Sasha is listening to Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free” and I was hit right in my African American feels. 😋

(Side note: Sonequa really did her thing this season and I’m glad her talent really got to shine before she left. 👏🏽👏🏽)

Losing Sasha was already really sad but then they gotta put this scene in with Richonne and Carl cuz again, TWD has no chill. And I’m so glad they had this scene cuz it made it crystal clear how deeply, deeply in love Rick and Michonne are. 😭

Y'all this was such a moving scene so we have to break it all the way down. 👌🏽

So first you see Michonne leaned up against the wall looking pretty beat up. This was so sad to see cuz you know she must have been hurt really bad if she had to stop and just lean against the wall and sit out this fight.

Like she probably was hoping to make her way to the others, after her own fight, and help and warning slice some Saviors cuz she’s Michonne that’s what she does, but she was too injured to even move that much. 😥

And it’s heartbreaking cuz you know she was probably so beyond worried for her boys, even more than herself, and she had to just sit there not knowing what their fate was. And plus she’s alone, like what if this was how she was about to go out? Alone and not knowing if her loved ones made it. 😥Thank God that didn’t happen. 🙌🏾

Instead, we see Rick enter the frame and it’s interesting cuz you can tell he first enters the room with his gun up and ready cuz he doesn’t know what crazies might still be lurking.

Like just from that one half shot you can tell that he was ready to be OG Rick Grimes and take out whoever needed to be taken out. 👏🏽

And I just love that Michonne has OG Rick Grimes to come after her and protect her lol. Like this man is nothing to play with and he’s putting all those nothing-to-play-with-efforts towards finding her. Here for it. 👌🏽

And then he sees her and immediately switches from savage Rick to Michonne’s man Rick.

He rushes to her and again gets all up close and personal, which I love. And then he says Michonne’s name two times and you hear something different in each way that he says her name.

The first time he says it, he doesn’t even know if she’s alive so it’s this very hesitant nervous “Michonne?“ to see if he’ll get a reaction. Like imagine this moment of being in front of the person you’re in love with and having to say their name, unsure if they will respond back or if you’ll get confirmation that they’re really gone. 😢

And he doesn’t get a reaction from the first time saying her name so he says it a second time with heightened concern in his voice as he fears she might not respond.

Like you can hear the desperation and just brokenness he feels when he says her name a second time. And it’s sad cuz he so clearly fears that she might be gone but he has to say her name again just to hold on to that hope that maybe this time will be different.

And this is when we cue my internal tears. Cuz Michonne does respond and then y’all the way Rick reacts just slays me every single time. 😭😭

The amount of overwhelming relief that pours out of him when he sees that she’s alive is so precious and moving. Like you can literally, I mean literally, see Rick become overcome with joy that the love of his life is still alive.

Seeing his response to her being alive really hit home to me how deeply interconnected these two are. Seeing she’s alive just made him come back to life.

Like it’s true what people say, there really is no Rick without Michonne. Cuz Michonne is Rick’s rock and guiding star and without her we saw just how lost and crushed he’d be, even just in the few seconds of him thinking she might not be alive.

Michonne told Rick in season 3 “You need me” and it’s still so true to this day and this moment really illustrated that. During this whole battle the wind had been knocked out of Rick and seeing Michonne move her head just put the air back in his lungs.

I’ve mentioned a lot in these posts about how Rick gets to be completely human with her and I think this is one of the most human moments I’ve ever seen of Rick.

Like right here he was literally just a person who was overjoyed that his best friend and love and rock was still alive.

It again made me think about how the one thing Rick has just for himself outside of his kids is Michonne. She’s someone he loves intensely and someone who makes his personal life better and happier. Like she is not only someone he loves in his life, this is also someone he very much wants in his life, and someone who plays a huge part in making life worth living for him.

And you see Rick be filled with gratitude about the fact that, that special one of a kind person in his life is still alive.

Michonne slowly turns towards him and you can see Rick having to actively resist his inner magnet because he clearly wants to touch her but he’s not sure how hurt she is and he knows he has to be careful of how fragile she may be rn. Always so mindful. 😊 And he says with so much relief “You’re alive.”

