i think he does like me and that makes me so happy

this past weekend was so great. i feel so lucky to get to love him. it’s so insane to think that i really shouldn’t have ever met him, but by some random (does random exist?) turn of events, he’s now one of the most important people in my life. christopher is such a great life-buddy. and he’s a total babe and has the perfect chest to nap on. and he’s good at words with friends. and is good to his mama and his dog. and holds me tight when the bad feels creep in. he makes me happy and hopeful. i really like knowing him. </end sappy post that probably made you puke while reading>


okay but i’m so curious about like… is ben being bad and insensitive again in asking bea to vlog when she seems to have expressed mild like anti-vloggishness. i dunno. i mean they’re dating, so he asks her over a video to vlog and then meg ends up to be the one doing it . which makes me thing that bea has issues doing it, and why wouldn’t she after what happened last year? i dunno. ben is worrying me because while its believable and real and i STILL think hes an adorable, giant nerd. he does seem to be overlooking other people’s issues a LOT which is fine so long as they address it, and i think TCW will because they are AMAZINGGG~

because wow look at the volume of videos i am SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN NMTDDDDD. AHHH. like better as far as my NOT HAVING TO WAIT AS MUCH. 

but MEGGG. oh m ygod. i just, i want bi/pan meg sooo much. have i mentioned? i just. i do. but i want everyone to be not-straight so thats probably not fair of me. SHE GOT P EXCITED ABOUT JULIA. and who was she talking about that we all know that julia is dating? was that a reference to claudio? i feel like i’m missing what should be obvious. but i wasn’t sure?

and i’m semi heartbroken for hero having such a small bday thing but like meg said she was excited and i guess i’d want to have a small thing too after everything but STILL. i’m glad shes pumped for it. I WANT TO SEE EVERYONE SO BADLY OH MY GOD

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lou can you make short spam for me about kaisoo 2015 or their most recent sweet moment? cause there are so many crappy things going in the tag rn :(

yes my lovely here is a short spam for you lets get some good happy kaisoo in there :)

this is really cute

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I’m just here to talk about how happy Steven Universe makes me 

Okay so seeing scenes like this makes me so sad but at the same time… happy? I guess.

My mom commit suicide when I was two, and I never got to meet her. By all means I feel like this SHOULDNT affect me, but it does. Some days all I can think about it HER, and by saying “her” I really have no idea who I’m talking about, because I’ve never met “her”.

Yet it really feels like I should know her, because everybody thinks of me as a part of her, even though she is gone. And I see a lot of that with Steven. He has so much that he needs to learn, that he could only really learn from her, but he can’t. I feel a lot of this too, and I just love how the show put it into words and images. 

I’m just so in love with how this show so perfectly portrays the emotions and baggage that come with losing a parent, particularly a mother. You’re expected to be just like them, and as you grow up, you realize that you ARE just like them, weather you like it or not. I don’t know where I was going with this post but I just love this show, and I hope that it helps out lots of young kids that are going through the same things that I went through.

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What're your opinions on sex? Do you think one should wait for marriage? I'm a 16 y/o girl and this 17 y/o guy that I like who's not a virgin wants to do it and I was raised to think waiting for marriage was the right thing and saving yourself is worth it and whatnot. But he's really sexual, and I'm not quite complaining but I want to make him happy and I feel like he'd be a heck of a great person to have something so beautiful with for the first time. Idk this is so much more difficult for me

My opinion on sex has changed a lot as I have grow up, i was brought up that sex was something that was special and to do with someone you love, and dont get me wrong that what is it for some people, but sex is something that everyone does. There is over 7 billion people on this earth and how did we get here? from sex, sex is so common and normal but its the way that society has told us that it’s something to be afraid of. It’s not, its every day life. If you do not want to have sex with him don’t, don’t have sex with him because you want to make him happy. If you want to wait then wait, do what you think is right and don’t let him change your mind. Sex is not all that cracked up to be, and having sex with someone can be life changing or it can just be a casual thing. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, unless you want it to be a big deal. Do what you want to do, if you feel like he would be a great person to have sex with and that you wouldnt regret it and you look back on it in 20 years time and think wow that was a good way to lose it, and he was such a great person then do it, but legit no one knows. You can predict your future but it’s not always going to turn out that way, do what you want and if you regret it, its life. 

