i think he can relate to them a lot of times

Ok so here’s the thing about Newt Scamander…

I don’t think I’ve ever related to a character so much before him. Honestly though, you know how a lot of stories talk about that “awkward person” and how a lot of the time they are actually not awkward at all, they just trip a lot and wear glasses?
Well Newt was awkward. And he was awkward in the same way I am. He’s not good with people. I’m terrible with people and it is only with very specific people that I can truely be myself around.
I enjoy my own company as does newt, and I guess I don’t realise how much I need companionship until I meet beautiful people who like me for who I am (sad how rare that is right?)
The character is so enduring, and it proves that you don’t have to be the most competent, stealthy, confident person in the world to make a difference. I like this a lot.

Also, as a side note, can we please talk about how all the characters in this film took gender stereotypes and threw them out the window!!

I mean, Newt the main male protagonist is not a natural fighter, he is nurturing and caring. He openly cries in the film, blatantly refers to his male friend as a “friend” and someone he “likes”. Also, refers to himself as mother to the creatures in the case. I mean, COME ON! How often do we get to see this on screen!

Then you got Tina and Queenie. Both brave, and caring, strong and fragile - and so far from one dimensional that I want to cry!

Then of course Jacob! The average joe of the film who is “actually” an average joe. Completely regular, friendly, and an all-round good person, who is not only there for laughs but also for his huge heart.

Anyway sorry for the long post, but this film is so beautiful that is hard for me to take in.
Be ready for most posts :P

How to get over someone.
  • Accept that the relation is over and move on. Or that your crush doesn’t like you. Don’t waste your time playing back your relationship ask yourself what if? Why? or stuff like “maybe he needs time”. You’re torturing yourself. What happened, happened and you just need to move on and think about the future. If you fought for it and it didn’t work, it didn’t. It wasn’t mean to be.
  • Don’t bottle up your feelings. I think admitting the fact that you might still like that person and that they’ve left or that they’re not interested is good. You’ve identified your problem and you accept it and now you can kind of try to deal with it. Cry about it, listen to sad songs all day, tell yourself you might still like them, drink lots of alcohol, and just do whatever you feel like. Just get those feelings out.
  • Cut them out of your life. If you’re trying to get over someone then having them around constantly doesn’t help. I know it’s hard but you have to try. People might judge you, say you’re being weird. Or he/she might say what the hell but you’re all that matters. Who cares what people say? Do what works for you.
    • Delete their number otherwise you might be tempted to text them.
    • Don’t reply to their texts. yes I know this is also hard but if you know this person isn’t good for you and the same thing will happen ignore the message. Remember you’re trying to get over them.
    • Remove them off Facebook/unfollow their twitter Instagram. If you don’t then you’re just going to keep on checking up on them and how they’re moving on and dealing with it. You’ll want to find out about the new guy/girl they’re talking to and this won’t help you. You’re wasting your precious time on someone who isn’t really a part of your life.
    • Stop going to places where you’ll bump into them. First of all it’s kind of awkward if you’re not over them. And well it just keeps making you think we could have been together right now and we would usually do this together it’s all too much.
    • Get rid of the things you can, that remind you of them.
  • Keep it professional- If you have to talk to them or come into contact regularly because of work or because they’re a part of your friend group talk to them as if they are a friend and only talk about work. By all means say hi how you are doing. It might be hard but try to act as if you never were together.
  • Find a new hobby. Not just any hobby to forget about them but think of something you’ve always wanted to learn such as painting or playing an instrument or web design, anything you love. If you choose something you love you’ll be engaged in it, you’ll love it. You’ll almost forget about him or her. Because well they’ll kind of be replace by the hobby. Just try not to do something you did with him or you both liked.
  • Do those things you did together alone or with a friend. It sounds a bit weird but it might help you. It’ll help you realise that you can be without him/her and that well you can survive without them. You don’t need them.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stop thinking about them. We’re humans we can’t just simply forget especially about things that were constantly in our lives. It takes time.
  • Maybe don’t forget or pretend that the person doesn’t exist. We’re so focussed on forgetting people but how about we don’t try to forget but learn to live without them and move on. Kind of mentioned it already but just accept that it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Let others love you, let others show you the love you deserve. Some people instantly build a barrier and don’t let people in that easy but honey not everyone in the world is out there to hurt you. Yes be careful, be cautious and learn from the past but let others in, give them a chance. Let them show you there is real love and let them show you that love.
  • Look at the bright side of things. He/she left you. Now you’ve got more time to spend with your friends and family. You can go to that party. You can get that hair cut he didn’t like or wear that small dress, you can talk to other guys/girls without feeling guilty.
  • If you two were never an item, look for other potential partners. Have you ever thought about that other cute guy/girl they might be interested?
  • If you were never an item or if you were, /think about things about them you hate, that are undesirable. Are they cocky, I can’t stand cocky people, are they promiscuous,do they lie a lot, do they live their lives to impress others.
  • If they’re a crush. Think why do I like a person and waste my energy and time into thinking about a person who doesn’t even acknowledge me. What’s it worth? You’re only hurting yourself for no reason
  • Spend time with friends or make some friends. Friends are great, always there for you. They make time for you, you have the time of your life with friends they make you forget, and they help you move on.
  • Don’t sleep with others to try and get over them. You might end up making stupid mistakes or think about them even more.
  • As well as the good time, think of the downs you had. Remind yourself of why it didn’t work out/ wasn’t good for you. Do you want to go back to that ?
  • Do what you want. Don’t listen to friends who say do this or do that or pressure you to do all sorts of things. Take their advice etc.. but remember this is your life. You know yourself
  • Take your time. Like I said this takes time so don’t rush or beat yourself up if my tips don’t work. You’ll find a way