And then the way Michonne works up a subtle smile and reaches for him when she hears his voice and sees it’s him. Y’all it slays me yet again.

It is seriously too precious. Like even in all this pain she still can’t help but show how happy she is that he’s now right in front of her. They in love y’all.

You can tell that knowing Rick is alive is such a relief to her as well cuz for all she knew Rick could have been killed and the odds of Rick not making it out of that battle were high so this is a blessing right now that he’s alive and that he’s found her alive.

And then, only once it’s clear that Michonne’s alive, does Carl enter the room. 😭 This always stood out to me cuz it makes me think maybe Carl wasn’t quite ready to go in the room and see Michonne in this state or maybe Rick wanted him to wait.

And it’s super sweet when Carl does enter and stoop right beside them cuz you can see how happy he is that Michonne survived. Like these boys really love this woman. 😭

I saw someone point out how Rick looks like he kisses Michonne’s hand and y’all I am here for that. When I saw the scene again it really does look like it, especially cuz you see Michonne reach for him. So to whoever pointed that out, you a real one lol. 👌🏽👏🏽

These gestures are so sweet and Rick values Michonne so much. 😭 It’s also just further proof that magnets are a powerful thing. 😋

And then Michonne sort of has this nodding movement as she starts trying to get out the words “We’re the ones who live.” And I love this nodding cuz I feel like seeing Rick and Carl by her side really confirms to her that they truly are the ones who live.

Like she’s reassured cuz she knows if they could make it through all that chaos and be back with each other at the end of it, then they seriously must be the ones who live.

It’s sweet that despite how much it hurts to talk and how beat up she is, Michonne is still going to try and uplift Rick in this moment and give him this encouraging reminder that they can make it.

You can tell it’s so hard for Rick to see Michonne struggling to speak and so he helps her out by softly repeating, “I know.” and, y’all, these “Richonne tones” never fail to melt my heart cuz he’s speaking with so much love and gentleness. 

And then with conviction he tells her “We are. We will”. 😊🏽

I love that, as we’ve seen this motto said between them a couple times throughout the season, we end with them both verbalizing it and believing it.

This moment really demonstrates how Michonne can speak life into her man even when she can hardly speak. 👸🏾👏

And it’s powerful cuz it’s not like they just won this fight and everything is perfect now but they still believe they can live because they are still standing despite the fight and the curveballs that were thrown at them. And like my Homegirl said in the cell; they’re going to keep standing. 💯😌

So after Rick tells her this he looks at her and you can tell those magnets are kicking cuz you can see him thinking of how exactly he can move closer to her without hurting her. And so he leans into her and gives her a hug because those magnets can never and shall never be denied. 🙌🏾😋

I adore this hug. Like it is just so precious and says so much. 😊

(Side note: I also call this the “greedy hug” cuz Rick was going to make Carl wait his turn to hug Michonne lol. Like Michonne is Carl’s best bud and also Carl kinda sorta almost died, so he probably wants to give her a hug too. But Rick is understandably in the moment rn. 😂)

You can really see how much Rick needs this hug. Like yes he wants to hug her to let her know how happy he is that she’s alive but Homeboy also wants to be back in his girl’s arms right now cuz, added to the many things Michonne is Rick’s source of, she’s also Rick’s source of comfort.

This visual of this hug is so sweet cuz it’s like an illustration of how much Rick can lean on and find comfort and security in Michonne.

It seems like this is Rick’s first time getting to just let all the craziness that’s just happened sink in and get to just let his guard down and be comforted. It’s too precious.

And I love that, injured and all, Michonne is still so ready to comfort and embrace him. And I appreciate that Rick also wants to hug her to comfort her as well. Like this hug paints such a clear picture of how much R&M want, love, and need each other and how much they really are one. 😊

Basically this hug is everything and this scene was everything cuz it very visibly illustrated how much Rick and Michonne mean everything to each other. 👌🏽😊

My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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stuck on you. (m) | 01

“I want you to take my virginity.”
“What the fuck did you just ask me, Kim Taehyung?”

or, alternatively:

you’re not actually supposed to take your bestfriend’s virginity when he asks, right?

pairing: kim taehyung x reader 
genre: attempt at crack, eventual smut, college au
warnings: sexual jokes (like a cringe-worthy amount)
words: 9,582k
part: 01/03

out of context quote:
[9:52 am] Taehyung:  ___\o/___ me drowning in ur pussy lol 

“I want you to take my virginity.”