idk if that helped in anyway possible but yea 

Okay but let’s talk about Calvin’s interview. It just made me so happy for so many reasons?! The first is that he talked about it completely openly and I know it would totally be fair if he didn’t want to talk about it and refused to discuss it in interviews but the fact that he does discuss it is so amazing to me. And I’m just so happy that Taylor has somebody in her life who doesn’t mind acknowledging that they’re dating and is proud of it. And then, the way he talks about her? He doesn’t go on and on or make it weird but he just sounds so genuinely happy/genuinely humbled to be with her. “It’s ridiculous.” “She doesn’t just tick off all the boxes; she ticks off boxes I didn’t even know existed.” This quote though?!?! THIS QUOTE!!! Is that not the perfect way to describe Taylor? Is this not literally exactly what she’s like? You think you’ve learned the extent of her talents but you haven’t?! She will always surprise you. With her cooking/baking skills. Or her craftiness. Or her interior design skills. Or her genius party planning streak. Or her poise in tough situations. Or her eloquence when she needs to speak her mind. Or how pretty and detailed and original her hand-painted guitars are? And I love that he knows that about her and says that about her…in an interview…on the air….that he knows is being recorded….for people to hear…and magazines to write stories on…And I just never thought I would see the day when Taylor Swift would have a boyfriend who would say something like this about her in public and…she deserves this so much and I’m so happy for her and I just…

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*raises hand in the air* amen. 

I’m pissed too be kyoani is like “lol sousuke’s ending is the most hopeful” LOL MY ASS HOPEFUL. LIKE? THAT WASN’T COMFORTING AT ALL TBh i hate the free ending all because you see everyone happy af and then SOUSUKE. MY BEAUTIFUL LOVE, JUST STARING OFF INTO THE OCEAN? LIKE THAT’S NOT WAT I WANTED AT ALL. IT MAKES ME SO SALTY EVERYDAY. i am the ocean. 

but don’t worry! i really thinK /hope/ that they’re make a 3rd season or another movie! 2016 is the Olympics…. and yanno…. my theory is that they’re making free! staring day movie to introduce new character for either a 3rd season/movie in 2016 so lets just hold hands and gather in a circle and pray that’s the case and we’ll get our nice ending for Sousuke. 

My hopes is that he doesn’t give up, does what he has to do and then goes to the Olympics!!! thiS IS MY DREAM. MY DREAMS ARE FOR SOUSUKE’S DREAMS TO COME TRUE AND MAN I JUST HOPE KYOANI GIVES THIS TO US

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Okay so I had an idea for a Butterfly Bog Shrek AU...hear me out. The second Shrek movie, where he changes into a human to try and make Fiona happy? Can't you see Bog turning himself into a fairy to make Marianne happy (so he thinks) and all this crazy stuff goes down? I want to try writing this, but I don't have it all worked out. Any ideas? You inspire me, which is why I came to you. <3

Oh, gosh, no, that sounds like a fantastic AU idea! I know for a fact that other fanfic writers have tried their hand at having Bog try becoming a Fairy for Marianne’s sake, whether he only does it temporarily or with the intention of it being permanent differs. 

Maybe he goes to Plum - or another Fairy like her, since he still has some issues with her over the Love Potion - and asks for a Potion that would let him switch species for a day. To show Marianne that if it would be easier for her, easier for her Kingdom and her Father, he would make that change for her. 

And all the Fairy girls are throwing themselves at this tall gangly nerd of a Fairy who just happens to be a fucking babe, and Bog has no idea what to do with all this attention, he thought the suitors Mother brought by were bad, this is even worse. 

And another Fairy after the Crown tries to pass himself off as Fairy!Bog, only for Marianne to see right through him and head-butt him and tell Bog that he’s a freaking idiot. “Bog…I want what any princess wants. To live happily ever after… with the Goblin I fell in love with.” 







Why Steven Must Be Protected Forever and Ever Amen

“You don’t have to be a part of this

I don’t think I want you to be

You don’t need this

You don’t need me.”

 “I wish I could talk to Garnett, Amethyst and Pearl about it but I think they kinda blame me for my Mom not being around.”

 These two times, the first when he is purposefully and deeply thinking about a situation (Full Disclosure) and the next when he is letting his guard down and relieving stress (Joy Ride), Steven has shown the first signs of the way he might feel about himself. He has shown on several occasions to have a fairly high confidence, but like his Mom said, whenever he loves himself, that is her loving him. And it seems to me that every time Steven is so confident and happy, it’s because of other people. Everything he does is to make his loved ones happy. Even if it’s something he really wants (ex. to bring the Gems to the arcade or to have breakfast with them) he wants it because he wants to see them be happy.

In these two instances he has subtly let his guard down and shown a hint of self-doubt. The fact that he included the “You don’t need me” in that song? That’s mind blowing to me. The other lyrics are specifically about the bad situation he’s in and how it could hurt Connie. But with those words, he includes himself in that bad situation as if it were somehow his fault. As if he were bad as well. Also, the Gems may indeed blame him for Rose not being there, but they have done everything they possibly could to hide that from Steven and show him the utmost love and mentorship. He has not yet encountered any situations that would lead him to believe that they blame him for Rose. Which leads me to believe that he already feels enormously guilty about it. If he already did so, it would be easy for him to attribute any reclusive behavior from the Gems to mean that they were upset with him.