Misha told this story ( related-I think to how hard Cas tries all the time, and how that’s something Misha likes about him) about how when Misha was in school they would give grades, but then they would also give them a number for effort, so if you got an A1 you did the best and you also worked hard (and Misha said even better if you got and A3 because that meant you got an A without even trying) but he said once he got a D2 in a class which sucked the hardest because it meant he’d tried hard and failed anyway. He was like ‘Sorry Cas, I see you’ve put forth a lot of effort, but you seem to have opened a door into purgatory, D-minus(or close to that)

And later, when another person asked 'what can we expect for Cas this season?’ Misha answered 'D2’

I basically cried a lot because of the fact that this bitch ass old motherfucker became president. I cannot think of any reason this might be good for anyone though I’ve seen many turkish politicians claiming him to be the better president than clinton when it comes to the turkish population. My future and dreams have probably been completely shuttered by something this stupid. I will still try my best and never chill on the fact that this orange faced bitch can change my plans and destroy whatever I wanted to create myself in my future. One good thing about this situation is that I was never more thankful to have so many great people around me whose existence in my life are of great importance and significance that I would rather spend my time with them than being in other places on my own. At this point, and this sounds a bit like a speech after you win an award, but it is almost the same thing as he is the best award I’ve ever had metaphorically without doing anything to deserve this or never going to be able to deserve someone as perfect as him, I want to thank my boyfriend, the person who has been teaching me so much in the last months. The person, who has been showing me what unconditional love means, what it means to really have someone by your side who protects you, who every single day and minute gives you the feeling of being wanted and loved and desired. He has been showing me how beautiful life can be and I am so grateful to have someone like him. I have never been so grateful in my life at all. I don’t want to talk so much about him because he is only mine and I’m always afraid of someone trying to get what is mine because of jealousy and I wouldn’t even be mad at the fact that someone would want to have him after I talk about him, I would even understand if someone falls in love with him just by me telling you about him cause there is no way not to fall in love with him. He is simply perfect without even trying. He always has the perfect words to make my heart melt, to make me feel happy. I am not an easy person and how he handles me and how much love he gifts me is unbelievable. I am so thankful for everything he has ever done for me and I cannot thank him enough for his patience. He has the biggest heart out of everyone I’ve ever met and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this man in my life let alone to be able to marry this man one day.
If you read this, I promise I will always stay by your side as long as you love me I will make things work and try my best to meet your love and effort.
I love you, so unconditionally

A Fantastic Beasts theory

So I have now seen the film twice. The first time I was utterly convinced by the seemingly popular Ariana was an Obscurial theory. I’m glad everyone is on this bandwagon. Anyway, during my second viewing I’ve expanded this theory a bit and come up with an idea for how it knits into Newt’s story. 

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could you do one about the rfa+saeran meeting a tall mc, like 5'9 tall?

ahh that’s about my height! writing this one was fun because I could relate to it a lot!