You’ve just taken a gulp of your pulp-included orange juice when Taehyung says this. He’s sitting across from you in the cafeteria of the University you both attend - have attended for the past two years.

His brown coffee coated eyes are staring directly into yours - a serious expression written across his features that tells you what he’s just spoken was said in nothing but pure seriousness.

And he says it so nonchalantly - so earnestly, that you do the only thing you can think of.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after hearing that your best friend, the boy you’ve been in love with for over two years - wants you to take his virginity.

You spit your orange juice out all over him.

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The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

* Please note that the following breakdown contains some potential spoilers for the movie - they’re mostly based on inferences and rumours, but you probably want to skip this post entirely if you’re spoiler-averse. *

I’m exhausted (I woke up way too early to watch that trailer!), but I knew I couldn’t rest until I had done this. There is so much to unpack here, so you’ll have to excuse me for omitting some things (mainly space battles) and skimming over others. 

I’m sure I’m wrong with a good chunk of this, but this is all meant in good fun.

I hope you enjoy my first stab at breaking this baby down - if you think it can be improved or spot anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.

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msdistress said: I saw that civilized werewolves being super competitive when it comes to other packs, and now I can only imagine an AU where (adult) Stiles and Scott are renting a house together, and Derek moves in the same area. And while the McCall pack and the entire Hale pack (Talia, Laura, etc.) are on civilized terms, Scott and Derek just can’t help themselves. And maybe a part of the showing off is actually a way to impress (court) Stiles, as in “My lawn ornaments are much nicer than his!”

So this is kind of that, but kind of not? This is pretty silly :) Happy Halloween!

“You’re not dead,” Stiles says as Scott bangs open the door and shucks off his shoes in the next movement. They hit the wall and then bounce into an ungainly pile in the middle of the hallway that Liam will no doubt trip over when he gets home.

“Nope,” Scott says. He looks confused by that part.

“So… That’s good?” Stiles has pumpkin guts all over his hands, but offers Scott a fist bump anyway.

Scott follows Stiles back into the kitchen and then plops down across from Stiles’s half-finished jack-o-lanterns at the counter. He’s a couple weeks early, but Halloween has to be taken seriously. These are practice pumpkins.

Scott says, “It was weird. I think they’re all models. They force-fed me pie.”

Stiles arches a skeptical eyebrow.

“I mean, the pie was great,” Scott says, face screwed up. “I think they were happy I ate the whole thing?”

Werewolf metabolism, Stiles thinks sourly. He’s getting to that age where he has to watch his beer and pizza intake. It sucks. He says, “I’ll make them brownies,” and then apparently it becomes a thing.


Stiles doesn’t know if the Hale pack are actually all models, but they’re definitely taking the supernaturally hot thing to a whole other level.

Scott’s betas are reasonably attractive, sure, but Liam’s the size of a cave troll and Mason’s on this whole hippie-chic kick that makes him look like a train hobo.

Stiles holds out the plate of brownies and tries not to stare at Erica’s boobs. Boyd has the bulging chest of a roman gladiator and Stiles could cut his hands on Isaac’s cheekbones, it’s insane.

Stiles says, “Nice to meet you guys,” and Erica’s lip curls up and her hands hover around the plastic-wrapped plate like it’s made of poison and-or possibly oatmeal. He waggles the plate back and forth. “Promise they’re wolfsbane free.”

And then Jackson fucking Whittmore comes swanning down the staircase and Stiles says, “You’ve got to be shitting me. Jackson?”

“Stilinski,” Jackson says with a scowl.

“Lydia told us you got eaten by a giant lizard.”

Jackson scowls harder. “Fuck off.”

Stiles would like to say that the addition of Jackson makes the pack less appealing, but despite having the personality of a canned ham, Jackson still looks like he was carved out of marble. Balls.