I feel like these are the beginnings of a version of Steven we haven’t quite seen yet. A version of Steven that is not as happy and loving of himself as he always has been. It’s a heart-breaking thought, because of how sweet and kind he is to literally every creature he has encountered, but perhaps Steven puts everyone else above himself to the point where he literally thinks of himself as bad.

Sometimes, in this happiness, my heart swells; painfully. Instinctually, I place my hand upon my chest and press inward. There is no science to back the intelligence of my intent. The use of my hand, to push back the chest, to bring down a felt cardiac enlargement does not pacify the tension I feel. My breathing still outpaces me. I still become frightened.

Yet, I do this simple act. Instinctively, I try to survive. For even in this time of positive assessment; I still love as a mule, and suffer because I am a mule in love.

I will carry this weight of love, until I can no longer. I did not think I could do this previously, but I’m proving myself wrong.

Sometimes, having to acknowledge that my body is experiencing this aggravated state, makes me wistful. I so wish to be like Conan the Barbarian after he loses his beloved. This perceptual weakness in me all proves how much I love; how much I miss what I now lost.

My love has no end for him, it appears, and the thought of that has had the propensity to oblique the optimism of living happily without the source of my love, but then something spectacular happens that acts as a healing.

As if divine intervention would have its way; while in the midst of a panic attack or something similar to the like; I receive copious amounts of love from different directions, and then it’s as if Merlin came in and waved a magic wand before my overworked heart.

The warmth I receive from others no longer makes me in danger of drowning. There are just too many lifeboats; there are too many angels reflecting their glory through my eyes.

I smile now, because I see that I will be able to endure what I must. I have help.

I walk this path alone, but I am not alone.

Thank you.

consultingcas replied to your post:Do you see Cas as part of the ace spectrum?

As a very big ace!Cas fan, this makes me very happy :D Ace!Cas and Demi!Sam are my jam.

I’m not sure though where exactly to put Cas on the ace spectrum, because I do think he’d enjoy a sexual relationship with Dean. I don’t know if this is my Destiel focus (it probably is), but I do like the idea that Cas isn’t really interested in anyone but Dean. Though I think it’s also been implied in canon (though I shudder to think about some examples) that Cas will react if people initiate. He might not really feel sexual attraction but it’s a thing humans do, so he does it too. (Maybe until he learns that it’s okay to not go along with it just because others want it?)

I wonder if my idea of Cas (at the moment) might go into demi territory too.

Demi!Sam makes sense to me too! :3

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Sashaaaaa! I was so sad and down last night about the anniversary and then Liam and Zayn blew me away! I was still kinda hoping someone would tweet "miss you" at Zayn or something just to move this farther along, but whatever, I'll take it for the time being! I just want the boys all back together again so badly. Anyway, thank you for being here and also thank you for your Sandra Bland posts b/c I don't see anyone talking about it and that makes me so sad. :(

I was hoping that Zayn wouldn’t be erased in general and I’m very happy he wasn’t. The tweets are progress, imo. Everything 1D does is with purpose these days. Whether it’s official narrative or promo or fan service or shade, everything is done with intent lately. Yes, anything can happen. But I do think we’re headed for a reunion.

The Sandra Bland case is so disturbing to me. And to me, I feel like we’re looking at another man who feels compelled to kill because a woman hurt his fragile ego. This happens all too frequently. And add the racist overtones (because I don’t think a cop would’ve murdered an educated, middle class white woman–too suspicious) and it’s just so evil and ugly. We have got to demand justice, let haters know we’re watching and level up as a people. Enough.

And you mean you aren’t seeing Sandra Bland widely reblogged on 1D blogs? You mean this fandom doesn’t respect women of color unless it’s of the shallow variety paid to shiny, happy, beautiful celebrities? I am not surprised. Not even a little.

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I honestly worry about Tyler so much it causes me stress. Like I know he loves what he does and it makes him happy but what if he's sad or feels alone or insecure about something? It causes me stress thinking about how he's doing at this exact moment because I'm useless in helping him

He’s always stressing out and he’s always insecure. It’s Tyler, he’s always struggling with something but we have to trust and believe that he’ll be okay. He’s playing shows and he’s with Jenna and Josh and his crew, we have to believe that he’s okay and that takes some stress away from his life/

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more souyo: who proposes marriage to who? And who gets more nervous at the wedding?