  • He’s honestly so salty about the fact that you’re taller than him
  • “I’m meant to be the tall one???”
  • Yoosung please you’re not exactly a giant it’s not difficult to be taller than you
  • Always makes sure to keep any chairs as low as they can possibly go and always pushes the seats in cars to positions where you have literally zero leg room
  • Time to tone down the salt a little
  • After he’s gotten over his initial phase of pouting like a child every time you stand near him he starts to think it’s the best thing ever
  • “mc can you get me some biscuits off the shelf”
  • “Yoosung you can clearly reach them”
  • “Nope I definitely can’t”


  • Okay so she was expecting it
  • She’s fully aware of the fact that she isn’t exactly that tall
  • So she’s already accepted her fate
  • Lowkey loves the fact that you’re taller than her
  • She feels so protected all the time
  • She would love it a lot more if your legs didn’t take up the entire couch when you’re trying to watch movies together
  • Working in the coffee shop together is literally the best thing
  • you’re like a tall-and-small power duo
  • You reach all the top shelves and she gets the stuff from the bottom of cupboards
  • You have this shit sorted


  • He’s about 5’11 so he is also a tall piece of shit
  • The two of you are that obnoxiously tall couple that always seems to sit in front of you at the cinema
  • You know the one
  • He doesn’t care how tall you are he’s still going to do everything he would if you were a lot shorter than him
  • Forehead kisses even if he has to stand on his tiptoes a little
  • If you ever feel insecure about your height or anything else for that matter he’s going to step in  i m m e d i a t e l y
  • “um excuse me can you maybe stop insulting the love of my life they are perfect the way they are”


  • This man is 6 ft of nothing but leg
  • He knows the struggles of being tall all too well
  • You can’t find clothes that fit properly?
  • Jumin’s got you covered
  • The two of you trying to cuddle on the couch would be the most awkward thing
  • There’s too much leg and suddenly you’re both tangled together with no hope of moving
  • Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak tall people stronger
  • Then suddenly Elizabeth tries to get in on the mess
  • Jumin is now on the floor
  • You have now acquired a large number of potential blackmail photos


  • He’s going to take advantage of your height
  • Any shelf above eye level for him is now declared too high for him to reach
  • If he wants anything down from of the higher shelves he’s going to sit and yell for you till you get it for him
  • Moves everything to the top shelves so you have to get literally everything down for him
  • The ‘how’s the weather up there’ jokes will never stop
  • “Seven you’re an adult I’m not giving you a piggyback”
  • He is relentless in his attempts to get you to carry him places
  • Lies down and clings to your ankles till you comply
  • “I’m pretty sure seven is your age as well as your name”


  • He pretends he hates the fact that you’re taller than him
  • “Who let the lamp-post in here”
  • You thought Yoosung was salty
  • Well this edgy loser is worse
  • Very creative in his height-based insults
  • They aren’t even insults really he just keeps calling you a microphone stand and various other tall, stick-like objects
  • If you take up too much room on the couch he will not hesitate to kick you off it
  • He actually really likes your height- being around you makes him feel safe
  • not that he’d ever mention it to you though

“Be Honest with Yourself”
I do hope this would help our Anon in figuring out what to do. I have friends who pursued their passion, making it their full-time job. But when they “forced” their passion to make them money, somehow the stress sort of kills the passion. And I think that is really sad. Another friend, however, got a job somewhat related to art (a layout designer at a national newspaper - not very creative, I gather). But he continued doing his own art consistently. He is now one of the most sought after street artist in the country.

One more thing I’d like to add: When you make money, save up early and lots. Then maybe you can retire early and really pursue your passion. Don’t fall into the usual trap - forget getting that flashy new car or latest phone. Once you have enough money for a downpayment, get a house. 

Here’s Moga’s original comic , though not the original post. I linked to this post because the replies.

Sooo, on a non-Skyeward related note...