And then someone says, “Do I smell chocolate?” from behind Stiles and he definitely does not jump three feet into the air, but it’s a close call.

He flinches and spins around and says, “Fuck my life.”

The hottest mountain man Stiles has ever seen is frowning at him and Stiles wants to bury his entire body in his beard. He wants to weasel his way under that soft-looking Henley and lick his collarbones. Stiles is ninety-nine percent sure this is Alpha Derek Hale, even though Scott had failed to prepare him for the way Derek’s eyes are eating Stiles’s soul.

Stiles wordlessly holds out the plate of brownies.

Derek takes them with a resigned silence. No one else is saying anything either, and the back of Stiles’s neck is starting to prickle with unease. Are they going to eat him now? They’d moved into town so Liam and Mason could go to the local college, expecting some kind of resistance, territorial posturing, possible brawl for dominance, but Scott had been tirelessly optimistic—even more so since the pie eating thing.

Stiles slinks around Derek, hands up. He says, “I’ll just, uh… leave now,” and backs down the sidewalk so he can see any kind of attack coming. He’s got a taser in his back pocket and he’s not afraid to use it.

The Hale pack all watch him with narrow, calculating eyes and Jackson gives him the finger.

Stiles thinks that if this is the way they react to brownies, he’s going to bake them a motherfucking cake.

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BTS Reaction to hearing you accidentally confess-

(for anon)


Originally posted by bwiseoks

“So you got home okay?” Jin asked as you locked your front door. “Yes, i’m good. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Okay see you Y/N!” “See you Jinnie, I love you.” Your eyes widened as you realized your mistake. The other line went deadly quiet. Before you had a chance to press the end button, he finally spoke up. “What kind of love?..” He asked softly. Of course you were going to deny, deny, deny. “The I would do anything for you kind of love.” But that didn’t happen. “I love you too Y/N…so much.” 


Originally posted by boo-t-s

As Yoongi was telling you about this girl he’d met. You, once again, had to put on a brave face and pretend to be happy for him. “So I’m thinking of asking her out this weekend when I have a little bit of time.” You looked up at him with hurt in your eyes. Talking about this girl was one thing but asking her out? “You’re asking her out?” “Yeah? What’s the problem?” “You can’t fucking do that to me Min Yoongi!” It just slipped out of your mouth. Like word vomit. He looked into your eyes with an unreadable look on his face. “What does that mean.” He demanded. You shrugged and tried your hardest to keep your cool. “You know you can’t do that to me cause we hardly spend anytime together an-” Yoongi interrupted with a swift, loving kiss to your lips. Shocking you greatly. He pulled away. Just inches away from your face. “I know what you meant.”


Originally posted by nochuie

Once you found out that Hoseok injured his ankle during a performance, you rushed to the dorms. Once Jimin opened the door for you, you pushed past him to get to Hoseok’s room. He was laid on his bed with his ankle wrapped up. A pair of crutches laid against the wall beside his bed. “Hoseokie..” you said before rushing to his side. He gave you a relaxed smile and shook his head. “I’m fine Y/N, you don’t have to worry about me. Just a little twist is all.” You shook your head as you examined his ankle. “Either way i’m going to take care of you, alright? I have some sick days from work so i’m gonna use them this week.” “Why would you waste your sick days on me?” You looked at him like he was crazy. “It’s not a waste for the man I love, Hoseok.” Your eyes went wide as you realized what you said. “What?…” Hoseok sat up a little. His eyes fixated on you. “What did you say?” You shook your head and stared at the floor. “Y/N what did you say?” He gripped your chin to meet his face. “I’m the man you love?” He asked. His nose was right against yours now. “Say it again. I’ve been waiting  SO long for you to say those words to me.”

Rap Mon-

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

“No way! Y/M you didn’t!” Namjoon said excitedly as he finished upwrapping the gift you got him. It was a book he’d been dying for, but couldn’t find it anywhere. You tracked down someone who had one of the original copies and paid a substantial amount for it. “Where did you find it?! I’ve been looking for so long, oh my God!” Namjoon went in for a hug but without thinking, and overcome with happiness due to his excitement, you went in for a kiss. Your lips met for a split second before you pulled away and gasped. “Oh fuck i’m…” you covered your mouth in embarrassment as your cheeks grew pink. “I’m really sorry..” You were about to walk away when Namjoon surprised you by grabbing your and sitting down quickly. You straddling his lap. “Do you know how long i’ve been waiting to taste those lips of yours?” He asked for pressing his lips against yours once more.