Yosuke has always been he one to get easily flustered and I think this would still be the case when they get older. But nevertheless, he makes up his mind because he has to be the one to do it. He’s probably always wanted to propose since he was little. So he finally saves enough money and buys the ring to propose. He does it and only trips up a little bit. Souji ends up getting really emotional about the whole thing because he honestly thought Yosuke would bail on him at some point. Yosuke is the most nervous at the wedding because he’s like sssSSHIT THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING OH MY GOD. He’s lowkey panicking and Teddie helps him calm down. Teddie knows Yosuke pretty well so he knows what to say to help him calm down.  One they’re finally side by side and vows are being said Souji starts crying because he loves Yosuke so much and he never thought this would actually happen. He gets really sappy and talks about how they first met and how he pulled Yosuke out of the trashcan. Yosuke rolls his eyes and then starts crying too. Once the vows are said and the two of them calm down, Souji wraps his arms around Yosuke’s waist and kisses him for the first time as his husband.

Does anyone else get super emotional thinking about their fav? Because every time I think about Michael I seriously feel an abundance of emotion flow endlessly through me. He just makes me so happy. sad. angry. I always wonder how would he talk to me. Or treat me. Or kiss me. Or hold me. Or smile at me. Think of me. How my name would sound coming from his lips. I wonder what I’d be like to have adventures with him. Or play video games. To be in love with him and him be in love with me…. ok bye crying now xx

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So today I saw the translations for the beach DLC of fates in serenes and it turns out that Zero is just as thirsty for Leon as I am and that makes me so happy! Have you seen it? What do you think of it?

I just went to check it out thanks to you, anon, and uh… oh wow. Zero. LOL. I’m shaking my head fondly at Zero because that was so him. It sounds like he’s half-trolling Odin because he KNOWS what his remarks sound like but the other half is probably genuine appreciation of how attractive Leon is. It also makes me sad about how M!Kamui is the only male option for Zero.

On a totally unrelated note, *slams fist against table* WHY IS MARX PERFECTION. I took a look at his too because I couldn’t resist and ugh he’s so serious in taking care of everyone.

Does this beach DLC mean that there’s no cute S-Support convos with your partner though like Awakening? :c

i love how justin has remained so true to himself ever since he was like 21 and was performing as jay jay pistolet. not to say that i wouldn’t think he wouldn’t stay true to himself (does that make sense?). it just makes me happy because i feel like he’s always been himself and has been honest. his views in interviews from 2008 match his views today. it makes me believe he’s always had a strong sense of who he is and would never change for anybody. he is such a talented song writer i hope he does have a lot of success with the vaccines and they do get really big because he is so gifted and deserves it. he said in an interview he wouldn’t mind if he wrote a #1 hit for somebody because loves writing songs but i want him to have the #1 hit and get all the recognition. i love that he’s always been open about his love of pop music and i am so proud of him and freddie, arni & pete because eg is their poppiest album. it is so inspiring to see someone do what they love and it has been so inspiring seeing him grow as a lyricist. his lyrics are so fucking good and i’m glad he says they are. i love how confident he is in his music. and that’s why it was also so amazing seeing the warm reception they received at t in the park and i love how happy he was during that set. i’m so glad & grateful someone uploaded it so i got to see that. i want him to always be that happy forever. he deserves the world and it makes me so upset thinking about people being rude and mean to him and telling him they don’t like his music to his face cause what have those people accomplished? if you’re a confident and whole person you wouldn’t feel the need to be pretentious and think your opinions are so great that they need to be heard. in conclusion, justin, keep doing your thang.

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So I read that article, I mean it is clearly homophobic and ridiculous, but I'm wondering what you think about Sherlock being asexual (Possibly homoromantic) which is what the article said in a terrible way. Being ace and seeing so many people reading this famous character as ace makes me really happy, and I can't help but ship johnlock as an ace sherlock and bi john. idk, anyway I am really open to any interpretation of it, (homosexual sh is cool as well), I was just wondering what you thought.

I mean to me Sherlock has been and always will be a big fat gaymo but obviously this does not mean that he can’t be asexual and I prefer to read all Sherlocks as demi (so, on the ace spectrum). Less so with the show and more show with canon is their evidence for an ace Holmes and tbh to each your own, like clearly you are not homophobic and are not reading Holmes as ace for homophobic reasons.


howdyyyyy. i wrote a song for Mark and i’ve been trying really really hard to get him to see it. this song’s very important to me and i think that anyone in the fanbase can relate to it too; he makes us really happy, and we want to tell him how much he does, but we can’t say it enough mainly because of the distance.

i think this’ll make Mark really happy, so it’d really help a ton if anyone helped me out by trying to help me have him see it. your support would mean so much to me. i’ve been struggling when it comes to getting people to help me out, but i’m grateful for any help i can get.

any like/reblog means the world to me. i’d really appreciate it. thanks in advance! <3

also, Mark, if you’re reading this, just know that we love you very much. take all the time that you need for yourself. your happiness is the most important. :)