I don’t know about you guys, but this guy looks a lot like these guys:

Oh, and let’s not forget the shit we saw way back when in 1x04:

Which look exactly like this:


So, here’s my theory.  Skye is an 084, right?  I think that she is one of the Kree that grew up around humans, therefore she shapeshifted to look like them (I read that some Kree can shapeshift, but I don’t know specifics).  Now, let’s take a step away from the Kree right now and look at the Skrulls.  I think that the Skrulls have been infiltrating Earth for many years at this point in time and that the Clairvoyant is actually one of them, which is why he wanted Quinn to kill Skye (because she is Kree).  This would also explain why the blood helped save Skye and why it didn’t have an adverse effect like Coulson thought it would. 

That’s what I’ve come up with so far.  Anyone care to chime in on this?

tbh you don’t have to like yoi but people going around saying the show is “gay just for the views” or “it’s just fan service” really shows that minorities can oppress other minorities. For like the past five years (maybe more) lgbtq community has been begging to have a show that can help them relate to their own issues. Not to mention yoi is a lot more than a gay relationship. Yuri has gripping anxiety and self doubt that we all struggle with on a daily basis which makes him seem more real, relatable and human as a main character. The best part is they don’t make Yuris sexuality an issue where every time Victor does something amazing Yuri isn’t thinking “why am I finding him attractive ?? No homo bro” like he just accepts it and it’s so nice because they normalize homosexuality instead of making it seem like something most men HAVE TO deny any attraction towards other men. What I’m trying to say is if you think yoi is teasing at mlm relationships maybe you need to compare yoi to the other sports animes that gave numerous amounts of teasing and hints of homosexuality but never went through with it. So get your head out of the gutter and stop shitting all over the show this is the only thing that the lgbtq community has let us enjoy this one thing kay ? Thanks

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Today, (August 21) is my 21st birthday, so I was wondering if we could get some headcanons of how the paladins celebrate their birthday first at home before Voltron and now on the castle ship please?


So, the thing about birthdays in space is that they’re all very very busy, and while yes, Allura and Pidge worked out how time is passing in relation to Earth, they’re not always aware of the date. Sometimes it’s because their schedules are so messed up, sometimes it’s because there’s a battle going on for 36 straight hours, sometimes they’re so tired and/or distracted they don’t think about it. Which is depressing.

However, whenever someone brings up their birthday, things get very festive, very quickly.

Lance is very extra. He’s got a big family with a lot of people and no doubt birthdays for them are a big deal, even if some of them can’t remember half of the others’ names and no one is totally sure how the birthday person is related to them, because have you ever been to a big family reunion? There’s a lot of people and more than likely you won’t even be introduced to them. But they’ll know you. It’s weird as hell.

Anyway so Lance makes a big deal about birthdays. So does Hunk. Hunk loves birthdays. He loves cake, he loves giving and getting presents, he loves singing the damn song at the top of his lungs, he loves every bit of it. And so when he and Lance find out about birthdays, it’s full steam ahead.

Compared to them, Pidge, Shiro, and Keith don’t stand a chance. Pidge’s birthdays were more relaxed and casual, a special trip or something and some new tech. Keith didn’t really celebrate his birthday, although Shiro always gave him a present, and Shiro doesn’t even tell the others about his birthday until Keith realizes a week after its passed. Lance is not happy with Shiro.

Coran and Allura have different concepts of birthdays, but they get the gist of celebrating your life and Coran does not hesitate before helping Lance and Hunk go all out. He is forever excited about human customs, and he is a party guy. The Altean version, at least. Allura loves the idea of celebrating and gives the Paladins gifts according to Altean traditions.

It’s usually a day where Lance pretty much yells until Shiro and Allura agree to take the day off, or at least a few hours. They gather in the lounge, Hunk makes a cake and the closest thing to the birthday person’s favorite dish he can (for Hunk’s birthday, Lance and Keith make the cake - Pidge starts out trying to help, then leaves after five minutes because nope). They watch a movie (Pidge has some Earth ones on her computer and there’s a ton of Altean ones which turn out to not be bad, once you get used to the cultural differences) and sometimes play a game. The birthday person gets the day off from chores, even though Shiro tries to fight it and Hunk does not want anyone else cooking anymore because they all suck and Pidge disappears into her lab anyway.

Lance knits everyone a sweater for their present. He makes little hats for the mice for his birthday. No one even bothers to ask why.

KNK REACTION: To you being way smaller than them

Jihun: “jihun… I need some help” You scream him to help you get some dishes that were high for you.

He’d run to help you, but would stop for while to se how cute you are trying to reach the dishes.