Originally posted by jiminrolls

You and Jimin always had a touchy, playful relationship. And for you, it escalated into a strong love that could never die. As you watched while Jimin played with the fingers on your hand, you spoke to a friend of yours on the phone. “No i’m busy right now but I can come by tomorrow. Yeah, i’m just with my boyfriend.” You said without thinking. You’d always secretly referred to Jimin as your boyfriend when people who didn’t know about him asked. You stopped speaking completely and looked up slowly to meet Jimin’s eyes. His eyes were wide opened, looking directly at yours while his mouth was slightly agape. “I…I’ll call you later.” You said quickly before hanging up on your friend. “Jimin, I-” “FINALLY!” He shouted while pumping his fists in the air. “My girlfriend!! Yes!!”


Originally posted by kpopfordays

You and Taehyung were out for your weekly best friend dinner. You both loved picking off each other’s plates and being annoying so sitting by eachother was a must. You both were talking and eating when a nice older woman stopped by your table. “Excuse me. I just had to tell you what a lovely couple you two make. I bet it’ll last a long time.” She smiled. Before remembering that this was in fact real life and not your dreams, you spoke up. “Thanks so much, we’re really in love.” Your eyes widened when you realized that this was in fact reality. “I’m very glad.” She said before walking away. You couldn’t even turn to look at Taehyung. You then felt a pair of lips pressed against your cheek. “A long, long, time.” He whispered. You turned to look at him and blush before turning back around and leaning against him. Bringing up a piece of meat to your boyfriend’s lips. 


Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Realizing that it was way too late and raining way too hard for you to drive home, you decided to spend the night with Jungkook. The man you’ve been in love with for years now. You climbed into bed beside him and turned to bid him goodnight. “Night, I love you.” You said before turning back around and laying on your side. ‘Oh fuck’ you thought as it hit you what you just said. OUT LOUD. “Really?” Jungkook asked. You decided that pretending to fall asleep was the way to go so you did just that. “Y/N?” You stayed completely quiet, hoping he’d forget and just go to sleep. Before you knew it, you felt a strong arm wrap around your waist and pull you in close. “I love you too,” Jungkook whispered into your hair. 

It Ain’t Me: Part 9

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.2 K

Genre: Angst

Part 8 | Part 10

Check out my Masterlist!

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Mothers’ Weekend

Hello there! Long time, no see (my bad I know) but, here: an Alicia Zimmermann-centric piece as she goes to Parents’ Weekend during Jack’s freshmen year. [focus on Alicia, Jack, and Shitty] 6k

Somewhere, deep in her heart, Alicia Zimmermann knows she is a bad mother.

It started out as a worry, as maybe it does for all new mothers, that she will be a bad mother. That she won’t know what to do with a baby or a toddler that one day she will accidentally drop him or forget to feed him or feed him something he is actually allergic to or maybe she’ll scar him emotionally somehow and she worried but she survived his childhood okay. And then, after he was five or six, she stopped worrying about it. She thought she was doing pretty good. Jack had hockey and loved hockey and, sure, they didn’t have deep emotional talks but she didn’t exactly have any basis of comparison. Television families told her she was doing okay. No teenage boy wanted to have deep talks with his mother. And, look, if Jack didn’t talk to her all that much as he turned 12 and then 13, at least he was still talking to his father. Mostly still about hockey but she… she thought that had counted. Hockey was like French, to her. Another language she could understand but couldn’t quite speak. But Bob could. He was on top of it. Jack was taken care of.

She loved Jack. That was never the problem. The problem was that her love wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter. It didn’t alert her to any of the facts and maybe it even blinded her– She loved her son and her son loved hockey and so she loved hockey too. She loved her son and then her son seemed to love a boy named Kent and they never talked about it but she let Kent come over all the time and she figured they would discuss it at some point. She just… assumed everything was okay. Even after he was diagnosed with the anxiety disorder and given pills. It was always… well, that was a little problem but it’s handled and under control and everything is okay now.