“aigo jagi you’re so cute”

Youjin: He’d always like to watch you from afar and thinking how small and cute you are, which makes him wants to take care of you all the time.

Seungjun: I imagine him freaking out with you, he’d want to hug and squeeze you all the time and would give you a ridiculous amount of nicknames related to your height.

“yah mini-y/n, oppa need your small hands here”

Inseong: this guys would enjoy a lot making fun of your height, Inseong would treat you like a child just to annoy you, but in the end would hug you and say how he can’t live without you.

“aigo jagi, it’s time to baby sleep”

Heejun: He’d protect you all the time thinking that by being smaller than him would be more fragile and when he is in a good mood (almost always) would make some jokes and be a real dorky.

“baby where are you? I can’t see you…”

100% me this reaction, I’m smaller than almost everybody around me and they always do some horrible jokes about my height, ugh.

~ADM Cherry~

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So as I was thinking about these scenes (‘cause I watched the movie again for like the hundredth time and know Mockingjay like the back of my hand) and I noticed something, in relation to a conversation and a thought…

“Yeah, a lot of things should count for something that don’t seem to, Katniss.  I’ve got some memories I can’t make sense of, and I don’t think the Capitol touched them.  A lot of nights on the train, for instance.

I am convinced this is a guilt trip from him.  You could not convince me otherwise.  She even says she shouldn’t "rise to the bait.”  Bait implies forethought, an intentional jab, a way to egg someone on, to provoke someone, to get someone to through the means of something else.  And here he’s baiting her.  She feels guilty, and he’s calling her out – though not directly, or using those exact words – for her abandonment, for leaving him.  "I must have loved you a lot,“ "you did.”  And then what?  Then she stops coming to see him, because she just can’t face a Peeta that doesn’t love her.  But here.  Here, he is holding her accountable, though not as linguistically as he’s most known for, but there’s hurt in his voice.  She doesn’t make note of that because she’s still so mad about what happened to him, but whenever I read that line it just screams pain, I mean later, Katniss tells Gale, “I told you he hated me.”  "But it’s the way he hates you.  It’s so … familiar.  I used to feel that way when I’d see you kissing him on the screen, only I knew I wasn’t being entirely fair.  He can’t see that.“  He can’t see that.  He can’t see that he’s being unfair, because he’s hurting.  They’re hurting each other because they’re not trying to talk out the tension in the air, they’re not trying to figured anything out, and so much should count that doesn’t seem to … on both ends.

And then, when they’re at the train stop, or whatnot, on their way to the Capitol Haymitch calls her out on how she’s been treating him, ”You’re punishing him over and over for things that are out of his control.“  Peeta in his right mind would never do that to her, sure he’d be hurting a great deal, but he’d never shut her out that way.

I fall silent.  It isn’t.  It isn’t how he would be treating me at all.  He would be trying to get me back at any cost.  Not shutting me out, abandoning me, greeting me with hostility at every turn.

Here she finally admits to what she’s been doing.  Shutting him out.  She’d abandoned him.  Left him in the world of the hijacked, because it was just too hard for her to wrestle him out of that mindset, so instead of trying to fight an uphill battle, she just gives up, surrenders to the fact that she’ll "never get him back.”

But it's this conversation with Haymitch that changes everything.  Because she chooses to fight and while she understands that since majority of his confusion exists around her, there are things that only she would be able to answer.  I mean…

“You’re a painter.  You’re a baker.  You like to sleep with the windows open.  You never take sugar in your tea.  And you always double-knot your shoelaces.”

She starts to try at this point, to get him back and even though, “recreating his memory of me is excruciating, butit does feel good to help him try.”  Things change, and she realizes that maybe it’s possible, maybe there’s still a way to get Peeta back…and then what happens, “stay with me,” she pleads.  "Always,he replies.

This ship will be the death of me, I swear.

Again I didn’t have my book in front of me, mostly 'cause this time I was just lazy, so if anything’s wrong, forgive me.

Charles and Ali working together

Charles is charles. 

Charles hates the girls, but doesn’t hate Ali.
Charles is somehow related to Ali or her family and thinks that one of the liars is A.
This is confirmed by Sasha: ‘’I can tell you that Charles is somehow related to the DiLaurentis family’’

He knows what happened the night Ali went missing. It has everything to do with the liars. He is going to make them replay that night so they’ll figure out that one of the girls is actually a liar and had something to do with what happened that night that’ll make everything fit together.  Charles is someone who had a lot time because he build a whole dollhouse. He could have been in Radley and sneaked out in the night. Everything leads back to Radley, so all the answers are in Radley and if Charles is/was in Radley, that would mean he has all the answers. He wants to show the liars the answers he knows so they’ll realize that they’re not as innocent as they think they are and show them that they might not be the only ones who were hurt by what happened that night.

Janel said that in the first two seconds of the new episode we will see something that will leave us in shock, a scene from a totally different perspective. Everybody assumes it’s the video where you see Jessica, the girl and the two boys, but what if it’s another scene we’ve seen, a scene from 5x25.

Charles is probably going to make them replay the night Ali went missing. What if just near the end they’re about to see the biggest clue yet. Aria is called to do something but at that moment they see a way out of the dollhouse and they escape. But Lucy said in an interview that Aria and the liars might not be as close as they used to be after they escape the dollhouse. ‘’They’re going to go their own separate ways.’’ So what if they escaped just as A was about to show all of the girls that Aria had done something bad. We think that would be an awesome twist in the story.

In the promo from 6x01 Ali says: ‘’I would do anything to see my friends again. My friends have always been my rock. Without them I’m lost in the woods. All alone.’’ This is Ali communicating with Charles. She wants to meet up with him at the kissing rock, in the woods to discuss their plan. Because Ali and Charles are related and Ali knows that Charles thinks that one of the liars is Big A and Ali agrees with this.

Other clues that Charles works with Ali are that making the dollhouse costs a lot of money. Who has a lot of money? Right, Ali. Ali always had her ways.
Another clue is that Ali had all the time to work together with Charles because we don’t really know what she was doing the time she was ‘dead’. She also knew all the secrets of the girls and she could’ve told Charles.

So the whole dollhouse is Charles and Ali’s idea. This would make a lot of sense because Ali knew that A kidnapped the liars when Veronica asked. And when Veronica heard that the liars were kidnapped her first thought was that Alison must be involved. So she was right, only in another way

Charles put Ali in jail because Ali didn’t want to go through with the plan of the dollhouse. She told Charles that it was crossing the boundaries. Charles was afraid that Ali would warn the liars about the dollhouse. That’s why he put her in jail, she was a big threat, she had to keep her mouth shut.

That’s why Ali wants to meet up with Charles. She wants to change his mind so he will let the girls go. She convinced Charles and Charles let the girls free. But at the same moment the liars find out a big clue that Aria is somehow involved with the actions of Big A.

I’ve been thinking about Butler’s uncle - “The Major”, a lot recently. I just wish we knew a bit more about this man. I find it strange that he is not mentioned more often in the series (not even in flash backs or the Time Paradox). This man was Juliet and Butler’s uncle and if the whole Butler family lore thing is to believed then we can safely say that the “The Major” has been guarding Artemis Sr since his birth in the same way Butler guards Artemis Jr. You’d think that a man that was both related to Butler and who was a long time servant to the Fowl family would be mentioned more. It makes me kinda sad that we know virtually nothing about this man and that everyone has seemingly forgotten about him.The Butler family, in general, is such a mystery to me and I would have loved it Colfer spend a bit more time explaining them.

Project Home

I am seeing people being uncomfortable with Project Home because they think it gives the impression that we are condoning the stunting, or giving money to a team that is profiting from the stunting.

I am not sure if I am saying anything new here, but I just want to get it off my chest.

We are in no way shape or form in control of the stunts. Nothing we do, positive or negative will have any bearing on them.

Home is a beautiful song that deserved to be on the album. Louis is obviously very proud of it, as he and Liam should be. And it means a lot to a lot of people.

I can’t remember the last time we pulled together as a fanbase to achieve something and have fun. The boys know we support them, and know we see through the stunts. Us doing something positive related to their music is not condoning the stunts. We are allowed to have fun and achieve great things.

The team behind the stunts does not ‘own’ our happiness or our choice to take action about something we believe in.