See. Bad mother.

A good mother would have known somehow.

A good mother would have pushed and prodded or sensed it without even having to be told.

A good mother would have paid attention to how hard Jack was on himself. A good mother would have made sure her son had interests outside of hockey. A good mother would have known that Jack’s long silences after losses weren’t normal. A good mother would have preached balance and fostered friendships with different types of people and stopped the fucking hockey.

She didn’t though. Stop the hockey. No, not Alicia Zimmermann. She encouraged it. She went to the games and cheered the loudest and she even loved it a little bit because she thought it brought him joy, like his father. She bought into the vision: Jack playing hockey like Bob, the Zimmermann legacy continued throughout the ages…

God, she even used to tease Jack about how it took his father three years to win a Cup and she was sure Jack could manage it faster than his old man.

A good mother wouldn’t have done that. So, see, she’s always been a bad mother. Even now, now that she’s almost lost him, now that she’s promised to do better, now that she’s finally read all the books and online articles about anxiety and pressure and the danger of sports and hockey culture… now she’s still just as bad. Just for different reasons.

Now she is a bad mother because it’s Saturday afternoon and he’s been at Samwell for almost three months and she does not feel like mothers are supposed to feel in this moment.

She glances around. At the sea of other mothers and fathers crammed onto Samwell’s campus for Parents’ Weekend. They are not nervous. They are excited. Happy. Enthusiastic. Overjoyed to see the teenager they had left just a couple months ago again. To her right is a father almost (but not quite) breaking into a run to give his son a hug. To her left, a mother has burst into tears. Happy tears.

And then there’s her. She’s not excited to see Jack. Well, no. No, it’s not that she’s not excited. She is. She is. (She is. She repeats it once more just to remind herself). She is just…

She is nervous too. More nervous than she is excited.

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Time to float - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Time to float

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: If you’re taking requests for Bill Skarsgård can you write one where the reader is a famous actress and also little Jackson Scott’s big sister (the kid who plays Georgie) so she attends the premiere with him wearing a stunning dress as usual, she meets Bill who is awestruck bc hes a huge fan with a massive crush on her, the kids who played in the movie myb tease him a little bit, and she’s flattered and thinks hes adorable idk i like this idea 
YN is Jackson older sister and Bill is her fan!so when he finds out he tries his best to get Jackson to introduce them,and when he does,Jackson can’t help and teels big sis that Bill has a crush on her and he’s just super adorkable to admit! later they all say that on an interview,and the kids love to make fun of them

“Jackson please don’t run! Be careful, sweetie, you’re gonna-” you stopped yourself when you heard you little brother giggle and you realized what you’d just said “Oh gosh I am turning into mom!” you breathed out, eyes wide.

Your little brother ran back to you, wrapping his small arms around your legs and you looked down to be met with his adorable smile “Yes you are! But I am always going to love you the most! More than mom and dad, and more than anyone else in the world!” he said and you giggled.

“And you will always be the number one man in my heart, JR!” you leaned down to pick him up and kiss his cheek as he wrapped his arms around your neck with a big smile.

“Even before dad?” he asked and you grinned, nodding your head.

“But we’re not gonna tell him that, because it’s gonna break his heart.” you pouted, and he giggled.

“You bet it will!” your father piped in, saying with a serious nod and you laughed with Jackson as he kissed your cheek before going to help your mother.

“And… even more than him?” he said with what was supposed to be a smirk on his face and you chuckled, tickling his belly.

“You sly little tease!” you grinned as he squirmed in your arms “Alright, maybe I really do like him a little bit but-”

He rolled his eyes so dramatically at you and shook his head “A lot!”

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you flower you feast; Shawn Mendes

a/n: so i was literally ordered to write this and i just agreed. My two faves came together in an abundance of love and adoration and honestly i’m still not over it. 

synopsis: going to see Harry in concert with Shawn and he can’t keep his hands off of you.

Originally posted by shawndreaming

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