Let’s embrace this and have some well deserved fun for a change. It’s going to be a long, bleak hiatus if we don’t allow ourselves that much

I would really like Peridot and Lars to have some time together. I think that Peridot has a lot to show and teach Lars, and his attitude wouldn’t piss her off because she would just fire sass back at him. She’d teach him about how she learned to show affection for the gems in a way that didn’t offend them. How much it meant to her that they laughed with her now instead of yelling at her. That you need to learn to communicate in a way that doesn’t hurt other people. She’d talk about Steven a lot. About how Steven showed that he care about her, genuinely, despite her flaws. About how patient Steven was when she was learning and changing and growing.That Steven had showed her that the people around valued her for who she was; they showed her that they loved her and taught her how to show it. 

I just think she’d be a great influence on Lars because she can relate to him. She had been angry and immature. She was mean to the people around her because she didn’t know any other way. But she learned. She grew and changed. And I think she could help Lars in return. 


Post ep 8 thoughts on Makoto and Haru’s development

I have so many mixed feelings about episode 8 and Makoto’s development, and Haru’s for that matter. So I’m going to regurgitate them all here to clear my mind. So on the one hand I am super glad that they are addressing Makoto’s development and dedicating a lot of screentime into panning out his possible future path, but at the same time, I can’t say I am entirely fond of the direction it is taking if episode 8 is anything to go by. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think Makoto would be great as a swimming coach or in a role in a related field. In fact, quite the contrary. I believe he would be excellent in such a role, as also shown in today’s episode. It’s in his caring, nurturing nature for him to strive in such a position. But that is precisely why I am not too fond of the idea. Because I wanted more for Makoto. And I want Makoto to want more for himself too.

I understand that he is being challenged and growing as a character by learning to be independent from Haru and doing things for his own sake, and that’s great! But I sort of wish it went just a little bit further than that, and that he was a little more ambitious and challenged himself to take a bigger step outside of his comfort zone. Not just away from Haru, but towards his own, greater passion! One that I had hoped was a little less familiar than children and nurturing, because once again, as much as I adore seeing him with children, those things are already like second nature to him. I want him to be a little more selfish. Putting himself first for once, instead of everybody else. But I suppose that would deviate from his character and are traits more befitting of Rin. But oh how I wish.

In saying that about Makoto, I feel like that is exactly where the plot is taking Haru. And yet, instead of rejoicing I am also not quite on board with this idea either. Personally, I’ve never really perceived him as the competitive type. Sure things changed when Rinrin entered his life, but his nature still doesn’t scream ‘ambitious!’ to me. And I understand that ES is developing his more competitive side with him developing new training regimes and actually taking his races more seriously and what not, but to me, Haru will always be fundamentally neutral and blasé. So instead of him suddenly becoming this competitive, driven character, I am more in favour of him learning to appreciate and care for things other than himself and swimming, and for him to channel that not into competition, but into nurture. For Haru, swimming was exclusively about him and water. Then Rin and the relay happened and swimming was about friends. Now I wish he would expand on that and for swimming not to be more about himself, but about connecting with others.

So basically, I would’ve loved to have seen Haru take on a position as a swimming coach. Because Makoto being good with children is cute, but almost expected. But to see Haru teaching little children in his own strange way would literally melt my heart. And I cannot reiterate how much I would love to see Makoto really compete and strive for something of his own.

Simply put, I suppose I want Haru’s coldness to turn into warmth and Makoto’s warmth to turn into fire.

Something I don’t think a lot of people realize is that the reason middle grade authors like Rick Riordan have romance plots with 13 and 14 year olds is because he is writing for 13 year olds

As much as I see fans say “I know people have crushes that young, but he shouldn’t be writing about it,” they seem to forget that he is not writing for the rapidly aging audience of the first books. His books are still for kids. Older fans can enjoy them, but they are ultimately for kids.

There are kids who have crushes young. There are kids who date or want to date at 12, 13 and 14. 

You may find it uncomfortable as an adult, but kids should be able to see characters they can relate to instead of every adult pretending kids don’t date until they’re 16. 

 And you know at least with middle grade books they’ll never get inappropriate because publishers wouldn’t let them market to kids otherwise, so everything they see is chaste anyway.

 At the very least, kids should be able to see relationships that aren’t sexualized so they can see aspects of relationships outside the physical ones that so much YA focuses on.

And if nothing else, it might give them a positive example of a young relationship instead of relying on watching much older couples to figure out what to do. Let me tell you, that messes up kid’s perception big time.